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Part Two: The Moonies Are So Much Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Part Two: The Moonies Are So Much Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Thu, 10 Mar 2022 11:00

Christopher Wong is once again joined by Robert Evans to continue their discussion the many crimes of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his family.

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her social discoveries on chimpanzees. So four whole months, the chimps ran away from me. I mean, they take one look at this peculiar white ape and disappear into the vegetation. Bing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. In the 1980s and 90s, a psychopath terrorized the country of Belgium. A serial killer and kidnapper was abducting children in the bright light of day. From Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio, this is La Monstra, a story of abomination and conspiracy. The story about the man who simply become known as. Lamaster. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Ohh yeah. Woot, woot. How's it hanging? I'm woot. Woot. Yeah, you know. Yeah. What? Oh, gosh. Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. Here we just go with it. It's the podcast that it is. What do you what do you what do you what do we call this show? It's behind the ********. And clearly you're not qualified to host it today, so. Scandal that I thought. I thought this was This American Life. Oh, boy, oh, boy. I prepared the wrong boy. Howdy I well, yeah, that's OK. I I have plenty of war crimes to go around This American Life. My, my, my, This American Life episode is way too ***** to go on to go on this this podcast feed nobody would that would not be welcome. OK, well, I will. I will send this back to NPR. And, Chris, you cool with taking over today? It's me, Christopher Wong. And we're we're. We're back for Reverend Moon Part 2, the attack of the Nazi death squads. I mean, cool. It's it's a good time. In 1980, Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon and Nazi torture extraordinaire, was getting nervous. French Nazi hunters were starting to close in on his bolthole in Bolivia, where he tortured communists for the CIA and also the West Germans for decades. Worse still, the possibility of a democratic government to Bolivia meant he faced extradition to France, who wanted his head on a platter for, among other crimes, killing 14,000 people in personally. Things used in concentration camps. So when Barbie was approached by a group of cocaine producers to stage a coup against the elected government, Barbie was in that coup, which saw Nazis rampaging through the streets, looting stores and warehouses and murdering people where they stood put generals Carlos Menza, in charge of a military dictatorship. Klaus Barbie coup was infamously known as the cocaine coup for its cartel backing. But Bolivian Intelligence Report showed another further source of support. $4 million from 1 Reverend Sung Myung Moon. Ohh boy, Nazi death squad funder extraordinaire. Yeah, I mean, and I I got to be honest, as a cult getting in with the CIA's pretty, pretty smart move. I will say this, there is actually no evidence that moon ever directly work with the CIA, and this is very impressive if you're working for the same goals as the CIA. Yeah, but I think it's. One less thing that could **** you. Yeah, I I do think this is an important distinction to draw because there are a lot of sources that you will read that will claim that the monies are CIA front and they're not a CIA front. Like insofar as there a front group for anything, it's the Korean CIA. And that's important because it means that. Well, it means there's a lot of other American intelligence agencies who like are really mad at them. But be it means that, yeah, they're their goals are very, very often aligned with the CIA, but they're not really a cut out. For them, they have sort of their own thing going on and that own thing is overthrowing the government of Bolivia. Now Boogie Park whose moons like invaluable aid in translator uh visits La Paz that year and proclaimed I have erected a throne for Father Moon in the world's highest city which is which is great. OK yeah so the the church also attempted to organize a 7000 member like 7000 strong armed at church similar to what they attempted to organize in Brazil and you know this this was there to support the coup and after the coup Carlos Meza and Moon like visit each other and they but they this this this this is this is like around the time. Reagan got shot, and so they they they they they spend the night praying together for Reagan's health. Now, fortunately for Bolivia and unfortunately for Boone, he picked a loser in Mesa whose government collapsed in 1982 and made a hail, of course, and protests. Yeah, you know, you can't, you can't you can't pick them all, you know. Yeah. Moon. Moon Moon has a really bad track record picking picking military dictators. It's it's sort of funny, but this unfortunately was just the beginning of Moon's career as a sponsor of international terror and Nazi death squads. Now in in 1980, Boji Park and Kim Sung in who is Kim Sung in is is the the former Korean. CIA station chief in Mexico City Fountain organization. The Confederation of Associations for the Unity of the Societies of America and it absolutely nonsense name that they created. Yeah it's awful. Nothing at all. Yeah. So basically they they created just so that I could have the acronym C USA Now C USA rapidly becomes a meeting place for just the worst mass murderers in Latin America. They they held their first meeting in the military in in in in. Yeah, the military dictator Alfredo Stroessner, Paraguay, Bodypack said of Strausner quote, I believe he's a special man chosen by God to run his country. Strausner, like did a genocide against the achieved people and also like did Operation Contour, among other things that we were getting more into Condor in a second. Yeah, also attending CA. USA conferences was Domingo Monterrosa, that the head of El Salvador's Atacado battalion, who is best known for. Boy, you know, to massacre. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Those are some war crimes right there, for sure. Yeah. So? So Montero Monterosa, interestingly, is also trained by another member of the Romantic Communist League, Taiwan, whose army also was training death squads, like sort of parallel. Some of us are doing it through League of us doing independently, but they're also training like, death squads across Latin America. Now, it's unclear to me if monterosa, like, actually received money from Moon, but I like basically every other, right? Like, like large scale right wing organization and death squad. El Salvador absolutes. Like a pretty easy guy to get money from if you're making death squads to kill. Yeah, and we're gonna go through many, many death squads. Yeah and you know, so she gives a bunch of money to write encryption, El Salvador and they do atrocities with it. Now we also need to talk about Operation Condor. So Operation Condor is an anti leftist assassination network originally developed by Chilean intelligence in 1975. Eventually it has like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and also to a lesser extent like Ecuador and Peru in it. And Condor like if you count everyone who was killed while Condor was going on. I like the government's doing it. It killed 10s of thousands of people arrested tortures like hundreds of thousands more. And so this is where things get complicated. A lot of Operation Condor is run out of a group called the Cal, which is the original Latin American section of the World Anti Communist League. The CIL is is founded by a group called Los Techos, who are a Mexican NEO Nazi death squad who are famous for just like, showing up and murdering leftists. The league basically like finds this group and they're like, oh, hey, you like killing communists. And so they they test the techos with. Assembling just the most bloodthirsty Latin American death squads they can find. And, you know, they go and do this, and this is this is the basis of the organization of like Latin America, like the Latin America part of the world. Anticommunists leak now. The world anticommunists like, formally expels the CL in the early 1980s because they're trying to go like slightly more legit until they never get rid of, you know, like the ustashi people or the Iron Guard or any of the other like fascist group said it. But, you know, so they, they, they expelled, they expelled CIL because people are like, hey, these guys are, you know, doing Condor and assassinating people. But it it's it's it's notable that. So Moon technically leaves the league in 1975, and he gives the speech about how the league is a he calls it, quote, a fascist organization. Which is true. But the problem is that, like, this, this is all just political theater. Moon Moon never leaves the league. Like he he, he he makes this big speech about it, but his people still run the league chapter in like, there's they still, they still run the chapter in Japan. They're heavily involved in the US chapter. And Moon is, you know, like Moon and his friend. Organizations are still just doing all of the like, they're still running meetings with them, they're organizing with them. And Moon also never actually disavows the CIL. So the other thing that's worth noting is that so Condor starts in 1975, right? They they don't the the league doesn't disavow. See you until the mid 80s, which means that there's a lot of time where the CL is is being actively funded by by the World Anti Communist League. And this is where he's kind of murky, because it's difficult to tie Moon directly to Condor. Yeah, I mean, that's generally how it's gonna be with the people who fund death squads and the death squads. You you think that every every other death squad I'm about to mention, we have direct evidence of him funding? OK, well, then maybe he didn't, you know what? Maybe he found his limit. So I, I say this. So there's two things that's just to me that he did do it. One is that his money absolutely was going to the CL which was carrying it out because him and Sasakawa was like Japanese branch, otherwise the Communist League One of the big funders of the organization. So he's, he's the very least indirectly funding them. And also Moon and his organizations are like in tight with they're either working with the government or the far right, it or it, Argentina, Uruguay. Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. Which means that weirdly, the only Condor government they aren't working with Chile. And I don't know what's going on there because I, I I kept expecting Pinochet to show up and he never does. I don't know why. Pinochet is like, he's the one right wing leader in all of Latin America who I cannot find any contact with. Moon. It's it's very strange. It's like watching a movie without a heist and yeah, yeah, wondering where. What is the guy from, ER, you know, I'm talking about Jesus. I can't. I'm not good with names today. Sophie, who's the guy? George Clooney. Clooney, yeah. Alright, well and it all, but so, so Pinochet never shows. But Moon is working with every single other Condor government. So the there, there's a good enough chance that mood is involved in this that I think we have to mention it because I don't know, it's like, I think like my my guess is there's like, I mean other than his indirect stuff through through the CLI. I think it's like probably like a two out of three chance that he's funding them because. That's just who he's in with. What we do know for sure is that he's working with General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, who has made the head of the armed forces in Honduras in 1981, to murder a leftist guerrilla group. Alvarez just immediately starts torturing, murdering and disappearing people. He also trained, fund and equipped the Contras, which we will get back to in a second because. Oh please. You can just wasn't beautiful time and place to have 10s of millions of dollars because you really just could buy armies up wholesale send them off to murder people and you know mountainous countries. It was a it was a real oh what a time to be alive and do you ever think about this you know the world is really your oyster because it's something the drug trade exists right but the drug trade is not bringing in like quite as much money as it's going to buy like the like the the late 80s and 90s so and so it was that like you know you you you're like random cult actually has enough money to. Like, you know, like, you know, you, you you can outbid the drug dealers, basically. Yeah. So Moonlike looks at at at Alvarez's government and he's like, OK, I'm, I'm just, I'm like, I I have an in here. And so he he goes to who she gappa to, like, start preaching about theologically resisting communism, which just means, you know, being the Unification Church. And there's an interesting thing here where this is a period where a lot of Latin American right wingers are turning away from Christianity because. They're they're they're washing deliberation, theology, turn in in in the Catholic Church and they see this and they go, OK, well the the, you know, the the the Catholic Church is getting is, you know, it's being infiltrated by communists coming soft on communism. Like a lot of these sort of like leftist, like Catholic priests are you know running like running through militia groups. And so the right wing in Latin America started looking for like another like another religious thing they can get into and moon is like, hey, it's me. Look, I have a church where Christian sort of kind of don't, don't. Don't look too closely at the I'm the Messiah behind the mirror. Yeah, yeah. But this works pretty well. And, you know, she she has body Park and Alvarez a check for $50,000. Alvarez, hilariously, is forced to return. The check after the Episcopal Conference in Honduras is like, hey, why are you taking from a money who why you're taking money from a guy who literally claims to be the Messiah. And they get, like, they get really mad at him. And obviously that is off. Like, if you actually think about what he says about God and Jesus, it it could be awkward to take money. This guy, yeah. You know, and shout out, you know, OK like, like we have to give credit to the Hondurans here because in the US this is not going to happen. Like in the US, the Christians are just going to like, they're going to take money hand over fist. But the Hungarians are like, no, we're, we're, we're, we're drawing the line at the Messiah guy. But, you know this doesn't, you know, Moon keeps working with Alvarez. He just, you know, gives the check back. But unfortunately, Alvarez gets sacked by he gets sacked by the government after the FBI reveals a conspiracy by Alvarez and his allies to overthrow the government on the behest of drug dealers, which, you know, sounds suspiciously like another coup that we've talked about today. It's. Getting involved in the same coup and it keeps either light and it keeps just not working. It's just like it's it's it's pretty incredible. Now, undeterred, Moon continues to spend an enormous amount of time and money in Honduras preaching anti communism through democratization, which is again hilarious from a guy who has multiple times on record saying that democracy is favored by Satan. But you know, OK, welcome to the keyboard. OK, yeah. So, and now, now we come to the mother of all Cold War conspiracies, Iran Contra. Because yeah, it turns out moon due to Iran Contra. All right, to set the stage a little bit, in 1979 the US backed samosa dictatorship was overthrown by a revolution that left the the left wing Sandinistas in power. And this engine needs to start doing things like, you know, nationalizing all of samosas land and, you know, like promoting public education. And the US looks at this and goes, we need to murder literally every single person involved with this. Yeah. That that scans. Yeah. So. So, you know, opposing his Sandinistas. Are this group called the Contra Revolucionarios or the Contras? Now, even before Congress, you know, does Congress eventually starts banning, like, puts a ban in on all on all US funding of the Contras because the countries are doing things like murdering babies and. Pulling up, yeah. Silos start with population. Like, you know, Death Squad stuff. Yeah, yeah, it's good. They're they're really like your death squads don't. Yeah. There. You know, I will say this the the the the the contract. Well, OK. I want to say that contracts are bad by Death Squad standards and that's true. But also like the other death squads are, we're going to get to the Guatemalans in a bit and Oh my God. Also the Sofa Salvadorian National Guard is doing is yeah. I mean when you're when you're death squads you there's really it's not necessary to like kind of apply the romance or the the the moral differences between them they're all. Yeah which you hit that death squad level your death squad. You know. Now C USA which is that front group Moody Franco by talked about earlier starts contracting like a bunch of Contra leaders to offer them to like help unite the Contra factions. Fernando El ***** Chamorro who's one of the major Contra leaders it goes on a Mooney sponsored trip with other Contra leaders and and Chamorro, like turns down the money because he's like, I don't want the strings attached with it but a lot of other country leaders including Stedman ******* like take 10s of thousands of dollars in cash and just like tons of food. Suppliers. From Moon and and the C USA basically keeps Steadman and like the other contractions, like in the fight, like long enough, you know because all these factions like they they get their CIA money like turned off, right? And they're they're in a real crisis and moon keeps them in the fight until Iran Contra can kick in. Which is horrifying, because like moon, like Moon is directly responsible for everything that's going to happen in Nicaragua, like from this. On. Because if if if he's not funny, these guys, like these guys, a lot of these groups fall out of the war. But you know, he he's he's there to bridge the gap and. Yeah, but before we fully get to Iran Contra, there's one more thing I should mention, which is that there's some evidence that. People, American students from the like the church student movement like there's some evidence they fought for the Contras. Can't really confirm it. There seems to be credible evidence that like individuals went to go fight for them, but it's unclear if it's like amassed thing the church was promoting or it was just sort of an individual thing. We do know the church claims have been sending people into Nicaragua to like preach, so who knows? Yeah, I mean it's one of those things if you raise a large group of people to believe that, like this is a fight that they personally need to be involved in and like is a bunch of them go over and fight. It's a great way to to make that. It's the same thing we saw we see with like Rhodesia. Where it's like, well, did this organization send fighters? No. But they created propaganda that convinced people to go fight there. Yeah. Yeah. Actually I this this this didn't make it into the into the cut of the episode, but I I his newspaper, The Washington Times, Big Rhodesia fans also also big apartheid South Africa fans. It was it was the shorts. Yeah. I I I couldn't find anything about him directly funding them. But yeah, he's he's on their side in principle. OK, so now we need to talk about Iran Contra. And I'm gonna do like the shortest version of Iran Contra anyone has ever done. So there's four parts. Part One is Oliver North gets $10 million from the Sultan of Brunei who is the world's most feted out monarch, and then his secretary puts the money into the wrong bank account and lights it on fire. So just some random Swiss bank here gets $10 million, they can't get the money back and they sold the bridge. Very funny. It's funny because the soul of Brunei is is he is the most CIA guy, like outside of the CIA that has ever existed. Even he was like, you just put $10 million in the wrong bank account. Like, I'm not gonna give you anymore money. All of the north, *******. Great. So part, Part 2, after that part plan fails is Oliver North basically is secretly negotiating with the Iranian government to covertly buy American to, to sell the Iranian Government American missiles. And then they're going they part three is they take the money they get from selling those missiles and they put it in like a Black Ops slush fund and they they move that money to the Contras. Now Part 4 is creating a cover story for where that money came from, and Moon is neck deep in park. In part 4, Bojie Park gives $100,000 to Olivehurst Nicaraguan