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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Part Two: Hitler's Drug Problem

Part Two: Hitler's Drug Problem

Thu, 26 Aug 2021 10:00

Robert is joined again by Carolina Barlow to continue to discuss Hitler, the Nazis and drugs

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her social discoveries on chimpanzees. So four whole months, the chimps ran away from me. I mean, they take one look at this peculiar white ape and disappear into the vegetation. Bing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts, sisters of the Underground is a podcast about fearless Dominican women who stood up against the brutal dictator Kapal Trujillo. He needs to be stopped. We've been silent and complacent for far too long. I am Daniel Ramirez, and as a Dominicana myself, I am proud to be narrating this true story that is often left out of the history books to read. Your has blood on his hands. Listen to sisters of the underground wherever you get your podcasts. What's unironically supporting the use of methamphetamine my? Giant corporate podcast network. I'm not even gonna. That was great. No, no, thank you, Sophie. Thank you for taking legal accountability for my actions, as you always do. In all instances, this is behind the ******** podcast. Bad people tell you all about them. Part two of our episode on Hitler, the Nazis and drugs. So my guest today is Carolina Barlow. Carolina, you are a writer. You work on the Ron Burgundy podcast with comedy. Person, William Perron comedy personnel. Famously funny. Famously funny. Providing the giggles, providing the giggles, the chuckles, the yucks. And you also have a weekly podcast called True Romance that comes out every Thursday. Light of my life. True romance now when we talk about true romance, what about the romance of a young German woman being ordered by her doctor to take methamphetamine? So that. We can produce more soldiers to go die on the Eastern Front. What about the romance is, is that is that not the truest romance in a way. So that's not really what we were going for when we, like, started our shows much more, you know? So this is not a city references, OK, stuff like that. You're so your podcast is not about fueling the AUST fronts, inexorable need for human cattle. You know, we talked about that and we were like, let's go in another direction. Actually, it would be a bit late for that at this point, one way or the other. No matter which side you came in on it, it it really probably was doing that. So we are, we are, we are always trying to convince people to go die in Russia, that is, that is our main sponsor is the bone fields of Kursk. Had your bones to them today. What? What are you what are you gonna do with them? You're not using your bones. Give them to Kursk anyway. Yeah, Carolina. You wanna talk about Hitler sparks a little bit? Yes. So, yes, yes, yes. Hitler had a horrible fart problem, and this this is a problem. His enormous shifts that couldn't be flushed. And he told the entire world about and everyone was just like, yeah, this is just a thing that's happening. God was so good fish. She's an emotion that was so funny. Not only that, but he lost his hands all the time. And if you look at close-ups, allegedly. I mean, allegedly. What is easier to believe than the fact that Trump ***** his pants? I can't. I I mean, the diaper. But the big diaper bottom lots of red people **** their pants and don't do the bad things that I just like. Just like their pants baby **** their pants. And most babies do not attempt to stop the immigration visas of interpreters. That's true. And and ban immigration from Muslim majority nations. So it would be very hard for a baby to do either of those things themselves. Yeah, even if you were to invest. Baby with the powers of the presidency and change the Constitution to allow a baby to serve a baby would would have a very difficult time pushing either of those. Even signing its name would be a tremendous effort. It would be a whole thing. I kind of want to see a TV show where you've got like a baby and a bunch of fascists and the babies, the presents they have to like, connive ways to get the baby to, like, do something recognizable as a signature. They're just having it walk around in ink and stuff. That'd be a fun show giving. I think this is the next installment of. Boss baby. Boss baby. He's the he's unknowingly the figurehead of a fascist movement. Exactly. Direction, yeah, dammit. He opened to the border. He crawled over the wrong paper, yeah. Uh, boss baby. So let's talk about Hitler's farts. This is an important subject because Hitler was one of the most important people who ever lived, right? That's that's just kind of objectively, we don't have to think that's a pleasant fact for it to be real. And as a result, the fact that he had a horrible, horrible gastrointestinal problem had an influence on the course of world history. As we talked about last episode, Doctor Morell prescribed Hitler Mutaflor for his GI issues, but he also gave him medication for his out of control flatulence. Which often led to unbearable gas pain and in some cases embarrassing farting during important meetings, sometimes with like 4 like this was a whole thing for Hitler all the way up through his early career. Now this specific medication that Doctor Morell picked was Doctor Kester's anti gas pills. Hitler's flatulence does seem to have had at least some psychosomatic element. He had particularly bad attacks of cramps and gas during times of stress, meetings with important foreign dignitaries or the eve of major assaults. So as Hitler went from political brinksmanship. Invading all of Europe, his gas attacks grew more frequent and severe and he had to take more anti gas pills. Today there are medications that help with gas, but doctor Kester's pills where a distinctively quack remedy. Most reputable doctors would not have prescribed them because their active ingredient was atropa belladonna, which included atropine and strychnine. So to stop his farts, he was taking strict 9 pills every day. That is so early. Easier, softer way. Yeah. And there there is debate over, there's debate over whether or not it would have been possible for him to take enough of a dose to have hurt because like the the recommended dose of the pills, it was too little strict 9 to have really done anything. But he was also taking way more than the recommended dose. I I don't know that we have a we also don't have a clear understanding of like, how good was that companies, the sketchy companies control process, how much, how do we know that he was actually only getting this much or whatever we did these are. Questions that will never be answered, but we do know that he was taking a **** load of strict 9 pills for years and that may have had an impact. Yes, strict 9 is a poison. It's a deadly poison. In high enough doses and it can cause severe discomfort and like a variety of negative effects, it can also be kind of a sedative in lower doses. Although I wouldn't recommend it because it's strict 9. But yeah, it again, it's impossible to like say exactly oh at this moment. The fact that Hitler was taking strict 9 all the time led to this decision, but it is hard to imagine someone taking strict 9 and increasing quantities every day for years without there being some kind of impact on him, right? In the words of Nancy Meyers, something's gotta give, OK? It didn't help. It's not gonna happen. And again, there was a lot of stuff being shoved into Hitler's body by Morell. These strict 9 pills, these weird hormones, these injections, drugs, you know, amphetamines. And we'll talk about the other drugs later. We don't know exactly what did what, but one thing everyone does agree on, and this is universally agreed among scholars and physicians who have reviewed Hitler's records, is that his health declined rapidly after 1941. And it all played a role in that, right? But it's probably too much to pick one thing that stress is also like, he's losing a war for most of that time. So that has an impact too. But I think probably the Russians after you like it, can't feel. It doesn't feel great. No. Now it is widely agreed that all of Hitler's like, as I said. So again, we can't say like how much of this is on the drugs, how much of this is on aging and stress. But as the war kicked off, Doctor Morell grew a lot more comfortable using Hitler as a Guinea pig. And and you have to assume that. Yeah, and we'll talk specifically about that a bit. So in August of 1941, Hitler's Operation Barbarossa was well underway, conquering more and more land more quickly and capturing more enemy soldiers than any other invasion force in history. The Vermont had begun to find find itself bogged down, though. Casualties were mounting, and as the winter approached, the Red Army prepared its first of many counterattacks. At this moment, Hitler got sick. For the first time in years. He was too ill to properly work. Doctor Morrell was summoned to the German leader side. He found Hitler bedridden and suffering from diarrhea and fever. The probable diagnosis with diagnosis with was dysentery. Hitler ordered his doctor to fix him immediately. And again, Morrells main selling point is like, you feel better right away, you know, because I'm shooting you full of caffeine or maybe a meth or whatever. You will. You will. Well, that is a bit of a problem. But, like, so dysentery. I've had dysentery. I've had dysentery. That nearly killed me in a a dilige in the desert in rural India. There's no quick cure for dysentery. Like, your best bet is to take something like Cipro and just kind of like, not die. Yeah, but you're not you're not getting better fast. You know, I I don't even think today we really can deal shot for. No, not not once it gets going. Maybe if you're super rich and you get immediately. I don't know, maybe there's something like, yeah, it's not immediately available. And especially at this point there, there's nothing Morel can do for Hitler, really. So he tries, though. So because his first shot was like vitamins, he's basically giving a **** load of vitamin C and other vitamins to try to, like, perk up his immune system. And obviously