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Part Two:  How Alex Jones Got Rich at the Low, Low Price of Other People's Lives

Part Two: How Alex Jones Got Rich at the Low, Low Price of Other People's Lives

Wed, 19 Sep 2018 10:00

Part Two: How Alex Jones Got Rich at the Low, Low Price of Other People's Lives

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Hey there. I'm Scott rank, host of the podcast history unplugged. Now, it really is a dream come true to get paid to talk about history without all the stress while still being able to make a living. And I did it with Spreaker from iheart. Not only did they make it super easy to monetize my podcast, but ad revenue is 3 to four times higher with spreaker than with any other host I've worked with. So if you want to turn your passion into a podcast and give this a try, that's get paid to talk about the things you love. Hey, it's Roy Wood, junior, host of The Daily Show podcast beyond the scenes and we are back for season 2. Beyond the scenes is the podcast where we take the topics and segments that were on The Daily Show and give them a little more love. This season, we're bringing back more Daily Show writers, producers and correspondents, more experts, giving us some extra knowledge you can't get anywhere else. Don't miss it. Listen to beyond the scenes on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. This podcast is brought to Now our friends at JBL understand the power of tuning in to the real U. From true wireless headphones to pulsing potty boxes, you can dare to vibe your way with the wide and colourful range of JBL products. Catch your favorite podcasts like this one unfiltered the JBL podcast on the Go. Play your music whenever, wherever and live in the moment your moment. Be unfiltered at JBL. Com. Hey everybody, I'm Robert Evans, and this is behind the ******** the show where we tell you everything you don't know about the very worst people in all of history. And this is part two of our epic three-part podcast on Alex Jones. He's an innovator, he's an inventor, he's the Steve Jobs of selling supplements to crazy people through the Internet. And today we're actually going to talk about his business. Selling supplements to people through the Internet. The working title of this episode is how Alex Jones got rich at the low, low cost of people's lives. My guests on Part 2 are the same as my guests on Part 1. Noel and Benjamin from stuff they don't want you to know and ridiculous history. Guys, great to have you back. Thanks for having us back, ma'am. We're thrilled. Yeah. I don't know. I'm a little downtrodden, more than thrilled, but let's just let's roll the dice, man. Let's see where this goes. This crazy train. I'm getting a shadden Freud, kind of. Yeah. That's what I'm really sort of like. It's like, I would like to be as rich as Alex Jones, but I would never sacrifice my sanity for that, you know? Just as it's not worth it, to me it seems like he is. He has taken the wrong, he took the blue pill and he is down the rabbit hole and the tail is still untold because I I get the feeling they're going to be some twists and turns in this episode. There will be, and there's going to be a lot more in the third episode. But for right now, let's talk about 2017. That's when Infowars life started selling a new product, caveman, which is a a powdered bone broth. Protein drink supplement it was billed as. I'll let, I'll let Alex Jones explain what it was billed as that is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Infowars Life products. Kaseman, we lost our vitality because we just ignored the ancient traditions. You used the meat for sustenance, the fat for cooking, but you use the bones for strength. We are now introducing Caveman by Infowars the ultimate and true. Paleo Nutrition with bone broth, turmeric root, chaga mushroom and seven total primal superfoods in a single great tasting formula. The bone is so amazing from the outside structure feels like I like the way he says. Chaga. Chaga. It's evocative, right? It also isn't this the stuff that he seemed to have a tough time drinking on his own show? He sure did. They've pulled most of those videos, but he's clearly barely able to get it past his gullet. But no, I mean now it seems like a really great product, so great that scientists from the Center for Environmental Health and independent watchdog group decided to try it out for themselves. Now, one of the things that's neat about the Center for Environmental Health is that Alex Jones and Infowars had actually used them as a source on the dangers of lead poisoning and several of their articles. So they're clearly a group that Alex views as legitimate and respects. That's why it's so funny that they when they reviewed Caveman and another product, Mike Oz X, which is a blend of potent. Herbs and enzymes meant to detoxify the body. When they reviewed those, they found quote people who take the myco ZX product would ingest more than six times the daily limit for lead under California law. Now Caveman did better. It only included twice the recommended daily limit of lead. But wow, that's a lot of is this just a byproduct of the manufacturing facilities that you use? Like why is there lead contamination in these products? Because that's how. Is it an active ingredient? Or is this just like an accident? I have no idea. I have a conspiracy theory to propose. OK, so we know that. We know that exposure to lead impairs cognitive function. Is there a method to the madness of including this in a nutritional supplement? I mean, maybe because there's actually been a study in South Africa studying people who are competitive shooters versus people who are competitive Archers, and they found that competitive shooters had a much higher blood lead level than competitive Archers, even though, you know, the tips of the arrows and bullets were both made of lead. So that. Shouldn't be too much of an issue. It just appears that people who get exposed to lead more in their youth are more aggressive and also more interested in firearms. So maybe this was Alex just trying to sell because he also sells gun parts, AR receivers and stuff. So I don't know, maybe this is something I think we are onto something you guys. I love the conspiracy that Alex Jones is giving people lead poisoning to sell them gun parts. And the bakers show more believable and you can get the T-shirt on. T Alex Jones is giving his listeners lead poisoning to sell gun parts. Recommended daily limit of lead as well well, but I pour all of that in there and all of our listeners know that they get a little extra lead from my shirts, so we don't know if any long term health consequences will come as a result of Alex Jones selling people poisoned bone broth. Any casualties from that scheme will just be more bodies on the pile though. Alex Jones has made himself a very wealthy man, but he's done it by trading in the health of his listeners and the health of the nation. For sweet sweet fear dollars, see the Infowars store as I mentioned in the first podcast. Launched in 2006, at first it just sold normal things. For a conspiracy theorist to sell you could buy T-shirts, bumper stickers. I'm sure everyone listening to this saw some of Alex Jones's bumper stickers. About 911 was an inside job back in the yeah, you've seen Infowars stickers on everything he they would sell his