Freedom Funds, a fund also backed by a pot alum soldier of Fortune magazine. To say good time and the money is also like they start they set up their own fundraiser for the Contras and they're also working with the anti Communist leagues, fundraisers, logistics networks and the anti Communist League One is the is the is the big one that that Reagan uses to go, oh hey see all this CIA money were pouring in this now that's not from the CIA see this this this is a grassroots anti Communist campaign and you know I mean like and they they do actually raise some money. It's just that they don't raise Iran Contra money now not content to just do Iran Contra. The money sent a fake priest to testify before Congress, claiming that the Sandinistas were dressing up as Contras and doing false flag massacre massacres, and his courts to discredit the Contras. That seems plausible. That's good to be what's happening for sure. Absolutely. Yeah. So there's a funny thing. So. So he, this guy claims to be from the Catholic Church. And the Catholic Church is like, this is not one of our guys. And so. And she's like, no, no, I'm. I'm from. I'm from the Orthodox Catholic Church. And everyone's like, what? And the Orthodox Catholic Church apparently is this. Like, it's this group in like, are they people who thought Vatican 2 went too far and, like, the church has gotten cucked. This is weirder than. They're like, this really weird. Like, like, like, very old. Like Splinter faction with eight people in it in like in like Scotland for some reason and like it's it's unclear if he's even involved with them, but what they do find is a bank account with like a bunch of money in it. That would have been Trent organizations that this guy was mysteriously paid. So that was fun. And the other thing that they do is see USA produces a pro Contra documentary film called Nicaragua was our home that airs on PBS in 1985 to draw up support for the war. Lee Shapiro. He's the dude who made the film and a fanatical Moon supporter who graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary because, Oh yeah, the moodies have a school now. And I should mention they have multiple schools. Like, there's just multiple colleges that. Yeah. I mean, yeah. You get a cold that big. You do have to start directly training the children at some point. Yes, for sure. Yeah. So, so absolutely. Lee. Lee is is killed near Kabul while embedded with Hezbollah lami to make a propaganda film about the mujahedeen. Now, you know what? Go off. OK, absolutely. Get killed by Hezbollah in Afghanistan or with Hezbollah in Afghanistan. Well, Hezbollah Islami is like probably the worst of the African Bush, of the actual Afghan Mujahideen factions. Yeah, it's not a good one. Yeah, yeah. Dream the Civil War just in the shelling of Kabul alone that killed at least 25,000 civilians like it's there. And it's interesting because like goes out into Afghanistan like trying to find some, trying to find a hidden group who let him work with him and all the Mujahideen. Which are like, no, like, well, yeah, like, yeah. Because I don't know if you know this about Mujahideen in general, but if you say sometimes God's wrong and I tell him and he's like, oh, stupid me. This is why I go to you, buddy. You know, if that's your religion and a lot of Mujahideen might have issues with you. Yeah. And and the the only people who were who will take him are, are are the worst dudes out there, the worst people in the entire world who are OK, there's an angle here that I I couldn't find. Direct evidence of but like, so this is he, he's added with the faction that's like being backed by Pakistan and there there might be some kind of incredibly convoluted anti communist angle there. I wasn't able to find it, but this guy's involved with literally everything ever. So if you're sending guns to Afghanistan, you're one of the bad guys. Now does that mean that basically everyone involved in Afghanistan for the last 40 years have been the bad guys? Absolutely. It's it's great. It's it's a lot of ****** people sending guns to Afghanistan and sometimes soldiers and usually for bad reasons, basically always for bad reasons. That's Afghanistan. Yeah. So yeah, of course the world Anti Communist League is sending funny to them and sending funding to them. And list Shapiro's death is literally the only thing that stops a USA from just making another propaganda film and having it aired on BBC and BBC PBS. Now, lest you think we're done with the death squads C USA offices behind the ********. Promise we make never done with the death squad. There's so many. So, so yeah, the CPUSA also did a propaganda media tour for Rios Masticator Ship and Guatemala. Ohh boy. Carlos Rios Montt. Yeah, yeah, Rios Montt is most notable for like, successfully doing a bunch of genocide against indigenous population of Guatemala. Like, definitely didn't there. There are entire peoples who are just gone. They killed every single one of them. There are languages that don't exist anymore. There are towns that still won't let the military back into this day because of the genocide. Yeah, I mean, like. Like there there are. It's horrifying. Like there's one one of my friends didn't like was an anthropologist who worked with a community who they they. So they they managed to everyone else around them had killed in the genocide. They managed to survive. And the last people on Earth who speak their language and they survived by just running on foot through the jungle. And they made it. But, you know, they, they, they, they they they they like, you know, they they live in this horrible slum and they they can't speak Spanish. And they're the last people left of, you know, they're they're their entire people who have been around for thousands of years. Because most ******* killed all of them and it's it's horrifying. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's it's pretty bad. And moons. Moons doing propaganda tours for their for their death squads and also funding them. It's yeah. I mean, are you really a right wing ******** though? If you're not backing Rios Montt like, are are you actually, do you deserve to even call yourself like a violent right wing extremist? If you're not back in that guy, I I will say like there are a lot of right wingers who like back Rios. Not like rhetorically, but like you, moon Moon puts his money where his mouth is. Like you. You can you, you. You can never not say that. Like when, like when, when, when when there was a fight against communism and when they were babies to be killed. Like no one on Earth can say that Reverend Moon did not, did not do his parts in murdering those babies. He made sure there's not as many babies. And you know what? Every time you don't spend an extra 510 minutes in traffic. Thank you, Reverend moond. Thank you for making there be less people who are alive to drive cars. And stop me from getting through the Sparrow. You know what else is it makes there be less people alive to to drive cars products and services that support this podcast watching spectral ohh yeah, the highways yeah. Washington State Patrol and Coke Industries and. For sure. I mean, with their island where people hunt children, they really go out of their way to decrease the surplus population. OK, here's adds. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. 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Is there anything that we haven't talked about or or I should have asked you or you'd like to add that seems relevant? You should have asked me why I'm missing fingers on my left hand. A story about sacrifice. I think his suffering drove him to try to alleviate suffering. And the shocking discovery I made where I faced the consequences of writing a book I thought would help people? Isn't that funny? It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Religious history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. We're back. Chris, please go ahead. So Moon also has like another friend group that he uses that's does basically the same thing as C USA, but like it just does media tours and they they they they they run these like, quote UN quote fact finding trips. That included interviews with the lead leaders of Renamo in Mozambique, Yedida in Angola, SWAPO and Namibia and Solidarity in Poland. Now those of you who know your Cold War will realize that. Medina means Jonas Savimbi not seen since the Manafort episode of the dawn of Time is back on the pot. And yeah boy, yeah, yeah, yeah, man. From ******* Guatemala to Angola all around, he's really hitting all of the hits of like right wing *******. And in this period of time, he's he's he's doing a whole ******* bingo. It's really very impressive. It's very impressive, I will say. So I don't have any evidence that he directly funded either solidarity in Poland or SWAPO in in in Arabia, but. Through through a web that is like elaborate even by moon standards that I'm I'm not gonna explain the whole thing because it's it's I I turned into the like I turned into the pinboards meme like conspiracy meme trying to like track track all of the funding sources down. But he he does seem to have funded both Renamo and Savimbi just like directly. So that's fun. And to to to finish off the Death squad gauntlet we need to talk about Cambodia. Oh boy, wow man, that's that is honestly not maybe not one of the death squads I necessarily expected to see him getting involved with. So throughout the late 1970s pull pots troops were busy making like a series of the worst military decisions in human history. They decided that they were going to launch a bunch of cross-border raids against Vietnam and just like massacre a bunch of Vietnamese civilians now the Vietnamese army by by by the time you get 1977, nineteen 78 they have beaten back-to-back. The French, the Japanese, the French again the US. And in one year there B team is about to go blow for blow with China. In a conventional war, pull pots army does not have a centralized command and control structure. So pull pots army looks at this and goes, no, no, no. We're going to be the ones who succeeded where every single other empire on Earth has failed. And they start this war with Vietnam, and Vietnam invades 1979 and they just blow the Cambodian army to pieces. But they they they they do a thing, I think. Everyone who lives in the US. Knows well, which is they get stuck in a nation building quagmire, which you know, well, you