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Part One: The International Church of: Drink Bleach

Part One: The International Church of: Drink Bleach

Tue, 16 Jul 2019 10:00

In Episode 74, Robert is joined by comedian, Billy Wayne Davis to discuss Reverend Jim Humble and his bleach drinking church.

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's In the 1980s and 90s, a psychopath terrorized the country of Belgium. A serial killer and kidnapper was abducting children in the bright light of day. From Tenderfoot TV in iHeartRadio this is La Monstra, a story of abomination and conspiracy. The story about the man who's simply become known as. Lamaster. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. This podcast is brought to now. Our friends at JBL understand the power of tuning in to the real U. From true wireless headphones to pulsing party boxes, you can dare to vibe your way with the wide and colorful range of JBL products. Catch your favorite podcasts like this one unfiltered the JBL podcast on the Go. Play your music. Never wherever and live in the moment, your moment. Be unfiltered at What poison and my children. I'm Robert Evans, host of behind the ******** the show where every week I try a different intro that often ties in to the theme of the episode, but not always, but does in this case. This is also a podcast where we talk about the very worst people in all of history, and my guest today is Billy Wayne Davis. Good morning. We should have had an air horn in there. I like that. Very frustrated with myself for not planning that ahead of time. Doing post. Yeah, we'll we'll do it in post. Yeah, we'll put some air horns over us saying we'll do it in post and post too, so that people can't tell that we had to talk about this. This would just be like 30 seconds of air horns. We're making sausage right here in front of everybody what we're doing. People say you don't want to see how the sausage is made, but then how would you know that it is essentially the same process as poop. It is. It is. It is. And it's oddly satisfying if you watch. Yeah, yeah. It is much like poop. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's one of those cliches, right? I don't believe that. Now Billy, I couldn't see because I'm not in the room with you all, but but how was Sophie's reaction to the intro of this episode? She said there's the double thumbs down with the eye roll. The double thumbs down with the eye roll. Now there's like really unhappy crowd nodding yes about this. Proud nodding. OK, well, at least she's proud about my ability to interpret her hand gestures. You know, Billy, this is your second time on the show. And the first time you came on, we talked about a little fella named Gary Young and. Old Tree head as tree as you named him. Yeah, yeah. That's the farmer's nickname for. Farmer's nickname for him and I had a lot of fun talking about that scammer who was performing unlicensed surgery on people and medicating them with poison. And so I feel like that can kind of be our thing is is talking about fake doctors who medicate people with poison. That's awesome. Yeah, that's good thing. Like, oh, I have this thing with this guy. It's pretty cool. That's, yeah, I have this thing. We talk about Grifters who poison children. It's a it's a hoot. You know that you can just work on children. You can just do that. You can just do that. No one's going to stop you. It is a perfect description of, like, what you can't teach children is like, you teach children. Like, hey, you can't do that. You can't do that. And what they hear is like, you cannot do that. And then you get to a certain age, you're like, oh, you can do anything. You're just not supposed to do stuff. Yeah, people get angry at you, but you can just not listen to those people. Yeah, yeah. And that's. That's really the the going to be the long term impact I think of our current president on the national psyche is like like before we would say anybody can be President and like wouldn't really mean it and now it's like no anybody can be anything. If you just say it, you say it a bunch. Evidently the secret that's real, it's it's like our our language, the English language is the only one that where if you say or if you use a word incorrectly long enough it becomes. The correct way to use it? Yeah. That's just the way we've decided our society works. And if you tell the right lie long enough, it becomes true. Yeah, so it's a it's it's pretty cool that the world works that way. Well, I'm going to start reading this script, Billy. It was get into it. Now, I I wrote a little prepared thing up at the start, so I'm just going to charge forward. Billy, do you have cancer, Lyme disease, mersa, multiple sclerosis, any kind of hepatitis, HIV, Parkinson's, malaria? I'm not. I mean, I know you're