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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Part Two: The Conspiracy to Begin All Conspiracies

Part Two: The Conspiracy to Begin All Conspiracies

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 10:00

Part Two: The Conspiracy to Begin All Conspiracies

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Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's breaker handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey guys, I'm Kaylee short on my podcast. Too much to say. I share my thoughts on everything from music to martinis, social media, social anxiety, regrets to risky text, and so much more. I have been known to read my literal diary entries on my show, and sometimes I do interviews with my crazy group of friends. So if you guys want to tune in, you can hear new episodes of too much to say every Wednesday on the national podcast network, available on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to him. We're back. This is behind the ******** Part 2. We're not back. Sophie. Sophie, it's started. We're not back. OK? Now we're back. My guest again, Mr Langston Kerman. Langston, how are you doing today? I'm doing fantastic. I'm, I'm excited to to dig further into the horrors of anti-Semitism and and how it stretches across. Be the world. It's fun. It's it's it's good ****. You know, one of the things that's most interesting, fun, it's not good ****. It's not fun or good ****. It's a nightmare. One of the things that's most, I guess ironic would be the term for me is like the protocols of the Elders of Zion, right? We just talked about. It's set up is like the minutes of a meeting about how to destroy Christianity, basically. Right? Mm-hmm. When it comes to the Holocaust, one of the most important documents we have for sort of cause, one of the big questions of the Holocaust for historians for years was, was it planned ahead of time or did it just sort of evolve out of out of the war, right, like how early was the Holocaust planned? When did they know they were going to do this? How centralized was it? And how much personal responsibility did Hitler have right because his day have a big meeting? Or did they just sort of like come up with this on the fly and they did have a big meeting? And we have the minutes of that meeting. It's called the von Say conference. It was held in a house in the suburbs of Berlin that I've been to. The house is a museum. Now you can go see where Reinhard Heydrich and a bunch of other ******** sat in a room and worked out. How are we going to do a Holocaust? How do we we we've tried all these methods of killing people. Shooting them doesn't work. It's too expensive and it ***** their soldiers. Heads up, we've tried gassing them in vans, but it's not very efficient. We have so many more people. What are we gonna do? OK. And they they they arrive at the solution that they use. This is like in 1942. Of the war in Russia is 43. Maybe the war in Russia is at its height. So there is an actual conspiratorial meeting that we have the, the, the Minutes to. And again, when I talk about the difference between a real conspiracy and a fake one, that conspiracy has a very clear beginning and a very clear ending. It doesn't extend forward and backwards in time. A bunch of guys met in a room and planned to commit mass murder, and then they did it. You know, it's not like, yeah, it this, you know, a strange way, and I love that. I keep making hip hop references, but the A similar conspiracy theory sort of exists about the CIA planning to to basically like create. Destroy the black population. Yeah. With crack, yeah, yeah. Yeah. But not only crack but also like, yeah, by adding violence into hip-hop, they would, like, force black people to go to jail more often and subsequently break down our communities. And there's a belief that there was an actual, like, meeting of the minds for like, all the the the music heads of every sort of company came together and said, how can we add more violence into hip hop so these black people murder each other. There's a lot like and like a lot of conspiracy. There's like a germ of reality in there, which is that the CIA, it wasn't as direct as a lot of people think, but the CIA actually absolutely supported the cocaine trade that led to the crack trade in order to, in order to launder money so that they could buy weapons for these different groups that were like, it's a thing that happened. Absolutely. The CIA has a huge part in the global cocaine trade. The idea that anyone would need to meet in order to, like, insert violence and do a part of American pop culture is very funny to me. Like, yeah, no, no, no, no. This CIA definitely did it with jobs. But they weren't like, hey, and now we can maybe we should add a beat to this. Yeah, we. Maybe if a few fellas freestyled about it, we we could really break down there, yeah. Yeah. What if we added a beat to this is is not a thing the CIA ever sat down and asked themselves? No. They asked themselves, how can we get these planes of cocaine into the country so that we can buy more missiles for our friends in order to let them massacre poor people in Latin America, which is more or less the actual story? Yeah, yeah. I mean, we'll do, we'll do episodes on that at some point. It's a great story because there's a couple of them, former DEA agents and stuff. Current and who wrote about, like, being ordered not to arrest Tillett planes in, like, there's a one of the more consistent things you find is that when conspiracy theories are true, it's because somebody talked. Yeah. Yeah. Almost always someone talks. Yeah. And though times when it's not true, they've never gotten anybody to talk because there is no one to talk about this ****. Yeah. That's kind of where I land on a lot of stuff, where it's like, we know the CIA had a lot of involvement in the ******* cocaine trade because a bunch of dudes. Talked about it, like, Natalie. Yeah. There's documented evidence too, right? Like, we got snitches and stuff. There were people who, like, believed in something when they got into the CIA or the, I think it's mostly DEA guys, but who believed in something and then, like, realized what they were doing and they wrote about it. And anyway, we'll talk about this at some point. This was too much of a digression, although we are talking about Colombia. So I guess it's appropriate that we talk about cocaine because we're talking about conspiracies in Colombia, and there have been a lot Colombia is. A real conspiracy place. You wanna do a conspiracy that's that's one of your top countries to go to. Unfortunately, uh, so, yeah. When most people who know about the protocols think about, like, the consequences of the spread of this conspiracy theory, they think about the Holocaust, and for good ******* reason. But the protocols left a trail of bodies wherever they spread, and they didn't always do it in the way you would expect. The way it the protocols led to death wasn't always it leads to pogroms against Jewish people. It was a lot weirder than that in some cases. And today we're going to talk about the spread of the protocols of the Elders of Zion in Colombia. Because it both kind of explains it. This specific example gives some examples of how it's spread in other parts of the world, but also the kind of unexpected impacts that the spread of this conspiracy theory could have in a country. The protocols first made it to Latin America in the wake of World War One, during the first great diaspora for the infamous conspiracy theory. The vector of infection was the Catholic clergy, most of whom were sent to central or South America from parts of Europe where the protocols had been spreading for more than 20 years in Colombia. The protocols entered through members of an elite Jesuit order who kept close ties with their brothers across the ocean. The first Spanish language translation of the protocols was printed in Leipzig in 1927, but the version that actually spread most widely in Latin America was a French translation spread by a journal that had been established by an Augustinian Friar titled The Review of International Secret Societies. Hmm, this. Yeah, so this Friar has, like, a magazine dedicated to to secret societies that he does on like the side. This is this guy's hobby. It had been established in 1909 to investigate the Freemasons and other secret societies, and today very few people talk about the Freemasons. That conspiracy you you can find bits and pieces of it here and there, but like, it's not it's not in the mainstream of conspiracies anymore. You can. You like you, you did enough to queue it on. You'll find people talking about ******* Freemasons and stuff, but it's not the front rank. But back in the early night or the early 1900s, the Freemasons were again, like the big ******* thing to be obsessed with, and the Catholic Church. Had actually had a whole bug up its *** about Freemasonry for centuries. They believed it was dangerously anti Christian. It was because