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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Part Two: Bobby Fischer: Chess Nazi

Part Two: Bobby Fischer: Chess Nazi

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 11:00

Mia Wong is once again joined by Robert Evans to finish the story of Bobby Fischer.

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I'm a hot beverage in my hand if I spill it during this. I'm gonna be really mad at you. Well, everyone's mad at Bill O'Reilly because he speaks the truth, Sophie. I'm mad at you. Well, that's fair. This is behind the bastards, a podcast about the worst people in all of history. One of whom is in fact, Bill O'Reilly. It's true. But we are not talking about Bill O'Reilly today. We are instead talking about Bobby Fisher Chess Nazi. Also featured in the Hilltop Hood song Cosby Sweater, which is not about Bill Cosby's crimes. It's actually a reference to Biggie. So it's okay. It's fine. You can enjoy the song. Mia, how are you doing? Ah, doing okay. We're heading into the downhill stretch of this Friday afternoon. And also the downhill stretch of the life of one Bobby Fisher. So that's good. That's good. I am ready for it to be the downhill stretch of Bobby Fisher's life. Unfortunately, it gets really bad before it gets over. So it hasn't been good yet. It's good. We, we, it's only get it worse. What I like is better. It's the end. Okay. Well, let's, let's roll. Rowan, my Friday afternoon, please. So, all right. Well, when we last left, when we last left the hero of American chess, Bobby Fisher was the hero of the free world, the chess world champion, and also like, people are just like, like, just, just, like, dropping piles of money on him and he refuses to pick any of it up. He does just no promotions. Everyone wants to like pay him and he's just like, no. He does do one thing after this. And that one, that one offer that he does take is to go play a tournament in the Philippines in 1973. Awesome. This is where Fisher gets into the business. He's going to be in for the rest of his life, which is the dictator business. Now, okay. It's important to note that this is the year 1973, right? This is the year after future pod subject, Ferdinand Marcos, stages military coup and became a dictator of the Philippines. He is about to torture, well, he has already tortured people. He's going to torture tens of thousands of people. He's going to inflict a rate of terror on the beleaguered people of the Philippines. And Fisher just spends this whole tournament there, like, hanging out with Marcos and his wife. And he's having a great time. That sounds like one of the worst dinners imaginable. He likes it apparently. I'm sure he liked it. I'm saying it sounds like one of the dinner conversation. Just, just absolute like trash tier. Oh, God. Yeah. No one is ever, well, actually, that's not true. They did actually accuse Bobby Fisher of having good taste before he proved them wrong. But, okay. It's, you know, he, he like, this is one of the places that like, always sort of sticks with Bobby Fisher. Like, he likes the Philippines so much that like, he's going to boof here eventually. And Fisher's reaction to, you know, the Marcos of Tadaships, like, this rules. I love it. And eventually, look at Terminans. He is back to the US and there's good news and bad news. The good news is that he breaks with a church of God because their doomsday prophecies keep failing. He's literally the only guy to ever do that. He really just was like, okay, we're gonna do his prophecy number four. Like, none of them are working. So, that's the good news. Yeah, he's out of the cult. The bad news is that one of the first things he does because back to California is buy a copy of the protocols of the Ellos' Zion. Oh, good. Yeah, no, that's great. The great move, Bobby. This is going to send him in some good directions, I think. Yep, yep. Because so far, my main problem with this guy is he's not yet keyed in enough on esoteric Nazi propaganda. Oh, yeah. So, the other book that he gets is called Nature's Eternal Religion by Ben Klasin. Who is like? Now, that's actually esoteric. Very good. Oh, yeah, Bobby. It's like work. He's like a weirdo. He's a really fanatical like racist and anti-Sem. He's one of these guys who was like, like Christianity is actually Jewish. So, it's not like white enough. So, he needs to be like not Christians. And he's the founder of, okay, so the thing that he found is the world church of the creator was concerned in the creativity movement. And they're most famous for producing the mass shooter Ben Smith. And I need to make a note here. This is not the shooter, the mass shooter named Ben Smith from Portland from last year. This is a completely unrelated mass shooter named Ben Smith from 1999. And look, if you're listening to this podcast and you're also a Ben Smith, your ass is, we got an eye on you motherfucker. Be careful. Don't do any bad things. Yeah, please God. We don't need a third Ben. It was played out after the first time. It was played out before the first time. It was definitely played out before the first time. It's not one of the third time is not the charm. Do not. Enough with the Ben Smith anyway. Make Ben Smith just a normal name again. This Ben Smith goes on just like a murderous rampage shooting black Jewish and Asian people before just like going out like a tiny baby in a car chase. And at this point, Bobby is getting like real weird with his anti-semitism. This is to Jewish friends, a copy of a book called the Secret World Government by, oh God. I actually, I, okay, I, I, I have confidence I can kind of do this name. Major general count, cheer up spirit and novice, which by the way, that book. No, that's not a name. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You, you need to walk me through how that fucking thing is spelled because I simply don't believe you. This CHEREP-SPIRIDOVICH. What kind of fucking, what, what, sorry, what kind of places this motherfucker from? This, this, this guy is a Russian white, a Russian white, well, he was originally a Russian admiral and then like a Russian white army admiral. Yeah, he's it. So he's in the fucking pro-Zarrist. See, yeah. Look, I, you're not going to hear me stand up for the Bolsheviks all that often. But I, God, did those people suck like my look, anyone, any, any culture that's putting out names like that. You, you, you're going to have to line some people up in a basement. I'm sorry. It's the only thing to do with names like that. This is one of those guys who like they absolutely should have shot. He's no, that's like unacceptable name. Yeah, well, also, he's like, he's like a major guy who's, he's, he's basically like an anti-Semitism organizer. Yeah, that sounds right for the white army. Yeah. So he, he writes this book about how a Jewish Mongol cabal is running the world. Oh, sure. Yeah. No, that, honestly, that's that I actually, I'm back to having respect for this guy because that is not one I have heard of every kind of Jewish cabal except for a Jewish Mongol cabal. That's very good. I think I actually, I, I, I, okay, my, my, my, my understanding of this is that this is the thing about like, there's a kind of, yeah, there's like kinds of Russian nationalists who are like insane about the Mongolian, like the invasion of the whole world. Well, and there's a, I mean, a big part of, especially this era of, of anti-Semitism. I mean, it, it bleeds through to today, but one of the big things Hitler would talk about is the idea that like all forms of social justice and tolerance are Jewish plots. And the Mongols for all of their flaws, we're pretty tolerant of other religions, right? Like that, that was like a factor in their governments. Like they didn't really care. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, what you believed, yeah. They did, they did, okay, like they did lots of genocide, but not because you believed something different. Yeah, it's not because religion, it's their, their motive genocide is are you a pastoralist or not? Which is a different, a very different thing from, so I can stuff. So I can, I can see someone being like, well, the Mongols were tolerant of other religions. And so that's part of this like Judeo Bolshevik conspiracy to water down. Yeah, it's, you know, orthodox, Christendom. It's something he thinks the Mongols are like still like it's a, it's a Mongol Jewish, I don't know. He's very worried. Is it like the Mongol equivalent of the guys who think that the Queen of England still secretly rules the world? I don't know. I didn't read this book because I was like, I'm not. I can't. I have read so much bullshit for this episode. That's like absolutely not. Look, find a, find a Mongol and ask them, are you secretly running the world? I, well, I have family in her. Do your own research. Which is not actual Mongolian, but it's pretty close. I could probably get across the border. I have always wanted to go. I want to go specifically for an adom, which is like this, this big multi day. Everybody goes to the city, Ulaan Batar, and they wrestle and do horseback archery and drink heavily. And it sounds like exactly the kind of thing that I want to do. Yeah, sounds like a fucking wrist. Yeah. Unfortunately, back at things that don't rip. Fisher, like, he's just full on like, like, enter his Nazi crank face. Like, he, well, okay, so I put it in that book that we're talking about. He sends that to like a Jewish couple who's been his friend since like childhood. And they just stop talking to him because they're like, Bobby, what the fuck? Yeah. Oh, Bobby. He also, like, people keep trying to write books about him and he keeps trying to sue them because he's like, no one can write about me unless they're me. And everyone's like, that's not how the law works. That's not how writing works, Bobby. Yeah. I'm sorry. Okay. And, you know, the sort of peak of this is in 1975, he's supposed to defend his world championship, right? And Manila offers $5 million to host the event as like a PR thing for his old buddy for Nen-Marcos. And this is still, this is $27 million in today's money, which is like, and in 1975, like that is a truly terrifying amount of money. Yes. And Bobby is like, no, I will not play this tournament unless you agreed it changed the format of like the championship to this weird format where like, okay, so normally the way scoring works in chess is if you get a draw, both players get half a point. And if you win, you get one point and you try to get to like a certain number of points. Sure. Bobby is like, no, no, no, draw is no longer give you any points. You play an unlimited number of games, you get to 10 wins. And if they both are at 9.9, it's like, there's a draw and Fisher keeps being the champion. And Fidey is like, okay, like... Sounds a little stacked in his favor like he was complaining about the Russians being. Yeah. Yeah. And Fidey is like, okay, like whatever, fine, like we'll let you do this. Like the 9.9 thing is kind of a normal. There have been rules previously where like if the score is a tie, the world champion keeps being the world champion because they haven't been defeated. Okay. But Fidey is like, okay, we cannot let you play an infinite number of games. Because if like you can act, you could actually just get an infinite number of games, right? Because chess draws a lot. And Fidey is like, come on man, like we'll cap it at 36 games, that's enough. And Fidey's, Fisher is like, okay, you do this or I'm out. And the chess federation is like, okay, he's bluffing, right? He'll come around eventually. Fisher, instead of doing that, resigns his title because he says Fidey won't let me defend it. So I'm resigning. Which like, that is not what happens. Like if it's not that Fidey didn't let you defend your title. It's, you refuse to play unless they stack the rules the way you wanted them to be. And then you like resigned. Huh. It's very weird. And at this point, so the guy he was supposed to play was Anatoly Carpov, who's like, uh, of the famous cast for the Carpov rivalry. And Carpov is really pissed. But there's something you can do about it, right? Like you can't, you can't force Bobby Fisher to play chess. So Carpov just becomes the world champion because Fisher refuses to show up. Well, okay, Bobby. Good call. It seems like you're making the right move for your career. Yeah. You know, at this point, Fisher is busy doing other stuff. And by doing other stuff, I mean, he's turning into like a weird fitness bro guy. Oh, awesome. Oh, man. Is he becoming like a fucking like fucking chest influencer? Like is he is he going? He's doing, he's doing the reverse Andrew Tate. No, but okay, here's, here's the thing that like, well, actually he's just doing an Andrew Tate. No, because he's not actually becoming an influence. This next phase of his life is he spends 20 years basically in the wilderness. Oh. And that's talking to anyone. And so, well, this I support actually. Yeah. Also, I think Fisher was actually good at chess on like Andrew Tate. That's true. Oh. Oh. Yeah. So what, one of my thesis of this episode is that Fisher's not actually as good as everyone thinks he is. He's just that nobody had ever seen real chess in the night in like the fucking 1970s. Like, I will do this rant later. But okay, so here, here, here is Bobby Fisher. What, what he's fucking doing? Well, he's not playing the world championship. He's probably playing in, quote, every day he'd drink one or two pint glasses of carrot juice, one right after another. Dozens of bottles of vitamin pills, Indian herbal medicines, Mexican rattlesnake pills, lotions and exotic keys were piled on tables and ledges everywhere. All to keep him away, believed was a strict healthful diet and to treat some ailments he had from time to time. Uh-huh. So he's taking rattlesnake pill. He also, this is the other thing, he like won't go to doctors. Very, very normal man. And so, you know, he basically like locks himself as his apartment. And what he spends all this time doing is like looking over chess games and then yelling about the moves people play so loudly that like people will walk past his apartment and hear someone yelling and be like, what the fuck is going on here? The second thing that he's doing. And this is another kind of famous Fisher story is that he's walking around handing out Nazi pamphlets. Which, oh, okay. Yeah, but the thing about this is fair. And this is, okay, this is like fully his crank face, right? Because if he wanted to be like an actual Nazi propaganda, he could have gone to the media as they're talking about them. But instead what he's doing is he's literally like standing on the street corner with pamphlets and then like putting Nazi pamphlets on like people's windshields. Well, I mean, I guess I do prefer that to... Oh, definitely. He's not a prank version of this. Backed if not. Well, okay. Well, we'll get to what he is good at. But while this is going on, he refuses to like take work or like make any money from endorsements. Which again, everyone is trying to pay him. He just refused to sign contracts at this point because he's so paranoid. And so this means that he has no money, right? And he blows through all of his original chest world championship money. And in order to like survive, he starts living off his sister's social security checks. He like... He's doing... He's actually doing a reverse Hitler here. Yeah, he has fully turned into like a California beach bomb. He's like like moving from rented room to rented room. Like... Yeah. He... At one point he moves in with the sister, but like she kicks about of his house for his anti-Semitism. Wait, so she's... But wait, is he stealing the money from her or is she giving... No, she's giving it to him. She just doesn't want him in the house. I guess that makes sense. Well, because like she... And this is like... But basically until this incident where he gets... Like even till the end of his life really, like his mom still keeps in touch with him. Like they're still talking, but they like have an agreement never to talk about politics because Fisher will start ranting about anti-Semitic will conspiracies. Yeah, I mean, that's normally... Yeah, okay. Very... I don't know what you do with Bobby Fisher. I'm not gonna... Yeah, I see. Bobby Fisher's mom, her. She's made a lot of mistakes though. I think we can agree on that. Yeah. I mean, I would argue a lot of it isn't her fault. Like it was... Like a lot of what happens to Bobby Fisher is literally just... Like do you know how hard it is to raise two children as a single mom who also has... Sure....who also was working class in like... In 19......after......forty-five. It's like... I don't know. She has a hard time, but she has like an impossible task. And I don't know, maybe don't let him go to Cuba with the guy who were in the swastika pin. But I don't know. The other thing that's going on this period is... I feel like... Wait, this was Castro Cuba, right? No, that was pre-fascinated. Yeah, this is Batista Cuba. Yeah, I feel like Castro Cuba probably went a lot of guy with a swastika pin in, right? That has to be one thing they'd be good about. To be fair, to be fair, he did really like Franco. So... Yeah. You never know. You never know. Okay. So did the other thing of Bobby Fisher, like one of his other big... He's like... From the time he wins the World Championship, he becomes absolutely convinced the kids would be trying to kill him. And so he starts walking around with like... Like basically like belts of potions. They're supposed to save him if he's trying to poison him. At one point later, he starts wearing like the modern equivalent of like... Like a 1600's buff coat. He's wearing this leather jacket that's like five inches thick. Because he's like, he's trying to stab me. The coat will