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Part Two: Mike Adams: The Deadliest Fake News Icon You've Never Heard Of

Part Two: Mike Adams: The Deadliest Fake News Icon You've Never Heard Of

Thu, 27 Jun 2019 10:00

Part Two: Mike Adams: The Deadliest Fake News Icon You've Never Heard Of

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's If you could completely remove one phrase from your vocabulary, which phrase would you choose? I don't know. Correct answer. No, I meant I don't know which phrase, and the best way to banish I don't know from your life is by cramming your brain full of stuff you should know. Join your host, Josh and Chuck on the Super Popular podcast packed with fascinating discussions on science, history, pop culture and more episodes that ask, was the lost city of Atlantis Real? I don't know. Is birth order important? I don't know. How does pizza work? Well, I do know. Bit about that see? You can know even more, because stuff you should know has over 1500 immensely interesting episodes for your brain to feast on. So what do you say? I don't want to miss the stuff you should know. Podcast you're learning already. Listen to stuff you should know on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. My name is Alex Fumero and I host the new podcast more than a movie American Me, a film directed by and starring Edward James. Almost. I'll be diving into the behind the scenes controversy, including an alleged backlash from the Mexican mafia. Several people who worked on the movie have been murdered. I I don't want to speak about it. Why would people be murdered for being in a movie? Listen to more than a movie American me on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. What's Lansing? My rectal polyps. I'm Robert Evans, hosted behind the ******** the podcast where we talk about the worst people in all of history. And every week I try a new and terrible introduction. My guests today are Dan and Jordan from knowledge fight. What did you think of that one, guys? Was that was that alright? I thought it was OK. It was spectacular. Thank you. Thank you. Are you guys big fans of rectal polyps? Big, big fans. Big fans. I had that feeling. I named my first son Paula. Ah, that's. You're cute. Name for a kid, Paul? Yep. I named my first son rectal. I was planning on having two. But you know, time makes fools of us, all, right? Indeed. Rectal Evans does not sound like a good name. We want to be born with that one. We we got a real boy named sue situation here. Meanwhile, Paula home. Yeah, Paul Holmes, now that works perfectly. Yeah, good, yeah, Holmes is a solid polyp polyp. Holmes is gonna cut one hell of an R&B album. Rectal Evans is going to join Blackwater. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, my goal with any child I have is to be so bad at being their parent that we wind up having a bloody glass filled fight in a bar at some point. Like I want that experience from the end of boy named Sue that you do an episode about your own. Yeah, about my own father. Episode about you if you named your kid rectal. We're talking about Mike Adams. Yes, that's right. That's a man who talks about butts, but mainly to sell people silver that they should put inside of their butts. Which is a real thing that might get himselves, colonic silver, which is **** silver. Fun times. So based on everything we've learned about the health Ranger so far, most of you probably take it as a given that he's not exactly going to be on the right side of the vaccine issue. And so we're clear. The right side of the vaccine issue is that vaccines are good. I think we're in agreement there. I think we're all, we should all be in agreement about that one. I'm still on team polio. I'm still on team polio. It's coming back, you and Jessica. That's a defensible argument though. If you're anti vaccine not because you don't think they work but because you hate people and want them to get polio, that's a consistent line. Yeah absolutely. If Exxon just came out and was like, we want to kill people with our climate change ******** you'd be like, I mean I guess that's I guess that's a reasonable argument. I don't know what to tell you there. I can imagine just like the CEO of Exxon and a Patagonia jacket at like some coast side like putting his leg up on like a boulder, lighting a cigarette and tossing it into the ocean and saying. Here at ExxonMobil, we think the environment. Yeah. You can argue with the conclusion, but not how they. Yeah yeah yeah. It's like, OK at least at least you consistent. Yeah. BP just released an official statement changing their motto to ohh **** them. So **** *** motion just said, yeah, just get out of here. So yeah, I don't think anyone's gonna be surprised to know that Mike Adams is a staunch anti vaxxer. I think you might be surprised to learn how influential Mike has been in terms of helping the anti vaccine movement grow and metastasize. Now it is easy to trace. The influence of stuff like that. Wakefield *******. ********. Lancet study because vaccination rates fell as soon as it went viral, the impact of a guy like Mike Adams is harder to parse out. It's clear that he championed every single popular claim about vaccines being dangerous there ever was. It's clear that he spread false information about vaccines having toxic levels of mercury, that he ranted about the supposed connection between vaccines and autism, and that he claimed that the medical establishment had engaged in a systemic cover up campaign in order to suppress the evidence. But like a lot of people. Written about all of that stuff. What makes Mike Adams special is the size of his platform. Think Progress notes according to the service, comScore, Natural News hosted over 2,000,000 unique visitors in the month of December 2014. The website's Google page rank use is a respectable 6 and the same number enjoyed by other more mainstream preachers of the natural space. The CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey's blog also receives A6. As to the landing pages for Andrew Wheel and Deepak Chopra. They add that Adams claims that he has personally authored over 2000 articles, including investigative articles, satire, and op-ed, and that his writings have collectively been read by over 100 million people over the last decade. You say satire? Yeah, yeah, I think we're gonna run into some of the satire later. Ohh, no, every time. Yeah, yeah. They note that Adams's news feeds regularly get higher number. Like these news feeds are larger than that of the Atlantic or the Los Angeles Times. So he's he's influential. This is not just some guy ranting against vaccines. This is some guy that more people trust than the Atlantic. As long as nobody's reading Friedersdorf, I think I'm OK with that. One of Jordan's great. He's one of my one of my ******* mortal enemies. I mean, yeah. I mean, history's greatest monster, but yeah. Tell me about Mike Adams right now. Now, when that think progress article dropped, natural news had about 1 1/2 million followers on Facebook. By 2019 they had almost 3,000,000, which is more followers than Infowars ever had at its height. John Inteen is an author and award-winning journalist. He runs the Genetic Literacy project, which fights misinformation about GMO's and other anti scientific gobbledygook. He's another one of the people who's been writing about Mike Adams for years while the rest of the world ignored him. His research confirmed that by 2019, Adams claimed to have more