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Part Two: John McAfee Is Not Funny Anymore

Part Two: John McAfee Is Not Funny Anymore

Thu, 14 Feb 2019 11:00

Part Two: John McAfee Is Not Funny Anymore

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Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's breaker handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her impactful behavioral discoveries on chimpanzees. It wasn't until one of the chimpanzees began to lose his fear of me, but I began to really make discoveries that actually shook the scientific world. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello, friends. On the Internet. For Internet. I'm Robert Evans. This is behind the ******** podcast. Bad people tell you about them. It's Part 2 of the John McAfee episode. With me today as within part one is Lacey Moseley. Lacey, how's you doing? I'm. I mean, I'm doing OK. Lacey, you are again a comedian, actress, scam goddess. Yes. And you're ready to hear some more about John McAfee. I'm loading up. I'm. I'm ready. Jmac. Alright. Just gets worse. Yeah, we we ended on. Drugging and ****** a woman so we not a lot else for it to go but down. And it was a laugh of awkwardness. Yeah, what a bad dude. It's going to keep going down. So I forget, when I first became aware of John McAfee, it might have been 2011. When I first read the Wired article that I quoted from, you know, earlier, I remember being endlessly amused that the guy behind the world's most irritating antivirus program was ridiculous. Madman often venting drugs in the jungle or something. Yeah, that was that was neat. Like we all use. That could be antivirus. And knowing that, like, this ****** program that we all hate, like the guy who made it just a maniac out in the jungle. I hadn't heard about the rape or anything yet. That wasn't until 2016. So I was a fan of John McAfee for a while. Right when we started this story, I was like, Oh yeah, what a great scammer started up, you know, just, like, almost scammers do. And then, yeah, it took a real turn. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So bad guy. McAfee abandoned his jungle compound shortly after the Belgian government raided him, and of course he assaulted Dr Adonizio, at least allegedly assaulted, and he moved back to his beach house on Ambergris Cay full time with an ever expanding cast of young women. He gave each of them their own bungalow, called them his girlfriends, and according to the girls who paid them to poop in his mouth through hammocks. Oh my God, I just dropped that one out there. Now, that's gross, but they're adults. He's paying them. It's whatever. Compared to the rape, it's whatever. I'm not going to judge somebody for having a thing that's a specific thing. If they're consenting adults and getting paid whatever, I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna let labor on it too long. It's kooky. But whatever. But he was, he was, he was. He was the guy pooping. Like being pooped into. He was worse than being pooped. Yeah, exactly. OK, so, OK, well, I mean, Lucy wouldn't pooping all. At least he wasn't pooping on people. Whatever. It's it's his thing. OK, that part's fine. Now, that fact didn't come out in 2016 and they're release of Gringo, a documentary about John McAfee. Accurate title? Yeah, accurate title. And we will be talking about that more in a little bit. For now, I want to try to stay as chronological as it is possible to be with a tale of John McAfee, because of course he lies about himself constantly. Yeah, there was a lot of work on the back end here being like, how did what's the timeline, what actually happened here? I may have gotten some stuff mixed up timeline wise. It's probably not perfect, but I think this is as close as you can do. After his jungle misadventures, John McAfee grew more and more paranoid. Since he couldn't fully trust his guards, he bought a **** load of dogs, only he didn't do a great job of policing his dogs and they had a tendency to run around the beach ******* off his expat neighbors. The angriest of these guys was a dude named Greg Fall. Now Greg owned a sports bar in Orlando and he lived in Belize. Like half the year it was his chill out spot. He had a nice beach house. He did some construction in in the country itself. And you know, he it was where he went to relax and he kind of. That's OK. It's whatever. Belize is like Ohio. Like Ohio of the Caribbean. Well, let's not be that mean to Belize. I like it. You are being really hard on police for no reason. It's a very ugly, awful place. I do not agree. And people of Belize, I I'm defending you and I think that your ginger wine is delightful. Look, people love Ohio too. I don't love Ohio. Do you wanna build a compound there? Police is pretty. I build a compound in Belize. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'd prefer to build a compound in Guatemala because they got better mountains, but, like, Belize has some cool stuff. It's a nice place that has people shoot trees and bugs. You would just a really hating. There's bugs everywhere we come from Texas. You talking about bugs? There's mountains of crickets out there. Yeah, but crickets ain't doing nothing. No. Crickets give you a nice soundtrack to your life. You know what I mean? Some ASMR for your sleep. Like, they ain't biting the **** out of you guys. Don't go. I was eating pizza in Guatemala with a friend once, and he, like, grabs the back of his neck and like, pulls his hand away. And there's like a big weird looking Caterpillar in it and he, like, throws it down. And then suddenly his whole back bursts out and boils like, it's just like ******* wounds all over his back, does this thing, even crawling up him. And like, the lady who ran the pizza joint was like, Oh yeah, those will do that. You don't want to get those on here. She's so nonchalant. Yeah, they'll do that. Yeah. Don't do that. Yeah. Yeah. You gonna die in about 30 minutes. So you might wanna know. It's fine. But he said that was in Belize. That was in Guatemala, but it was in Guatemala. close to Belize. No, no, where you said it was. I was just trying to throw more shade. No, no, I'm not gonna throw shade on Belize. This is a Pro Belize podcast. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's an anti McAfee podcast. So this guy who vacations from Orlando? Yeah, this this dude. This, like, white expat dude who this is, he gets really angry at John for about a bunch of uncontrollable. Dogs right now it's really hard to tell what happened. In the documentary Gringo, most of the people that Nanette Bernstein talks to seem to think that Greg fall poisoned John Mcafee's dogs. Other people have definitely suspected that John McAfee himself says that he doesn't think fall poisoned his dogs that he didn't think he would do that. But somebody poisoned the doubts. Well, I don't know. The dogs got sick and McAfee shot them all and was apparently furious about it. Because they were sick. And if they were really poisoned, that's what you do to spare the dogs the pain. It was a bad poison or something like that. I don't. I can't know. Greg fall on November 12th, 2012, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in his house. And of course, a lot of people suspected. Oh, McAfee hired someone to kill Greg Fall because Greg poisoned his dogs. OK, really, I don't know what happened. I don't know if his dogs were poisoned. I don't know if John Mcafee's just a *** **** lunatic and he thought his dogs were poisoned and he shot them, and that seems laughable. It's all possible. But Greg Faull wound up dead and John McAfee was considered the obvious suspect and is still the obvious suspect, although, but no one did anything about it. I guess he was the law at this point. He showed up and decided things were done. He was not the job. In Ambergris Cay, this was like a a part of, like, Belize that's like really well developed and so, like, there's law there, right? He's not back in the jungle. He's not back in the jungle anymore. OK? And even back in the jungle, he got raided by the government. So John McAfee like the police start coming after him to question him about this guy who gets murdered and everyone saying it was probably John so hid from the police first by burying himself in sand. But yes, because long was he trying to hide like a whole day? Himself. He was like all I need is a straw he used to box. I'll breathe air through that. This guy is a ******* nut. He has millions of dollars here. The sand is your first choice for sand is where you start. OK, OK, OK, Joe. No, never find me. So the fallout from this sparked the drama that most people associate with John McAfee. He was a major story for several days as the Belgian government searched for him and he live blogged his evasion of authorities. So he lived. He lived, blogged himself hiding from the law, as he, you know, believes. And cops are searching for him. And he's staying in safe houses and all this stuff, wearing disguises, which are always bad. What's up, guys? It's your boy John. He's typing, I guess, in a laptop. He does meet with journalists during this time and like. One thing all the journalists are certain about is that, like, he's always in disguise and he always thinks that disguise is good and the disguise is always terrible, like it's just a blonde wig on a guy who's clearly John McAfee. They're