stop. He's... Okay. You know what? It's too amazing. I was worried you were gonna be like, yeah, he started walking around with a bunch of guns, and this was gonna go in a dark direction. No, no, no. But potions and leather armor is pretty cool. He is... He is kidded out like he's headin' to Baldur's Gate. Yeah, it's... Yeah, and as a result of this, right? He like... It gets to the point where... Nobody even recognizes him as Bobby Fisher anymore. There's a one point. There's a very famous story about him where... So, okay, he's in California. He's like wandering around the streets. And there's a robbery nearby. And the cops think that he matches the description of the suspect. And so they arrest him. And then they just keep him there because they think he's sketchy. And... After this happens, he writes this pamphlet called, I was tortured in the Pasadena Jail House. And I'm gonna read a little bit of it because I think it gets at what's going on in his mind at this point. I was immediately handcuffed in a brutal fashion. The police pushed my hands away, way up my back, and caused me considerable discomfort in pain. Later, I saw that the metal had torn into the flesh of both my wrists. I was put in a police car, but I was unable to move far back enough for them to close the door, because there was some kind of hump in the middle of the back seat. After several attempts to shut the door by brutally pushing my right leg with his left leg, the officer finally succeeded in closing the door by pushing my leg in with the door itself. That sentence has been going on for like a century. Yeah. Later, I saw that my right knee had turned black and blue. And like, you know, the stuff he's talking about, like, he talks about how he was like stripped naked and like forced to say in an empty cell with no food or water. And like, a lot of people kind of make fun of this. And I think it's absolutely plausible. Like, yeah. This is all stuff that like, you know, people who I know have been in jail of like head cops do this to you because it just cops. But on the other hand, he's like fully in crank mode now. He's fully convinced that like this entire thing is a setup. And it's been like orchestrated by like, well, the Jews because he's unbelievably, he's a medic at this point, he's convinced that like this whole thing is like a government plot. And you know, the thing about this right is if he'd actually gone to like the New York Times and been like, hey, I got tortured by the cops, they would have covered it, right? Like, everyone still wants to talk to him. But instead, he's fully, he's fully a crank now. And he just like, publishes his pamphlet with like $1,000 of his own money and like walks around handing out copies like on the street to people. And meanwhile, like, like people are people are like, this is like the 1980s. They're so throwing money at him, right? Like at one point, so people were willing to take to spend $10,000 literally just take his picture. And he's like, no, no, you can't take a picture. No, no. And you know, this is how he spends the 80s. It's just sort of like another crank like on the street screaming about like Jewish conspiracies. And I think like if he was in 2023, right, I think he actually would have done great. Like he, you know, he'd have, he'd basically would have been, you basically would have been ye, right? He'd have a podcast, he'd have like a giant entourage of like people who kind of have their shit together, but he were also Nazis. But like, you know, part of the thing about this period is, you know, the 1980s have the white power movement but they don't have the kind of like media infrastructure that like someone like Alex Jones or for example, no, they're just starting to build it. You've got guys, what year is this again? Well, it's like the whole 1980s. I think it's like, yeah, so you've got guys like Tom Metzger and David Duke and their building media. But most of it is like what you'd call zines and stuff coming out. You have stuff like the Liberty Lobby, Willis Carto. Oh, we're going to get to this out there with you. A lot more kind of a sophisticated stuff, but it is not, they do not have the kind of media reach that they have. And the other thing about this work, like, so it's not clear to be if any of these guys ever tried to contact Fisher. It's possible they did, but the problem is he's only important of contact was that Jewish family that he sent all the anti-Semitic conspiracies to. So no one can actually get in contact with him because like his friends just stopped talking to him because they were like, okay, you're too much of an anti-Semite. Like I'm Jewish, like, okay. But eventually in 1990, Boris Spatsky, like, I don't remember exactly how he did. He finally finds some way to like get in contact with Fisher about doing like a rematch the world championship with like $2.5 million on the line. Spatsky's original partner like pulls out of this because he realizes that Bobby Fisher is a Nazi and these were the heavy days when like people occasionally would see someone who's a Nazi and be like, I'm not going to work with this guy. But you know who will wait. Shit, that's all boy. You know who won't work with Nazis. That's right. That's right. That's right. The podcasters who advertise the advertisements who podcast on this shit. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp. 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Sophie had to drop off because her phone is ringing off the hook from companies that want us to represent them on our show. Oh, is Exxon mobile on the phone, Sophie? Oh, that's a huge get. I'm very excited. Mia, we got the Exxon mobile account. Yay! Very excited. Exxon mobile is going green. So by, I don't know, let's say, 27 years shit. So zero emissions from Exxon. Everybody, get on the Exxon train. I love Exxon. Single oil rig green. Exxons, Exxons goal is no animals harmed by oil spills by 2050. And they're going to make that a reality by nuking the ocean. Wow, brave, heroic, courageous. Thank you, Exxon. Anyway, Mia, let's continue. So, alright, when we last saw Spauly Fisher, right, people are refusing to work with him because he's a Nazi. So, okay, what is he saying that people are like disguised Nazi? Eventually, he has a kind of relationship. He's like, how old is he in the 90s? Like, late 40s? Has this kind of relationship with like an 18 year old? Yep. And he's going to do this like most of the places like this. That's not great. That's not ideal. It's not great. It's not great. To be fair to Bobby Fisher. I couldn't find any evidence if he actually did anything with anyone underage. But he really seems to like like 18 and 19 year olds. And at one point, one of like this woman named Kita, I guess, a talk to him. And this is a description of what he's saying. This is still a night, this like in like 1990. He told her about the reason he wasn't playing like chess was because the Russians cheat. And over the course of future letters and phone calls, he elaborated on his theory regarding how the games played by Kasparov and Karpov had all been pre-arranged. And that he believed that Kasparov and Karpov were actually agents of the Russian regime. He asked if she was Jewish. Everyone who was Soviet and everyone who was Jewish cannot be trusted, he affirmed. So, all right, on the one hand, we got some anti-Semitism here. But I also wanted to, there's two other things I want to focus on. One is that, okay, he's still mad about those people drawing in a tournament in 1970. It's now 1990. And two, okay, so like there was kind of collusion going on between some of the Soviet grandmasters. The Kasparov and Karpov games, and I cannot emphasize this enough, are absolutely not being rigged. This is nonsense. Kasparov and Karpov, people who don't know, are like the two best chess, Karpov basically from 1975, and then Kasparov comes in in the mid 80s. And these two are the best, Indispositively the best players in the world who aren't named Bobby Fisher for this entire period. And I actually think Kasparov is better than Fisher, was at his height, but Kasparov never gets to play him. Kasparov and Karpov played like a bunch of World shape chips against each other, and they fucking hate each other. It's not clear to me if any other two players in the entire history of competitive chess have ever hated each other as much as Kasparov and Karpov do. Kasparov to this day is a Russian dissident, Karpov is the Soviet golden boy, as best as I can tell, this rivalry starts in the 80s. It is now 2023, they still hate each other. Karpov is now a Putin loyalist, Kasparov still gets a Russian dissident. At one point, it gets to a point where in one of the World Championship matches, both sides have rivaling groups of hypnotists and mystics sitting in the room trying to hypnotize and counteract the hypnosis. It's wild. These people just, I can't emphasize enough how much these