Freemasons were like. Social organizations of rich people, and they did exert a lot of soft power because it's the same like skull and bones. All these rich people are hanging out together. They're making plans and they're not. It's not a thing the Catholic Church has any piece of, right? The Catholic Church is a big gang, right? It's a mob and they don't, they don't like that. There's all these that like that. That's their issue with the Freemasons as linings infamously don't like other gangs. That's a yeah, sort of how that works. So what's happening here? So basically, some weird fryer with a side hustle ranting about Freemasons helped ignite a wave of anti-Semitism in Colombia that led to the deaths of spoilers. A couple 100,000 people. So yeah, it's some good ****. It is. It is not some good ****. I should. I should get it. I should get another go to phrase. Yeah. And I'm gonna quote now from a write up by historian Thomas Willeford about the Catholic Church's attitude towards Freemasons. Hmm. The popes were convinced that some dark conspiracy organized by the Masons was driving the faithful away from the Universal Church truth in order to bring about the collapse of the church. The claim of an international Masonic cabal resonated in all Catholic countries, including Spain and its former colonies in Latin America where Masons. Were an important presence in politics in Colombia. A string of Liberal Party presidents who implemented anti clerical policies in the mid 19th century were practicing Freemasons. So in Colombia the left takes power for a while. They pass laws restricting the power of the Catholic Church. A bunch of these guys are Masons. The Catholic Church is like, this is part of the conspiracy. It's great. So these super Catholic, Jesuit weirdos were already obsessed with Freemasons. Then World War One hits and the whole world, their world, the European world, seems to be in freefall. Communists are burning churches and killing priests. In the midst of all that, this Friar reprints a translation of the protocols of the Elders of Zion that seems to explain everything. Because the protocols we didn't mention this last episode, it should have. The Freemasons are in at a bunch, and the idea is that the Jews are pulling the strings of the Freemasons, right? That's one of the groups that the Jews. Control as part of their conspiracy. Pre-existing beliefs about Freemasonry were actually how the protocols managed to infect most of the communities they took off in early on. This is why grand conspiracy theories like Q Anon are more successful the more syncretic they are. If you've got this core conspiracy theory about a bunch of child molesters, but you can rope in anti vaccine conspiracies, you can bring in the JFK assassination aliens, you can integrate all those things into the broader conspiracy theory. You get a bunch of additional vectors through which you can infect more people, right so. I'm in I maybe I'm anti VAX and that's how I first come across Q Anon propaganda and it sucks me in or I'm obsessed with the JFK assassination. I come across some video about how that ties into Q and on. That's what pulls me in. It makes it more effective. You got food fresh for everybody out there. Exactly that means. Embracing the yeah. Groups that you otherwise weren't necessarily aiming for the first time you wrote the ****. Exactly. And the way that the protocols do that is you've got all these guys who for centuries, a lot of these Catholics have believed in a Freemason, in a Masonic conspiracy. And the protocols say, hey, the Jews are behind that. And Catholics already not great on Jews, you know, like there, there were some problems there beforehand, but it this is how a lot of, like, clergy get infected by the protocols of the Elders of Zion now, the Vatican's official stance in this. Is that Jewish people were souls to be saved, but the church supported and endorsed members of the clergy who spread myths about the blood Passover, which we talked about in the last episode. anti-Semitic Catholics could point to Pope Pius the 9th, who in 1873 claimed that the synagogue of Satan was drawn from Masonic sects. And Pius was talking about the Masons, but he described them as a synagogue of the devil. So you can see this whole tying Jewish people to the to the Masons. It didn't start with the with the. Protocols. But that was like the the most best organized way it was put together. Do you think he would he used synagogue just on accident or was that also intentional of like being like, you know I I also don't **** with this group by the way. But yeah I think it was because for a lot of specially popes in those Eric Synagogue is like synonym for a bad place. You know it's the Bad Religion, you know, other than Protestantism which is also the Bad Religion quarrelsome people, these, these Catholics like pork. It's the other. Bad meat? Yeah, they don't care for. So a significant minority of Catholics had been ranting about a judeo Masonic anti Christian conspiracy for decades by the time the protocols hit Latin America. One of the first Jesuits in Colombia to really dig into spreading anti-Semitic garbage was a Spanish Jesuit named Jesus Maria Ruano. Writing a bulletin for the local faithful in July of 1922, he urged good Catholics to pray for the conversion of the Jews, and then went on to explain at length how since the French Revolution. The Jews had controlled the economies of Europe as well as all leading newspapers. Following this he made one of the first direct references to the protocols in Latin American history, quote years later, when the abominable protocols of the Wise Men of Israel were known around the world on the occasion of the Zionist Congress of 1897, reflexive historians, moralists and patriots have not ceased giving shouts of outrage. They say that the plan of hegemony and universal conquest dropped by the Jews is already manifest. This is one of the first times you see the protocols referenced in Latin America. Now, 1922 was a little early for this kind of rhetoric to spread, especially in Colombia, which had very few Jewish people, not super successful, drumming up race hatred against the juice. There's not a lot of them. They don't have a deep history in the country, right? It's ******* Colombia, you know, it's a lot of people being like, what is a Jew? Yeah, what do you what do you what are you talking about? By the early 1930s, the situation in the country had changed. In the early 20s, the economy was great, and this is another reason why this conspiracy doesn't take off then. People are making a lot of money. Exports are trending steadily upward. Things are doing well in Colombia. Then in the 30s, the Great Depression hits right and Colombia gets ****** by it the way everyone does. And as a result of the Great Depression, the labor movement explodes. So suddenly there's all these protests in the street, there's these giant strikes. People are starving. What have we said whenever there's a lot of unrest and change in a short period of time? People start to go to conspiracies to explain it all. Sure, the protocol started making more and more frequent appearances in Jesuit publications and in sermons. By the early 1930s, there was significant documentation proving the protocols were a forgery. What I talked about last episode, about how it was plagiarized from a piece of plagiarism that was known at the time. People were aware of this, but in what would become a common justification, Colombian Jesuits argued that it didn't matter whether or not the protocols were a forgery. And I'm going to quote from a write up. One of their magazines. In 1932, an idea occurs to us that we cannot hide from the reader, separating the question of authenticity and other words determining whether or not these are the true minutes of the 1897 Zionist Congress of Basil. No one can deny the frightening veracity of the protocols due to their prodigious, almost prophetic exactitude, which saturates all of its pages. So, yeah, maybe it's a forgery, but it's it seems like the things we already it's right, you know, like you can tell it's right. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. We we couldn't agree more. It's it's completely made-up. It's Melania Trump's still in Michelle speech. It's like, yeah, we still agree with it or it's the alternative facts thing is that, like, yeah, maybe it's not literally true, but it's right. You know, this is what's happening. Even if this document is fake, it accurately describes what I know is happening because I'm a racist. Yeah. Things continue to ramp up throughout the 30s. The Spanish Civil War, which is with its attendant massacres of priests and nuns by anarchists fueled Jesuit. Claims that a vast anti Christian conspiracy existed. Colombian newspapers tended to cover the violence in Spain with what Thomas Williford describes as an it can happen here attitude. In 1937, inspired by the Spanish Civil War, a Bogota publishing house issued the first Colombian edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The late 1930s and 40s also saw intensifying violence between Colombian liberals and conservatives. Again, political order in Colombia is starting to break apart at this time. By 1942, the Liberals were ascendant and the head of the Conservative Party, a guy named Lauriano Gomez, decided to launch an anti Masonic crusade, claiming that the Masons were using the Liberals as a vehicle for the Jews to take control of Colombia. Gomez had a right wing party newspaper that he edited start printing up a booklet which he claimed to be. A secret account of Masonic rituals and secrets, Thomas Williford writes quote. It also claimed that Colombian liberals were part of a worldwide judeo Masonic conspiracy, especially in their attempts to control public instruction. A series of governments and political documents were cited at length to make this point. A long quote from a publication supposedly called Revista Judeo Masonica Masonic Jew magazine described diabolic instructions to pervert women in schools through gymnastic exercises in revealing clothing. It was rather pornographic reading for a pamphlet, which also stated that it should be like a second catechism in the home. So he publishes this booklet that is purporting to have excerpts from a magazine that doesn't exist called Masonic Jew magazine. This is like the conspiracy has a magazine that they call the. And it part of The thing is like, these guys are conservative, right? They're doing too much stretching. They're they're. Yeah. Women are doing gymnastics. It's the Jews. Yeah. You know, Jewish people are known for gymnastics. That's there's forcing gymnastics on us. Yes. So obviously, like all of the stuff we're talking about, this is nonsense. But the propaganda campaign was a wild success. It welded militant conservatives with Catholic clergy in a unified front against this judeo Masonic liberal conspiracy. When a liberal president was elected in August of 1942, Gomez's magazine did not even acknowledge his inauguration, instead publishing more anti-Semitic propaganda. Now. This was the same. Where the Holocaust was ramping up in Europe, and Gomez's party newspaper actually reported on the early stages of the extermination, publishing an article about. 18,000 French Jews being detained, sterilized and deported. This was in the same issue where a priest, Father Diaz, editorialized a gap about the struggle against Jewish Bolsheviks. The obvious contradiction between hysterical rants about an all powerful Jewish conspiracy and the reality of Jewish Jewish oppression under the Nazis did not seem to strike anyone in the Colombian right wing as being a little bit inconsistent. Four days later, Laureano Gomez would go on to give the most anti-Semitic speech of his career. Defending a bill that would have denied Masonic lodges the right to exist in Columbia as corporate entities. His speech defending the bill was an unhinged conspiracist rant explaining how the Jews had manipulated the Colombian middle class through Freemasonry while controlling the working poor through communism. He claimed that his time working as Colombia's ambassador to Berlin had made it clear to him how toxic the Jews were to society. He claimed the lesson of history is that when the Jewish phenomenon presents itself, there are only two solutions, handing the nation over to this Jews or expelling them. Ohh boy yeah, now. Gomez did not succeed in passing his bill. That he succeeded in welding the Colombian Conservative Party into a unified conspiracist bloc, blaming all of their electoral defeats on an alliance of Jews and Freemasons who were manipulating liberals and communists. His most fanatical supporters were the middle class, small business owners, priests and professionals. Again, none of this sounds familiar. A right wing party refusing to acknowledge that they lose an election turn into conspiracy theories, the middle class backing them in order to explain economic downturns? None of this has ever happened since. Thank God. Can you imagine? We've learned our lesson now. Colombia never had the kind of widespread anti-Semitic pogroms seen in Europe, but the charged and often violent rhetoric pushed by Gomez succeeded in making any kind of compromise between left and right impossible. If the other side were literally the puppets of a genocidal conspiracy to eliminate Christendom, collaboration was impossible. This became a problem when the right finally made its way back to power. And I'm going to quote. Go right up in the website international relations here. After 1946, traditional party competition had broken down in Colombia. Mariano Ospina Perez, the newly elected president, and his Conservative party government used the police and the army to repress the Liberal Party. The Liberals then responded by arming peasants to fight back against the government. This created pressures within civil and political society, and violence began on a small scale. It didn't stay small. The next several years of Colombian history are known widely as La Violencia, which I don't think I need to translate. It would be too much to blame the protocols. Or Gomez for all of this. But they and the conspiracism he fueled had a major impact on how the Violencia played out. As Thomas Williford writes, when the Valencia began in earnest in 1946, it was they. The Conservatives, believing that the Liberals were part of a worldwide anti Christian plot, would encourage or even take part in the massacres of liberal civilians throughout the countryside, although Levaya Lancia would quickly take on unforeseen socioeconomic aspects, the discursive structure that provided the pretext for militants to commit murder. Was already in place by 1942, after the Conservatives won the 1946 presidential election against a divided Liberal Party. They sought to guarantee a conservative majority around the country, as the Liberals had done 15 years earlier. However, this time partisan militants were armed with a conspiracy theory as well as machetes, and felt that their duty to physically eliminate the opposition in order to save the country. By some accounts, more than 200,000 people would die over the next few years of political massacres in Colombia. Boy, just machete all over. It's ugly ****. Yeah, and what I think is there's a lot there. What I think is so interesting about this is that the protocols? Enter in an anti-Semitism is a huge part of it, but the violence they inspire isn't primarily anti-Semitic. What it is is that this conspiracy so infects political discourse in Colombia that it makes anything but mass murder impossible as a political outcome because the right wing got addicted to the idea that these people aren't your political opponents, they're trying to exterminate you as part of this conspiracy. And if that's the case, there's nothing to do but kill them, you know? Yeah, you're you're fighting for your life. Exactly. And you're associating even even beyond anti-Semitism, you're associating anybody who's even connected to the idea of of the opposition with. Yeah. A threat to your very existence. Yeah. It's it's amazing. And that's that's why I wanted to talk about Columbia, because it's not. It's not like it is with the Holocaust. You know it. We'll talk. We're about to talk about the Nazis. It's pretty straightforward, right? This propaganda convinces a lot of people in Europe that there's a Jewish conspiracy, so they murder all the Jews. It's horrible, but it's not shocking. Hmm. What happens in Colombia is is says a lot more. I think about the way conspiracies infect cultures and about broadly the impact even today that the protocols still have, as opposed to the the much clearer impact they had on the Holocaust. They also created a type of thinking that has spread virally throughout the world and cause violence in Colombia and a bunch of other places, and probably will continue to inspire violence in the future. It's good stuff, it's just. It's wild to think that so many of these seeds are permanent, that, like you, you would think that, like, alright, you you killed all those people. Maybe a lesson was learned. Maybe we moved on and and grew from that, and now we don't do that anymore. But Nope, that's not how this works. 