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Part One: What's New with Alex Jones?

Part One: What's New with Alex Jones?

Tue, 07 Jun 2022 10:00

Robert sits down with the guys from Knowledge Fight to talk about what our old friend Alex Jones has been up to for the last few years.

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Most of you have probably listened before, and if not, this episode will be completely baffling because today I have my buddies and my favorite podcasters Dan and Jordan from the podcast knowledge fight. Dan Jordan. Ohh years ago, many years ago when when my podcast was new and your podcast was like a year old, I did Episode 350. Jesus. We have 400 episodes of behind the ********. It's wild how many of you guys put out on buddy. Yeah, but we had a so we did like I did A3 parter on Alex Jones, which is how when I started dropping it, people were like, you need to listen to this podcast knowledge fight. And I did. And so I had you on to do a fourth episode about Alex and then a couple of years went by and COVID happened and we have not returned to Alex Jones on my show, but a lot has happened with the man is true and I figured. Rather than try and write another two parter about what's happened to Alex since I should have you do that because I'm a lazy man. And also, I think it's fair to say at this point you know more about Alex Jones than any man alive, and Jordan maybe knows the second most about Alex Jones. Jordan is blessed with a shorter memory, so he's forgotten talking about Alex Jones. You could say that I've forgotten more about Alex Jones than any man alive. That is, that is hard. Hard to hard to argue with. I've now officially been in a room with Alex Jones and that's very exciting. I would say that probably I know more about him than he does. Yeah, yeah. So that's that's like that doesn't feel good for for people who are maybe confused if you are just jumping in Dan and Jordan host as you used to be like 3 * A week. It's still occasionally is, but at least twice a week you'll put out episodes chronicling both Alex's present day adventures and also you'll go back like 20 years and you'll talk about like what he was doing on dates in like 2002 and you'll go through like whole. Hospitals there. You, because of your unparalleled knowledge of Alex, wound up in contact with the lawyers, some of the lawyers who are representing the people who are suing him for a myriad of terrible things that he has done. Yeah. Yeah. I've been, I've been in contact with the folks for the Texas Sandy Hook lawsuits, the, the Mark Bankston and Bill Ogden. And and part of that has been you were in the room while Alex was deposed in order to like potentially lend, you know, whatever. Advice and stuff. Has did that, did did being in the same physical space as him, did that influence at all kind of your thinking on him or how because you know, it's gotta be to to be this deep into somebody's life and then finally be in a room with them. Did that have any kind of. Impact, I guess. Other than just like, novelty, let me let me say that it was not as much as you might expect. I I definitely had it built up in my head of like, the moment he walks in the room, I'm gonna panic attack. Yeah, like, I I I think I said it like, even years ago on the podcast. It's like if I ever see him in public or see him anywhere, I'm just gonna throw up on something. I'm just gonna be so overwhelmed. And it wasn't really, it was just sort of like, I I liken it to like when I got my first tattoo. Like, I thought it was gonna be like, this is life changing. And then as soon as I got it, it was like, yeah, this isn't that big of a deal. Yeah, you know, and I feel like that was kind of how. It was sitting there, but at the same time it's like he he's now a real person and as much as I have seen him, yeah, it's a little bit it's a little bit like the inverse of that never meet your heroes idiom. You know where it's like, ohh the every time you meet your heroes it's going to be disappointing because they're not the larger than life figure that it's all. It's like never meet your your foils never meet, never meet your enemies because they're they're just it's just an ******* in a room at the end of the day, you know. Yeah I think that I think that most of the things I could take away from. Being there actually are just the same things you'd get from watching the deposition, which is just like, he doesn't know ****. He doesn't. He's making stuff up. He's angry. His body language is different. Congratulations. Yeah. So, I mean, it wasn't as enlightening as maybe I'd hope it wasn't as overwhelming. It's. I think a big part of that is that he didn't recognize you. True. That's the the hardest part of that. If he did, he is the best actor ever. Exactly. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So so Alex Jones just sees. Some bearded dude in there. It is like, this is a new guy not thinking, like, this guy is devoted his ******* last 10-5 years of his life. To me, that would be weird. Like, if somebody did that to me for my shows, I wouldn't know how to handle, like, talking with them, whether they were positive or negative. I think I would be equally frightened. Like, I think someone doing that out of love is just as unsettling as the moving it out of hate. Yes. Yeah. I think I'd probably rather talk to somebody who hated me. Yeah, yeah, because at least I get like that. Right, yeah. But no, you're like the voice in my head. The person who hates me might have some valid criticism, yeah. So shall we? Where do you wanna start here, Dan? Well, I kind of right in the bus. When when we discussed the idea of doing this, I kind of thought about it. Like we could talk for hours and hours if we wanted to get granular with stuff. But I figured that since the last time we spoke, the three feel like the major wrist things that have happened have been COVID. Yeah, obviously, January 6th and Ukraine. And so I wanted to hit on those. Topics and sort of get into a little bit of how those were covered on Alex's show. And you know, I've got some clips, dope and then I imagine we'll chat about what's been going on in his legal world. Yes. Yeah. Although you guys, I I also would would push people towards the episodes you've done. Ooh, somebody's having fun with a car where you are. That's true. I will also push people towards the episodes you guys have done with the lawyers who are going after Jones and. Kind of chronicling the court cases because there's a lot of depth there. But yeah, let's start with what you want to do first. Alright, well, I figured we would dive into the the beginnings of COVID-19 right back. You know, when we're talking about it is the coronavirus, the novel coronavirus, remember? Yeah, since those days it was. It's like time when you when you make a friend and the first time you meet them, they give you like the name they use at work. But then you find out they've got. Like some sort of nickname that everyone calls them that's close to them. And you, like, divide your friendship up with them like, oh, this is when you were airing, but now I know your, your, your. Ball hair, Billy or something like that. Yeah, yeah, you nailed that. Dan was the same way when he found out I was DB Cooper. No, that was mine. Yeah. I still haven't gotten over how your ball hair feeling. A lot of people don't know that, including the FBI. Who was that? The primary audience of our podcasts. Ohh yeah, well you're in trouble. Yeah, yeah, that sounds about right. Alright, so yeah, let's let's start. So when COVID was just only in China, you remember these, these these early days. One of the things that I think is really, really fascinating to look back on because of how the world is now. Early on, Alex had a very doom and gloom type of take about COVID he. He'd have Mike Adams come on the show regularly and say that it was over for human civilization. There will only be lone survivor. They're gonna be scouring the land like it's fallout. Yes, it tried to find scraps. That cannibalism was gonna happen in weeks. It's it's I I'm never because I I remember fondly that period of like y'all covering Mike Adams and covering Alex. It's always fascinating to me, as things have continued to get so much uglier in the world, how optimistic that is, to think there's a level of stupidity where the world would just fall apart, as opposed to like, we have this, we're like Mr. Burns, with all of those diseases that are in perfect balance, are stupid as a species, and our smart isn't such balance that, like, even as everything careens towards a nightmare, we'll we'll keep the, we'll keep the ******* we'll keep the, we'll keep it going. It's like a it's like a 1980s Toyota Corolla. That civilization, like it's not. Comfortable or good and it's always failing, but it keeps moving somehow so so your take on it is everyone becomes a cannibal within 15 days is an optimistic yeah side because that means it's possible for us to **** this up enough that it ends and I don't know that it is did 28 days later and like on an optimistic note, didn't it? Didn't it did. I only watched the first movie which did not. It did it. They were in the, they were in the mountains and then they put up. All those giant Swiss family Robinson signs. And then there was a plane that flew over and they were like, oh, we're gonna be saying, oh, when they learned that zombies could fly planes. Zombies. I guess I was saying it's negative because it it posits a world in which there are still, there are still the British. Which. Sure, sure. Deeply unsettling future. Yeah. Anyway, you would agree Alex would agree with you in 2003. He believes that the British are the biggest problem in the world. So also, like early on in the pandemic, you would have Francis Boyle. One, all the time to make up