know, it happens to everybody. It's like throwing your back out, you know, everybody at some point, you know, if you're, if you're funding death squads, you're going to wind up locked in a quagmire of a war. You know, I will say there's no getting around it. I will say this for Vietnam, like, OK, if if there's one government ever that it was like, this is a good idea to go in and knock them off, it's pull pot like, oh, for sure. Yeah, like, you know. But this becomes a problem with them because, you know, they're trying to set up a state and it doesn't look, yeah, Vietnam, Vietnam proves that there is something about being a state that makes you want to get involved in another state **** and start a quagmire. And, you know, not that, like, again, like you said somebody needed to do something. It is just funny to see Vietnam go do a Vietnam on Cambodia. Yeah, I don't know. There's no lesson there because the lesson certainly isn't let guys like Pol Pot continue. Pol pot thing. Well, I think please don't, please don't take this as me saying, haha, what fools the Vietnamese were. It's just kind of funny. Like I will say this is the lesson from this is that if you're going to go invade a country and knock off pulpal, you actually have to kill, pull pot, pull pot like that. That. I would say killing pull pot is something in general people should have done. This is a problem because you know everything happens is that a bunch of camera nationalist groups pop up and and one of these is is called the the Khmer Peoples National Liberation Front. Now Moon does propaganda for and direct support to the camera People's National Liberation Front. Now there's one problem now and he's doing this because, you know, this is an anti Vietnam group, right? But there's one problem with the the camera Peoples National Liberation Group as as as an anti communist group, which is, you know, other than the massacre, which they don't care about. The problem is that the common people's National Liberation Front is part of the coalition government to Democratic campaign campuchia. Now Moon is is pushing for the the coalition government Democratic can't be chia. He's like they're trying to get, trying to maintain their seat the Cambodia, the UN. The problem with them is that the most powerful Member of this coalition is pole pot. So Moon is directly funding well I started and is indirectly directly running propaganda for indirectly funding pull pot. What a great anti communist. You love to see it. Yeah, it's it's real bad. Yeah, he's he's he's wonderful pilot now. Well, I mean, look, whomst among us has not given pole pots. But this look, Chris, you can't say that because it could happen here is sponsored entirely. By King Norodom Sandwyk, who funded pole pot. So in a way, no. You know, as we, as we sell the former king of I don't really, I, I lost. I lost a handle on this. This is when you jump in. So this is one when you jump in. OK. All right. Well, Chris, please continue. So, you know, there's, there's kind of like a secular limit that you hit, right? Like there's a certain point at which just the amount of time you have, the amount of money you have is such that you can't, like, you can't fund literally every death squad unless that is something I've often mourned in my own life. But, you know, you fund the death squad. You can. Yeah. But there's a way around this and the way around this is you fund the American government. Well, yeah. Now, so as a taxpayer, I do back a lot of death squads. Yeah. So but then, you know, there's, there's, there's, there's there's a political angle that that that lets you, like, increase the bang for your death squad buck. So there there is a guy named Richard Viguerie. I'm butchering his name because he's Italian and I also don't respect him. He he is the man who basically created the modern right out of the wreckage of the Barry Goldwater campaign. He's famous for taking a list of 12,000 people who donated more than $50.00 to the campaign in 1964 and using it to create a mailing list. Now, this is a revolution in American politics. It allows God, yeah, that's the whole ******* eighties, 70s and 80s. Yeah. And she's doing this in the 60s. And this allows them to to to, to to fundraise and mobilize activists at unimaginable scale like this. This is this is Facebook before Facebook. And they're sending these old people letters that say things like babies are being harvested and sold on the black market by Planned Parenthood clinics and, you know, cool. It's Twitter. Yeah, it's it's literally they invented Facebook. 1965 and and and yeah, old people react exactly the same way old people react now to Facebook and so viguerie is that just the absolute cutting edge of this. You have the cutting edge of the mailing list using computers to like keep track of the mailing lists and you know he he is he is building the the infrastructure that will make the Reagan Revolution possible. Moon is funding him as early as 1965 through a scam that involves setting up radio towers to broadcast propaganda to North Korea. It also gives Viguerie $900,000 to a fake charity in 1977 and then bails him out again in the 80s by buying Viguerie's office building for $10 million and then putting him in charge of the accounts of the the the American Freedom Coalition, which is a money group that's invented to, like, defend all of her north. Now what? While this is happening, Mooney point man Gary Jarman was running an organization called the Christian Voice, which was one of the first political organizations to put Viguerie's new fundraising system to the test, in 1980 and 1982. They outraised every single other conservative fundraising group. To put this into perspective, Jerry Falwell's like new Moral Majority PAC raises $22,000 in his first year. That same year, the Christian Voice raised $494,722. And these guys, the Christian voice is terrifyingly powerful. In the 1980 election, they target 32 races and they beat 22 incumbents. This is you. Yeah. It's bad. This is, you know, this. This is the infrastructure that built the Reagan Revolution, and it is funded by Reverend Moon. Yeah, it's bad. And and, you know, not not content to simply fight at the ballot box, moon runs anti Communist campaigns on college campuses, including a anti Communist newsletter, which it's actually just like newspaper thing that, you know, every, like, trust gate group. And I feel like weird communist group, like passes out. Papers on campus. Moon is like, what if we did our own, but they were anti communist so he has all of his likes followers on campus like passing out these newspapers and so you get all these like like all of the cults are like lined up next to each other. Passing news. It's a fun time, but she's also, I know you've talked about this, just the outstanding amount, like it's just like unfathomable amount of money that she's in, everything he funds so much the outreach. The first. He's the only real cult leader that I'm aware of that is on that L Ron Hubbard level where they hit this certain point early in their career where it's like, where did their money come where they will they have infinite money? Yeah. Yeah, there's there's no they have they have as much money as they need funded. And then they they have all of the money they could ever spend. Like, which is a scary thing for a cult leader to get to. God. It makes me Miss LRH. He didn't fund any death squads. He just threw kids off of boats like a hero. Yeah, like Moody's mood is like, like, what? But what if you used Elron Hubbard for just, like, pure evil? It's tragic to think of L Ron Hubbard's legacy being used for evil. Yeah. And you know, and I will say, like, I so, like, part, part of how he's funding this is like, part of it is just, you know, the cult, like, the cult is literally a pyramid scheme. Right. And that he has all of these businesses. He also has sasakawa's, like, literally infinite yakuza money from from Japan. She's getting a money. He's getting money from all just like he keeps there's like a couple of times where she takes over banks in Uruguay and then just, like, takes all of the money from them. And then the bank goes under like, he just like multiple times he's all these landing. There's nothing that I didn't fit in the episode, but I think I should talk about a little bit, which is that, like, there's some evidence that, like in the night in like the 90s, he got into the drug trade because he starts buying all of this land that's like on the, the, the, the border. What kind of drill? Well, like, yeah, he's in the cocaine trade. He'd be like buying the border crossings that cocaine moves through and in, like Bolivia. And then, yeah, it's there. There's no hard evidence of that. But like no one else. But there's no other reason why you're buying all that. And you are if you are backing multiple death squads in Latin America. Yeah. To the tune of 10s of millions of dollars. I'm sorry, but I don't. I can't believe you're not moving blow. Like, I refuse to accept that that's possible. And I mean, it's it's it's one of those things where there's so many threads of moon where, like, you know, some of the threads, like, I like, I pulled on the Death Squad thread and I found that he was funny pot. And some of them like there. There seems to be a lot of investigative journalism, like still to be done on this organization because. Like the cocaine thread is mean it's there's a lot of people all-encompassing. Yeah. Like it's it's hard to it's hard to think it's it's impossible to imagine that like people know the bottom of this at the moment, you know? Yeah, I it's it's it's it's bad. So, but you know what's not bad? Chris exercises that that support this podcast. Products and services are always. You know, Chris, a lot of people say some of our products and services backed death squads themselves. I don't agree with that. I think one of the beautiful promises that the Raytheon Corporation has for the world is a future without death squads because robots can kill those people from the sky, Chris, that's the sky. You no longer have the people to bunch of soldiers who are ****** ** on cocaine and methamphetamine to gun down a bunch of children in a village. You just bomb it from the air. Although, Robert, the drone. There's a real risk here, which is where we're cutting the legs out of the child soldier industry. I know. But, you know, look, disruption has to come for every industry. Eventually, one day you and I will be replaced with a robot that perfectly mimics Joe Rogan's voice. And like that, you know, child soldiers are going to be replaced by drones. But we can still honor the legacy of the child soldier industry by having little kids pilot those drones because they're better at video games. That's true. It's Ender's Game. We've proven it mathematically. Yeah, Ender's Game, but entirely targeting poor people in the global S that's the promise of Raytheon. Alright, here's some other ads. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for none of that. For anyone who hates their phone Bill, Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for just $15.00 a month. Mint Mobile will give you the best rate whether you're buying one or for a family and at Mint. Families start at 2 lines. 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Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. Ooh, boy, Chris, we get a lot of money for those Raytheon Med roles. I mean, we just, we just that. That's our that's our salary for a while, my man. You want to continue on with this, this enlightening story of good times? Yeah. So? So the other thing that Moon's doing on college campuses is he's running a network of spies to spy on leftist activists and giving the information to conservative groups. Like, this is like in this sort of thing like this. This should be like for like any other organization. The fact that you're running a network of college campus spies to, to to to to to spy have gone through in a list like 20 things, each of which if a guy had done one that would make them a worthy subject of this series. This despite network has one sentence in my script. One it's it's it's the second-half, the spy network. It's like you gotta you gotta breeze over El Ron Hubbard summoning the Antichrist with sex magic when you get his biography because there's just too much going on, man. Yeah, so. You know it's so and and one of the reasons why I brushing over this is that. In 1982, Moon founds probably the single most important American institution you ever found. The Washington Times. Here's Bohey pock the Times corporate president, describing why the Times was created. Quote It is a Total War. Basically a war of ideas, war of mind, the battlefield for human minds. This is the battle. This is where the battle is fought, son. In this war, the entire thing will be mobilized. Political means, social means, economic means, and propagandistic means. And basically trying to take over the other person's. Paint that is what the Third World War is all about. The war of ideology. Ohh. So he's. Yeah. He's doing a fourth generation war thing. Yeah. Yeah. He's yeah. He's he's very much kind of thinking, you know honestly on the same side as William S Lind. OK that's scans. Yeah. Yep. Now this this is Reagan's favorite newspaper. He has this paper delivered to his office every single morning and he reads Christ in heaven and God it absolutely enormous number of right wing journalists have passed through over the years. So, yeah, this is I mean it's it's the name I it's very familiar. I'm sure. Everyone. Listening to this is run into a Washington Times article. They are run by people like, is like half of their business is people like, on social media mistaking them for the post. And it's like, yeah, yeah. You know, and. And so, you know, there's a thing saying all this, like, fairly it was this like a week or two ago the Washington, The Washington Times like, published an article calling they basically screaming about, like, calling the CCP like, a I think it's a termite infestation. And it was like, yeah, like, oh, there's termites in the in our society that have to be eliminated. And I'm like, well, so this is like, that's great. But yeah, I just, I just looked at the Washington Post and The Washington Times website next to each other. Almost identical fonts for the names. Like, deliberately almost identical fonts for the names. Cool. And I think people, I don't know people, people, people look at The Washington Times doing stuff like that. You're like, Oh my God, look at this genocide office. Like, yeah, these guys, like, these guys are so much worse. Like this. This is this is the. This is the newspaper of a cult. Yeah. Much like the epoch times. Yep. Yep. Except, yeah, I mean this. You know, a lot, a lot of what's happening here. Like, like, like this, like the moonies. Or just a better like a more successful version of of the Fallen Gong in in a lot of ways. I mean they do. One of the big differences would be that the Falun Gong as terrible as a lot of things about them are legitimately has suffered repression and stuff like yeah as opposed to these guys are fully. The state is on board with them. Yeah. Yeah. And well I OK so the US state you we'll get to that in a second. But you know so I I I I I I want to especially mention some of these people. David Brooks gets to start in journalism as as a move writing movie reviews for them. Awesome, like great Cannon is an ex Washington Times columnist and that makes sense. And if they they they basically like invent the modern style of of right wing journalism. Like these are the times of like some of the first people to do the war on Christmas. Like they basically invent that. And you know I I wanted you know they have a very disturbing analysis of this. I want to read one of their this this is this is a poster that was made by one of the the their affiliate groups because they have about a trillion. News is available through more media than ever before and for 24 hours a day. Yet much of it sounds the same. Our media giving people the facts they need in the 21st century is the media's traditional role of reporting facts even still relevant? Is it time for the media to become Guide Dogs instead of watchdogs? So and and what they're guiding people to you is white nationalism. The Times is extremely racist, incredibly pro pro Confederate, and they publish a bunch of literal Nazis. Francis Booth Queen, you just listed Pat Buchanan. Yeah, but, but I mean like like people who are more explicitly Nazi than Pat Buchanan, which is fairly impressive. Yes, because he's written a whole book defending Hitler. Yeah. So. So Francis Booth Coombs, who works at the Times frequent. He was, he was like, he was like one of their head publishers and he frequently published his wife, who's the other main thing is rife writes for his Stormfront. Oh, good, awesome. It's amazing. So here's from the Southern Poverty Law Center. In one opinion piece in the Times, Coombs describes the whole of of human history. To quote the struggle of races, non white immigration, she wrote in another column, is importing poverty and revolution that will end in the eventual loss of American sovereignty. In England. Muslims are turning life in this once pleasant land into misery for its native inhabitants. It's it's like, and this is this is just one example that I pulled out. There are dozens of people at the time who write stuff exactly like this. It's horrifying. I've talked about a bit before about the defender. Deja they they're huge. Huge defenders. Apartheid South Africa they are. Yeah. It's it's it's you know it's it's it's one of the worst institutions in the US and they in in a lot of ways it's like it's they they kind of serve a role sort of similar to Infowars does, right. We're like, you have this one sort of they'll they'll, they'll, they'll they'll they'll do the Alex Jones think right. They'll pick a headline from another news source, completely misinterpret it, turn it into an outraged machine and they'll feed it to the rest of the right wing press and it goes through like Fox News. Yeah. But they're kind of more like Breitbart in that they're they camouflage. Themselves as, yeah, more legitimate. And and then also like you, especially with Reagan, like they they just directly have access to the President because this is their favorite magazine. Like, yeah, I mean this is this is Reagan's favorite newspaper. And, you know, one of the other things they do is so the the Korean Government that there's, there's, there's, there's a pro democracy uprising in, in the city of Guangzhou and that they make this commune. It's it's one of the sort of incredible revolutionary moments sort of in world history. And the Korean Government just murders them, just absolutely butchers them and the times does propaganda. Like, you know, times runs cover for the Korean government, and this is so bad that even like the other right wingers at the times just resign in mass because they're like, I I won't be a part of this. Like the South Korean government literally murdering a bunch of pro democracy protesters that that order to defend the South Korean government comes directly from the top. It comes directly from Moon, it comes directly from Body Park. And they're trying to protect the New South Korean government after the KC a shot performer dictator Park Chung Hee in his bunker, which is a story that I will tell like. Another time on this podcast. South Korea deserves. Yeah, as much time as the dictators of North Korea. Yeah, they're I I'm, I'm working on episodes, but yeah, we we'll tell that later. But, you know, Moon is just directly running interference with the fact that, like, his bosses just murdered the president. Now does. Right wing Media Blitz isn't just an American affair. Moon is putting on newspapers across the world, including the Sergei Times in Korea, the Middle East times in Cairo, and Sekai Nippo in Japan. Now Sakura Nifo is fun because they they directly advocate for Japan invading Manchuria again. Which, yeah, because it went so well last time. It's great. And you know that this is where I talk about, you know, that whole thing about how they they, about how the moonies run, that scam where they they they make people like paying dosages for all the war crimes that Japan did in Korea. Oh, boy. They're advocating for them to do it again. It's it's great. Well, I mean, God forgave him. So, kind of like Rasputin believed. You got to get back in there and start spinning again. Yeah, well, he's not gonna have anything to forgive. I should. I should specifically mention this. God does not forgive Tojo. Moon forgives Tojo. Well, yeah. She needs someone a little more powerful than God. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And Moon is just much, much better than God. Yeah, I think. Yeah. Moon would agree. Yeah. Now, moons increasing. Hold over. The media was tested in Japan when Yoshikazu Shijima, a former churchman, attempted to fight. Like a full scale church takeover of Second Depot in in in Japan, now Moon sends in the yakuza from the book inside the league. On the 1st of October, about 100 people, including about 30 in special karate training groups, barged into the paper's offices. They broke this is pretty dope so far and beat up some of the employees on June 2nd of 1984. So GMA was attacked outside his home in Tokyo and stabbed repeatedly. According to police reports, when the attack occurred he was preparing an article critical of Moon. Man, can't one team of, like, karate soldiers be sent into a place and it not in the depressing thing. I I I'm gonna do an episode at some point about karate because it's so ****** **. But one of the things that one of the things important to note is that the World Karate Federation was founded by Sasakawa the that the Japanese fascist and one of Moon's lieutenants. So yeah, all the karate people like huge supply of bodyguards for South Korean dictators. All cool. Well, I guess I'm going to have to go to Krav Maga for an unproblematic martial art. Time to Google. Pragmatic kravmaga for the first time, you know, it's it's bad now. So what while all of this is happening like this is, you know, this is some ways is moment of triumph. But there's two disasters that strike. One is the death of his 17 year old son, Huang Jin. Now, this is a major problem from Boone theologically because he has written that people can only reach the Kingdom of heaven if they're married. So naturally, what kills his son's dead? He he's driving an SUV on an icy road and he crashes, gets assaulted. Yeah. Or she she wasn't she. Yeah. Well, she she's just like, is not is a 17 year old and is not good at driving an ice. And I mean. Yeah. OK. Yeah, he I don't there's there's no evidence he got murdered. So, so naturally Moon solves the problem of his son can't go to heaven because he wasn't married by marrying the dead Huang Jin off to Bougie Pox daughter, Hunson POC. I mean potentially a great deal because you don't have to deal with a lot of the traditional downsides of marriage. Yeah. Huntoon Park later said that the experience was quote like being emotionally raped. So, yeah, not good. I'm going to, I'm going to wait an extra second before that respond to you in the future, Chris. Yeah, it's it's not good. Yeah. And this is like while this is going on, like what? While moons having his death squad adventures, like, there's just still a bunch of horrible stuff happening at your personally in the church. Yeah, I I don't have a good segue from this and So what I'm about to read. So Moon also said about Huang Jen's death. If the sacrifice of Huang Jin Nim had not been made, one of either 2 great calamities could have happened. Either the Korean nation could have suffered a catastrophic setbacks such invasion from the north or I myself could have been assassinated. Which. Oh no, I think it's a security. Yeah. Like this is incredible. Look at his mind where he's like my son has died. How do I spin this? How do I spin this? Uh yeah. If he hadn't died, one of two equally. That things gonna happen. I could die or North Korea could invade and I'm just like, and he's consistently doing the thing that you're not supposed to do as a person. Like, say that God thinks that you're better than God. Or say that, well, at least it was my son that died and not me. Like, these are these are like real big, but but it's just cool. It's fine. That's that's great. It's it's a good time. Yeah. So Moon's other problem is with the law. Moon gets indicted on a number of in the US because indicted. On a number of counts related to the fact that literally everything he does is indescribably illegal and the government is trying to sort of trying to get him on tax charges, Moonlike Moon loses this case and gets convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury. And it's important to remember what he's convicted of, because even before Moon is convicted, he launches this massive advertising complain, complaining that he's like he's being religiously and racially persecuted by a government that hates religion and there's like, this cult obsession, and it's just that they don't. They just don't understand his new religion, and this works. Dinesh D'souza gives a speech defending God that, look, you brought up a lot of frustrating names, but that's the first one that made me angry. *** **** it. Lawrence Tribe shows up to argue that this whole prosecution is an attack on the 1st amendment and the government is is going after him for holding church money, his own money, in the same account, which is like a standard practice for small churches, tribe, the OK. So the ACLU is involved in this. I've seen conflicting accounts as to whether it was just the New York chapter or the entire ACLU. But some of the ACLU, the the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and the National Association of Evangelicals all argue that if Moon is convicted, the government will like come after churches everywhere. So we have to defend Moon now. And of course, none of this ever happened. Don't. Yeah. No, this is. None of this ever happens. There's no persecution ever, because it's all a lie. Moon is put in prison, if you remember, for obstruction of justice, perjury and conspiracy, not tax evasion. Right. Like he's not. He goes on for like, he goes down because he's running an enormous money laundering operation that is smuggling money in the socks of ballet dancers to move yacas and money to Latin American death squads like that. That's what he's actually doing with this. And so that's a crime now, huh? We don't let that happen in America. But this is the thing. Like, to this day you can find conservatives on on forum posts talking about how like ohh like like the like the rational skeptic people will be like, uh, moon was like unjustly prosecuted. It's like, no they they he got off like so easy for the number of crimes. Dude chainsawed hit him in half. It wouldn't have been an unjust prosecution. Like she like like this guy. This guy ran Koreans like ran Korean CIA influence operations on and on and sitting American senators. Yeah, this is like a dullest level ***** ** ****. Like, just let it happen. Yeah. No. Nevertheless, Jerry Falwell and Tim Lehay founders and the moral majority. Yeah, join a program can make sense. And and they argue that he's being persecuted by secular humanists, which is their version of cultural Marxism. It's great. Yeah, yeah. The original term was Pagan statism, actually. And it's gone through a few permutations before we hit cultural Marxist, which seems to scan. Less now, yeah. Hey takes $500,000 from Moon and creates the coalition for religious Freedom, which is like focused on defending moon. Jerry Farewell, who had denounced Moon as a devil praying on American children in 1978, speaks at a banquet run by CIA USA in 1985 and sits on the Coalition for Religious Freedoms Board. And, you know, I mean, it's OK. Yeah. Like prison turns out to have been like an incredible boon for money lesson, like, completely, you know, because he would like Moon moon in the 70s. Like one of the most hated figures in America because I was like, oh, he's the cult guy and by the mid 80s he, you know, he, he's, he's gone. He's completely rehabilitated his image and he's now like fully integrated in into the into the the Christian right. And it's incredible. It took was crimes, crimes and an enormous amount of money. And you can do whatever. You can fund every desk. What on Earth now? Back in the church, things had taken an extremely bizarre turn. In the summer of 1987, church leaders heard that Moon's dead son, Huang Jin, had returned to Earth in the body of a church member from Zimbabwe. Cleopas Kyona was accepted by Moon as a reincarnation of Huang Jin, whose body spirit possessed his body. Moon, like, appoints him as like a church inquisitor, and so he would go around, like, beating church members until they, like, confess to something they did wrong. And it's apparently really brutal. He, like, beats priests in their wives unconscious. There's a there's a story about him, like, he takes out a gun and just, like, starts shooting bullets into a pool and then orders everyone to go, like, pick up the bullets from inside the pool. Yeah, and he even, he even beats Boji. Walk, like, so badly that park has to go to a hospital to have, like, fluid drained from his brain. And this is the point at which moon is like, I've had enough of this. Maybe you're not my son. Yeah. And he he has my son beats one last guy than that. Yeah. And so he he declares that his the Huang Jin spirit has left the body. One Jim comes back to life to just beat the **** out of some people and then goes right off to the spirit realm again. Yep. Incredible, dude. It's it's wild. One of the funny things like this is like there are so many church leaders who are just, like randomly showing up with like bruises on them that like one of their, like American, like pretty prominent American followers is like conventions, like Communist plot going on to like, disrupt the leadership of the church. And it's just and they were they, they call him black Wang Jin. OK. Well, I mean, OK, yeah, I doesn't really scan as bad within the context of the episode. Well, so I should briefly talk about there, there's there, there's like a, there's like a so moon is like a big, like racial unity guy. So like, like, you know, he he like, he was promoting integration in the 70s and like, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, there's actually a number of really problematic guys who during the conversations on integration were on the right side. We could talk about the ******* oh, you know, the kool-aid. What do you call it, Jim? Jim Jones? Yeah. But, but, but but but I will say so moon is lying about this. Moon is not actually leaving racial equality. He in in his like, so inside the church. The racism from the Death squad guy. Yeah, there's there's this like internal hierarchy, basically like people in the church and it's like Koreans are on top and then I think it's Japanese people and then white people and then like black people are on the bottom and there's like there's, there's some, there's some racism stuff going on there. Idea. I didn't write an enormous amount about it because there's so many death squads and we still haven't even gotten to. The next thing we're about to get to you, which is I Kimmel song. So yeah. Moon. Moon ironically lives to see the death of communism like and the triumph of the market economy literally everywhere except for North Korea. Well, yeah. Which is yeah. They're still keeping on. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, he he's moon is convinced that like collapse is coming any day now is like the brilliant ball falls and the others and floating. So Moon begins secret talks with North Korea in 1991 and later that year she's finally able to meet Kim I'll sung in return, return to North Korea. For the first time since the Korean War, now Kimmel Sung has like has like Moon's childhood home, like refurbished and Moon goes to like, visit his home. And then they have this, like meeting where they they like, they like, they like, hug it out and Kimmel Song says, let us forget the past most important now is the future. The the Defense Intelligence Agency claims that Moon paid millions of dollars to a secret overseas bank account to get the meeting and secure future investment rights. I don't know if that's true. It the only evidence we the only source is the Defense Intelligence Agency. So they might just be lying. It might also be true. But whatever happened, it works. Kim I'll sung and moon were now in business together. Moon invest somewhere between 50 and $60 million into a joint North Korean and South Korean car company called Chunghwa Motors and was even allowed the extremely rare privilege of like. Putting up corporate billboards in North Korea for this company and here's a fun quote from from church on the North Korea stands are going to love this one. Just walking billboards and the socialist paradise? Yeah. So here's a fun quote from a church officer, Park Sung Kwan, who's the head of the joint venture. We are bound to succeed. There are no unions, low labor costs. The workers are very clever, very quick to learn, and they are harshly controlled by their superiors. Workers Paradise, thought, is the one true revolutionary ideology. I've always said that Sophie will tell you I say that it to her everyday. Sometimes I call her in the middle of the night, screaming at the top of my lungs, full volume. That's great, he he's also like investing in Vietnam and China for like similar reasons, neither of whom seem to have. The objections are taking money from a man who had their former comrades literally burned alive. I mean, look, once you get to the point where people have a lot of money, nobody actually believes anything. Yeah, it's great. It's great. It's so, yeah. The other thing Moon is able to do is he, The Washington Times gets the first, like, the first interview with any North Korean leader in the Western press in 20 years. And the times basically publishes, like, a puff piece praising Kimmel Song. So, you know, you might be asking yourself, how does this dude? Was literally spent his entire career being intractable, full of communism. How is he justifying allying with Kimmel Song? And the answer is that he justifies it by calling it a triumph of his sheer power to fuse together himself and his enemy, Cain and Abel, God and Satan, Yin and Yang, and even his own followers are like, no, like, leave the check because he's basically saying, well, guys, the only problem with communism was that they didn't like me. Yeah, yeah. But now they like me. And it's funny because he he is like. One of the largest, like funders of the North Korean economy like you this days, like the big people putting money into it. It's it's incredible and, you know, and this is, you know, but you know, his followers leaving the church is is kind of a theme for women. The moon in the 90s, the 90s, kind of a rough time for him. George HW Bush, who was a big enough Moon supporter to tour Japan and Argentina with him, you know, lose the 1992 election and moon claims this is a result of Bush refusing to sign papers calling Korea the country of eternal. Peace supreme over all other nations. It's like, yeah, you're OK, you didn't make me king, so that's why you lost. But he starts pivoting to try to be like a civil rights leader, and he forms this thing called the Women's Federation for World Peace, which argues that a women's liberation is submitting to traditional gender roles. And then she also starts paying a bunch of old civil rights leaders to back him and, like, courting these, like, socially conservative black churches. And you know what? While he's doing this, he hustle bails out Liberty University for $3.5 million when he thinks no one's looking. It's it's great. That's great. He's bad at Liberty University. But in in 1999, Nonsuch Hong publishes a book called in the Shadow of the Moons My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's family. Nonsuch Hong is the wife of Moon's first son. Like for some of his wife Steve, who's Steve last seen threatening to rape and kill another women for having a child with moon? Yeah, he's great. Also. Steve Moon is a problem child. He can't be disciplined. He drinks constantly and he just like. Wants to be a rock star in South Korea, which normally I'm on board with. Like, I don't know, son of a cult leader. I just want to be rock star. Moon is mad about this because she's like, OK, well my son needs to leave the church. So his plan is to to get a successor back in line is to marry him off to the 15 year old non sukang. Apparently on the logic that having a wife who's young enough to be easily controlled, which turned into a proper patriarch or something and so yeah, it's bad. I hung is basically just like a like just Steve treats treats her as a servant. She has to like making food every morning. And you know she she talks about this time like. Basically like smiling and being cheery every day before crying yourself to sleep every night. Hung gets president, I think for the first time at 17. And she has, she eventually has five kids on what we're pregnant with the 5th kid she can rent Steve, who's been doing literally millions of dollars of cocaine like he is. He is like, defrauding entire church. Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty rad. Look, no, no notes on that guy. Yeah. So the the problem with this is that I, you know, he's like not helping raise his sons and daughters. And so Hong, like, confronts him about this and she tries to flush some of the cocaine down the toilet. And here's how the New Republic describes what happened next. Steve, quote, smashed my face, smashed fist into my face, bleeding in my nose, hung later recalled. He wiped my blood on his hand and licked it off. Tastes good, he said. This is fun. It's yeah, it's it's not good. She look so. Yeah, yeah, like, come on. He's just licking the blood off his hand and saying this tastes good, this is fun. Like what? It's yeah. I mean, yeah, it does. Yeah. Steve. Steve then threatens to kill her baby and, like, keeps on beating. Here she is from an interview she gave CBS 60 minutes. He beat me so severely I thought he would kill the baby in my womb. He made me clean up the spilled white powder from the floor, even as he continued to beat me. Later he would offer religious justification for beating me half senseless. A woman seven months pregnant, he was teaching me to be humble in the presence of the Messiah. Some that's unfortunately a really common line of. Yeah, like, you talk to people who are in kind of like home schooling cults and, you know, raised in sort of like to train up a child kind of ********. Like, yeah, there there's a lot of justifications for child abuse and spousal abuse and different Christian sects that are like, well, this is I'm humbling you. But you have to be humble for God and like, yeah, it's yeah, it's horrible. And, you know, this is this is this the rest of this book and the interviews, like, Hong is actually like she. To get away from moon. And she's able to live her own life. I mean, like, people like church members, like keep continuously calling her and, like, stuff like that happens, but she's able to get out and she always book and this book just, like enormous damage to moon because, you know, here's this guy who's supposed to have been like, like, he's, you know, he's supposed to have been him. He's the most. He's literally the Messiah. And he's his him and his children are like, his children will be the first generation new perfect children. And this is what they're doing. And this is really bad for the church. So Moon begins to change his strategy once again. His new plan is he's going to get the US to crowd. King OK, OK, How did that go? In 2481, Congressman, 26 ambassadors to the US and like 500 other dignitaries gathered in the Dirksen Senate Office building. According to one description of the events, Republican Roscoe Bartlett bowed before the couple and and Democrat Danny Davis carried out one of the two golden crowns that were placed on their heads. Wait, what? Moon then informed the audience that kings and presidents had declared him humanity savior and that Jesus, Buddha, Hitler and Stalin. Had been reborn as new persons do his teachings. Wow, dude, it turns out. Did that make it into anybody's, like, campaign ads trying to unseat these guys like that? Seems like you were like, I feel like even today, if somebody in Congress did that, a lot of folks would. OK. There was like, everyone was like, oh, hey, all these senators went to a went to a ceremony where they literally crowned this guy king and everyone was like, he gives us money and just nobody cared. Wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, it was a metaphor. Why are you asking? Give his money. Like, so so apparently he he he bribed a bunch of these people to be there by giving them gold watches and the congressman show up and are like, fair enough. Wait, hold on. I thought we were just giving him an award. Why are we crowding him? King? And and, like, the American press is just like, this is a curiosity. OK, whatever. Yeah, some senators. Crown Sung crown, Reverend Moon king. One thing we all laughed, and clearly we can't. But the one thing Americans should generally agree on is don't crown people king you? That's like the whole thing that we were against. No, like, this is this is like, you know, this is only a tangible. This is why I get so mad about the fact that like. Like the fact that we support Saudi