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If you want to start your LASIK plus journey, you can get $1000 off when treated in September. That's 500 per eye so to schedule your free consultation now. All right, we're back. So the protocols of the Elders of Zion in the early 20th century spread absolutely everywhere. We could talk at equal length about their impact in Japan, where they were translated and had a huge influence, or in Argentina, where they would influence a popular Catholic novelist named Hugo Vost to play a similar role in his country that Gomez played in Colombia. Voss wrote a really bigoted novel inspired by the protocols, which itself inspired hordes of anti Semites to assault Argentine Jews in the street. So it violence everywhere. The protocols have likewise spread through the Arab world, particularly as a result of Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people. We could do a whole episodes on that. There's a lot to say about these. We have limited time. Obviously, this is this is not a comprehensive study into the impact of the protocols of the Elders of Zion, although I have a good book to recommend called the global impact of the protocols of the Elders of Zion, edited by Esther Webman. Where are a number of different essays that we've used as sources for this episode. Come from it's if you want a broader understanding, you can read that. I think for the closing chunk of this episode, we kind of have to talk about the Nazis, the OG Nazis, you know, like we gotta like, we gotta get, like the original *************. What have you not, like the new episode and didn't bring them up. That'd be pretty. It would be weird, right? I mean, I could we could go straight into Japan and we could go talk about the Middle East. We could talk about like, we we wouldn't don't have to talk about the Nazis and no one else was mean to Jews. Everybody else was. Everybody else was fine. Yeah. I feel like we have to talk about the Nazis because we're talking about anti-Semitism. Now. You may be surprised to learn that most of the big knots still maybe not after that part about Colombia's most of the big Nazis. The head Nazis knew the protocols were a forgery and didn't particularly like them. They were not dumb men, and it was obvious that they were fake, Joseph Gerbils wrote in 1924, I believe that the protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery. That is not because the world. Of Jewish aspirations expressed therein are two utopic or fantastic. One sees today how one point after the other of the protocols is being realized, but rather because I do not think the Jews are so completely stupid as not to keep such important protocols secret. I believe in the inner, but not the factual truth of the protocols. So it's kind of saying we were saying earlier is like, yeah, the grand conspiracy just left their minutes out. Which is funny because the grand conspiracy, well, not grand, but the conspiracy he was a part of did leave their minutes behind. They tried to burn most of the copies of the bodies. Like, listen, those Jews. They're way smarter than I am. I'm gonna leave my junk out, but they would never I'm gonna leave that **** in a file folder. They never make that error their brain. Yeah, yeah, they're brilliant. Not like us. Jesus, we're dumb. So gerbils wrote this at the same time. Friend of the pod Adolf Hitler was in prison writing Mein Kampf. The protocols heavily influenced what what what, what, what? Friend of the pod doesn't mean the object. You didn't object to friend of the pod, Timothy McVeigh. I bravo. I'm just letting you know I'm most definitely probably did. No. Well, that's probably fair. So at around the same time, gerbils wrote that stuff about not believing in the literal truth of the protocols. Adolf Hitler was in prison writing Mein Kampf and the protocols heavily influenced how he wrote his manifesto, even though he, too knew that they were fake. And I'm gonna quote from a Hitler. Yeah, this is this is a Hitler. This is a Hitler. We're getting getting some Hitler. Here's a Hitler Classic coming up. Yeah, this is a Hitler. Classic. I mean, this is like Hitler's White album when we're talking about Mein Kampf. You know why? So here's Hitler quote sure, to what extent the whole existence of this people is based on a this people being Jewish people is based on a continuous lie as shown incomparably by the protocols of the wise Men of Zion. So infinitely hated by the Jews. They are based on a forgery. The Frankfurter Zeitung mourns and screams once every week the best proof that they are authentic. What many Jews may do unconsciously is here consciously exposed. And that is what matters. It is completely indifferent from what Jewish brains these disclosures originate. The important thing is that, with positively terrifying certainty, they reveal the nature and activity of the Jewish people and expose their inner context as well as their ultimate final aims. O light, Gomez, Hitler and Goebbels knew the protocols were fake, but felt they were authentic as a result of their inner truth. And I'm going to quote from a study on the protocols of the Elders of Zion and Nazi propaganda by RL bike work quote. 19 years later, the two discussed the protocols just before gerbils launched one of his periodic anti-Semitic campaigns. Gerbils who had been rereading it commented that his propaganda colleagues maintained that it was not useful for contemporary propaganda. But he reflected. I conclude from my reading nonetheless that we can put it to very good use if the Zionist protocols is not genuine. It was produced by a brilliant contemporary critic having talked it over with Hitler, the propaganda minister wrote in his diary. The fewer standpoint is that the Zionist protocols can claim. Absolute genuineness. No one could express Jewish plans for world domination as well as the Jews themselves. The fewer is of the opinion that the Jews do not need to follow an established program. They follow a strong racial instinct that always leads the actions shown throughout their entire history. Yes. So they don't need a game plan. They don't need a game plan they figured out. They do this. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it's it's it's racism. He's Hitler, you know? Yeah. And nobody does it better. It's like Hitler. And then like a couple steps, maybe Nathan Bedford Forest a couple steps below him. Henry Ford's on that list. If you're doing the All Stars of racism, you know I got you. Hmm. I'm not. But go off. Not, not doing the All Star. No racism Olympics here. Yeah. No. Yeah. I mean, Hitler would win. It's a foregone conclusion. So the fewer, yeah. Hitler never referred to the protocols in one of his public speeches, and gerbils only mentioned it in public once, in 1943. It was never mentioned in Das Reich, the high end intellectual Nazi magazine founded by girls in 1941. But the protocols were extremely popular and more lowbrow propaganda meant for the common man. The Volcker sure Beobachter, the most mainstream Nazi publication during the Third Reich, referenced them on a near weekly basis. They were particularly influential in the magazine of Julius Stryker. So. Julius was basically the gutter punk version of gerbils. Gerbils was the state propagandist. He was the high thinking of the intellectual propagandist of the Nazis. Julia Stryker is the the *******. He's the guy whose job is to rile up the the criminals and street fighters who are beating people in the streets. Right. We don't need intellectualism for them. I want crude cartoons and racist jokes, you know? Yeah. Striker is like the the gutter level, The Expendables. Just very expendable. Yes. Wesley? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he's the grimy propagandist, and his main propaganda arm was a magazine called their stermer, which existed mainly to radicalize the kind of St Thugs who joined the brown shirts and beat up juice in the street during the late 20s. Bite work writes that their stermer quote alternated between elaborations of the protocols and lurid stories of German maidens raped by Jews and German children ritually murdered. So we can see all these different strains of anti Jewish anti-Semitic propaganda kind of coming together in their stermer, and he's using the protocols to make these St. Pretty it's a mix of here's these stories about German women being raped. Here's these little excerpts from the protocols to, like, convince you that what you're doing is that you going into the street and murdering people is part of a noble crusade, right? That's what these guys need. They need to believe their Knights when they're stabbing people in dark alleyways. So while Hitler and gerbils knew the protocols were fake, they recognized that it had tremendous value in convincing regular working class people of the reality of a grand Jewish conspiracy. There were two major and slightly different versions of the protocols distributed by the Nazis after 1933 when they came to power. The official Nazi Party variant was just a copy of the original German translation from 1920. The Nazis gained the rights to this translation in 1929, and by 1934 they had sold 150,000 copies of it. They were it. Yeah, it it it sells alright. And there were other German versions, often annotated, that also sold 10s of thousands of copies. The party subsidized these publications to try to get them out to as many hands as possible. But like Mein Kampf, most of the people who bought these probably never read them in their entirety. Hmm. The main value of the protocols to the Nazis was not as a document itself. It was not something that a lot of people just read. It was a source to site and quote from liberal you're writing some unhinged rant about how Jews are ****** our women. Throw in a couple of quotes from the protocols to really pop things off because it feels like it's got some weight to it, you know? And so they they acknowledge for themselves that they know these are fake, but they're not telling the people that. Good Lord, no. No, no, no, no, no. Yeah. OK. They're like, hey, yeah, we found some **** y'all. Yeah, we found some checks this out. Yeah. The Nazis came to power in 33. There was a broad understanding around the leadership that while the protocols weren't, they weren't sophisticated enough to be super useful domestically. Right? The street fighting portion is over. It's time for better propaganda. Higher propaganda. But they recognize there was a value in spreading the protocols internationally. The basic idea was that if you could make more anti Semites and the rest of Europe. That will help you make more fascists who will have more people in other European countries who sympathize with the Third Reich. This will also cut down on outrage internationally once Nazis start, you know, doing the things they were always going to do. European anti fascists were not ignorant of what was happening in Switzerland. 