stuff about the virus being a man made bioweapon and these were kind of the the main thrusts of a lot of his his narratives and there was really so sorry, no, I mean that's just really gotten adopted by a lot of the broader right wing. That's true. That is true, but it's it. It has kind of not really. It's been tweaked by Alex and the present, whereas like back then it was very extreme stuff about the virus. The virus was a man made by a weapon and. That was what was going to kill you. Whereas now it's like, well, no, it's a mild thing, but the vaccines are going to to kill you. You know, it's, it's it's shifted. And I think a lot of that is also where the right wing lands. But yeah, the the man made bioweapon stuff. Alex was pretty, pretty on the early tip. So most of the stuff he was going on about at that point was really just in service of selling his survival food and his colloidal silver products that he was heavily implying and sometimes even saying. Could protect you from every virus. Like need it. He wasn't gonna he wasn't gonna say like this. Cures COVID and protect you from COVID. But that's a little dangerous. He would say all viruses. Yeah, and that got him in trouble with. It's amazing. Ohh, that did get him in trouble. OK. Yeah. Yeah. You gotta see some desist letter from the FTC, I believe. I mean, thank God they did something. Yeah. Hey, Letitia James. How about it? You got it, baby. And then Alex started calling her a demon and lol. What are you gonna do? Yeah, he had to stop selling his silver. Toothpaste and go to a charcoal toothpaste that his dad had. That's a lateral move I would suggest. Yeah. And he was OK. Does the charcoal toothpaste do better with the COVID, or did they just get sued out of making the silver toothpaste? You he he has never mentioned charcoal being a cure for COVID. Oh, that's good. He learned his lesson. So, like, he was really trying to amplify and exaggerate stuff. And so he would take all these opportunities early on to take stories and misrepresent them. Like about the death numbers, the like early February 2020, he was going on about this regarding China massively downplaying their death numbers. Coronavirus situation and all these top biological weapons experts and and top scientists scanning the virus and saying it's man-made. We've got to get ahead of this and if you notice the virus numbers maybe we can punch those back up for a moment while waiting for the president. The official World Health Organization says 28,000 confirmed while walked in here a few minutes ago was 24,000. But the internal Chinese numbers that leaked and were actually published in China by the People's Daily said 24,000 dead yesterday. So what we think they're doing is they're just putting the number of dead as the number of infected. Think about it. Think about that. Yeah, that would be something it would be if he wasn't just sort of misrepresenting a meme that he had seen of some accidental misprint. But yeah, so he he was really trying to accelerate and increase the fear surrounding the virus because that was what was best for business at the time. It was only over in China. There weren't cases being reported here. It's so Alex was able to go all over the place at the beginning of 2020, and he had to. Because there was no real way to tell how it was gonna land. And so he needed to, he needed to get started building a lot of things, like a lot of irons in the fire. He was big on the Wuhan lab leak theory early, but he was actually more convinced that the virus was made in a Canadian National microbiology lab in Winnipeg. And then it was sent to Wuhan, where it was released. Well, I mean, yeah, I feel like there's probably a similar situation with, like, bioweapons and movies where if you make one in Canada. You get a bunch of tax breaks, so sure, yeah, that that completely scans to me. I imagine you would make your bio weapons in the same place as you make X-Files for similar reasons. And now that we know about Trudeau being a tyrant, of course, yeah, absolutely his. I mean, obviously his main goal with the COVID bioweapon that he created was to once again burn down the White House, restoring Canada to its former glory. Hmm. This is classic Trudeau. They holistic Trudeau. They've always been the enemy, I think. We can all agree that on that that that's that's why we hired Garrison, in order to, you know, you got to keep your enemies close, obviously. Yeah. Yeah. So the others are the MacBook. Sorry. I was gonna make an Independence Day joke. So the other thing, too, that Alex did, though, was really fun was that he he got into for a couple of days the Umbrella corporation conspiracy theory, the right there was like, remember that? The logo of the guys from ******* Resident Evil. Resident Evil? Yeah. OK. They're they're real. No. Oh, there was somebody. Do you remember the person who tried to turn Raccoon City into, like, OK, so if you anagram these words. Spells Corona and add like 2 letters. It's corona. And also there you go. It's Resident Evil predictive programming. It was there all the time. Yeah, because that's like the zombie in Resident Evil 5 one time. And that was fouchy. You have to like, keep. Alex believes that, like the the evil globalist cabal like sneak hints about the future in the media, right? That's like a thing for him. They have to do that. Yeah, it would be. It's part of the. It's part of the interdimensional contract the demons have with the. With this, this universe, it's like lesser magic. You have to, you know, people have to give permission. Mm-hmm. It's extremely funny that, like, the demons would be like, alright, you can put together a plague that kills 6 million people, but you've got a signpost at 25 years earlier in a video game for the PlayStation one you've got, you've got to put it somehow a hint to it in the cool spot video game. The main problem is that fiddle contests went out of style, so nobody had any way to fight back against them. Yeah, I I we we will know that this is true when it turns out the actual cure for COVID involved mixing a bunch of bunch of herbs and solving a puzzle. It could out. You just couldn't get that puzzle solved. Could be that you need to put Ebola in a jar with some booze. That is what Mike Adams beliefs. All right, please continue. Yeah, Alex misrepresented preprint studies that would later be retracted in order to prove that the virus had, like, telltale signs of human creation. But one of the theories he was pushing hard early on that he is intentionally forgotten about sense was that the virus was a race specific bioweapon bio attack. Is race specific targeting specifically Chinese military age males and then almost all the people infected and almost all of those dying are males. Yeah. So early on, because the virus was predominantly in China, Alex was pitching this narrative that it was a race specific bioweapons. There are all kinds of theories about like what the point of it would have been, and I want to remind people that Alex is always right. Always. 99% of the time, that is what he says. You can find it on Twitter, plenty of people. They'll point out that, hey, listen, whatever you say about his politics, his predictions are 99% shockingly accurate. Always accurate is crazy. The Joe Rogan crew keeps saying that and it's like, right, yeah, he was saying they were going to kill every military aged Chinese man with the plague and it's and it's interesting because like at this stage he's saying that it's like a NATO kind of conspiracy against China, basically. Well, he, he kind of thinks it's the globalists. Yeah. Maybe they're doing it because China sends fentanyl to the United States, so it's like payback. Or there was a period of time where he was thinking that maybe it was that China wanted to decrease their population, so they did it to themselves. Yeah. Yeah. That was a that was an interesting take. His attitude on China is always so mixed, cause it's both like, they're the ultimate, you know, enemy because communism. But also, like, they don't like gay people. And you know, you have to respect, you know, that they do this thing or that thing. Like, he's he he weirdly goes back and forth on China and, Oh yeah, he also appreciates that they don't like Muslims. But yes, whatever he loves meant for him, he will bring up how they're pressing the wiggers. Yeah, and try and score points off it because he's a ***** ** ****. Yep. Yeah. At least. Like the weird tankies are consistent on that point as opposed to Alex. Just kind of wishy washing back and forth depending on whether or not they're doing something ****** he likes. Hmm. Yeah. So I brought along another clip about the race specific bioweapon and it's just sort of like Alex explaining why the that might happen in China. Hmm. But it's serious and they're covering up what's really going on. And it's just incredible to me that it's so obviously a bio weapon and that it's so obviously race specific on record for Chinese men. I mean, it's so specific that Chinese genome is so close. Only other group maybe is closely related for a large population is Koreans. What? And so yeah, what? Yeah, they're made for a racist. Yeah, you don't wanna use 1A race specific bioweapon that say kills a mongrel, which we think of as a bad term. It's genetically being able to fend off against things, right? Does it? Pure breeds. Easier. And so look at British royalty and people. They're very sickly, they're very mentally ill. I'm not knocking Chinese folks. They're real smart and got some great attributes, but on average there's problems with being inbred. Yeah, so this feels great for me. Ohh listen, here's why this feels great for me and I just need, I just need the world to hear this right as much as possible. The number one we complain we get about our show is me being too loud and and screeching and such, but it's a reason. How do you react to that? Like that? No, no, I mean, if you're a giant racist, it is to your advantage to think a landmass and country as large as China. With the history it has is only Han Chinese people. Yeah, well, there's no other. Yeah. And like a single family of as opposed to, like, no, there's like, it's an incredibly diverse. There's all kinds of different, like, ethnic groups in China. You don't understand languages and ****. No, no, no, you don't understand. She Huangdi murdered everybody that wasn't him. And now that's China. I wonder how much of this is like people miss hearing kind of the the. Statistic about like, all how many folks are descended from Genghis Khan and being like, oh, they're all related. Like, no, that's not. No, that's not the Case No, stop this. I think that could be part of it. Yeah. I think it's also a generous explanation. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's very that that is that is me being like, he's not just being racist because he thinks everyone looks the same from a match, like, like 1/5 of the planet surface. Yes. Yeah. Correct. That's the. That's the take I have. Well, that's what Alex is. Operating off of honestly, guys, that is, we've we've covered a lot of like professional racists, like Alex is professionally, like Alex is racist and does other things professionally. We've covered a lot of guys who are like professionally racist, and this is one of the most racist things we've ever had on the show. That was quite something. It's so surreal to hear that because at this point, I mean that that to me is like a relatively milder version of where it can go. Yeah. Yeah. He gets worse. Yeah. I feel like George Lincoln Rockwell would have been like, well, this is just factually wrong. Robert Ford would have been like, this is factually wrong. Yeah. So, God, yeah. So he he has abandoned this narrative now, obviously. For obvious reasons. I mean, I assume because Americans have such a high death toll, it would be very hard to. Yeah. I think. I think once the virus spread to a lot more countries than China, this kind of narrative became really silly and it became really transparent that it was based in sort of a racist idea. Oh yeah. And he moved on. But early on, there were a number of things that I think were really funny that I I have to bring to the attention of a wider audience. And one of them is that early on Alex had read a headline, he'd misread a headline about Fauci and he thought that Fauci was on his team and like he was Trump science guy and he was going to be helping expose the the COVID conspiracies. And so here's what Alex said on February 8th about Fauci. Now let's look at the facts. The president through his medical spokesperson, who's very respected. I made a lot of calls about Fauci in the last few months or knew who he was, and I said he's very respected. To quote legend. He's a legend. He's a legend. Wow. And that's so that's Steve Pechenik, right, went to Cornell at the same time as Doctor Fauci. There's a good chance, yeah, there's a good chance that that's the the influence who's telling Alex he's great for folks who don't know, Steve Pechenik is a former State Department guy who probably helped assassinate the former President of Italy, Aldo Moro, while he was the president. 100% It's definitely helped kill the Italian president. It is. It is of all the things that he is made-up hmm. Which are legion. Yeah. The one thing that is true is he did help kill the President of Italy and no morals, retired baby alive. And he mostly yes, exactly it mostly. He mostly seems to lie about things in order to push a variety of confusing agendas on on Infowars and elsewhere. Yes. And he he was he's behind so many of Alex's like. Really troubling conspiracies like he was deeply involved in the Sandy Hook stuff. He yeah, he and he ended up having a fight with Alex because he was insisting that the Las Vegas shooting never happened. And then eventually the 2020 election was where their relationship really took a turn for the worse because he was insisting that he and his buddies had watermarked every ballot. Alex, North Korea? No. And and so that was too much. And so Steve is kind of kind of gone for now. But yeah, Alex thought that Fauci was a legend and he was gonna be like on the Patriots side and now they wanna hang him in the streets. You know, it's always nice to, yeah, I think that's one of the big values of your show, is just pointing out consistently, like. There's nothing consistent about the things the factual claims that Alex makes. Like he's comprehensively a liar and a fabulous and it's all documented using nothing but his own show. Yeah, yeah. The most important thing is expedience. Nothing else. Well, just what's useful and quick. Exactly. So this, like this Next up is actually of the pre mentioned Steve Pechenik, because I think that when people write the history of COVID, this is going to be a really important thing for people to. Your number? Yeah. That sounds corona. Coronavirus coming in the most part we will be safe. I can guarantee you. He is because I treated a patient a month ago was really the first case of the coronavirus before it was ever reported of a gentleman who met with a Chinese individual and got the pneumonia and was treated with high doses of antibiotics. And I am to know this individual very well because that individual happens to be me. Saying to the public health service and the attorney God together. Yep. So Steve Mechanic was patient zero in the United States. Was patient zero. the United himself with antibiotics. Antibiotics, yes. Wow. Well, that's that. I mean, this is critical. We have a lot of COVID historians on the cast, so I'm glad we've gotten this out. It's cannon. It's really nice to know that we don't have to worry about the coronavirus, that it's going to be OK. Not going to be a big problem I am super on from that clip. Let me travel back in time and tell myself that I won't be spending the next two years barely leaving my house because of a earth shattering blague. It'll all be cool. That's good to know. It is one of my favorite things to imagine Steve Pechenik during any pandemic throughout history. Just explained it. Listen Alex, tuberculosis shouldn't be called consumption. What I did is consume the virus. That's how it works. Wow. We are going to continue on this, but first, you know who loves Steve Pechenik? Who's that? The products and services that support this podcast? Because they know if the Italian Government ever starts leaning a little bit to the left, Steve King's going to come in, he's going to kill that ****** ******* president Italy. And we're going to keep those products flowing through the Italian countryside, you know? 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So Steve got in the news recently, right? There was some ****. Yeah. What? Would you actually looked into this a bit more than I did? Yeah. Tell me. Talk. Let's talk about this a second, because this was kind of a big story. So Clarence Thomas's wife, Ginny Thomas, during during the overthrow of the United States government, when she was doing a little bit of light treason involved? Yeah, she was she was texting. The Supreme Court Justice of the United States. Steve Pechenik thoughts without question. And it was, yeah. And it was about the watermark. College was absolutely about the watermark. It sounds like it's being a a perhaps legitimate way to to just invalidate the entire election. They had it all on blockchain. Absolutely. And then shortly after that, it seems that Clarence Thomas was the only person who was like, overthrowing the government is fine, right? Wow, everybody's cool with that. Does this, does this suggest cause, you know, Stevie? He has been in the mix long enough that I could just see her having known him from from his State Department days because I highly doubt it. No. Do you think she caught him on ******* from the from the Alex Jones show? I think his name rings out in conspiracy communities. Like I think that he, because of his importance on Alex's show and the way that Alex basically fraudulently allowed him to make up whatever credentials he wanted, yeah, he became pretty big within a subsection of the conspiracy world. He has his own kind of sphere of influence that you probably found him through. OK, and I think a lot of Q people are kind of totally gravitated towards him. Also, Steve Pechenik, despite the fact that Tom Clancy wrote the first Jack Ryan novel several years before their partnership began, insists that Jack Ryan is based entirely upon his life. That sounds right. Yeah, he did. He. That's also a weird thing about Steve is he had a partnership with Tom Clancy for a period of time for the net force. Yeah, the net force novels. Not necessarily a young adult franchise. They also were ghost written by somebody else that's almost exact. Hasn't written a novel for 40 years. Let's just be I mean about that. The the net force stories were nearly as accurate as Shatner's Tech War novels, which? Which is quite accurate, yeah. Ohh, what's really funny about tech war? If I'm remembering correctly, they're basically like future detective stories. But the primary, the center of every book, is that this guy is incredibly divorced and keeps having custody. That is really funny. What's what's great about that is that is almost borderline similar to Isaac Asimov's the Caves of Steel novels. He loved to see it. Just I nothing like a divorced dude writing a book. Let's get Elon Musk to write a sci-fi novel. That'll be that. That would be a hoot. Let's not. OK, so let's move on. Sure. So as we we we're we're leaving off, we're getting sort of to the point where cases are starting to rise in the United States and at that point, things