people despise each other and how much Bobby Fisher has completely gone off the rails are doing at this old thing is staged. And for Fisher, meanwhile, he's living in his tiny apartment that he's just entirely filled with a combination of books and of cassette tapes that he recorded who has anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. And I tried to track these down and I couldn't find them, I don't know, maybe they exist somewhere, but from end game, apparently they were materials for, quote, a book that would prove how the Soviets cheated in chess. The other thing he's still mad about is Nixon, it turned out actually light to him when he said he could come to the White House and never let him go to the White House, which I guess is what you get for trusting Richard Nixon. Yeah, not, not, not ever going to be your best bet. And he is still mad about this, like 20 years later, he is like incensed, he didn't get to go to the White House. But while all this is going on behind the scenes, the cranks are still turning on this sort of like comeback match like Bobby Fisher, Boris Spatsky, like world championship rematch thing. And eventually they find someone willing to pay $5 million from a match. That guy's name is, oh boy, I, I, I, I, Jettis Meir, the less of it, he's often just called Guaz de Gesta, which is roughly means a Gesta, the boss, who is the president of the judo, Scandic Bank and what remains of Yugoslavia. And it is at this points in the career of Bobby Fisher, as he is about to play his first professional match of chess in almost 20 years in the remains of Yugoslavia that we need to talk about the Bosnian genocide. Oh boy. So, yeah, I, not, not, not, I'm going to bet he has fun opinions on, on Bosnians. Yeah. Yeah, it's, oh boy. So, all right. And before we go any further, I need to lay out an accusation here, which is that I think that most of the chess accounts of Bobby Fisher's axes in this period are at the very least lying to the readers by omission. And I think a lot of them are actively engaging in genocide denial by not telling their readers like what is going on in you go in like quote unquote Yugoslavia because I don't think he was obvious at this point. No, no, no, it's, yeah, Serbia and Bosnian hurts Gavania, right? Yeah. And like, you know, the other thing about this right is that like the place to Bobby Fisher is good and stuff. Yeah. Yeah, well, so it's not too 92 and like technically speaking, there is a country called Yugoslavia. And when, when people write about this, they'll be like, oh, you're playing Yugoslavia. But this is not like Yugoslavia in the sense of like the state that had existed up until this point. This is a basically a rump state control by genocide, a Serbian ethno-nationalists. And but by the time Bobby Fisher gets there and he gets there in late 1992, right? The siege of Serajevo has already begun. There's a bunch of peace protesters have already been gunned down by Serbian militias. The Yugoslav people's army quote unquote is just fully under control of the Serbian ethno-nationalists is showing the city of Serajevo. And like, and the other thing that's important to know about, important to understand about, about when Fisher gets there is that the Bosnian genocide has already started. But Bosnians, Bosnians are already, you know, being, Bosnian Muslims are being routed up and killed by Serbian forces. Serbian militias have already set up concentration camps. The sort of like the mass rape of Bosnian women has started and, you know, we are like, by the time Fisher is going to this place to do his first public appearance in 20 years, we are like well into one of the worst things that happened in Europe in a century that saw Europe have some of the worst things that's ever happened to 200,000 year history of humanity. Yeah. Yeah. And so like by the time the by the time the German started, like there are already 50,000 people dead in the series of wars that sort of the Serbian ethno-nationalists have waged against sort of creation and Bosnia. And, you know, okay, like to get a sort of sense of how bad things are if you're Bosnian right. So the Serbian like ethno-nationalists have at this point, they have taken control of like one of the world's best equipped armies, right? Like Yugoslavia was like a giant army. It was for an idea of how good, relatively competent the Yugoslavia military was. Read Balkan history all the way up to the period where Tito takes over and then read Balkan history for the period where Tito is in power. Yeah. They keep the Balkans for quite a while from going to war and no one else really does that. Yeah. And you know, and the problem is again by this point, like the Serbian's have just fully taken over that that way. And when the war against when the Croatians like try to like when the Croatians like leave Yugoslavia because their alternative is staying in there and being ruled by like Milosevic and these sort of like, like just absolutely psychotic heroes. He called it heroes. He's a little bit on Milosevic. Yeah. Yeah. Like by the time they start this like the Croatians are literally they are like rating their own museums and like going to film sets trying to find old World War two world war. It's like old world world. God. Why can't I say World War two? I don't know. I wow. Hack and a fraud. Just call it WW2. Yeah. Yeah. They're finding all WW2 weapons. Or the old dub dub dose. That's that's my favorite way to say it. Yeah. Like they are they are they are they are like in film sets recovering weapons that were originally like dropped. They're like dropped in the Croatia by Tito in the partisans like 1943. And you know, okay. So the create if you think the creations are in bad shape. Those are the people the Bosnians are buying weapons from. Are the guys rating their own museums for World War two arrow weapons. Ah. So that's going to go well. Yeah. Yeah. So while you Fisher is playing in a chest tournament in a country that has already committed a genocide. Right. They they are they are already doing it. It has already started. And this entire tournament is being run as a PR by Gaza Jesta as this you know, the sort of like statement against like the US and UN like sanctions against Serbia and like you know, we're going to show the world how ridiculous these like oppressive sanctions are. And you know, you you can talk about how much good those like sanctions did or didn't do. I mean, there's one part of it that like doesn't get talked about very much, which is that. So there's a weapons embargo, right. That's imposed on on you go Slavia. But it's also be because most of it pushes for it to get imposed on literally everyone. Which means that you know, this weapons embargo is kind of find for like serve the service of Serbia or maybe because they already have all these weapons. But you know, the Bosnians can't now like our under sanctions and can't buy weapons anymore. And you know, okay. So. Wow. So in an effort to stop violence. The international community limited the group of people who already didn't have guns from getting more guns and then they were victims of a genocide. Good thing that's never happened again. Yep. Oh God. And you know, I'm like part of the other story about this is like the Serbians really think and they're right for a lot of the period of time the Americans are going on like they think they get the West on their side because the West will be like, oh, we need them to fight like Islamic extremism. And you know, that famously never led to anything absolutely horrific happening. Then or later. But you know, the reason I'm talking about all of this is you know, the economic sanctions are still sort of reaching havoc in Serbia. And by passing those sanctions are is like one of Gaza's is like main jobs. So this guy, the guy who's like paying for this tournament, right. Is running like one of the largest banks that like remains and sort of like this like shattered like Yugoslavia shell. The problem is it's a Ponzi scheme. So he's offering 15% returns on deposits. Everyone's like, well, look at look at look at like how connected he is to like the Serbian political class. Like what are leaders ever associate with someone crooked. No, this must be fine. It must be that he just get 15% returns because he's not greedy. And okay, so that's the part that like we can confirm he was doing is is that he's running this Ponzi scheme. Everything I feel like is really murky. There's there's these like persistent claims that he was smuggling weapons from Israel to the Serbian army. Yeah, the source of this is someone who was the former Serbian minister of defense who like testified against the Bolshevik at the hagg. I don't know. I think it's possible. I'm not going to like definitively say it's true because I couldn't confirm it. But what does seem to have been true is that this bank is part of how the Serbian government is avoiding UN sanctions. Milosevic