2 organizations, the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities and the Bernese Jewish community quickly realized that the Swiss National Front, their local fascist party, had started distributing the protocols of the Elders of Zion in German. A Nazi. Translation alongside other anti-Semitic propaganda. They didn't want to just let this lie, they felt like they had to fight it somehow. In 1935, these activists decided to sue the National Front using a 1916 law meant to ban pornographic movies and books as the basis for their lawsuit. Now I'm not an expert on Swiss law. Historians seem to agree that the these activists were kind of reaching by trying to punish Nazis with an anti **** law. The specific wording of the law banned what was called shund literature, which roughly translates to trash or Pulp Fiction. And it was meant to ban like ****** stories like in comics and stuff that were being printed in this. But it was like the way it was defined is just like anything that's like not true and is filthy. And I guess they were kind of trying to argue that like, Nazi propaganda falls under this definition so it's banned by the anti **** laws as well. It was, yeah, they're, they're they're they're just a weird yeah diagram of stuff. But yeah, alright, it is weird and it's it was a weird Venn diagram of stuff and it was a bad idea. It would prove to be actually a disastrous. Idea they had noble intentions, right? You're you're trying to stop Nazis from spreading propaganda in your country, but it wound up being one of the worst things they could have possibly done. So this becomes a huge court case that's covered internationally. And it kind of becomes an international referendum. And whether or not the protocols of the Elders of Zion are real, because they're arguing that because this is fake, it falls under these *********** laws. The whole case wound up around 4 revolving around 4 questions asked by the judge. Number one was the protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery #2 was at plagiarized #3 if it was, what was its source and #4 do the protocols fall under the category of trash literature? Hmm. Now you and I know the answer to a lot of those questions, but at the time they became a massive debate all around Europe. The burn trial, as it became known, was front page news. And even though Hitler and gerbils knew the protocols were a forgery, they saw value in pumping out propaganda around the trial to defend its ferret. The veracity of the document quote. The propaganda ministry was unwilling to make the trials the defense of the authenticity of the protocols. Instead, the ministry treated them as attempts by international Jewry to attack national socialist. Germany newspapers and radio carry daily summaries of the trials progress, praising the testimony of those supporting the protocols legitimacy and attacking those who did not. The official party newspaper book Shobeir Bacter, for example, commented on the testimony of a product of a prosecution witness. In a less than unbiased way, Dr Baumgarten said little about his own subject, but rather made confused remarks about various points he seemed less interested in speaking, to the point that in having a rhetorical effect, the fascists lost the case technically. Receiving a slap on the wrist punishment that amounted to a small fine, but the judgment was overturned 2 years later on appeal and then Nancy Nazi Propaganda Ministry presented this to the German people as a huge victory. Now the actual ruling had declared that the authenticity of the protocols was irrelevant. They didn't count as *********** but the Nazis ignored this. They presented the ruling as a defeat for Jews and a de facto acknowledgement that the protocols were legitimate. The Volkshalle Beobachter released a five page special to celebrate. Appeal titled Jewish defeat at the Burden Trial, World Jewry's efforts fail again. The Freiberger newspaper also released the front page story titled a Defeat for World Jewry. Both articles celebrated the fact that the court had ruled the protocols, not obscene literature. Can I? I do want to say that that I am proud of us today. Even our races are no longer using the word jewelry. That that feels like you don't hear it much, right? That is a win. Yeah. You gotta take the wins where you can get them. Let's count progress where progress exists. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Jewelry is a one of those, like cringe words, just like, you know, that's that's that's not a good sign. That's that. I'm seeing that somewhere. Yeah. If we start seeing that again, we know we've got, we know we're backsliding. Yeah. We are not doing good. Yeah. You know who is doing good? Raytheon. They are. They are doing great with right with Biden in the White House, with the with the Defense Department headed by a former Raytheon employee executive. Yes, they're doing wonderful. Ohh my gosh, nailing it. Ohh. That's so depressing. It's only depressing if you don't like missiles destroying school buses. I I don't for the record, but Raytheon does. OK, Sophie, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You don't like that? Raytheon does. So the answer is that we'll continue buying Raytheon's. Products and corporations are people now, so you and they're perfect though that corporations feelings. Yeah. Don't be mean to Raytheon. **** Raytheon. What have they ever done to you? I mean, I'm sure we could figure out something. Sophie does not speak for the rest of us here. We'll be back after these messages. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the build to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for none of that. For anyone who hates their phone Bill, Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for just $15.00 a month. Mint Mobile will give you the best rate whether you're buying one or for a family and. That meant family start at 2 lines. 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It's back when they they didn't want us to know that they were tricking us into buying into to, you know, sales and capitalism and ****. It was like, oh, these are just people trying to tell you little secrets. You should listen. Yeah. Ohh, messages. Those sound valuable. I love a message what we're saying. There is. Robert misses the scam of it all. I do. I miss the scam of it all. You know, nowadays it's just such naked, unrestricted. I wish I could be a little more cunning of that. I wish I could be like. You know, Langston, today I was shaving with my Dollar Shave Club razor right after a wonderful sleep in my purple mattress. And let me tell you, I saw a school bus and I I knew the thing to do was to launch an R9X knife missile at it because I wanted to take out the driver cause he looked shifty, but I wanted to spare most of the children. And thanks to that wonderful Raytheon missile, more than 30% of the kids in that school bus made it out alive. And that's the Raytheon guarantee. And I'm sure you slept well that night on your purple on my purple mattress. Absolutely. The problem? Mattress ever gave us a sponsorship. They never did. And we will delete this entire episode if they give us a dime and a free mattress. Thank you, daddy. Purple. Thank you. It is weird. I'm one of my worries early on in podcasting was it just like seems like the whole industry is supported by like 3 mattress companies and razor blades. Things have broadened. Now there's a wider variety of for sure. It feels a little bit less like a shell game. I'm sure it'll all come crashing. There is the trifecta of mattress food delivery and then **** pills. Hmm, that was the Holy Trinity. I mean, OK, I will argue that the only ethical form of consumption under capitalism is **** pills. I'm listening. I think that's what there's no downside to. **** pills. They do what they say they're gonna do what they say they're gonna do by somebody needs