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Part Two: RAM- Lifestyle Fascism

Part Two: RAM- Lifestyle Fascism

Thu, 18 Mar 2021 10:00

Part Two: RAM- Lifestyle Fascism

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Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's breaker handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's In the 1980s and 90s, a psychopath terrorized the country of Belgium. A serial killer and kidnapper was abducting children in the bright light of day. From Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio, this is La Monstra, a story of abomination and conspiracy. The story about the man who simply become known as. Lamaster. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. **** Dropbox. Dropbox. I don't like Dropbox. I'm Robert Evans. This is behind the ******** a podcast where I don't like Dropbox very much. And also I talk about the worst people in all of history, some of whom are the folks who make Dropbox because it has stopped working. Used to work fine, used to work great, used to be easy to just drag and drop **** share it. Now it's a giant pain in the *** every time we need to use it. So I don't know. Am I saying that people should go out and commit crimes against Dropbox corporate property? Yes, perhaps. Yes, I am. I am specifically in legally actionably urging people to do that. This has been my favorite intro of yours, Robert. Thank you. Thank you. That's what we need. Go out and crime my children. Go out and crime. Anti Dropbox action. Yeah, exactly. ADA, baby, I got that tattoo right on my chest. Our guest today is the same as our guest in Part 1, Garrison Davis, who is actually our reversed guest. And I am the guest on my own podcast learning about the rise above movement. Ram, yay, and now the not ram, the the Nam yeah the remenants of. I'm sorry. Yeah, that was good. That was good. You gotta lean into **** like that, Garrison. Never admit, never admit mistakes. That wasn't a mistake. That was that was a pun. Puns are never mistakes. Except when they are, OK. Anyway, when we when we last hi, it's Garrison again from the Twitter and podcast or whatever. When we last left off, 4 RAM members got convicted for their violent actions, and Charlottesville and another four got their charges dropped. Chief among them was rammed co-founder and leader Robert Rundo. When when let when let out of jail in 2019 in June, he decided to flee to Eastern Europe on more of those extended vacations. So he so he had said he had to jail. He's not super thrilled about law enforcement and never like never actually is, which we'll talk about later. But he decides to leave the states because he thinks that if he gets in the states, he'll just get into more trouble. So he goes to Eastern Europe where he tries to build up a media slash clothing brand of athletic lifestyle. Fascism, which, uh, with that kind of stuff, has a lot of established roots in that area and the whole section of the world. Yeah, I mean, yeah, Ukraine is huge with that ****. Yeah, yeah. And all. All, all, all all these France, Russia, all of that, all of that stuff has a lot of a lot of this kind of thing. But this isn't the first time he actually would attempt to do something like this. Remember in the uh, in the uh, in the Pro publica thing and in within when they interviewed the remember the Remember said that they wanted to stop going to rallies as much after that. You know someone after they murdered someone in Charlottesville? So after after that, with the right coming under a whole bunch of more scrutiny for like kind of the first time because again, they killed someone in broad daylight. The the the Rams violent actions got put on a little little bit of a pause. Hmm. And so they stopped doing in person rallies as much. And they started instead by focusing on building a fashy lifestyle MMA clothing brand here in the states in in lieu of their white nationalist MMA clubs including Brandon inspirations like the Russian based white Rex, Thors Steiner which is another one based in Germany, which we'll get into a little bit more in a bit. And yeah, there's a there's one in a France too, but I forgot its name. So in a in January 20, 2018 Rob Rundo and Ram secretly started the quote the right brand clothing company. I say, I say secretly because at the time no one knew was associated with RAM and nothing on their website was tied to RAM except all of the models for their clothing products was all ran members. So people, if you were like following the anti anti racist action stuff you could like be like oh this is the same dude posing in these photos for this. This is they're probably the same people and eventually we found out like they were they were. It was the same guys doing like running both. The Right brands motto was style identity revolt. Which is yeah, anyway. Any any kind of regular Republican or conservative, and probably even some liberals wouldn't find much of a problem with their site or products. And it wasn't super explicit about what's pharmacy as later branding attempts would be. But the now defunct website is riddled with dog whistles. The home page bills itself as a nationalist apparel company. Committed to bringing you the highest quality goods. Our products are designed both for casual and active lifestyles, made for our people, by our people. So again, that's, you know, our our people, quote UN quote. Meaning, meaning, meaning white people. They their websites, actually kind of. It's kind of, it's kind of a hoot to to scroll around once. It's very stupid. And they they they they followed. That was so precious. The the about section of their website reads quote the the Right brand was founded by a mix of frontline patriots from all around America that wanted to take part in creating a counterculture to the Marxist and degenerate ideals that are constantly being forced upon us from big corporate Hollywood and media and liberal campuses. So no note on their grammar there. I'm not correcting their grammar from the website, I'm just doing one for one. I just want to point out that you went full. Canada in that about section, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gonna be even more white than they are just how it's that's that's the only way to take them down. You gotta go. You gotta go even wider. You gotta burn all of your salt. Throw your pepper in the sea. Continuing there about section. Modeling after successful European Peach patriotic and nationalist movements, we created a coalition of apparel and accessories based on these concepts. All of the founders are young activists that have been at some, have some, have been at some of the biggest events in around the country and have personally been on the front page for their boldness and stood against the waves of the left at the right brand clothing. We have gone out, gone out of our way to reach out to companies and movements in Europe that are engaged in the same battles we are. We procured a selection of their products and have made them available for sale. Here in the United States this helps keep slash our guys slash employed and able to sustain their struggle against the European Union and other sub subversive forces. So slash hours Slash is a white nationalist dogwhistle for being like someone being a Nazi essentially, which you know it's that started on 4 Chan, right Robert? Yeah, yeah, yeah. The, the, the slash R things. Yeah, yeah, that's, that's. I mean, as far as I know, that's where that started. OK. With Internet culture, like who the hell I have at least got popularized on 4 Chan from what I can tell. It got it got popularized on the chance for sure. The right brand prides itself on having a quote ethical supply chain quote. Our supply chain is free from forest to unpaid labor, child labor and human trafficking. We are also committed to sourcing only from companies and individuals. Who share, slash our values slash when we purchase products from Europe, we are supporting families and communities that believe in traditional values though American fiscal support. Through American fiscal support, we are furthering our mutual shared ideals to us. Ethically sourcing materials and services also includes us not giving any money to our shared enemies or those who do not align with slash our values slash so they're not even being that subtle, they're putting the slashes in there. So I I don't, I don't know what quite their audience was for this. I mean, their company did not last too long, partially because a lot of their members got charges and were sent to jail during, you know, before their trials. But they never got super popular. They never, they're closing company, never really took off. The products themselves are kind of just pretty basic athletic gear with various designs on them and some are adorned with like Viking imagery and runic letters, other shirts, red Alpine division. They had an anti communist action shirt with crossed rifles. One one of their one of their popular designs says revolt against modern, which is a little Julius Evola reference which I will talk more about later. Under a section titled activism, they sell **** Antifa stickers and modern white youth stickers. So the stickers are a little bit more explicit about what what they're doing. The the modern white youth stickers depicts the dangers of wrath, feminism, homosexuality, third world immigration, white guilt, cultural Marxism, communism, drugs, and and and degeneracy being forced onto young white people. It's a weird design. I don't know how to describe it besides just that. It's like these things are getting like. Into this young white person's mouth or whatever. Very