than 360,000 subscribers to his daily newsletter and more than 4,000,000 monthly unique visitors to his websites. John pointed out that natural news ranked 1814 on the entire Internet. Let's put them roughly on par with the Mayo Clinic. Well ahead of, which is less than half of the traffic of natural news and way, way, way the ****. Ahead of the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which only gets 73,000 unique visits per year. Probably the problem is that the NIH isn't doing enough satire. Yeah, yeah, throw some ******* satire in there, you lazy ********. Come on. So Mike's not just one member of a chorus of ***** talking about, you know, vaccines killing kids. He's one of the. Like single people with the largest megaphones for spreading this kind of stuff in the world. And the fact that he's a lot less flamboyant and interesting than Alex Jones is the only reason why. He's probably not more famous among actual scientists, though he has been reviled for years as a major Archon of disinformation. I'm going to quote from one of John Inteen's articles now. website has been characterized by Brian Dunning of the ******* Dunning Kruger effect who runs the science. But yeah, like, right, like that ******* guy when he chimes in, you know? Yeah, who runs the science skeptoid what's the number one worst anti science website physician Blogger Stephen Novella and clinical neurologist and assistant professor at Yale University School of Medicine characterized Adams as a dangerous conspiracy mongering crank. Oncologist David gorski. Aka Orac, called Natural News the wretchedness, scummiest and wackiest website on the Internet, Alan Levovitz at James Madison University professor writing for Slate, wrote. Natural News is a cesspool of pseudoscientific insanity. Season generously with political vitriol and outlandish conspiracy theories. So most Isley Cantina of yeah, part of me trying to reach out. I was. I was really stoked about that. Alright. Yeah, yeah, that's that's good. He he's he's the most isley's cantina of convincing parents not to give their kids measles vaccines. Those those quotes always make me think of something. The problem with brilliant people who care about stuff is that they get very poetic in their insults. Like if the guy just wrote in slate, this dude is a ******* idiot, and if you listen to him, you're a ******* moron. I think people would get it on a larger scale. Yeah, instead of instead of like, he's the the chubbiest boy, whoever chopped it's like, we're off. Well, this gets into another problem. We were talking in the first episode about like various data and fares data and how it's continuously misused by people and like it exists for a good reason and scientists created these things for a good reason. But This is why international science should hire people like us to like, OK, so we think we're going to have this kind of database and we'll put it here for the whole public to. No, no, no, no, no, no. That's going to be a bad idea. Let me tell you why. Let me tell you what's going to happen. Yeah, yeah. There should be a Council of people who know how grifters think, like sitting down with brilliant scientists and being like, here's why you need to take a different tact. Here's here's the whole they're going to find their way through, right? And then after the fact, they need us also to clown on them like the Mike Adams is of the world as opposed to, like, just responding. Yeah yeah, you dunk on these fools now. Brian Dunning is noted above, pointed out that natural news is. Very influential saying for its frighteningly large influence and abysmal quality of information it earns the number one spot on this list of anti science websites. The influence that gained has led to peer reviewed papers actually mentioning it, for example Wayne Parrott and the University of Georgia. Journal of New Biotechnology wrote an article defending genetically modified food and as an example of the allegations he was addressing included in natural news article. They've also found another study that list listed natural news as one of 20 years so like influential voices in the anti vaccine movement. But these these peer reviewed studies are mentioning natural news as a bad thing. Yes, OK, OK, yeah, yeah, they are saying this is an example of a dangerous influence that is causing people to believe lies. No, no. You meant that it was like they were being cited. No. OK. Who? Christ, no. Now while I was researching this article, I came across a study published by the NIH which, I don't know if you guys know this, but it has a terrible Google ranking, very unimpressive traffic. The study was published in 2018 and it's titled the Anti Vaccine Movement of Regression in Modern Medicine. It opens by noting the premise of the anti vaccination movement can also be contributed to the demonization of vaccines by news and entertainment outlets. Voices such as Jenny McCarthy's have proven to be influential, sweeping fear and distrust into parents minds by parading as autism experts. Now interestingly enough, Mike Adams was one of the earliest and maybe the most prominent people to spread Jenny McCarthy's ill educated not anti vaccine nonsense. In 2010 Mike Adams published an article titled Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship and 14 Monkeys as a statement a statement by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. I I wanna go back in time and talk to me in the 90s and just be like, hey, you know that show singled out that's gonna get people measles? Yeah, good luck that's gonna cause dead diseases to come back to life. Many years from now, no one 's gonna look good involved in this yeah, yeah. The other the other thing, too, about Mike Adams at this all this this stuff is like he's actually good friends with Wakefield. Like, him and Wakefield are are buddies. Yeah, they live in Austin. I'm sure they go drinking with Alex Jones. Well, Mike Adams doesn't drink, but yeah, so he says. He also is 99th percentile in sobriety. He is an MIT just could not stop flinging themselves at him. So before, essentially, this article was just Mike Adams publishing unedited a statement by Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy about why vaccines are bad. And before he published their and edited words, he wrote this introduction. When it comes to vaccines, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey get it. They see how the pharma industry is engineering the campaign to silence doctor Andrew Wakefield in order to suppress the publication of startling new evidence linking vaccines to severe neurological damage at great risk to their professional careers, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have found the courage to dare to tell the truth about vaccines and autism. Despite the vicious attacks by the Pro vaccine Zealots who will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who challenges conventional vaccine mythology, McCarthy and Kerry have issued a powerful, inspired statement that reveals the truth. Behind the big Pharma smear campaign that is intent on destroying the reputation of Doctor Andrew Wakefield before he could publish the final results of this important new study. He never, never published the new study, of course not. Because if I yeah, if I were Mike and I was writing that, I would have thrown in something like, to quote Jim Carrey, somebody stopped me before I don't vaccinate my child. My kid is smoking with the measles. Yeah, I can't think of any good Jim Carrey quotes right now, but something about the majestic. I was gonna, I was gonna try to say syphilis, but in the same voice, he says. All righty then. But I can't do a good Jim Carrey, so I'm not even going to try Jordan's the impression. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure, sure. Question. Yeah. I've been wondering this a bunch. If Big Pharma weren't so actively ******. Like, if they were actually. Popped in like a bunch of chill folk, yeah. I mean, like, if they were acting ethically all the time, of course Mike Adams would still make these stupid ******** claims. There's no reason not to, you know, it doesn't matter if they're on the up and up or not, but since they are so ******* in ethical. Is it, do you think that contributes to how easy people find it to believe his ********? I think not the vaccine, I want to say not the vaccine parts of the Pharmaceutical industry because as a general rule, like I'm not aware of much in the way of shadiness that goes on with that specific chunk of it. But I think stuff like the Sacklers and the opioid epidemic and like jacking up the price of various medications like insulin, like I'm that all definitely contributes to people's general mistrust of the Pharmaceutical industry. Yeah and yeah, like it's if we lived in some sort of crazy society where we all paid. You know, people like us paid 30 or 40 bucks a year. People who had millions of dollars paid more and it just funded huge amounts of medical research and then medication was available free or at cost as opposed to being a for profit endeavor. Maybe this stuff would have less traction and diabetics wouldn't be rationing their insulin in order to pay rent. Maybe both of those things could happen. I don't know. That seems like a crazy, crazy pie in the sky nonsense to talk too far off. Come on, society could. Function that way our our system. Where a company lies about the addictiveness of Oxycontin for 20 years and 200,000 people die is clearly more sustainable. Yeah, I think so. Now, uh, there exists on this glorious Internet of ours, a website, It includes an exhaustively sourced count of every preventable illness caused by anti vaccine ******** and every death from 2007 to 2015. Why isn't Jim Carrey getting a little bit of that URL? This is. This is, it is, it is, and Mike Adams isn't. He's just as much a part of this. They didn't focus unfairly on Jenny McCarthy. I thought it was. I thought it was just a website that chronicled every picture she has on the Internet. That body count is. Body count, they they would actually be similar numbers because Jenny McCarthy counts 152,762 preventable illnesses and 9028 deaths, and that's up to 2015. Now it's your own conclusion in your own head as to how many of those deaths and illnesses we can pin on Mike Adams for being a major, major one of the most prominent spreaders of Jenny McCarthy's ********. But I'm going to say he gets, he gets a cut of it, like one of those things. Like I'm never. Never too interested in assigning like full blame or anything like that. You're a part of this. That means you get, you get your part. Yeah, you're just in it. You're in the conversation of who's you get your share, whatever that is. Of all of these illnesses, it does seem like blaming. Blaming a dumb, dumb celebrity for believing **** **** doesn't make any sense. Like the real issue is the people who exploit her dumb, dumb ******** for their own gain. I mean, think about how many celebrities have had dumb. Harmless beliefs over the years? Yeah, like John Wilkes Booth. Like John Wilkes Booth never heard anybody. Now, I only read about Wilkes Booth in terms of his his career up to 1864 as an actor, but never harmed anybody. Who's not right to say who's the greatest? Hold on. Who's the Tom Hanks of his day? Yeah. God, what if Tom Hanks assassinates the president? What would that? Can you imagine? America would be fine. Like America. I'm. I'm not saying this one. I'm saying a president. I'm just like, I know, I agree. Imagine America grappling with that would be way tougher for me to watch that Carly Rae Jepsen video again. For sure. That'd be #1 concern. Yeah. See, I'm just thinking about what an intense news cycle that would be. So that in a study I cited a little earlier on, the growth of the anti VAX movement is emphatic about the role the Internet has played in spreading this nonsense. It does not name natural News directly, but it makes a very clear point about how dangerous the kind of misinformation Mike Adams trucks in truly is. Quote not only are these tactics deceitful and dishonest, they are also effective on many parents. A study that evaluated how effectively users assessed the accuracy of medical information about vaccines online concluded that 59% of student participants thought retrieved sites were entirely accurate. However, out of the 40 sites they were given, only 18 were actually accurate, while 22 were inaccurate. These sites were not evidence based and argued vaccines were inherently dangerous without any merit based argument. More than half of participants, 53%, left the exercise with consistent. This conceptions about vaccines research has also shown that viewing an anti vaccine website for nearly five to 10 minutes increased perceptions of vaccine risks and decreased perceptions of the risks of vaccine omission compared to visiting a control site. The study also found that the active vaccine sentiments obtained from viewing the website still persisted five months later, causing the children of these parents to obtain fewer vaccinations than recommended. The role of the online access to false anti vaccination information just cannot be understated. And examining the rise of the spread of the anti vaccine movement so. That's a study on exactly what Mike Adams's website does. And they're like, there's documented evidence that sites like his produce a real impact in terms of stopping people from vaccinating their kids. And he has spread this kind of stuff to millions and millions and millions and millions of people. And now it's time for an ad break. Now when I come back, enjoy these supplemental products. Robert. Robert cannot tell you how smooth that was. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've been practicing training. Every morning I get up and jug up a mountain like Rambo or a Rambo. But the other movie that Stallone was in? Rocky 3 eggs and then practice my transitions? They're getting better now. When we come back, guys, it's finally time. For Mike Adams's rap. I don't. Yeah. I don't even know what to call it. His rap. Work his piece, you know, I mean, it's it's it's beautiful, it's perfect. It's beautiful. OK, alright, alright. His achievement, his achieve, OK, alright, his Wu-tang Esque accomplishment. Does he have eight other dudes with him actually? Maybe. But first products. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the build to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for. None of that. 