very quickly it like the big one. You know, when we start when he like starts all of these wars, right. He very quickly ceases like billions of dollars and foreign deposits in like Serbian banks. Or do you get a hold of like the value incredibly valuable US dollars they contain now. Okay, so it's a little bit of economics. You stuff you need US dollars to buy things. Yes, we have to be in the four of US dollars. One of the most important things you need to buy with that is oil. Which can like it's very difficult to buy oil of us not in US dollars. Yeah. And you know, by getting people to invest like a real American dollars or like German marks in this Ponzi scheme, which you can either buy things from Germany or use to get like dollars. The government is able to bypass the sanctions. And the bank itself at very least once and probably other times seems to have been like directly running oil through the blockade. Now, just to also claims that Milosevic like forced him to fund a bunch of paramilitary like desquads. And I don't know like the guys of pathological liar. So who knows if that's true. On the other hand, there are a bunch of desquads in this period that are getting funded by partially the Serbian government and partially like incredibly sketchy source. Who knows. He might actually be telling the truth here. It's unclear. But you know, of course, he's also just stealing an enormous amount of money because again, this is all Ponzi scheme. And hilariously, this whole whole like show match that he's funding is actually like one of the things that brings down his bank because. So she just from the Washington Post. The court acted alleging that the bank had failed to make promise payments to private enterprise, which is another bank. Including those releasing this vetly Stefan, the resort were jealous of stage the opening games of the chess match between Bobby Fisher and Boris Boris basky last September. So he like defaults on like his rent payment for this resort. And the court sees is like a bunch of this sort of oil that he is running through the blockade. And at this point, everyone begins to sort of realize that wait, hold on. This is a Ponzi scheme. And he he like flees to I he flees to Israel and then later on is like said, it's 10 years for like financial crime. So this is the guy who's running the show match. Um. And okay, here's from end game about sort of what the effective this show matches. When the matches venue was moved to Belgrade, Slobodan Milosevic, the president of Serbia met Bobby and Spasky and asked to be photographed with the two. He used the occasion to trump it as propaganda to the international press quote, this match is important because it is played while Yugoslavia is under unjustified blockade. That in its best ways proves that chess and sports cannot be limited by politics. Milosevic was later charged with crimes against humanity by the international criminal tribunal on the Hague and died in prison. He sure did. Yeah, but you know, the really depressing thing about this is like this PR effort worked right there are vast swaths of sort of the international left, including like mainstream progressives you like wouldn't expect to be, you know, backing a genocide of fascists who will to this day hold that like what happened in Yugoslavia was actually like NATO, Torren apart from being socialist and you know like never mind the fact that Milosevic was a career banker who is like he is the guy who does a bunch of structural adjustments right like he. He became the butcher of the old social economy before became the butcher of Bosnia you know never mind that like his turn to like genocide on a nationalism is like what destroyed Yugoslavia never mind that like Serbian fascist career out of genocide and almost pulled off another one like there are like enormous numbers of people who today believe that like what what happened in this war was like Serb resistance to NATO imperialism is like okay like yeah like NATO sucks also these people were trying to kill every Muslim Bosnia and they almost did it. And this PR thing right like the other thing about about the Fisher tournament is like the kind of PR they get from this this is also a key part of how of how the Serbian regime is able to sort of like keep like keep anyone else from getting involved in this by sort of playing different national powers off each other so you get more time to seize land and do the genocide. And you know okay so Fisher doesn't care about this shit like he's like yeah fuck it like I'll do I'll do pop again from below so this is fine the US tries to stop Fisher from playing the show match so right before. Like he's about to leave for I for Belgrade the US treasury sends him a letter that's like do not go it is a violation of the sanctions that we put out I'm going to read from the letter. Violations of the executive order which is the sanctions are punishable by civil penalties not exceeding $10,000 per violation by criminal penalties not exceeding $250,000 per individual 10 years in prison or both. You're here by directed to refrain from engaging in any of the activity described above. And Fisher Fisher's lawyer tells Fisher like don't play this like this is actually going to go really badly for you and Bobby Fisher's like I fuck you like I'm going to play this tournament the US government can't tell you what to do and so you know he does. But you know is sort of classic like I'm probably Fisher fashion um he he throws just another giant chest like temper tantrum. His list of demands continued to grow I mean that's what he does though yeah every single time every single time like it's so consistent yeah every single time someone sets up a chess master like probably fish will be reasonable this time is like no you are not going to be the person that make Bobby Fisher behave like a noble human being he's like physically incapable. Yeah and then this is this I don't I don't know I think this might be the funniest one of these that he does his list of demands continued to grow just a strategy of appeasement was to give him whatever he wanted even though the item might not have been mentioned in the contract. Bobby rejected six tables as an adequate before asking for one from the 1950 Chess Olympics in Dubrovnik even though even that one had to be slightly altered by a carpenter to satisfy his demands. The pieces had to have the right heften color and he chose the same set that had been played in the Dubrovnik Olympics. He particularly liked the small color contrast dome on the bishops hey which prevented there being confused with ponds which like you are like one of the best chess players ever how are you getting confused between a bishop and a pawn. I don't know baffling it's difficult to believe but Bobby rejected one set because the length of the nights knows was too long the anti-Semitic symbolism was hardly lost on those who heard the complaint. Oh my god oh my god yeah come on come on man don't. Yeah fucking calling your chest pieces like. Yeah what do you even say to that what do you say to a man who so racist he's racist he scrutinizes his chest pieces to see if they have Semetic noses like what is well apparently you give him $5 million. I don't know this is what keeps happening they just keep just keep giving him money. So he shows up and he plays this match and a shit ton of journalists show up to cover this and literally there are people being heard into concentration camps 2 and a half hours away from where this match is being played right. And the terrorists are like fuck that like there's a chess match going on and these people and they never think about the journalist right you know okay it would have cost them like zero total dollars right to go cover the genocide that was happening. They have to pay one thousand dollars to cover the event. And while they're covering the event they get some classic Bobby Fisher lines so there's a thing things he says to the press quote Soviet communism is basically a mask for Bolshevism which is a mask for Judaism. Okay that's pretty basic stuff yeah but but the thing that's actually about the right is like okay so there's like modern versions of it right but like normally they have like the Democratic party is a mask of Bolshevism but like. What do you mean Soviet communism is a mask for Bolshevism it's the same thing like yeah it is weird to say that Soviet communism is a mask for Bolshevism. I don't even think about that but yes that is deeply peculiar. He has a lot of things these CEOs are disguising themselves as capitalist. They're not really. The other thing is funny about this is like when he we saw Bobby Fisher like you will constantly cure people like screaming about he has a hundred and eighty IQ and it's like he's just saying shit like like he can't even keep his anti-Semitism into like coherent and he's semetic steps like a normal Nazi can he's just saying this