silly and honestly like a ******* white Aryan resistance comic from the 1990s. Honestly kinda based rap, feminism, homosexuality through immigration, white guilt, cultural Marxism, communism, drugs and degeneracy. Not all terrible. Most of those are actually pretty fine. Yeah, I'm a big fan of degeneracy, so honestly, I would not protest if this was getting injected into me. Let's see the the right brands goal was to go set up an American version of white racks in the, in the style of, you know, the MA white nationalist lifestyle brand to help spread their propaganda and recruit young men. But also it was to get the guys that ran a job because they all kind of got in trouble and their tree trimming business kind of fell apart after Charlottesville. So they started this to kind of try to keep themselves employed. So that's pretty funny. To be fair, the right brand was kind of semi open about where their funds were going. They broke it down into four sections on their website. One section red sponsorship we hear at the right brand, believe in healthy, believe heavily in athleticism for today's youth as a way to fight against the left onslaught of degeneracy and drug culture that they promote. We need a youth that is strong in their mental and physical capabilities to lead our to lead our way, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I'm not read the rest of it. They're talking about sponsoring athletes with gear and clothing. And looking to make sure they can pay people's local gym memberships and and trying to get people you know involved in boxing and a major jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, bodybuilding and other physical sports. Their funds also go to political activism. For the few groups that promote healthy ideals and the values, we will reach out and help them with our shared goals. This is always so ******* silly to me that these guys are so into MMA and so in the movie Muay Thai and they're also like fundamentally anti, like not just anti globalization, but anti like because you know, there's reasons to be anti globalization, but like anti cultural interchange. They're they're like against the idea of cultures mingling and mixing. And the entire idea of MMA is to take the best things from different cultures of martial arts and. Put them together. What culturalism in a sport? What does the first word with of MA stand for? Uh, mixed. Mixed, yeah. OK, yeah. So yeah, the, the so sponsorship, political activism. The other thing that the right brands money goes to is legal matters. Yeah, they have a lot of those. From time to time Patriots will get singled out for noble actions by fake news or legal prosecution. Uh, we'll make sure these patriots are not alone and undefended. They're actions will be appreciated, and the last thing their money goes to is to expand to further the messages of white nationalist ideal. Oh, sorry of nationalist ideals, they did not put white in there and healthy values. So when you buy a shirt, you're not just buying a piece of fabric, but you're supporting the fight for all of our freedoms and our identities in a new way forward. Which is very inspirational if you're Nazi, I guess. So like they they they they they they did they did kind of lay it out so but most of their funds I assuming, I'm assuming we're going to pay to further gym for their gym memberships. This is what I'm kind of getting out of this. And yeah, it was. And I was trying to give the people a job after they all kind of got in trouble at the tree trimming business. Because people didn't want to hire Nazis to try their tree trimming Nazi business, yeah? A few months after Rams started their clothing company, some members embarked on a European Tour to network with similar white nationalist MMA lifestyle groups all across Europe. In their own words, to bridge the gap between the two nationalist scenes. Because RAM really was trying to be the kind of American version of these groups that have existed in Europe for a while. And I mean, thankfully it never, never really took foot that much, but I still think it probably could. Or something similar probably could. Yeah, very soon, because there there have been other ways in which kind of the MMA scene has been a little bit sort of infected by far right politics. Like a good example would be kind of some of the people who go on Joe Rogan show, obviously, like that's a vector. And I wonder if, like maybe part of the reason why the explicitly fascist stuff like that RAM has been doing, hasn't gone as far, hasn't infected the scene as far as it might have is because there's kind of like already something of an inoculation. In that area to it, like a milder version has spread and maybe there's not as much appetite for the more extreme stuff because people have already bought into some aspects of that stuff and they don't necessarily wanna. I don't know, I don't know. I don't know. It's an interesting question. Someone who knows a *** **** thing about MMA might, might, might look into that. Yeah, I'm not. If you couldn't tell from the way I look, if you've seen me in videos, I'm not really an MMA person. I am more of a run very quickly person, so I'm really not the best person to comment. And anime stuff, because running is generally the best self-defense. Yeah, most of what I do is run on, run, and climb tall buildings, which I enjoy doing a lot. Of so yeah, they were trying to bridge the gap between the two national scenes. The big event they attended and that worked at was the annual sword and Shield Festival in Germany, a mixed martial arts tournament and a far right slash white nationalist conference held on Hitler's birthday. The the two day Nazi festival draws in about 1000 attendees and is put on by Germany's National Democratic Party. Yeah, so you should be able to tell what the National Democratic Party is based on their name. If you replace the word democratic with, I don't know, a different word anyway. The the event itself consists of speeches, metal concerts and a big merch room and a martial arts and a martial arts tournament. It is essentially Comic Con for Nazis. That is kind of what I'm getting out of this, but they have like this giant mech room they can meet like, you know, famous. Not to people. It's just it's just Comic Con for, you know, fashion comic. Yeah, Comic Con for fascists. Ohh boy, I yeah, I bet the bathrooms are just filled with steroid needles. I mean, just just just dripping like you wash your hands. To get HGH on them from the sink. That sounds great, the oddly enough, I mean, or maybe not oddly enough, but the the MMA portion of the event is the largest white nationalist combat sports event in the entire world. So like this is actually like a very big deal in these kind of these kind of circles. On the same trip, the RAM team also stopped in France for the white nationalist boxing event put on by the Nazi group, generation identity, who is kind of similar to like white Rex and like you know, the the clothing brands thing, but also generation identity inspired the US space group identity Europa on more like the race realism type things. But I know identity identity Europa has like a different name now and it's kind of defunct. So that's probably good, but I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of that type of thing. So about a week after the Storm Shield festival, Rob Randall Bendali and another remember Robert Smithson. They have a lot of Roberts. They've rob rundo. Yeah Rd. Robert Bowman. Robert Smithson located in troubled people. It's all these people born in the 80s named Robert. It's it's a lot of them. Anyway, how do they tour operates in a Ben headed out to Ukraine? To attend it. To a fascist still love R&B. We had to upgrade to us. To attend an event competition at a nightclub in Kiev that puts on events for white supremacists. Rob Rundo actually competed in this one and he lost, so that's good. And then whilst in Ukraine, they also hung out with Dennis Nikitin, who is the founder of the neo-Nazi athletic MMA lifestyle brand White Rex, which we have talked about a little bit. Which was again one of the main inspirations for RAM in the 1st place. The kitten was one of the first to notice the declining popularity of Skinhead culture and then tried to replace it with combining M subculture with far right political ideologies. When he founded White Rex back in 2008 and it's been growing ever since, around the same time nicotine met with RAM, he also spoke with the Guardian in an interview. In an interview, he said this quote if we kill one immigrant every day, that's 365 immigrants a year, but 10s of thousands. Will come anyway. I realize we're fighting the consequences, but it's not the underlying reason. So now we must fight for the minds not on the streets, but on social media. So you're basically saying even if we kill, you know, one immigrant today, still thousands or more gonna come. So it's kind of a losing battle. We have to, we have to stop focusing on street stuff and go back to social media stuff and try to fight for the minds of people. Which, again, this was kind of like the opposite of what RAM was trying to do back in 2017. But after this European Tour, Rob Rundo seems to take statements like this to heart. He with them departing from the heavy St based action emphasis that RAM had in 2017, opting instead for more of a focus on propaganda and media than they had even before. In the next few months they put more work into their YouTube channel and didn't attend any St actions. Although this was also, you know, partially due to RAM coming under increased scrutiny as 2018 marched on with ProPublica and Frontline, you