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Part Two: Rodrigo Duterte: The Hitler of the Philippines

Part Two: Rodrigo Duterte: The Hitler of the Philippines

Thu, 04 Oct 2018 10:00

Part Two: Rodrigo Duterte: The Hitler of the Philippines

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Hey there. I'm Scott rank, host of the podcast history unplugged. Now, it really is a dream come true to get paid to talk about history without all the stress while still being able to make a living. And I did it with Spreaker from iheart. Not only did they make it super easy to monetize my podcast, but ad revenue is 3 to four times higher with spreaker than with any other host I've worked with. So if you want to turn your passion into a podcast and give this a try, that's get paid to talk about the things you love. Hey guys, I'm Kaylee short on my podcast. Too much to say. I share my thoughts on everything from music to martinis, social media, social anxiety, regrets to risky text, and so much more. I have been known to read my literal diary entries on my show, and sometimes I do interviews with my crazy group of friends. So if you guys want to tune in, you can hear new episodes of too much to say every Wednesday on the national podcast network, available on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to them. Hey, it's Roy Wood, junior, host of The Daily Show podcast beyond the scenes and we are back for season 2. Beyond the scenes is the podcast where we take the topics and segments that were on The Daily Show and give them a little more love. This season, we're bringing back more Daily Show writers, producers and correspondents, more experts, giving us some extra knowledge you can't get anywhere else. Don't miss it. Listen to beyond the scenes on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. So we're back. I'm again Robert Evans and this is behind the ******** the show where we tell you everything you don't know about the very worst people in all of history. My guest today is Blake Wexler and he did an album called Stuffed Boy and is a stand up comedian and a variety of other things. Correct? Yeah. So this is, this is Part 2 of a of a two-part episode on Rodrigo Duterte. If you haven't cut part one, probably listen to that, but there will be labeled. So I assume if you're listening to this as Part 2, you've made a choice. One way or the other and we're just gonna, we're diving into it now, just getting into it. November of 2016 was a surprising time for a lot of people around the world. It came at the end of a surprising election for those of us in the United States. But I think we in the US all an apology to the people of the Philippines because I don't think we had the craziest election of 2016. You remember, like, how a couple of months before, you know, the the election came down, that Access Hollywood tape leaked, and we got to hear a presidential candidate make laughing references to sexual assault. You remember that? Oh yeah. How crazy. Yeah, there's no way that guy won, right? There's there's no way another presidential candidate topped that in the same year, right? Only that exact thing happened. Because one month before the May 2016 Philippine presidential election, the clinical analysis that I read in the first part of this episode that declared Rodrigo Duterte an aggressive narcissist was leaked to a Philippine national television news station. Suddenly every voter in the country knew that a mental health expert had declared a major presidential candidate. Lack quote any capacity for remorse or guilt. And yet 16 million people still voted for Rodrigo Duterte, more than enough to hand him the election. Part of why this happened has to do with the army of Trolls candidate Duterte wielded to a great effect during the race. See, Duterte has an active cyber army today, but according to New Republic, he started using it from the beginning of his national ambitions. Quote in November of 2015, when he decided to run for president, he enlisted a marketing consultant named Nick Gabonais. To assemble a social media army with a budget of just over $200,000, gabbur Nada used the money to pay hundreds of prominent online voices to flood social media with Pro Duterte comments, popularized hashtags, and attack critics. So. What we had going on in our election, some of it directed from Russia, some of it just completely organic. He was harnessing himself to use and like, it's it's as if Trump had actually been like getting on 8 Chan and 4 Chan and like trying to get people to make memes and stuff. Like Duterte was actually organizing a troll army. I assume he delegated a lot of that to people who understood the Internet because he's like 70 but still has that knowledge at that age to yeah. And this was a major part of his strategy because he. Very famously spent way less money on his campaign than any of his competitors because he knew where to focus it. He realized on murderers, well, I mean, you're going to pay someone to murder. That was already going on, but no, on like, trolls online, that was his thing. Rather than, like, traditional advertising and whatever, like he he realized that's not going to convince anybody. But a bunch of arguments on Facebook have a