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I think his suffering drove him to try to alleviate suffering. And the shocking discovery I made where I faced the consequences of writing a book I thought would help people? Isn't that funny? It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Religious history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. Hey, it's Rick Schwartz, one of your hosts for San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we sit down with Doctor Jane Goodall to hear her inspiring thoughts on how we can create a better future for humans, animals and the environment. If we don't help them find ways of making a living without destroying the environment, we can't save chimps, forests or anything else. And that becomes very clear when you look at poverty around the world. If you're living in poverty, you can't afford to ask as we can. Did this product harm the environment? Was it cruel to animals, like, was it factory farmed? Is it cheap because of unfair wages paid to people? And so alleviating poverty is tremendously important. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. And we're back. We're back and we are about to listen to the rap video that Mike Albums put out. Now, this is not a separated from just called him Michael Mike albums. Better name, which is his brother. Yeah, that's his rap name right there. Hell yeah. Yeah. He's Mike albums when he's cutting an EP like this. Now this this rap song was part of his anti vaccine campaign and its title is vaccine Zombie. Now before you go any further, can I ask you if you know who produced this? Was this like, I think it's all Mike Adams. Ohk. OK, I think this is all Mike. So Q-tip didn't even have a hand in this. I don't as far as I'm aware. As far as I'm aware, I think old dirty ******* shows up at some point, but OK, good. Glad he's glad his hologram is still guesting. Yeah. No, I I this is a 3 minute long video and there's it's too information dense to play all at once. So I'm going to ask you, Dan, to play the first minute of the video and then we will stop it and we will play the second minute of the video. Ohh influences the health Ranger. And the CDC says more than one million Americans are already infected. They're safe for children to get vaccinated. Swan Flu's coming back like. Having to six, you gotta cover the back, but not get the vaccine. Don't give in to that because those medical quacks are making money off that. The vaccine is. Protest. People like that. Walking around contagious. The truth is outrageous. Don't you know the drug companies made this flu and if you're thinking you wanna buy this, you gotta say this. Don't infect me. What's the cut needle in my arm? Contact me. Don't infect me. That needle in my brain and better correct. We don't do. See, don't abuse me. Don't push a medical lies and try to confuse the. Alright, alright, alright, alright. That's that's unbelievable. That is 100% the opening credits to a Nick Kroll Purdue show 100%. *** ****. How would you what what we got to describe the animation for the listeners because they're not going to be seeing this this art. Rudimentary. Seems like a good place to start in terms of describing I I would say 2009 ERA flash animation. I would give it that. There's also I have happened to pause it right at a point where it's clearly a Michael Jackson. Yeah. Yeah. It's the whole thing is clearly a Michael Jackson rip off. Yeah. There there there's there's a one of the zombies is clearly a knock on on. Michael. I don't know what's going on. It's not it's not. Robert, you're similar to. It it there's no similarities between the song and thriller. It's just about vaccine zombies and Michael Jackson dressed as a zombie that one time, so he's the centerpiece of the video. Obviously, creatively, he could do worse. It's bad. But he doesn't write a terrible hook. I've heard worse. I've heard. Yeah, I, I and I do do anything the doctors tell me. So I I identify with the the character. And this is from 2010, too, so, like, this is before a lot of the evolution of rap. Yeah, we've seen in the modern day, right? Kendrick had only released his first album. At this point in time, he doesn't even know about this ****. Ohh yeah. Yeah, yeah, I and I I think this one probably had a big impact on Kendrick Lamar. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fair to say, I think he might have created a trap. Music. You just pulled that from thin air. You got no idea. I'm just trying to sound cool. There was an old man being like, what are the kids relate to these days? I know trap music is a thing, yeah. My music is more like. Guilty as charged. I'm still listening to SKA and Carly Rae Jepsen. Well, hey, let's sky never died. And is, is, is famous and beloved as it's always been. And that's the end of that discussion. Let's play the rest of this album. All right, here we go. Song. Don't you know Swan flu made by man pharmaceutical scam? It's Oh no, no. Ohh no. That's all. What is that? Madison is OK, but they can't charge. Ohh yeah. In fact, you alright, I'm actually getting into this. Shoot, they abuse you. Stay the same in your life. Really confuse you. All you guys grab your kids and shoot them up just by getting peers, injector teens and their babies in their teens. And when they get paralyzed, as we do, realize there's no way to undo what you did. The big drug companies are making the killer, collecting the billions of getting the way like a James Bond villain cause the willing to do almost anything just to make money with the flu vaccine. Wow. You guys had a pretty strong reaction to a Mike Adams appearing in the flesh on that video. Yeah, I wasn't ready for the animation change from like, go goofy cartoons to Mike Adams in a rotoscope list undershirt. Oh, God, yeah, that's was deeply up. That's rough. That's about enough, I suspect of that. That's that's frightening. Yeah, that's it's a lot. It's a lot to take in. But you you get an idea of how Mike makes his arguments about vaccines to people. Well, you're not exact. Will shrivel up and fall off if you if you vaccinate yourself. That's one of those. Like, watching that part of that especially, like, it's that weird middle ground that I don't understand exactly how to figure out what's what of. Like, there's a clear attempt to be funny. Like, clearly he's trying to be funny on some level. Yeah. Yeah. But it's mixed in with these audacious, unproven. Medical claims it's it's hard to figure out where the line is. Like, how much of that nut sack stuff was a joke? Yeah, it does. Mike Adams really believe that? I know, yeah, every girlfriend I've ever had has said that to me. The vaccines are going to shrivel. You nuts. No. How much of that nutsack stuff is a joke? Oh. Oh well, yeah. Now, we should probably talk a little bit more about what kind of person Mike Adams is. I I just wish we had more detail about his life. So tragically, we're going to have to refer back to the bio on his website where he notes Adams has no criminal record and has never been arrested. Yeah, what if I if you're writing your own bio, what's in my bio? That's it. That's my. I actually wrote it in your bio too, just in case. Yeah, well, you lied. Ohh ****. He avoids alcohol, smoking, coffee and all recreational drugs. He has never used recreational drugs in his entire life. Yeah, trying to think you might have used recreational drugs, yeah, yeah. If you have to preemptively deny something, that's probably because you already did it. But also, how do you do an alternative news site that has stuff about crystals and not smoke some weed? Like, how do you that doesn't? That seems very incongruous to me. It does. It does, Adams notes in his website. Adams is not known to appear on the social scene, and he usually spends time in nature rather than socializing. He is occasionally spotted in public at the Whole Foods Market in Austin, TX. Adams is well trained in hand to hand. Combat, firearms and self-defense. He