know, putting together the, you know? Highly appraised pieces on the group, you know, despite you know the the research themselves being based on it and Northern California anti racist action and Jake Hanrahan's work. So yay whatever. Let's see. So October you know in 2018 remembers get arrested. So then again 88 initially got arrested. Four is gonna get 4 is going to get let off later. So but after in the wake of these arrests they started selling free the four stickers after only four people were arrested and then the next after the next like week former four more people got arrested. So then the website was completely, it was completely shut down. They know to run it because like it was just those guys like like running the website and like manually putting packages in the mail. Actually, so they they got completely shut down. So good. Yeah, thanks. Thanks, comrade FBI for doing that. 600 days too late. Which which leads us back to June of of of 2020 nineteen with a random charges being dropped and him getting out of jail. And almost immediately the RAM gap account when active again with with posts such as never take a plea deal, always fight for the truth and they can lock us up, they can lie about us, but they can't stop an idea whose time has come. So that's good that he got to post on Gab again. I'm sure he really was missing out. Run on Gab Rundo also claimed that the FBI seized all of, like, the sold Ram merchandise that they weren't able to ship out. So maybe that's true and the FBI just has random stuff in a warehouse somewhere, which I think is kind of funny. But to raise money, Rundo teamed up with a different far right cloning company to sell RAM shirts and merch before eventually trying to start his own clothing company again. Because he seems really set on this idea of, you know, trying to sell these clothes and and products. Speaking of products, do you know where you can buy not, not see merchandise, Robert. Oh, very nice, Garrison. I mean, you might be able to buy Nazi merchandise from our ads because black Rifle coffee has been has been in them a couple of times. But as a general rule, and we're the only podcast that can promise that as a general rule, none of our sponsors are Nazis. Here's the ads. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. 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Hi, we're back talking about Rob Rundo and him trying to flee to other countries again. Again, again. He loves fleeing to other countries he has, he has whole YouTube videos on that are just tutorials for how to flee to other countries is great. That is. That is, I mean, you know, do what you know, right? Like do it, do what you love and the money will come. I watch so many hours of his YouTube channel and I it wasn't good, but man. I if I ever, if I ever need to flee to Ukraine, I know how now it's I've been given the tools and the information that I can successfully flee, flee to Ukraine. That The thing is right. But you have to. Yeah. You have to fly out of South America. That's the problem because if you try if you try to fly out of Mexico because like, as you and assuming my travel flights going to be blocked from the states. Yeah. No. Yeah. I mean really like, what I'm guessing you want to do is you want to cross the border on foot in New Mexico because they never check your passport. You want to have a bunch of cash in pesos. On you, you wanna travel through Mexico on foot or in vehicles, and then you went across the border from Mexico into Guatemala or wherever on foot and then fly out from somewhere in Central America. That's not Mexico. Yeah, the thing, the thing that got rundo in trouble is that he kept trying to fly out from Mexico itself. And the problem is when the planes were flying, they crossed over Florida, which is technically American airspace. So that flagged rundo because he can't cross American airspace. So what you what you guys need to do is go way South and then fly. And and then fight like Central Europe. Don't go to London. You have to fly. You have to. You have kind of kind of stay in the middle. And this way you'll be able to fly to Ukraine, Serbia, wherever. But you have, you have to get very S as S as S as S as you can walk. Essentially. It's really the only way to get to to get there. Yeah. Anyway, back to the podcast, I guess, for the rest of 2019 after Rundo got out of prison or I guess technically jail, not prison. He tried to fly under the radar. So yeah, he was he was kind of laying it low for most of 2019 after he got out of jail. And so before I get to 2020, I'd like to go into a little bit about Rondo's back story. Robert Paul Rondo, born April 28th of 191990. He was he was. He was born in Queens, NY his his first real political belief as a kid was just a dislike of cops. It's Ben and Ohboy hate police and law enforcement because he can. He's one of those not sees that sees the police as like an obstacle to begin to being able to hurt and kill leftists and non white people. And he, you know he sees them as a force that just oppresses the right and protects the elite and protects the you know, parenthesis, parenthesis, parenthesis them parenthesis, parenthesis, parenthesis. So he he's he's places like you know just someone protecting rich people and rich people. So like you know, it's like something he'll talk about. Or something. You know, we'll see in video is like him doing like a CAB graffiti and stuff. And so like I like a few days ago I saw like Andy no posting about a CAB graffiti with like anti-Semitic stuff. He's like, oh look at the anti-Semitic leftists. And like, no, that's Nazi graffiti because Nazis are also lots also hate cops. Just because you hate the cops doesn't mean you are all so good. Yeah, OJ Simpson, not a fan of the cops, like. Ted Kaczynski, not, not, not, not not a fan of cops and and then to some degree the proud boys now, I mean the little there, you know, increasingly not fans of the cops there. There is a split going on as we're reading this. It's becoming increasingly clear that Enrique Tarrio, head of the proud boys, was arrested today flying into DC see, what he should have done is he should have gone to South America. He should have been. That flowed into the ocean and then taking a boat to the coast. Ohhh yeah, one can hope. Yeah. But like when I was like deep into proud blade groups this summer for like, online chats and whether police or an ally or obstacle, an oppressor of the right was one of the most like debated topics. But by far the most debated topic on these proud boy chats were discourse around Jewish people. Because, again, they're not. Frat boys are just a fascist group. So yeah, Rundas initial reason do that he says that got him to start to hit the cops before he was a Nazi is a really interesting story and like very relatable. So Rundo was Young, was a was a young teenager in New York out one night putting up some shoe Polish graffiti with some friends of his. Not, not racist graffiti, just like regular, you know, kid graffiti. The. So they were like tagging like a bus stop or something and police pulled up. The group of teens had to all lay down on the sidewalk. An officer went up to Rundo basically said, hey, kid, just tell us what you all tagged and we'll just write you a ticket and you can, and you can go on home. No big deal. So Rondo told the officer what he did, and then the officer put Rondo in a cop car, and Rundo spent six months in juvenile detention. That's because they always lie. The cops. Yeah. So this interaction understandably got run down to just develop a very strong dislike of police. And yeah, it's this never happened. Rundo may not have actually become a Nazi, because this, I mean, we'll talk later about how prison, how the prison system can turn, has a way of turning young kids into Nazis. Yeah, so real, real stupid. I mean, and, like, rundo, like, looks back at this moment and, like, lasts about. It's like, yeah, I was a stupid kid. I believe the cops should never believe the cops should. I mean, you're not even. You're right about that point right every now and again, you know? Yeah, I mean for example. They're right about coats. They weren't bad at coats. They have. I mean they have good built coats. They have good coats, OK you know, and pretty solid assault rifles and good anti aircraft weapons like there. There weren't bad at everything is what I'm saying. So after after rundo Robert Evans defending the Nazis. I don't know why I got onto this stray. Are you gonna, like wave your mouser on on web? On the webcam? No, this is a pre Nazi gun. But I do want to get an STG 44, which is is is a wonderful firearm and was produced by slave labor. But the money's not going back to crop anymore. So it's ethically fine. I think it's actually it's ethically ambiguous. Ambiguous. There we go. Everything's good. Yeah, and Biguine city after Rundo got out of juvie. He got involved with the original Flushing crew, which was like a multicultural neighbourhood gang in Queens who got into fights with MS13. In 2009, when Rhonda was about 18, Ms 13 shot one of his best friends and then in response Rundo stabbed a member of a Miss 13 that that he ambushed Ronda, got charged with gang assault and was sent to prison and was sent to state prison for like 20 months. And it was in this stint in prison that Rondo became a Nazi. So he he went into prison. Just, you know, he was part of a neighborhood gang in Queens because MS13 were a problem. So he was in like an he was in like an opposing gang, but guys got sent to prison for stabbing. MS13 guy and then went to prison and he came out of prison in Nazi a post post release he moved to Southern California and again a few years later he would start DIY Division later renamed RAM. So yeah it's like he got out of prison and like 2010 no in like 2011, 2012 and then in like 2016 is when he eventually is when he started DIY division but he became involved with the camera skins and stuff in between there. So yeah again showing how the prison system. Kind of has a way of perpetuating these problems and is probably not great. And yeah, yeah, I mean, and it always has, right? Like when Adolf Hitler, when he tried to overthrow the legally elected government of Germany, was was sent to prison for like a year. And the a prison that was kind of more like a resort where he got to be there with all of his friends. And he had his room and board taken care of and he got to spend the whole year focusing on his ideas and he wrote Mein Kampf during his time in prison. That's what it came out of. Prison is traditionally not necessarily the worst thing in the world for ******* Nazis. We had also talked about ISIS and how it came together in Camp Bucca, Iraq, which is a US detention facility, like there's a. Prisons. Bad as a rule, yeah. You know, every now and then you run into someone who's like, yeah, that person probably needs to be kept away from the rest of the human race, like Paul Manafort. But our prison system tends to do more harm than good. Even when people we can all agree are bad. Get put in it. It's a bad system. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, back back to more recent times. Like I mentioned, RUNDO laid low for most of 2019 after his rioting charges were dropped. But as 2020 rolled around, he started to get more active. Most of the time this year he spent in Eastern Europe hopping around to different countries. He he he says he's left the US due to quote, non-stop harassment from American law enforcement. It's just that's really funny. Right. And Rondo has also just kind of given up on the US he's like, he's, he's, he's urged a lot of his fans to try to leave the country and join the nationalist cause elsewhere. I'm going to quote from a really good article in the New York review about about Rondo quote whereas RAM once hoisted banners at rallies declaring defend America, Rando now believes, as he told the podcast interviewer in in a podcast he was on, that the country is, quote collapsing. He has urged his fellow right wing dissidents to fly. To flee the United States and if possible obtain foreign passports to avoid travel restrictions like the No fly list. So again, this is part of his videos where he tells people how to, you know, avoid no fly lists and how to flee to other countries and stuff. Umm, very, very fun YouTube channel that really should not exist at all. And he has like, you know, Nazi imagery and all of his videos. I don't know why YouTube still lets him on there. Maybe because YouTube doesn't have a problem with Nazis. So. Since this time Rondo has also dropped all pretexts of not really being a Nazi. He doesn't use like goggles anymore. He just, you know, is full, is full, is full, is full on in. In Europe he's gotten in eight tattooed on each shoulder, making you know in 88. Hail Hitler reference. Yeah. On his on his abdomen he has a dagger in emblazoned with the phrase Mino Frigo or I don't care, the motto of the Italian Blackshirts. And on top of it he has a huge sign in. Had on his right elbow, so really, really, really going all out there. Yeah. Rundo's first notable public appearance was in February 2020 in Budapest, where he was seen and posted a video attending a NEO fascist rally to commemorate wartime Hungarian volunteers in the Germanys S Division. This this appearance not only attract attention from journalists, anti fascists, but also federal prosecutors, and in March a motion was filed to appeal his charges. Just two weeks after his appearance in Budapest at the Nazi rally, he was in Sofa, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria for an annual massive neo-Nazi March. It's been going on since 2003, and for the first time the Nazi gathering, the Nazi gathering was actually banned by local authorities just days after a fascist fascist attack in Germany killed nine people. So there was this fascist attack in Germany, killing people, and then Bulgarian authorities kind of tried to cancel this neo-Nazi massive. Ally, he's a horrible haircut. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, yeah. It's not great. I mean, I'll talk. I'll bring this up a little bit later. I'll be talking about his personal aesthetic. Yeah. So the this big Nazi rally got cancelled. Well, quote UN quote, cancelled by the authorities. But people still showed up. There was a small commemoration to a Nazi collaborating general taking place during the day and later a nightly, like a nightly torch. Learning March was heavily surveilled by local police. Nothing really happened. But at the time, Rundo had an alibi of sorts. He just started a new propaganda project called Media to Rise Nationalist Entertainment. Rondo describes it as a right wing alternative to something like vice, quoting rundo here quote another way. Another way of creating a counterculture to the left is by covering everything from demonstrations, councillors, and creating our own entertainment within the nationalist lifestyle way. So he he repeatedly says he wants to create a right wing alternative device, which is a funny phrase to say in the first place. Considering how considers this and who started by the founder of ICE found one of the founders of Vice, founder of the Proud Boys, yeah, yeah, not that vice is a right wing outlet cause I wouldn't call that fair, but yeah, very still, very funny. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, so far they've put out just two actual episodes averaging like an 8 minutes each. But on his YouTube channel he has like dozens of other vlog style videos giving different tips on how to travel if you're a terrorist, propaganda tips how to put together your own gang and interact with. East Coast they motivated with the left always winning. Which wall, as it is a video topic he has, is how to stay motivated with the left always winning. Just as I find funny because usually I don't think of the left as always winning. Really? Not ever? Yeah. Not really. Ever. Videos with like fighting tips, workout routines, and how to do graffiti and banner drops. Although he seems very triggered when people tell him that banner drops are silly and graffiti is not good activism, he gets very triggered and makes lots of videos defending banner drops. Which is like, whatever, sure, but I like that. I like how upset he gets when people call his activism stupid, which is just always fun to watch them get upset. While while in Europe, Rondo has been traveling around a lot, but he seems to be mainly setting up base in Serbia, having learned a little from his poor OPSEC in the past or poor online OPSEC in the past. All of these vlog videos has run down in front of locations that he thinks looks very cool, which makes them relatively identifiable. The online investigation website Bellingcat has tracked rundo through to all of 2020 Rundo was first spotted in Serbia in March. But in a video titled Thoughts and Tea with Robert Rundo just nice. Jesus Christ. Sorry, I just think it's very funny. Don't comfort. First these ******* take the beach. Now they want to take tea times. They want to take tea time. I mean, look, this tea is always been a little fashy. OK? We we can we can look at the history of the British Empire and acknowledge that. I mean, fair enough, but I don't like it, Robert. For and they're trying to take your name your your beautiful first name and just thank you so many Roberts in in Ram it should just be renamed though Robert above and whatever. OK like you I I saw the point in what you were going for there OK so the the setting of this key video was quickly tracked to being a cafe in Belgrade Serbia in a another video posted in July Rondo was at an event with the with with many members of the Serbian nationalist. Group The Hero Foundation. The video also features a free a free RAM banner referencing the RAM members that are still locked up. Also in July render Kabisa seen on Serbia on on Serbian TV at a fascist event in which he calls himself like Roman but he has like interviewed by an anchor at this like fascist event unserved in live TV so. That's great. It's funny. The the the next month RUNDA posted a whole a whole free RAM themed video with with video composed of with of the footage composed of different fascist groups all around the world putting up free RAM graffiti and banners. Now this video actually has been taken down from YouTube, so. Great job, YouTube, for doing literally the bare minimum, but still living his channel up and all those other videos on how to fly. If you're a terrorist up. But whatever, say, well hey, that's good information. Everybody needs to know how to escape criminal charges against you by fleeing the country. That's just. Yeah, yeah. The the footage from countries of the so the countries like no different fascist groups all around the world. Countries included are Ukraine, Shocker, Serbia, Shocker, Greece, Shocker, Germany, Shocker, Poland, Shocker, Italy, Shocker. Scotland, Russia, Canada, Canada. Inside the province of Alberta because of course that's like the one place where the Texas of Canada. Yeah, yeah. That's where I'm gonna be fleeing is the mountains of Alberta. That's my plan. That's also where one of my favorite musicians, core Blunt, comes from. He's the guy who does that getting down on the mountain song that we play, really go up to go shoot on the mountain