just like one of them like wrote about like pretending to be tricked by the disguise because he didn't want like he failed. Figured John wouldn't talk to him. If you like to come up and be like, oh where's John McAfee? Where is John so good at hiding? Ohh I gotta talk to you. Ohh, the wig. I never would have. I thought you were blonde. John McAfee. I'm sorry. Uh, OK. So he in these surprisingly regular updates that he posted on his blog while he was hiding out from the law, he got Wi-Fi. Like, yeah, Belize is like a a country and stuff. Yeah. But I'm like, so he's plugged in. So Belize was not really looking for him is what I'm. They don't have the kind of resources that we do. Like they don't have a DNA testing lab or anything like that. Like, so I I don't think like the Belize in law enforcement had the ability to like get that in 2012 to like be tapping the. They couldn't even tap like his phone. Yeah, they might have been able to do that, but like. It's pretty easy to get a burner phone in a place like that. Yeah, I was like, this is high now. Like, SpongeBob covered himself in sand, covered himself in sand, and live blogging. OK, live blogging. He started claiming that the reason the Belgian government was after him was not the murder of Greg Fall, but the fact that he had hacked their government and uncovered evidence of some vague, massive corruption, possibly tied to the supposed giant drug ring that he believed was centered in Carmelita. So he frequently claimed to have 10s of thousands of words and gigabytes of data, videos and pictures and audio recordings. All proving this, you know, corruption in the government of Belize. But he failed to actually produce anything. On one blog post titled The Closing Trap, he wrote this. I have been asked why I don't release everything at once. This is the bane of the modern press. The massive information, not just for my story, but for every story, is too great for an intelligent digestion. In the timeframe allotted to a journalist prior to the publishers deadline. The press stories will describe what they always describe, a twisted shadow and an ilit room and must control the flow so the necessary glue of understanding has time to set. Yo, this is like. Listening to Trump speak. But if like Trump had a better, like understanding of vocabulary and words going to school, right, it's still Vegas. *******. I don't know what he said, but it sounded good. At least sounds better. Twisted Shadow and right then the huge and very, very yeah yeah yeah. I don't think Trump knows the word ill. McAfee and his much shrunken entourage made their way into Guatemala, like snuck through Belize and made their way into Guatemala without alerting the authorities of either country. Having spent again considerable time in Guatemala, I can assure you that it is not hard to sneak into or out of the country. Is it even sneaking? Sometimes you pay the border guards some cash or whatever. It's there. It's there. They didn't even ask for a lot, honestly. It's just really, it's rough out there. Yeah, they're they're having trouble. You help them out when you can, right? Like, what do you have on you? Sometimes you bribe the cops without him even asking. Just because you're like, you know, you look like you're having a rough day. You don't even have to. You didn't even do any crimes. Just like, hey, for later, for later. OK. So, John, story had people interested, obviously. And where there's a viral story of a mad millionaire fleeing justice. There will be journalists. A crew from Vice managed to find John McAfee and spent four days filming his flight. Now sure, that was hard. They just look for the guy in the blog. Look for the guy in the blonde wig. Pretty easy. That's probably John McAfee. Now this is fine from a journalistic point of view, potentially even the start of a really great story. It's certainly a documentary I would be interested in seeing, but someone advice made a spectacularly poor decision on December 3rd, 2012. They published an article titled We are with John McAfee right now, suckers. What? Yes. The article included a photo of John McAfee next to an extremely uncomfortable looking vice editor. It conveyed very little information other than the fact that Vice had found McAfee and they felt the rest of the world were suckers. Now, Vice soon learned why this is not the sort of thing journalists tend to do, because the person who uploaded the picture to that website failed to remove the Geo data from the picture, thus giving away the. Picture of a man Flake from the law. They dropped a pin on my man and they right. That ain't right. I mean, he's a ****** so ******* right. That's true, actually. So much office and **** any journalist who would do that, like find a wanna hang out with like a criminal and try to like, sneak across countries with them. That's a cool story. You don't post about it while you're doing it. See, that's the age of millennials. That was a millennial. We thought that **** out like he was to hold on to this information, compiling article, release it at a later date. They were like. Mines. I want the likes. Yeah, when he gets into America, be like, and vice was with him the whole time and then boom. Like, oh, that's really. I can't wait that long. No. You guys lost any cool cred by giving him on Twitter? Like, *** **** with with McAfee right now. So crazy. The only thing murder rate. The only thing worse than a NARC is an accidental narc. Oh yeah, it's just come on. God, they made it too easy. Someone just looked up the court. They might as well just took a picture to something like really famous in Guatemala. We're eating at this restaurant. Yeah, they've got like one of the pyramids of Tikal or something in the background. They tagged the restaurant. Yeah, we left the Yelp review. McAfee don't like the chicken here. Bad place to eat with John McAfee. So he got arrested. Of course the Guatemalan law enforcement shout out to them for paying attention to articles. I feel like it was one of those things where like we have to arrest him now, right? Feel like they didn't even find us? Someone sent it to them. Like, hey, y'all do know he ****. Alright, alright, alright. So McAfee was arrested, but because he was a rich guy, he was able to quickly hire a famous Guatemalan lawyer. OK, there was a brief worry about him being extradited back to Belize, but he got around that by faking a heart attack, which basically kept him in the hospital long enough that his lawyer was able to work some magic and get him deported to America. Safe and apparently immune from Belize and justice? Yeah. Wow. Hey man, you just gotta fake a heart attack. So he found Guatemala, Cochrane and just got away with every got away with everything. Did have to fake a heart attack. How do you, I mean, what do you have to do? Grab your arm out? He, like hurt himself. He like collapsed and like hit his head and stuff. Like he really put some work in. He saw that he sold it. He sold it. I'll give him credit. He didn't. Half asked. The fake artist gave us the life alert. He's old enough that if he just gave us. I'm kicking up. You know, the lady who slide off the bed. Yeah, that's enough. That's enough. You're like 68. Like, we believe it. It was 68 year old. Grabs their chest at any point. I'm not gonna question it. Nobody assumes fake heart attack. Yeah, you have to get a concussion in the process. And again, look at the picture of John McAfee. John McAfee at 69. Looked like he'd been eating nothing but crystal meth for 40 years like I would. Yeah, I would. I assume that hearts on its last beat medical conditions. I'm like, yeah, this makes sense. This plausible. But you know what, McAfee? To say earlier in our previous episode, he doesn't do anything half fast. So if he was gonna fake a heart attack, of course he's gonna get it. He's gonna fake a heart attack. Cool. And if he was gonna rape somebody, he was gonna drag him. Ohh God, that's the dark side of it. You know? What? Did he have to do that? I know it's that. That's when I learned I was a fan of his. So we talked about how I got. I am not a libertarian, but he's a big libertarian figure. And I have some of those impulses. Like, I'm a tall white guy who's been able to get away with a lot. So I understand the impulse of wanting to not have rules. And stuff. And, like, I just have enough friends. Don't have rules already. Well, yeah. And I, like, I have enough friends who rely on, you know, Medicare or stuff like that. You know, like, Oh no, it's actually really good to have these things. And, you know, it's it's fine. Like, but I enjoyed John McAfee schtick. It's always like, I thought it was fun. This millionaire nut job thing. It was it was kooky until I could even. I could even forgive if it was true that, like, this guy had poisoned his dogs. I could even forgive a murder for that. A murder for the poisoned dog. That's where I got to slow down now. People over dogs? Well, yeah, people love dogs. That's why I'm saying, yeah, like, if if the only bad people over dogs, Sophie people over dogs, people over dogs, and I had to choose between you and your dog, wouldn't you want me to choose you? Don't ask Sophie that. Sophie might actually shaking her head. Yeah, yeah, she's saying no. She said kill me and keep her dog alive. It's a great dog. It is a great dog. Well, I'm not saying it's OK to kill someone over a dog, but I'm saying that, like, if that was the only bad thing he'd done, if someone had poisoned his dogs and then like a heat of passion, he'd committed murder. I could be like, that's not OK, but like that could drive someone crazy. That's true. That could like, I could see someone not being a terrible person. Look, I was on his side after he low key. Under his own nephew. So you were down with the murder of his neck. I was like, I mean, you know, sometimes nephews are casualty of a scam, you know? But yeah, when he assaulted the woman, I had to hop off the ship. Yeah. Yeah. He's a trash human. Yeah. Rape is my line, too. But he escaped. He escaped escapes. And we will talk about what happens next because there is so much more that happens next than there should be. Lacey, it's heartbreaking, but, you know, it's not heartbreaking, the wonderful products. Services and or objects that advertise by. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for. None of that. For anyone who hates their phone Bill, Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for just $15.00 a month. 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If we don't help them find ways of making a living without destroying the environment, we can't save chimps, forests or anything else. And that becomes very clear when you look at poverty around the world. If you're living in poverty, you can't afford to ask as we can. Did this product harm the environment? Was it cruel to animals, like, was it factory farmed? Is it cheap because of unfair wages paid to people? And so alleviating poverty is tremendously important. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back. We just did some ads for some products, and John McAfee just faked a heart attack to escape Guatemala. So. Now we're back. We're talking about John McAfee now after, you know, he made his way back into the United States, we all laughed at Vice for their their big **** ** and then the world just sort of forgot about John McAfee for a little while. This did not go over well with John McAfee because as you may have started to know, he kind of likes post publicity. Yeah, I think he likes attention. When you go on a run from the authorities and you live blog, you live blog like this is great content. Yeah, this will be some good content then. Trying to catch me? For this murder. Yeah, you would think he would want to fade into anonymity. Nah. Yeah, yeah. So John McAfee, in order to, you know, get himself back into the spotlight a little bit like two or three months after this guy gets murdered and he's accused of the murder, Greg fall, you know, is been dead for like 3 months. John McAfee releases a viral YouTube video how to uninstall McAfee antivirus, featuring John McAfee does have a fun premise. It starts with him in a smoking jacket and like a fake background with a bunch of books. Behind him. And he's like talking about how bad McAfee antivirus is since he's sold out his because he didn't have any interest in it, right? It is a ****** product. This is like how Kevin Spacey wanted his YouTube video to go over. Yes, and it's he's wearing like a smoking jacket. Like, young women come in and like, fondle him at different points and like, kiss him and stuff. At one point he lights a cigarette with $100 bill, and then he cuts to a stereotypically nerdy looking guy who he says will explain how to delete the software, and the rest of the video cuts between that guy trying to delete the software. And John McAfee, now half naked, wearing a gun, surrounded by women and big comical boxes with like bath salts, like cereal boxes with bath salts written on the front. And he's just railing bath salts through a silly straw. And every time the video cuts to like, that nerdy guy and then back to McAfee, there's more guns and more drugs on the table and more women around him. So they're really enhancing this bit. It's yeah, they're definitely playing to a bit. I'm going to play you a little selection of it so you can get an idea of the tenor of this video. Uh-huh. Yes. Does that sound about right? Well, not completely, you know? I mean, it's always there. It's watching. It's been watching me for years. Every time I turn on the ******* computer, it's looking at me. You know, something went wrong. 15 years ago. I had some beautiful software and they took it over. I don't know what they did. It was like the time I hired that Bangkok prostitute. To do my taxes while I ****** my account. It was terrible. The same ******* thing is going on now. But I know what to do. I know exactly what to do. Believe me, I've got a ******* solution right here. So. OK, the, the graphics in this leave much to be 2013, but yeah, you know, a lot of diversity in this video is quite a few black women. I guess that's from living in Belize. Well, we'll be getting to that in a little bit lazy. That is one of the many problematic things about. Yeah, yeah. But you can see how someone could just watch that video be like John McAfee. He's he's a he's a card. Found drugs in that video. His whole body is red. His whole body is always red. Lobster red. Lobster red. He's talking in a cadence that ain't yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, 9 million people have viewed that video so far. Did very well. A lot of websites talked about it, you know, watching casually. Back then, I assumed John McAfee was a fellow who had a sense of humor about himself. Right. Like, I know what you guys think. I know what you guys think. I'm doing. All the best salts. Ha ha ha. Yeah, yeah, exactly. The attention gradually faded, though, which prompted McAfee to launch several new schemes. In 2016, now unfortunately for John McAfee and fortunately for truth, that same year, Showtime and director Nanette Bernstein released Gringo, the dangerous life of John McAfee. The documentary was packed with shocking allegations. In addition to doctor Adonizio's rape allegations, it also alleged that members of Mcafee's and Essence Gang had beat a belizian man to death or beat him so badly that he later died in the hospital. And the way it comes across in the documentary is that McAfee became convinced this guy was trying to kill him, but he was just some random dude. McAfee was like a paranoid nutjob. And anyway, so there's an additional murder. So now there's Greg Falls murder, which the documentary pins on a guy who was kind of part of Mcafee's entourage that he probably paid to kill him. We don't really know, but everything in like I would say, it's plausible. It seems really plausible to me, based on what I've seen in the documentary and the evidence presented, that he's involved in two murders in addition to the rape. So now the documentary comes out, and of course John McAfee can't let that thing just just. Lie? No, of course, of course not. I'm sure he appreciated the attention though. Well, he responded to the documentary alleging that he murdered two people and raped a woman the same way he responded to everything else by being a *** **** maniac. He shot out a rapid fire series of tweets, including a picture of a belizian newspaper with an article titled Money For Lies, and of Course, Pictures of John McAfee and several sources of the documentary. John also posted video interviews with some of his Belgian girlfriends, essentially making the same claims about the Showtime documentary. These girls had been on the documentary and then suddenly they were showing up on YouTube videos claiming that they've been fed answers and stuff like that. He put up a medium post where he laid out the case against the network and the net. Bernstein. That medium article included a video where several young belizian men basically declared Dr Adonizio a fraud and a loose woman and said that of course, why would she rape? She was ******* everybody that it's really gross. Later reporting by Bernstein had several of these people who filmed, you know, the people that McAfee had had film videos for him basically tell her, like, look, we did it. You paid us 1200 bucks and we're dirt poor. It's believes we don't have much money. We needed the cash. I can't say this for certain. It is impossible for me to know. But I'm going to play an excerpt from one of these videos and it really does seem like something somebody would do for 1200 bucks, right? So listen. Yes, I met her, man. And by the way, my name is Felix. You know, Alison. You know you're talking bad about John. You know that? He raped you. But if you were talking about rape, come on. I should be the one that could accuse you, you know, because I was 17 years old. Do you remember that? Well, you know, I was working here in the property as well from the beginning, so I was always around, you know? So Allison used to stay. And in our village, you know, so I live very close to her, next to my aunt. So she invited me over. And, you know, we had talks. We, you know, we used to go to club drink and stuff like that. I'm for sure, man, we had a lot of sex and stuff like that. There's several of those. They're all like that. They just say that this man is in gas station sunglasses. And I've never seen somebody's neck move more in my life. If you want to just talk about physical, physical attributes of a liar, this man straight up, if y'all could see this video, imagine Stevie Wonder. Some gas station knockoff oakleys just above it in the weaving