has authored numerous courses on self-defense and personal protection. So Mike Adams goes to Whole Foods and he'll ******* kill you. Yeah, I like that. It's like he's, you know, you're not going to find him at a debutante ball, but he'll be at the Whole Foods and he is trained. He will **** you up. Tell me how much difference there is between that and maybe the unabombers self-described bio. Like, like, come on man, Puzinski wasn't good at judo. No, no, he was not. Terrible Agito incredible presence on the gram, though? Really? Yeah, took to social media like a duck takes to water. Now, one thing we all know for sure about Mike Adams is that he has thin skin when it comes to people criticizing him directly. This might be part of why he's not more widely known. On April 3rd 2014, John Enteen wrote a profile of Adams for Forbes, where he is a contributor. Mike lashed out to Forbes the same day, claiming John's article contained factual inaccuracies and slander. He told Forbes to take it down and they folded like an origami crane. Adams demanded substantial corrections, none of which dealt with the actual meat of John's claims. Adams didn't want to be called anti. Science or an AIDS denialist? Or a 911 truther? He wrote this to Forbes. I am contacting you to firmly request that you immediately retract this article and refrain from allowing obvious biotechnology frontmen such as John Enteen to exploit your website for such false and defamatory hit piece articles filled with many factual errors and rumor mongering. Also in the category of cyber bullying, are we still in his bio? No, no, no. He's this is what he wrote Forbes. That's a good letter, though. Yeah. Yeah. Now because he's a real journalist. John Intein published the gigantic document exhaustively laying out the evidence for every claim he made against Mike Adams. You can go read it right now on the subject of AIDS denial and include screen grabs of an article written by Mike Adams titled aides. The great Medical Con is explained by David Icke. Oh no. Oh no. Yeah, aids. I'm denying it. Don't call me an AIDS denier. Here's what he wrote in that article. HIV does not cause AIDS. HIV does not cause anything. A staggering statement giving the hype and acceptance of the scientific establishment and through them, the public that the HIV virus is the only cause of AIDS. HIV is a weak virus and does not dismantle the immune system. Nor is AIDS passed on sexually. Did he write this in the Reagan era? Like, when did he write that? No, this is like 2010 or some **** like, that's unacceptable. That's crazy. Yeah, man. Now. Sounds almost like a daily affirmation that he tells himself. Yeah. Hey, hey, don't worry about it. Yeah. MM, we're gonna be fine. You can't get aids, Mike. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, to back up his statement that Mike Adams is a 911 Truther, John Enteen included this article that Mike wrote jumping rope in 911 truth how sheeple have been trained to avoid the unpopular truth about World Trade Center 7. There's there's numerous examples of both of these things. If this is. Yeah, of course, being this kind of person, that one's plane is day. Yeah. And while Adams accused John Inteen of cyber bullying, the e-mail that he himself sent John seems to fit that definition much better. As you are now well aware, you are about to be named in a personal lawsuit which will cite the extensive body. If you're defamation and cyber bullying efforts, all of which have been archived and timestamped for court evidence, you can count on this lawsuit requiring considerable resources of your time and money for the foreseeable future. You are no doubt also aware that I have many friends and law enforcement and that we are simultaneously pursuing an effort to have you arrested and charged with cyber bullying crimes, fairness. He is a Ranger. Yeah, he is a Ranger. He got those tabs. He got his health Ranger tabs. He's got Chuck Norris on call. Yeah, for sure. His challenge coin is just a vial of Ebola. Now, as far as I'm aware, the defamation suit against John Enteen did not proceed, and John Enteen continues to write fantastic articles about Mike Adams. He was particularly furious in May of 2014 when doctor Oz, America's most prominent medical con man, who will probably sue me for that line, invited Mike Adams on as a guest on the Doctor Oz Show. No, that's not real. No, that's not that ******* happened. You can't do that. You can't do that. That's crazy. That's that's second to the music video. It terms of like, you should lose your medical license for sitting down and talking to Mike Adams and doing anything but saying how dare you. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. TV show. Yeah. Medical license. Yeah. I'm still going to go with my license too. I think we've learned we're gonna put that in there, too. Roll that up in there. I think we've learned that in America. Not a *** **** thing. We'll get a TV show taken away from you who should lose your ******* freedom for that ****. Yeah. Yeah, it's. Pretty bad now. As think progress, notes, the doctors 12 minute segment with the Health Ranger was concerned with Adams's research into the levels of heavy metals contained in a variety of supposedly organic foods. Doctor Oz directed viewers to Adams's website in order to find out which ginkgo biloba protein and cacao supplements passed the test performed in Adams's own lab. Those pages offer recommendations and esoteric explanations in the levels of heavy metals discovered in each product, but nothing on the methodology and instrumentation used to arrive at these vital and commercially impactful conclusions. I really can't overstate how ******* dangerous this is on Doctor Oz's part. Having Mike Adams on and giving him a chance to plug his websites and wares, and focusing the conversation on one narrow area that seems legitimate, is just about one of the most irresponsible cases of platforming I can imagine. And there's not even any evidence that Adams's research into heavy metals on these drugs is accurate in any way, shape or form. Think Progress reached out to 8 of the vendors Mike reviewed badly on his website. They found that no one in the supplement industry was willing to go on record talking about Mike Adams. One company's president, whose products are certified organic and meet all the necessary standards of the EU and FDA, agreed to talk on the condition of anonymity, stating that people in our position don't want to validate his arguments or acknowledge them. We don't want to kick him in case he decides to come after us. The minute you open your mouth in that echo chamber, you're on the defense and there is no coming back. That sounds that sounds real. Yeah, that sounds entirely like exactly what you'd expect. It's it's so reasonable and so smart for them to do that. And yet, at the same time, it makes you so sad because what we should be doing is fighting ******* head on is burn this guy to the ground wire that he is. Yeah, yeah, well, that sucks. Yeah. Now, over the last decade and change, there have been a lot of alterations to the way the Internet works. Google's altered their algorithm numerous times. Trying to make life harder for people like Mike Adams, the rights of social media has further changed the landscape, and Mike has had to adapt to stay relevant and profitable. Shark he's like a shark, and the Internet is run entirely on windmills now. Also, sharks don't exist. Globalist conspiracy? No, sharks do