Garrison. Yeah. Yeah. That's a fun song. Yeah. And then in the states, we have footage from the states of Indiana, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida and California in the US in San Diego and Huntington Beach. So a lot of. So again, like a lot of, a lot of groups putting up. Free ram stuff for this like video collaboration and anyway. In a in August, someone's shadow boxing and covered up in a T-shirt wrapped like a ninja mask with all of the with all of Roberts. Rondo's tattoos can be seen in a Serbian nationalist rap music video. Which is awesome. Weird sentence, but like. So, like, they have footage of Rundo shadow boxing in a mask. It's like, it's like AT shirt, but the T-shirt is a rise above movement. T-shirt, because you can see that we're above on the side. So, like, you just used one of his own T-shirts he sells as this mask, and you can see him like Shadow boxing in the background, which is kind of funny. Incredibly stealthy. Yeah. So Ronda got a little bit upset that Bellingcat kept kept identifying where he was, so with everyone kind of knowing that belly that that that rundo is. Is, you know, uh, constantly being tracked. Yeah, he's he's constantly being tracked, not being tracked. And yeah, he's constantly being geolocated to Serbia. And then so eventually Rundo started just being open about where he was and started like, you know, making fun of Bellingcat for being able to like. Like, like referencing ballet for being able to, like, track where he was. But he eventually started being like, saying, yeah, I am in Serbia. Yeah, so in September, in a podcast appearance, he actually said that he had left Serbia now. So he is saying, Oh yeah, I was in Serbia, Bellingcat tracked me. They're they're stupid, I hate bell and get whatever, but now I've left Serbia. Except in the video he posted on October 1st, sitting on a lake, said Lake got geolocated by Bellingcat to lake per UAC in Serbia. So he's not. If people who are good at geolocating want to know where you are and you post any pictures outside in a decent number of different pictures you could post inside, they will find you. I I did this later on, which we'll talk about at the end of the episode because I know where he is now. Yeah yeah, so. Very fun he got after he said he left Serbia. He got trapped to being in Serbia again, like the next month. It is pretty great. In October 20 on October 28th Rundo posted a photo on his telegram channel of an anti Antifa anti BLM anti drug sticker that he had presumably put up on a bus stop. A journalist, a journalist at Bellingcat, recognized some of the background in the photo and actually wants to confirm the spot in person the next day. And yeah, it was the same spot in the middle of downtown Belgrade in in in Serbia. Amazing, yeah? So with enough online digging, social media and social media stalking people at Bellingcat were able to learn a bit more about the video production of of rundo's media to rise project and find a few of the locations and other videos I'll quote from a from a belcat article from November 18th. On October 30th, Luke. Oh boy, this is a rough last name. Luca. Luca Cara Dziurzynski you doing great, buddy? Yeah, in the footsteps of Robert Evans. Anyway, October 30th. This Luca guy's a 19 year old Belgrad videographer, photographer, and web designer posted a public Instagram story showing Robert Rundo being interviewed by an unknown TV crew. This guy lists W2W2R, the official short name of Rundo's company, which is like a. Will to rise he yeah, he posted that as a client on this on his personal website and he listed the the and he was listed as the creator of a few of these videos. That rundo was posting a quote from this guy after he got interviewed by Bellingcat via e-mail. Rob Rundo reached out to me looking for looking for someone to hire who can do good enough videos and photos. He added that quote. I'm not much into political things, I was just hired by Rondo to record a few behind the scenes videos in the background of the Instagram. Right near the end, the words Smurfer Kappa. Ohh God, Smurfit Kappa, whatever it can be. Seen nailing it, nailing it. The key Garrison, we don't know how to pronounce something is just to barrel on ahead with confidence and assume that you can retroactively make it right. I've changed the pronunciations of dozens of words for everyone in the world now, and that's probably true to some degree. You have to. You just have to be confident and know that you're right, no matter what the truth is. Yeah, it doesn't matter that her name is Ariana Grande. She'll be Ariana Grande. Robert till the day he dies. Exactly. That's why everyone calls you Ariana Grande now. Yeah. Because of confidence. Uh, what's what's the what's the fake Beyoncé from the from the? Christmas episode. Anyway, this Smurfit Kappa is a European paper manufacturer whose factory is in Belgrade. And so then this was so. Thanks to this belly cat was able to geolocate the exact location of the video to a nearby site along the river that goes through that goes through Belgrade. They visited the site in person, confirming this was not only the indeed the site of the indeed the site of the video, but the location also had free RAM graffiti. But beside it, and featured a ram, social media events we advertised, and so after after repeatedly being shown to be in Serbia, particularly particularly Belgrad. On November 8th, Rundo posted a video to his telegram, but he opens by saying so we're here in Belgrade, you know, cleaning up the neighborhood, doing some beautiful artwork for the locals as he's surrounded, correct? Asking as he's surrounded by fascist graffiti that he does. Just a tour of the area. So yeah. But Rob Rundo was looking for more than like more than an extended vacation. It's quite likely he's trying to look for legal residency here in Serbia because, per public records, rundo Incorporated in LLC in Serbia back in July with the name will to rise the same name as his new athletic fascist clothing company. Yeah, ******* Christ, man. Gay doesn't even know that his haircut is like, not cute and that he should just stop trying to be. Asobi, I can give you one of his phone numbers and you can send him a message if you want. Yeah, we could, we could call him on the show on this and got a bad haircut. His haircut is not cute and not. Yeah, like, I don't want your hair. Looks like trash, bro. And passionate. Also, are you skipping leg day? I've noticed your legs are not. Yeah, your legs, man. They're not. They might. He might leap right through that phone and go after you, Garrison. Jump over all police lines. Yep, so via via via public records people were able to find 2 addresses for rendo in Serbia quoting Belling Cat again. Connie Bellingcat again, but Randos incorporation of a company in Serbia may not simply be for business purposes. In Serbia, a foreigner who incorporates the company can apply for temporary residency for up to a year at a time, and can renew this residency with a new application every year. In short, this would allow RUNDO to build a semi permanent legal base in a European country without having to worry about visa free regulations that limit American citizens to spending no more than 90 days in Serbia within 1/2 a year. So. He's he's basically trying to move to Serbia permanently and maybe trying to get out of legal prosecution in the states if his charges get appealed. This is a little bit unclear because Serbia's extradition policy is like brand new and it's never been used before, so we don't really know the details of, can I just say we would not advertise his clothing line on our show. Do you know what we will advertise, Sophie? Black Rifle coffee, maybe. I really black rifle coffee. And if they sneak on it and all of the other find sponsors of the podcast, including accidental and intentional sponsors, perhaps we work. Maybe that was funny. I mean, I enjoy. I I'm OK with the we work ads because they're trash, but they're also doomed thanks to the virus. So we're just taking some of their last money before they find. It's like how much I don't mind their snacks. We work, or you're ******* water infused with fruit. That you give people? I don't think they're providing that anymore. 