telling us this story. Yeah, he definitely got paid for sure. You can see this video and all of the sources for this episode on our website, If you want to watch a man lie to discredit a rape survivor for $1200, listen, that was a that was a Ted talk and just lies about please go watch that video, because if anybody ever communicates with you like that in your life, they're not telling you the truth. Definitely not telling you the truth now, Mcafee's medium post also alleged that Bernstein and Showtime paid sources for their interviews, which would be a breach of journalistic ethics. As proof, he included a Western Union receipt for $3500 from Nanette Burnstein to one of the subjects of the documentary. Nanette claims that this money that was paid was in exchange for licensing pictures and video taken by these sources, and the documentary has a ton of that. It's filled with pictures that these people who were hanging out with John and were sources of the documentary took of them, and videos they took because she wasn't able to tape. McCarthy and considering how much of that she used, yeah, I could totally see her paying well over $3500 for that kind of stuff. Like having film documentaries in places like this. I didn't pay people for their interviews, but I definitely paid people for access to footage. You know? It's what you do out there. And you sometimes you pay them thousands of dollars to get some footage because it is you're paying for the footage. But there definitely are implications that could lead people to believe that you're also kicking in for their story. It's not the black and whitest area of journalism, but it's not. Apparently shady that she would have paid these people. But what's crazy is that people love to believe abusers and liars like this when it's like, come on now, if you saw a dude that looked like John McAfee on the ************* string and somebody told you that he was a ******. And let's say he was having a party tonight and he was like, trying to give you a flyer. Somebody was like, guy, that guy's a ******. You would be like, OK, I'm not going to go to that party like you would immediately not go to that party. I feel like giant, full arm and shoulder length tribal tattoos are like. Being in the sex offender registry like it says the same thing to me. Like, OK, also just like he was a walking advertisement for methamphetamine. Like, please stop. So just like he was a walking advertisement for methamphetamine. Like please stop acting like y'all didn't watch those truth commercials in the 90s where people were melting into couches and ****. It was always a dude who looked just like McAfee on there, picking at his damn face like he is the after photo of crack. No, I believe everybody the after photo of something. So in that medium post, McAfee mentioned suing Showtime for defamation. As of this moment, no lawsuit has been launched. There is some. Evidence that after decades of buying expensive homes and equally expensive lawsuits, as well as however much money it costs to flee justice and Belize and higher, Guatemala's best criminal defense attorney would be mildly expensive. Yeah, John McAfee was running low on cash at this point. There's a little bit of evidence of that. So despite having claimed that he was done with the business world back in like, 1999, he signed a deal with MGT, a cyber security company, to become its CEO. Shares rose? I think so, yeah. Shares rose 1200% with this announcement now. As part of the deal, MGT agreed to buy Mcafee's Devisive app, an anti spyware program that someone had developed and that he was sticking his name on because he had some brand recognition. So for a while this seemed like a potential gold mine, until the SEC subpoenaed them and sent stocks tumbling back down again. He was snorting. Fake bath salts. Fake fake bath salts. CEO 1200% Raisin shares ohhh my God. Even after the shares fell because the SEC subpoenaed them was still up like 500% just because it had Mcafee's name attached. Wow yeah, it's frustrating. But no amount of legal, financial or business trouble was going to stop John McAfee from hitting that last square on the white Guy bingo card and running for president. Of the United States the at the time I thought you meant believe no. Of the United States Lord. And if he had ran at the right time, he probably would be president right now because this is a smarter Trump. He did run in the same election Trump ran in. So yeah, he started giving lurid interviews to YouTube channels with names like Liberty Pen and other libertarian ran as a libertarian. Oh, that's why he didn't win. Yeah, he ran. He ran as a racist. I mean a Republican. Ohh I mean. What is the saying he might want? Uh, yeah, I mean you're probably right if he just thrown in some like, that's the thing about McAfee is all of his racism has been of the consuming peoples cultures, diet, racism. He's a culture vulture culture vulture. Yeah, but he's not a build the wall kind of guy. Yeah. Although maybe he'll turn into that in the next two or three years. It's where the grifters go transformed. So the videos for John Mcafee's presidential campaign were distinctly less fun than his whacky. McAfee Uninstalls McAfee viral hit. That video had been pretty clearly tongue in cheek. You know the guns and the drugs are all joking, right? Like, it's it's kind of silly. He just keeps piling up because they're true. Yeah, but it's funny because, like, he's making fun of this image that he had. Sure. Yeah, he was definitely poking fun at the image. Yeah, the campaign videos. In these videos, the character is gone. It's not funny anymore. Not doing massals no more. I think he is, but he's not joking about it. And he's not joking about the guns either. The videos portray just a heavily armed and clearly unhinged man. So I'm going to play you a selection from that video, but I really recommend that you at home watch it again, John McAfee. And this does not come across as wacky or madcap. He seems ill like very ill like our current president. Yeah. In chaos, power is powerless. Power only works when there is a structure through which power can flow. The boss, the 2nd in command, the third in command, the 4th in command, the peon. When that breaks down and the peon no longer is listening and the peon goes, I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking this **** anymore, then chaos reigns. So the whole videos like that, it's he he spends a lot of time talking about how the scene Aloha Cartel is coming to kill him. He's always got a gun in his hand. There's tons of shots of him just walking around on his porch with a rifle. Like his security guard is like, it's he. He seems unhinged, right? You saw like, he's just always got a gun, like, but in this day and age, though, I'm like, I could still see him being a viable candidate. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm not saying he wouldn't be viable. I'm saying he's seems ill in that. Oh, absolutely. Like, what was he even talking about? The peon. Who is the peon? It's just that you. Is that me? Why are you loading guns in this video? Why are you loading in your presidential campaign video about to shoot in this presidential campaign video, the Sinaloa Cartel? His belief has evolved from, like, this town as a center of drug trafficking to the Belgian government, and the Sinaloa Cartel are after him. So now in that video, he talks a lot about how, like, yeah, the cartel's coming to murder him and his family. Why would we want you to be President? Probably want you. That seems like we have to start really investing in more security and like you are wanted man. Also, he's smoking copious amounts of cigarettes in this video. What are we supposed to take from this? It's really weird. He also drinks increasingly in the things you've seen. He's been claiming he's been sober and hasn't drunk. At this point on, he's never not drinking whenever journalists around him. Whenever he's in a video, he's always drinking huge amounts of alcohol and he gains about £40 from 2016 up to present day and I think it's mostly from the liquor. He looks kind of healthy though. He looks kind of healthy there. This is the start, OK? This is the start, OK? Because I was about to say he was pretty cracked out, so 40 pounds actually would look nice on his frame. There's a woman in that video named Janice Dyson. Now, in December of 2012, when John McAfee first returned to the US from Central America, he met Janice outside of a cafe in Florida. She offered him a *******. He said no, but he paid her to cuddle. At least According to him, they wound up striking up a relationship. This apparently angered her pimp, a guy named Crutchfield, who she and McAfee claim wanted her to give him info on where McAfee was staying so he could kidnap McAfee or something. It's kind of feel crutchfield's the name of the man that sounds like a pimp. Very. But like a low budget pimp like Crutchfield doesn't have any crush Velvet, he doesn't own any Gator shoes. I don't think any of the Nice. Yeah, he met her outside of a cafe. Like, yeah, he's like operating out of like a 96 Nissan. You know what I mean? This ain't a good pimp. We're not talking about like Bellagio level, right, right. The same Bishop Dawan Crutchfield is a very low budget pimp. They probably not even accepting Venmo or like app payments. Like they either