them in my hands. Science. Not Speaking of science, let's talk about. Racism, yeah. So yeah, the the Nazis make a huge deal about the the burn trial. It becomes like this massive moment in the history of anti-Semitism and this thing that had started as an effort to discredit the Nazis and punish people for spreading Nazi propaganda in Switzerland. Winds up spreading the protocols all around the world, right? This huge trial comes up, people are debating how real the protocols are. There's all these articles in different newspapers talking about whether the protocols are true or not, and more than anything talking about like how boy, all the Jews really seem to want these this court case to go 1 certain way. That seems kind of shady. Maybe there's something to these protocols. It it was the worst thing they could have done was bringing this trial. It winds up it's a ******* disaster. Probably no single moment in pre war. History did more to spread mainstream awareness of the protocols of the Elders of Zion than the burn trial. It's tragic because they it was a noble goal, right? They were trying to fight fascism the best that they could. They're trying to shut that bad boy down, but it it it back the **** fires, you know? When World War Two started in, Germany quickly found itself at war with more or less the world. It seemed to many that the protocols had been proven accurate. Again, the 7th Protocol stated we must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country who which dares oppose us. But if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war. So the protocols claim. If a country finally wises up to our conspiracy and goes to war with us, we have to get everyone else. You go to war with that country which the Germans claim that started World War Two. This is the Jews getting all of the world against us, right? That's why everyone is at war with us, because the Jews made them be now. The reality of the situation is that Germany invaded Poland, whose sovereignty was backed by both France and England. Russia and Germany actually had a treaty, which they split up with, by which they split up. Poland and Russia sent raw materials into the Third Reich. Germany didn't go to war with Russia until they chose to invade a country that was giving them oil on a weekly basis. Likewise, the United States did not jump into war against Germany. We were neutral. The Nazis enjoyed a huge base of support among the American electorate. It was Hitler who declared war on the United States. After Pearl Harbor, which was a bad call, the fact that Germany went up at war with the entire world was no one's fault. But Germanys, they're blaming it on this show. It's like, no, you kept declaring war on people. What do you think would happen? Well, they thought they had a guy that liked to talk a little spicy, and they couldn't, like, say he was out of control. So yeah, yeah, it's everybody else's fault. You thought you could beat the whole world at a war, and I guess. You came pretty close. They did pretty good. They did pretty good. But like, yeah, it was not anyone else's fault but your ******* own now. The fact that. Yeah. So even though obviously to any person actually observing things, this was all Hitler's fault, right? He had he he was starting all of these wars. Even so, strikers, dish Stermer used the outbreak of hostilities as evidence that the Jewish conspiracy was real and dedicated to Germany's downfall. Quote, at the end of the past century, world Jewry believed that it was on the threshold of world. Termination the world's leading Jews gathered in Basel in 1897. They decided to follow a systematic and criminal program to reach their final goal. They wrote the program for a total and complete achievement of world domination. It is known under the name of the Zionist Protocols. Do the striker, do they ever mention who these world leading Jews are? Do they ever? No, not by name, no. OK, you're left to assumes Rothschilds are probably a part of it, right? That's an old one. But like, no, they that's part of why it's a good conspiracy you don't want. Throw in a name and means it's falsifiable. You know why we can actually, yeah, disprove that if we start using real names. OK, yeah, we can prove this guy was in a different place in 1890s or whatever. Sure, Striker argued that the war had not begun because Hitler had misjudged France and England and assuming they wouldn't go to war over Poland, or that he had again misjudged the USSR when he assumed that country would collapse after a few months of Blitz Creek. No, the greatest war in history had started because the Nazis dared oppose world jewry's plans for world domination. When the protocols were written, the monarchs of Europe had been the great bulwark against Jewish schemes. Now that they'd fallen, striker argued, the Nazis were all that was left. As German tanks rolled into France, the Nazi government sent an official statement to the World Wire service. Could the war plans of Jewry be more clearly expressed? Non Jews read the protocols of the learned elders of Zion and recognize the secret plans and methods and means Jews adopt to seize for themselves unlimited power over the world. This is like an official government statement sent out at the outbreak of hostilities. Yeah, this is this is so interesting because I think for forever I've always understood it being like, ohh, Hitler just didn't like Jews. Like he he wasn't a fan, he didn't like their faces, so they they killed them all because he didn't like him. And instead he's like made a hero story out of it where he's like, yo, if we don't kill them, they're going to destroy the planet. Yeah, you cannot get people to do things like the s s men who ran the death camps did or like the. The items that group and the special task groups the first organized at like genocide acts were taken in the East and Ukraine and in in western Russia by these, these special units of mostly cops. Like the Germans would take cops and send them to the Eastern Front and they would massacre Jews by guns. And it was there was one massacre, Bobby or where they killed like 30,000 people in a day just lining them up and shooting women and children and babies. You can't do that if you don't believe you're fighting in some sort of. You have to at least have a lie to tell yourself about why this is a noble act. It's too horror. And part of why they moved the extermination camps is that most of those guys killed themselves, right? Like, even if you're a ******** Nazi, doing that just destroys you. You can't people. There's like maybe 1% of a percent of people are just so broken that it doesn't damage them. But even Nazis were destroyed doing. There's no purple mattress that's gonna help, you know, through no way. Thank you for tying our sponsor to the Einsatz Group and something we always psyched seek to do here. Yeah. So yeah, you need this if you're going to convince a large body of men to do the worst thing a group of men has ever done in history. Because there's, I mean there's other genocides, there's other horrible acts of racism. No one kills as many people as quickly intentionally as the Nazis do in the last two years of World War Two. There's no like it's it's like there is a degree to which it deserves to stand on its own and it's and it is a mix of these speed and the intentionality of the murder. And that's only possible when you can convince people they're, they're there's a crusade, right, that they're part of you know shortly before the worst war started in early 1941, Hitler gave a speech. Before the Reichstag, that is often seen as one of the first pieces of evidence that the Holocaust was planned ahead of the war and directed by Hitler. Again, his name isn't on anything authorizing the extermination of the Jews. And this part because Hitler was not a dumb guy, right? You don't you don't put your ******* name on that ****. It's like, like you. You just don't. That's a bad idea, right? But so historians have tried to piece together things that he said that shows he was thinking about extermination well before the death camps got operational. One of the pieces of evidence that people will use for this is a speech he gave in 1941. For the rich struggle, this is right before the outbreak of war. Today I will once more be a prophet. If the international Jewish financiers in and outside of Europe should succeed in plunging nations once more into a World War, than the result will not be the Bolshevism nation of the Earth and this victory of jury, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe. So again, here's Hitler saying, and this is after, I mean, the war has started, this is after the the all of the players are involved before all. Like, Russia's not in it yet, the US isn't really in it yet. This is the early hostilities. Hitler says if these, if this Jewish conspiracy brings the world to war, brings everyone to war against Germany, we will annihilate the Jewish race. That's why it's used as evidence that he directed the Holocaust, because