this doesn't do anything. And so Morel decided next to mix his normal vitamin shot with a steroid glyco norm, which he made with extracts of the heart adrenal glands. Liver and pancreas of farm animals. Oh Jesus. Yeah, he's shooting Hitler up with a lot of random animal hormones. Like, there's a whole for four years. It's pretty cool. This seems to have like, the ambition of Doctor Frankenstein a little bit. Yeah, there's some. Again, hormones are also kind of new in terms of, like, our understanding of them, like vitamins. So people are just like, yeah, just fill people up with hormones. Seems like a good idea. It's fun stuff. So while he was juicing darfler up, Morrell bent his needle in Hitler's arm, and to deal with the pain of that, he gave his boss Dilantin an opioid. Despite all of this, Hitler was still sick and now enraged that his personal physician had failed, Morrell wrote in his notes. Fewer very irritable have never experienced such hostility to myself. He might not be such a cool guy. Well, and again, Hitler loves Merrill up to this point cause morelle his drug dealer, whether the shots just caffeine or if there's amphetamine or like or hormones which are powerfully mentally active. He's he's he's doctor feel good. Yeah, he's doctor feel good and he and it always works because drugs do work. That is the fun thing about drugs. If you take a drug, you may have to take more and more, but you will continue to get high. It's kind of the thing the drugs do. Whereas everyone else in Hitler's world at some point fails generally. Repeatedly fails. And so he has all these rages at people who don't do good enough for him. But Morell always comes in and makes him feel good. And when he doesn't, it's, you know, most people don't like their drug dealers at the best of times. I don't know, maybe it's different now for you kids and your your pot shops and stuff. But my day, if you wanted to buy drugs, you had to hang out with a dude you probably wouldn't have hung out with if you were not buying drugs from them. Not all. I definitely had some cool *** drug dealers too, but like, yeah, America's home. Ideas? Yeah. You're gonna sit around talking about Alex Jones with the guy before he sells you a bag of weed and some opium, and that's not going to be the funnest experience of your entire life. Sorry to my cool drug dealers that I had in the past, my old drug dealers soliciting. It's not you. It's it's the game, you know? It's the institution, it's the game. And it's the fact that you made me listen to Alex Jones a bunch while you were measuring out anyway. Whatever. Really cute guy I saw in my drug dealers house in 2009. I thought we shared a moment. If you're out there, maybe this is too late for a misconnection on Craigslist. But thinking of you, I did date a couple of my drug dealers, and I do recommend that. Yeah. OK. You get cheap drugs. Yeah. Yeah, sometimes you get very expensive drugs, depending on how you measure expense. Yeah, like on an emotional level, they can be very, very pricey. Most expensive weed you ever buy sometimes. But anyway, dark. Really dark, really fast money. I don't want to spend that much time. But people? Who will laugh at anything? I don't know. Drugs, anyway. So Morell, Hitler's drug dealer, has just, like, you know, failed to come up with the **** for the first time. And Hitler doesn't want to hang around and listen to Alex Jones if he's not going to get a dime bag, you know? And morels, like, don't text him out. Signal, bro, you gotta hit me up on signal. So eventually Hitler did recover from the dysentery, but the fact that his normally instant injections had not provided quick relief rattled Dr Morell. His ability to get and stay rich was directly tied to Hitler's favor. And Hitler issue may not, as you may be surprised to learn, kind of a fickle dude. Kind of, kind of easy to fall out of Hitler's favor. Not reliable, see the night of long knives. And so, as Norman older writes and blitzed quote, so that patient a didn't end up in the sick. Me again and fall behind. Morrell administered a harder course of prophylactic injections and went on to prescribe more and more remedies in ever changing concentrations. He barely made any diagnosis, but instead constantly added to his basic medicinal treatment. This soon included such diverse substances as Tano Phosphane, a metabolic stimulant made by the company hitched chiefly used nowadays in veterinary medicine. The hormone rich in immune system boosting bodybuilding supplement homoserine, a byproduct of uterine blood, the sexual hormone testoviron. To combat declining libido and vitality and orchin, a derivative of bull's testicles, which is supposed to be a cure for depression and other substance. Happened to be our sponsors. Yeah, we are heavily sponsored by Orcha Crib. You feeling sad? Don't go to therapy. Get a. Both testicles injected into your bloodstream. And I've got some stuff for my uterine blood for anyone who is interested. Hmm. There you go. That'll be a cure for what? Was that a cure for libido and virality. There you go. Oh, wait, no, sorry. That was a bodybuilding. It'll it'll give you get your buff. Yeah, yeah, well, it's been working to help me pump iron. Hmm. That's it. It is iron rich. Which is why people ladies often need to take iron pills. So another substance used was called prostate crinum, which was made by from Seminole vesicles and the prostates of young bulls. Even though he didn't eat meat, Hitler surely could no longer be considered vegetarian. From autumn 1941 onward, more and more highly concentrated animal substances began to circulate in his bloodstream. The purpose of these supplements was to compensate for states of psychological and physical exhaustion or to prevent them in advance by reinforcing the body's defenses. However, as a result of the constantly changing applications in the rising. Losses that followed Hitler's natural immune system was soon replaced by an artificial protective shield. Now, I don't know how scientifically accurate that last bit is, but he's definitely on point about, like, what Hitler was taking. And my God, it's again, we don't know, like, what exact impact, but it can't. It has to have influenced the he's getting so much **** shot into his bloodstream. Ridiculous stuff. Two different kinds of bull testicles shot into his blood, different kinds of animals, like a lot of animals shot into him. A lot of animal hormones, like, it's of course this has an influence on the guys thinking like it would not. Yeah. To think we've just outed him as not vegetarian. It feels like now he could really get cancelled like these little, you know, pop culture finally comes for Hitler. We really just need to get them this information and see how they really feel. There's some guy with 1488 tattooed on his forehead hearing this and just starts weeping, like sadly tears. Down his Hitler poster, I'll never believe in anything again. So one of the shortcomings of blitz, and I don't even know if this would have been possible, but it is, it is a missing thing, is that older doesn't give us a lot of scientific information about how all these weird animal derivative substances would have impacted Hitler's body and mind. And in fairness, there's probably not a lot of great data on this stuff because no one else would have used it or at least would have used it to the extent that Morell did. So I mean Guinea pig anymore. Yeah, Hitler was the Guinea pig. So it's like it is. This is a missing aspect of the book. I don't know that it's fair to critique. Under for because, like, yeah, I don't know how many other people got this much bold testicle injected into their bodies, like were this much like uterine blood extractor. I have a friend. You have friends? He did. Has he invaded Russia recently? He's thinking about what he's thinking about. Well, there you go. He says it's just the bull testicle talking. Well, we get one more person and then then we have a trend we can. Yeah. Maybe we should study. Yeah. Hitler loved all this stuff, though, like, again, whatever we could say about the absolute effects, we just don't have a lot of data. Hitler seemed to feel like it had a big impact on him. He he was mentally dependent on this stuff. So again, I some of it's probably purely psychosomatic, right? Like he has a couple of good experiences early on with Morel and he becomes kind of, it's almost like a good luck charm before a big meeting. I need to get shot up. Maybe most of it's like the caffeine as opposed, but like I don't know how much of it is is what, but he's profoundly mentally dependent on this stuff. Is the point that at, you know, late in the war when Hitler is when von Stauffenberg tries to blow him up with the bomb? After that point, everyone who was close to Hitler gets thoroughly searched by the s s. The only person exempt was Doctor Morell and his medical bag, which is gives you an idea of like, how important this guy was to Hitler. Later that year, Hitler and Mussolini took a train ride together to the Eastern Front. It was a boys trip, right? You want to be on that train Hitler and Mussolini pound and shots. Injecting bull testicles into their thick, weird necks. Yeah, like all we talk about is work. We just have, bro. I feel like in the early days, man, we would be like hanging out, you know, annex and **** all the time. Yeah, like, what's up, man? You invade Russia and you don't have any ******* time for me? Exactly, you know, it's it's it's like that for them. So it's a 24 hour trip and obviously Hitler. Full of farts, yeah. You do not want to be in that train. Mussolini probably too, right? You look at that guy's ******* face. That's a guy who's you don't want to be in a train with. But also, Hitler can't stand that long without getting shot up, right? He's again, he's very dependent on whatever the **** Morell is putting into his veins. And so periodically the s s would stop the train and set up anti aircraft defenses so that Doctor Morell could shoot Adolf Hitler up with veterinary steroids and calcium. Imagine Mussolini being like the one time Mussolini was like, I don't know and I don't know about this, guys, try this. No, it's amazing. It's like kundalini yoga. Like it. It