don't accept Venmo or only take. He probably still bartering. Like, yeah, we'll do sex acts for for canned goods. No, it's not getting John McAfee. They might take Bitcoin, yeah. Ohso Crestfield wanted the location. He was the location so we can kidnap John McAfee. Janice apparently claims that she like stopped talking to her pimp at this point and she and John start dating and they got married in 2013. So like a few months after meeting him they get married. But they seem to have had an instantly kind of difficult relationship. So later in 2013, she leaves their home in Portland after a fight and calls Crutchfield. She got her pants. I don't. I don't know what her life really be. Low on funds. He must be low on funds. Or maybe they had a good relationship. I don't know. No, I mean, like, McAfee must be low on funds. Because I feel like once you leave your pimp, you don't go back to pimping. Well, if you leave your rich husband, maybe. Spiral right there. She might she might have been going to him for emotional support. I don't know. I don't. Emotional support, maybe. OK, but he told her people were after McAfee, and ** *** claims that, you know, she reconciled with John after this, but Crutchfield started blackmailing her and making her leave the doors of their home unlocked and trying to get her to drug his food so he'd be easy to kidnap. Now. Very possible. These are all lies on her part, because I do think that John McAfee may have married another scammer. Oh, for sure. Like scammers. I will say this the the journal or the Doctor Who went to play guitar and then met him in a bar and then started working in a compound. That sounds like some scammer **** to me. Like she was also a scammer for sure. Well, we'll get into what she might have been doing. Bad head? No, no. Nothing justifies what he did to her, but I just also want to say that she was definitely a scammer. His nephew was a scammer, though. Nep. Nep, little nepotism? He was definitely a scammer. Nepotism? He was definitely a scammer, so I wouldn't be surprised. But it's like planetary bodies. These people orbit around each other for sure. That's just the way it works. But what orbits around this podcast are the fine sponsors and advertisers that support this show. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. 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So it's really hard to say what happens, but this is what he starts telling journalists around this time, that his wife tried to have him murdered or tried to have him kidnapped or something. And yeah, it's it's makes sense she did contact the pimp again. So maybe, maybe so. Anyway, what we do, what we know for sure is that after the 2016 election, interviews with John McAfee at his compound in Tennessee show him, like, really degenerating for one thing. He's drinking constantly, even though he was still claiming to be sober at that point. For another, his security detail expanded from the one guy you see in that video to like a basketball team worth of muscular, heavily armed men. Like, he posed with them regularly like he'd love to photo shoot. Yeah, he's always naked, always wearing a gun, and always surrounded by big guys with guns. Like McAfee gives me, like, rapper vibes, like I'm getting a lot of Chief Keef, like a lot of like, just posing with guns. Yeah, you know what I really likes that he really likes? Not shooting anyone. Just having it. Like, who's taking the photo? Shoots. Like, alright. Could you smile less? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we get the gun more? And you gotta look tougher. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Little tougher. OK. Yeah. Just flex your arm. Make sure the guy with a really big bicep, this corner. Right. Can we get him in front so we can see the bicep? Lovely. We really need that bicep. Beautiful. OK. And just cheat the gun a little to the left. Great. Great. That's great, McAfee. That's great. So in September of 2017, all of John Mcafee's paranoia excised itself in a heavily armed rampage by John McAfee against his own home. Here's Newsweek quote September 4th. Alex Handrick, one of his guards, woke up in his basement bedroom to the sound of gunfire. Having served in the Army for eight years, the private Security Guard recognized the noise. Immediately realizing the shots were coming from the rooms above him, Hendrick, 28, grabbed his assault rifle and rushed upstairs. There, naked but for an ammunition belt, was 71. World Tech tycoon and former fugitive John McAfee spraying bullets into the wall and ceiling of the living room. Seeing Handrick, he stopped firing. There's an intruder, he said. Janice McAfee, 34, John's wife of nearly five years, recalled that the couple were having sex at their home in Lexington, TN, that night when they were interrupted by their dogs barking. He thought he heard movement in the crawl space under our bedroom, in the attic, and then fired his gun into both areas, she later said in a statement to the FBI obtained by Newsweek. So 7171 engaged. And coitus. And found by his bodyguard, naked with a bandolier of ammo, firing into which I want to be 71, and nakedly shooting up my own home. That sounds like a great time. This man has impeccable health. Yeah, he's he's he's very robust. Talk about somebody who put their body through the ringer and that **** is holding up. Yeah, yeah. Should we all be doing bath salts? Our vessels the key to hell you need bath salts, guns and dogs. OK, and that's apparently the key to health. Sophie, you look, I really can't tell what emotion you're expressing right now. You have a gun, so you're already 1/3 of the way there. I mean, a dog, so you're already there. You have a dog, not a gun. Yeah, he has a lot of dogs. He has a lot of dogs. Ohh that after he murdered dogs, he has more dogs? Yeah, yeah, he keeps getting more dogs. Poor dog seems to be a dog lover. Now, after this armed rampage, Janice claims she told McAfee that his wild paranoia was justified because she'd been informing on him to her former pimp. So this is when she tells John that she's been informing on him to her pimp and drug. So she's like validating his, like, delusion a little bit. It might be that it might be a scam. It might be that he was just so angry that she felt like she had to tell him. Something, right? So that he would calm down, like, it's really hard to tell what happened, but something nuts is when you're talking to a senile man with an assault rifle who is on bath salts again. At the time she's telling him this, he is naked with a gun in his hand, having just damaged their eardrums permanently by firing an assault rifle inside. Like. Well, John, take it outside, OK, you know what? I'm the guy. I was trying to kill you, but now we're fine. Which, if we look at history, that probably worked for him since his last girlfriend definitely tried to shoot him in the head and he was like, alright, well, you sleeping in the guesthouse now? Yeah, yeah. Maybe she just wanted to guesthouse. Let's say you try to shoot a John, you get a house. So after this whole misadventure, John McAfee told Newsweek quote, it's a complicated morass of a spiders web. I am the fly and the spider has more than eight legs. This is more or less the tenor of everything John McAfee has said since 2016. Very poetic, yeah. So because his security detail could find no signs of forced entry, McAfee started living under the assumption that some of them two were in on the giant conspiracy against him. Oddly enough, John stayed with Janice, the wife who just admitted to helping drug kingpins haunt him. Quote, it's been one plot after another. My wife was in full cooperation with them, but at the same time trying to urge me not to do things that would lead me directly into the trap without telling me that she was cooperating to collect me. Dennis has probably done more good than harm because while she was cooperating, she at the same time kind of likes me. I guess. He told Newsweek that he had no plans of leaving his wife and that they are still together today. He told them he loved her. She was not willing to say that she loved him, but she did tell Newsweek that she admired her husband so. There's that. I don't really know. You won't even lie to a news source about loving someone that means you hate them. Because I would listen if I'm with the man and you know he paying these bills and I ain't got to go back down to **** with. What was his name was Crutchfield. ******* crutch. And he asked Pimp named Crutchfield. Crutchfield, you know, you working long days like hell, no. Like I at least say I love him on TV should be used to Newsweek. Like, not even real journalists say like, yeah, wait, you know, he sorry. Newsweek. That was mean for no reason. I don't know, I feel like maybe you deserve it is like, let me do some research. Yikes. Yeah, quote from Newsweek in an e-mail to Newsweek on November 12th, McAfee wrote. I eat, sleep, and shower with a pistol in my hand when I enter the main house for my bedroom, secured with a 10 gauge solid steel door. MY2, German Shepherds and one Pitbull precede me. Moments before I emerge. I call my head of security and request that my detail. I'll be sitting in reclining chairs with their feet up, a vulnerable position since I am standing in armed. It is not a fun situation. John Mcafee's little crazy right now. Oh yeah, for