stuff. He also pulls like another classic of the anti-Semite genre and does the like I'm on an anti-Semite because Jews are semi said sorry because Arabs are semites and I'm not anti-Arab which is like you know he's really sort of he's developing the repertoire. Yeah. But what will become like the modern anti-Semitic stuff. He has another line where he says someone asked him how he's doing in chess and he says I think I'm doing quite well considering I've been blacklisted for the last 20 years by world jewelry which is just like. Yeah. You know he's just saying this to like a bunch of reporters and then they all immediately forget about this and you know the genocide that is going on two hours away and you know everyone's back to just comparing him to Picasso and Mozart and being like oh my god I can't believe I got a witness like Bobby Fisher playing again. And you know okay so I think there's two things going on here one is that like a huge just like this is true of the press basically forever is that a huge portion of the press corps are made up of just like absolute hacks. Just don't give a shit and in this case also I'll just like fervent Islamophobes they just you know don't care about the genocide happening outside the window. And the second part about it is that they're sort of like bewitched by this chest right and I think like we have a better perspective on this than they do because you know this is the year 2023 I have seen God plate chest I have watched alpha zero and I program like there are 3600 rated bought apart like tissue paper in a game that like only bears like a tenuous resemblance to anything you call chess right like I can log into YouTube right now and watch like Magnus Carlson or like Dingley ran on cork like the sickest shit anyone's ever seen. And you know in like in part of all these accounts is like people just better at chess now than they used to be right. All these people who are like causing who are just like calling bell you Fisher Picasso it's like yeah okay like we we have games of chess that you can look at right now that would have made every single one of these people's brains explode like nobody writes about Magnus Carlson like he's Picasso even though again Carlson is better than Fisher is like it's basically like indisputably is better than Fisher is nobody calls him this like it you know we we no longer have to respect Bobby Fisher's chess it is the year 2023 my dishwasher can beat him not a joke actually could my my dishwasher has enough computing power and it's a piece of shit but it has enough computing power to run a program powerful love to beat Bobby Fisher and I'm sick and tired of pretending that like that's not true anymore you know you know what you know that your dishwasher couldn't do is fucking take me on at warhammer 40,000 that's true actually it probably 2000 points of orcs versus 2000 points of whatever you want to pick I'll throw your ass down come on dishwasher you can't even paint you're not going to be able to get three colors in a base on those models so I win by default you can you can now because you just you just you're right you might be able to make that work yeah but you know okay like a back to what's happening here right is it even even in the 90s right it's been 20 years as he did this the cold wars basically over but the sort of mythos of Fisher is like still powerful enough that like all of these people are just sitting there while the genocides happening fucking two hours away and are being like oh hey look it's Bobby Fisher he's playing all the chess again and you know this this this all is an enormous like PR success for Milosevic is always PR success for everyone involved in this sort of genocide and Bobby Fisher's like okay I can I can parlay this into getting a chess career back um the problem is that in December of 1992 he gets an indictment from a grand jury for violating the sanctions in the US so instead of trying to reach out to chess career he's like desperately scrambling across Europe with like some members of people who I think are like part of like the Hungarian royal family or something trying to like desperately not get like arrested for being a wanted criminal for breaking these sanctions but you know who's not a wanted criminal for breaking sanctions I don't know if we can promise that yeah it's absolutely I'm gonna say roughly 50% of our sponsors I feel confident that it's somewhere around half of them we can prove have never been forced okay you know just just roll the ads this podcast is sponsored by Mint mobile if saving more and spending less as one of your top goals for 2023 why are you still paying insane amounts of money every month for your phone bill switching to Mint mobile is the easiest way to save this year as the first company to sell premium wireless service online only Mint mobile lets you order from home and save 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count on learn more about their clean standards and shop clean at Sephora beauty at Sephora dot com we're back and wow I really enjoyed those ads for the Hungarian royal family hey look the current president of Hungary not great why not have a king again it went great the last time austral Hungary had a king everything went swimmingly he made good decisions and that's why everyone was they were so happy with their king that they were like let's try a completely different series of forms of government yeah it was great look look the the first world war as we all know started in 1939 there was no war before that every every because austral Hungary was it was it was it was it's because their king went on vacation he just wasn't watching yeah yeah so all right what one of the one of the things that so okay at this point like the the press the press has finally started to notice the body fishers and anti-semit and there immediate thing is like oh it's because he's mentally ill and this old no yeah like people like the there are like chess psychologists brought into like diagnosed him what is it chess psychologist how do you are they are they are they diagnosing him based on how he chesses me and did you make that up because that seems like a riff that seems like a gift so many chess psychologists in this story it is I didn't I didn't know this existed until I like I read a lot of chess books like I played chess for years I need no chess psychology existed until I opened these books and suddenly there was like 17 chess psychologists trying to figure out if probably fishers okay no it's I get parts of this because like I think a psychologist could tell a lot of people about how they play war hammer 40,000 for example dark L.D.R. player probably shouldn't be allowed to own guns reasonable but you know okay like all these people like make a lot of war hammer jokes for about about 6% of the audience you know it's probably higher than that it's probably like 8% at least that's that seems good I think what's happening with this whole sort of Bobby Fisher like mentally ill thing is just like one of the two things one is that they're treating him the template of like oh there's like the like the mad genius who's like so smart that he like like goes insane in the end it's like no like he's not actually that smart A and B like he's like it's not that he's material he's just a Nazi and people just like cannot get over that this person who've been to like personal hero against the Soviets is like no he could just be like a completely run of the mill Nazi not even like a particularly good Nazi propaganda is just like a completely run of the mill Nazi yelling about people on the street now okay there are a couple of things that Bobby Fisher does later in life that are like relatively famous one of his biggest claims of fame is he invents this game called Fisher random chess which is his chess variant we're like the fish Fisher has this theory that like like the recent chess sucks everyone has to learn openings which is true you have to learn like a million booth opening and there's all this theory and it's very annoying because people some will just come in like having spent the last like 17 years studying exactly one move order and so he's like okay well what what if we randomized the pieces on the back of like on the back of the board's location so that you can't like plan what you're going to do and this is a very this is supposedly very famously a thing that all you fish are invented I'm going to read this passage from endgame eventually Bobby shifted his monologues from hatred of Jews to chess he became angry however when Lazlos showed him a book published in 1910 by the creation writer Ezealdor gross this book described a variant of chess that seemed to be the forerunner of Fisher random with the exact same rules motoring something about gross being Jewish Bobby went to change the rules of his variation to make it different from grosses huh so yeah he also this is also the