really sets me right. That is the the story of Mussolini, because Mussolini is a lot of ways a much more stable man than Hitler ever was and a lot less of a true believer. Mussolini is a guy of flexible political idea. He really just kind of wants power. And and there's part of the Mussolini story is like, kind of belatedly realizing, like, oh **** I should not have gotten involved. This allying with Germany seemed like a good call. At a certain point. I did not want all the trouble. This is bringing my way. I did not want war with all of these other countries. Like, why did I do this? And yeah, I'm sure this train is Hitler's getting shut up with veterinary steroids and farting Mussolini's like, oh, *** **** it. You know what? This might be on me a little bit. You're my only friend. Like I chose you. This is not an inspiring situation. I have a feeling I'm going to get a hung upside down by my own people. Yeah, beaten is like a pinata. Winston Churchill. And he's just like, hey, hey. What's up? You know, I've been missing you lately. I know there's been, like, a lot of **** but I yeah, maybe just talk. You wanna talk? You wanna have, like, a no hitter? I'm not talking to anybody. Shut up. Like, stop it. Go, go. Take more veterinary steroids. Come on. Growing a tail. So the exact nature of what Hitler took did change every day. Morell kept a rotating stable. Eventually more than 80 different hormone preparations mixed with steroids, nonsense medicine like anti gas pills, traditional medicines and drugs and like amphetamines and ****. And we'll talk about other stuff that was in there later. Older alleges that there was a psychological importance behind the fact that Hitler's drug diet changed daily. It meant he avoided feeling dependent on any specific drug, but was instead dependent on. Doctor Morelli's, overall care. This is impossible to prove in, like, an objective way, but it it makes sense. It's a logical leap, but it's one that I don't think is an implausible one. It makes like, if I were doping Hitler, I would have done the same thing, right. Just knowing what I do about drugs. Like, yeah, you don't want him to get too dependent on any one thing. Also, it won't work as well if they get too dependent. So, like, OK, we'll do the opiates, and then we'll take a couple of days and we'll give you some caffeine in the next day. We'll give you a little bit of, like, speed the next day. And then, you know, you kind of, you cycle, right. Like, that's the. That's that's. That's the best way to do this if you're doing it, I think. I I think olders leap there is is a pretty intelligent one now. While the fear was growing ever more dependent on a bizarre cocktail of steroids and hormone extractions, the Vermont itself dealt with the whole sweep of drug addiction. If you've never been a functional addict, by which I mean someone who relies on a specific drug as a performance enhancer to help them in a task, there's other things people call as a functional action, this since I'm saying like you're somebody who does a thing and you rely on a drug. Help you do that thing. So, like, Lance Armstrong is. Yes. Like Lance Armstrong. Yeah. Or like a certain podcaster who may or may not be talking right now, let me give you an overview of how it works. First, you're introduced to a new drug that hits just right. And, my God, it's like falling in love. When you discover a new substance that tickles your brain specifically in a perfect way, it's one of the best feelings in the world. The problem is, like new relationship energy, it does not last. So first thing you fall in love. You discovered all these. Situations in which this drug helps you and makes things better, makes life easier. But gradually your body gets used to it. It stops hitting us hard sometimes the way that it changes works right like I haven't smoked pot in the years I used to, for I smoked pot every waking hour of every day. And I have not in years, because at some point, probably as a result of the PTSD, it stopped like I I smoked it to work, I worked. The whole early part of my career was built on it again. It's been a long time. Long, long, long time since I've smoked pot. Like when I did it was it was necessary and then at a certain point I wasn't able to work on it. So like that, then that happens with a lot of different substance. It can happen with everything, which is why you shouldn't do anything every single day. But that is kind of the way anything. No, you should do lots of stuff. No, I mean, like, people should do less in general. Ohh, yeah. Like, like work. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. Like, like do less is my advice. Less work, more drugs. But don't. Yeah. Switch them up, you know? Yeah. Take acid one day, you know, then you take a little bit of oxy, then maybe you get drunk the next night, then you smoke a bone the next day and you kind of cycle through it like that. And then you're basically sober because you don't get addicted to anyone drug. Nothing touches you anymore. Perfectly medically sound advice right there from there. It's like you're winding up to an ad break, which you should be Speaking of doing a lot of drugs. You know what drugs you should do? The ultimate high, the only real high capitalism. Cause baby's spending money on products and services. That's a high you never get over. You want more and more? Absolutely. And there's no consequences whatsoever. No one would ever claim that, for example, our addiction to consumption and endless. Growth is in a lot of ways very similar to how an opiate addiction works, where you require greater and greater doses to have the same effect, and eventually that can lead you to making miscalculations that kills you. Or, in the case of a society, making miscalculations about what is actually necessary that leads to the death of the entire planet. It's not like that at all. Here's some ads. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. 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There are so many people that just have no idea about some injustices in the world and if you can give a voice to them you can create change. To be able to do it within podcasting is just such a gift. I believe it was 18 months after I got on with Spreaker that I was making enough that I could quit my day job. It was incredible. I always feel like an ambassador for speaker. But that's because I'm passionate about podcasting. It's really easy to use. I always tell people I am so not tech. Took me 5 minutes to get comfortable with spreaker, and when I find a new friend that has an incredible show, I want them to make money. I want them to be able to do what I did. Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's break your handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Get paid to talk about the things you love. Spreaker from iheart this fall on revisionist history. Is there anything that we haven't talked about or or that I should have asked you or you'd like to add that seems relevant? You should have asked me why I'm missing fingers on my left hand. A story about sacrifice. I think his suffering drove him to try to alleviate suffering. And the shocking discovery I made where I faced the consequences of writing a book I thought would help people? Isn't that funny? It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Revisionist history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. We're back. Ohh so. We just talked about Hitler a bunch. We're going to talk about Hitler some more, but let's talk about the Vermont. How do you feel about the Vermont? Carolina? You a big Vermont, Stan? Yeah, you know, me and my family, that's not really like our story, but I'm curious on like. How you feel? I mean, you know, I'm, I'm a I'm a German military history nerd. I find it fascinating. Right. And one of the problems when you're German military history nerd is that half of German military history nerds are cool people who are interested for very good reasons because, like, all modern military tactics are based off of the **** that the German imperial military and then the Vermont pioneered and then there's Nazis. That's the other half of people who are really into that stuff. Yeah. When you see people collect World War Two memorabilia, yes, it gets there's a real, yeah, there's there's a line there, there. It seems like you're only collecting one side. Yeah. But again I mean and obviously I, I, I study the Vermont. Part of what I studied about the Vermont is the the outrageous amount of war crimes they committed that were out of proportion to to really any other actor in that war. You can make some out. I mean on a per capita basis, certainly out of out of because like the the Red Army and the US Army have plenty of atrocities they carry out in World War Two. But on a in terms of the amount of soldiers directly involved in crimes against humanity, the Vermont State, well. Not alone, because the Japanese army exists, but stands in pretty rarefied air, you know? And a big part of Ver mocked culture was taken a **** load of meth. So yeah, I I just walked through a little bit about, like, what it's like to be kind of a functional user of a drug. Right? And if you are kind of using a drug to function, it will eventually stop hitting his head. And the best way to handle that is to take a break from it. Right. If you find yourself just for coffee, right. I'm going to guess most people listening to this are kind of a functional addict of coffee or at least of caffeine. Most people in America, yes. So do I. If you find yourself being like Jesus, I actually I'm not feeling good. I'm taking way too much of this stuff. Like I'm it's not making me feel good. One of the best things you could do is take a few weeks off, you know, let your tolerance reset so you don't need as much and then try to restart and get by at a lower dose with like kind of a more moderate use of you know that's not easy but it's it. It is the good idea to do if you like, are concerned about your level of consumption of a substance. So that's the way it works for everybody and and kind of with every substance, any substance that you would be using. On a daily basis, the only, and that's a doable thing. It's