sure. What? Dogs and he's in the reserves. And he's pretty neurotic too. Like to think that you're like, dude, really? You made a antivirus software program? Like you're Nile Chapo. Like you don't have anything anybody wants. Calm down, John. Like nobody's looking for you. Nobody cares. The year after that batshit Newsweek article was published, Men's Journal sent a writer to John Mcafee's compound where it became clear the situation had deteriorated even further. McAfee spent his days darting around his compound looking for partly eaten packets of cream cheese, which he said were evidence of cartel hitmen. Yep, at one point he picked up a random rock and insisted that it had been brought over from Mexico to help the hitmen with their homesickness. The journalists been noted that, like, because Maggie was like, they don't have rocks like this in America, and the guy was like there was a pile of rocks nearby. That looked just like it. He's just, he's he's, you know, he really lost it. These aren't even signals. I mean, at least if there was like, an avocado around, you could be like, yeah, the cartel leftist avocado. But a rocket? Some cream cheese? Well, it's hard to say because number one, we one thing we know about John McAfee, what's his favorite pastime? Lying to journalists. That is true. So this could all be an act, but it also really seems like a lot of this might just be that he's gone off the deep end. Yeah, and he's bought into his own ******** and he's legitimately crazy now. I really don't know. Umm, the article did make it very clear. The Minds Journal article made it very clear that John McAfee, who had been claiming to be sober for years, was now drinking heavily all day every day, even pounding vodka in the TSA line at the airport, which I've done. I'm not going to. I'm not too proud. I've got wasted in the TSA. You can't take it with you. He will take it away. So you pour it into a coffee thermos and you make sure that you're just sober enough to walk through that line. And then whatever happens in the airport after that is fine, right? Yeah. Look, they have so many bars in the airport. That's what they tell you. To get there early. It's a scam. You don't need to get there early for TS. You gotta get there early so you can sit around in the airport bar and drink. I mean, that's why I get to the airport early. Airport is like international laws, like it's 5:00 o'clock all the time at the airport, you always 5:00 o'clock, and nobody's got a problem if you're drinking. So you can drink at 10:00 AM and people are like, you're traveling, you're at an airport way. Yeah, it's fine. I love airports. Now, the writer of that Men's Journal article followed John McAfee and his entourage to speak at a technology conference. During that time, the writer had a moment with Mcafee's bodyguard, an older gentleman named Poole. And I'm going to read that quote because it really gives you some incredible color on the kind of people John McAfee has surrounded himself. OK, last night I sit with pool, a balding, white haired man with a penchant for endless southern fried chatter and a devout belief in his boss. He doesn't go anywhere without me, says Poole, blowing on his coffee. He won't say exactly what he did before working with McAfee, but it involved a connected family in Chicago. I know there are bad guys out to get him and it's not going to happen on my watch. I don't need sleep. I can watch all day and night. Pool makes a face and excuses himself. A few minutes later he returns, holding a napkin to his bleeding mouth. I asked him what happened. I had a tooth that was bothering me, so I went outside and asked to construction. If I could borrow a wrench. He shows me an off color Fang that was in his mouth 10 minutes ago. Pool tosses it into the trash. He flashes a gap toothed smile. Now I can enjoy my coffee. What? OK, OK, first of all. See, you can't get your your entourage no dental. Like they can't get dental. I guess they can't go to the dentist if they watch it day and night. You say me sleep, he's gonna do his own dentist work. You know, I'm gonna call this guy and Andy King. That's what I'm calling all people who are just this devout. Andy King was that dude who said he was going to **** **** for every hot water in the fire festival documentary. And now if anybody is that dedicated, but I might have to change it to pool he tooth out to impress a guy from Men's Journal. Which it's a good article, good, good writing, good journalism. But. And all weird flex, bro. Your teeth are falling out, fam. Cause if you could take. I don't care if you had a construction tool, if you could take your own tooth out. That joint was loose. Yeah, probably like you're an old man. How are you going to fight? I don't. I mean, with a gun, you can be old and dangerous. Yeah, I guess. But people can disarm people with guns. Look at me. Look at Liam Neeson was also old. He met chopped everybody. I bet he pulls his own teeth out. So, poor guy. Oh, just just to pull back for a minute. In the 15 years or so since the Sky Gypsies were a thing, John McAfee has gone from an extreme sports guru partying with a bunch of rich adventure junkies to a very sick, very paranoid maniac hanging out with a constellation of mentally ill people and opportunists suckling off his apparently limitless cash reserves and enabling his paranoia. Now, I spent a lot of my time when I was working on this article trying to figure out what exactly had driven John to such a place of madness. I got one possible answer near the end of my research after a helpful fan on Twitter pointed me to an article published by Jeff Wise in New York magazine in 2016, the obscure legal drug that fuels John McAfee. So you remember when they found those crystals crystalline chemical in his jungle fortress? We're about to learn what it probably was quote from that article. A former member of his inner circle forwarded me a photo of a packaging label that one of Mcafee's friends took in the course of a four day binge earlier in this month in New York City. Now the binge was in New York, but this is while John was living in Tennessee, not all that long before he started shooting up his own house and wandering around the grounds looking for cream cheese packets. OK, quote, the label from a package delivered from a Chinese chemical company suggests why magazine never called the drug by name the moniker 1 fennel 21 pyrodinium L1 hexanon. Hardly rolls trippingly off the tongue. The chemical compound has no street name, although among organic chemists it goes by the slightly catchier handle of alpha PHP. Now, Alpha PHP is a dopamine uptake re inhibitor. It basically makes you happy, deliriously excitedly happy. Like your brain normally releases dopamine during good times, and then it sucks it back up into the synapses because you don't want to have too much going on there. A drug like this stops your brain from sucking it back up. It's kind of the same thing that ecstasy does with serotonin. So. It's a powerful, happy drug, but it has downsides, too. You don't say there's a fantastic website that if you're if you're looking at experimenting with drugs the way I did when I was 1920212220. If you're looking at experimenting with drugs, you got to check out Erowid. It's a fantastic website. It it collects Erowid, Erowid, ROWIDOK because it sounded like you said heroin. I feel like that's if you're getting into drugs, you gotta start with heroin. That's where you start. No, no, don't start there. Don't ever go there. OK? Arrow win, guys. So if you're like, into like I did, you know, I've done. I've done, like, my ecstasy in my LSD and stuff, but I also did a bunch of weird **** that, like, 2CT75 MOMIPT. Of which, not DXM, that's a common one, but like MDPV, I've done like, we're if you want, if you're going to do weird stuff like that, if you do like the show, the Internet and stuff, yeah, they do sound like noise bands. A lot of noise bands are named after drugs. If you're going to do that stuff, you got to go to Erowid, because it collects stories of other drug users. A lot of them are also chemists who have made this stuff, and so it'll be like the best health information available, but it also includes reports from people who have done this stuff, and so on this website. Looking up alpha PHP, I found a particularly. Allocative review that I think will help us understand what was going on in John Mcafee's head as he takes this stuff I wanna know now. The review is titled from Psychonaut to Junkie in two weeks so it's not a happy story quote. I felt the rush build up in 5 minutes and for the next 20 minutes I felt the most intense euphoria I have ever known. This felt miles more euphoric than cocaine. Surprisingly. It even felt better than meth. It felt too good and 20 minutes later I felt the most heart pounding anxiety attack. I realized my stimulant tolerance was at 0. 