not exist. Yeah, that's obvious though. I found a great article by the McGill Office for Science and Society published in 2018 that traced out Mike's online empire at what might have been like proved to have been its height. They found at least 50 websites owned by him. From natural news and other phone news websites like GMO News and Medicine News and Vaccine News to anti left wing sites like campus insanity, Libtards dot News and Freedom dot News. There were also the predictable prepper websites like collapse dot News quote from McGill on, a website dedicated to an algae sold as a superfood. You'll be scared into thinking every seller of clarillo wants to kill you. Except for Adams, who of course wants you to know that his store offers clean chlorella, even if it means less profit than retailing cheaper, lower quality. Florella well, Adams trots out this food source as a defense against cancer. The evidence isn't there. On, you will find a legit looking portal for a nonprofit that funds educational programs. Press releases on the website claim that the center annually hands out educational grants to aid school school children, expectant mothers, and school nutritional programs and low income families. Under board of directors, a single person is named Mike Adams. There is an invitation to join our Advisory Board, but no Members are listed. The site was last updated in 2016, though the organization was granted tax-exempt status. In 1995 Sneaky yeah. Now is that the same year Scientology got tax-exempt status? It's ****. It actually might have been a hell of a year. It was close. Yeah, it wasn't. Yeah, it was not that far away. Now, that report also notes that Mike Adams has published a browser toolbar designed to keep readers permanently connected to his online empire, even when they visit other sites. That's really smart. Yeah, that's that's crazy. Top smart, yeah. Yeah, I hate him. I hate him so much. But yeah, it I hate him even more because I'm like, **** that's a good idea. Yeah, it's a great idea. Now, I didn't download that toolbar because I am not willing to have my laptop take that bullet for this podcast, but I did some other research. For one thing, Mike owns Nature PDF, which allows people to look up ailments like IBS and see that the healthiest cures or supplements that Mike Adams sells on his own stores. And that is coincidental. How that works now, Mike also has his own search engine, which he builds as a replacement to Google. It's called good Gopher. Yeah, good Gopher. It's billed as filtering out corporate propaganda and government disinformation. Extended say Mike Adams is full of ****. That's code for that. Yeah. Well, it's it's not quite what I had expected. So I found out about this and that McGill report, which notes that, like, searching for the Washington Post doesn't take you to the Washington Post, it sends you to truth Wiki, real investigations. dot News and Disinfo dot news. That's just a good Boolean search. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I tried out good go for myself just to see what sort of results it gave. And I entered in. What is my very favorite single word search term, which is just the word Hitler and nothing else? I just, I I wanted to see where that took us. I like it. That's a good litmus test. I like. Yeah, yeah. Well, let's just see what he's got to say about him. If result one on that website is like, it was Hitler that bad guys come on then, you know, it's great. Result 3, Jordan. Result one, I'm guessing. I'm guessing result one is the Sloan Foundation which Alfred the Alfred P Sloan Foundation on truth wiki. Result 2 is the IG Farben pharmaceutical conglomerate on Truth wiki. And the result three was a blog called Macrocosmic Thinking Pot calling the Kettle Black the vilification of Hitler. Oh God no no. Yeah. It's the kind of Nazi propaganda that tries to mask itself as just correcting their records. So it says that, like, you know, Hitler really wanted peace with France and England after he invaded Poland. They're the ones who, like, pushed for war. And of course it was a secret treaty. He invaded a whole country guys like. Anyway, it also notes that every side in World War Two used labor camps. So really, was the Holocaust so bad? I'm starting to come around on this guy now. Mike Adams didn't write that, but the search engine that he built provides. That is the third return when you search just the word Hitler. So yeah, but I feel like if you search just the word Google in his search engine, it would come back with like, was Hitler that bad? Did Hitler make Google? Yeah. Google, I just not. I did not tragically try that one. But that's the way you'd always kind of goes with these folks who like, try and create their own spaces because they like everyone else. This space is so terrible. They create things like gab and bitchute and all that, and then it's just infested with exactly that sort of search result, you know? Yeah, and ******* Mike Adams is the guy who built Google for Nazis. But if you want some products that aren't for Nazis, check out the products and services. Would support this podcast and or program. They are not for Nazis. I don't even know what ads they are. It might ******* be another coke industries ad, in which case that one kinda is but the others definitely not. Products. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. 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This fall on revisionist history, is there anything that we haven't talked about, or I should have asked you or you'd like to add that seems relevant? You should have asked me why I'm missing fingers on my left hand. A story about sacrifice. I think his suffering drove him to try to alleviate suffering. And the shocking discovery I made where I faced the consequences of writing a book I thought would help people? Isn't that funny? It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Religious history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. Hey, it's Rick Schwartz, one of your hosts for San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we sit down with Doctor Jane Goodall to hear her inspiring thoughts on how we can create a better future for humans, animals and the environment. Anything, particularly young children out into nature so that they can experience it and take time off from this virtual world of being always on your cell phones and so on. And get the feel of nature so that you come to be fascinated, then you come to want to understand it, and then you come to love it, and at that point you want to protect it. And then we'll come to the sort of healthy world that I envision as a good future for us. And the rest of life on this planet. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back. Oh, boy. I'm just. I'm doing my best with these ad plugs. You guys, I think you're doing great here. I think you're doing great. Yeah, I think you're doing great. That was a great idea. Add pivot. It was one hiccup in the first episode. I think you're doing great sense. Yeah, fine. Golden Lion. Thank you. A lot of people say you shouldn't even mention Nazis close to making an ad plug, but I think that's cowardice. I agree. Now, on June 8th, 2019, The Daily Beast published its first deep dive into, the first one from a truly mainstream website. The title was the new Infowars is a vitamin site predicting the apocalypse. At the start of the article they point out a recent natural news headline. LGBT progressivism hears parents want to start physically maiming their own babies to slice off all gender organs in the name of progressivism and equality. The article is authored by Mike Adams, and in it he writes the next escalation of this war on Biology will, I predict, involve parents maiming their newborn infants by slicing off their penis and scrotum shortly after birth in order to rid the child of gender inequality. So that why don't any of these people bring up, like, Barbie dolls? Barbie and Ken dolls? Like, they didn't have genitals. Why don't any of them bring that up into their conspiracy? Yeah, like you're trying to normalize the idea of not having genitalia. Why not? Why would they do that? I don't know. Why are you giving these people free solutions? It's unfortunately something me and Jordan do a lot. Yeah, we we tend to give punch up to the evils. So that article, as you probably guessed by the first bit, is not at all him reporting on anyone. Actually suggesting that parents slice their children's genitals off, but based on his prediction that parents will start doing this because he's a maniac. Do you think that when circumcision was a thing in in the Jewish community in the in the original tribes, like 7000 years ago, there were some people who were like, man, here's what they're gonna do to you, man, they're gonna keep your penis on. That's why we gotta cut it off. Like this whole reverse lunacy of conspiracy theories. Do you think circumcision is cutting a penis off? I don't know. Did they Riddle me that? I'm very confused. There's no way to know. What I will tell you is that every protest I've been to, there is one confused elderly man walking around with a sign talking about how circumcision is evil. Regardless about what the protest is about, it could be a black Lives Matter March. It could be a protest for pot legalization. There's going to be an old guy with a sign about how circumcision is evil and all of them are Joe Biden. Definitely run into some foreskin advocates in my my days of protests. Yeah, it's always confusing. Yeah, it's just like what? Dude, come on. Now, uh, also the daily I should note that The Daily Beast pointed out the article was punctuated by a mid page sales pitch for organic broccoli sprout capsules. OK, OK, all right. Yeah, I sell that ****. Got to sell that ****. I can use some broccoli. In pill form. Yeah, in pill form. The best form for all medication. One day after the publication of this article, The Daily Beast article, which is really quite good, Facebook banned natural news. From their platform, this followed bands from Google News, Apple, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. The ban from Facebook came last, probably because Facebook is garbage, but it is probably the ban that will hurt Mike the most. After being banned, Mike took to right wing news site Gateway pundit to claim that he was the victim of a vast and sinister conspiracy. The title of that article was tag team tech terrorism. Facebook deletes conservative leaning natural news after Daily Beast publishes horribly sourced junk hit piece according to natural news. Founder Mike Adams the hit piece was so wildly inaccurate and horribly researched. The details they published were so ridiculously fabricated that I've never even heard of many of the accusations before. They reported on actions by a previous owner several years ago. Our nonprofit publishes public reports. I've never even taken a salary from a nonprofit. They go on to note. It's certainly appears once again that liberal publishers are working with Facebook to eliminate conservative voices online, Mike Adams added. It's clearly coordinated. The timing was irrefutable. It's tag Team Rico terrorism. I love the phrase tag team Rico terrorism, because what does that mean? It goes. So it's two ricos. Yeah. One of them's outside of the ring and the other one is inside the ring. OK. OK. So when you're in the middle of 1 Rico case, yeah, yeah, yeah. You get tagged out and there's a new judge who comes in. Like if that like, 1 RECO gets exhausted, they can go to the the side of the ring and tag in. Enrico just gets tired. You can't. You know, your Honor, I just. I just. I gotta take a break. I gotta take a break. Your Honor, we're gonna break. Yeah. You thought we were done. Racketeering. Here's another. Yeah. Yeah. That whole thing of like, people like, they're tag teaming me. It's like that in terms of wrestling rules. That's not really that much of a difference than you just fighting one guy. Yeah, like if the other guy's taxes you, then it's a disqualification according to the rules. It's very it's not minor squabble, but when like a group of people complains about you being dangerous for half a decade and nothing is done, and finally a major news site writes an article about you and then. Facebook caves? That's not tag team. No, that's chickens coming home to roost. Yeah, basically, yeah. Chickens coming home to roost. And also ******* **** behavior on behalf of Facebook. Now, after talking to Gateway Pundit, Mike next posted an angry response on natural news, calling himself the victim of a smear campaign by techno fascists. He unveiled a new graph, which I should have sent you guys but didn't. It's just and yellow text at the at the top. It says enemies of humanity then, and it lists Adolf Hitler. Benito Mussolini. Joseph Stalin. Pol Pot, Mao Zedong and has all their pictures. And then underneath them and underneath the word, now it has underneath Adolf Hitler, Mark Zuckerberg and Nice. Underneath Benito Mussolini. Jack Dorsey of Twitter, of course. Underneath Joseph Stalin. Jeff Bezos? Sure, yeah. Underneath pole pot. Sundar Pichai. That's it. We're we're we're really running down the list real quick, huh? And underneath mousie dung, Tim Cook from Apple. Same now, Tim Cook. And underneath Tim Cook is Nikolai Chucu. For some reason, I don't know why they tossed that one in there. I'm sorry to have trouble imagining this as a graph. I I I love. It's an infographic. I'd say, OK, I love comparing Jack Dorsey to Benito Mussolini, because that one kind of, kind of it does kind of work, doesn't it? Kind of works. Kind of hear that far off kind of spot the **** on. Uh a few days after this, Mike went on Infowars and talked to Alex Jones about his fears that Congolese refugees at the border would bring up bring Ebola into the United States. Yeah, just recently talked about we've, we've, we've, I have seamlessly sailed us into familiar waters to drop you guys back off at your comfortable home because I am a great captain. In this article or in this episode, Mike Adams accused these fleeing people of being essentially a bioweapon which is about 1/4 inch away from literal Nazi propaganda in the 20s and 30s, and how it represented Jewish refugees fleeing the Soviet Union. Can I stop you? He didn't essentially call them a bioweapon. He didn't call them. He straight up called them a bioweapon. Yeah. So the guy who posted a recipe including drink some Ebola virus called other people a viral bioweapon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it's him putting up an infographic that says enemies of humanity and, like, cites the greatest dictators in history as monsters is humorous to me for that, because he's basically making Nazi propaganda and also made Nazi Google. But it's also a little bit, I don't know, humorous is the wrong word. Me, Mike Adams is a war crimes denier. Is a Syrian war crimes denier like that? That's that's the lead that I was awkwardly getting to in 2017 after a chemical weapons attack by Bashar al-Assad and Syrian civilians might, quoted a piece of President Trump's address in a national news column. Assad choked out the lives of innocent men, women and children, was a slow and brutal death for so many. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No Child of God should ever suffer such horror. That was President Trump. And after quoting this Mike. James wrote if you replace the word Assad with CDC or the vaccine industry, it all makes even more sense. Vastly higher numbers of children right here in America have been cruelly murdered in the barbaric attack of toxic vaccines that have ever been killed by chemical weapons in Syria. Ah, yeah. I you gotta give it to a guy who swings for the fence. Big swing, you know that's how. Yeah. Swing. Swing guys trying to go yard. Yeah. Casey is at the bat. Yeah, Casey is. Casey is eating the bat in order to gain its powers. And I don't know what the **** that is. Jesus, that's **** you and Mike Adam. That's the whole, that's all I've got. That's the whole ******* episode. Yeah, he does. He does suck tremendously. He's a real ***** ** ****. It's so weird that like so much of his like the actual like career damage that he's done is so much of that like perpetuating the anti VAX dangerous health ideas and then somehow his pivoted into the like. Worst political ideas too. It's own both of those spaces. So, like, seriously, they dumped hell so well into each other though. Like if you're an and it's easy to use relative intelligence kind of words for it, but if you're susceptible to the kind of right wing rhetoric that gets you to hate random immigrants that you've never met, that you have no concept of, why wouldn't you be at the same time, be susceptible to buying? Pills that have cures for diseases that you've never heard of, for problems that you've never considered. You know? Yep. It's it's the it's the same kind of short circuit in your brain that allows you to believe in both of those things so easily. Yeah, and I do want to return before we roll out to the kind of question that I've been wondering throughout this research process, which is, like, why didn't anyone know about this guy until recently? Like, why didn't he get more attention while he was doing all this? And. I wonder if some of it's just that, like, if you watch him actually speak or watch his videos. Like, I came across a bunch of his videos that I was going to include in this because they had crazy titles about vaccine denial. He's so ******* boring. Yeah, like when he actually talks, he's so ******* boring. He is the blandest man in the world. Yeah, but then when we go back to that idea of, like, I want to trick people into thinking I'm poorer than I am, yeah, that that boringness is kind of a self-defense. Yeah, speaking for myself as someone who's listened to thousands of hours of Alex's. So like I've run into him like Co hosting the show often in whenever I do I'm like off. Like I I'm sure that I could be more upset by him. Yeah before this point had I've actually listened to the episode to host, but I just get 5 minutes in like I'm not interested in you, I'm trying to learn about Alex. You're so *** **** boring. I think it is self-defense and not just that, but his is a career built entirely upon SEO like. Entirely upon keywords. So him speaking, you know, kind of behind the scenes exactly. So him speaking would be boring because he's not creating his search words while he's speaking. He can't extemporaneously do that and so he doesn't get any real traction from it. ******* a yeah. I think he's I think he flies under the radar really well. Yeah. Well, he he has until. Yeah. I mean he he definitely did for a lot longer than Alex Jones. And I think my nickname for him might be smart. Alex Jones. Yeah. Because that's essentially they had the same career path. He just was smart enough and like I guess not quite as narcissistic because he didn't need to put himself out in front of things as often and as a result, he made. Way more money and hasn't been sued by people. So hopefully he will, though. Yeah, he should be. Yeah. When you're when you at least have a a good 30 or 40% stake and a lot of people dying of preventable diseases, it feels like you should have some sort of karmic reckoning coming somewhere along the line. Yeah. He openly doesn't give a **** about karma, so there's that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, karma. Karma. Karma doesn't pay the ******* bills, Jordan. Sure. Don't. Hey, you're you're telling the choir here on this, you know what? You know what pays the bills is vaccine zombie. Oh, never. Oh yes, the ads do pay the bills. In my case, I thought that was a an amazing ad pivot there. No, no, I mean, my karma is terrible, but it's because of that cemetery. We don't need to get into that. So do you think he's ever made money off that rap song? Do you think he's made a cent off that? God, I don't know. The site says it only has 26 views, which can't be true. So what? We're 12 of them. Yeah, it that that can't be accurate because it also it hasn't changed since I viewed it multiple times. I think their view counter is just broken. OK would be believable though. Yeah, like I. Uh, the first comment on it is somewhere I just Scroll down to the comments. The first comment is someone who's username is the word liars. And it says that's so good. That guy has been on the Internet from the beginning. If his if his name is liars, my mind ohh that's amazing. Oh dear. Sweet Jesus. All right, guys, I'm exhausted. This is the episode. Plug your plug cables. We have a podcast. It's called knowledge fight. It's all about Alex Jones. And we put out episodes three times a week. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. People find us on iTunes. Our website, and indeed, we're at knowledge. under score fight on Twitter and I'm at go to bed, Jordan, and I will. Twitter is chock full of vaccine denial. Yeah, no, that doesn't sound right. That doesn't sound right. But yeah, and I will be hosting zanies in Old Town the entire month of July. So if you wanna come down and say hi, that'd be great. And yeah, I am I I have no anti vaccine content on my Twitter, but me neither. Me neither. Shitpost a lot about Nazis on it. So if you want some of that you can go to I write OK on Twitter. You can find this podcast on the Internet at You can buy a T-shirt off of T Just look us up. You know what the name of this podcast? Because you listen to it and please do check out knowledge fight. It's my favorite podcast for bench pressing towards. Thank you. That means a lot. Yeah, it fuels me with the anger that I need to, to get that last couple of reps in. So I, I I appreciate it for that. Well, we only pray that you're never trying to set a record while we accidentally make a really funny line and you've talked yourself out with a dumbbell. We pray that never happens. That is the gamble that I take every time. But. You gotta stay alive. You gotta stay feeling alive. I'm a gambling man. And now, in true Alex Jones form, I'm just going to start playing the gambler and singing along to it, loudly demanding that you won't listen. In joke for people who are up on their AJ knowledge, all very gassy wonks out there. Thank you so much for being my guest today, and thank all of you for listening. The ******* podcast is over. Go do something good with your lives. 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