not easy, but it's doable. Now, the problem is if you were, say, using methamphetamine to help you fight for days without sleeping in order to conquer Europe, you might find the process of adaptation, of taking a couple weeks off a lot more difficult because you're in the middle of a war zone. You know, it's kind of a bad place to like, deal with coming off of a substance. And this is the situation the Nazis eventually found themselves in. And I'm going to quote from time here. Invasion of Poland in September 1939 served as the first real military test of the drug in the field. Germany overran its eastern neighbor by October, with 100,000 Polish soldiers killed in the attack. The invasion introduced a new form of industrialized warfare, blitzkrieg. This Lightning War emphasized speed and surprise, catching the enemy off guard by the unprecedented quickness of the mechanized attack in advance. The weak link in the Blitzkrieg strategy was the soldiers who were humans rather than, of course, machines, and as such suffered from fatigue. They required regular rest and sleep. Which of course slowed down the military progress. That is. Where Pervitin came in. Part of the speed of the Blitzkrieg literally came from speed. As medical historian Peter Steinkamp put it, Blitzkrieg was guided by methamphetamine. If not to say that Blitzkrieg was founded on methamphetamine. Now, meth being meth, soldiers quickly began reporting side effects. There were heart attacks and other problems in the field. The consequences, though, were not nearly severe enough to outweigh the value meth provided. But Reich health fewer, Leo Conte did grow worried about the long term impact of such. Think of use upon the flower of German man. And he's like, all of our young men are taking meth all of the time. This might not be good for our health is also like, listen, they're doing a lot of other stuff, too. But, like, I don't want this, like, ruin their futures. I don't want this to ruin. Yeah. As they're as they're rounding up Jewish people and committing mass murders. Like, I don't want this to hurt their ability to get a job someday. Gonna be OK. Yeah. Yeah. So at this point in time, most of the atrocities the Nazis would commit had not yet been committed. But they're getting it started. They do a lot in Poland. They do a lot of atrocities in Poland and they're on meth for those atrocities. Which is not to say that they're committing those atrocities because of meth, but meth does make it a lot easier to commit atrocities if you're 1. If you want to get a lot of people to commit atrocities without sleeping for several days, methamphetamines really your best bet, you know, or brown round. We could do some brown round and record a podcast, Sophie. Can we? Can we? Can we? Please listen, no, it's not gonna help you record a podcast, but it's gonna make it a lot easier to record a podcast. Yeah. Sophie, I've got all the gunpowder. All we need is the cocaine. You're in LA, you can get it. OK, well, alright, fine. Yeah, they do sell it on every street corner here. Yeah. So Leo Conte grows concerned about the long term impact of meth abuse on health of German people. In late 1939 and 19 early 1940, as Germany prepared to invade France, he pushed for new regulations. That. Assured Pervitin was only available to citizens by prescription. So he makes it not over the counter anymore for citizens. Not again. Soldiers are still getting issued this. And of course the German people largely ignored this dictate. You could find a Doctor Who could get it to you. Factory workers, doctors, nurses, government bureaucrats, everybody was on it. Like, I got, Yeah, I have glaucoma. Give me my ******* meth. Timler massively surged, their production expanding to make more than 833,000 tablets per day most soldiers received. Hills, during the invasion of France, German servicemen dispensed more than 35 million meth pills. That's some. That's a good amount of meth. That's like, that's like 2 1/2 Walter White's worth of methamphetamine. You know? It was also handed out in chocolate bars for pilots and in for tank drivers. You had pilots. Yeah. You had fleeger shokolad and penzer shokolad. So you had like, tank chocolate and fighter pilot chocolate. And these were a little bit more mellow. You didn't want it as kind of like like. ******** a hit as you got with the pills. If you were like piloting a vehicle. Ohh, that makes sense. Cool. Yeah. I mean, that's not, that's my, you know, my motto. Sophie only take half as much math if you're going to be piloting an aircraft. Yeah, you do say that often. It's good advice. It's good advice. Like the idea of a pilot announcing himself to all his passengers and being like, and you guys. Yeah, I have some chocolate for this trip. I got, I got, I got a chi. Got me a chocolate bar. Y'all. Hold on to your ******* hats. Yeah, it's gonna be rad. So that said, so again, everyone was using it, but it's primary use, and the people taking the most meth were the infantry, the people marching. Most of the German military advanced on foot. For all the like, for all of the the attention the Blitzkrieg gets, most of their soldiers are not in vehicles. Most of them don't even have horses. Most of them are ******* walking, and there's a lot of walking to do. And so they take a ******** of meth to allow them to walk for days. And then after you've walked for two days straight, you might need to get into a gunfight. So you want to be alert, so you want to take a ****. The math, historian Shelby Stanton writes quote they dispensed it to the Lion troops. 90% of their army had to March on foot day and night. It was more important for them to keep punching during the blitzkrieg than to get a good night's sleep. The whole damn army was hopped up. It was one of the secrets of blitzkrieg. When German tanks rolled around the Maginot Line and began the mass encirclement of the French army. A few key factors made their stunning victory possible. On an organizational level, this was the concept of auftrag's tactic, this German military concept. Tested an extreme degree of personal autonomy and unit commanders. In other words, officers weren't expected to follow orders and move them into position. They were basically, instead of being said, OK, I want you to do this and I want you to move your man here and take this objective, then move here and take this. They were said, I need you to be in this location on or before this time, and it kind of up to you to figure out like how to get your men there and whatnot. So you have as like a a company commander, you have a lot of of discretion. And for young tank officers like Erwin Rommel, this meant driving for days. The head of the German art, they're competing with all the other units. And so they weren't like, they weren't being told be here at this point. They were told, like, basically go as far as you ******* can. Yeah. And they were. And they were trying to beat each other, too. And they were, they were advancing with a greater speed than any army had ever advanced because number one, for the first time, these small units are kind of empowered. Like, if you can go further, go further. Don't wait for approval to advance again. Just ******* do it if you think you can make it. And also, they're all in a shitload of methamphetamine. And so it's this mix of macho. Pride, right? They're competing with each other to see who can go the furthest fastest, and also ******* meth, which synergized together really well. If you've ever seen a bunch of real dudes hopped up on meth, dudes hopped up on meth, like, that's the ver mocked, and they advance further and faster than any army ever had in the history of warfare. And this attitude sees the Vermont from the top down, General Heinz Guderian, leader of the invasion, told his tank drivers. I demand that you go sleep. This for at least three nights, if that should be necessary. And again, there's no way to do that functionally, that ******** of speed you know you're not. You're not going to be able to functionally operate armored vehicles for three straight nights in a row if you're not taking something right. You U.S. soldiers. It was ephedrine and and rip fuel and ****. But, like, it was still something you need something. There were of course, consequences to all this rampant meth abuse from time. Quote some users report negative side effects of the drug during the French invasion. These included a Lieutenant Colonel with the Panzer Ersatz Division One who experienced heart pains after taking preventing 4 TimesDaily for as many weeks, the commander of the 12th Tank Division who rushed to a military hospital due to the heart attack he suffered an hour after taking one pill and several officers who suffered heart attacks while off duty after taking Preventin. A decent number of officers died from this stuff. Conti continued the Reich. Health officer continued to warn other high-ranking Nazis that there was a serious danger to the Volks health. In early 1941, German newspapers quoted the BBC who credited the Blitzkrieg success to meth pills. They'd captured Luftwaffe pilots over Berlin with prevention in their emergency bags. Stories spread from occupied France of German soldiers taking meth before visiting brothels and handing out love pills to the girls later that year. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's. I mean, France is famous for its. Bottles and Nazis are famous for their meth 2 great things that grow great together. It would suck to get roofied and it would suck to get roofied with meth. Yeah, I don't know. They're being Ruthie cause meth is incredibly popular at this point. It's a lot of them are probably just being like, hey, you wanna take some meth with me and **** and that's. Yeah. I guess if they're literally getting offered quote UN quote, love pills, it's just a. Blacking out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, they're getting paid too. I don't know. It's it's it's a whole thing of all of the things the Nazis do that are immoral paying sex workers is, is, is, doesn't really pretty much for me. Yeah. Yeah. That I mean obviously I'm sure I don't know who who knows how many times they like trick people into eating pans or chocolate that don't know that there's meth in it right because they want to get the girl hopped. I'm sure that happens. I'm sure some of them get dosed without consenting because they're Nazis also they're men like they're they're young men in a like for anyway it's it's just **** that you know it's it's common with every single military does versions of this throughout history and the Nazis are just the first ones who have access to meth by the summer of 1941. The Vermont prepared for Operation Barbarosa Conti succeeded in pushing an amendment to the opium law that heavily restricted prevented from German citizens. The military was exempted from this. Of course. The Vermont had to blitz another Krieg and they weren't going to do it sober. The use of prevention during the Russian invasion is not well documented. This is because the records the Nazis kept of that. Were largely lost or destroyed when the war went pear shaped for them. The Official Journal of German Military physician published physicians published articles in 1942. In 1943, that included letters from medical officers reporting that they had been ordered to dose their soldiers with Pervitin. The best information we have suggests that it was just as common as it had been in France. In fact, military doctors found new uses for the drug. They mixed it with morphine, creating crude speedballs in order to increase the analgesic effect on wounded soldiers. You got shot. Give him some methanol. Opium, like. Give him a ******* speedball, a frat making jungle juice. It's like everything you have in your pockets into this. Take it off. **** it. Yeah? Most of the Vermox stuff was transported on horseback, and the army found that giving horses meth allowed them to work a lot harder and faster. So they're messing up the horses. Why am I annoyed by this so much? It's like you said, they're doing like so much worse ****. But I'm like, yeah, you just leave the horses out of it. Why are you giving meth to the horses? Guys, guys, guys. Nazis. You guys are really, really living up to the name right now. I feel like y'all might not have everyone's best interests at heart. So yeah, now again, so they find a lot of new uses and especially in the early days because the German, the advances in early barbarosa are just unprecedented, I think still unequaled in the history of warfare in terms of like the length of time, the number of there's, there's single battles where they take 600,000 prisoners like in a day or like or so a fighting like they they've got, they've encircled and just captured like the population of Portland OR like it's this massive, massive. And part of how it's possible is they don't have to sleep for days because they're on a ******** of mess. Now, if you've never taken stimulants for days in order to drive or otherwise travel long distances, I'll explain how it works. The first two or three days are great. If you're young and healthy, you can just take a nap after like 4872 hours, then go hard for like another 48 hours and you're going to suffer minimal consequences. I say minimal, but what I mean is that the damage you're doing to your body and mind won't be immediately obvious, especially since listening to Alex Jones while pounding Benzedrine and dive. Driving through the desert can be a lot of fun when you're allegedly 19. Now, after a few days, less. If you're older, the speed stops working as well. You may still be awake technically, but you won't be alert. You'll be jittery. You'll start to hallucinate. You'll suffer heart palpitations you may not want to eat, which will of course make you crash even harder when the crash comes. If you've been driving a bunch of mushrooms across the Southwest, that's not such a big deal, because after you drive a couple of days, you could stop and crash for 16 hours and your friend's futon. And you'll be fine. German soldiers during Barbarossa didn't have a friend's futon to crash on, and they weren't finishing up after a couple of days again. They conquered Alex Jones, though they would have they would have liked Alex Jones. I mean, not early Alex Jones as much, but certainly today. Alex Jones, yeah. So, German soldiers during Barbarossa again, they conquered more territory more quickly than any army ever. All these tank units were covering hundreds of miles in a space of days. The problem with Russia, though, is that it's. Pretty big. There's there's quite a lot of Russia and the Russians just kept retreating in France, a few days of friends of like, they could they could go, let's let's none of us sleep for like 5 days and we'll drive the whole time and we'll have conquered most of France and like, you know, we'll be well on our way to winning this war. Russia didn't work that way because there was so much of it left. So by the time they reached the point where it's like, well, we even on meth, we can't keep taking meth and not sleeping. We're all crashing. We're not. Functional. We're hallucinating. We have to stop and rest. Well, that point hit where they're still in the ******* middle of Russia and surrounded by enemies who have not collapsed the way the French did. Which is a bad situation to be in, right? Meth turns out to maybe not be the best way to conquer Russia, whereas it apparently is pretty good. If you're trying to conquer France, historically, meth could help. I wouldn't recommend it if you're trying to conquer Russia. And a really bad hangover is being in the middle of Russia. Yeah, attacked by red. Army partisans. Yeah. Yeah. Ooh. You do not want to be coming down from 3A3 day, meth, Bender under heavy fire. It's very much like looks to camera. I wonder, like, you want to know how I ended up here, but you're wondering why I ended up here. And it's just a montage of somebody taking a bunch of meth pills, driving a tank real fast, like World War Two. Yeah. Yeah. So after the first several weeks of Barbarossa, they had no time to recover and they hadn't won a victory. German soldiers at the wrong end of a meth. Under found themselves exhausted, sick and surrounded by an enemy just waiting to counteract a bunch of racked *** infantry whose eyesight was probably 80% hallucinations. Norman older quotes one German military doctor at the time who wrote I didn't take preventing myself, or at least not often. Just wants to try it to know what I was prescribing. I can tell you it worked. It kept you awake mercilessly. We knew it was addictive and that it had health side effects, psychosis, nervous excitement, a loss of strength. And in Russia it was a war of attrition. Positional warfare. In such circumstances. Pervitin was no use, it just exhausted you. You eventually had to catch up on the rest. You'd missed sleep deprivation simply didn't bring any tactical advantages anymore. So they just reached the point where is again something that people who get addicted always learn the **** that used to work don't work no more. That's how ******* meth works for the Nazis in Russia, goes great in Poland and France. And then suddenly the worm, you know, worms turned now in late 1941, the Russians. Counterattacked. The Verbracht held, but they suffered severe casualties and more importantly, the fact that the Red Army had failed to collapse and in fact been able to counter attack, punctured the myth of German and vulnerability. Then came the Russian winter, which the Germans were not prepared for. I'm not going to read. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, *************. This is our lives. These are our. Yes. Yeah, yeah. I'm not gonna relitigate the whole lost frontier, but you know the gist of the story. The Russians used their basically limitless, limitless manpower reserves to hurl attack after attack against the Germans, eventually breaking through their lines and encircling several armies. It was only when the tide turned against Germany that prevent became useful again from blitzed often. The only thing that helped was pervitin, one of many examples in the fishing village of the zvad on the southern shore of Lake Lemon, between Moscow and Leningrad. The Germans were encircled, their lodgings set on fire rations, arriving only sporadically from the ice cold Air, one last tiny window of escape. Is open, and 500 exhausted men loaded with heavy bags and machine guns over their shoulders began a 14 hour night March through waist deep snow. Soon many men were, as the official Vermont report has it, in a state of extreme exhaustion. The snowfall had stopped from around midnight and the sky was filled with stars. Innervated soldiers wanted to lie down in the snow. In spite of energetic PEP talks, their willpower could not be revived. Such men were each given 2 pervitin tablets. After one after half an hour, the first man confirmed they felt better. So again, if you're trying to retreat. Across Russia and need to be able to March after not sleeping through the snow in the dark. Meth might help again, but by that point, you know the war had gone against them. But you know what never goes against you? I'm trying to think what you're coming up with here because it can't be capitalism. It's it. It's the products and services that support this podcast. Always. They always have your back. Always. Always. Allegedly. Allegedly. Allegedly. All right, here's the ads. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. 