40 milligram as a start dose with too much I call myself down and walked around my entire house trying to ease my mind. After one hour of the initial dose, I took another 35 to 40 milligram line and the euphoria struck me again. It didn't wind down down like it would with cocaine. The second line never feels as good as the first with cocaine, but with this it pretty much brought the euphoria back. So this guy describes as like better and more addictive cocaine. And we know John McAfee has a ******* problem with cocaine, right? And I can see John having a similar first experience because this guy had a low tolerance when he first started. John's been sober for years and he's older and he's older. When the Rick James thing happened. Exactly. I can see this hitting him hard and I can see him falling hard in love with it. And the best thing about it, of course, would be that it's legal. There something called the Analogue Act. So if a drug that's not explicitly illegal by name is too similar to another drug that is illegal, that drug is also illegal. But there's a lot of drugs out there that are really powerful psychedelics. You trip for like ******* 16 hours, but there's no law against them because it's just something some somebody tweaked. A couple of chemicals and now, like, this new psychedelic exists and like, So what I was doing, I was a teenager, is we would buy this **** like 1920. We would buy this **** from, like, Canadian pharmaceutical sites, and you would just experiment with stuff nobody's done. And he's like, you've got some weird chemical that you're like, hope. This doesn't kill me, like. But the other thing you're hoping is that you don't run into what John ran into, which is like for everybody out there, there's one drug that will be your downfall. Like it's for some people, it's alcohol. For some people it's math, for some people it's pills. Everybody's got a substance that if you were to try it, you'd realize it fills some hole in your head so well that, like, it's instantly a problem for you. Like that's that's something anyone who experiments with a lot of substances that's always in the back of your head, right? So you're kind of playing Russian roulette with addiction. You're very much playing Russian roulette when you start messing around with this stuff. And I think John McAfee hit a loaded cylinder like that. That's exactly what happened, is he started playing around with some chemicals and he found one that hit his neurotransmitters just right. It just filled the hole in his brain. That. Richard's drug. Because it's like, you can't go out and get this ****. You can't walk down the street or go to. You know what I mean? That's possibly true. I'm in bed. It's actually way cheaper than coke because it's not dark web like, you just it doesn't have to be dark. It's legal. So you could you could. I mean, I'm going to Walgreens and get this ****. No, but if you could, you're ordering it from, like, China or whatever, but you can order it by the pound and it's probably not crazy expensive. Like, if it's not, if it's not illegal, if they're just shipping it to you, then there's no demand. Yeah, why would it? Why would it be expensive? Like, yeah, as long as it's someone's making it, it can be pretty reasonable to buy. I haven't looked into what alpha PHP costs, right, but I'm gonna guess it's cheaper than good blow. That's crazy. Yeah, I don't know. But it also makes sense, though, because if this is something that specifically made and it's not made to sell for cheaper, like why blow is expensive, it's because most of us cut with ****. So you're paying to not snort, baby laxative or whatever the **** else. Yeah. OK, that makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense. So a lot of John's. Behavior since 2010 makes more sense if you realize he's been pounding better cocaine into his brain and increasing doses the entire time. And his what he was doing with Allison in that lab makes more sense if you think, oh, maybe this was how John wanted to fund his medical research is by selling alpha PHP because it's legal. And again, he didn't get busted when the government found it because they had no idea what it was. It's one of those things. As soon as I read this article, a whole bunch of stuff fell into place that was all weird and it's like. Ohh, he was on this weird *** drug the whole time and he was trying to sell it and that's part of what he was doing in Belize. Yes. Also, it must be hard to try to sell drugs when you are on them. Well, I assume he had distributors and stuff, you know, he's a business guy. He's good, he's good, he's good. He's good as businesses. Yeah, sure, he's fine at that part now. The writer on Arrow would went on about his experiences quote more and more. This substance started to take control of my life. I would be up all night now instead of. Focusing on the task at hand, my procrastination was amplified. Instead of the rush, I just got an energy boost. Something strange about this substance, I began to notice, like it had hijacked my mind and started to control me, and involuntarily, I would be redosing without being fully aware that I started to binge a few days straight. I said to myself I don't have anything to worry about. I'm not an addict. I'll taper and give it up for a week. It never happened. The cravings were too intense. My mind was wired to seek it. The cravings were most intense, the most intense I ever felt. This is similar to cocaine. If I have a bag of cocaine, I want to finish it. It also hijacks. Wine in a similar fashion, cocaine was more feenish to me. Once the bag was done, I wouldn't have any desire to seek it again for a while. There were no cravings after the cocaine was gone, but there were strong cravings. While I had Alpha PHP, I would continue to snort it even though I knew that there was no point and I'm wasting it. But it is so hard to break that craving desire. This is what John McAfee might be on now if the latest videos he's been posting are anything to go by. McAfee is definitely on this stuff because about two weeks before this episode will drop, John McAfee announced to the Internet that the IRS had convened a grand jury in Tennessee to charge him, his wife, and four McAfee 2020 campaign workers with tax fraud. John admitted that he had not been paying taxes for the last eight years. He further announced that in order to evade the IRS, he would be conducting his presidential campaign in exile aboard a boat sailing to and from various foreign ports. Yeah. In a series of tweets that have just been quite the ride, he claims his boat has 30 high tech firearms, and videos he has posted certainly show numerous guns among he and his crew. McAfee has a documentarian on board what he's dubbed the Freedom Boat. He's claiming the government is trying to rest for political reasons, so he's trying to like, seek asylum in the exumas under the he like wants that to be the reason he wants that to be. No, John, you admitted he didn't pay taxes in eight years. That's what happens. He wants to be so baller it really seems like he wants to be like a thug. Yeah. Anyway, what I wanted to point I want you to watch one of the videos he posted on the second day of his exile, because it really makes him look like he's on alpha pH. I'm gonna actually, before you play this, I'm going to read you one last description from this user, talking about what the drug did to him. People around me could notice my addiction before I did. They notice my peoples were strange. They noticed I wasn't eating much, or at all. And they noticed how fast I was talking. They noticed my nose was stuffy, my family noticed my face was changing, but they weren't all that concerned, just that I looked different. My dad said I looked much weaker. With my hands all constantly shaky, now I'm going to play this video and you tell me if this looks like a guy going through that exact ******* thing. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You're probably wondering how I'm going to manage my presidential campaign from a vote I have with me on this little speaker, my campaign manager, Rob Loggia in New York. We're going to explain it. First of all, we have thousands of volunteers. Rob and one of our other volunteers are creating masks. Of my face. He looks like he's sitting in a massage chair, like his whole body is moving. Yeah. He can't stop moving the entire time he touches touching his nose. Yeah. And it looks like he's consciously trying not to touch his nose. Yeah, but his hand just keeps flying up there. Yeah. I had a little Twitter interaction with him and he started claiming, like, people because I joked that he was on cocaine and because that's what I thought I hadn't read about the alpha PHP. And he was like, I'm not on cocaine. I'm a I'm a 73 year old man. You know, you lose control of your body and stuff. And I lived. With my grandpa when he was dying of Parkinson's at age 84. I know what it looks like when an old man loses control of his body. I've also done a lot of cocaine, and I know what it looks like when people are railing amphetamines and other kinds of uppers. It looks like that. Like that is what it looks like when you do too much speed. Uncontrollable. Yeah, like I've seen sign language people like, you know, people who like, interpret. I've seen interpreters move less like he's his hands were constantly moving. Yeah, my God, it's scary, right? He doesn't look healthy. No, not at all. Now he's posted numerous videos from his boat exile. He seems to be safely in the Exumas now. He at one point put up like a chart manifest of like, what's on the boat. And it was like 7 brave soldiers, you know, one John McAfee, 410 pounds of dogs. And he listed his wife as one terrifying black woman. John McAfee. Brad? The right response and one angry black woman. So you know where we're