responding, but I'm not going to listen to your responses because I assume that in our work day, disease, a day world, the answer is maybe. And if so, I have a solution for your health woes. Good, because I have all those bleach. Lots of bleach. As much bleach as you can possibly fit inside your body. However much bleach you start drinking, drink more bleach than that. You know that is the same advice that my funnest drug using friends. I used to tell me about how to get a job. It was like bleach. Just drink bleach. Just drink bleach. You'll get a job. That that that's what your drug using friends. The fun ones, the funnest 1, the fun ones without jobs and **** that was always there. Like just drink bleach, man. So you need me. You haven't moved from this couch since I've known you. Well. Now, I, I, I actually, I obviously I don't want anyone to to drink bleach in the hope of curing their serious illnesses. No, it doesn't. It does not work. But I I I crafted that beautiful introduction because there are people out in the world right now who sell industrial bleach as a cure all for what ails you. And thousands of otherwise presumably functional human beings believe these claims and drink bleach regularly out of the belief that it is a God provided healing elixir. So today. Who will be talking about Miracle Mineral solution and the Genesis 2 Church of Reverend Jim Humble? Ohh man, he's got. There's so many good words in what you just said. Genesis 2, that 1220? Yeah, yeah, that's critical. Go on. OK yeah. And then Reverend Jim humble. And you're like, yeah, *** **** it, I can. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's also he's also called Archbishop Humble and Archbishop Reverend Jim Humble. Umm, so we've got to GoDaddy. Well, I mean, as you might have guessed by the titles, he's a reverend and an Archbishop of the of the Genesis 2 Church. He's also a billion year old space God who for reasons known only to him, has decided to take on the form of an elderly con man. In pictures which I'm going to have Sophie show you in a second. Looks like a cross. Coming from the old man there, you don't see it coming from the old man, and I'm interested in your take on his description. I would describe him as looking like a cross between dying Burt Reynolds, a southern plantation owner, and a new Mexican turquoise salesman. But yeah, like an alien designed it. Yeah. I mean he looks like he has. He's really, he's got a couple self released country music albums too. Yeah, banjo heavy, but he does not play the banjo in them. Yeah, probably still was one of the first people to get the Internet, but still using that same technology that he used it to get today. And and the pictures I've got of him and I don't know what order those pictures were taken, he looks older in the top one and younger in the bottom. And on the younger one he's wearing the same hat in both. But on the one where he looks younger, he has a giant piece of turquoise on the hat. And I like to think that the turquoise made him younger and that that picture was actually taken after the first, but I don't know, that's just. Same day when he put the Derrick always on his hat, just rejuvenated him. Yeah, you just say the results. Do it. Take it, take the picture. That's what everyone I've met at a gas station in Albuquerque has told me. Turquoise will make you younger and you can smoke it. You can definitely smoke turquoise. That's also what they tell you in Albuquerque. Here's some turquoise. You could smoke it if you want. You could smoke it. Really. The most common sentence you're going to hear in Albuquerque, NM, is you can smoke it if you want. And from tourists, going this place is weirder than I thought it would be. I do love Albuquerque. I do too. It is weird as hell and not in the Super weird. Like this is dangerous, isn't it? Yeah, just bizarre. Yeah, it's the it's the most SWAT teams I've ever seen in a single day has been in Albuquerque, NM, which. Also has my favorite head shop so shouts out to Albuquerque. They do have next to the university. Hmm. Yeah, yeah, there's some great ones. Mm-hmm. Now, I'm not sure when Archbishop, Reverend Jim Humble was born or where on his own websites he claims to have started working in the health and nutrition industry when he was in his 20s and became the manager of a health food store in Los Angeles, CA. So we can, you can kind of guess by managing a health food store in Los Angeles, CA, like where you're going to go from there. I think that's got a job, has about 100% grifter and if you're an alien. Trying to blend in. Pretty good place. Well, yeah. I mean, we learned that from the documentary Earth Girls are easy. Yeah, starring Jeff Goldblum. So it's a good place to blend in his LA at a Nate the health food store. You'd be like, OK, well, no one looks like a human