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Is there anything that we haven't talked about or or I should have asked you or you'd like to add that seems relevant? You should have asked me why I'm missing fingers on my left hand. A story about sacrifice. I think his suffering drove him to try to alleviate suffering. And the shocking discovery I made where I faced the consequences of writing a book I thought would help people? Isn't that funny? It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Religious history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. Ah, we're back. Alright, so we had some fun with the bear mocked. I wanted to, I'll tell one last story about this is about the German Navy. So very late in the war, like I think 4445, the German, you know, their Navy is not doing great. Nothing's really doing great for the Germans. And they decide their best idea is to create these suicide boats. They're basically torpedoes, piloted by a man that he can suicide bomb. A warship with. And the idea was you just seal a man in there and he would just like go for days until he found something to hit. And the best way to do that was they gave him speedballs like this mix of methamphetamine and opium, like basically methane oxy. He was just like taking methane oxy trapped inside a metal coffin underwater, like trying to find something to blow himself up into. Yeah, it's pretty good. As the war in Russia bogged down and turned into a nightmare, Hitler's physical health began to degrade rapidly. This may have had something to do with his living conditions. For most of the war, Hitler cloistered himself away in a dank mosquito filled complex in eastern Prussia known as the Wolf's lair and basically. Everyone who isn't Hitler ******* hates it here. Like it, it's a it's a miserable place, it's cramped. It's it's basically these like tomb, like bunkers because so they can't get bombed. They're like windowless. The area around it is like filled with mosquitoes. You're in the middle of nowhere. It's just like everyone, but Hitler pretty much hates it. Hitler, though, has grown increasingly paranoid and irrational and so he likes the isolation. He likes being surrounded by these, like thick walls of concrete. And like, and this really worries the people close to him. During this time, Joseph Gerbils wrote tragic that the furor is closing himself off from life like this and leading such a disproportionately unhealthy existence. He no longer gets any fresh air. He doesn't take any kind of relaxation, he just sits in his bunker. Poor girls like the same music. He doesn't even like the same music we haven't even hung out. And like any months, man wanted to watch. One of the few people who had constant access to the fear was Theodore Morell. Through the war he would inject more than 80 different substances mixed together in dozens of different concoctions. Again, it's impossible to say how much of Hitler's growing irrationality was due to the wild mix of hormones and drugs Morell pumped into him. But Hitler's generals noticed a difference in his behavior. In mid 1942, field Marshall Erich von Manstein tried to convince Hitler to alter his plans in the Southeastern Front where the dictator had diverted. Crucial forces from the main battlefield as the Russians threatened to breakthrough critical decisions needed to be made and Hitler was the guy to make them because he made himself commander in chief of the military, Manstein wrote. Quote as before, no full decisions are being made. It is as if the fewer is not capable of it. Norman Oller suspects that Hitler's issue here stemmed in part from the wild change in his life, the war brought prior to the invasions. Hitler addressed his people constantly. He was in some ways a drug for the German. People. Because being in a crowd like that, being hyped up, look at the Trump rallies, right? It is a drug. Going to that, having that kind of experience with people who do it, they get addicted to it. And the person, the demagogue, gets addicted to it. Hitler was very much addicted to the adulation of crowds. It affects your brain in a way that's is psychically powerful. But when the war and the bombing started, Hitler had to stop putting himself in front of his people. And so he suddenly loses access to this thing that he's really psychologically addicted to from blitzed Hitler. Missed those ecstasies that his appearances had previously prompted, and which had always amounted to a new injection of the pepped up feeling that was so important to his self esteem. In his isolation, all pleasure and energy previously received from the attention of a cheering crowd had to be replaced by chemicals further cocooning the dictator. He was the person who eventually needed artificial charging. In a sense. Morelle drugs and medicines replaced the old stimulus of mass ovations. This sounds like one like a child actor doesn't become an actor, and then it's bad. Yeah, we yeah, Hitler. Hitler's having what we might call them. Akoli culkin effect. There's a lot of similarities between them. Yeah, I know, I'm joking. I'm being mean to Macaulay Culkin who gave my friend a lap dance once. On his birthday. It was very nice. I love that. Yeah, I've, I've actually, he seems to be a very nice guy. Very little in common with Hitler other than that they were both child stars, you know. And in fact, Hitler's original version of home alone, some would say is even superior. But I mean this heavily debated by someone in his bunker. In late 1942, the Russians broke through around Stalingrad, encircling the German 6th Army. Hitler refused to allow them to break out and retreat, as that would mean ending the siege of the city. He basically was like, if you guys really were really like me, you'll you'll you'll find a way to win somehow. Gehring promised him that the Luftwaffe could would be able to keep hundreds of thousands of men supplied by the air, which was a ridiculous promise. the US does manage something like this in Berlin after the war. The Berlin airlift. They're like, there's this kind of conflict with the USSR and so, like the chunk of Berlin we have is kind of cut off. We can't refuel it by car and they have to like drop in supplies. But it's just with with kind of the the the planes that the Luftwaffe has, with the technology they have, there's just no way to do it. But Hitler believed Gary and wound up learning that Garing was just a ***** ** **** and a liar, which surprised they all were. So by December 9th it had become clear that Gehring. Had no ability to keep the 6th Army supplied. Hitler was very angry at this, and Morrell noted that day that his suffering his patient suffered from intestinal gases, halitosis, and discomfort. By early 1943, the war was decidedly not fun anymore, and the bad news increasingly outnumbered the good. Hitler asked his physician if he might try a new medication, cardiac Sol, which Garing had advised him to try for anxiety since Hitler had heart problems. Morrell thought this was a bad idea. It was a blood thinner, I think, but older writes. He understood this as a call to action. Hitler needed something stronger to calm his nerves. The eventual drug he picked was an opiate called Yucca Dal, which is basically Oxy, right? Like Udall is kind of the same thing as OXY, but close enough for government work. He first dosed Hitler with it on July 18th, 1943. Germany had just sent the best of its elite troops and tank forces into a massive battle with the Russians at a place called Kursk. The battle ended with Russian victory and over 1,000,000 estimated casualties. It marked the last significant defense of the Germans. Making the east like, yeah, a single battle where there are more casualties than in the US civil war, like, Curtis is, is a nightmare. And it's like saying, yeah, 800,000 Russian, 200,000 or so German. And this is the last. This is kind of like when the German army stops being capable of offensives in the east is cursed. So obviously not a good day for Hitler. He's kind of bummed out about this, right. His favorite toy is broken. He's going to have to shoot himself in a bunker. You know, we've all been there in our own ways. I wonder what gerbils diary entry was that day? Hitler sad? Yeah, Hitler was really upset right now. Yeah, he's ohh. He is so bummed out he's kind of bringing us all down just because he got a million men killed for nothing? Well killed and wounded. Hitler was devastated by the defeat in his normal mix of hormone, steroid speed and vitamins was not enough from blitzed. Hitler saw all his hopes going up in smoke and because of the imminent betrayal of the Italian army who are about to surrender, he had not slept a wink, as Morell wrote. Body tensed. Right is a board full of gases. Very pale appearance, extremely nervous tomorrow. Very important discussion with Aluche. That's Mussolini in the middle of the night. Morrell was dragged from his bed by Heinz Linge, Hitler's valet. The fewer was bent double with pain and an immediate cure was required. The white cheese he had had for dinner, as well as the rhulad with spinach and peas, had disagreed with him. Morell gave him an injection, but the basic medical treatment didn't work. The doctor wondered feverishly what needed to be done to combat the great attack in this precarious. Situation. He needed something that worked, something that would numb Hitler's severe pain and keep him functioning. He needed an ace up his sleeve, and in fact, he did have something, but its use was risky. For the second quarter of 1943, in the bottom right corner of the file card patient a, a substance is listed and underlined several times. You cadal. This is the point at which he starts giving Hitler Oxy. Hitler gets, Hitler gets like, you know, small town America addicted at this point. And as you might guess. From what happened to small town America when Oxy went rampant, it does not have a positive impact on Hitler. It's not really good for anyone. Avoid being addicted to Oxycontin would be my advice if you're considering it, if you're on the line right now being like, should I get addicted to oxy? No, we stay. We have a small opinion, but ours is no. Is no. No as well. No oxy. Yeah. Stick with meth, healthy methamphetamine. OK, so the you could all had a massive and immediate positive impact on Hitler. His mood. Improved. He grew optimistic, elated even, and he became much easier to work with. People around him were like, wow, Hitler's a lot more pleasant when he's doped up. I mean, and if I like throwing a party, I mean, if I had to hang out with Hitler every day, you would want him to be high, right? You don't wanna deal with sober Hitler or Hitler coming down like, Jesus, you're like, give him anything. Go to the literally give him anything. Just shoot him with grab something from a pig, put it in him. Yeah, what other animals we got. Find a monkey, see if monkey stuff works in him. So Morell kept injecting the leader. Sometimes he would mix stimulants earlier in the day with opiates later in the day to calm him down. And from this point forward, Hitler was more or less constantly