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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

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I wanna hear all of this, the cinema veritate **** and I want everybody to hear me opening my morning Benadryl and poppies before we get started. Around a knife. But in the Benadryl somehow, Sophie. Jesus Christ, it's a little knife. At this point, both podcast. Now, you started off with this one with a knife and the last one with a gun. So there's a gun. I mean, there's a gun right out right behind me. I'm just, I'm, I'm excited for the next one, and the next one just just keep upping the ante. Yeah, I mean, I think I'm going to order my, my young Ward Garrison just found out how to order one of those Bolo wraps, which are the things the cops shoot at you now that, like, wrap around your body and stop you from moving. So I think I'm gonna get one of those. Oh my God. It's like it just it it, like, wraps around you, like, in cartoons? Like, yeah, like cartoons. Yeah. I didn't know that was a real. Yeah, that's what I think. And the cops are going to find out how to kill somebody with it soon, but I'm just to **** around with. Yeah, they've already made them lethal and, like, attached like little knives at the end of them. There's already kind of little knives, actually, on the things. Of course there is. This is for people who don't know behind the ******** podcast. Bad people. Yell about them. I woke up feeling like **** as I was just saying last night I had a friend come over and then leave at like 2:30 in the morning and I had a choice. Once my friend left. Was I going to go to bed, or was I going to buy a bunch of drugs and get ****** ** until 4:30 or five in the morning and then stumble into consciousness to do this podcast hungover and I chose sobriety and I went to bed sober and I woke up exactly as late as I would have if I gotten ****** **. And I feel exactly as bad. And the lesson is always do drugs. Yeah. Just say yes. Just say you say yes to drugs. You know, it's like that. That movie. Yes, man. Yes, exactly. Exactly. One of those, the movie. Yes, man, which contains all of life's lessons in it. Yeah, really. It's a, it's a great movie about lessons. And it was that one of the great Jim Carrey movies or not. I actually, to be honest with you, I, I I've never actually seen it, but I remember thinking about the plot and going what if someone offers some heroin and. I mean, that's the movie I wanted. Heroin. Really? Yeah. If someone's offering, it's just rude to say no. I mean, I've turned it down when it's been offered and injectable form. But there was this one time in rural India where a guy had a bunch of black tar and his finger and was offering licks, and I absolutely took a lick. Yeah, who's not gonna take a lick of black? Not gonna take a lick of a stranger? Strangers in the desert. Like, well, I gotta say yes to this. Yeah. Yeah. Matt, what's up? How do you feel about the Holocaust? Ohh, auntie. Auntie. Yeah, that makes sense. That's a good call. That's really the only call with the Holocaust. Yeah, not a fan. Have you heard of a fellow, a dude, a a chamberino by the name of Reinhard Heydrich? Reinhard Heydrich? Reinhard Heydrich? I don't believe I have. I I mean, in a way, it's like one of those German names where I'm like if you just said it out loud. I proposed nothing. I'd be like, oh, that's that. Famous Nazi. But I yeah. I mean yes, yes, he is a famous Nazi and you're right. If if not, I think 90% of people hearing would be like probably did some like Nazi **** back in the day. Some Nazi ****. Yeah. I mean just judging by the context of the the podcast we're on and that very German sounding name, but no, I don't think I've heard of him. Well, he's not just, he is a Nazi, but he's also the Nazi. So Huron behind the ******** we pretty much exclusively discussed the worst people in history and their horrible crimes. Monsters are our business, so you, Sophie, and you, Matt, and also our regular listeners will know what it means when I tell you. This might be the worst person we ever cover. Oh great. Ride it us Reinhard Heydrich is the man who is the architect of the Holocaust. And who there were a lot of people who wanted to do a Holocaust. He is the guy who figured out the nuts and bolts of it. That's who we're talking about today. He was the most passionate about Holocaust thing, and he figured it out absolutely. He and he he found that was the niche he chose within the Nazi system, and he he made that be his thing. And then 11 million people died. Yeah, he's he's a pretty bad dude. I mean, I I'm anti him. Yeah, like you sound anti him. So to give you a little bit of context for this guy before we go into his life story, he was a Nazi for 11 years. And in that time he earned these nicknames. The Hangman, the Butcher of Prague, the blonde beast, Himmler's evil genius, the young evil God of Death, and Adolf Hitler himself. Adolf Hitler's nickname for Hydrick. Was the man with the Iron Heart. OK, so first of all, some of those are like not gonna lie. Pretty cool SoundCloud rapper, Naughty ****** nicknames. Like, which is like the worst thing about Nazis is there absolute commitment to just style? Yeah, and like, you know, whether it was how they dressed or like the what they named **** you're just like, **** that's a cool name. I hate that you're evil. A solid half of those would be really good EP's. Yeah, like if he was a hip hop artist. Like ******* you see? You see a dude's face and the young evil God of death on an album cover, you're like, well, **** I gotta check this **** out. I've literally, I've definitely downloaded half of those nicknames on Napster in the 90s, you know, listen to the man with the Iron Heart. ******* Brad. But he was not. He was a real ***** ** ****. Yeah. Yeah. So Doctor Verner Best, who was a horrible Nazi and was Hydrick's deputy for many years, called Reinhard Heidrich the most demonic personality in the Nazi leadership and said that he was driven by an inhumanity which took no account of those. He mowed down. And again, this is a Nazi saying this. It's like, this is Hitler calling him the man with the Iron Heart. Yeah, it's not just like a Nazi saying it. It's like they have Hitler. To compare this person to an alive Hitler, because right there, this guy looks bad. He even Hitler's like, damn, dude, tone it down a little bit. Yeah, man. Yeah. Peel it back. Ohh, me? Yeah. He never said that to him. Yeah, of course. No, that's not how Hitler worked. Yeah. Now, and I should note that because of all of the Nazis who say horrible things about Hydrick. One thing we should note at the start, and we'll note a couple more times in the episode, is that the Nazis who talked about hydric after the war were Nazis who survived and thus had a vested interest in trying to downplay their own complicity and elevate Hydrix. Right. So. We do need to keep that in mind. But still, the fact that not just after the war, during and before the war, other Nazis consistently recognized hydric as a terrifying and vile monster says a lot about the man. It's it's honestly, it's impressive in the most disgusting way that he is. I mean, the fact that you're calling him like, the worst Nazi and Hitler and Hitler's there and I'm just like, **** man and like also. You know, shame on me for having never have heard of him, you know? Was I, you know, I was he in that movie? A conspiracy? Did someone play him in that movie? Yeah. You've seen conspiracy? Yes, I have. He is the main Nazi and conspiracy. Oh, he's that blonde guy. He played blind guy? Yeah. That that dude. Kenneth Branagh. Yeah. He's played by Kenneth Branagh and Conspiracy, which is a very good movie, I think. A very good movie about the the Von Say conference. Yeah. No, I love him. I love that. Yeah. That's Reinhard heidrich. Wow. Yeah, and here's the thing about him. When you set him up like that, one expects hydric to be almost a force of supernatural evil. Like a ******* Wolfenstein Nazi, right? Like total ******* summoning demons and **** right? Yeah. The reality is that every single person listening to this knows at least one person with a personality similar to Reinhard Hedrix. The most terrifying thing about this guy is that he was not a super anti-Semitic dude from the start. He was not a super committed Nazi. From the start, his evil grew from the most mundane seed possible. He wanted to be a big man. That's all. That's all. This is not a guy. This is not like Hitler. Hitler. This is a dude who has like ******* demonic dreams from a very early age. These dreams of, of, of conquest and violence against his enemies. He follows a decades long plan to achieve them. That's not Reinhard Heydrich. Heydrich is a guy who wants to be important and respected and that and he was like what planned the Holocaust, right? He was like, alright, well what's like what's trending right now? That's the one. Exactly. Talk about that. Everyone's gonna be into. Ohh, hating the Jews. I could do that. And then he just pivots to hating Jews. Yeah, yeah, and it's a little what we're about to talk about it right now, so let's get into it. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Hydrick was born on March 7th, 1904, in the city of Holla in Prussia. His name was picked by his father, Bruno Heydrich, who was a composer and an opera singer of modest success and notoriety. Bruno's first opera was Amin, which debuted in 1895. Significant critical acclaim the central conflict in the opera is between Thomas, a peasant leader who represents the rise of social democracy in Germany. Thomas is the bad guy, and the hero is Reinhardt, a nobleman, a heroic nobleman, a fine breeding and traditional aristocratic German values. Reinhardt is murdered by Thomas at the end of the play, and since Thomas is a devious cripple, he has to stab Reinhard in the back to kill him. The fact that Bruno Heydrich named his son. After the protagonist of this opera is telling, as is the fact that the plot of this 1895 opera very much mirrors the right wing reaction to Germany's defeat in World War One. It's the stabbed in the back myth, right? Like this. Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly. So. And and also it's like, I mean, props to having commitment to just hating like, the peasant class and whatnot. Yeah. Oh my God, for sure. Just like in any other, like context, like when is like the noble Lord. You know, is the hero of this. I I would say it's it's not because there's, I think, an element in this guy's work of actually, like, deifying the peasant class, but the peasant class when they know their place. Right. Right. This is like a hatred of the peasants who wants, you know, to not be ground under the feet of the Lords, right? Exactly, exactly. People just, you know, opera, singing about getting the boot off their neck and then Lord's being like, Nah, bro, stay, stay there. Bruno is a monarchist. He's not a fascist. He's a he's a monarchist. He would have been a fascist if if that had really been coming up in his time. But he was, you know, just a big supporter and didn't like the idea that there would be any kind of democracy. And Germany was prior to World War One. There were large democratic elements, right? The Kaiser is not as absolute an autocrat As for example, Lazar, right? Yeah. So most of the sources I've come across online about Reinhart tend to fall into the same traps when describing his childhood because he was such a monster as an adult. They seem to have a need to sow the seeds of that evil, and with a particularly vicious. Bringing the claim that like, oh, there was, there was something in his background that made it clear he was going to do this and I'm gonna right, they're trying to. Yeah, we're trying to crew well at him. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Make they wanna make a bunch of Dalmatians. Pushes Mom off the roof and something, you know what if a silliest things, like, I would have thought that that was like somebody like ******* with me as opposed to that being in an actual movie. It's very real, very real. Quote in order to give you an idea of how his background is usually kind of summarized, when you like read you, you Google Reinhard Heydrich and read an article about him. Here's a quote from an article from War History Online about him. His father, Bruno, was a non religious singer and composer who was kept out of the upper echelons of German society due to a humble background and a persistent, though false, rumor that he was Jewish. Reinhardt's mother, Elizabeth Kranz, was a practicing Catholic from a rich musical family in Dresden. As Reinhardt grew up, both his father and his classmates inculcated him with a virulent anti-Semitism. He was a loner who tried to prove his superiority through his studies and through sports. This is largely wrong, or at least incomplete. Umm yeah, it is true that there were rumors that Bruno had Jewish ancestry. These were false, and while they were a semi regular annoyance for Bruno, they had no impact on his success. So Reinhardt's dad grew up destitute due to the fact that Bruno's father had died early and Bruno was actually a pretty incredible guy. He was like as a child, the breadwinner for his entire family and he had to teach his younger siblings. And despite their desperate financial decision, as a young adult he made the decision to strike out. And have a career as a professional musician, which was not a common thing to be able to do at that point in time. It was very unlikely that he would succeed at this, but he did, with no money, no family money, and no family connections, which speaks to his talent and dedication. The idea that the hydric family was kept out of the upper echelons of German society is entirely false. Reinhardt's mother Elizabeth came from a very wealthy family, and the fact that they were willing to marry her off to Bruno speaks to how successful and respected he was. He was a local celebrity and a significant one. Because his son became a monster. There's a trend among people writing about the hydrix to dismiss Bruno was like a second rate musician and composer and be like, well, he was never very successful. And you know, maybe that came off on his kid in this, like, they love this origin story. They love the origin story of like a failed artist goes Nazi. Yeah. And you know, or like, you know is progeny goes Nazi or failed artist who everyone said it had like low key Jewish ancestry. They always had that too because I've heard that with Hitler is a I mean, it's a thing. Both for there's rumors both for Hitler and for Heidrick and for Hydra gets a more significant thing, but it's not, it's not a thing that like stops his his dad from doing anything for sure it doesn't. No, I think it's either. Yeah, I think it's just a slur that people used to do on the playgrounds back in the day. Everyone is like, yeah, he's a secret Jew. You know, everyone at one point got a called a secret Jew back in the. It's not uncommon. It's not uncommon. And the more important thing to note is that like Bruno Heydrich was not a second rate musician and composer. He was extremely well. Respected in his time, he was even invited to join the Hall of Freemason Lodge, which he duly did. Which means if you're being invited to join the Freemasons, you're in the upper crust in the yeah. Like, really? Yeah. Eight late 1800s, early 1900s, yeah. They had very strict guidelines for who they would let in to be a Mason. Yeah. And it also is not true, does not seem to be true that hydric was a loner who tried to prove his superiority through studies and sports, at least not to any extent. That was unusual at the time. He was mostly raised by his mother and governess. While his father devoted his life to work, and this was very common for the time, it would not have raised eyes as an upbringing. I think people just hate the idea of people who commit evil acts being in any way ordinary. Yeah, they they they need to have some extraordinary origin story so that you can feel better about the fact that, you know, whatever your horrible beliefs are, you're like, well, at least I would never go as far as that person. They need to be evil and unredeemable from the beginning. So for example. Hitler can't have been a guy who, as a young man near destitute, when he got his inheritance from his mother, handed all of that money to his sister because she was a young mother in a a truly selfless gesture of love. Because Hitler can't have done a selfless gesture of love. Right. Because it's much more frightening if he did. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like, ohh **** that means anyone could be a Hitler. Yeah. No, I don't like that. I don't like that one bit. Yeah. Yeah. Now the so Bruno was so successful. Not only like, I mean his, his, his kind of his, his playwriting or opera writing kind of career eventually did level off. There was a point at which he stopped, you know, they stopped doing as well. But he also started a music school, a Conservatory, which was extremely successful. And the family gets ******* rich off of this Conservatory. So again, not exactly frustrated ambitions here. He's about as successful as a musician can be in this. Yeah, kind of crushing it. Yeah. Seems like everything should be going fine for them and no one should turn Nazi. And as the oldest son in the family, Reinhardt was expected to inherit his father's music school, and as a result, most of his early childhood was devoted to preparing him for this task. Reinhard received constant, rigorous musical training from early childhood on, before he started primary school at age 6 in 1910. He knew musical notation and he could play the piano, he said. That'll do it. Yep, that'll do it right there. Honestly, if you if you've ever been a kid taking piano lessons, after a while, you just are. Like, I'm gonna commit atrocity. Oh yeah, I hate this. I mean so much. I I'll tell you honestly, most of why I carry a gun is that if I ever see a piano, I'm just gonna dump the mag into that ******* thing. I see one *** **** piano teacher can piano in this house. Yeah. Can't stand it. Yeah. Yeah. And but like the fact is actually like you could hear this background to be like, oh, maybe he Umm, he didn't like being pressured into music. He ******* loves music. He loves music his whole life. He's very good. Uh. He starts violin lessons at age 6. For everything we know. He seems to have been extremely enthusiastic about that path in life. His mother Elizabeth was raised Catholic and the, I think the like the family kind of went with her family religion. And this did make her and later Reinhardt members of a minority in Germany. Catholics were about 36% of the German. Population. This is a Protestant country, right? Martin Luther, the guy who makes Protestantism be a thing, is a German. Germany is a Protestant nation. Catholics are a large minority, but they're a minority. And this was like kind of the time that Reinhart is being raised. And his family's very Catholic, like, he's an altar boy as a kid. And this was a period of time in which a lot of Catholics in Germany were starting to assert themselves as Germans first and Catholic second because there were a lot of conspiracy theories and, like, bigotry against Catholics, right, that, oh, you're loyal to the Pope, not to the Kaiser, right. And this is the thing ******* JFK has to deal with that. But like in like the 60s and **** I saw someone do that with Biden recently on Twitter. Like, what the **** is wrong? Like, are we bringing back ups? Aren't even loyal to popes anymore? There's like 2 living popes right now hanging out. Nobody can. I've seen that movie. Yeah. So yeah, this is like, so this is like a thing that's happening in Germany at the time. And the hydrex bucked this trend. Like, right, I'm not, I don't think they were like saying that we're loyal to the Pope over Germany, but they stay extremely pious. They were consistent mass attendees, and their religiosity stands out, particularly when contrasted with the fact that the early 1900s in Germany is a time of rapidly increasing secularism. Church attendance rates were dropping dramatically during this. And the fall was most notable among Protestants. But it was significant for Catholics, too. We'd be speculating to say what? Impact this hat on young hydric. But it is worth noting also that 94% of his city was Protestant, so he grew up in a devoted religious minority. And that's kind of worth noting, yeah. Now, one of the most significant things about Reinhart as a child is that he was weak and sickly. And I'm going to quote from the book Hitler's Hangman by Robert Gewirth here. Quote as a child of slender and relatively small stature, with a weak constitution and a susceptibility to illness, Reinhard was encouraged by his parents to take up every kind of physical exercise. From an early age, swimming, running, football, sailing, horse riding, and fencing hydrick's lifelong passion for sport began here. The family summer vacations were usually spent on the picturesque coast of the Baltic Sea and the swanky seaside town of Swinemunde on the island of Usedom. For the hydric children, this was surely the most exciting time of the year. They spent their holiday sightseeing, taking walks and enjoying boat excursions and days on the beach. I'm so ****** because these guys, they have really great Instagram lives. Yeah, and and I just. Well, you know, crushed it on the gram. The Hydrax early 1900s. Yeah, dude, they would they would be, they'd have a ******* TLC show about them. They would. God, it's just it ****** me off, man. Like, why are these the people who do Holocaust thing? It's just oh man, yeah, evil, evil, evil ******* like, entitled rich Kids who, you know, *******. I don't blame the Jews for no *** **** reason. Yeah, we'll get into why so. Yeah, and again, it is worth noting that at this point in his early childhood, pre World War One, this is a kid who by all accounts like he's got some health problems, but he seems to be having a good upbringing. There's like no reports of him picking apart flies or torturing animals. You know, there's none of the stuff we have for Hitler either, these stories about him going on, these bizarre unhinged rants or threatening suicide and murder. His family was successful, he was gifted, and when he grew older it was decided that he would go to secondary school. Now, only about 10% of boys got to do this at the time, most adolescents. That kind of right into like learning a trade after primary school, the school that about 10% of boys like actually went to secondary school. The school that Reinhardt's parents picked for him was also unique. It was called the Reform Gymnasium, and it was a new sort of institution in Germany that was focused on the scientific optimism at the time. And unlike about 90% of German schools in this. Secondary schools are religious schools, either Catholic or Protestant. I assume there's some Jewish ones in there, but this is the reformed gymnasium is a religious, so he doesn't have. A strong, like when he starts getting his education, there's no religious bent to the education in his second justice. So he had like a secular. Yeah. A secular schooling. Yeah. Which is rare for the time. Yeah. Gymnasium is. Yeah. Like it's all one word in German. I don't know. Yeah, just sounds bad times. Yeah. I mean the word gymnasium a lot back in the day. I don't know, Sophie. I don't know. They were wrong about everything. It was the old times. It just made-up the word gymnasium and. Related to anything? That's a great word. Reformed? We're gonna see him. Just sounds like a Pilates class where you get bullied. I'm pretty sure there was a gymnasium in my Reformed Temple growing up, but I don't believe that was a reformed gymnasium. So separate things separating. So Reinhard thrived at school. At secondary school, his grades were particularly good in math and science, and his first ambition was to become a chemist. He also did well in languages, and he fell in love with reading. He developed a special fondness for detective and spy novels. Now, most of these novels that he loved as a kid had their origins in the United States or Great Britain. He he loved Nat Pinkerton novels, which were written by the ******* Pinkerton guy. So yeah, yeah, yeah. He also loved Sherlock Holmes, and he would be a lifelong devotee of the. Detective novel genre. When Reinhardt was ten years Old, World War One did its thing. He was a member of Germany's most awkward generation, and as a result, the generation that produced some of the very worst Nazis. So rynhart like Heinrich Himmler was too young to go to the front and fight as a soldier, but old enough that he was fully conscious of the war and fully conscious of all this propaganda idolizing the front generation. So he's extremely kind of like spends his adolescence hoping to get to fight, but he never does, because, you know, it doesn't work. And go great for Germany. Yeah. They they lose that one. Yeah. And then they lose their their precious Kaiser. They do lose their precious Kaiser. He goes off to ******* the Netherlands to chop wood. ******* weirdo. Yeah. And the this war was a like, you know, as far as I can tell, none of the hydrix or their close relatives died fighting in World War One. I mean, I'm sure they had some relatives who died, but I haven't run across it. So it must not have been anyone who was super close to the family. But it was a disaster for the family. The war brought blockades from the British, which caused rationing and an economic collapse that cut the feet out from under Bruno's Music Conservatory. Now, you could say the hydrix were still lucky, within kind of the majority of the German population. Like a million Germans starved to death as a result of the British blockade. None of the hydric starve, but they don't get to enjoy the kind of foods they had before the war. They're definitely hungrier, like, for an example of how bad this is, nationwide bread rationing starts in 1915. Meat. Rationing starts in 1916 and by 1916 so the pre war average daily diet of a German citizen had been 25 calories. It's about 1200 by 1916. So it they're they're suffer like everyone else. And while they're wealthy enough to avoid starving to death, the war chips away at the family income and erodes their fortune. Uh, their vacations become a lot less fancy now, obviously, there's still on vacation, they're still doing vacations, they still live in a mansion. But they're not. They don't have as much shade. We can't stay on this shore of Zipolite cannot have to stay short, stay in a flat inside the city. But it's only a 45 minute drive. It's a beautiful child. Sissy politic. Why are you complaining? O the worst thing that happened to the and this must have been a miserable time. But from what we can tell, kind of Reinhart does not seem to have suffered unduly during the war, particularly compared to most people. And in fact, the worst thing to happen to the hydric family during World War One was not the fact that was not any of the dying like. This happens in 1916, which is also a year in which the German army throws 1,000,000 lives into the meat grinder at Verdun, right near the Hydrick family's tragedy. Is that they're they're obsessed with this upcoming release of a new edition of Hugo Reimann's Music Lexicon, which is the most popular German encyclopedia of music and musicians. And they were really excited because Bruno Heydrich was supposed to show up in the volume. He was going to get his own little entry in this music lexicon, and he does. But here's the great tragedy for the hydrix they listed him as a Jewish composer. Ohh yeah, that really ****** him off. Yeah. *** **** dude, that is. And it it seems to have been that, like a former student of Brunos that he had a falling out with, got hired by this, and, like, inserted the like to **** with him. Like, nobody, like, knew it wasn't true. Just wanted to like, exactly. It's like you said, it's a playground insult. So my doesn't like him, works for the company and sticks it in the end cycle doesn't ******* prank. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's that's like finding out that ******* Ashton Kutcher accidentally did the Holocaust. You know, it's just like I was just ******* with him and now he punk them. I was doing punk. Ohh man, that's sucks. So Bruno sues the encyclopedia for libel and he wins the case and they fix the encyclopedia. But rumors about their the family's Jewish ancestry grow more frequent after this, and Reinhardt schoolmates begin to tease him and his younger brother. Now, that quote I read earlier and a lot of summaries of hydrax upbringing will note that his family was extremely anti-Semitic, and this is something that. Seems like it would have to be undeniable given his future, but his biographer Robert Gerwalk argues that there's no evidence of this. Which is not to say that they weren't anti-Semitic, but that's not the question. The question is, were they anti-Semitic in any way that kind of exceeded the background level of anti-Semitism in German Catholic Protestant culture? Yeah, yeah, probably not. I'm going to quote from Robert Gerwalk here. Throughout the war years, the HYDRIX placed a great deal of importance on denying these rumours, threatening those who repeated them with libel actions. Yet their own personal relations with the Jewish citizens of Halla, who numbered no more than 1400 in 1910, were quite normal, and there is no evidence to suggest that Bruno Heydrich's attitude towards the Jews was hostile. On the contrary, Jews sent their sons and daughters to Hydrix Conservatory. Brewer rented out the seller of the school as a storage space to a local Jewish salesman, and his eldest son, Reinhardt became friends with the son of the Cantor of the Halla Jewish community. Abraham Lichtenstein. Yeah, right. Art has a Jewish friend as a kid, the family is willing to sell and, like, do business with them. They're not. They're not particularly hateful to their Jewish citizens. Right. And Jewish people to them aren't some, like, weird foreign abstraction, you know, they're not like unity. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They know them. They know Jews. They they've talked to Jews. They're friends with Jews. They work with them. Yeah. It's more the reason they react. So I only do these rumors is that it's it again, it's a very racist society. The rumors are bad for business. It's bad for the family honor. Like, that's the reaction. They're not unwilling, like, they don't treat Jewish people like there's some alien culture. They just right. But they also, they're a part of this very racist culture and they don't want to have the consequences of being seen as Jewish, right? Yeah, they're like, not that there's anything wrong with that. I don't think they're even saying that. Like, we're not trying to whitewash it either. But it's not like they're not like they're not like laser targeted on being racist. Like they're right, right? Pretty normal. And perhaps even for the standards of the time, a little bit more enlightened than a lot of their fellow neighbors. Like, yeah, you know, who also isn't? 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Nothing more can be read into the meaning of the word. Volk never meant anything but this perfectly normal word. People. All people. It's like, yeah. A lot of, I think if there's any excuse for kind of bigoted German accents, it's this episode. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I feel like the German people love when an American does. Yeah. An accent. There's there's a couple of different groups around the world that you can always make fun of. Americans are one of them, obviously. Russians are another. And then there's the Germans and the Italians. Ohh. And the British. The Italians for sure. Ohh yeah, the Italians. I mean, that's. My my entire Sopranos podcast is just, you know, two dudes doing real bad Italian accents. So, you know, if you like that, check it out. Someone's going to be the legacy of imperialism. Like, the only downside you face as an imperial country is it's it's it's fine to make fun of your accents and hand gestures forever. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You lose one thing. Big ******* deal. You lose one thing. We're going to, we're going to. Yeah, yeah. Make fun of your ******* pizzas. We're going to make fun of your accent. Deal with it. So when the war ended Reinhard was 15, which was more or less a young adult by the standards of his time. He's like 14 when it ends, but like 15 when kind of like it starts to everything because there's like, you know, it's it's not a super clean end. Now German defeat was followed by a wave of protests in a number of left wing revolutions in Germany and this seems to be what really politicized hydric for the first time he joined the German Nationalist Peoples Party which was an anti democratic monarchist organization in 1919. And in February of that year a group of miners inhala proclaimed a general strike against the Reich government. This was met by an anti communist Counter-strike businesses and hollow close to deny strikers, food doctors, teachers and other civil servants refused to work and this was again they were striking against the strike. So this is the right wing strike and there's a right wing strike against the left wing strike. I love that. Like a left wing strike is when the workers get together and decide to make demands upon. Their employers and a right wing strike is when the the cabal of rich people who control everything decide to starve the people. Yeah, and you can see who has the power there, you know? Yeah, it's the it's the starving workers. Yeah, the, the the left wing mob. Cancel culture came for the. Exactly, it says. Damn antifa. They're trying to cancel Germany just because of World War One. So the strike grew. Despite the counter strike, 3/4 of the mines across Germany eventually closed and Inhala alone 50,000 workers gathered to demand the resignation of the Reich government. The defense minister ordered a Freikorps unit, which is like, phycor are. It's like the oath keepers. They're veteran, but like, scarier because like the Oath Keepers, they all they claim they're veterans. Like 80% of them either didn't do anything in the military at all or were like a guy whose job was to, like, sign for the bullets. That real soldiers use record guys are like, these guys have just gotten off of the front where their job was to beat people to death in a trench with a wooden club. Like, they're scary people. I love that the Oath Keepers are like, half of them are just stealing valor. It's like they have some amazing. Yeah, that's incredible. But these dudes are are some of the most terrifying men who have ever lived, and the Defense Minister of Germany orders a fry core unit into the city to smash the strike. The whole situation ends in a bloody invasion. With several days of insurgent combat in the city, artillery was used to blast out leftists hiding in buildings. In total, 29 people were killed and 67 were wounded. And **** like this is not just happy, this is happening all over Germany. There's a bunch of different, like attempts to take over cities and larger chunks of the government, and like fights between right and left. And by comparison to other cities, the rebellion and Paula is not like one of the the most noted ones, Reinhard Heydrich was distinctly. On the fringes of this developing history, he joined a voluntary civil Defence Force which was established by the Freikorps after they killed all the leftists in order to maintain order in case the left tried something again. And he's unlikely to have done anything meaningful. Odds are his joining was more or less a symbolic gesture, a way of asserting his manhood after missing out on the excitement of a real war. Right now, that's 19191920. There's another quasi rebellion in Holland. This one is a push by a far right German nationalist party, and this too. Was defeated. Its defeat brought about another left wing attempt to take power. Right. This is a collapsing ******* empire here, right? So you have all these political sides who have been kind of pushed down in terms of their ability to **** with each other by sort of the kaisers, you know, in charge, the Kaiser goes, everything collapses and they just, there's a couple of years they're just kind of murdering each other in the streets and. Yeah, yeah, yeah, obviously like it. And so it's just such a a strange impulse to, like, try to defend your *******. Phantom limb of of Monarch, you know where it's just like, that's gone, dude. Time to time to move on. Like bounce. He's living in a mansion now. He's bad. He's gone. You're you're still have to death. And he never missed a meal. Why are you such a ******* bootlicker? It's like, imagine licking a phantom limb, you know what I mean? It's like, that's insane. Like the ******* boot is gone and you're still licking it. Yeah, it's it's pretty great. So there there's, you know, a series of St. Battles and Heydrich remains in the civil defense forces in 1920, but there's no evidence that he fought during any of this. He had by this time developed what one friend called quote, an extremely volkish attitude towards politics, and this means that he thought this is like the the proto fascist strain of ideology in Germany, volkish thought. And this basically to sum it up. Volkisch thinkers thought that the health of the Volk or the German people generally the Arian German people, right? Right took precedence over any other concerns, including petty morality. Obviously there's a lot of racism, anti-Semitism wrapped up in this again, see see the Volkswagen for more. So Hydrick later claimed that during this time he joined several of the racist and Pro Arian societies that sprang up in Holliger and all across Germany during this. This was probably a lie that he told later to burnish his notchy credentials. There's no evidence that he joined any of these anti-Semitic societies in 1920. And the fact is that Reinhard Heydrich, while he was definitely kind of on the right wing side of thing, does not seem to have been primarily motivated by politics during this. In fact, his his his larger aspirations seem to have been a belief in himself and a desire to be respected. What is important about the politics of the period in terms of rynard is that he came of age in an era in which increasingly people who were very political. Were expressing their willingness and displaying their willingness to do a violence against their political enemies that was increasingly common when he's a young man and that's really the biggest impulse impact this has on him at the time. Yeah, trying to trying to prove themselves in the eyes of their ******* sociopathic psychopathic peers and just being willing to do more traumatized peers, right. One of the reasons Germany is there's so much murdering it over politics in this. Is that like if you've what some of these guys have literally seen 10s of thousands of people? Eye info? Yeah, their eyes. They've stepped over the corpses of their schoolmates, blasted apart by artillery. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They just don't have any ***** to give, right? Like, yeah. You not murder somebody if you've been through that. Well, yeah, you do. You you spend, like 24 hours at Verdun and you're going to be like, oh, people dying is that's normal **** I could. I could do that all day. Yeah. It just doesn't mean the same thing. And by the time Reinhardt was 18, the German economy was entering a period of hyperinflation that entirely wiped out the savings of the middle class and the upper middle class. By this point, the hydric family was in this category. They had been very wealthy. They had had a mansion. They lose their mansion. At some point, they lose their money. The Conservatory doesn't quite close for a while, but it's barely hanging on there, and it's reduced to begging. For government funds to stay open this much must have like, rankled Reinhart. Like he he's again. He grows up with money. He grows up proud of his family and. The fact that his family business collapses because, again, he loves music, it seems like that's the thing he actually would have #1 everyone seems to agree he was a very good violin player. He was a very talented musician. But the fact that his family business collapses, the fact that there's no money in teaching music or even really playing it in this. Convinces him to pick a different career from his father. And in 1922 he joins the Navy. Ah, yes. Yeah. That's good idea. Yeah. Yeah. Kids. Yeah. Just try to avoid any state armed forces at all ******* costs. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Now, Reinhardt had spent most of his life up to this point living under the Kaiser and Vilhelm the second had been absolutely obsessed with the Navy again. Vilhelm is, like, sees himself in a lot of ways as a British man. And he is. He's like a he's like a grandson of Queen Victoria, of course. Kaiser Willhelm is an Admiral in the British Navy. Yeah. Like, and he's he's, he's very obsessed with the Navy. He has this kind of unhinged need. He has both this love of British culture and this kind of unhinged need to, to beat the British and prior. One of the things that leads to World War One, one of the factors is that he's obsessed with building up the German Navy to a point that it threatens the British Navy. And this is part of like, why tensions escalate, but the impact of this for a kid like Reinhardt growing up as a child during this. Is that there's a ton of propaganda about how ******* cool it is to be in the yeah, yeah. So this is, it's always these giant ships. Look. So, ******* boots. Yeah. You could hang out with all these dudes. You could listen to music and rock'n'roll, which hasn't been invented yet. You could eat all sorts of chocolates on the sea. It's a lot of chocolate. Yes, you could. You going to have a great time here? The Navy maybe kills you for the Kaiser? I don't know. We will probably throw you into a war with no real. With no real, you know, objective as is in a land grab. But it'll be fun. Yeah. So the November Revolution in that and and so there's being a Navy man becomes complicated after the war because at the very end of World War One, there's this thing called the November Revolution, which helps end the Kaiser's government. And it starts with a bunch of sailors in keel, which is a port city, refusing the orders of their superior officers to put the Imperial fleet out to sea, to engage in a last apocalyptic. Battle with the Royal Navy. So the whole World