in here. So yeah, LA is the one place where in, like line at a Ralphs, you can see a guy in a three piece suit, a woman wearing a parka, and a shirtless dude bleeding from a cut on his chest and none of them will stand out. It's just like, Yep. All the same energy exactly. Yes, yes. Hurry up. Yeah. Judging by Jim's age, he probably had been working in that health food store sometime around the 1970s or 1980s. But again, I have no way of knowing because I just have no idea how old this man is or what his actual background is. According to Reverend Humbles website quote, he authored a 200 question nutritional evaluation test that determined the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats a person's body might be deficient in. The test was later computerized and was considered by many to be the most accurate method of determining deficiencies known at the time. Over the years, Jim has maintained his interest in alternative health and worked with various healing modalities, including healing his own broken neck and record time using magnets. I love where that paragraph goes, where it takes you. Did I just like the thought of, like, him trying to do it and somebody like Jim, stop. He's like, hold up. I'm going to do it. And just one person. Like, no, no, let him try. Let him try. And I'm wondering what the record for healing a broken neck was mentioning these doctors. ****. I mean, I've seen this before, but never that fast. Ohh boy, so that's just great. Jim's incredible career continued beyond working at a grocery store and healing his own broken neck with magnets. He claims to have gotten a job as a research engineer in the aerospace industry, a claim I can find no evidence to back up. There's actually like 0 evidence aside from Jim's word for most of the details of his background, so please keep that in mind. Rocket Jim claims on his website, quote, he worked on the 1st Intercontinental Missile, wrote instruction manuals for the first vacuum tube computers, worked on secret radio control electronics and dozens of other state-of-the-art electronic products at Hughes Aircraft Company, Northrop Aircraft, General Motors, Research Defense Laboratories and others. Did the magnets ZAP that in that knowledge into him? Yeah, I think he he healed his broken neck with a magnet and it taught him how to make the first missile, I mean. Because that is a quite a jump from, like, I worked at this health food store to. Yeah, I work at skunkworks. Yeah? Yeah. From like a guy bagging your groceries to the first ICBM. Yeah. Yeah. The guy that I worked, the guy that bagged my groceries at Trader Joe's. Yeah, he made the missile going to Mars in Huntsville. That's that's what he was studying for at Trader Joe's. I can't even tell if you're joking. Just just knowing Huntsville. That is true. Yeah. Yeah. And ugly enough, true of both Huntsville, TX and Huntsville, AL. Yes, yes it is. Yeah, that is a good point. Now, Jim says he he spent 20 years in aerospace missile design before deciding to get into gold mining, which is a natural career evolution, so his arc. So far is grocery store guy missile designer gold mining his goal. He says was to find ways to recover gold without using mercury because he thought that would be better off for the health of the miners, which is very nice of him. I think he's got it. Yeah, yeah, I mean, the mercury in anytime you're having less. I I support that, which is weird for a health foods guy. I expected him to be like, urging people to drink mercury, but so far he's on the right side of history. In 1996, while prospecting in South America, he discovered the solution that would come to be known as MMS, or Miracle Mineral solution. He called it a simple health formula that cured malaria. So, wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, Ms is he told other people about this? Oh yes. He claims 10s of thousands. We'll be getting to that in a minute here. So I want to talk about what MMS is for a second. It's essentially industrial bleach. To be precise. It is 28% sodium chlorite and distilled water mixed with some form of citric acid such as the acid and orange juice, which turns the sodium chloride into chlorine dioxide. On its own, sodium chloride is not the worst thing to put in your body, provided it has been properly diluted. It's not great for you, but it's a good water purifier. So if you're like hiking through the Congo and you need to refill your canteen from a stream. Putting, you know sodium chloride in some water will stop you from getting gut worms. Chlorine dioxide is basically a more intense version of that. The FDA describes it as a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment. It is used to sterilize water in huge quantities, but only safe to ingest if again, extremely diluted Reverend tells you to. Yeah, or if