better shot at actually changing some minds. So the article of that New Republic, Sean Williams, knows very well what it's like when Duterte's mobs goes after a critic. They earned their attention after reporting on the bloodshed behind the new Presidents now national Anti Drug Campaign. Here's another quote. Her name was Madeline. She was young and attractive, with long hair and deep brown eyes. When I posted about Duterte's war on drugs, Madeline responded with derision. Maybe you are anti Duterte troll. All caps, she tweeted. A foreigner who knows nothing. All caps about my country. She seemed to devote her waking hours to spreading her love of Duterte and assailing anyone who questioned him, posting dozens of times a day. My president and I am proud of him. One tweet. Reads get lost, critics so? It's very familiar sounding. It's uncanny. Yeah, it's really it's really uncanny. And it it seems silly. It is. It is very silly. But the sheer flow of information did its job. Hundreds of thousands of paid and unpaid people successfully dominated much of the Philippines national digital discourse. Rodrigo Duterte owes a lot to our dear friend Facebook because in March of 2015, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company was partnering with Smart Communications to release a free app called This app provides free mobile Internet. Access to anyone with a smartphone, but it doesn't give users access to the whole Internet, just 24 websites including Wikipedia, AccuWeather, and of course Facebook. Have you spotted the downside of this plan yet? So the median age in the Philippines is 23 as compared to like 37.8 something years here in the United States. So it's a very young country. Half of the nation's 100 + 1,000,000 citizens are active social media users. At least one study suggests that Filipino people may lead the world. In terms of time spent on social media, an average of four hours and 17 minutes per day, 1/2 hour longer than the next highest. Blake wexler. By the way, at Blake Wexler, those in the Philippines at you're gonna get to Duterte mob on your face and I hope so. I need the followers. Followers. Man, this guy sounds like a genius. Well, so, I mean, this is like the perfect storm because like, at least when we started dealing with all this, most people have access to the Internet and the whole Internet. What happened in the Philippines? Is that Facebook? Gave millions of people free mobile Internet. But also in doing that, they created a separate walled Internet that millions of poor people were on. And the only reliable source sort of was Wikipedia. And the vast, vast majority of news came through social media. So you would see people posting about news on Facebook, but you wouldn't be able to click on a link to read about it, to like to confirm or to confirm or deny it. All you had was the misinformation spreading through social media, because that's the only Internet Facebook has any vested interest in giving you for free. Right. So they created a separate Internet for poor people where disinformation was even easier to spread. And Facebook did this. They did this presuming to be nice. Like that was the how they presented it. I mean, obviously they just wanted the data on these people, but they didn't think about the fact that any repercussion whatsoever other than money. And Duterte was like, oh, so millions of people now have access to Facebook but nothing else. Well, let's hire people to spread propaganda on Facebook. That seems really worth the money. And it. Totally was. When these people would see or participate in fights on Twitter or Facebook about Mayor Duterte's murderous policies, it would just look like 1 horde of angry people screaming at a smaller horde of angry people. There would be almost no way for people looking at this to research any of the claims being made. You might just side with whatever group seemed to the most confident and prominent. Needless to say, fake news spread through the Philippines like wildfire. The book Fire and Fury in the Philippines gives a rundown of how adept Duterte's campaign was at using this to their advantage. One example of the government's use of fake news. Was a viral post by Duterte's campaign spokesman, Peter two Lavinia, which defended the war on drugs. Lavinia cited a report about a 9 year old girl who was raped and murdered. He lambasted human rightists, bishops and presstitutes for their failure to condemn what he called this brutal act. They, he said, were derailing the government's war against drugs and crime and Trumpian style, he went on. Our righteous battles are fierce and relentless because we face the devil himself. We cannot be softer. Let our guards down, lest we ourselves be devoured and defeated. Below this he posted a graphic and distressing. Photograph purporting to show the dead child and her weeping mother, as the online news website Rappler would later point out in a series of articles which showed how the government was weaponizing the Internet, the photo was taken in Brazil, not the Philippines. So. Fake news? Yeah. Big part of this election, trolls were used to burnish the mayor's record. In Davao, it was critical to his presidential campaign that he be seen as having cleaned up