War One, pretty much. Germany has a Navy that is on paper might be able to beat the Royal Navy, but the Kaiser is terrified of risking it, right? Because if you if you try to beat that, you might lose and then you'd lose this beautiful Navy that you're so proud of. So we only ever lets it have there's only one in all of World War One, one full clash between the German and royal and and British navies, and they both kind of claim victory. I think you could kind of argue the Germans did a bit better than the British, but it's really not clear. But they have this. It's very brutal for both of them. And so after that, they stay in port pretty much the whole ******* time. Yeah. And at the end of the war, it becomes clear they're going to lose. The British are going to, like, try to take all of the boats from them as part of the surrender agreement. And the Admiral of the German Navy and the Kaiser, I think, also kind of just want the Navy to sail out for one last glorious just to see if they could beat the Royal Navy. Right. And the sailors are like, well, but the war is lost. Why do we, why are we going to die for this if the war? This list. I'm just doing an experiment. Just gods and see if we could win. Yeah, it's called a ******* Hail Mary. Have you ever ******* heard of it? Yeah. Yeah. So they don't do the Hail Mary. Instead they revolt. Which is rad. Yeah, that would that rule the enlisted men of the German Navy for that? But this kind of among ******** ruins the reputation of the Navy, right? Like if you if you don't suck you. This would make the Navy seem cooler. Like, yeah, ****. Dying pointlessly for the Kaiser. Dumbest man in Europe? This ***** up their reputation to people who are like ****** nationalists now. Yeah, the Navy's reputation is saved after the fact that after the Treaty of Versailles, when you know, the British is supposed to be given basically most of of this German Navy that remains German sailors. Sailors heroically destroy their own Navy at Scapa Flow rather than hand it over to Great Britain. So been a complicated period of time for the Navy. When Rynhardt joins the Navy, it's #1 vastly reduced from its previous size. And it's it's a complicated. Thing to be in now. Reinhardt likely joined the Navy because in his childhood Navy minute had a reputation for being dashing, capable, heroic and sexy. He wanted to respect that came with being an officer and the steady paycheck that the military provided, because again, the whole economy's ******* cold, the whole countries in in freefall at this point and by all accounts hydrated very well it training. He was even sent to officer training straight away in 1924 after becoming a senior midshipman. Now, after World War Two, some of the guys who'd been Reinhardt. Comrades during this. Would claim later that he, quote, had no friends among the crew, and again, they're trying to distance themselves from the Holocaust guy. Yeah, yeah, this is pretty consistent and it's it was probably accurate and a lot of the claims made about him in this. Like. It's easy to overextend, it said. Oh, he had no friends because there's something wrong with him. Like, from the beginning people could tell that he was he was just bad. That's not the truth. This is a class thing, and his biographer Robert Gewirth credits the fact that he was a loner in the Navy to his and he was particularly a loner when he's before. He's an officer in the period early on in his Navy career. And Girwa says this is because he's from an an upper middle class, educated background and he's like, he's too fancy for the enlisted Navy guys. He spends his time off duty. Playing the violin on board and people make fun of him for this. Like that's why he's a loner. The German Navy particularly like, you know, at the midshipmen level is this hyper masculine world and hydric is this urbane of feet like a violin player. Yeah exactly. Violin player. They see him as a Pansy, Gerlach writes quote. His musical inclinations repeatedly made him the target of ridicule. During his basic training in Kiel, for example, a non commissioned training officer from West Prussia frequently woke him at night and forced him to play the Toselli Serenade. His serenade on his violin many years later, Hydric recalled these humiliating incidents when making condescending comments regarding the racial inferiority of the West Prussians with their Polish infested blood. I love, I love esoteric race hate of the day, it's just like, oh, you know those *** **** Russians anywhere else. It's just another kind of German. But you're like, no, they're infested with Polish blood. Yeah, they got a little bit of pole in them. You don't want any of that growth. It's like they're there are quarter Slav like, alright, yeah, northern Italy, they're basically Swiss. Southern Italy. Those are Libyans, yeah. So Reinhardt's early years in the Navy included a number of assassinations of liberal politicians by right wing extremists, including the murder of Foreign Minister Rathenau by one of Hydric's fellow naval cadets, a guy he goes to Navy school with. Now, despite the fact that he was in close proximity with a right wing terrorist who assassinated a government minister, Reinhardt exhibited no interest in this case. Like, again, he's not political at this point. He he's like, you know, he doesn't give a **** about this. He just wants respect. Once you wear big boy pants and be able to tell him how fancy you look, yeah, he doesn't care about anything else. He's also not very interested. Another thing that happens during this. Is Germany. You know, they're unable to pay back their war debts. They like strike in terms of war debt repayment. And the French military occupies the ruler, which is Germany's industrial heartland. This is a huge deal for the right wing. This is like a major. This is like ******* Benghazi for them, right? Like this is like they they go to they they are obsessed with this ******* deal and Reinhart. Doesn't care about it either, because again, he's just not a political guy. His comrades in the Navy actually considered him a liberal, and a lot of them disliked him for that reason. Years later, his wife Lena would claim that at this stage, quote politically, he was clueless. He regarded all parties, particularly the Nazi party, with arrogance and considered politics itself to be vulgar. In this connection, he acted very much the snob and regarded his naval career as the most important thing. The rest didn't matter. I, I, I just, I love that he was apolitical because it's like it just, you know, it proves to me that like whenever someone gets goes from apolitical to immediately radicalized, it's like, no, you have no ideology, you have no political beliefs. Your your radicalization is absolutely dependent on just positive reinforcement. So, like, you know, it's it's this isn't a deeply held belief that he's had for years and years. It's totally Saul which way the wind was blowing and it's pretending to have always been down for his ******* right wing revolution. Yep, Yep. And it's, I mean we'll we'll talk about that too in a bit because I think there is, there is some more to it, but at this period of time. Again, his, his, his enlisted Navy comrades consider him like a defeat Liberal, yeah. He's not super popular among his fellow comrades, and his unpopularity in among them kind of brings a resurgence of the rumors that he was Jewish, one fellow officer cadet later recalled. Hydrick was more or less regarded as a Jew because another crew comrade from Holla told us that his family was actually called SUS and that this was widely known in Inhala. This is like, that's where the rumors come from is that one of his relatives had it last name that was also a Jewish last name. Yeah, so hydric earned the teasing nicknames White Jew and White Moses. And in order to fight back against those rumors, hydric starts trying to claim that he's super anti-Semitic and he starts claiming that he'd been a member of a bunch of anti-Semitic organizations before joining the Navy. Again, probably untrue. He starts lying about this to counteract the rumors. But also, this is kind of the period in which his his commitment is #1. This is the period in which political anti-Semitism is going viral in Germany. And hydric is kind of along for the ride. And he's in part inspired by the fact that it behooves him politically to be as anti-Semitic as possible. Yeah, now, yeah. Yeah. Despite all the difficulties he had with his crewmates, Reinhardt was a solid naval officer. His career moved steadily upward. In the summer of 1923, he was transferred to a cruiser, where he met Vilhelm Canaris, the future head of Nazi Germany's military intelligence agency. Canaris was impressed by the young officer and became his mentor. By 1924, Heydrich had found his groove. He excelled as a Navy man and he even begun to find respect within a certain set of the officer cast. Many of these men appreciated his artistic talents and noted that he seemed completely transformed when he would start playing the violin or discussing music. People will say that his violin playing brings folks to tears like he's supposed to be very good. Yeah, he's got to be good. In 1926, he was promoted to 2nd Naval Lieutenant. His roommate reported that after this, he quote developed significantly. His superiors frequently gave him recognition and good evaluations. It was obliging and showed that people could rely on him with every sign of recognition. His zeal increased, and so did his arrogance. Ambition was undoubtedly hydric strongest characteristic. He wanted to accomplish something, and others were supposed to be amazed. Now Hydra began to dream of one day becoming an Admiral. In 1928 he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. This brought him more free time which he devoted to athletics, music, and women. He had been noted by his colleagues as having a wandering eye in 1926 when aboard the Schleswig Schleswig Holstein, which is a a boat with a terrible name. Horrible name. Yeah horrible name. On a journey through Spain and Portugal, he gained a reputation for sleeping around with absolutely anything in a skirt. Women he I'm looking for. Looking for a Holstein to ****. Yeah, last week I would like a Holstein for my pig. All these Holsteins on the boats. I'm sorry. So not just ladies he meets in bars, but ladies he meets in brothels. And there's even one point where there's like a joint naval social gathering with like the German and British navies, and he starts really awkwardly, probably drunkenly hitting on a British officer's wife. And she like, turns him down very publicly in a way that's super embarrassing. So hydric had no issue