a reverend tells you to, as long as that reference in Archbishop. Yeah. Jim Humble claims that in Africa he discovered that taken internally, chlorine dioxide kills malaria. He started by dosing people in Guyana, but the Guyanan government stopped him from treating people because according to Jim Humble, US pharmacy companies threatened to stop sending medicine to their hospitals because he was curing people of their malaria. My guess might be they just didn't want to unregulated gold mining. Reverend, giving people bleach. Did you stand there having the people of our country bleach? Could you stop that? She stop bleaching their intestines, please. Like you can keep you can keep doing what you're doing. Just stop that one. Just stop the bleaching. Next, Jim Humble says he moved on to Kenya and Uganda, Sierra Leone then, and Tanzania and Malawi, treating more than 100,000 people with bleach for their malaria. Outside of the Guyanan government, he says he also faced resistance from other missionaries. Quote a couple missionaries decided I was evil and told all the missionaries in the area, so that sort of slowed things down. They click quit using the MSN. People didn't get treated. One woman came to me with pain in her hands. She put her hand on mine and I said, can you feel my fingers? Oh, the pain's going away. I can feel the tingling. A missionary came in and said stop it, stop it. She decided I was evil. So. That's, uh, Jim Humble's recitation of both his use of Ms to cure things and how he learned that he could heal by laying on hands. That's in there too. So. He's having a good time. He's having a good time. He's just going through Africa touching people, making him drink bleach. And yeah, they're only just telling, like, hey, stop it. Yeah, they're they're polite and nice people. They're not, like, murdering him for trying to poison them. Yeah. Yeah. And he's still like you guys are being *****. Yeah, you guys be *****. Why won't you let me bleach people? I got all this bleach. I came here to find gold and I couldn't find any. Let me just bleach some people just. I just want to bleach a couple people. God, I didn't build rockets for nothing. So it was during his time in Africa that Jim learned to heal via touch as well as bleach water quote. I developed the technique for healing by touch. The basic theory is that the brain controls all of the healing in your body. So if you can increase the, the basic theory is that the brain controls all of the healing in your body. So if you can increase the communication between the brain and the area that's bad, it will heal faster and minutes sometimes. He describes it as a little bit like Ricky, but not really, which is. Very scientific, very detailed, detailed description. It's like that, but it's not. Of the theory that, like, your brain is capable of healing all illness, but it's just kind of lazy until somebody like is like, shakes it and was like, no, fix his leg. Well, until you break your neck and then put it back together. Then you're like, oh, I know how to use that part. No one else does me. And that that alien from ET. To hear Jim tell it, after solving the problem of malaria once and for all, he began to realize that his industrial bleach solution seemed to be the treatment for all of mankind's illnesses. On his website, he writes it has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disease, including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis ABC, Lyme disease, mersa, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, HIV, AIDS, malaria, autism, infections of all kinds, arthritis, high cholesterol. Acid reflux, kidney or liver diseases, aches and pains, allergies, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, depression, sinus problems, eye disease, ear infection, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, problems with the prostate, erectile dysfunction, and the list goes on. Which is? Quite a it's impressive. Quite a list, yeah, yeah, I would say so. He's like. It's like CBD, yeah, and like CBD if you you can put bleach water in your ******* ice cream if you want. It's all good. Willie Nelson, Bleach Coffee the other day. It's great. This really. None of us has been prepared for the world of 2019 except for Willie Nelson. Like, I feel like someone woke him up one morning about six months ago and said Willy, it's happened. People are putting pot in everything. And he rose out of bed and my time has come and he just said send the trucks out. They're loaded, they're loaded. They've been ready for 20 damn years of tarps, dust, tarps. Jerry Reed. Wakes up. Now, that sounds like a pretty comprehensive list of the things that bleach water treats, but Jim wants to make sure you know, that it's not a comprehensive list. He says. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I've received over the last 20 years, I think it's safe to say Ms has the potential to overcome most diseases known to man. So that's whoa, humble. Yeah. Now, interestingly enough, he does seem to veer away from those claims a little bit in the very next paragraph, protecting himself by FDA. Scrutiny by writing it is important to note that Ms does not cure diseases. Ms is an oxidizer. It kills pathogens and destroys poisons. When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say the body heals the body. MMS helps to line things up just so the body can do that. I often say this because my lawyer said I had to. God that is. And we will see. He is not consistent about it, but you know it is consistent. Billy Wayne Davis, what? The products and services who support this program and or series. God, I hope it's oil refineries. I need a new one. Oh yeah. I hope it's an oil refinery too. Either that or an industrial bleach company, because I could use both of those, actually. Yeah. Running low. Exactly. And when you get the oil on your clothing, you want the bleach. And when you get the cancer from the oil, you also want the bleach. You can drink it. You can drink. That's you've just figured out the next day. 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I went in, I had my consultation, they told me I was a good candidate, and then I went back in. A couple of days later, pressing revisionist history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. We're back. We're talking about Reverend Archbishop Jim Humble. He's not a Southerner as far as I can tell, but I can't pronounce his name without letting my accent slip out a little bit. Jim Humble it does. He just he did take the folksy of a southern he knows it's ingratiating is what it is. He's not dumb. Yeah, yeah, it's what I can. I can already see the big white, like, circus style tents and a giant sign saying Reverend Humbles Revival crusade or something like that. Like out in the out in the middle of ******* some sort of country land. In Georgia, 1970s, a bunch of old Cadillacs pulled up, people paying $30.00 for blue hunks of scarf that the Reverend spits on or whatever. Yeah, yeah. And he was like early investor. And Branson, Oh yeah, he made that happen. Yeah, yeah, he's he's put a lot of money into Branson. Got it back. I got it back. Most of our listeners will probably not have heard of Branson, MO. It's essentially Los Angeles for old people who don't like cursing Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Las Vegas for old people who don't like cursing Los Angeles for old people. I would ******* like to go to Los Angeles for old people. Isn't that just a I think it may be just it just it's just Palm Springs or desert Palm Springs. The name. Yeah, neither was app name in there. Yeah, right. It's probably not that interesting Reverend Jim Humble protects himself from his selling bleach business by claiming on his website that it is not a cure or a treatment for Disease in order to protect himself from regulation. An additional layer of protection is provided by the fact that the reverence. Genesis 2 church does not seem to actually sell miracle mineral solution directly. They make most of their money by selling tickets to conventions like the one they held in a Calgary Hotel in March of 2018 quote. Organizers declined to speak to CBC News about the meeting or whether Ms was being sold or given to delegates who paid $350.00 US to attend the two day session last month. The online agenda for the meeting said doses of Ms might be handed out. We might just surprise everyone so often with a dose of Ms one, be ready. Read the itinerary. So they're not selling bleach water for you to drink, Billy, and how dare you assume that they are? They're selling $350.00 tickets where you can learn how to sell bleach water to people and maybe they'll give you some free bleach. Water. And you might it might show up. It might show up. Yeah, there might be bleach water at this bleach drinking convention. Just the cardboard cut out Donald Trump of. Wow. Yeah. I try to put myself in the heads of people who are different than me on a pretty regular basis. I think it's a healthy thing to do. I've never been able to get myself in the head of someone who take a picture with a cardboard cut out of a of Donald Trump. I just don't. I just don't know. No, I don't. Yes, I've I found myself doing that. That is a fun game because most people I can relate to on some level about everything. And then every now and then you're like, I don't get it, I don't get what cardboard cut out people I have trouble relating to. For airport autograph people. Wait, wait. Oh, you mean people who like approach celebrities at the airport? Yeah, but like, but not because they're fans, just because they they see it and they're like, well, I