documentaries there, and he had a handful of goods aimed at helping people survive the perpetually coming apocalypse. Between subscriptions, ads, DVD, and T-shirt sales, Infowars was making an estimated 10 million per year in the mid aughts. Now that's gross, not net. So what Alex would take home was much, much less than that because he had a big expense. I mean, millions of dollars to run a huge studio in the videos and stuff, but that was the gross profit, around 10 million by the mid aughts, 2008, 910. Was he still a millionaire at the end of the day, though, like he may not have been at this point. OK, yeah, I I don't know. When he became a millionaire, he was probably starting to because I'm sure he was getting a decent cut of that. But also, it's a very large studio, you know, he must have had significant operating costs. In 2013, Jones reworked and relaunched the store is Infowars Life, which is where he sold that poison, bone broth. He now sold overpriced nutrition and health stuff, including Secret 12, a $29.00 bottle of liquid B12, Infowars life bullet colloidal silver. I think it's fun to call it a bullet because you're supposed to put it up your ****. And he also sold $14.00 tubes of toothpaste. Are you guys curious about what kind of toothpaste Infowars sells? I'm guessing it doesn't have fluoride in it, so no, no fluoride here. You're really right about that. I happen to have an ad for that toothpaste. It's camouflaged as a part of his normal show. In this camouflaged ad, Alex receives a call from a guy named Frank who tells Alex that he's been braggy lately, who basically chastises Alex for bragging. And Alex just immediately starts screaming at this fake caller and says that he's the tip of the spear and he needs his help. And then drums start playing, and Jones begins ranting about how he's up against the globalists alone. He repeatedly says, I need your help, Frank. We're going to play the video. Now remember, this is a toothpaste ad. Really pays the bills and grow in the face of this. I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards, you understand? I need your help, Frank. I need your help. Frank. Go to right now and help fund the info. Do you understand? I need your help, Frank. Free Press needs your help, Frank. Support good oral health with our one-of-a-kind super blue fluoride free products info. ****. So this is what they call in the biz. Native advertising, by the way. And it's like he's natively advertising his own **** on his own show. It's like, this is genius, man. If it wasn't so sleazy, I would give this guy a pat on the back. God, it's all in house. And plus you can see the ingredients for, you know, if anyone hasn't gotten a chance to watch this ad. Non fluoride toothpaste with iodine, nanosilver plus and peppermint tea tree oil. Recommended by Alex Jones. And they they put, they basically put his name in the place where you would see recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists. Well, who would you trust, Alex, a dentist or Alex Jones, who is the son of a dentist? Lest we forget exactly. Alex Jones's father was a day. He's got the bona fides there. So, so that ad should give you an idea of the intellectual tenor of an average Infowars ad. According to a BuzzFeed interview with a former employee quote, he can sell 500 supplements in an hour. It's like QVC for conspiracy. Now, some journalists suspect that the vast majority, if not all, of Infamous's profits now come from these supplements. So for most radio hosts, like a Gallic Rush Limbaugh, the big money is in syndication. If you're doing a syndicated radio show, the Syndicate charges stations to run your show and then they give you a big chunk of that money. But Infowars is syndicated by Genesis Communications Network, a right wing radio network that operates on a barter model. So they give their content to radio stations for free so Alex Jones doesn't get any money from his show. So do a radio station, but Genesis gets to actually put in the ad. So instead of the radio station picking what ads runs during their shows, Genesis gives them the show for free, but picks the ads that go on it. Now GCN doesn't share their ad revenue with Alex Jones. Instead, Alex splits the ad time on his show with Genesis. New York magazine investigated this and I'm going to quote from their report on the matter. If you call Alex Jones's ad sales team, the employee told me you'll probably retire before you hear back from them. When I asked him why, he explained that. Jones uses his three minutes per hour to sell his own dietary supplements, and Jones can choose to tout his own products beyond that as well during the rest of his show. So in other words, quote, he doesn't get any syndication fees from GCN, he doesn't get a cut of the advertising that GCN sells, and he doesn't sell his three minutes per hour of national advertising time. The radio show makes no direct money. For Alex Jones. It's all about selling his dietary supplements. So yeah, he figured out a new tactic that I think he was probably pretty much the first person to use. Where he completely issued outside advertising and really almost any outside money for his show and supports it entirely by selling people lead tainted bone broth and other such wonders. It's infomercial wars, yes. Wow. I've never really thought about this aspect of it before, but I was joking earlier about the the stupid industry buzz term native advertising. And that's sort of when you like, disguise the ad as part of the content. And he's totally doing that, like with this toothpaste ad where it's like, this is a legitimate. Smaller, who has a concern about his oral health. And then all of a sudden it's like graphics going across the screen and it's like, good Lord, it's so egregious. It's it's amazing. It is. And if, if I can get a little bit into the inside baseball, a little bit like, that's part of why podcasting is a lucrative thing is because when you have someone in your ear, when you listen to them for hours and hours and hours a week, there is a level of trust that you develop for that person that you don't get through a lot of other mediums. And so if a person says, hey, I use this thing and I enjoy it. And it it's beneficial to me, you're more likely to trust that person than, like, just some random ad on TV. Everyone started to figure that out now, and it's part of why this form of media has taken off so much in the last few years. Alex Jones locked this **** down in 2013, which is, again, he's a he's a pioneer, you know? Yeah, it's fascinating, of course. Well, there's a good way in an evil way to do it. The good way is to not sell people lead, sell them bidets, you know, like, just no. There's beds, bed installed, bidets, but this is this is all powered by alarmism, though. If there was a comedy podcast where somebody had a running inside joke about, you know, some kind of orange juice that they like, or Doritos, or snack, or bites back. Doritos, the snack that fights back. Yes. How could we forget? But this seems different because it's praying on these very powerful, scary, primal emotions and reactions. Yeah, exactly. He's not saying, hey, I use this bed at home by this bed or, hey, like, I like this type of juice. Drink this juice. He's saying the globalists are trying to rob your body of iodine. Take these iodine pills like there's a difference. One of