period he starts getting obsessed with like preserving his genius by having a child like preserving his gene pool so he starts putting out like ads in the newspaper for like a girlfriend um he's yeah there's a description of it it's I quote they must be one blonde and blue eyed two young three beautiful and for a serious chess player and suddenly this doesn't work for reasons that are in fact in Cape Lee will never understand why this failed etc etc um he also starts getting like he gets progressively more into like like he he starts reading I what's his name David Al Hogan who's one of like the most world's like probably most influential Holocaust deniers and you know and but by by the end of the 90s he started doing radio interviews again but the interviews are just like him doing anti-Semitic rants like there's there's one where he just like he gets on this interview and it starts and then completely out of nowhere he just he's like let me say a few words about the Jews and they just started writing about the Holocaust and you know and he also does the like yeah and the host is like wait aren't you Jewish and Bobby does does the thing again where he was like I will I will go to the little boys room and like went my dick out and it was just like Bobby man like I mean this title of his episode at least he's consistent at least he's consistent you know you gotta respect that there he is respect is the wrong word yeah yeah and this is not even like the most Semitic anti-Semitic thing he says in radio and business but he also is getting like very very hardcore anti-American but like from from the anti-Semite direction and there's a story about so he's in Japan he lives in Japan for a little bit and he is a story he goes to like he goes to a movie theater to like what I forget what the name of the movie is but it's it's some movie about Pearl Harbor and when when when when when like Pearl Harbor starts like he gets a tour a tour a tour a maybe I don't remember I don't know if you've ever said what it was but he like like so that which is also by the way the best Pearl Harbor movie no seriously it was amazing it was made with both like Japanese and American film crews it's a fucking incredible movie yeah yeah check it out yeah came out 1970 so yeah so he might have been watching but he's like so he gets the part where like they're they're doing the comic they're doing like the raids on battleship row and like he like jumps up a source clapping and he's like everyone else in this theater is like a ram jappy's person like why is this dude clapping at Pearl Harbor and he's just like incredibly confused why no one else is like sitting there clapping it's it's it's it's it's a whole thing he also there's another thing one of the other things he's obsessed with the end of his life is so he has this like storage locker that he put like some of his annotated chess games in but he doesn't he never pays to deposits and so eventually they they like still hold his stuff even so they change the deposits but then the company gets bought by another company they're like looking through their books you're like okay we have the storage locker full of crap that's not being paid for so we're going to auction it off and Bobby Fisher like someone someone buys all of the stuff in the box and gives it to him but for the rest of his life he he has this giant rant he goes on anytime someone interviews him about how he got robbed and how the rebellions of dollars and merchandise in it and how there was like a giant Jewish conspiracy in about how like Bill Clinton was secretly Jewish and like was conspiring to take this ship this like like holding container from him it's I don't know it's it's it's incredibly strange and and all of this culminates in this radio interview that he gives in the Philippines on 9-11 like literally this is like like like several hours after the towers have gone down yeah so I just want to play a little bit of like so you can get a sense of like what Bobby Fisher sounds like when on this this thing that his interview is giving a 9-11 to a Filipino radio station this is all wonderful news it's time for the US to get that head kicked in to get the kind of facial to US ones overall that's a death-depressant bush I say that's United States United States fictures the Jews are criminal people they really get children they're a murderous criminal TV lying bastards they made up the whole of us is our way of truth he was increasingly yeah that yeah oh oh boy yeah and well okay so like Bobby it's it's it's a trip there's like you there's interesting parts of it which like you can see we're sort of like a like a lot of modern American political culture was going like that you will hear a lot of people say shit that sounds like that right like yes he's just combining it in a kind of weird way um there's other and I saw I played like a short clip it there's like this interview is like pretty long he out there's like just some kind like there's kind of this like Trumpian stuff in it too he has his whole rants about like nobody is single handedly done more for the US than me I really believe this I mean man you yeah like you played it you played a game you you move plastic pieces around the board like like like like senior like the like like two of the most powerful American politicians who have ever lived had to like call you in order to get you to play the game yeah and you know so the the most famous part of somehow we like okay so as this interview goes on it gets progressively more anti-Semitic and he he goes on this rant about how he's hoping it's like the country will be taken over by the army and they're like the they'll like close all the synagogues down and then like start arresting everyone is Jewish and like executing them yeah little QAnani sure yeah and and you know this this finally does not go well for Bobby Fisher and I think like you know Fisher Fisher's kind of Naziism I think is it's something that kind of could have worked in the modern US but the problem is like he doesn't he's gone to a point where he just has no ability to sort of like like like quote unquote hide his power level like all the modern American Nazis like believe this shit it's just like yeah they're they're slightly smarter than he is and don't say it out loud yeah but you know he's he's a couple of moves behind you might say yeah yeah and like but like you know he's also he's also simultaneously like a bunch of moves ahead right because like the if you look at the lines he's taking right it's like pro-Surbian the Bosnian genocide like being against the Iraq war but also being anti-Semitic like these are all coherent political positions in the US after he dies yeah it's just that like he even has a rant about how he like like appreciates the cultural purity of Islam because they're not like degenerate and shit which like could have been an agitated thing yet yet another similarity between him and Andrew day yeah it's just like he he just wasn't like good at doing the press and this finally Bobby Fisher like finally after literally decades of him saying shit like this and there's a bunch of other interviews before this that he's given where he says something like this like finally you know again and he said he's saying shit like this like what you know press conference in Belgrade while the genocide is going on and nobody cared but he made a mistake which is that he said it on 9-11 and yeah that's not gonna go well let's go that he he is the first person on earth to learn that the line is 9-11 right yeah right before Gilbert Godfried yeah he even gave Gilbert to that fucking punch that's what a Roberts favorite thing I love Gilbert Godfried's 9-11 jokes it's yeah but like Fisher like okay what what are the what are the enduring legacies of this though is people write about this right like the part they're the most horrified about tends to be the celebrating 9-11 and they tend to downplay the part where he says he wants every Jew in the US routed up and killed like you know because like again like the thing that he violated was like what's going to become the sort of sacred teplo of like 9-11 but you know and this is this is finally the moment where like the chess community turns on him he gets kicked out of Fidey also they let him back in later on which is okay Fidey like sure a choice yeah but like you know yeah this is this is where we get to one of the things that I'm optimistic about the zoomers for because you really can't exaggerate the degree to which 9-11 was a religion for Americans for a very like most of the time that I was like an adolescent to young adult and now zoomer kids will like I don't know Photoshop in fucking Burton Ernie as the twin towers and like think nothing of it like there is it is it has been desacralized to such an extent because of how fucking far we went in the other direction and that's probably necessary I will says I like Fisher