on something. Generally, you could all every other day, and particularly during key moments of decision. In his last meeting with Mussolini, a US Secret Service report noted that Hitler spoke for three hours without a break. So Oler writes quote Mussolini had actually planned to convince Hitler that it would be better for everyone if Italy came out of the war. But all he did was need his painful back from time to time, dab his forehead with a handkerchief or sigh deeply. The door kept opening to pass on new reports about the bombing of Rome, which was happening at that very moment. Mussolini couldn't even comment on this because Hitler was talking nonstop to a room full of painfully embarrassed people about how no one should doubt the imminent victory of the Axis powers. The dejected douche was effectively. Talked into the ground by the artificially pepped up fewer the result of the meeting. Italy would stick at it for the time being. Morell felt vindicated. He seemed to have maneuvered high level politics with his injections and he noted self importantly, fewer fit and well, no complaints whatsoever on the return flight. Fewer declared in the Obersalzberg in the evening that the success of the day was to my credit. So Hitler's just ******* wrapped and spun and talks for three hour, won't even let Mussolini say anything. And essentially like Mussolini's two, like awkward. Awkward, yeah, to to just to try to pull out of the war at this juncture. So that's cool, fun stuff. I mean, we've all hung out with the guy who was that kind of high at a party, right? Yeah. And we've always, we've all stayed in a World War at one point knowing, Oh my God benefit. I know, I know. We were like, I just didn't know what to say. Hmm. Yeah. I wanted to pull my forces out of the war before the Allies invaded, but, like, it's a tale as old as time party. You're like, I don't want you to see me leave. You feel like I left too early. Hard to Irish goodbye from a war. Exactly. Exactly. A good ****. So while he was shooting a constant stream of narcotics and animal extracts into the veins of the mightiest warlord in history, Theodore Morell was also running an increasingly elaborate side hustle. Hitler needed him so constantly that he could not run his own private practice, but his connection to the leader allowed him to steal a **** load of stuff. He was given one of the largest cooking oil manufacturers in Czechoslovakia which had been stolen from its Jewish owners. He used the factory to produce an anti louse powder of his own invention, which did not work. That was mandatory for the Vermont, because again, dudes connected his big setter sell. His big seller was Vida molten bars. These were an edible version of the vitamin shots he distributed so freely. Morell also increasingly experimented with hormones derived from animal organs. When Ukraine was conquered by the Nazis, he used his connections to take possession of several slaughterhouses worth of fresh animal organs, and diverted scant Vermont resources to ferrying these organs to his factories so that they could be turned into experimental hormone medications. Now, by 1943, the Reich Health Office had instituted a ban on introducing new medicine into the German market. This threatened Morell's business, but he found a way to get around it. Since Hitler was at this point deeply reliant on the doctor. Morrell was allowed to experiment on Hitler with different extractions and injections. He argued successfully, that if his drugs were safe for Hitler, they must be safe for the German people. Morrell wrote this to the Reich Health office. The fewer has authorized me to do the following if I bring out and test a remedy and then apply it in the Furious headquarters and apply it. Successfully. Then it can be applied elsewhere in Germany and no longer needs authorization. It's a good ad slogan. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's good for the first. If it's good for the fear, why can't you take it? Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. As the war turned, other Nazis dealt with more anxiety over their imminent doom. Murrell began handing out his medications to the people closest to Hitler, including Ava Braun. She noticed the impact Merrill's drugs had on her partner's mood, and she wanted the same stuff. And older suggests this is because, like, she wanted to. She wanted to function, would be intimate with her, with her romantic partner, and he was racked as hell all the time. She was like, well, if we're going to be intimate, I need to be on whatever he's on, right? Like we need to be on the same thing. Otherwise it's it's it's going to be impossible to connect, which I guess is understandable. And, yeah, not ecstasy. It's like, no bull testicle. Yeah, it's it's it's well, we'll talk about what it is. So Hitler was injected with testosterone for his libido, and brown was given medication to suppress her menstruation. They were both given regular injected speedballs mixes of uppers and Downers by Morel so that they would be in the same headspace and stuff. Just give them the best chance of being able to bone now. From his first udal injection in 1943 to the end of 1944, Morrell had noted the administering you could all at least. 24 times older suggests the real number was much higher. And just as with his meth, Murrell didn't always write out what he was giving the fear. Sometimes, just like an injection that included some of that, you know, you wouldn't know exactly what was in it. It would be fair to critique older for speculation here. But when you take in the sheer quantity of injections Morell gave Hitler and the variety of substances that flowed through his brain and the reports of people around him, I don't think he's unreasonable. And suggesting Hitler was taking and and we you know, there's other evidence to just he was taking a lot. Of you could all. So he makes his case in part by noting reports from those close to Hitler about the severity of his mood swings on critical days. And this is probably the most notable with D-Day, which is obviously pretty important day for a Hitler quote. Hitler's mood on D-Day, another nail in the coffin for the Nazi state, was subject to severe fluctuations. At 9:00 in the morning, he is said to have bellowed across the breakfast room. Is this the invasion or isn't it? When Morrell hurried over and gave him an injection of X, he calmed down suddenly appeared. Laughable and lighthearted, enjoyed the day in the find weather and clapped everyone he met jovially on the shoulder at the midday it's D-Day, it's day, day, day day, yeah. At the midday briefing, in spite of the looming military disaster. To everyone's astonishment, he revealed a beaming face, and at the lunch that followed seminola dumpling soup, mushrooms and a ring of rice apple strudel, he fell into one of his endless, distracted monologues. This time it was about elephants, which were the strongest animals in existence and which, like him, abhorred meat. Next, Hitler described in detail the horrors of a slaughterhouse he visited in occupied Poland, girls in rubber boots had waited in blood up to their ankles. Meanwhile, Morrell was preparing his next injection, made from the glands of slaughtered animals. I can't believe that Hitler's literally, like, reciting from Jonathan Safran Foer's eating animals and like, at the same time, dude, you know how strong elephants are. They don't eat meat. They're just like me. I'm like an elephant. That's a great coach grant, or I guess, yeah, Oxy and probably methamphetamine. Like he's getting a bit bit of a bit of B. Yeah, it's pretty funny. It's pretty funny. And also that he's ranting about how horrible the meat industry is while being shot up with animal hormones that have been. Yeah, the product of that industry. That's good stuff. It's good stuff. Of course, Hitler had always suffered from bizarre mood swings and from delusions, but Oler is right that people close to fewer noted. With mental degradation, and again, I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that the constant doses of hormones and narcotics shot into a 50 something year old man speed up this process. Late in the war, a Nazi named Klaus von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler with a briefcase bomb. It didn't take, but it did blow out both of Hitler's eardrums. An ear, nose and throat specialist was brought in Doctor Irvin Geising, and he was immediately horrified at the Fuhrer's health. And from Geising we get our really interesting descriptions of Hitler in this period of time quote the face was pale, slightly swollen, and there were large bags under both bloodshot eyes. The eyes did not make the fascinating impression so often ascribed to them in the press. I was particularly struck by the wrinkles from either side of the nose to the outer corner of the mouth and by the dry, slightly cracked lips. His hair was already clearly mixed with Gray and rather unkempt. The face was well shaven but with but with somewhat withered skin which I attribute to fatigue. The speech was unnaturally loud and tended towards a shout, and later became somewhat hoarse and aged, almost depleted and exhausted man who had to make do with what was left of his strength. I know poor Hitler intervals is like. Crying? Yeah. Listening to the cure like, ****. Yeah. Hitler was clearly an ill man. And when he met Morell, when Doctor Giesing met Morrell and started to learn what was being given to the leader, he was furious. And it's also from guessing that we get some of our best information on how the doctor conducted himself during this time. So this is me saying, writing about Morel, giving Hitler his treatment, quote. Morrell comes in distinctly short of breath and panting. He shakes only Hitler's hand and acts. Asks Agitatedly whether anything in particular happened during the night. Hitler says no. He slept well and even digested the previous night's salad without any difficulty. Then, with the help of Ling, he takes off his coat, sits back in his armchair, and pulls up his left sleeve. Morrell gives Hitler the injections. He pulls the needle out again and wipes the puncture site with a handkerchief. Then he leaves the room and goes