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For more than a decade, we hear at stuff they don't want you to know have been seeking answers to these questions. Sometimes there are answers that people would rather us not explore. Now we're sharing this research. With you for the first time ever in a book format, you can pre-order stuff they don't want you to know now. It's the new book from us, the creators of the podcast and video series. You can turn back now or read the stuff they don't want you to know. Available for pre-order now, it's stuff you should read or wherever you find your favorite books. What, what, what a thrilling ad from Mr from Mr Bloomberg, airing in January or yeah, January or February 2021. Dropped a lot more F bombs than I expected. I just enjoyed Garrison like stuttering through saying go Mike, but like with authority. I mean, yeah, I was channeling my Michael Bloomberg and my Joe Biden. They're really good. Yeah, they all just got younger and Garrison, visibly aged by 35 years, did. That's well, that's probably good. I can hide in Alberta easier now. If I look less like a ***** it'll be easier to blend in, alright? Anyway, anyway, as I mentioned, will to rise rundo's new lifestyle brand of fascism. It's it's just the right brand clothing company all over again, but even more openly fashy they had the same like ethical supply chain line for this time with this description. Will theorize we make all of our we make sure all our products and designs are created by those who share our values and identities. All products are made in Eastern Europe, so not a single hand touches the production line. That is not like my own. In doing this, we keep our people employed and keep all funds within our ranks, something not many other brands can claim so good, like not aesthetically cute and just as like. Just like the font is like too big for the team looking. Are you looking at the will to rise website? Yeah it's just like not I would not wear it. My favorite thing about the price website is that I don't know what problem it has, but it takes like. 10 seconds to load. Every time I change pages. It's it's very slow. It's not great. It's very slow. It's very it's very, very, very. I'm gonna text you a picture of my least favorite shirt for you to observe. I'll talk about some shirts here. Yeah, I'll talk about some shirts right now. Please, please, Carson. Really ugly. Yeah. So on their site, they sell. They sell ram shirts. Little White Rex shirts with a ohh sorry I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna miss Francis. Fallon flange, flanges flange. Anyway, this is the Spanish fascist symbol. Wow, that's a hideous shirt. Yes, it is. Thought criminal. One thought criminal shirt where the font is ohe thought criminal shirt. Yeah, yeah, that was pretty good. It's just like and like the person who's modeling it doesn't help. Like, can I just say they have very fashy tattoos? They're very fast. She's had toos and clearly. Are wearing the wrong size. They have a, they have a, they have a reject poison embrace struggle shirt, which is like, you know, a straight edge shirt. That's good. Do you, do you have, do you see their old ideals, new style shirt? I I'm seeing the aggressive clothing company shirt. I'm also the one I'm what I'm enjoying is for the thought criminal shirt. The text below it. We have all committed the crime of having too much to think. So we've been brand thought criminals who made this website. It's not a sentence from the thought criminals maybe should have spent some time thinking about how to write a ******* sentence. Yeah, but the website is very poorly coded. It takes it's very slow. They have a what? What old ideas and new style? You ******* look. So. Ohhh yeah, the guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ohh. It's great. Ohh, it's really good. Yeah. Robert, Robert, Robert people. The one I just sent texting. It's already *******. Oh yeah, they were like, you know what? For this one, the model should have no tattoos. Uh, it's very good. It's so ideals, new style. Is that like a boxer yet? Is a boxer? OK? And he's like all Greek. And on the on the native version of the shirt, like Trump on the Navy version of the shirt, you can see Rob Rundo modeling himself with a backwards baseball cap and sunglasses. Sun and Red tattoo on the side, yeah. Ah, amazing. Absolutely all the thought, the thought of the thought criminal shirt is very fun. It's yeah the the guy has very large pecs and it looks very silly. Yeah, he's he's wearing a deliberately too tight shirt. Several like really awkward fitting, like carger joggers and like they have a so they have a bottoms section of the website, which I think is a very funny name for them to do, and they also sell custom Rhodesian shorts. I see that. And the guy, the guy definitely, definitely skipped leg days when we've talked about the Rhodesians a few times on this show and how it was a white supremacist utopia in Africa that lost a war to continue existing when they accidentally put all of their oil in one place and it got blown up. Yeah, the Rhodesians military famously wore like very short shorts into combat for a period of time. Yeah, and so white nationalists love Rhodesian shorts. The funny thing about the Rhodesian shorts is that the Rhodesian. Military band, their soldiers from wearing them because they're very, very white legs, made it incredibly easy to spot them in the Bush, and they kept getting shot to death. I mean, Robert, you need to check out of it. You need to check out the Rhodesian shirt shorts on the website because they are very short and you can see everyone's very white legs and it's great. Yeah. And that way you can shoot them in the Bush. Morries. No, no, I support the shorts. No notes. Yeah. Rhodesian shorts were a secret, This is such a weird photo, especially the one where you can see that this guy skipped. Good day and also has eight not nice bum like it's just like not well shaped at all and and Sophie never **** shames on the pot. I never buy shame like I am pro. I am pro but all the way. But this is not for being in a SEC eyes for being in a section called called bottoms the It's not, it's not. It's not that good. It's very flat. And also if you look at the lower left calf, he has a very faded son and red tattoo that that just looks ugly, like it's just it's it's half faded so it looks just really aesthetically pleasing. In the not great bum photo. I do like that. There's like a like he's like gripping his fists. Yes he is. He is. He's he's holding something. He's holding a black saying. I don't know what it is. Maybe a phone. I mean, I was gonna be really inappropriate, but maybe I shouldn't. Now I'm, I'm 18 now. It's fine. OK, that's right. Forgot that you're of legal age. I mean, it's just like he's holding like. I don't know. It's just like his really tiny balls that he clearly has cut. I don't know. There's a lot happening, OK, that went in a different direction than I think. Yeah, just like, not it. Also the crotch shot like that not not a good crotch shot. It's bad. Like normally. Like, you know, it's like Mike Pence getting the COVID vaccine bad and the like ripples. But you can clearly tell not, no, it's not good anyway. Good skipped leg day. Like, damn, this is what happened. So yeah, they sell the rotation shorts and a myriad of fascist stickers. Lots of fascist iconography. In fact, if you look at the sticker section of the website, they've actually blown out a lot of symbols on the website itself, because they like, I guess we'll get in trouble if they display them. I don't know, but I think that's fun. Well, they are. They also sell shirts from pride from from Pride France, another Nazi MMA brand with a with a with a. The shirt has a son in red and a raccoon that says respect nature. Which again ties into Julius Evola and Eco Fascism, which I'll talk about later towards the end, which I'm not not not thrilled about. But yeah, they they they they sell stuff from a whole bunch of other fascist companies as well on their on their own website. Yeah, like but alright, let's let's do let's do it. We're nearing the end here. Let's do a retrospective on rundo. So, OK, looking, looking at rundo now, he's he's very different than the rundo circa 2017. He's he's no longer clamoring to get into fist fights with fistfights with teenagers and black bloc. He's carefully trying to craft an aesthetic of fascism that hasn't quite gained popularity in the states yet, but I think one that very well could. If you look at his more recent videos compared to his past videos, he's still trying to. He's still trying an offer. He's still trying to offer an alternative to the nerdy meme based right and the Larping tactical militia right. But instead of just focusing on physically confronting your ideological enemies as RAM used to say, there's more of a focus on encouraging classic real-world propaganda techniques like street graffiti, banner drops, and advising younger guys to get off the Internet more and to create smaller crews of like minded Nazis in real life to accomplish various direct actions. You know, beyond just fighting Antifa. Quoting from a really good article in the new in the New York review by a great journalist named Ali Winston quote. It remains to be seen what Rundo does with all of this Eastern European education on how to be structured, said a long time investigative said a long time investigator of white power groups who who was not authorized to speak on the record. But in recent in recent interviews the investigator noted that appears Windows approach to organizing has grown more sophisticated. He's quote maturing, the investigator said, comparing rundo now to Thomas Metzer. The former Klansman and founder of the group White Aryan Resistance, who's who's an ideologue revered by the hammer skins and other Skinhead groups. So we we and I think that's accurate. We have really seen a maturing of rundo in the past few years. If you look at the stuff he puts out now compare the stuff he puts out in 2017. He is much more polished, he's much more kind of put together and trying to be more of like a mentor figure to, you know, younger guys as opposed to like this, like street brawler. And even now, I can see Raam's influence spreading in the in in in the young and new, right in the states. When Rondo got out of jail, he connected and seemingly mentored a fascist youth organization called Revolt through tradition. From what I can tell, revolt if you're if you're familiar with uprising, a guy from Portland revolt through tradition is essentially the fascist. While F from what I can kind of gather here, youth Liberation Front. Yeah yeah because like they have a lot of the same aesthetics. They're kind of you know anti modernism, anti tech. I I don't wanna say anti Sir because I'm anti civilization, but they're but they're they're anti modern society in the same way. You know a fascist is in terms of like a fascist, like a Julius Evola fascist, which I might very well write about ******** episode on. Later, because I, I think you