I think is the is one of the few people who's ever done an 11 thing who genuinely deserves to be canceled for it like it actually is there to be cancels a long time before this this is one of these but he has been saying all of this shit basically for 30 years right I mean actually 40 years because he gave his first interview where you're talking about like hitting the Jews and like fucking 1966 like 1962 right look I think I think on behalf of cool zone media and behalf of the United States I'd like to say thank you Osama bin Laden for canceling getting Bobby Fisher canceled for all of us thank you OBL yet another dub what what I really like having health insurance so shut the fuck up uh me yeah you can't get canceled for that kind of thing anymore so if you can't me yeah okay so you know okay like you know I I think I think I'm a big part about this also was like the fact that everyone put up with this for so long was this was a side of what is it incredible amount of time yeah yeah people were just fine with it like this is a period where it's like a man from Saudi Arabia stepped up to oh my god I this it doesn't make I wonder who would win in in a bin Laden uh probably Fisher anti-Semitism off that would have been a I don't know I pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty close that's an aliens versus predator situation if I've ever heard one but like you know okay like like this is like like although I guess I might say bin Laden did win so that's true yeah he lived longer than Fisher did so yeah it'd be like you know okay like like like bowie Fisher like this was the US's guy in the cold war right like he was America's hero like this is this is this is the guy that he is but like it's interesting Fisher is smart enough to recognize that he was just like nobody actually like cared about him right he was just a sort of like a tool of like like the the American Cold War machine but he's a neo-naughty so the conclusion is you're all from this is just like more neo-naughty him you're not see as him but on the other hand after 9-11 the US actually like starts playing to go after him and in 2003 the Justice Department in a move that is defined by the Bush administration's incredibly questionable grasp on the Galilee like revoked Fisher's passport without telling him now they can't actually do this it's funny but not but yeah like it's you know the Bush administration versus Bobby Fisher is another one of those sort of alien predator things like it's not good um in 2004 Bobby Fisher is in he's in Japan he's trying to like fly home to the Philippines and he gets arrested now this is kind of funny in that like Bobby Fisher getting arrested in Japan is like he like he really went to Japan thinking these guys were like his boys and then they they hold him in airport jail which is apparently a thing that exists and then move him to a maximum security like immigrant detention facility because he just keeps on like complaining and getting in fights with the guards and okay so like yeah like it's it's like at one point he starts complaining that his soft boiled a's were actually hard boils and this this this leads to him getting into a fight with his prison guards awesome like I mean that I mean there's a really big difference there it's true I'm like and this is I'm like you know solidarity on the egg issue yeah I mean it also like Bobby Fisher is not a good guy right but it's also worth noting that like every single Japanese police officer is at all times two bad days away from like forcing the rising sun flag and hunting down every Korean in a three mile radius so this this is another they both suck situation yeah like you said alien predator versus predator yeah and at this point so Bobby like is really trying to fight getting extra-died to the US because if they send it back to the US the Bush administration will just put his ass in prison for like a decade yep and so he tries to renounce his US citizenship so he get to put it somewhere else except the problem is in order to renounce your citizenship like formally someone from the embassy has to show up and see you do it and the embassy refuses to send anyone so just doesn't even renounce your citizenship right I just read where he tries to get a asylum oh my god oh it's so good so funny so yeah okay so so for the rest of his life right he claims that he's not a US citizen and the US citizen in the US claims that he is still a US citizen and so he tries to get a asylum and the South West for Robert wait wait for this I'm waiting I'm waiting I am here Germany Cuba North Korea Libya Iran Venezuela Switzerland and Montenegro all the food were like no fuck off wow Libya wouldn't even take him with when you're not a god ofy won't take you like you you have to be fair to be fair to bow you fish is here this is 2003 Moe Margaritoffi who's like co-using up to the Bush administration so yeah this is the worst time to be asking the office the worst time but he is also it's still it's it's North Korea they love taking people and if it'll piss off the United States yeah and even they're like I don't know about this guy like we don't need this North Korea doesn't need this press so all right and well well while he's in like immigration prison I don't know how to preface this so I'm just gonna read it Fisher then announced that he was gonna marry Mayoko Watay his longtime companion I could be a pawn sacrifice he said to the press but in Chester is such a thing as pawn promotion what a pawn can become a queen Bobby son is my king and I will become his queen which okay I got nothing I don't know I she so they get married and after nine months Bob Bobby's able to assemble like an incredibly elite team of random guys from Iceland and because there's only seven people in Iceland's like these random guys in Iceland were able to convince the islanic parliament to like give him citizenship and so he's able to get I like I think a what he wound up getting a good one how the fuck did that happen well here's the thing though he hates Iceland well okay I guess that's fine he goes on the better citizenship to have true yeah it's a good one but I don't know he's somehow funnagals this islanic politics is a joke he's some of a bitch I want Iceland if you're out there give me citizenship you'll get all of the benefits of having Robert Evans is a citizen mm-hmm I assure you there's some yeah we will we will be compiling a list which we'll get after you give him citizenship oh yeah no we'll have a long list it's gonna you're gonna everyone will be doing real well when I'm a citizen I'm gonna bring pride to Iceland so Bobby on their hand he hates he hates Iceland he spends the rest of his life just like pissing off all of his friends and by the time he dies in a hospital well okay so he doesn't even want to be taken to a hospital but he's like so fucked up that like his like two remaining friends are like okay we're bringing to a hospital he dies there and by this time he is like very little left and okay this would be the end of the story about you Fisher except three years after he died sorry I said it fucking ought to be yeah but it's not because I think he three years after he dies they they have to dig up his body to settle a legal fight about who would get all this money which I think I think I think that's a big thing that his body settled that well be okay so he does a whole thing where he was like with several people and I I forget which of his like wives kind of or people he was with like claim that someone like their son was his son but it turned out that that son was actually another person's son so I had to do it they had to dig up his grave to dig testing well yeah that is that that is the story of Bobby Fisher chestnut least it's at least funny it is yeah he I don't I don't know if getting to live out the rest of his life in Iceland is like what he deserved but he was miserable so sometimes that's all you can hope for yeah he died very sad well that's that's mostly what I wanted for Bobby was for him to die sad because I don't like him do you have any pluggables for us yeah yeah I do a podcast called it could happen here wow praise into it and yeah I'm on Twitter at it me chr3 and you could find me there doing stuff cool hell yeah well that's gonna do it for all of us here at whatever this is the podcasting imporium of mr. migorium until next week don't play chess behind the bastards is a production of cool zone media from more from cool zone media visit our website or check us out on the iHeart Radio app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts y'all feeling lucky Luke comes here and I have an exclusive opportunity for you to win a half a million dollars by joining me in the living lucky with Luke com's lottery experience and it rains at pours for lucky fans and lottery players who enter to win a chance of a lifetime join 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