the city. One piece of evidence used to support this was a 2015 crowdsourced survey that had ranked Davao City as the 9th safest city in the world. Because you want to go too much higher than, you know what I mean? Like you just keep it real way bigger cities out there who have legitimate people voting on them as opposed to this in which it was. But still like that, you have a bunch of people vote. You know, in your online mob vote for Davao City is the safest city in the world, and you get up to #9 that's good enough to get the election in the cracks. The top ten cracks the top ten. That's not bad, no? So Duterte trolls earn their money on a sliding scale based on how active they were, with salaries reaching up to 2000 a month, which you'll remember from the first episode, more or less the same retainer you get for being one of the leaders of the devout Death Squad. These trolls are augmented by true believers and, of course, bots. Some research suggests that 20% of all Twitter accounts. That mention Rodrigo Duterte are bots. Here's another quote from Free Republic. Elisar Carlos, a human rights advocate, was forced to change his Facebook profile after he received repeated threats of violence in a country where anti government activists have been killed during Duterte's drug war. Carlos takes such threats seriously. Sometimes you go home, you're alone and you need to buy something from the store, he says. Then the fear kicks in, which is again, these are not just petty criminals and stuff who have been killed into vow. There have also been journalists killed. There have been political opponents of his killed, and as President he's continued to do this sort of thing to like go after people who speak out. Against him. Because now there's just this precedent that people die in the streets a lot. People are gunned down in the streets a lot. And it's just these vigilantes, like, I mean, that's what happens in streets. People die in streets. Like, yeah, cars are there, foot traffic is there, but death is the primary death inhibitor of St of the streets for of course, for sure, yeah. So Duterte acknowledged hiring social media commenters for his campaign, but he denies running a digital army, just like he denies running a death squad sometimes. Sometimes he admits running the death squad. He denies it. Until he doesn't. He was against the death squad before he started the death squad. Despite running by far the cheapest presidential campaign of any major candidate, Rodrigo Duterte won nearly 40% of the vote. He was elected in May of 2016 and his spokesman issued Dutertes thanks to 14 million social media volunteers once he was president, several bloggers who spread Pro Duterte fake news were given press credentials. In July of 2017, an Oxford University study revealed that roughly 500 page. Goals were likely involved in Duterte's online army. Oxford estimated that it would have cost him around 200 grand to do so. This is a pretty good value for the money. When Duterte was told about this study, the now president replied Oxford University. That's a school for the dumb perfect. And you know what? **** their dictionary as well. Dictionary. Merriam-webster guy. It's a school for the school for the Dumb. I've been saying that for years. On June 30th, 2016, right after his inauguration, Duterte visited the slum of Tondo in Manila. He told a crowd quote, if you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself, as getting their parents to do it would be too painful. He's a humanitarian, right? I mean, that's nice. That's nice. Just go ahead. Kill a drug addict so his mom doesn't have to. Yeah, that's a good cause. Before, the moms had to kill their own. And that was a dark era, right? We're more humanist now. We kill drug addicts for their mothers, right? That's nice. In August of 2016, President Duterte announced his new narco list of more than 150 citizens. Many of them local government officials, judges or police. They were all stripped of any police escort. Any who were serving as officers were relieved of duty. By this point, just a few months into his Presidency, 852 people had already been killed in the now National Drug War. When questioned by reporters about his list, the president explained that if suspects showed the slightest violence and resistance, I will tell the police, shoot them. By early 2017, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency revealed that the narco list had been expanded to more than 6000 suspects. This is somewhat at odds with the reporting of the New York Times, who suggests the list may have over a million names by now quote. Said Duterte in October. The human rights people will commit suicide if I finish these all which? Again, there's never any hiding this. No, he's never not pretending to be a terrible, terrible monster. Jesus Christ, yeah. Here's the New York Times. The list was a distilled essence of Duterte's appeal, a raw and brutal effort at law and order, whatever the cost. As of October, the president enjoyed an 86% approval rating nationwide. His popularity was greatest among the poorest Filipinos surveyed. Family members of the drug wars casualties on several occasions told me they supported Duterte's violence, even as they insisted