had to change because the narratives that Alex were building at that point, they weren't possible to sustain in an environment of sustained spread in multiple countries. People who aren't Chinese would be catching the virus. Then there goes the race specific narrative, for instance. Plus, Alex doesn't want actual panic. He wants people to be on the edge of panic, but still somewhat able to keep living a normal life so they can afford to buy his products. Making the audience directly and irrationally afraid of the virus would make them more likely to take public health guidance seriously. It wouldn't be good for Alex's market, so the main emphasis was always to use the virus to push fear about something else. The virus was meant for the globalists to push forced vaccinations. People wearing masks was to train people for the coming martial law. Social distancing was to force people to vote remotely, which would allow Democrats to steal the 2020 election. These were the the kind of ways that the the tentacles grew out. From the base of where the narratives began, yeah, what I would even argue is cause we did go back and look at when the Ebola outbreak happened in the United States and Alex was treating the initial days exactly the same way he did with the Ebola outbreak. The only difference being, of course, that it was handled appropriately instead of the response to the virus being overtaken by Jared Kushner and millions of people. Being sentenced to death. So it's a little bit different. Yeah. Certain amount of luck. Yeah. And a certain amount of luck. Yes. So there was a point, sorry, I couldn't tell if we had frozen. That was. No, no, no, no, no. I was just. I was just in agreement but did not have anything to add it that obviously. Yeah. So there was actually even a point. We met, we brought up Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, earlier. There was actually a point where he was trying to pitch the idea that terrorists had infected the United States because they would get more virgins after they die if they infected. City. And here is him being a complete *******. I don't know how many virgins these Islamic terrorists get for blowing themselves up, but there's probably bonus virgins out there if they infect all of New York City or something with this virus. I don't know how their virgin Nomics system works. Oh my God, you know, they're insane and they think they're so. Yeah, he he's a he's a pile of **** I hate. I hate to admit this, but but I feel like this is a safe place. I kind of think the term virgin Nomics is, is hilarious. And I may I may steal that. I I may take that. When the next time I have to write about insults, if you if you start talking about Virgin Nomics, that's a bricken. Yeah, that's what I will say. That's fair, that's fair. There's there's Reaganomics, there's Freakonomics, and there's virgin nomics. Everybody knows those are the three pillars of American Society, and Reagan was a freaky virgin. He he for sure was. That is. That is the face of a man who never ******. Yeah, Nancy told him. It wasn't real. So everything was really sloppy. And if you were listening and paying attention to Alex's show Beck during these periods, it would be really hard to nail down what his position even was. And even if you did, it would have changed a bunch since then. Like, it was constantly in flux and it wasn't really ever it. It's just, you know, it's it's become whatever the right wing thing dujour what is. Yeah, yeah, ivermectin is really huge for hydroxychloroquine, all these things, every single thing that you see. Just getting traction in the right wing media world is going to be something Alex is gonna flirt with for a while and then if he likes it and it works, then he'll incorporate it. Yeah, it's it's almost like the idea of Alex being that, you know, his self professed tip of the spear or having any sort of leadership over the conspiracy theory community. Community was completely abdicated. I mean, and he's he's only been following since then. Well, yeah. When he tries to lead, it ends up with like, that raccoon cities. Yeah. That'll happen Brela Corporation or that time where he was briefly leading the assault on the capital before Bailey. Sure. Yeah. Well, we'll get to that here in a minute. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah. So like it. I think if you look at the early days, it's it's it's it's very interesting to see the the ways that he he floated these narratives and he had these things in place and then circumstances forced him to change. But there is one thing that I will always be thankful for, and it is this. Clip of Alex really just getting some deep insight from a caller about ways that you can keep yourself safe from COVID like my brother told me. I don't know where he got this from but thought of it. They said just remember, don't pop any bubble wrap because they all that air comes from China. Oh my God, another good point. You know, another good point, another good point. That's, you know what's nice about that is it's I'm not sure exactly how that's racist but it is. But it's also like it's the kind that's it's so dumb that you it, you can laugh at it as opposed to like a lot of the particularly with all of the I mean I guess it does feed into a lot of the horrible anti Asian hate crimes and stuff but I don't know I I I just can't I just can't take seriously a guy who's so paranoid about China that he thinks the bubble wrap is full of. Deadly Chinese air, like, well, his brother told him about it. That is the kind of and and there have to have been. He doesn't say this, but that conversation didn't happen without the aid of 20 to 50 keystones. Right like that. That like enough a quant. The bulk of a truck bed in Keystone light is like what caused just enough to give you a buzz. Yeah, just just enough. Just enough to get you on the back of the ATV where you and two generations of your family die. God Bless America. I kind of felt like he might have been a nice guy. He's on ice. Mm-hmm. Likes to take it up a notch. Yeah. That classier. Yeah. So one of the things that I I thought about when we were talking about doing this episode and checking back in was I didn't want to track too much of, like, where things went after the kind of a little bit of the immediacy because then we'd just be, we'd kind of be here all day. Yeah. And so, you know, that's kind of. Picture of a bit of Alex's coverage of the coronavirus. Yeah. And in a lot of ways, where it went is where everybody else went. True. So you already know, you already know where it went. You've probably heard a lot of things. You probably haven't heard about the race specific bioweapons stories. There's that and that nonsense. Yeah. God. Awesome. So let's jump to January 6th then. If we, if you mentioned Alex briefly leading the charge. Yeah. I mean, leading is maybe a little bit strong of a word. But it certainly like at the head of a crowd and then realizing that he was at the head of a crowd that was about to commit crimes and panicking. Would that be accurate? I think, I think when you have like a bunch of people who really want to overturn an election and you're chanting 1776, yeah, it it does. As I often am, ladies and gentlemen, I I've, I've just realized that I am going to be liable for whatever happens immediately after this. So what you need to leave this space entirely. This is a classic. I will be in trouble and you guys will be fine and that is a problem. So what I wanted to start with is I wanted to look at the lead up to January 6th and show some of these things that were happening. Like Alex was deeply involved in the various groups that would end up being at the Capitol, and some of them were potentially engaged in seditious conspiracies to stop the election from being certified. In November 2020, Alex sent Owen Shroyer on a barnstorming tour up the East Coast, stopping at a string of poorly attended stop the steel rallies, ultimately culminating in the original rally in DC, the one that was. Prior to the January 6th rally, at that point it was abundantly clear that Alex's position was that the election had definitively been stolen by Biden, and so stealing it back was an appropriate act. They stole this bigger than Dallas in front of everybody. But hey, if you catch somebody in your house with the safe or in your house with the computers or in your house with the silverware and then the family heirlooms, you have a right to to to take it back. Damn right you do. And so they are panicking. They're saying have a coup against Trump all over the news. They're saying he's insane. He's crazy because he's not going to let them have this 5th attempted coup against us separately. You've got my commitment to burn the candle at both ends. Ladies, gentlemen, and we're fighting hard here. We need your financial support. Bringing a caravan up here and find here with the crew and all. We love you. We appreciate you, That's how an ad pivot is done, Robin. *** ****. I mean, is this what is this? Products and services. Listen, listen. You gotta overthrow the country and you gotta buy my ****. And that's how simple it is. I gotta give the man credit. There's not. There's there's things he's good at as a broadcaster. And that was that was a masterful. Bad pivot. He's good at saying briefly. Yeah, man. Shifting entirely over to sales. But you see here, he's powers for good. He could have moved a lot of **** pills. That's true. He did. Yeah, that's true. The Rob Dude's wife has given us the. Oh yeah, we have a tough report. Tough report from our news wife. So you have the mentality there that the election is stolen and that it's ethical to steal it back. Yep. Which I mean, you know, this is November, so these ideas are kind of percolating. Yeah, a little bit. That's, I mean not I mean that