here's him saying, here's him saying if there's a war, we're gonna kill all these *************. Now we know Hitler was not a believer in the protocols, but he did believe that what they claimed was internally true, and the millions of Germans listening to him at home during the speech had been primed to believe him by years of excerpts from the protocols invokes, Sherbert bacter their stermer and other Nazi publications. In September of 1942, Nazism's armies evidently ascendant in the entire world. At war with Germany, Hitler addressed his people again. In my speech before the Reichstag on the 1st of September 1939, I spoke of two matters. First, since we are forced into war, neither the threat of weapons nor a period of transition shall conquer us. Second, if world Jewry launches another war in order to destroy the Arian nations of Europe, it will not be the Arian nations that will be destroyed, but the Jews. Once the German Jews laughed at my prophecy, I do not know whether or they now they are still laughing or whether they are laughing on the other side of their faces. I can simply repeat, they will stop laughing altogether and I will fulfill my prophecy. In this field, too. Ah, that's just, yeah, he just needed to learn to be made fun of a little bit. That's a a guy who really took himself super seriously in a way that was hugely detrimental to the world. Yeah, there's a lot about his early life that we talked, but we're like, yeah, he's not good at, he's not good at. I mean, he thought he was. He was enraged by the idea that he would dance because dancing would make him look silly, like he was enraged by the idea that a girl he liked might dance. So he thought dancing was silly. He's very. And yet he chose that mustache. Come on, my guy. Yeah, I mean, so did Charlie Chaplin. And sorry, that first speech. And Michael Jordan. Don't forget Michael Jordan. Dude, I know. What a what a choice. I tried. He must have just been thinking. Like, you know what? I think I'm famous enough to rehabilitate this mustache, right? Listen, I'm the head of my basketball. Let's do this. I mean, Speaking of conspiracy theories, there's so many around Michael Jordan. Sure are there, yeah. There's a lot of people who claim that he murdered his father or not murdered, but but what is the cause of his father being murdered? There's like seriously theories that he had to leave basketball for gambling debts, conspiracy serious that he was throwing games. There is timing and stuff. I can't speak to most of it, but I have trouble imagining that Michael Jordan couldn't have made enough money in basketball to cover his gambling debts. Yeah, they they often skip that part, I think. I think he was doing alright. I think the theory is more that he had gambling debts that went unpaid and people wanted vengeance in a way that would actually hurt Michael Jordan, which the money would not, and then subsequently killed his dad and then he quit basketball. Yeah, because he couldn't get past the, the, the, the ****** feeling. There's a lot. There's a lot going on besides that questionable mustache is what I was alluding to. All I know about him is that he was real damn good at basketball, less good at baseball and golf. That's how he's a he's a mean, mean man. But the best, I don't know, ever do it. Yeah. But Space Jam was pretty rad. He was nice to Bugs Bunny. That's he wasn't exactly funny you got. I mean, you don't want, you don't wanna **** *** Bugs Bunny. Get on the wrong side of Bugs Bunny. No, Bugs Bunny will **** you up. So, yeah, Speaking of a cabal by Looney Tunes. Yeah. Ohh boy. So, yeah, I don't know, man. That's that's more or less it. Like, right I I I mentioned those two speeches both because. They clearly have some of the DNA in the protocols in them and they're they're often seen as direct evidence that Hitler personally directed the Holocaust. I think the the majority this is I I will say the question of Hitler's direct like direct direction of the Holocaust is debated to some extent. I would I think there's very broad agreement that it was it was instituted at his command and largely with his understanding even though he was a delegator, right. He he wasn't sure like mapping out how the death camps would work. He had guys like Reinhardt. Heidrick and and and Adolf Eichmann to do that stuff but he he he ordered it, which is which is the way that all governments work, right. Yeah. It is at the end of the day you know even the the bombs that get dropped on another country the president didn't like pick the spot. He just sort of gets a guy to pick the spot and and do the. Yeah he he he they'll hand him a couple of spots and he'll say, OK, let's let's do that one. My experience writing the Amtrak has prepared me to know where to bomb. Maybe the way our government works doesn't make a lot of sense, is what I'm saying. But yeah, so I don't know. It's I think one of the things again, there's a lot and and it's much more debated the degree which the protocols would have influenced Hitler. I I think because they influenced so much of the propaganda that he would have consumed as a young man, they had an impact on him. You can see shades of them in those speeches he was giving. I think they're bigger impact on the Holocaust was in preparing the people of Europe to accept and cheer on the extermination of their Jewish neighbors and our Holocaust remembrance media we tend to focus on. The happiest stories that exist from that time. Stuff like Schindler's list, right? Stuff like the story of like those the the the neighbours who protected Anne Frank and her family, or at least attempted to. Stories of good people risking or sacrificing their lives to protect their Jewish neighbors. This happened a bunch. It's very the stories of what what the Israel calls the righteous among nations. The non Jews who protected Jews during the Holocaust. Very important stories, but they were not the norm. That's why they're highlighted, because most people. We're not just willing to let this happen. They eagerly turned in their Jewish neighbors in France when the Nazis took over. French citizens handed over so many Jews to the Nazis. The Nazis had to tell them to stop because they couldn't. They couldn't handle that many people that quickly. In France is where the protocols of the Elders of Zion first appeared. You know, that had an impact on why that was the case, because a lot of people thought. And there's more to it than that. But it was the same in Ukraine and Poland. In Russia, villagers massacred their neighbours. This happened a lot in Poland. The Germans would come in and they would find the Jews in the village already dead because people would kill them to take their stuff. And a lot of times it's more complex than just the protocol scrambled these people's brains. Most of them probably had heard excerpts from the protocols over the years. Most of them had never read it. But in many cases, the most direct motivation for the genocide was economic. It's the same thing with, for example, the internment of Japanese American citizens. Which was directly lobbied for by white farmers in California because they wanted to take those people's land. A lot of times when you're talking about Jews being turned in by people in Europe, it was because the people turning them in or even just murdering them wanted to gain access to their farms or businesses. The Nazis had a policy of Aryanization where they would take businesses from Jewish people and give them to quote UN quote Aryans. But the protocols and the propaganda that the protocols inspired provided a moral justification for this process, because people don't want to just think. I killed my neighbor because I'm greedy. It's much easier to think my neighbor was conspiring against me, so it's right that I take his **** you know? Sure, it's a lot easier to square yourself with. It changes, murdering or turning in your neighbor from a venal act of slaughter for profit to an act of racial self-defense. We needed the Native Americans to be savages, otherwise this doesn't work. The whole plan is faulty, if in fact it was common for white settlers to. Like, leave white society and join Native American tribes because it was much more pleasant to like, live that way than it was to, like, live in ******* New York City in 1680. In fact, like we we can't talk that. We have to just depict them as like scalping people and stuff because yeah, you know. That's the way it goes. The protocols of the Elders of Zion still spread today. Americans like Henry Ford played a significant role in spreading it here, and we haven't even talked about him, but he he published the protocols in the United States. Henry Ford spill huge amounts of money trying to get the protocols of the Elders of Zion and do as many people's hands as possible. He only stopped doing this when World War 2 broke out. Like a lot of Western anti Semites, the sheer brutality of the Holocaust forced him to at least pretend that he hadn't agreed with everything. The Nazi. I just published