their sons and daughters were targeted and accurately. Which is if you get people to believe that, like, yeah, that's sort of tough justice thing is the only way to keep the country safe and be like, yeah, man, it's just a shame that they got mark, like, yeah, you know, I mean, if Mark has to go, he's got to go. He did sniff glue, you know, he was a glue stick. He was a glue stiffer and he stole a cell phone. That one. I mean, the point of the matter is no, death squad is perfect, you know? Right. You can't hold the death squad to an unreasonable standard. Yes. You know, a death squad. I I would say you want a death squad to be at least 60% accurate, but any more? In that you're kind of asking for the moon, you really are. Yeah, yeah. And they don't want them going to some ****** college like Oxford. No, no, no. Sorry. University. They do their own research poorly, I would imagine. Uh, so Duterte had won six and a half million more votes than the next most popular candidate in the presidential election, so it was not particularly close. The public seemed to eat up his promises of unspeakable violence and death. In fact, after his election, the president started to claim that he'd killed 3 suspected criminals while he was mayor of Davao City. The way he tells it, it sounds like he ambushed 3 people and gunned them down on the street, right? He's very proud of this. He also claims to have thrown a rape and murder suspect out of a flying helicopter. Well, here's here's a just a quick question. It's not like a bus, you know, like where you just happen to run into someone that you don't know who happens to be a rape and murder suspect. Like, why were they in the same? Like, there's the pilot, there's the copilot, there's the president, and then there's a rape and murder suspect. Like, how many people are in this helicopter just wandering in? I'm assuming what he's talking about is, like, when Pinochet was president, they would capture communists. They would take them up in helicopters, and that's how they executed. So I'm gonna guess that makes sense. It wasn't an opportunistic thing. It was. They helicopter just like who the **** is this ******? Then what do you do? Well, I'm a ******. Well under your seat belt, Sir. I have a door to open. It would be kind of cute if it was just serendipity, yeah. Well, that's a weird coincidence. You're the president. I'm a ******. Ohh well, just push me right on out. Jump up into the the blades, boy. Arigo, you know now that he's president has managed to stay humble, he insists that his colleagues continue to call him mayor. This is somewhat fitting because Duterte more or less does the same things as President that he did as mayor, just on a grander scale. One of his first priorities after being elected was to secure a massive increase in the Presidential Intelligence Fund, which can be used with the president's discretion with no oversight to do things like pay assassins on motorcycles to murder drug users in the streets. Hypothetically. Hypothetically, hypothetically. You could also use it for birthday parties. Of course streamers instead. We don't have to name all the things. Let's just name that one. And in fact, disbursements from the intelligence fund are not itemized and unless supported by agencies and receipt of the money are not audited. So that's nice. It increased roughly from like $50 million the year before to $110 million now that Duterte was president. And yeah, he gets to use it basically on whatever he wants. So yeah, that's that's kind of neat. He gets to like buy gifts and rewards for like for people he wants to bribe and he also gets to buy bullets for people that he wants to kill people and. Getting the money for killing people. That's nice. We should have a Presidential intelligence fund that just is completely unaccountable. Like a good time. Yeah. I'd be good with the President. With intelligence. Thank you so much. We'll be right back. Nice. Nice. It is about time. I know that you were joking with that ad break. Yes, but let's do an actual ad break and ******* blow some people's minds. I'll take it. Buy some products. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. 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Inside every secret is a truth, and you know what they say. The truth will set us free. Listen and subscribe to family secrets on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. We're back. Boy howdy, I mean, those products and services were just so much better than the products and services that came on during whatever last ad break y'all listen to I feel comfortable saying you build off the previous one, which is a professional thing to do. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Always taking steps forward, never taking steps backwards unless you're taking a step backward in order to make a long jump. Forwards like Shaquille O'Neal. Yeah, or one of those ******** on a hike who walk up backwards to work the front, the front part of your leg. Does that happen? In a lot of hikes? I'll see him. Yeah, they'll see him. I mean, that could be your death squad thing, but that could be what you use your death squad for. They're on the list. Alright. Well, we've got two things for the death squad. People who make their own speed limits and people who walk backwards on hikes. Alright, see, everybody's got a death squad. If you really think hard enough, you do. And I challenge you listeners at home, pick your Death Squad target. Everyone's got a group, you know. All right. So Duterte's first year in office saw 10,000 deaths from his now national death squads. Now you may note that is 3 times as many people who died during the bloody reign of Ferdinand Marcos. So he is in the first year in his first year and Marcos had like 14 years is is dictator and ******* Duterte is not even dictator yet. And he's he's already right. Way better at killing people. So I'll give that to him like he's a better dictator than Ferdinand. He's better at murdering. People in Ferdinand. He moves quick, he moves fast. He's not a lazy president, right? You would not say that about him, although he does not like to get up early in the morning. Now, 1/3 of the people shot dead whereby the police, the vast majority, 2/3 died in vigilante hits by killers riding in tandem. Now riding in tandem is sort of a phrase in the Philippines, a bicycle built for two. It's two people. A motorcycle. Right. And this technique was first pioneered by Griselda Blanco, who we did an episode on. She was most likely the inspiration for this strategy because Rodrigo Duterte is a huge fan of true crime novels and I think the show Narcos. So he seems to get ideas. He invited, like, a true crime novelist over to the country to hang with him. And still, my God, like, he seems to get a lot of his ideas from these things. And he clearly saw, like, oh, motorcycle assassins. That's a really good way to kill people, right? And it is, yeah, it's great because you have to worry about traffic. Right. You know that's true. Yeah, it's sensible. It's the only way to run a death squad in a city with severe urban congestion. Yeah. I mean, you can't do it from an SUV like, Oh my God, no. Can you imagine? Jesus, no. What a waste of gasoline. Yes. I mean, you only have so much money in the slush fund. It's just it makes more sense. It's just good economics. Exactly. Awful lot of little kids have died, and that's an ugly segue. I'm sitting that one out. A lot of children died in the crossfire of this drug war. Duterte refers to these dead children as collateral damage. Here's the guardian. Duterte said those cases would be investigated, but added that police can kill hundreds of civilians without criminal liability. He gave a hypothetical example of an officer using an M16 rifle when dealing with a gangster who wields a pistol. Quote When they meet, they exchanged fire with the policeman and the M16. It's one burst burger and he hits the 1000 people there and they die. It could not be negligence because you have to save your life. It could not be recklessness because you have to defend yourself. So if a policeman fires 1000 rounds wildly into a crowd because then one guy had a gun. That's OK. Oh my God. Which is like, it's like the problems we have now with police in our country, but taken to the NTH level, because here we'd be like, at least they're chaotic trial and people panicked. And like, you know, the right thing wasn't done, but it was not purposeful. And he's just like, no, you could fire 1000 rounds to a crowd. **** it. Yeah, what do you guys? One guy had a gun, right? I mean, that guy with the gun could have killed 10 people. Upwards of a dozen people. Yeah. So people is a good trade off to save 10? Yeah, of course the math checks out. Dictator math would be a fun class to teach. Social would. On Christmas 2016, 12 year old Christine Joy Salog was shot and killed in the car park of her church as she left Christmas Mass. The bullet that killed her was alleged to have been fired by a masked man on a motorcycle aiming at someone else who also died in the attack. At least 31 children were shot dead in the first six months of the National Drug War. The youngest victim was four. In August and early September of 2017, ninety six people were killed in Manila in the space of what the police called a one time big time assault on drug dealers in the capital. Here's fire and fury in the Philippines. The first to die was 17 year old Kan Lloyd Delos Santos and Caloocan City on the northern fringes of Metropolitan Manila. Police claimed that he was a meth dealer who had fired at cops during a raid. They had acted in self-defense, they said, after he had opened fire on them. But for once, CCTV footage emerged that told a very different story. It clearly showed 2 plainclothes police officers dragging the teenager away before he was shot dead in a rubbish strewn alleyway, his body dumped next to a pig sty. He was found with a hole in his head and another gunshot wound to his torso, grasping a pistol in his left hand. His parents said their son was right-handed Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre. The second described the killing as an isolated case. Human Rights Watch said that to deliberately target children for execution marks an appalling new level of depravity in this so-called drugs war. So people started to have issues with all of the murdering cans. Funeral became a giant protest March against the new drug war. More than 