know, his influence on RAM and stuff like revolt, revolt through tradition is, is going to be more concerning when I see like intersection with Eco fascism and this kind of, you know, very direct action based kind of fashion. We've talked about Evola a little bit on our Savitri Devi episodes and he's someone who worries me a lot because I mean for one thing he's Steve Bannon's favorite philosopher. Like he's actually extremely influential, but not in a way like he like the vast majority of people. Even people who consider themselves knowledgeable about fascism have never heard his name because he's he's not like a a very showy influencer, but he influences people that you do know. And he's, yeah, he's he's a very serious person to be concerned about. I mean, he's been dead for years, but his ideas, his writing, yeah. I mean, yeah, Amazon sells tons of Ebola books, which is very. Back. It's not great. They they what they like. They feature his book a handbook for right Wing Youth, which they should not be selling. It's a very dangerous text that should not be sold on Amazon. Like that shouldn't be happening. That's very bad. That's bad, yeah. Shocker, he's he's a big supporter of revolting through tradition. Yeah, so revolt has released a few videos very, you know, reminiscent of Rams early stuff while also drawing a little bit from Adam Waffen style videos. But you know they they practice physical training, except they've learned from raam's mistakes. And in all the videos, they're wearing a ostensibly black bloc. From their website. Out revolt for tradition is a metapolitical organization and a movement, not a club. We seek to, we seek others to build a community through education, culture, activism and health and healthy lifestyle. We seek those who are willing to stand up for something. They they they have topics they've articles or topics from like European martial arts to the war, the warrior mentality. Here's that again and standing against standing against degeneracy and modernism and, you know, very much like anti anti modern society, anti tech people need to go into the woods. You know, reminiscent of, you know, Ted Kaczynski stuff and you know, Julie Savola was saying the same things back in his day. Yeah, so a lot of this kind of stuff I'm seeing popping up more, and when this intersects with ecofascism, I think we're going to have a real problem. Yeah the we we're seeing we're seeing a lot of and and and like revolt is actively growing like they're they're telegram is very active they're posting more videos on YouTube I'm I'm seeing like their membership grow from from you know watching what kind of videos they put out you know a year ago compared to now they have different you know people in different cities popping up now different kind of chapters so like it is it is very it's it's it's an active it's an active problem because they're actively recruiting like youth and you know like like a you know teens and people in their young 20s. To try to, you know, get into this very, you know, like meta politics kind of thing. Like their goal is to get people out of electoralism and they're goes on like social media and everything. Yeah, social media, Facebook, Twitter parlor. Do they have a pod? They don't have a pod but I'll talk. I'll talk about Pod podcasting soon cause Rundo is trying to start one. Ohh good. Ohh I'm sure he should. Let me know if he needs some advice. Among that advice would be to drink 409. But, yeah, like, they're basically the rundo and, you know, revolt, revolt traditions goal is to, you know, take disenfranchised youth who are, you know, on the right and try to get them to go beyond, like, electoralism, you know, try to break them out of the electoral cycle, you know, walk away from the Republican Republican Party and start doing like, actual direct actions. This is called, like meta politics, trying to combine political activism, but not in the framework of electoralism, trying to bring it into, like, you know, just. The mainstream culture and how you live your everyday life. Yeah, the so so with with the right getting more and more disenfranchised and disaffected with Trump's loss. I can see groups like this growing substantially then the next four years. The same way anti fascists grew under, you know, the previous four years. Sure, yeah. Rundo actually also sells revolt through tradition stickers on his website. Yeah, which I I've seen, I've seen, I've seen stickers getting posted in Seattle all across the South, all across the East Coast, West Coast. I'm seeing rivals tradition stickers pop up in a lot of spots. And yeah, I'm particularly kind of watching this group right now. I'm gonna quote the New York the New York Review article again for more on this topic quote. Rondo also drew on the writings of fascist philosopher Julie Savola to conceive of the rise above movement as they met a political organization that would foster its own culture, making it independent of Western commercial culture, which Rundo believes is sapping the vitality of white Americans with mainstream TV substance, substance addiction, junk food and multicultural values following a violent teaching, he believed the right can provide wayward white youth with the direction and purpose in life through political and. Physical education. This would equip, young cadre adds to quote, revolt against the modern world, in the words of Evola, and that RAM RAM made that. Basically it's credo to prepare them to confront ideological opponents. Quote they did nothing with electoral politics, but they did everything with street politics and building a counterculture, RAM, founder of Rundo, said of Casa proud in Italian fascist organization. So again, focus on moving away from electoral electoralism and doing, you know, building. The culture within the youth to kind of get more nationalist ideas into the mainstream. That is achievable not through electoral politics, but through direct action. So yeah, what? What Rondo himself brought to this project was a degree of charisma that made him able to recruit others, quoting him again, everything we can do that's outside the mainstream, outside of their posing, outside of their poison, we need to do so again, trying to get out of the mainstream and getting out of electoralism. So yeah, I mean. Rundo does have a weird kind of charisma. Like, he's not, he's not, he's, I don't know, like, I I watched so many random videos in the past month or so, and he definitely has something that he is getting much better at engaging with audiences over over video and over audio. He is. He's definitely learning how to do that. I know, I so earlier, like last month I geolocated a a new Robert Rundo video back to Serbia because actually he rundo was in the states in November and then we kind of didn't know where he was. He posted a new video in December and he was back in Serbia, back in Belgrade. I posted I I found the exact location of the video that I posted on Twitter about and I had like people in my comments saying that like I shouldn't be talking about rundo because he's too attractive and charismatic, quote UN quote which. I I will push back on like as I seen his haircut. Like if your problem with people posting about fascists too, look at Hitler. OK, that was that was OK. But like my point is, like if if if you're saying I shouldn't like people shouldn't talk about these guys because they're too charismatic and attractive, maybe you should do some inner thinking because I think there's a way to talk about these guys and the fact that your colleague have attractive instead of focusing on all the bad things, I think maybe you should do some reflection. I don't know, it's just a weird. Weird, weird, weird thing. Because there needs to be a way to talk about and warning about what these guys are trying to do and what they're and how they're gonna try to recruit youth in the next 4 years. Because they are going to, they're gonna try to recruit a lot of disaffected teens and disaffected people in their 20s. So the the federal appeal on run those charges is still being granted and and if he has to face another trial which is still a big if because we don't know that it depends it depends if the appeal gets granted so but but even if he does have to face trial his mark has been left and at this point it's just kind of reducing how much how much that the how much the mark is left can spread right. Will we have to deal with only a few branch off organizations or many, many more right are we have to mainly focus them. Like Revolter tradition and the remnants of RAM. Or is this going to spread, you know, wildly and you know, you know, impacts the stuff the same way? Like the proud boys will I I don't know yet. What his conviction for, you know, what his conviction on his violence set a precedent for fascist St violence for federal charges or would he becomes a murderer? I don't know. I I don't. I don't really know what that's going to do because, I mean, Ben Daley's already arrested and and in federal prison, so I don't know how much. I mean, Ronda was more, you know, visible. But I don't know if this conviction would really be meaningful in any way or if he'll just turn them into more of a martyr. I'm not sure about that either. All this depends if he tries to flee and if if uh, which would be very funny if he tries to flee again, or if he just tries to still still still hiding in a in Serbia. Because Serbia does have a brand new extradition treaty, but no one's been, no one's ever been extradited through through the treaty before. It just started in 2019, so we don't know if that will actually hold. Yeah, so I mean, and if and if he does