them is fine and the other is kind of unspeakably evil. But. Let's move on a little bit. Well, I mean, we're going to keep talking about this, but, uh, yeah, in Alex Jones's eyes, there is no inappropriate time to start shilling for supplements. Another former employee recalled quote, when the Fukushima nuclear disaster happened, Alex bought tons and tons of potassium iodide and Oh my God, did we sell that? Another good example of Alex, you know, taking advantage of his fans is this ad for DNA SHIELD. Like many of its his ads, it starts as a news story, something about how our hormones are under attack by pollution and GMO's or whatever. He mentions that. Quote the elite are already taking expensive fancy rich person supplements to deal with the poisoning of the globalists. He claims to have copied their recipe secretly and made it much more affordable so the common man can defend himself from the globalists. So let's play the rest of this ad for DNA shield. Sure. So expensive it's hard for the general public to get them that are growing the telomeres in the DNA that are spurring mitochondrial growth and keeping cells alive that are causing nerve regeneration. This is stuff you're allowed to say. Because it's patented and been certified. Because it's now supplements going into the whole nutraceutical realm. This will not be an infomercial for the next hour except for about 5 minutes of it, but I am here today to announce DNA force, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry, TNA force. Yeah, boy, he's a special guy. Now, Jones claims these miraculous pills were developed in part by his dad who he says was quote involved in FDA approved nutraceuticals. So it's not FDA approved, but his dad was involved in other things that were FDA approved. Is nutraceutical even a real word? That seems made-up. Yeah. Wow. It's a. It's like a sci-fi show science jargon, you know? Yeah. It's like a weird portmanteau of, like, nutrition and pharmaceutical, I guess. But it's like, yeah, that's yeah, because he wants to make it seem like he's giving people real serious medical things for serious medical issues. And so we can't just say these are nutrition supplements, they're nutraceuticals, which is also a term that the FDA doesn't watch at all. So I'm sure that helps, too. So he insists that DNA force, right. I think I wrote shield in the script, but their Shields and forces his nonsense DNA pills he claims are better and less expensive than the $600.00 pills the elites use. I'm going to play another clip $600. Because ladies and gentlemen, 1 ingredient that's in this cost $12,000 a kilo. $12,000 a kilo, the next ingredient cost $7000 a kilo. The next less expensive $5000 a kilo. Another one, $3400 a kilo. We bought it directly from the certified patented. You know, FDA approved whole 9 yards laboratories that make it. We had it scientifically mixed at Doctor Grips factory facility at the highest standards to bring you Infowars DNA force. Anyway, it costs $134.95 a bottle. But Robert, that's an amazing deal though. Did you hear that one ingredient that was twelve, 12,000, a K12 thousand? So it's it's more scientific because he's using the metric system, you know, that's like real science there. And also you'll note that he says the facility where he bought the ingredients is FDA approved again and it's run by a guy named Doctor Griff. Did I hear that correctly? That's his like his street name. Doctor Griff is a different so he gets the ingredients from an FDA approved facility and then they go to Doctor Griff's facility. I don't think the FDA has approved Doctor Griff. He does have Doctor Griff on as a guest in another ad that I found for this, and Doctor Griffin theorizes that pills like these might help people live to be 120 years old. So that's cool. Cool, great for just 100 and 3495 a bottle? Yeah, it's remarkable. So whenever Alex does an ad for these, he's emphatic about the incredible quality of his products and the purity of their ingredients. He seems to prefer using himself as an example in his ads whenever possible. Oftentimes this means taking his shirt off, as it will in this video. That we're about to see or, you know, listen to. I haven't talked to anybody. It hasn't worked for spectacular. Look, we want to sell you good stuff that works, so you keep buying it anyways. But the point is, this is stuff that counters the globalist and funds the infowar. That's why I'm so excited about it. I want to thank you for continuing to support the Infowars. Alex Jones signing off for If you're watching this transmission, you know damn well you're the resistance. OK, first of all, that sounds like a man wearing no shirt. Second of all, I love that he refers to it as a transmission, that that is all. And I love how he brings you into it. If you're listening to this, you're damn well part of the resistance. You know damn well you're part of the resistance. He is the reddest man I I saw him in person once at the Republican National Convention. He gave a speech outside of it, and I thought then I've never seen a man whose skin gets so red when he yells. Well, that was in waking. Life, too, because in his animated, you know, Avatar, and that is like bright red and getting redder and redder and redder. It's obviously like, you know, part of his cartoonish character. It is remarkable how red he can get without his heart exploding yet. I mean, he's only 44 and he looks like 60, like he's only 44 years old. Yeah, he's like 43 or something in that video that we just listened to. Yeah. He looks like you wouldn't guess Danny DeVito was more than about a decade older than him just looking at the two of them. But. And he's got like 30 some years on him. He's he's it's remarkable. So Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel actually bought some Anthro Plex, which is the product that shirtless Alex Jones was a advertising there. He sent it over to a testing lab to have it analyzed. Now, Anthropo Plex, which cost nearly $30 a bottle, is boasted as basically a zinc supplement. That's what he's claiming, is that the globalists are robbing your body of zinc. And Anthro Plex will give you enough zinc to be as buff as shirtless Alex Jones. So Charlie Warzel sent this Anthro Plex off to be. Checked out by a lab and the lab report that came back said, quote, if you are extremely zinc deficient, the value is not going to be significantly helpful. It calls Anthro Plex, quote a waste of money and points out you could actually get another zinc orotate supplement for around $5.00 with an impactful serving size. So his zinc supplement that's $30 a bottle contains almost no zinc. Well, well, in his defense they said they all they said was it's not going to be significantly helpful. Yeah, you know, yeah, it's six times as expensive as a normal zinc supplement and has less zinc in it. Classy, Alex. So not only does Alex Jones sell bad, sometimes toxic supplements to the gullible, he's also pretty abusive to the companies he partners with. Basically finding businesses that are in trouble and strong arming them into giving him deals in exchange for the Infowars endorsement quote. A former employee, I've seen him undercut a company that sells survival straws for $25, forced them down to $10, and then sell them at $50.00. So that's fun. Just to give you a little bit of an idea of the way Alex Jones does business if you want to know how we do business. It's time for some ads, so here's me selling you things that aren't filled with lead in that I will guarantee you have. As much zinc as we claim that they have. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for none of that. For anyone who hates their phone Bill, Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for just $15.00 a month. Mint Mobile will give you the best rate whether you're buying one or for a family. And it meant. Families start at 2 lines. 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From executive producers Dania Ramirez and Eva Longoria, that's me, comes the powerful retelling of this all too relevant narrative. Listen to sisters of the underground as part of My Cultura podcast network, available on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. And we're back. We're talking about Alex Jones and how he made his millions. We just got done talking about least one of his shirtless ads now. Infowars, in addition to selling supplements, also holds regular money bomb telethons, and that's what they call them as money bombs. These are super long fundraisers, sometimes over 27 hours in length, that are there to raise funds for an already for profit company. These often raise reportedly $100,000 in just a single day. In an interview with BuzzFeed, one former employee reported feeling quote sick to my stomach when a donor charged their donation to a credit card and then explained that this was because their house had been foreclosed. I'm convinced after working there that fear sells as well as sex. Judging by his prophets, maybe it sells even better. So I bet you're wondering what a money bomb looks like. So I'm going to play an excerpt from one of his money bombs from, I think, 2010. Is it like a Google bomb? No, it's. Sleazier than that ohh great, let's go five star Take charge of your health now by calling 800-340-7091 or see Calvin on the web at Alex Jones here with vital information concerning our nation's fragile food supply. Folks, there are some truly dangerous trends forming, and I think it's important for my listeners to do three things right away. Number one, study the past history really does repeat itself #2 learn to spot the dangerous food shortage trends. #3 take decisive action. A perfect storm is brewing. Or a global food crisis. That's why I'm telling everyone to read the new book. Rising prices, empty shelves, warning signs that trigger the deadliest famines in history. Don't get caught unprepared when the crisis hits. This book is only available at rising prices. Empty so. Oh wow. Yeah, isn't that this is a slick way to sell a book. Yeah, and he's doing a great movie voice. I thought he was about to be like, in a world where you have to buy this book in order to know when you need to buy food that you can also buy from us because we sell survival food. Yeah, Alex Jones. So if you're a regular listener and viewer of and for wars, I'm going to guess. You either think Alex Jones is hilarious, which is probably 50%, or you really, really trust him, which is probably another 50%. I think one of his strengths is that he was probably one of the first people to realize that. It was possible to sell people a lot of things if you develop that kind of trust and rapport with your audience, and he's he's been very good at that. At least one former senior Infowars employee has stated that Alex based his empire off of televangelist networks he admired. Quote their knack of using trust and faith to market things shilling supplements has been outrageously profitable for Alex. In 2012 and 2013, prior to launching the Infowars Life line of products, Infowars made about $5 million a year gross. In 2014, the company made more than $20 million in gross revenue. Alex Jones went from being moderately well off to well, I'm going to quote from a New York Times article about his divorce. Mr. Jones bought 4 Rolex watches in one day in 2014 and spent $40,000 on a saltwater aquarium. The couple's assets at the time included a $70,000 grand piano, $50,000 in firearms, and 752,000 in gold, silver, and precious metals in the safe deposit box. So by 2014. Alex Jones is definitely a rich man, and I can't think of anyone. I'd less want to have $50,000 in firearms than Alex Jones. That is a concerning thing. So, yeah, that New York Times article also notes that quote. Most of his revenue that year came from the sale of products like supplements, such as Super Male Vitality, which purports to boost testosterone, or brain force plus. And in case you're curious, Jones claimed that his $317,000 shopping spree was a post divorce necessity. It's a free country and I had to restart my life. Which is fair. It is indeed a free country. No law forbids Alex Jones from getting rich selling crap to whoever. Only here's the thing. The entire Infowars business model relies on fear. Convincing people that an X file scale conspiracy is perpetually moments away from tearing them away from everything and everyone they love. Fear of radiation or terrorists or globalist poison campaigns is what sells the radiation shield supplements, body armor, and water filtration systems that Alex Jones shills. And Speaking of water filtration systems, you guys want to check out an Infowars life ad for that? Yes, so very much their filters are impregnated. With Shelver, a natural antibiotic on top of that, they're bigger so they filter faster. You don't have to prime these the first time you use them. It's amazing. Go to and click on the shopping cart link to see the entire family of these babies. Now the fluoride there there are water is so tiny that most filters can't cut it out. But Pro Pure has their system that will again reduce it to non detectable levels. Almost get. So again, the thing that is important there is that he's not just selling a water filter. He's saying people are being poisoned. Like he's saying you're being poisoned. They're sneaking fluoride into your water to poison you, and this filter will remove it and other things will not. No, they're not. They're not sneaking it, though. It's like a thing that municipalities do. They put fluoride in the water. It's a it's a known thing. Yeah, yeah, it's a known thing. But he's telling people that this is part of a conspiracy to damage you. The globalists are trying to hurt you with poison in your water. And only this filter will help. But when you literally tell people that they're being poisoned by a group and then name specific people like Barack Obama or Democratic lawmakers as members of that group, it's possible that you might just sort of inspire a couple of shooting sprees, which is what we're going to get into next. I mean, I think that's like episode 3 material, right? When we're like, the whole idea of like, how finally now everyone knows that this is hate speech, Oh no, it starts way earlier than episode. I just want to say before we go on this video clip with the. With the water filters is he's like an evil Billy Mays in this thing. Evil Billy Mays is a good way to look at it. And these things are very menacing looking. They're very, very large and very shiny and metallic. And they look like something that would be in, like a meth lab or something. It's very strange. Yeah. I think that probably plays to like, the people who are going to want to buy this want everything to look cool, right? Like, that's why