5000 people took to the streets. Many of them were family members of people who'd been murdered by Duterte, hired guns the government was forced to investigate and the Justice Department. Actually did look into the killings. This led to the firing of the entire 1200 person police force in the city of Caloocan where Khan had been killed. They were ordered to receive 45 days of training and then most of them were rehired and reassigned to other stations, which you may recognize as not being fired. Right? Right. And also very odd for the Catholic Church, which he hates so much. He's taking an exact strategy that they use by reason of my God, I didn't even think about that. But he is doing the rapey priest thing, but with cops that shoot children, right? Yeah. Remarkable. One of the worst sentences I've ever heard. The rapey priest thing with cops who shoot killer is just a Bang Bang, bang of Horribleness. Yeah, it's really yeah, but efficient. Very efficient sentence and accurate, unfortunately. Say this for the Catholic Church. They know how to cover up a crime for a while, for a while, for a while. So yeah, cans parents met with Duterte who told them those who had committed wrong would not go unpunished. This was not enough to stop the Catholic Church from condemning Duterte. For all of the deaths, Duterte did not actually give a **** what the church had to say. As I noted in the first episode in 2016 after your post franchises motorcade caused a traffic jam in Manila. He called the Holy Father a son of a *****. Now this particular phrase is, if you haven't guessed, the president's favorite. The exact term he uses is putangina, which translates roughly to son of a *****. Apparently some people count his Pis, fire and fury actually makes the claim that there are people who sort of like listen to his speeches to see how many times they'll say son of a *****. And so far the record is a 48 times and a 45 minute speech, which is a lot of times. It does make it seem like less of an attack on the Pope. He just can't stop. Like, that's just like a comma for this guy, 100%. What was the speech on, you know, like, oh, I have no idea. That would be orphans don't speak the language, but yeah. This is probably. Yeah, when Philippine priests condemned Duterte for slandering the Pope, Duterte responded. We are all the creations of God we have. God-given talents. The talent that God gave me is cussing. Instead of blaming me, blame God because he created me. Bulletproof ******* logic. You got to give it to him there. The ultimate deflection. No, God made me. Made me good at saying ******* *****. Yeah, whatever, right? You pray to him. You pray to him. You ask him. Yeah. I'm just doing what's natural, right? Now, President Duterte did eventually apologize to the Pope, but he seems to honestly have very little control over his mouth in the moment. When he met within Secretary of State John Kerry, he called the US Ambassador America's gay ambassador, and he meant *** ** * slur and as a literal thing. It's it's kind of hard to tell, right? He called President Barack Obama a son of a ***** in 2016 and then apologized for that, too. In June of 2018, Rodrigo Duterte really shot for the Moon and declared God's stupid. Here's. Just going after God. God, the guy swings at everything. Here's the BBC reporting on a speech he gave in Davao City. Asking who is this stupid God? Mr Duterte criticized the biblical story of creation and Adam and Eve being thrown out of the Garden of Eden after they ate the forbidden fruit. You created something perfect, and then you think of an event that would attempt and destroy the quality of your work, he said. So really has some logical problems with God, right? Fair enough. Like stupid. There's some holes in that story if you poke enough. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But yeah, we'll get to the fallout of calling God stupid because it's not great in a country where like 90% of people are Christian, right? Yeah, now, right now, one of the big debates in Philippine politics alongside should we be murdering drug users and petty criminals in the streets? Is whether or not President Duterte is going to declare martial law like his predecessor Ferdinand Marcos, and like the US military before Marcos in May of 2017, around 100 Muslim fighters laid siege to the city of Marawi on the island of Mindanao in response. The President declared martial law across the island, so not all of the Philippines were in the island of Mindanao, which is also the island where Davao City is. Fire and Fury discusses an address he gave to soldiers on Mindanao shortly after the declaration quote. He sought to reassure them that should they be accused of committing abuses under martial law, he would take personal responsibility for their actions. Then he joked, if you raped three, I admit it, that's on me. Yeah, no one laughed. But when social media exploded without rage, yeah, that's what fire and Fury says. No one laughed. I wasn't there. The ultimate fool me once. You raped three people. That's on me. Yeah. Social media exploded with outrage. Chelsea Clinton attacked, Duterte said. He was a murderous thug with no regard for human rights and a sickening sense of humor. Rape is never