equip. Yeah. Look, I oh, God. John and his dogs look so confused in all those. They don't belong on yachts. They don't. They're dogs. And this is also why people should not have this much money. Like, this man did not need this much money. He had no idea what to do with it. He manifested this whole life. And it's been a really bad one for a lot of the people around him. Now, I will note that I haven't found any evidence yet that the IRS actually did convene a grand jury in Tennessee. That's what John McAfee said. Don't think that they did, because when the IRS comes to get you, they come to get you. They really do. It seems like they're they usually are pretty on the ball about. They pick you up and they're like, get insist they don't let you flee on a boat. Absolutely not. You don't get to leave the country when the IRS wants you. Maybe they slipped up or maybe. Or maybe it had more to do with the fact that on November 15th, 2018, roughly a month before John would get on his boat and go on the run. He was found legally liable via default judgment for the death of Greg fall or murder of Greg Fall. I should say. He was also found legally liable in 2014 for the death of his nephew and that student at the Sky Gypsy Academy. Now on November 16th, 2018, John tweeted about the judgment against him in the Greg fall murder case quote this is my 200 and 3rd lawsuit. I never answered them. I always default to whatever their lawyers claim. My first wrongful death was due to an airplane that crashed, piloted by my student pilot. I was found liable. I owe nothing, own nothing, and no one has ever collected. So. It is possible at the end of all this, that all of this madness, all of John Mcafee's posturing with guns and his talk of drugs, that this is all more of an act. That this whole IRS thing, this whole presidential 2020 campaign, his flying to the exumas on a boat. That this is all just as much of a sham as his medical lab in Belize that he's not. Maybe even not on Alpha PHP and bath salts. Maybe this is all an act too. And maybe rather than being some heart of darkness style, tale of madness and paranoia, John McAfee is just an ******* who's OK with rape and murder. Doing whatever he can to protect whatever remains of his fortune from his lawyers. Maybe this is yet another scheme, like when he went to those newspapers back in the day and he's just knows that he doesn't want Greg Falls family to collect on anything and so he fled the country. I don't know. Or he's a madman on drugs, on a boat, or both. It's got to be both. It's got to be it's probably both. He's probably both lying to everyone on and because he's definitely drinking a lot. He bragged that they had 1800 quarts of liquor on the boat the way that. Which why is he telling people I don't know? Because he's most people have enough shame to just yeah, like, no shame. This guy also like he this is freaking crazy. He has been entangled with so many people's demise. This woman's rape, these peoples murder. And like he has to at least be a sociopath. He needs attention, like he needs people to be looking at him. He he poses with guns like he always has an entourage, always has an entourage. The last like 30 some odd years, he's never not had an entry. It feels like he's obsessed with celebrity, like he wants to be. He's like a con artist, but he also wants to be famous. He's got a lot of like, he reminds me of Trump but like a way smarter guy. This guy is intelligent and that he's not. Of course he's arguing that he's like so smart. Yeah, but I also, I feel like he's lost control to a degree because what he's doing now is not as well thought, like his lie about being in financial. Trouble and then escape to Belize. That was a good con. Well executed, right? This seems like he may have lost the con a little bit, like he may just be winging it right now because he's got some problems and he's old. His mind's not working as well. He's on drugs and drinking again. I don't know, maybe this is just a scammer in his twilight years. I would assume that everyone on this boat is on this drug, too. Yeah, maybe. I think they might more be a mix of people who are doing it for the money. Like is the boat pilot. Seems like a guy who's just like, yeah. Dude, I I just need, yeah, whatever would load it up with the book. Fine, fine. And his wife, I assume, probably also in it for the money. She doesn't look like. She's like none of the other people on the boat have the same sort of like jerky, spasmodic kind of air to them that McAfee does. I'm sure they're all drinking. I think it's probably a mix of true believers who thinks he's like libertarian Jesus and a mix of people who are just in it for the cash. But I really don't know. I don't either. It's weird. I hope his dogs are OK. Oh, poor Sophie. I don't really care about any of the people on that boat, but I hope the dogs are all right. No, those people have willingly rolled the dice. They they know what they're in for. You don't get on a boat. What ****** ****** who looks like that? You don't get on a boat with this guy, with this guy and have me feel bad when it goes wrong on you. Right? Like that black woman is on the second worst boat ride for black people they ever. Probably. Jesus. What? Like, there's obviously one boat ride that was a lot worse for us, but this one is probably also pretty bad. Not as not as bad, but it's up there. We're going to put it on the scale because that's a boat I would not be getting on. No, no, no, no, no. I will say I've had a couple of friends who were sex workers and the number of people that I've interviewed who did that job. And the one thing all of them have said about being a sex worker is you never get on a guy's boat. Never, ever, ever get on a rich guy's boat. Ohh no. No. Water. Yeah. Water. No. So you can throw my hands into the pouch. No. Hell no. But I mean, he documented that she's on the boat, yeah. No, I mean there's only one terrifying black woman that is associated with him. That's true. And he's posted a lot of videos of their stuff. Ohh, their stuff, well, just like them fly it driving around the boat, them drinking like a lot of like out of focus pictures of chunks of the boat, like, it's really weird. But it's gonna live forever. He's he's got another 20 years, and then I'm sure he's gonna kill at least three more people. Probably rape another couple of people. Ohh no. Yeah, this guy. What a degenerate. Like he harmed so many. Really hurt a lot of people. His own family. Just a lot of people. So I got to ask, are you going to vote for him in 2020? I mean, he's not that much different from Trump. I mean, let's be real. I mean, I might pick him over Trump, but at least he's up front with his shirt. You know, he's eloquent. He's got a lot of presidential. John McAfee eventually tells the truth when he commits crime. He got an army. He got his own army. They had a couple things. Yeah, he's funding his own militia for no reason. And at least, you know, not paying taxes in eight years is still more recently. In the president's pay tax, right? Right. We could probably at least get his taxes. Yeah, he probably has a couple of tax returns, right? He hasn't like, railed bath salts through the rolled up paper. And Trump is doing Adderall. Which one is better? Adderall? Yeah. Right, right, right. Time release. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Take it back. Alright, Lacey, you got some pluggable to plug. Yes, I love scams, so this is a great podcast for me to come on. My scam podcast, scam goddess, will be dropping soon. So follow me on Twitter at Diva Lacey DIVALACI and on Instagram at Diva Lacey DIVALACI. On Instagram you can watch my stories. That's where most of my activity is. I'll read your fortune. That's my latest scam. What do you think John Mcafee's fortune as? Ohh. Honestly, it's looking like prosperity. I don't even want to lie to you. Probably gonna be fine. He's got 20 more years of of good good alabaster. You know. Luck in him, OK? He'll be the governor of ******* California. Listening. Years. I've never seen somebody take white privilege so far. God not. God bless you. Because I hope he does not bless you, but he already got plenty. He got so much. Got so much. The world is so ****** **. It's really ****** **. Damn. Like, talk about a man who's just ******* everybody over. What a monster. What a monster. You can find me Speaking of monsters on Twitter at I write. OK? You can find this podcast on the Internet, You can find us on Instagram and Twitter at at ******** pod. You can buy T-shirts on teepublic their shirts. You put them on your body, they hide your nakedness. God doesn't like us to be naked. So yeah, unless you just like to wear an AKA and no pants. Yeah, unless you want to go to the McAfee route and just strap a gun to your chest and wear nothing else, which I approve of and think should be the norm. If police officers dressed that way, traffic stops would be more fun. Just a just a naked guy like walking around the side of the road and like a truck rolls by and a bunch of gravel gets like spun onto him and he's picking gravel out. He's got levels the playing field that would love cops ego and you know, because everyone knows what the cops. Packing regardless of what kind of gun he's got, right? We know he better world. Anyway, vote for me in 2020. 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