he doesn't say these are just zinc supplements, it's survival shield, and these would go really well in my, you know, bomb shelter. Yeah, it'll look cool next to your wall of guns, like, you know, and it will look cool next to your wall of guns. So at 4:12 AM on January 8th, 2011, Jared Lee Loughner made an incoherent Myspace post that referenced the nation's, quote, 5% literacy rate and the quote longest war in United States history. He was not talking about Afghanistan, he was talking about the infowar. Attached to this post was a picture of a handgun on top of an American history book. Roughly 3 hours later, he traveled to a Walmart and purchased ammunition. Then he took a taxi to a Safeway at Casas Adobes, Arizona, where representative Gabrielle Giffords was holding a meeting with her constituents. A little after 10:00 AM, Laudner opened fire on Giffords, grievously wounding her, killing six people, and wounding 13. Unlike most mass shooters, Launer was stopped before he could kill himself and was arrested on the scene. Now, a number of things were very wrong with Jared Loughner. Some of his friends have stated that he hated Giffords, in part because he hated the idea of women holding positions of power. He also hated George W Bush. Probably because he believed 911 was an inside job and he believed that among many other things, because Jared Loughner was a gigantic fan of Alex Jones. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, investigations into launders life revealed that he was a huge fan of the Jones produced film Loose Change. This led to a storm of condemnation of Alex Jones and Infowars, the writer of that Rolling Stone article I keep quoting, interviewed Jones five days after the shooting. Jones compared the condemnation of him and his, you know, Infowars to McCarthyism, which oddly enough, he's also. Said was a good thing at other times, so he's not a consistent guy. But Jones accepted no responsibility for inciting lahner quote, during these societal upheavals. It's messy. A lot of bad things happen. And yeah, you're going to have paranoid schizophrenics that get set off by the crazy things corporations and governments are doing and by those who are exposing it to them. But we can't allow ourselves to become paralyzed if it's schizophrenic. Takes three hits of acid in the forest and sees demons in the trees and snaps. Do you cut down the trees? Which you don't. But I would argue that. If you find someone who's only sells acid to schizophrenics, you probably stop that guy. Yeah, so at that point, Alex Jones wasn't even willing to accept that the shooting was entirely legitimate. Quote. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. This kid Loughner disappeared for days at a time before the shooting. My gut tells me this was a staged mind control operation. The government employs geometric psychological warfare experts that know exactly how to indirectly manipulate unstable people through the media. They implanted the idea in his head by repeatedly asking his Giffords in danger. So? Every account I found makes it clear that Alex Jones was not launer's only rode into the world of insane anti government conspiracy theories. Jared had a voracious appetite for that stuff. Alex Jones and Infowars though were clearly part of his intellectual development. I'm going to leave it up to you guys and to the listener to decide how much blame, if any, you think Mr. Jones deserves. So right now I don't know how you guys are feeling in terms of is he at all responsible for this? Is his rhetoric responsible for this? Yes, yes it is. I think to a degree. That's it. Inarguable that there's not some responsibility. It's not as if he's only saying vague things. And many times, in many situations there are specific what we would call calls to action. You know what I mean? And targets find these specific people and playing on this, this primal them or us mentality. It makes people feel as if the only choice they might have, especially if they're already unstable, is to take some sort of violent action. So he is. He's not going out and shooting people himself, but people are being shot to some degree because of his actions. Yeah, it's like dog whistle racism or something, but like literally kind of implanting subliminal messages in the minds of unstable potential shooters, you know? I mean, I think it's inarguable that he is to blame. Which makes it ironic that he's talking about people being programmed by specific phrases and terms, you know? Yes, it's at the very least cartoonishly ignorant and perhaps hypocritical. Yeah, willfully hypocritical. And it's interesting to me, too, you say. Like he puts calls to action. And I think what's what's so upsetting about Alex Jones? It I think it would be less upsetting if he had inspired all of these attacks and legitimately wanted to, because he believes that there's a real globalist conspiracy to poison everybody. But I think he gets people amped up and feeling that they're under attack, and some people interpret that as a call to action. To do violence, but he's just trying to sell them stuff like that. They call it. That's what they call it. In marketing scripts, the end of of of AD copy is called the call to action. It's like when you tell people the thing they need to buy. I mean that's literally what he's doing, but it's it's it's got this weird dual effect. It's it's, man, it's painful, it's terrifying. And you know, if you, the listener, aren't quite on board with sort of our theory of Alex Jones being culpable in a lot of killings, let's hear from a more few more Infowars fans. Does the name Richard Andrew Poplawski mean anything to you all? If we've had a lot lately. He was a former Marine who in 2009 got into a spat with his mother. Someone called the police and Richard greeted them. Wearing a bulletproof vest and wielding an AK47, he opened fire and killed 3 police officers. Poplawski's friends and family knew that he regularly talked about the growing police state, which who doesn't these days. He also ranted about a coming collapse and seemed to see himself as a sort of patriotic revolutionary. Here's the Anti Defamation League's report on him quote. Poplawski visited the site Infowars frequently. Shared links to it with others and sometimes even posted to it. One of his frustrations with the site though was that it didn't focus enough on the nefarious roles played by Jews in all of these conspiracies quote for being such a huge players in the end game he observed in a March 29th, 2009 posting to Infowars. Too many Infowars are surprisingly unfamiliar with the Zionists. Another time he was more hopeful noting that quote racial awareness is on the rise among the young white population. So. Alex Jones has had some allegations of anti-Semitism levelled at him. He of course denies any kind of prejudice or bias. Other people have suggested that the term globalist as used by Alec Jones is basically a stand in for the word Jews. There's no way to prove that, but I can prove that some people interpret Alex Jones that way. I'm working on another side project, as in my career as a freelance journalist, where I'm collecting the stories of 75 different fascist activists and how they came to be what they call red pilled, and in there in that community, that term. Generally means came to believe that Jews controlled the world. So I found a number