engaging in casual liaisons with sex workers, but his real goal was to find a high class woman with social status that he could show off at fancy parties, because, again, he's an image guy on December. Next the 1930, he met Linda van Austin at a ball. Now, when you run into Germans with a Vaughan between their first and last names, it means they're either a grifter pretending to be a noble, or they have some sort of noble heritage in his father was descended from Danish nobility, but the Vaughn Austin fortunes had fallen since the 1860s. So they're they're the aristocrat, the aristocracy, but they're also broke. They're broker than the hydric family by the 1920s. Lena is still upper class, though, because, again, class isn't something that has just to do with money. It's about your breeding. So she's high bred but broke, and she and hydric fall for each other. Three days after their first date, Reinhard Heydrich sends invites Lena to the theatre and then to a wine bar where he proposes to her. She eventually accepts, and to try and understand why she accepts, I'm going to cite a passage from the book Nazi wives quote. Lena found him intriguing. I felt sympathy for this purposeful yet reserved young man and agreed to a rendezvous the next day. In her memoirs, she breathlessly described how Heydrich opened his heart to her over a series of long walks, a visit to the theater, and a meal in a restaurant, and then asked her to marry him. During the third evening together, Lena liked to suggest that their love was written in the stars and could not be denied. Others have speculated that his sudden proposal was a necessary prelude to getting her in bed. You know, that's game, dude. Just like going dude Drake. Yeah, dudes rock, dude. You just you wine them and dine them for three dates and then you go, hey, would you **** me if I'm married? You come on. Would you **** me? If we get engaged now, you will. Oh, man. That's also at a time when I think, like three dates. If you didn't ask someone to marry you by then, yeah, you were just being a harlot. If you did not marry, yeah, you're dating is. Yeah, it's it was a it was a different time, a different time. You know, it was a different time. But you know what time it is now, guys. But **** you on the third date without getting. No, no, no, Sophie, that's the way it is. That's true. Yeah. Can I? At least I'm hoping for **** Pill ads. That's all I whether or not they're **** pill ads. The one promise we make on this show, the only promise we make about our sponsors is that they all ****. 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For the first time ever in a book format, you can preorder stuff they don't want you to know. Now it's the new book from us, the creators of the podcast and video series. You can turn back now or read the stuff they don't want you to know. Available for pre-order now, it's stuff you should read or wherever you find your favorite books. My name is Erica Kelly and I am the host and creator of Southern Freight true crime. There are so many people that just have no idea about some injustices in the world, and if you can give a voice to them, you can create change. To be able to do it within podcasting is just such a gift. I believe it was 18 months after I got on with Spreaker that I was making enough that I could quit my day job. It was incredible. I always feel like an ambassador for speaker. But that's because I'm passionate about podcasting. It's really easy to use. I always tell people I am so not tech. Took me 5 minutes to get comfortable with spreaker, and when I find a new friend that has an incredible show, I want them to make money. I want them to be able to do what I did. Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's break your handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Get paid to talk about the things you love. Spreaker from iheart. We're back. Ohh, good times. So they keep their engagement secret at first because Reinhardt has to get the family's approval right? You know, like legally you don't have to, I don't think in this. But it's like and it's polite. And also he's, he's comes from a high class family. They're rich as hell. They're not nobles, but they're very wealthy. They run in high class circles. She's a noble. You want to do things properly so they get engaged in secret. But he promises her that he's going to get her family's approval before Christmas. He just kind of wants to get all his ducks in a row. Make himself look as impressive as possible. He writes her a letter shortly after their engagement that ends with this paragraph. Quote being straightforward and upright is the key demand I have always placed upon myself. It will thus not be difficult for me to look your father in the eye. You know, for me, there is nothing worse in people whom I love than beating around the Bush in insincerity. I don't hesitate to confront mean guys with the same weapons. Now, of course he was lying. Guys? Yeah? I wonder. Like, that's how it's translated. Yeah, he was lying to her. He was not lying about wanting to be married because they did get married. He was lying to her about being a sincere and straightforward man. The truth is that Reinhard Heydrich was a habitual liar when it came to sex and pretty much everything else. He was already involved with another woman. In fact, he had gotten involved with another woman six months before he met Lena. We do not know the precise details of the story, but one of a couple of different things has to be true either he forced himself slash, you know, raped a woman and then promised to marry her afterwards to keep her. Quiet. And you know I'm putting the words rape in there, but at the time, you, you might not like, she might not have have described it that way, right? Because people talk differently about it, that point, sure, we ****** and, like, consents. Not a thing in my culture. But you have to marry me now, right? That's one possibility. The other possibility is that he started sleeping with a woman and he had to claim that they to get. He had to promise to get engaged to her so that they could keep ******* right. They ****** once and she's like, well, OK, we gotta get you. That you can't make me a dishonest woman like we have to get married now because we ****** one of those two things is true. Robert Gewirth and I I tend to. He knows more about Reinard adrick than I do. His take on this is you'll hear a couple of different ones. His take is that Heydrich met this woman six months earlier at another bar bar. And that this young woman just kind of assumed that she and hydric were engaged because they were *******. So maybe he didn't even promise to get engaged, but because of where things culturally are at the time. Oh, we ******. We're engaged now. That's what this means. I don't know what the case is. Whatever. The truth Reinhard did follow through on his promise to tell Lena's family they approved because he was a young rising naval star with a semi famous father. So they start printing engagements announcements for the local paper to celebrate and the woman that he's having sex with on the side sees one of these engagement announcements and she is not happy about this. I'm going to quote from Hitler's hangman again. Reinhart, who continued to cultivate the relationship even after he had met Lena, invited her. The second woman to Keel, where he's stationed despite her request for a separate room in a hotel, encouraged her to spend the night in his living quarters. Further reproach Ma probably occurred on this occasion. In any case, the young woman saw herself as compromised and reacted to the receipt of hydrax engagement notice with a nervous breakdown. Now, we don't know who this lady was, but we do know that her father was some kind of prominent person in Germany because he was directly connected to the commander in chief of the entire. German Navy. She's a bad family to **** *** if you wanting a Navy career. Yeah. So in the Navy? Yeah, in the Navy. So Hydrick gets court martialed over this, and it's because it's dishonorable behavior, right? Honors a big thing. This is like scummy behavior. You can get in trouble for this. And most sources, including growth, seem to agree that normally he would have just gotten kind of a little more than a slap on the wrist, but it wouldn't have ended or even derailed his career, right? Because again. It's what? It's ******* like, all of these rich dudes are sleeping around, right? Yeah, yeah, they're all doing it. Yeah, but it's, you know, probably he would have just got if he if he had as soon as they brought him in. Like, yes, you know, I'm just a man. I ****** **. Yeah, this is my bad. I'm so sorry. He who among us, who are among us and all the other dudes being like, yeah, you know what? We're all rich Navy officers. 100% of us are cheating on our wives, and we're cheating on our mistresses, OK? Like, he would have gotten the punishment in order to mollify the. The father of this woman and it would have gone away, but that's not how it goes, because hydric cannot take responsibility for his own actions. So instead he tries to blame everything on the woman for seducing him. Yeah. And again, you're talking about one of the most patriarchal, misogynist cultures in history, Germany and the German Navy in the early 1920s. His behavior is so gross that it horrifies all of these Admirals, right, like you. And and that's difficult in this period to be too misogynist for like the Admirals of the German Navy. Yeah. And they saw, they saw like thousands of people dying like on the on the Rhine. And they're just like, you disgust me. Sure, but not your right heart, not you. Wow. So his general sliminess is so upsetting to them that they decide he is not fit to wear a German uniform and he is discharged from the Navy. You have to you have to really think in your head how gross you have to be for all these guys. Again, I can't overemphasize all these guys in the 20s going like this dude kind of anti woman. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I beat my wife and my girlfriend every day, but this guy seems to really. Hates them? Yeah, I hit some because I love them. He's just a meanie. What's a mean man? So? This ***** up all of Reinhard Heydrich's plans. Oddly enough, his Lena, his fiancee stays with him. This might sound odd if you don't understand the fact that, and this is a rarity for the show, Lena van Austin, Reinhard Heydrich's wife, sucks as much as he does. She like. She's a terrible person and I don't say that lightly. Normally I try to have because it's a hard time. Women don't have a lot of art, great a lot of agency by the society in this. She's really bad. She's a really bad person in the and. And not just because she stays with like, not because she stays with her husband during or Reinhard during this, but for a lot of other reasons. Yeah, she sounds independently bad. She's independently ******. Yeah, wow. In the book Nazi wives, James Wiley writes quote beyond the powerful physical attraction between them, Lena and Heydrich shared some key characteristics. Both were fixed on escaping their backgrounds and forging a different destiny for themselves. They were stubborn and extremely ambitious. Each had a cold, calculating streak. Neither suffered fools gladly. Both had an inflated sense of their own worth and felt that the majority of people. Your inferior beings. O real power couple of being trash. Yeah, yeah, just sitting around in the living room, going. I ******* hate the atalian. Yeah, me too. You should know. You know who I don't like this? Depressions. Just the whole vest of Prussia is just gross. It's Polish is what it is. Yeah, it is. So let's get married. Is this love? They're both like looking like they're like at a museum touching a phrenological like like one of those heads with a bunch of bums out to tell you like and like. Their hands meet in the middle, and the lady and the tramp is semoy seminar or whatever. We were both about to measure the same skull and in their hands met. So you've surely heard the phrase behind every man is a great woman, and unfortunately this is also true of history's greatest monsters. Have Lena not been the sort of woman she was? We might not have had a Reinhard Heidrich because he might have killed himself after getting discharged from the Navy. And I'm going to quote again from from Wiley's book ******* Nazi wives quote on 30th April 1931 he was dismissed from the Navy. Lena said that he was so shattered by the verdict that he had a total breakdown locking. Himself in his room for days on end, smashing furniture and weeping uncontrollably, and she had to piece him back together again, whether true or not. And it's hard to imagine the man Hitler called Iron Heart behaving like a hysterical child. The most startling thing about the whole incident is Lena's unswerving loyalty. Under the circumstances. Nobody would have blamed her if she'd called off the engagement. She was only 19, so this was hardly her last chance at happiness. Clearly, Lena was convinced that with her guidance, Hydrick would could could still rise to the top. I can fix him. I can fix him. I can. I can make him powerful and that will make me famous and powerful. I can make him so much worse. Yeah. Now the Vaughn Austin family rescinded their approval for the marriage after Hydra got fired. This was not, like, necessarily a moral thing. It was a pragmatic thing. The family is broke and they needed to know that Hydrick was going to have money before they would accept this right? Lena seems to have considered it her duty to make sure her husband to be got the chance to be as great as she knew he could be. She was convinced his chance would come through the National Socialist German workers. While Hydrick was fairly apolitical, in 1930 when they met, Lena was already a dedicated Nazi. She had first attended a party rally the year before where she'd swooned over the sexy black uniformed men of Hitler's new bodyguard unit, the S, or Schutzstaffel. Now, when she met hydric, her only disappointment with him came from the fact that he had never even heard of Hitler's Mein Kampf. In fact, he mocked Nazi leaders regularly, calling Hitler a Bohemian corporal and gerbils a cripple again. He's racist against the Nazi leadership. Hitler's an Austrian, that ***** ** ****. And basically slobs. And this guy's got funny legs. I like, is a cripple. Like, yeah. First off, so was the Kaiser. Yeah, right. Yeah. Your beloved Kaiser. You don't know, they kept that pretty under wraps. So that's true. Lena's brother was a committed Nazi, a member of 1929 since 1929. Of the essay, or the stormtroopers. He was one of the 1st 100,000 Nazis. Her whole family is embarrassed. And and impoverished aristocrats appreciated the Nazi message of German rebirth. Lena particularly appreciated their racism decades after the war and the 1970s. She admitted to interviewers that as a teenager she'd come to view Polish refugees who entered Germany in 1918 as, quote, intruders and unwelcome guests. Their presence provoked her so much that she had to hate them. Therefore, she made her hate them by not looking like her. Yeah, yeah. She compared seeing refugees who'd fled to Germany to avoid massacre as a forced marriage. They're ****** me with their presence, basically, is what she says. Like that's again, she's trash. She's really bad. Yeah. Yeah. And again, sorry, she is trash and she is cancelled. She is doing it. Driving factor in Hydrix developing anti-Semitism because it really hits warp speed once he meets Lena. I think she kind of drives his racism in a lot of ways. Certainly drives him towards the Nazi party. And so Lena advised her bow to join the Nazis and offer his services to the USA. Again, the essay or the Brown shirts. These are the straight fighting Nazis, and at this point they have about 150,000 members. They're kind of creating a parallel military to the German military, the Reichs fair. And as a result, they're actively recruiting former military officers whose experience could help. The essays leader, a fellow named Ernst Rohm, turned the organization into a real military. Now, it's important to note that the Nazis are not Hydrick. Only path to avoid destitution. This is this is not his only choice. After the Navy, he gets offered a cushy, well paying job teaching sailing. That would have paid him more, all honestly, than he'd made in the Navy. But he wouldn't have had respect sailing. Teachers don't get uniforms. They don't get ranks. Right? Yeah, yeah. Nazis. Those those who can't do teach, you know? And he's just like, I'm not going to, I'm not going to go down that road. Yeah. No one gets less respect than a teacher. I love that. That just is a universal concept. Yeah. Yeah. And nothing's worse than being a teacher. I'm gonna join the Nazi party. Yeah, exactly. Now, meanwhile, the Nazis, cognizant of Reinhardt experience as an officer, offered him an elevated position within their organization, one on the staff of a little dude you might have heard of named Heinrich Himmler. No, at the time Himmler had newly been put in charge of the S and the s s. Again, S stands basically for bodyguard. It's like protection Squad, I think, is the literal translation these are. They start just as a small group of the most loyal and also most like an Aryan looking Nazis. Guard Hitler's body, right? Yeah, they become a state within a state. There's actually like a million or so of these guys at the time. There's very few s s men. They're subordinate to the USA, so they're not independent, but Himmler's in charge of them and he has a dream to supplant the essay, to make them the biggest thing and being a Nazi. Now, his first step to doing this was to increase the parties capacity to carry out counter espionage, because both anti fascists and the German police are infiltrating the Nazis and the essay at this point. Umm, so Himmler, his first vision is like, OK, what are we bad at? We're bad at rooting out spies. So that's one of the things I'm gonna have the s s do. I'm gonna build a capacity for counter espionage into it. And he needs a guy to lead this because he doesn't know anything about counter espionage. And the friend of Reinhardt Heidrick's family who? And of Lena's family, who basically comes to the Nazis and say, hey, I know this officer who wants to join if you'll offer him a cushy job. He claims that Hydrick is an ex naval intelligence officer. This is not true. It's it's came out as a result of kind of like a miscommunication. He was in like signals intelligence, but he doesn't know anything about espionage. But Heidrich gets the interview anyway. He immediately impressed Himmler, who saw in his his new S like he Himmler wants the US to be the racial elite of the Nazi party. And so from the beginning there were strict requirements for genealogy they would reject mainly on appearance if you had like an inferior body. Which it's funny because if you look at Heinrich Himmler, he looks like an extra from Trekkies, yeah. Meanwhile Reinhard Heydrich, though like. It makes sense that Himmler falls in love with this dude. Hydrick is tall, he's over 6 feet, he's athletic, he's in very good shape. He's blonde haired and blue eyed, right? Yeah, he gets played by Kenneth Branagh's, you know, played by Kid, played ably by Kenneth Branagh. Yeah, very well, yeah, yeah. So it's clear that I I love that the whole Nazi leadership are just the most fugly ******* ghouls you've ever seen. And all of their propaganda is just like we are the most beautiful people on Earth. We have some blonde hair. And we never Balge, we never get fat. You just look at, like, Martin Borman and you're just like, what the ****? Yeah, ******* janky ***. Martin bormann. Hitler with his with his screwed up intestines, ******** himself constantly like the most quickly mengering, horribly addicted to heroin. Just the most sickly, flawed, disgusting people, just being like, you know what? We are very hot. Yeah. I mean it's not like, look, hey, we're all, we all have IBS and drug abuse problems. We just don't pretend not to. Yeah. Yeah. Create a fake racial hierarchy that murders of other people who basically, yeah, it anyway, I know, I know what my, my features look like, you know? And I I say rather than being like, no, I have a small nose. I'm like, Nah, big noses are sexy. This is this is what I look like. So, yeah. Anyway, I Himmler loves hydric cause he's he's a ******* sexy *** blonde hair. Blue eyed dude and. Yeah, so, uh, Himmler's thrilled with his appearance, of course, but that didn't necessarily mean was going to get the job, because Himmler's hiring for a specific technical task. He wants someone to build a counter espionage agency. Hydric has no experience in this, and to explain how he gets the job anyway, I'm going to quote again from Hitler's hangman. Undeterred by the realization that the applicant in front of him lacked any previous qualification for espionage work, Himmler asked Hydric to sketch out an organizational plan for an S intelligence agency and gave him 20 minutes. Complete the task without any previous experience in the field of espionage, hydric resorted to the minimal knowledge he gained from years of reading cheap crime fiction and spy novels, and wrapped his suggestions for a future U.S. intelligence service and suitably military