it. I didn't read it. Wow. I was just saying they were trying to kill us all. I didn't think we'd murdered them. Oh my God. Yeah. Henry yet, ****. So the wake of the Holocaust led to a collapse in public support for outright anti-Semitism. But the protocols didn't go away, nor did they become only the purview of fringe Neo Nazis. Instead, they became sublimated into the American mindset, in a lot of cases stripped of the direct anti-Semitism but not stripped of its power to kind of convince people of a rubric of violence that was being planned against them. I laid out this process in detail when we talked about Columbia, but it happened here. Two right starts as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. The anti-Semitism never gets fully stripped out, but the conspiracy theory and the way it changes how people think, that's what has the greatest impact in the United States. Mm-hmm. We have not yet in this country had our equivalent of La Violencia. But over the last several decades we have watched a series of conspiracy theories spread and subcultures right and left wing. The New World Order and Illuminati conspiracy theories are both direct descendants of the protocols of the Elders of Zion. In fact, they are the same conspiracy. That a tiny and ancient cabal of wealthy families are working together to destroy humanity. When you scratch these theories deep enough, a well of anti-Semitism always rises up. It's why George Soros is such a big part of so many people's conspiracy things. You know, not like he's a billionaire, they're all bad. But, like, he's he's he's not trying to destroy the world. He's different than those other billionaires, and it's just a guy who needs to be taxed more. Yeah, it's why a lot of non racist believers of the new World order back in the 90s would, once they had a couple of drinks in them, call it the Jew World Order because again, the anti-Semitism is never stripped out entirely. Alex Jones is a great example of this. He is not a dumb man and he is careful enough to never call his globalists Jews, but his collars are not so careful on the show knowledge fight. One of my favorite podcasts, Dan Friesen, has documented repeatedly callers into Infowars asking Alex's opinion on the Jews. And he will generally push back on this and just move on very quickly to the next caller. But he has an employee named Harrison Smith who is less coy on Harrison Smith show. Smith will regularly talk about Jewish domination of the media and the government for hours with his callers because they all know what Alex is saying. Q Anon also holds within it the DNA of the protocols of the Elders of Zion. I found a write up by Gregory Stanton on the website just security that lays this out well enough. Gregory worked for Genocide Watch and the Alliance to Prevent Genocide, and as a result is one of those folks who spends his life trawling the underbelly of the Internet looking for the telltale fingerprints of the protocols, he writes. Q Anon Purveys the fantasy that a secret Satan worshipping cabal is taking over the world. Its members kidnap white children, keep them in secret prisons were run by pedophiles, slaughter and eat them to gain power from the essence in their blood. The Cabal held the American Presidency under the Clintons and Obama, nearly took power again in 2016, and lurks in a deep state financed by Jews, including George Soros, and in Jews who control the media. They want to disarm citizens and defund the police. They promote abortion, transgender rights and homosexuality. They went to open borders. Brown and illegal aliens can invade America and Mongrelize the white race. Q Anon true believers think Donald Trump will rescue America from the satanic cabal. At the time of the storm. Supporters of the capital will be round of the cabal will be rounded up and executed. The Q Anon conspiracy theory has now spread to Neo Nazis in Germany, where over 200,000 German German Q Anon accounts infest the Internet. A faction known as Reichsburger, or Citizens of the Reich, orchestrated a brief storming of the German parliament on August 29th. Ohh man. Jesus Christ. I've also never heard it explicitly stated as a stealing white children. They don't say that because they want to deny that it's racism, but they're they're they're focus on illegal aliens is very they're trying to change the character of this nation. They're trying to change the way this nation looks, you know? Yeah, don't say they're trying to make replace white people. Q Anon doesn't. Yeah, but that's what they're saying. But then the numbers get to it. They they'll find their way out to that. Yeah, and you can find Nazis saying, like, hey, Q anon's a great way to convince people of white genocide conspiracy theories. They're already halfway there, you know? Boy, oh boy, it's great. It's good. My favorite part is how even if you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's fake, people will still believe it. That's the thing that gives me hope. Yeah, it's it's the the conspiracies are so layered now that it's like to to to prove it wrong. It's only to prove that the conspiracy theory is deeper than we even knew it was. Yes, and it it one of the reasons why arguing with conspiracy theorists is basically pointless is that if you're not one of them, they will always spend more time. Thinking about this and this soon, as you point out one thing that's false. Bring up something you've never even considered and you won't be ready to counter it. Right. Like, because that's like, this is their whole life is thinking about all the different branches. Like, OK, well, what about this? What about this? It's the same thing like Ben Shapiro does not in a conspiratorial way, it's a debate tactic, and it's not a it's not an ethical debate tactic, but it's how you win debates. It's by bringing up more things than your opponent can refute, you know? Right. The Gish Gallop is another term for it. Yeah. He also employs this strategy that I think is is now becoming. Super effective of being like, well, debate me. And yeah, it's it. Well, what are we debating? I've already proven you wrong, but it's like, no, let's bring this to a public forum so that I can distract you. And then if I don't debate you now I'm the idiot who couldn't debate Ben Shapiro on his public platform. And it's not enough to show, like, OK, you you lied about this one thing. He's already moved on to the next lie. And, like, if you're not ready to counter every single lie, you're going to, and it's the same way. That's why. That's another reason why the syncretism of conspiracy theories being able to pull everything into this grand conspiracy theory makes it stronger. Because you, like, start arguing about one thing, like, OK, what about this? What about this? What about this? And like, you'll never be ready to. That's why facts. Facts are not the answer to beating conspiracy theories. Providing people with the things that they're missing that cause them to believe in the conspiracy theory is the only real long term solution. To to to de radicalizing them. Yeah, and that's hard. Yeah, yeah. Nobody's worried about the cabal when they're happy in their home. Exactly. It's like in the 20s, they tried this **** in Colombia. It didn't spread because people were doing good. It's when ****** ****** ** that it. These things have a lot easier time spreading. Thankfully, everything's getting better in the world. We can all agree on that. Well, Langston, we did it. How you doing? I'm doing good. I I had a lovely time. This was great. Well, I'm glad you had a lovely time talking about. The protocols of the Elders of Zion I I learned a lot. I I don't feel better. No, no, about any of this. In our show, you never feel better at the end. Yeah, learning things about the world never makes it easier. There was no healing for me personally. But no, no. Maybe. Maybe someone at home will feel a little bit of catharsis at the end of this bad boy. So, you know, our our job here isn't to heal people. It's to just stick a finger in the wound a little bit deeper. No, that's. That's apparently why 4,000,000. Times a month, people download this show because they all have. They all have wounds that they want. Fingers size. Take that finger in me, please. Stick that finger in, yeah. All right. We'll be back next week and we'll talk about, I don't know, Will Wheaton. No, I've banned that, remember? He's a monster. Yeah, well, before we go, Langston, is there anything you wanna plug for our listeners? Ohh yeah, please listen to my very silly, far less research podcast. It's called my Mama told me we talk about conspiracy theories, specifically in the black community. It's it's a it's a good time. I I recommend. Hell yeah. Well, so do I, and I don't know. What do we have. What's a good joke to end on, Sophie? But I don't know Robert well. I don't have any jokes. That's not my job. Yeah, I'm not. I guess the joke is that the degeneration of society is largely inevitable. 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