a joke. Not funny, ever. So that Chelsea Clinton went after the president of the Philippines. Not sure why she wound up seeing his tweets, but whatever, it's worthwhile thing to attack him on. Duterte did not wait for his PR people to figure out a good response or some way to spin the story. He gave another speech a little bit later to naval officers in Davao. And reminded Miss Clinton of her father's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Here's Duterte talking to naval officers but really talking to Chelsea Clinton because I don't think he's a big Twitter guy. These ****** they hear rape like Chelsea. She slammed me. I was not joking. I was being sarcastic. I will tell her. When your father, the President of the United States then, was screwing Lewinsky and the girls in the office of the President on the table, on the sofa, how did you feel? Did you slam your father? Which, if you thought locker room talk was bad, try a Filipino naval ship talk. Yeah, it's pretty bad as well. This gets me to something. One of the nicknames he's gotten is like the Trump of the Philippines, which I don't think is fair. He is way worse than Donald Trump. I know. And that's saying so. Much grosser and more violence and like, scary, right? And and also, but who is because they both admire each other. Like you said, before they really get along. Yeah, I'm sure almost the same person they are just yeah. Runs more openly violent. I feel like Duterte is Donald Trump. If he had physical courage because Duterte is clearly not afraid to get right and dirty, that's well put. Yeah, like his less kanyas. The guy who claims to have one of the heads of the squad claims that he's watched the president kill eight people. I can't imagine Trump doing that. I just don't think he's got the stomach flu. He is like one of the biggest narcissistic ******** in the world Trump is. But he is also a coward. Yeah, whereas the other yeah. The opposite of a coward. He's certainly not a physical coward. He's willing to, like, get into the ******* muck. So right. Say that for him. He's also really attacking Chelsea Clinton here. I know the way. That's very gross. So in October of 2017, Steven Seagal came to visit Rodrigo Duterte. Of course, of course Steven Seagal came to visit Duterte. I'm surprised he wasn't already there. He just has a home there. The two hit it off. Segal was in country to do location scouting for a film about illegal drugs and other. Crimes, apparently what? He said. They took a picture together, punching towards the camera and it's it's everything that you would expect. It will be the one that's incredible, but it's it's a great picture. That's the one website Steven Seagal, what was that? Yeah, like I really knows who to associate himself with, yeah? The president allegedly told Segal that he believes movies reflect life. Then talk to him about his plans for the drug war quote. Segal endorsed him, in exchange confiding that he had made close to 100 visits to the Philippines over the years, although he didn't say why. What he did say was that he was a big fan of the president, who has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place. Steve, we all know why Steven Seagal has been in the Philippines 100 times. Yes. And it's gross. We don't need to say anything more about it. And it is gross. It's super gross. Also. I feel like you can predict that with any vacation Steven Seagal makes. There's probably one reason he's vacationing there. Yeah, and it's gross. Steven Seagal? Oh, God, that's disgusting. ******* ponytail, man. Poison poured into a heavy suit, whatever kind of suit he's wearing in that. A solidified cylinder of milk? Yeah, poisoning. Case in it. Yeah, he does look like what happens when a human being curdles. You're right. In February of 2018, President Duterte gave a speech to 200 communist guerrilla fighters who had surrendered. 1/4 of them were female. During the speech, he specifically instructed his soldiers not to kill any female fighters they encountered in the field. Shoot their vagina because without that they are useless. He then addressed the surrendered women. We won't kill you. We will just shoot your vagina. If there is no vagina, it would be useless. And he's referring to the women, right? Yeah, yeah, Rodrigo Duterte. Everybody, yeah. For the first year or so that he was in power, Duterte's approval ratings were unassailable. But in more recent months, it seems like he started to stumble. It's kind of hard to say because I've found some surveys and whatnot say that his approval ratings dropped after the calling God stupid comment down to like 45%. But that's just one. Another said 56%. I found another couple that say he's still very popular in the 70s or 80s. So these aren't numbers being filtered through the government. These are actually, these are other people trying to figure out what's going on. Yeah, it does. Thing like his approval rating has fallen, particularly in the last six months. Growing inflation seems to be a big part of that. So it's not clear if all of the murder and vagina shooting comments have actually had an impact, right? It's just because the economy stumbled, but. It seems like he may be finally losing some support, but there's also