phraseology. His minimal knowledge of espionage appears to have surpassed that of Himmler. The Reich leader S was impressed and hired him in preference to a second applicant, a former police captain. Oh my God. Let's OK, let's a pros and cons pro. He's a police Captain, con. He's not as hot, and he hasn't read every Sherlock Holmes. So we're going with the Mr Hedrick show saying we need to be doing more heroin. You're saying more heroin and you're saying we need, like, a little fat man who will also help us out named Watson. I love it. Oh, now the horrible historic irony here is that in in picking hydric over this police captain, he actually made an excellent decision for a dumb reason. But this police captain turned out to also be an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the S4 police accidental because basically makes the best of the two decisions just for the dumbest possible reason. Damn it. And it's funny we talk about this in one of our very first behind the ******** episodes. Like the influence that, like ****** fiction has on the Nazis, Hitler is hugely influenced by like a con man. The cowboy novelist who wrote writes like these these, like fantasy cowboy novels about, like, you know, Native Americans and and yeah, boys and ****. Yeah, and and and it's funny because, like, Hydric gets hired to basically run the US secret police because of his knowledge of these these fantasy detective novels during World War Two, during the the Russian war, when, like, things are going badly for the Nazis. Hitler sends hundreds of copies of these ****** cowboy novels to his generals on the Eastern Front because he's certain that they're filled with, like, strategic insights. Like, I can't overestimate the degree to which these guys are just a bunch of ******* nerds. The the nerdiest. ******* fools. I swear to God. Just like ******* really like, OK, I have read every Tom Clancy and I I think I can run counter terrorism. I'm certain that, like, when our fascist takes over and invades, I don't know, ******* China and the war goes badly, they're going to start, like, mailing copies of RA Salvatore novels to their generals, like, yeah. ******* hell. So *** **** it, yeah. Anyway, Hydra gets hired by Himmler, and his starting salary is a lot of money. But when combined with the money he was still receiving from the Navy after getting fired, Hydrick was now making up a modest income, enough to support he and his wife to be. Now. Hydrick seems to have had something of an instinct for party politics. He's good at this job. He's good at the politicking part of this job. We can debate how good he is at counter espionage, but he's good at making a place for himself in an organization and consistently expanding that place. He recognizes Himmler early on as a guy he should tie himself to, and he sets about mimicking every opinion and deeply held belief his boss expresses. He also dives into proving himself as a Nazi now. The best way to do this in the early 1930s is to get into a bunch of street fights with communists and Social Democrats. During the run up to the 1931 Hamburg elections, the Nazis sent small motorized S units around to assault left Wing party gatherings, and they were in cars they could disappear before the cops would arrive. Hydric leads one of these squads. He's good at this job. And his shock troop actually gets a reputation of being particularly brutal. Hamburg communists start calling him the blonde beast. So he's, he's, he's. This is how he really proves himself to the other Nazis. You got to crack some ******* skulls in this. Yeah. Now, Reinhart also knows that one of the best ways to make yourself valuable in a new organization is to find something that's not doing but it needs to do, and then create that thing for the S this is the I'm not even going to try this Security Service, hereafter referred to as the SD. This is the US intelligence branch that Himmler had been wanting to make for a while. Hydric jumps on the task, and it starts off at the beginning. Hydric is the only man. The SD the organization is just him and eventually this will this will be 10s of thousands of guys. So like that's kind of the how he grows this like, yeah, himself alone in a room to the the head of security, basically for all of Nazi Germany. Now again, he's it's a pretty humble position at the time in reality, but the fact that he's the head of something makes him sound impressive enough that he's able to write to Lena's parents and ask for their blessing to go forward with the wedding and eventually they say yes. Hydrick also impressed his new Nazi colleagues. His first big task was to convince his superiors to give him the funding to put together a group of US men who could unmask spies within the organization. This strike force would be able to act quickly to get rid of threats. He had an effect, created the first Nazi secret police, a fact that was discovered by a local newspaper which described it as a fascist Cheka, which is like, that's the the Soviet secret police. Oh, OK, yeah. Now the article named Hydric as the brains of the operation, so he's he starts to be known for what he's doing. Yeah, yeah, he's getting ink spilled. Yeah, he's getting people killed. Which means, you know, maybe he's not actually all that great at the secret part, but right, being in a party at the end of 1931, he had more than 50 officers in his SD the von Austin family finally gives him their approval. And in December of that year, he and Lena are wed now, at the time they got hitched, the S of the essay were briefly illegal as the result of a temporary crackdown by one of the Weimar governments. Like last independent ish kind of leaders before Hitler's rise. Despite this, the hydrex. Wedding was conducted in uniform. Here's how Lena described her husband's wedding in a letter to a family member. The SAS, dressed in white shirts and black trousers, formed a guard of honour all the way to the cemetery gate. The pastor was also on our side and gave us a Luther quotation as a wedding motto. And though this world with devil's filled should threaten to undo us, we will not fear, for God hath willed his truth to triumph through us as we March out of the church. The organist played the horse vessel song as we left the cemetery. Following the wedding, several guards of honor were arrested. By the police. So that's the hydric wedding. Very Nazi wedding. Very Nazi. I mean, you've got everything. You've got people dressed up all all goth and ****. You've got a ******* it's they got married at a church with a cemetery in it. I mean, these guys were really going for it. Like, ******* style wise. Yep. Nice. As a reward for his hard work and for getting married, Himmler promoted Reinhard Heydrich to s s Sturmbannfuhrer, or major. This was just seven days. After his last promotion, the happy couple moved in together, but they did not spend much time enjoying themselves. Hydrick was a workaholic, constantly at his desk or out in the street fighting for the party. His work ethic only somewhat compensated for the fact that he had no experience doing the kind of job that he'd gotten for himself, Robert Gurwitch writes. The need for reforms to Heydrich, still highly amateur. Aspio network in Germany became apparent in February 1932, when the SD suddenly found itself in a crisis prompted by the arrest of one of Hydric's agents who had tried to gather secret military. Information from Navy Command and Wilhelmshaven and although the police investigation did not reveal Hydrix involvement in the case, he nevertheless recognized the need to restructure his intelligence service in order to avoid further embarrassment, and he he restructures it in a way that seems to be fairly effective. By June of 1932, Hydrix SD was the best intelligence gathering operation in the Nazi Party. It's competition, which had been the NSA intelligence division, is actually shut down because his SSN, his SD, makes it unnecessary. Hydric gets promoted yet again. It's time to Colonel and now he has eight full time employees. You know, things kind of go up and down from the Nazis in this. There's some dark times in late 1932 when they get kind of beaned in an election but by this point Hitler was adjacent to power and you know they he orchestrates his way into power by 1933 and he and his comrades succeed in seizing control of the Weimar government through a trail of ******* that we detail in our non Nazi ******** behind Hitler episode. Reinhard Heydrich was not a major player in the Nazi seizure of power by the time Hitler wound up in control. He had established himself as the chief of the Nazi secret police. Now that had been an Inter party secret police, but now the party was the government and Reinhard Heydrich was about to find himself in near total control of the German police. We're going to talk about that and what came after in Part 2, but you know, we're going to talk about right now. Matt what? Yeah, you're puggles plug, plug plugs, plugs, plugs. Oh man, I got so much to play. Well, if you love talking about real bad Nazis, you're also going to love the HBO series The Sopranos. And if you if you love The Sopranos, check out part of yourself. A gun. That's a podcast that me and Vince Mancini do. It's like a Sopranos rewatch podcast. We also do a movie podcast called the Fraught Cast. FROTC AST check that out. That's about not The Sopranos. It's about movies and stuff. Yeah and yeah. Follow me on Instagram at Matt Lieb jokes at Matt Lieb jokes alright, well, friendos and enemies. Frenemies. A lot of enemies listen to this spot. A lot of enemies listen to this podcast. Shout out to Reinhard Heidrich fan of the pod. Fan of the pod loves it from Hell on his Zune. Love you so evil. He has a Zune. Yeah, I know. Great detail. The level of evil that we can't even fathom Hitler's there on like an iPod original. Being like exactly what are you doing to Zune is the most technology. It runs on Linux. Yeah, I love this. Hitler as a Microsoft chauvinist. Yeah, yeah. That's the big split in the Nazi party in hell. It's between, like, the the Microsoft and then, like, the stressor rights who go for Linux. Yeah, right. Yeah. You know, I've got to Diamond Rio joke. It only holds 12 songs and that's all you need. Anything more is vanity. Best MP3 player on the market. Alright, well that's the end of the episode. We'll be back on Thursday to just. Lot of genocide coming on Thursday. Very fun. All right, bam. Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's break our handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Want to say I don't know less? Listen to stuff you should know more. 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