Arabia, it's like, there's one principle principle can we not stick to one thing they keep doing? They're bad. They keep making kings. And so yeah, and this is, this is like, this is an internally this is an enormous propaganda coup for moon, you know, here like literally the leaders of the United States bowing to him and crowding him king. And so moon like retreats to a palace modeled after capital model after the capital building, the as constructed in Korea after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Bush's faith of government money, by the way, from Bush's faith-based initiatives. It's great now, but by the time you get to the mid late 2000s, Moon's health is failing. He is, I think he gets cancer and his daughter Ingin. Do and starts to take over the church around 2010. She takes over through a bunch of incredibly complicated political maneuvering. I'm not going to get into here, but she's able to take control of most of the church but not all of it. And this is important because her. So she's able to take control of like like the organization that's the church, right. But she's not able to take control of the holding group that they, that they fund all their money through. So the Brazilians of dollars, she doesn't have access. Yeah. And and well. Yeah. So the show company goes to her brother Preston, who does he suck more? Yeah. Why? Yeah. I mean, he he, I had. OK, like, she's not the worst of the family branch, but he, like, he basically takes the money and he sets up like a new church with the same theology, except without the, like the Moon family members as messiahs engine calls him, quote, a fallen atom being controlled by Satan. And Preston says, like, basically the same, like similar things about her. And this is the first of, like a myriad of fractures that would consume the church. This referendum's health declined. He lost control. Now, the good news is that if you're that guy, if you're the guy, even God is like, this dude knows what's up. You're probably not going to have anyone who's capable of being that bold and they have to be after, you know, although, you know, placements just almost certainly not going to be, not going to have that kind of hotspot. I mean, they're they don't do that. Well, OK engine, just terribly. She, she, her, her. Thing is you know, the problem. But doesn't sound you're in the Obama years, right? Like the Golden Age where there were no problems. Not us. No one what what I will say though is that this is actually like, this is the first time that the church hasn't been able to write a cultural shift because. You know, like like the the the more majority stuff. It like as a politics kind of like like by the time you know Obama like it's kind of dying like, I mean it's still around but like it doesn't that's like that, that, that that kind of right wing like. Like the the the pure, like the Christian version of it, like it it doesn't. Fully reemerge again until Trump and and then and when it doesn't come back under Trump it's you know like it's it's it's like a more fascist like version of it and and while they're trying to write this transition, they screw up. And she didn't like attempts to, like, modernize the church, so she gets rid of all like the old hymns, and chanting replaces them with like Guitar Hero and ping pong tournaments. And she launches a rock band called Sonic Cult. And and she, she even she even is like, oh, we should encourage kids to, like, have a role and choosing their partners. This isn't apocal disaster for the church. Internal church documents show that church membership in the US dropped from 26,000 to 7000 in two months. She was like, wow, wow. That is like, yeah. That is. That is, that is a pretty, pretty quick fall. Now when when Moon finally dies in 2012, Moon's wife just like almost immediately ousts her by. So Indian had had a child out of wedlock. And that's like, that's like literally the worst sin you can possibly do in in the church. And so she like, reveals this and and she just, like, disappears. But you know, even after this coup that the the the Church continues to fragment. And the most famous of these breakaway shards is Hwang Jin Shan Moon's breakaway faction, which is now known as the AR15 Church for conducting, Oh yeah. Rituals and marriages. AR15. We were going here. Yeah. Yeah. So it's interesting. This is an interesting question because, you know, he doesn't have, like, Sean doesn't have either the money of, like, Preston's breakaway church, nor does he have the connections that like, the main church has, you know, I mean, the main church are the people who hold on to leadership in, like, South Korea. And they hold on to it in in, like, in Africa. They hold on to South America. Hold on. Japanese branch in particular. But what Sean's faction does have is car arms. Yeah, yeah, she's. Yeah. So. So he he. Yeah. So he chooses like, you know, with with car arms and, you know, with, with, with this sort of like thing going on. He chooses like publicity stunts to rebuild his membership. So, you know, he he Dons a crown of bullets and rallies around. It's like Revelation 227, which says he shall rule them with a rod of iron. It's very like, you know, this is. And knowing that the news, like, obviously it's going to look so nutty that the news will go crazy over it. And then. Yeah. But having badaboom attention economy, baby. Yeah. And, you know, obviously Sean. It isn't totally without connections and resources. Both Steve Bannon and Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson show up to one of his events in in, I think, 2021. Steve Bannon is a connection. Joey Gibson? Yeah. Joey Gibson, not so much. Not so much. I bring up Joey Gibson, though, because, well, Joe and the fact that he controls car arms all make the fact that he shows up to the capital on his father's birthday, January 6th, and helps storm it all the more disturbing. Yeah, that's good. That's that makes sense that we were heading there. Had another reason? You know, yeah, this is birthday, birthday party. It wasn't just, it wasn't just the Trump stuff. Look, there were a lot of reasons for me to be storming a thing today. Yeah. Now a year later, Trump gave a 911 speech to a packed mainline Unification Church event led by Moon's wife. He said, quote what? What they have achieved on the peninsula is just amazing. In just a few decades, the inspiration that they have caused for the entire planet is unbelievable. And I congratulate you again and again. So Trump, this makes Trump. I said there were. 6 presidents, right. Who's ever met him or supported his organizations? So that's Eisenhower, Nixon, George Bush, George HW Bush, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. So this is a wonderful two party system. You have here. Absolutely shocked that Clinton was not on there. Yeah, it's completely stunned it this this is because Moon hates Clinton. Moon like like when when Clinton, Clinton wins the election. Moon is like the US has been taken over by Satan and like leave. OK you know what that that does scan based on the time. What does scan? I guess, yeah. And actually one of the things that I didn't mention in this was is that The Washington Times or like some of the people who like start the like. So when when Hillary does the one good thing she's ever done her entire life, which was advocating for universal healthcare they like, that's when they start like a bunch of the the like anti Clinton like Astroturf stuff. Yeah, so and to to to to to close to close this out, I'm going to I'm going to end this episode by reading a list of prominent American conservatives involved with the Moonies in some way or another, either writing for their magazines, working for a front group, giving speeches, or taking their money. David Brooks, Elliott Abrams, Pat Buchanan, George Bush, George HW Bush, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mark Pompeo, Mark Esper and Newt Gingrich, Orrin Hatch, Ronald Reagan, Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff, Richard Viguerie, EDD Fullner, Strom Thurman, tallest Desouza, Lawrence tribe, Jerry Falwell, Steve Bannon, Tim Lahaye, Ralph Reed, Beverly Lahaye, Gary Bower, Gerald Ford, Jack Kemp and John Podhoretz. And this is this is an incomplete list. Like I that's that's that's like you just you're just hitting the hits. Yeah. And and this also does not include anyone from the 12 countries or moon funded death squads. So, yeah, that's Reverend Moon. What a great guy. Well, you know what? As a fair man, I'm going to give kudos to a guy who went for it. You know? Good. Good for you, buddy. Good for you. Got a bunch. She she she got a bunch of of sitting US Congressman and senator to crown him king. Yeah, that is that isn't it. Movement has ever done this in achievement? No one else? Yeah, look, you know what my I got to just give one quiet salute in honor of this man's ambition and ability to. Somehow have a an ask that could cash the kind of checks that he was writing. Yeah, this man had one glorious dream, and it was dead babies. And he killed a lot of babies. He killed a lot of babies. He is going to be responsible for the deaths of a lot of babies in the future. And he made some pretty mediocre handguns. Yeah, don't buy a car. Get get a number of other guns. Look, if you want a tiny handgun, get a, I don't know, Smith and Wesson bodyguard or something. You know, you don't. Buy a car. Well, Chris, thank you for making me sad. I'm happy too? But I'm also happy because I didn't have to do as much work this week and I got to learn the story about a cult leader who is boy howdy, gotta be in our gotta be in our top five. Yeah, he's a he's a he's a really good better. I'm still I I the money is just ridiculous. Yeah, yeah. It's liberty English money. Oh my God. Yeah, yeah. It's. Thank you, Chris. Man and listeners, give me that kind of money and I promise I'll fund this was so many death squads. Like way more death squads than this guy. Robert. None of the none of this other distraction ********. I'm gonna go pure in on the death squads, you know, or don't behind the ******** guarantee that is not. Chris, do you have any applicable on Twitter at BCH 3? Go listen to it could happen here. We're going to do more about the world anti Communist. Week, because I I I only scratched the surface of the horse. So yeah, all right, well, that's the episode. 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