you you hear that basic logic all over the right today where they they the reason they accuse the the left of having stolen the election is that it's covered to steal the next one, you know. Yeah. Yeah. And so at that time though, when Alex was going to the rally in DC, I. Think that he expected it to go worse than it did. I kind of suspected that he thought that original stopped the steel rally might have turned out like the January 6th rally did, and it ended up being kind of mild, although a couple of people did get stabbed. So I mean, it was it was ugly in the streets, but it was not like a threat to the continuance of the democratic traditions of the country. I guess it was like a giant ugly street fight in the sheets. Yeah. So but I think that Alex was thinking it was going to be much huger. And so in the lead up, he was doing a lot of like real doom talk like this. I've thought about doing this broadcast for 26 plus years. You always think about what could be your last broadcast. I'm not saying this is my last broadcast. But I need to just let you know I need to explain something to you. That I don't exaggerate any of this, OK? Most of the time it's worse than I'm telling you. And this could be our last broadcast next week could be, but the zone we're in right now, the Internet kill switch they've got, they can hit telecommunications as well and we're in the prime zone for them to assassinate Trump, set a nuke off anything, anything, anything. So a lot of that that fear talk is you know, surrounding that that original DC stopped the steel rally that didn't didn't culminate the way. No. He was prepping. Yeah. It's I mean he definitely. How many times would you say? He has said this may be my last show. So many I like. Is it more than you have fingers and toes? Yes. How many days are there in 20 years? Hmm. Well, it's not all of them. Well, let's see if I'm remembering. If I'm remembering my education, which was entirely one song from the movie or from the play rent. Let's see how many minutes? 525, twenty, 5600 minutes. Now, how do you turn that into days? I don't know. Whatever. How do you measure Alex's ********? Yeah, somebody you solve a problem like Alex. We we gotta yeah, we gotta hook DJ Dan Anarchy. Who does your theme song up with my buddy prop and and put together a cover of of 525,600. ********. I can't count that high. So, you know, there's a lot of excitement that got built off the original stop to Steele DC rally. And there were these other rallies that were going on at state capitals around the country, but there was no real progress being made on overturning the election. So it was necessary to do it again in DC but bigger. And thus plans for January 6 started to form more solidly. Alex's involvement in the events of that day are kind of less interesting to me than the way he engaged with the lead up to the rally and the way that everything was covered by his employees and himself. In the lead up to the rally, Ali Alexander was a constant fixture on Alex's show, promoting these stop the steel rallies and tying election denial with extremist Christianity. Stuart Rhodes was a regular guest discussing how Trump needed to declare an emergency so he could bring in martial law and deputize the Oath Keepers as his personal militia. More shockingly perhaps, was that Matt Bracken who's a weirdo? He was discussing the actual January 6th Rally when he was hosting the 4th hour of Alex's show on January 31st. 2020 and he said this. That we're not going to be saved by anybody above us. We're going to only be saved by millions of Americans moving to Washington, occupying the entire area if if necessary, storming right into the capital. You know they're we. We know the rules of engagement. If you have enough people, you can push down any kind of offense or a wall. But if not enough Patriots show up, then we're just going to watch our freedom go down the drain. So that's that is one of those things that sounds really bad in hindsight when those things actually do happen, yeah, they do. And I mean, he's also cause what he's physically distracted describing it. It has shades of Jan 6. It also sounds a lot like what happened in Canada earlier this year, you know, like especially the because what they didn't do on, they didn't actually shut down the city on Jay 6, but that is what happened with like the caravan where they're like, we're just going to flood. This area. And make it impossible for like life to exist normally in this major city. Well, that's that. That was part of the conversation that was happening around January. So. Yeah. Yeah. In these in these communities, like, like that same day on December 31st, Alex was taking calls and what somebody called in was like, hey, can we get all the people who have boats to block up the Potomac? Yeah. Can we, can we seize the Potomac so we can aid in our, our occupation of DC? Yeah. And and one of the things about that blockade. Is like, I think it could be argued that if they had coherent achievable goals, they may have gotten them. Yeah. You know, like if they it's they're they're it was clearly an effective circumstance and if they could have negotiated their way into something, they could have gotten something. But the fact that none of them had any idea what exactly it was that they were doing in the 1st place kind of really hammered that kind of idea of negotiations. Yeah. I mean it's it's. It makes sense because like you. Like, it's easy to get a bunch of ************* who are angry and want to feel like and want to feel like revolutionaries and are willing to, like, park their ******* trucks downtown, especially if there's, like clout in it and potentially raising money and ****. It's harder to get that same group of ************* to all agree on what should be done because a significant portion of the people who are going to come and camp out in a capital for weeks to disrupt business aren't just going to want. Like an into mask mandates they're gonna wanna be allowed to mail each other raw milk. Like, you know, also wanna be allowed to marry my 16 year old. Wait, what? What? No, that's anybody. There's nobody by Jordan here. As someone raised in an evangelical Christian cult, you know damn well it's legal to marry 16 year olds in this country too. OK, fine. I don't know about Canada's rules. Alright, so, so in the days leading up to the 6th, Alex had guests on his show like his alleged constitutional lawyer friend Robert Barnes, who was like directly suggesting that Trump should just pretend to also be president even though he had lost the election no matter what, because he's the rightful leader of the country. So why not fake it? We'll talk about what Trump's role should be if they effectively steal it. He's gotta never concede and just be the president in absentia, in in exile, and just keep. Holding the movement against him do you agree with? Oh no doubt about it. And it needs to be at the. There's been too much focus at the top. Hugh always focuses on the top. We need to focus. This seems to be a bottom up revolution if it's gonna work. And so they just have a second president, right? Alright, that's fun. Yeah, it's like the dark Pope because they haven't have. I mean for one thing, having a first president works out so good, you gotta have a gotta double them up, have him fight. Yeah, that actually sounds kind of funny. The problem, the problem that Lincoln had is he wasn't really willing to Co govern with you. Person Davis, that was the main issue, right? And that's why they had to start the whole war. We all know that the last season of Game of Thrones was disappointing. We don't want a repeat of that. Ohh OK. No, no, no, Game of Thrones. I mean, look, I I happen to like it when everybody's unhappy, which is why I liked Game of Thrones in the 1st place is that it kept making my friends sad. So I was really happy with the ending because everybody was miserable. Fair enough. OK, yeah. So on January 5th, Alex was in DC and he ended up giving a fiery speech at a rally there. That might sound a little bit unfortunate. In hindsight, tomorrow is a great day. You know, quietly take the election fraud. We don't quietly take the scam and believe they're BS. We've seen the evidence the system has had to desperately engage in this gambit to maintain control. But this will be their Waterloo. This will be their destruction. He sounds like ****. Yeah. What the **** is he just, like, been drinking so much. I think he's. I think he's wasted. Yeah. He sounds 100, sounds like. Yeah, he sounds like smashed. Yeah. I think he was drunk and probably his cardio isn't what you'd want it to be. And so, you know, he can give a speech that's kind of rousing, but at the same time, there's a, there's a staccato nature that's necessary cause of breaths, you know, we don't talk about enough is the fact that he used to be jacked. I talk about it all the time. I I I did not I could disagree with the human being more. Ohh he you know, we don't talk about 2 reddish, any of that. Like what? There's a talking. It's just there's some people that it's. I'm never. I never get used to it, man. Garbles used to be ******* hot. I mean, you don't even get it, dude. I I've done a number of episodes about how hot garbles was, but that's a that's a side of the point. No, it's like there's a couple of people for like, Alex Jones. It's like thinking back to him, being a bodybuilder is weird. And then there's some ******* Keith David who, like, you know, I've seen it, a bunch of things, watching him in community and being like that ************ beat the **** out of Rowdy Roddy Piper like I was. I was. He was yoked like he wasn't just muscly, he was like wrestling jacked. It's just weird. That's Keith David. Yeah. He's incredible. He's just one of those people where every time I see him in something