of posts in people talking about how they became red pilled on these private fascist forums where people reference Alex Jones. So I'm just going to read one of those quotes and this is from one of the chat rooms where the first unite the right rally in Charlottesville was planned quote. Infowars actually did a good job of prepping me for the JQ Jewish question as much of their facts are fairly true. They just changed the names so a lot of people interpret his stuff that way, whether or not that's Jones's. Attention, what is the Jewish question when, when they're using that term, it means the idea that Jews are behind a global conspiracy to take over the world and and dominate politics all over the looks like, even sort of like during the depression there were a lot of movements to eliminate, you know, government control of, you know, finance or whatever. And they use the term like bankers or financiers. And that was a dog whistle term for Jews at the time as well. Absolutely. And and even, you know, Hitler in his, when he was being more careful with his racism, he had a lot of dog whistles. Umm. And yeah, it's it's just a common thing with these people and has been for a while. And so Alex Jones will, of course say that that's not at all his intention, but it is very clear that some people at least interpret him that way and he has to be aware of that, right? I can't believe he's ignorant of it. Right. But I don't know. Also, and again, Alex Jones would deny any allegations of anti-Semitism and I have no evidence that he. Is secretly trying to propagandize people in that particular way. Alex Jones obviously denied any responsibility for the Poplawski shooting. He said this to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Quote, if anybody should be blamed for this, it's the Marines. They're the ones who trained him to kill, and it probably is true that Poplawski was more dangerous with his AK47 due to the fact that he had marine training. But Alex was the one who trained him to see a gigantic government conspiracy lurking behind every failure and set back in his life. It was Alex Jones who really started the spread of the FEMA concentration camp. Conspiracy. And it just so happens that shortly before his rampage, Poplawski posted a YouTube clip of Glenn Beck ranting about FEMA concentration camps. If you remember from the last episode, it was not uncommon in the early aughts for stories to start on Alex Jones's site and then filter up to Glenn Beck's prime time show, and one of the stories that started that way was the FEMA concentration camp conspiracy. So. That's where we are right now. It is time for some ads. You can take this as a call to action, but not a call to commit horrible crimes. Please don't commit any horrible crimes. Just enjoy these products and services. So by now we imagine that you've seen the theories on Tik T.O.K. You maybe even heard the rumors, your friends and loved ones. But are any of the stories about government conspiracies and cover ups actually true? The answer is surprisingly or unsurprisingly, yes. 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I want to talk a little bit right now about how Infowars is a very well documented vector for the spread of fake news. There's a scientific study that was carried out by the University of Washington in 2015 where they looked at three different fake news stories. That had spread after the Boston Marathon bombing, and studied how those myths had initially started spreading on Twitter before they filtered out into the mainstream. And they traced one of these myths that a group of Navy seals had planted the bombs at the Boston Marathon back to Infowars quote links to the Infowars website with the first links to appear in any tweets related to this rumor. They're precipitation to the first peak, and misinformation further demonstrates how external content can help Twitter rumors evolve and spread. Now Kate Starbird, one of the researchers. In that study has become an activist and sort of informing people of the fact that there is a concerted effort to spread fake news throughout our culture right now, she noted. At the time we thought it was pretty insignificant, but things look different in hindsight. But as far back as 2015 there was documentation that Infowars had become a major vector for fake news that filtered out and reached the mainstream, which I find interesting because 2015, I wasn't paying any attention to an Alex Jones or Infowars. So yeah, it turns out Infowars. Very popular among the kind of people who wind up in gun battles with the police. In 2010, Byron Williams got into a gunfight with several Oakland police officers when they pulled him over for driving like a nut. Williams was wearing body armor and armed with both a handgun and a 308 rifle, which is more firepower than most Oakland commuters tend to carry. When Byron survived his gun battle and surrendered to the police, they started asking him what was going on and why he had body armor and weapons. He said that his goal was to, quote, start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the tides. Foundation and the ACLU. As you may have guessed, Williams was a gigantic fan of Alex Jones, who loved Tarrant about the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. He actually found out about the Tides Foundation because of Glenn Beck rant, but I'm going to give you one guess as to where the Glenn Beck story started. Here's what Alex Jones told Media Matters when he was asked about this particular shooting. This goes to a classic lie that has been retreaded that this fellow follows Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. This is a classic guilt by association tactic. It is just more of an attempt to imply that anyone who criticizes corruption is contributing to an atmosphere that will cause another Oklahoma City bombing. Yeah, so. He's pretty consistent. Yeah. But not, I guess, pretty consistent at practicing the convenience of association, right. He wants to be associated with things when they have consequences or results that will help his bottom line. But it is. I mean, reading back over that quote, that's matrix level dodging, isn't it? Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. I mean, this is guilt by association. He's saying that I'm just criticizing corruption and they're trying to tie me into terrorist attacks. And the reality is like, no. You're telling people that there is a secret war on to destroy them and their lives. And then when they take you seriously and fight back against this secret war, you say, well, that's not what I meant. Like, yeah, it's frustrating. You guys remember that dude who walked into the comet ping pong pizzeria with an AR15 because they thought children were chained up in there? Well, that guy had liked Alex Jones and the Infowars on his Facebook page. He told the New York Times he listened to Alex Jones on the radio. This guy. Read about Alex Jones quote he's a bit eccentric. He touches on some issues that are viable but goes off the deep end on some things which. I love that. That's the guy who brought a rifle into a pizza restaurant because he thought there was a secret child molestation campaign. Was like, Alex Jones gets a little bit crazy sometimes, a bit of a cook. He's a bit of a kook. You have to take it with a grain of salt, you know? Believe that was a Pizzagate