evidence that he is still very popular. So I don't know, it's like, what do you have to do? It's almost an another just mirroring Trump is when Trump said that, like famous quote where he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and it wouldn't affect anything. Duterte literally shot multiple people in the middle, bragged about it and his approval ratings and he got elected president. He became president. Yeah, people were big fans of that, right? Right. Interestingly enough, Rodrigo Duterte is something of a hypocrite. On the matter of drugs, according to fire and fury in the Philippines, Duterte has confessed to taking several times the prescribed dosage of the powerful painkiller fentanyl, the synthetic opioid on which the musician Prince overdosed and died. When it was reported that Duterte himself was a drug addict, he retracted his claim and said he'd been joking. Side effects of this highly addictive drug include mood swings, cognitive abnormalities, confusion, trouble concentrating, feeling sadder, empty and erectile dysfunction, although this would be countered by his enthusiastic embrace of Viagra, which he has publicly bragged about. So no evidence that that is an actual thing that he takes what, a ******* drug cocktail that is like a bunch of Viagra? Board, that is your heart. Quite the speedball. Yeah, we hope it's, I hope it's bad for us. Yeah. So as as we speak, Duterte currently trying to convince both houses of the Philippine Congress to reintroduce capital punishment. If that happens, they will be the first country in history to ban capital punishment and then reintroduce it. Duterte has said he'd like to put five or six people to death every day. As you might expect, he's never a dull man for journalists to cover. On one occasion, a Filipino journalist asked about the president's health. He called the assembled journalists sons of horrors. And then he asked the reporter who'd questioned him. How is your wife's vagina? Is it smelly or not smelly? Give me a report. So this is the President in a press conference to national news. Another time he was. What does that even insinuate? I don't know what he's saying that it's inappropriate to ask if he's in good health. He's like, you're the president. It's always appropriate to make sure you're in good health. You're the president, right? It is our business. You're the. Yeah. OK. I'm sorry. I was trying to apply logic to an illogical situation, and that was just right. Yeah, that's the answer. Another time, he was asked about what he planned to do to protect journalists in the Philippines, the deadliest country in Asia for journalists 5, I think, have died at least since he took office. Duterte responded. Just because you're a journalist, you are not exempted from assassination if you are a *** ** * *****. So it's good to know this qualifier. Yeah, it's hard to say how serious Rodrigo is about that or half of the ridiculous things he says. The president is on record as saying that out of every five things he says, only two are true, and the other three are just wisecracks. That's why it's hard to know if his next plans for the nation include an expansion of the state of martial law in Mindanao. When asked about that, he has said, quote, you know, I have to protect the Filipino people. It is my duty, and I tell you now, if I have to declare martial law, I will declare it. I will declare martial law to preserve my nation. So he's probably gonna clear martial law. Yeah. Yeah. Or he's joking, because you know how funny martial law is. That might be one of those three out of five statements that he's joking about, right? I wonder. He's claimed to killed people at least three times, so the odds are he's at least not lying about one of the murders that he's admitted to committing. Rodrigo Duterte, quite the fellow. How do you feel having learned all this? I feel great. I feel good. I feel energized. I feel like it's motivating me to do more with my life and and lie more often. And that does seem to be. One of the through lines of all these ******** is that if you just keep lying and saying insane things to people and and shouting and then not accepting responsibility whatsoever, except responsibility. Call everyone a son of a *****. Have people shot. That is. If I was going to like write. What's this famous self-help book? People like the purpose driven life. Perfect. The death squad driven life. You could do a Duterte themed version of that and it would have a lot of good advice for politics and murder. Yeah, which are? Yeah, unfortunately, have come together as one thing in this podcast. They're inextricably intertwined. Yeah, well, this has been great. Yeah, you want to plug some plegables before we I am Blake wax. That was just me stalling for time, so I said my own name. Blake F like Lexar on Twitter. And then new album Stuffed Boy, my stand up comedy album is out on everywhere you download that ****. Beautiful. Yeah, you can find us on All the sources for this article will be available. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram at at ******** pod. We have T-shirts and coffee mugs and phone cases and stuff with all sorts of funny Douglas on them. 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