feel that means is that I'll have more fun and more geolocation or it will have more fun trying to find him. In the meantime he has like 3 YouTube channels that we can try to. I don't know, they probably shouldn't exist. Yes, uh, yeah. They're called like media to rise and different variations that thereof. He shouldn't have YouTube channels. He does Nazi stuff on all of them. The this, this should not be happening. And just a few days ago, as of this recording, he announced he's starting a podcast. Oh good, yeah, really getting getting away from our platform. So his podcast, he says it's going to be about nationalist lifestyle activism. Like love it. Demos, the demonstrations, brawls, competitions. And how to deal with law enforcement, he said it's it's it's said it's not about theory, it's not about political commentary, it's about actual, you know, meta politics. Like it's actually like about getting you politics to be part of just your everyday culture and everyday life. So Robert, for you guys, you know you, you guys have, we'll have a new podcasting rival and something from going to be the one that does us in. Something for me that's going to be interesting is he also announced he's making a short film. So I have a new rifle and a short film scene and he said. It's a short film with costumes. He was very happy. He was very happy that they had costumes in the short way. I bet those costumes are very exciting, so we have that to look forward to. He's he's still he's he's he's he's still in Serbia. He's still in Belgrade or Belgrade. He posted a video like a two days ago of him at his factory in in in Belgrad. So he's he's still there. And I IG located him there back in December. So he's absolutely still in in in in Serbia. Yeah. YouTube Channels podcast, short film. You shouldn't have YouTube channels. So if we can get those down, I know if if if if we can bully YouTube enough to take those down, that would be good. And because they really shouldn't. They really shouldn't have. That they're better. I mean YouTube, yeah, do better also. Good luck with your podcast. I don't know. Yeah. Well, I mean, obviously good luck with your podcast podcasting. Solidarity, of course. Yeah, that's the most important thing. That's basically all I have on a Robert Rundo and movement and their fashion lifestyle brand that they're trying to develop and sell very bad T-shirts for. And Rhodesia shorts. Yeah, I mean critical support to Rhodesian shorts. All right, everybody. Real helpers are, because this has been behind the ********. We'll be back next week with more terrible people and at some point in the future to talk about Julius Evola, or maybe to talk about ITS, which is you're all gonna really enjoy learning about when that becomes appropriate. Exciting. Yeah. Really not thrilled about. Yeah, I mean, of all the stuff, revolted tradition stuff. We have more people and baby, yeah, that's ecofascism it's gonna be. It's gonna be a real issue. It's gonna kill somebody. Someone listening to this podcast knows. And don't forget to follow Garris. And on Twitter at hungry bowtie. Hungry bow tie. And if you wanna buy better fitting T-shirts you have at public store. So I have heard. Behind the ********. Yeah, yeah. And 100% of our profits go to NADA. Not funding my gym membership. Alright, that's. Hi, Garrison Davis here with a little a little hot steamy Robert Rundo updates. Sorry I I don't know why I phrased it like that, but we we do have an update on our not friend Robert Rundo since I recorded. The first few episodes of this back in January, of course, that that was before the the siege at the Capitol, and a whole bunch of stuff has kind of happened since then, starting with starting with Rundo himself. It was reported in February that of here I I will just read a headline from Global Voices. It's also reported by various other news outlets this is this is legit. Here is the headline quote. Serbia expels US neo-Nazi after investigative website Bellingcat outed his location. So Robert Rondo has actually been kicked out of Serbia during February, which is really interesting. So he is not going to be allowed to stay in Serbia anymore. He's not. He's and he's he's presumably not there at the moment. We'll still need to figure out where he is in the future, but he will probably not be in Serbia because you're not allowed to be there anymore. Now there's a various other places around the globe that he could be trying to stay in, the Ukraine nearby and Russia so. So that that that is that is very interesting that he's no longer in Serbia after months and months of reporting from Bellingcat showing that he is still there. And then I, I still confirmed in December that he was still there. So that is that is that's really interesting. Of course it's always good to know where guys like this are, but you know this, this is good for the people in Serbia and the people in the city he was in, that he's not going to be there anymore. That is that is that is good. Other interesting piece of rundo information and updated Intel that we have is that then in March. So the following month. The appeal to reinstate his rioting charges was granted so the the federal charges. He has against him are now able to be prosecuted against once again, the the the 9th 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Ruled that the the federal rioting act does not violate free speech and that the charges that he was charges, charges he was charged with do not, do not actually violate the free speech laws. So they went back on the 2019 ruling that a federal judge made, which is very you know appeals on the federal level are not very common for them to be granted. So this is, this is really interesting that he is going to that he is he possibly might go to trial. Of now on these rioting charges. Let's see. And so these rioting, I know back in 2018 there was it was like 600 days from the time that he did those violent assaults and then got arrested and charged for it. So now it being like 2021, I don't know how many. That's so so many more days it's. More than 12, more than one more like it's probably be more than 1300 or 1400 days since he did these violent assaults and is actually going to go to, if he's gonna go to trial for them, it'll be, you know, upcoming here. So that's that that's that's been a long time but it it is it is nice to see that he will be facing some consequences for him. You know, randomly attacking people and black hoodies and beating children up on the ground so those charges are reinstated. Those are the two main window updates. Now, again, we don't know where he's at the moment. He could, you know, best guesses are Ukraine or Russia. They have different extradition rules, but we're not sure if Ukraine and Russia is gonna let him stay there, right? We we we know. We know he has friends there. But I'm not sure what the government's going to do when they, if they find out that he's, you know, trying, trying to live there. So that's everything on the rundo side of on the other, on the other side of things, remember, are also not friends at revolt through tradition. The kind of. Fashy Traditionalist youth group inspired by Julius Evola. They have now been pretty effectively D platformed after the January 6th riots at the Capitol and mean more than riots were trying to, you know, do a fascist coup. So all of revolt through traditions, websites, YouTube channels, social media accounts, all of them have been doing. They're all they are all gone. The they they really they only really. The only thing they have left is their telegram channel. Which makes recruiting much more difficult. So it is fantastic to have them not be given you know, their Twitter Facebook and YouTube platforms as well as their website which was honestly a well designed website so that it is very good to see that happen. This is, you know, this is a great example of an effective use of deep platforming. No one really is making a big deal out of it. No one. You know, it's not. It's not like it's a big show. It's just, yeah, quietly, these things are getting taken down and that makes, that makes the, that makes the recruiting possibilities. Much more, much more difficult. Speaking of YouTube channels, let's check rondos. So Rundo still does have some of his YouTube channels up. I know he had a lot, but it looks like some of his previous ones have been deleted. But that's not, you know, that's so that's that is good. That is good that he has less channels now, he has less videos, but still he still does have at least at least two channels up right now. On on YouTube, I think, yeah, media to rise and documentary series media to rise. So his, his main channel was taken down. That's great. But we still have these other channels that he's trying to, you know, recruit off of. So that that is the status of rundo and roll through tradition. At the moment. Revolt tradition is kind of in shambles because they don't know what to do now that they basically have no Internet presence that normies can see and. Rhonda is looking for a New Hope because he's been kicked out of Serbia. So that's that. That's what happened since then. You know, not enough information to warrant a whole other episode. I just thought I would tack this on to the end. So have have a wonderful day. The rest of You Beautiful humans don't. Don't. Don't try to do a fascist coup and then have your Twitter accounts and YouTube deleted and don't start a fascist clothing company. Doesn't doesn't seem to work out well. This is this is Garrison Davis signing off. Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. 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