where where in that same guy was searching for children who were held in a nonexistent basement? Yeah, and Alex Jones was a big proponent of pizza gate and also a big proponent in general of the idea that there's a secret pedophile conspiracy. Running the entire government and all Democrats are pedophiles trying to make the world into a pedophilic empire of some sort. Yeah. Which is unclear and didn't have something to do with Hillary Clinton's emails. Were there like or some exchange between her and one of her campaign people where they were like, all these, like secret words, code words that meant, you know, this is where we're keeping the the children, the virgins or just terms for scheduling a time to get together and have pizza popular like place for lawmakers. This comet pizzeria was like, it's a big. In place, it's pop. Yeah, it's it's right in the middle of things. But yeah, it's even easier when you decide that normal words are code words for terrible things. Like pizza is a code word for child molestation. Well, then, like, anybody's e-mail is going to have references to child molestation in it. Kids love pizza. Pizza. Yeah, or cheese pizza, because CP is childbirth or something like that, right? There you go. Oh well, now it's now it's rock solid. Now Benjamin's on board. Onboard. So I love that quotation, though. Yeah, Alex Jones goes a little off the deep end. Just a bit. Just he's a little touched, says the guy. He should go on. I bet there's more. I bet there's a lot more. You guys remember in 2011 when Oscar Ortega fired his rifle at the White House from the window of his car? Yes. Yeah, yeah. It was a big story. One of his friends told the New York Times that he had recently watched the Obama deception. The mask comes off, a documentary written and produced by Alex Jones. I don't think I remember the subtitle. The mask comes off. Yeah, that may have been a sequel. I don't even know any. He's made a lot of documentaries, so that may have been the sequel to the Obama deception. The Obama deception, the mask comes off, but I don't know. Off the top of my head, it's there's a Bourne movies, there's the Obama deception, the Obama precedent, the Obama whatever. Yeah, I would 100% watch an action movie series that actually starred Barack Obama as himself. Waking up with CIA training, that would be ******* amazing. Yeah, Joe Biden's wheelman. Yeah, and and you know, Joe Biden's the probably the one who says I'm getting too old for this. Yeah, he's also like he's kind of like the grizzled Michael Caine, you know, like he'd be wielding the sawed off shotgun, you know? You know? You know what guys? I mean, since we're since we're brainstorming here, I don't want to lose the flow. I'm just going to text them. Who? Michael Caine. I'll just. I'll group text Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michael Caine. Oh, great. Yeah, you got the context. Because now we've had. A couple of presidents who started off in TV and movies and became president. But we've never had a president who became a television star after being president. And I really think we're overdue for that anyway. 2018, yeah. But so I I imagine then that Alex Jones probably also denies any association or culpability. Yes, he denies any that that's going to be across the board. I don't have a specific quote for that one. But yes, he does not take any responsibility for ask or Ortega shooting at the White House after watching a documentary about how Obama wants to take our freedom. Did you guys hear about Jared and Amanda Miller's 2014 shooting spree in Vegas? These were the the two guys who left Cliven Bundy's land, headed to Vegas, and then ambushed and murdered two police officers in order to spark a revolution. They killed one other person outside of a Walmart. 5 people in total, including the shooters, died from all of that. Jared and Amanda were both regular commenters on Infowars. At one point, Jared made a post on Infowars about killing police officers. Alex Jones declared the shooting to be a false flag carried out by the Obama administration. Sully the good name of right wing extremists, but unfortunately for Alex, randomly declaring murder sprees to be false flags as a tactic that after about a decade eventually came back to haunt him. On December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary school and shot 20 children and six adults dead. Adam Lanza was not a fan of Alex Jones, was not connected to him in any way that I'm aware of, but Alex Jones was a fan of insinuating and sometimes outright claiming that mass shootings were government false flag attacks carried out in order to justify a gun ban. And that's exactly what he did in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. Lenny Posner, father of Noah Posner, the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook massacre, says he probably listened to an episode of the Infowars podcast as he was driving away from dropping off his son for what would be the last time. Like millions of people like me and I'm going to guess, like you guys. Lenny enjoyed conspiracy theories now. He believed in some of them. He he definitely had some Batty beliefs at the time, but he wasn't a blind, crazy fan of Infowars or Alex Jones. He watched him because Alex is entertaining. Funny to watch, right? Like pretty much everyone who's listened to this podcast so far. He thought Alex Jones was entertaining, but not anyone to take too seriously. Just like the comet ping pong guy that changed after Sandy Hook. I'm going to play a compilation of a few of the things Alex Jones said about that mass shooting as compiled by CNN, and we'll get into why I have to use a CNN clip in a little bit here. But here's Alex talking about Sandy Hook. The official story of Sandy Hook has more holes in it. That Swiss cheese. My gut tells me the White House people controlling the governments were involved in this, so don't ever think the globalists that have hijacked this country wouldn't stage something like this. They kill little kids all day, every day. And it's not our government, it's the globalist. I mean, they're doing it, they're doing it, they're staging it. Yeah. So, OK, that can't even laugh at that. Is this a crisis actor thing? Yeah, this spread out of that. You know, he didn't start out by saying that all of the deaths had been, but that's part of the Alex Jones thing is that if others conspiracies crop up around a conspiracy he started, then he'll entertain all of those theories and he definitely will. We'll play some clips later what he said about the parents, but he was open to the idea that no children had died in Sandy Hook whatsoever. So after you know this partly. As a result of Alex Jones's broadcast about the Sandy Hook shootings, the Sandy Hook Truth movement started to grow and spread. Nuts began traveling to Sandy Hook to film the town and document evidence that it was in on. Yeah, it wasn't all little incidents like that. People started to believe that the families of the victims were in on the false flag shooting because according to one variant of the theory, there were no victims. Lenny and his at the time wife began to suffer harassment and even threats from strangers who thought they had faked the death of their six year old son from money. The couple split up not long after Noah's death, but the harassment caused them both to move out of