into the office, holding in his right hand the youth syringed and in the left empty ampules one large and too small. He goes with the ampules in a syringe into the adjacent. Would at least bathroom rinses the syringe out himself and destroys the empty ampules by throwing them in the toilet. Then he washes his hands, comes back into the office and says goodbye to everyone present. That's Hitler Steeler, right there, just heading out, just heading out. And also like in flushing everything to make sure people can't like check it out, analyze it, see what's in it. You know some of that's probably because this is how he makes his money. You know, keeping like you know, he's running a business. He's selling versions of this stuff. Some of it's probably because he doesn't want Hitler's other doctors to know. What the ****? Hitler is being given, like the fact that he's. Yeah. Yeah. The stuff that I've been doping up our leader, you know, funky milk. Yeah. And the two doctors quickly came to hate each other. Obviously. One of them, I mean they we'll talk about it. They're both a little bit sketchy. But Morrell is obviously much sketchier. Doctor Giesing, though, was not straight Edge either. His preferred treatment for ear, nose and throat medic stuff was cocaine. And so after this point, he administered Coke to Hitler in the form of nose and throat dabs. More than 15 missing? Yeah. This is what you've been missing. You just needed a little bit of coke. That'll get your Hitler going. That'll Hitler. You're right on up, buddy. So after this point, he administered cocaine to Hitler more than 50 times. Over the next 75 days, he used an extremely strong 10% solution and absolutely got the German leader high as ****. In fact, Hitler was noted by his doctors having, quote, slight cocaine sniff during this. So he's got the drip, he's like, he's, he's, he's got the coke sniff going on. Yeah, he quickly took it for more than just ear problems, telling giesing. After one dose, my mind is freed again and I feel very well. Then adding please don't turn me into a cocaine addict. Giesing assured him that real addicts snorted cocaine. Can't be an addict if you're dropping it into your ******* eye, bro. That's what I say. That's how you that's what keeps you from being addicted. You just drop it into your ******* eye. Don't be snorting it like an addict. That's gross. Like you guys, please don't. If you if you think this is a problem of I'm like, being an ******* just tell me. Umm, yeah, just be honest. If you think I'm out of control, you think I'm out of control? Do you think I'm doing too much? Coke, my coke dealer? Nah, brah, you're good. You're beautiful, bro. Yeah. Now, Giesing was, though, a better doctor than Morrell. And he eventually grew unsettled by the fact that he was essentially now the Koch dealer of the absolute ruler of his country. He tried to cut off Hitler's supply, and this did not go over well. Hitler was like, I've got an important meeting. I can't function because my ears hurt so bad. You have to give me a **** load of cocaine. And he was like, no, I'm not going to give anymore cope. Hitler said, quote no doctor continuous before this morning. I have a terrible throbbing head that probably comes from the sniffing. Concern for the future and the continued existence of Germany are consuming me more and more with each passing day. I need the coke man. I'm just so worried about Germany. Doing hope because I love. I'm doing coke for my love of the fatherland. Like it's just about the the fatherland, you know? Classic cokehead excuse. So guessing. Guessing refused, though. Like said like, no, I'm not going to give you any more. ******* cocaine and petulant. Hitler refused to show up to his military briefings that day and deal with the fact that his army was collapsing. You don't give me Coke. I'm not going to make sure that I'm not going to give the army orders like ******* Hitler. I'm not going to put on. And so I don't have coke. Yeah. So Giesing eventually was convinced to relent. I think the generals were like, dude, we can't give orders without him. Like, we're not allowed to. You have to. You have to do something. You have to give him his ******* coke. And so he relented and he gave Hitler some cocaine to save the German army. But he demanded that if he was going to give Hitler the Koch he had to give, Hitler had to allow him to give the fewer a full medical check out a checkup, which Giesing did. And eventually came to suspect that the anti farting pills Morrell had prescribed Hitler were causing some of the fears health problems. He attempted to use this to force the physician out of Hitler's inner circle and perhaps even have him prosecuted. And there were a lot of folks close to Hitler who were worried about Morell who were like this guy is. Doping the leader up, it's not good for Hitler. Like, we got to get this guy out of here, but Hitler likes him too much. And they kind of tried to back this effort to force morale out, but it just didn't work. As Hitler's first and best drug dealer, Morrell was just dug in too tight. As the Red Army closed in at the end of 1944, Hitler and Morrell had both retreated into a bunker under Berlin. Hitler by this point was jaundiced as his liver had started to fail and his Parkinson's was advanced enough that he shook constantly. Morrell had to cancel several injections because the fuhrer's veins had collapsed, right? That's like advanced. Smack addict stuff that like yeah, your your veins aren't working anymore. It was reported that like when he when he would get an injection it would crunch like his veins were crunchy. He was a an advanced addict at this stage. So yeah, still though, Morel continued to shoot Hitler full of opium and hormones as often as possible. It is probable that these opiates contributed to quite a lot to Hitler's GI issues. They can cause Constipation, and Hitler was using so frequently that he had significant issues with this. Morrell's notes state that the German leader had regular painful wind as his body fell apart. His guards in the bunker wrote entries like this about Hitler's bodily functions. Quote from 4 to from 4 until 64 evacuations, two of which were weaker. The two very strong at the second after the passing of an obstruction explosive water evacuation. The third and fourth were very foul smelling and particularly the 4th. Probably a decomposing agglomeration that had previously been left behind and had become A cause of gases in the formation of toxic substances. Regularly improved condition and change of facial expression. He only card called me to impart the the Happy news of this effect which is one of the under told stories of the last Nazis around Hitler is the Third Reich collapse. We're just like. Standing there, like, listening to him **** his guts out, like, recording how bad it smelled, which is. I love that for Nazis, actually. It's kind of poetic. Yeah. Yeah, I I love that for them. As the Red Army closed in, Morrell finally lost his ability to provide his boss with the drugs he, by this point, badly needed again. Like, there just was no ability to get more of them, right. Germany's industrial base had ******* collapsed. And when Morrell ran out of drugs, he, he and Hitler had a falling out Hitler. Suddenly, like, starts threatening to have him executed and like, it's like, again, as soon as he can't get the dope, Morello is out on his ***. And he said, yeah, yeah, yeah, he wasn't a friend. Yeah, he's he's forced out of the bunker and he he's successfully, he's like one of the last people to flee Berlin. He does get captured by the Allies. He's questioned, turned for more than a year, and he dies soon after the war, impoverished and miserable. And of course, we all know how Hitler died, so I'm just kidding. Good story. Having a good time. It's good stuff. It kind of is like a Marvel movie. I wouldn't mind a Marvel movie. I would. Yeah. That indie movie that came out where Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe were dealing with a farting corpse on a beach? Hmm. It's like the marriage of those two. Yeah, I mean, that would be. That would be a great Daniel Radcliffe could be Hitler. Paul Rudd could be Theodore Morrell. James Gunn could direct. Yeah, let's do it. Throw Iron Man in there, too, for some reason. Why not? Why not? Why not? All right. Well, Carolina, how you feeling? I'm feeling like the public and private school system failed me by not addressing these issues. And not telling me these corners of history. And also I am feeling drug free. I'm feeling inspired to stay drug free for awhile. And when I say drug free and not just the normal stuff, but I feel like not smoking meth is at this point an accomplishment. Yes. And don't don't don't do meth. We were just joking. It would make me into a not don't do meth. But you know it doesn't. No, you don't want to get too much in the vent. Diagram with their behavior and yeah, just meth being one thing that they did and makes it all the less appealing. You will not become a Nazi because you smoke meth, but if you're a Nazi and you smoke meth, you'll become more of a Nazi. Yeah, it's a general rule. If you start taking a **** load of meth, the things about you that are already not great, like everybody has things about them that suck. And one of the downsides of a drug like meth is that it it makes everything about you bigger and more so. And so the meth will whatever you don't like about yourself. The Met will make be more of a thing about yourself, and perhaps that's not something you want. And this was brought to you by Nancy Reagan's drug Free America? Yes. And the Council for maybe try Oxy instead. The drug with no consequences? Oxycontin. Don't look at the Midwest also. Also, no. Good stuff. Well, Carolina, you got any plegables to plug? I am going to plug my amazing podcast, true romance. It is released every Thursday. We talk about dating crises, you're dating nightmares, horrific breakups, and really good love stories so you can find it on. Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio wherever you listen to podcasts and it's true romance with Carolina Barlow and Devin Leary. Hmm. Whoo. 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