now and I think, like, that ************ was shredded. I think that everybody gets really blown away when they if they haven't seen those pictures of Alex as a muscly young man. Yeah. And to think it's just underneath there, he's he's somewhere in there. Somewhere in all of that. Underneath that thick, thick neck. Yeah. Yeah, except you can only get it to it with a knife. He he's he's no amount of exercise that could get there. He is buried that, Alex. The same way Steve Pechenik buried Aldo Moro. Yeah, so that night, January 5th, they had some speeches and also Owen Shroyer, Alex's number 2, a second in command, his his Riker. He filmed himself hanging out with some proud boy associates, saying they were burning a black Lives Matter flag on the streets of DC peacefully. This is why what's his name would wind up doing like six months in prison. Enrique tarrio? Yeah. Before the most recent time that he's went to prison, back the last time before this time that he went to prison. It was for this. Yeah, because he like stole someones Black Lives Matter better, which kind of implies they Owen bought his. That it it does, which is very funny. So on the actual day of the rally, Alex and Owen Shroyer were in DC so that just left Harrison Smith as the on air talent in quotes. That was at Infowars. So he hosted all day. If you watch his coverage it's abundantly clear that he was pumped for the possibility of a siege of the Capitol. And when it did happen he was basically, you know, celebrating the the home team doing, doing their biz. Here he is like in the lead up to what, what's going on at the March? Alright folks, so Donald Trump. Coming up next, Alex Jones leading the March to the Capitol. It's all happening, folks. It's January 6th, 2021 and the revolution, the second American Revolution has begun. So yeah, it's the second American Revolution that's going on. Also, let's let's just remind everybody that cake did not have anything to do with this particular clip. It was not involved in the overthrow of the United States government. Let's also let's also remember that while the January 6th rioters were certainly going for speed. They were not, in fact, going the distance. That is true. They were not all alone. No, they were not in their time of need. Although they're you with them. Yeah, I can't. I cannot find anybody who would really who would really be like, I am the biggest cake fan, but I also cannot find anybody who does not know the lyrics to at least one cake song. Sure. I mean, I it would be the funniest thing we could have done with this episode is that from that point we just for the next hour and a half talk to each other in cake lyrics. Ohh man, I have got too much of a short skirt to be talking about cake. Hmm, yeah, so on air that day on the 6th, Harrison Smith obviously was very excited about the what was going on and he decided to Commission a Symphony in C. That's another cake song. Ohh right, yes, yes. I suggested this and then realized half of the cake songs I know are them covering other people. Oh, you you were just gonna be like, I Will Survive that. And I'm gonna, I'm gonna be honest, 30% of the songs I think are cake songs are actually they might be giants, sure. Maybe a tonic song in the mix that with a couple of them. So. But Harrison was very much celebrating. And as the images started to come out of people rushing the capital, here was his take on that. But Americans are mad. And so when they stage election live updates from Alex Jones, more on the other side of the Capitol has fallen. The Patriots are in control. The Patriots are in control of the capital has fallen. The capital has fallen. Yeah, there was a deeply celebratory mood on on Harrison Smith's coverage of the of the show. What's funny about that clip is that in an alternate reality, that's what plays in like the 32nd opening before it fades to like a bunch of people in a bombed out city huddled around their rifles rating for waiting for the government forces to come. Yeah, no, this is a real situation. Where Harrison is trying to argue that sheep go to heaven and goats go to go to hell. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. They they shot their shot. You know, like that coverage is exactly what you would expect someone to do if that whole taking over the capital had succeeded. Yeah. No, no, totally. It it does. It sounds like a broadcast from an alternate. It's like, we're like if if Orson Welles had written this, you'd be like, yeah, perfect. This is amazing. It's like in man in the high castle. Totally, 100%. You're getting a glimpse through the veil? Yeah, or if it's like shadow stabbing, which is apparently a cake song that I haven't heard, did you just look up the cake song? You know what? You know what, Danny? That's literally what I typed into Google because I'm as as this bit continues, I'm realizing I don't know as many cake songs as I think I do. Be tap. That was so I was really unprepared for this bit to continue going. I mean, it's crazy to me that you guys because from what I can see, both of you have very healthy breasts. Thank you. And that's a cake bit. OK on my Italian leather. So how many this is that go on? You know what in my nose? So many Caspian leather sofas. One of the songs. Well, you know, Jordan, I'm not sick of you. Apparently another cake song. I don't know that song. I appreciate that. That boy. I don't know enough cake songs. Fashion Eagle is not the album. Comfort eagle. Comfort comfort fashion nugget. Fashion nugget is that sounds like that. Sounds like a cake song. Yeah. Alright, this bit must end. Yeah. Is that really has to do with this point? You know, you know what would be a good end to this bit, Robert, if actually if we went to an ad break? 4 gig yeah, four cake with cake is the primary sponsor of our show. So you know. You don't kill a goat because they're already doomed to hell, I guess. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for none of that. For anyone who hates their phone Bill, Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for just $15.00 a month. Mint Mobile will give you the best rate whether you're buying. Or for a family. And it meant family start at 2 lines. 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If you're living in poverty, you can't afford to ask as we can. Did this product harm the environment? Was it cruel to animals like, was it factory farmed? Is it cheap because of unfair wages paid to people and so alleviating poverty? Is tremendously important. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. OK, we're back. And and and better than ever. All right, let's let's let's let's keep this. Let's keep this. Wakeless cake less thing without cake. Yeah, just continue sands cake. So before the break we were hearing the the Harrison Smith celebratory coverage of the 6th as it was going down, but once Alex was able to get to a phone, he immediately changed the narrative and the celebration has not been seen since. From that point on it was a false flag. You better believe it was a damn false flag. The globalist trick, some Q people and some Antifa people dressed like Trump supporters to go into the capital. So they could start rounding up the Patriots like Alex. As more information came out, Alex had to adjust the narrative a little, but as a whole, it's basically just the core of his story and everything else has been rationalizations from that point on, and his his narratives have gotten quite boring. For the most part, nothing will live up to the day of when their capital has fallen is that's that's a quote that really would go down in infamy had it happen. He's like, because if it had happened, Harrison Smith would have been the first person to call it, and he would have been the host on the pro. Yeah, absolutely. A separatist Fox News wasn't even like, hey, this is a great move, you know, like, it's just Harrison Smith. Yeah. No, I mean, I'm sure there were people at Fox News, but I'm sure those people were tackled by lawyers before they could put anything on the absolutely 100%. Yeah. So it remains to be seen exactly how involved. Alex was, intentionally or accidentally, with the people who are making active plans to do what they did on the six, so I think it's best to reserve judgment on that question, but the overwhelming level of connections between bad actors who are up to no good that day really seems suspicious. But I think it's equally likely that Alex knew what they were up to and that he had no idea. It seems plausible to me that he would act exactly the same way regardless of whether he knew he was mixed up in a seditious conspiracy or not. He would just that he's kind of insidious. Conspiracy mode against the government at all times. So, right, right. He doesn't need to know. It's just it's just anytime that a seditious conspiracy is happening, it is concurrent with Alex also saying that a suspicious conspiracy should be happening, you know? Yeah. It could be coincidence. Yeah, well, I mean, it's always coincidence. Hmm. So now Alex has Nick Fuentes on his channel, although, you know his his band dot video website. But I think it's actually not that important now, because Nick Fuentes has his own site. Hmm. But he's still associates with Nick, and Nick loves January 6th. He sounds like Harrison on January 6th. Yeah, now, yeah, yeah. To this day, absolutely. Nick Fuentes, now a contributor to Russia Today who had him on to talk about Russophobia. Really? Yeah, yeah. He's been on RT recently. I mean, doesn't that suggest that you're really desperate? Doesn't that suggest that, like, you might, you're getting a honest year old ******* or whatever, you're getting a 25 year old Nazi. You're getting, like, you're getting like discount, you're getting like the Kirkland brand. George Lincoln Rockwell to like, come on and talk to you. Absolutely. Pretty sure they've interviewed Mike Adams in the past. That Michaels been on forever. Lionel has been on forever. So Lionel's, Lionel's, grandfathered in as royalty. I don't know. I don't know if they have much standards over there in terms of who the Max Kaiser had a show. That's fair. So yeah, I think that the the rest of Alex's playing out of his January 6th conspiracies has been again the same way. It's sort of it tracks with a lot of the same stuff you see in the broader right wing media landscape. Although he does have to do a little bit more gymnastics because of his close associations, right with people like Stuart Rhodes. You know when he gets arrested for this conspiracy and in the you know the charging affidavit or the the. Indictment. There's so much information in there that Alex is like, yeah, I don't really wanna deal. I'll have to pretend this isn't here. I mean, I can't imagine what it would be like to have somebody who you've had as a guest on your show so many times being arrested and indicted for seditious conspiracy, that would be a little bit difficult to work around it. That that that would definitely cause some problems if that were to happen, like if one of you were to be arrested for seditious conspiracy. I would. I would be really. I mean, I would honestly knowing you probably be proud, but that anyway. And it would be Jordan. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Let's. I really appreciate you leaving open the possibility that it could be one of us. I I mean, I yeah, I I I do. I do tend to assume you commit your crimes as a unit. We we solo, yeah, we solo on the crime. Crime. Kind of like guys. Yeah, yeah, I was gonna make a comic book reference, but I know about as much about comic books as I do about cake, apparently. So I'm gonna have to say come on. Ohh boy, it's a lot like in Sandman issue 22 whenever. No I I got nothing. Maybe I'll do the collector series. Reverend Sandman issue #22 is my favorite cake song. So we want to jump ahead to the Ukraine business. Yes. So more recently this has been something that I think is, I think we could all agree is a major world event. It's it's it's a pretty, I mean, yeah, I would say like a giant land war in Europe breaking out is is moderately important, moderately important. So earlier this year on February 8th, Alex was leading the show and really getting excited about how Putin was threatening nuclear war over Ukraine. And he insists that it's because the they're attacking Russia. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a maximum red alert. Vladimir Putin has officially threatened worldwide thermal nuclear war if NATO continues their invasion. Red Alert, maximum alert. TuneIn now spread the word evil Wars, the most banned network in the world. Yeah, they NATO is attacking and Putin's gonna nuke people. Yeah, yeah, and we're stoked about this. This is a man with honesty. As his guiding principle. Hmm. Nothing but the greatest of leadership. It's the most banned network because they're the most accurate. Absolutely. So yeah, there's gonna be a nuke and Alex is actually kind of thinking we deserve it. He was in one of those moods on the on the 8th, so he's kinda gross. Most of us will just get. Knock down and maybe the roof came in on you, but when you come outside you'll be breathing all that delicious radiation. And of course the power won't be coming back on for years, if you're lucky. So that's where we are, and we're an evil, decadent satanic society, and I guess it's time to die. Well, OK, yeah. Yeah. So he does that a bit. He every now and again gets into how sinful we are and now we deserve to die. You know? I mean, look, I don't do it for religious reasons, but I will admit every now and then like when I'm, I don't know, briefly stuck in line at the grocery store, all think we do deserve to just all nuclear Hellfire any, any, any time. You know, when it happens is whenever I'm ringing up a product at one of the auto checkout things and then it like ***** up and I have to wait for someone to come. That's when I'm like. Just take us now. Just drop the bombs. End it all. I think having those quiet moments is fine, but lashing out at your audience emotionally like that, I think is, is maybe a little bit tackier, maybe a little gauche. I mean, one thing I will say traffic. One of the great things about being bipolar is that you're so used to suicidal thoughts that whenever they come for such, like, you know, like, Oh my God, this guy in traffic, I'm just gonna kill myself right now. You're like, yeah, that's a good thought. I'm. I'm just gonna let that go. I'm gonna smooth. Through it you don't go on, say, a radio network and millions of people, if I wanna die, everyone has to die. Yeah, project it to yeah, everybody. Yeah. So 10 days later, on February 18th, Alex had sort of evolved this narrative and now his, the situation that he was reporting is that Putin is just trying to stop Western forces that are going door to door killing people in the Donbass region, Russia. Has tried to not escalate things. And. Putin has tried to play things down so that hardliners don't engage in a coup against him. Of course, but he's gone ahead. Just come out and said what we already knew. There's a massive western offensive attacking Russian held areas of eastern Ukraine and they're engaged in genocide there. Going house to house, taking people out front their houses and killing. And this is all being done again. It's a provocation, just like in the last duel, but they're slitting the women and children's throats across the river to make them come across to lose the bridge. And that's a historic thing. That's actually the record books that happened. They lost the battle. They lost the war. We have. To let them. Attacked these people and these people have chosen this route and I'm gonna pray for him and support him. They're not going to slit the children's throats, but because that will be too much, but that's the kind of stuff they're engaged in. Also, I should point out, Alex saw the last duel the night before. Yeah, that does sound like he he just watched the last duel. Yeah. It's important to remember that any geopolitical event is very similar to the last movie Alex watched. Yeah, in some way or form he brought. He brought it up like three times on that episode. Well, you know, the last thing I watched is that show with Josh Brolin. There's a big hole, and this does have a lot in common with that, because I also would like to throw Alex into a giant hole. Sure, sure. The last movie I saw was that Shia LaBeouf movie holds. Yeah, another movie with a similar message. Holes. Good. That is what I took out of Holst. Make a joke about seeing that band. Which band? What hold the band? So on the 21st of February, Alex played Putin's entire speech that he gave, which is the speech where he was laying out the rationale for eventually attacking Ukraine. And Alex interpreted this incredibly incorrectly, thinking Putin was just saying that he didn't want any trouble and he just wanted to do business with Ukraine. He just wanted to look, if you wanna join the West, that's fine. That's fine. Join the West. We'll just do business with us. Come on. Wow. And, you know, I I don't see how you see any fault. Putin, what he's saying, I mean, it's all historically true. Stalin's horrible. Lenin's horrible. We're sorry what we did to you. Blah, blah, blah. What do you want? I mean, blah, blah, blah. It's coming. You wanna be under George Soros? You or you wanna be your own country? We don't want you. We want to do business with you. Just just please, please don't go to war with us, I mean. And here's somebody actually tell the truth from that level is powerful because the truth is powerful and the truth lives and Infowars. Wow, that one, that one aged real good. It's just that you get a take and then like 3 hours later the opposite happens. Like yeah, he doesn't want to take over Ukraine. Oh, now he is actively invading the capital of Ukraine and the the the sort of irony of the end, like the truth lives at Infowars over like a sick. Yeah, yeah. That was pretty sick. Guitar like a this is your life career retrospective. Would definitely try to avoid adding that clip in there. It would it would probably be seen as cruel. Yeah. Not not a good way to go. See, as you brought up Robert, it was almost immediate. Like very quickly. So quickly he gave that speech and within hours he was shelling kieve. Well, no, that was actually the speech before. This is Alex's responding to the speech before. Yeah. That's the 21st, though. So it was like a day less than a day. Later, I believe so. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So on the 24th, Alex had been proven wrong, obviously the if Russia had invaded and he had a number of really, really bad angles that he took on it. First, here's here's Alex with a bad prediction. Putin's troops raise Russian flag in Ukraine as Z tanks which have come from the east. And O tanks that. Come from Belarus inner? Deeper into the nation. And there is. No real resistance. Because just like the US bought off the Iraqi leadership in Gulf War one and Gulf War two. 90 plus percent of their generals. You see that Putin has already done his work. And is already paid off the Ukrainian military. And that's why the Russians know they can roll right in and face almost no resistance. Because that's how real war is done. See another another one aged well. Wow, Alex, let's rewind you. Real war is done by purchasing the generals in advance of any sort of invasion. I mean, that's it seems like that might have worked better for you for for Russia than what happened, which is like half of the generals that they had in the East have now been killed in 55 days of fighting. Yeah, yeah. But again, Alex is almost always right. He is, he's, he's, he's. It's incredible how accurately he predicted the fact that Ukraine would not put up a fight. Prediction. And that's also analysis. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's not even just, like looking into the future. It's like, this is the world, man. He was so right. Works. Yeah. And that's why thousands upon thousands of Russian mother mothers are getting letters that say your kid is fine, everything's good with your son. It's good. Good times. Alexander had another really bad prediction. If you want to hear, you want to hear. Oh, I want to hear. OK. But that's why you're not seeing any. Real Ukrainian resistance because it was all per show. And. The comedian Hollywood President was a double agent the whole time. Oh yeah, that's what all the smart money is on. That's what all the experts I know, and I'm an expert myself. All of them. No. Ohh expert fighting the war he already won before he pulled the trigger cut to the capitals. Cut, yeah. Cut to the flagship of the Baltic of the Black Sea Fleet sinking with a piece of the True Cross on it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's almost comically wrong that, like, it's it's embarrassing. It's it's impressive. There's, yeah, there's a degree to which I'm kind of in awe of how incorrect it is. Most people can't be that wrong about the statements they make, right, especially considering the irony being that. If if one were to argue that, uh, I I mean I I think I would argue that zielinski's background as a media figure has done him more service and Ukraine more service than any sort of like a a ACE administrator will you possibly do in this exact circumstance? Well, yeah. I mean I I think it and ironically so like one of the things that Russia is famous for is like the the, I think it's called the Gerasimov doctrine, which is like kind of. Oddly speaking, what they did in Georgia and then Ukraine in 2014, where like, you have this hybrid mix of military forces on the ground, but also propaganda and disinformation that's meant to, like, stir up confusion and justification, controlling the media and yeah, and or at least disrupting it. There's been this big idea with Russia that, like, well, a big part of our military effort anywhere is going to be the information war, which they just, like, shat their pants on as soon as they started shelling kieve. But because I think he does. Of such a background as a media figure, Zelinsky was not a particularly impressive president before the war started, but right, I think he has his his media training has made him an effective war leader because this is the first war where that's the most tactical value that a president of a country can have. In this situation. Absolutely. You definitely don't want, but I mean, frankly, you don't really want any president dictating strategy or cause. That's not what presidents do. Yeah, exactly. He has had a battlefield. Impact. I think just because he's really competent at media stuff, because he's absolutely he's a media guy. Yeah, you guys, you guys are both gonna sound so foolish when it comes out that he's a double agent. Yes, that will. That will tear us down. He feels we will. In retrospect. This will be our Harrison Smith moment with with Alex's proven it right. If that happens, I will accept my crow and I will eat it publicly. Yeah, so I I have one more clip of a bad prediction from Alex if you'd like to hear it. Ohh, yes, absolutely. I mean, look at this Reuters article that's out right now. Or is that Bloomberg? Putin calls on Ukrainian military to seize power to better negotiate with Russia because he knows it's a bunch of globalist. Actions in there and a bunch of former presidents jockeying for control. He's like, listen, I'll negotiate with the military, which is a very smart move. I would expect this to be over in 48 hours. What do you think? So that was on February 25th, going to be over in 48 hours. What day is it where we're recording this on April 16th? Oh, he's a little bit off. Yeah. Yeah, slightly. Slightly, yeah. So since that point, Alex has done exactly what he always does, and that is that he's. Become more or less a stooge for whatever Putin says. He plays defense for Russia at just about every point, and he goes out of his way to sow doubt and soft sell narratives that, you know, things like atrocities that happened in Buca were fake. This is part of Alex's consistent playbook, and it's exactly what he's done with all kinds of stories. Every time there's something like related to Syria, he's it's the exact same thing. Yeah. And he's had on, like, major war crimes denialists in Syria, like partisan girl and stuff on his show. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And he's really tried hard to thread a needle that you would you would kind of associate with somebody who's not a Holocaust denier is like, ohh no, no, I know the Holocaust happened, but they're lying about how it happened. They're lying about all this stuff. So yes, you're a Holocaust denier, but you're trying to act like you're you're able to both be, you know, but no, no, they're all lying to you. He hangs out with quite a few Holocaust. Exactly, exactly. He does. And also this is something that just came up, you guys. Brought up a fellow in one of your most recent episodes in the past, like 2003, that Alex was quoting a guy named Scott Ritter who was a former UN weapons inspector. Yeah. Do you know anything else about Scott Ritter because you didn't say much else about him. I'm wondering because I may get to tell you some interesting facts about Mr reassure as **** don't. I may not know all that much. So he was quoting him because about stuff Ritter was saying about like, the the the Bush administration's lies going into Iraq and whatnot about Iraqi zombies. He is officially in context of a article about the quote the the fake British Secret Society within the police. Yeah, Ohh, right, right, right. Well, Scott Ritter today is like a major war crimes denialist. He did a lot of like, there were no chemical weapons attacks in Syria. He's a Buca denialist, he's regularly on Russia Today and quoted by like the Gray Zone, and he is also a convicted pedophile. He has been the subject of two police sting operations because he keeps trying to ****. 15 year old Kid Jesus who? Yeah yeah yeah. 2 Kings 2 catch. You would have gotten this guy on one. He is a real ***** ** ****. Scott Ritter that just goes to show you that. Like, you know, even like when I don't overturn some rock. Yeah, there's even more. Our episodes could be longer. Ohhh yeah yeah. Here's the problem. Here's some people have said about our show is it's not dense enough. Yeah. So I that's that's kind of where I left off with the the clips about Ukraine. It's beautiful. You know some of the stuff that that's happened since has also been the same kind of stuff that you see in the right wing media. You know, you have the the Biolabs conspiracy. Alex was jumping on board with that and you know basically every thread that gets pulled by. Zero head. Yeah. Gateway Pundit is gonna be mirrored and echoed and exaggerated on Alex's show. Absolutely. He's become, he's become, I mean we've we've talked about him as this part of the ******** laundering machine where, you know, some obscure nut bag throws out some nonsense and then that's picked up by, you know, zero hedge or the like and they just water it down a little bit. And then that's picked up by Alex. There was a time where Alex would be the crazy weirdo who's relatively obscure coming up with some ******** or it would be a guest on Infowars. Or maybe, or maybe it would just be something of one of his people found on a creepy message board. Totally, totally. And now it is. It is literally him. I mean, just this lazily ambulance chasing headlines. But I think, but I think one of the things that makes the the immediacy, one of the reasons I focused on, like when these things are happening is that it does kind of demand you figure this out, figure out what you're going to say about this because you're ******* live on air right now. So you gotta say that solinski's double. You gotta do something. Yeah. And I find that to be like, you know, necessity is the mother of invention. Sure. When you gotta say something right. It's a that's that's that's really interesting to me. Yeah. Yeah. I mean if for Alex he can never live in this space of like we'll find out or just wait and see or this is this is developing. It is always. I know exactly what's happening today. It's part of my current scheme that everything is happening around that I've had quote UN quote for 20 years. Yeah, if everything's connected, nothing can be a surprise. Exactly. And then, you know, you just change the narrative when you need to because you always need to. And then pretend you didn't. Hey, you've never changed the narrative once. Yep. Yep. Ah, well, this has been quite a quite a tale. I don't know about all of you, but I feel well, I feel actually terrible. That was the hope I'm significantly I mean I I did broadly speaking know a lot of this because I watch listen to your show constantly. I do watch it. But that's that's not something you put up online. I just don't stalking you. I mean you can talk into anybody's webcam really you but you also may forgotten about being the theories about Chinese specific biology that that I had not remembered. Good Lord. So yeah, this has been a hoot. We're gonna come back later this week and we're going to talk about Alex's legal adventures. But first, Dan and Jordan, you want to plug your plug cables? What are we plug our website, we be up in this B. Alright. I I mean, I've heard of us on That's correct. Yeah, we're also on you can find us on Twitter. 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