Sandy Hook, hundreds of miles away from their son's grave site, which they couldn't visit anyway, out of the fear that some nut with a gun was camping out and waiting for them. Lenny said this to the New York Times quote conspiracy theorists erase the human aspect of history. My child who lived, who was a real person is basically going to be erased. Yeah, which is heavy. Yeah. That's probably the best coda we could possibly get for this episode. Conspiracy theorists erase the human aspect of this story. This is like when **** gets real. I mean, yeah, obviously ***** already gotten real with like, you know, poisoning his listeners and all this **** and just duping people left and right. But this is when they start to be real consequences and, like, real weight behind this ******** that he's spouting. Yeah, and and it's just it's like a boiling point where you can't deny it anymore. And he does experience. Some some serious fallout from this, right? Yeah, and we'll be getting into the fallout in part three of this episode. I do want to note that we had to use the CNN supercut from all those scenes of Alex Jones ranting about Sandy Hook because none of the videos where Alex spread that theory are still up on Infowars. He wonder why? Yeah, he deleted them after a massive lawsuit threatened his livelihood. It was possibly illegal that he did this, and in fact, Mr. Jones and his company were sanctioned for deleting quote, extensive social media materials and reportedly hundreds of hours of video. Which is like when Trump deletes his tweets, only, you know, different. So what does the base of Infowars think about Jones and Co deleting all this footage? Well, I mean I I don't think any of them have said anything about at least I haven't read any of that. Like it's like it's if if Trump deletes his tweets like his fans just don't sort of acknowledge the thing that got deleted. You know? Jones will usually portray it as we're constantly under attack by the globalist. They're always trying to shut us down, so we have to do things to protect ourselves. I think these people would be like, this is clear evidence that the conspiracy is real because the government had to go after Alex and make him take it all down in order to because they're trying to keep a lid on it, you know? Here's the other thing, though. I don't want to get us too off topic, but if the globalist are that powerful and that amoral, then why are they so ineffective? Why is his show still on the air? There's a lot. There's so many things that don't add up, you know? Yeah. And if you think about Alex's whole career, the line that he believes about himself makes no sense. It's like how he was back in the late 1990s calling his show the final edition. And here 20 some years later, he is still saying all of this stuff. He's never been stopped. Nobody's come after him. Well, it's like you said, it behooves the doomsday prophets for the doomsday never to come because they they they that way they can keep cashing in on these suckers that believe every word they say. And it's it's just it's like gaslighting 101. That's that's what he does, you know? I mean yeah, it's it's nuts. Well and it's this is a common thing for conspiracy theorists and it's also a common thing. It's something they share because obviously not everyone who's a fan and not, I'm going to say not most people who are fans of Infowars or anti-Semitic or who are fascists or whatever. But if you look at sort of the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as spread by the fascists, it's always this conspiracy is always all powerful but simultaneously too dumb to stop them. That's the same thing with Alex's stuff, like there's this conspiracy that's all powerful but also. We're so smart and so woke that we can defeat it by doing these things so like, but it needs to be both like it. It does need to be a constant threat because, number one, that's how you sell the supplements, but also that's how you keep people amped up. But they also need to feel like they're doing something to fight it by supporting Infowars and sharing its stories on Twitter and Facebook and whatever. I think it's no accident it's called Infowars because warfare works the same way, right? Like we, you know, companies make billions and billions of dollars by us being in a constant. Made of terror and war and it makes people like need them. Yeah, if if, you know, if we had peace, it got a business that's no good. You know, it's also interesting to me that the title Infowars, because Alex Jones is such a pioneer in fake news and now we are all across the world, everyone listening to this in the middle of a war that has being fought in large degree via information. And I'm going back to like, if you talk about the thing was 2010, the Russian invasion of Georgia started with a fake news blitz. The Ukrainian Civil War, I've talked to people, they've reported on that one. Like from that war, when you talk to people who live in the parts of eastern Ukraine that were first effective, they were like, yeah, it started with Internet and television propaganda. So in a weird way, by picking the name Infowars for his site, he kind of did. Predict and define what was going to be happening in the next couple of decades. And he really was the first person to weaponize the Internet in an effective way. I I don't think he intentionally did it because he was just trying to sell supplements. But, like, there is definitely a connection between how Alex Jones has accidentally helped to spark so many shootings and how ISIS will do stuff like. Put out propaganda to hundreds of thousands of people in the hopes that one person will drive a bus into a group of crowded people like it is they're doing it intentionally. And he was not trying to get anyone killed, he just wanted to sell supplements. But it's the same tactic. Essentially. It's the same idea that if you fill people with propaganda and convince them that they are being targeted and attacked and the situation is dire, some of them will do crazy things and you can just let that happen as a side effect of trying to sell bone broth. Or you can a targeted attempt to make that happen, but either way it's the same tactic. Where does that leave us now, Robert, at at the point where it sounds like there was litigation that it was to some degree effective, right? It didn't tamp down his base, but it did, I think, show that he's not bulletproof. So, so where, where are we now? Where does this go? Well, where we are, at least in the the podcast we're telling is Alex Jones. Has been sued by the families of the Sandy Hook victims that he sort of made into scapegoats for a lot of his listeners. Where we're going to be in the next episode is I'm titling the third one the fall of the House of Jones. So yeah, the Sandy Hook families are not the only people who sued him, although it is very possible that that lawsuit will be the thing that finally brings his empire of ******** crashing to the ground. It's a really tremendous story, and I'm excited to bring it to you and to all of you. Listening right now on on Thursday when we we drop part three of this Alex Jones podcast, and there will be a lot of Schadenfreude in that one. So if you've been frustrated with all of the death and lies and nonsense and racism and. Dirty gym socks on his ears. 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