have to get an autograph where I'm wasting this opportunity. No, these are like professional people that have like, they'll have a messenger bag with head shots of just different famous people. And if they see them at the airport, approach them and say, hey, we sign this. That's ******* nuts. I didn't know that was a thing, that I've seen it. I mean, I'm, I'm in and out of LAX a lot. So the first time I saw it, I was like, what is that? Like, I wanted to go interrupt. That's how curious I was about what was, how I was like, what the **** is this? Is this your life, man? Yeah. And then, like, quit bothering that Lady, you know? It's. But she was, you know, they were all very happy to do it. So it was like this weird. But I've seen it since, and I've seen them standing there when I leave a lot of times where I'm like, God, it's so weird. See, I think the fun thing. To do with that would be to become that guy, but only have pictures of Levar Burton and mistake every famous person for Levar Burton. So, like, go up to Keanu Reeves and like, would you sign this? Hell yeah, I'm a huge fan. The Reeves will do anything to get a smile. Yeah, just just just get everyone to sign Levar Burton's picture and then have a website that's just here. Are all of the different celebrities I've gotten to sign photos of Levar Burton here are the politest celebrities in existence. This is everyone nice enough to not question me? OK, sure. I don't know if he thinks. Is this. Is this an Ashton thing? What is this? So let's let's let's talk a little bit more about how the Genesis 2 Church is able to sell people drinking bleach without getting in trouble for selling people drinking bleach now. I mean, and it may be a dumb question, but is it an actual church or is it like an organization? That they're going around. Tony Robbins style, you know, in a little bit we'll get to more of what the Genesis 2 Church is and then we can revisit that question and you can decide for yourself what what exactly it is because I'm not 100% sure how to classify the Genesis 2 Church. Billy Wayne, I will tell you that right now. It is a conversation, yeah. So it is of course illegal to sell people bleach for internal use because that would be selling poison. Genesis 2 gets around this by having a separate entity sell their miracle bleach drink. Online. I found a Patheos article written by Katie Joy called the Sneaky Way a church sells a legal medicine. She traces out what seems to me to be a very plausible chain of custody for how this bleach gets from the Genesis 2 church to major retailers like eBay and Amazon. It starts with a brick and mortar business called Kevin's Corner, which appears to be basically a corner store based on Lake Placid, FL. Katie noticed that the owners of Keavy's Corner, both that Kevin's corner sells MMS, presumably like they say, it's for water purification, but like, you know, they sell it. And the owners of the store are Facebook friends with the cofounder of the Genesis 2 church, Mark Grinnan. She also noticed that Mark Grinnan lives in Sarasota, FL, which is 30 miles from Kevin's corner. Next, Katie started digging into the bevy of different. Amazon and eBay Sellers who actually sell the bulk of the MMS solutions that get distributed via the Internet. And she realized very quickly that all of the different vendors were based out of either Sarasota or Lake Placid, FL. So her conclusion was that Kevin's corner is likely being used by the church as a legitimate retailer to sell bulk SMS to a small network of vendors who then put the products up on eBay and Amazon and funnel profits back into the church. And of course to Reverend Archbishop Gold scientist Jim Humble, so that. Just run a legitimate business because you can't sell drinking bleach as a legitimate business, but you could sell coffee that's addictive that you could. Coffee seems like a much Better Business than drinking bleach. And it's one of the things foundation. I know my coffee addiction is Killingly killing me, just like I know my cigar addiction is killing me. I know my kratom addiction is killing me. I know my nitrous oxide addiction is killing me. I know my alcohol addiction is killing me. But I don't have any anger at the companies that provide me with those drugs because we all understand the bargain. Tricking people into drinking poison is so much worse than just selling honest poison. It is love honest poison because people will buy honest poison. Exactly. I go into the. Door and I see an ad for my favorite kind of tequila. And I'm like, that's a poison I can respect. It is. Yes. It is weird. It's weird. That disconnect. Yeah. Why can't you just. This is America. You can sell so many poisons legitimately. Why do you have to pick one that doesn't provide a benefit? Actually, yeah. That you have to trick people into buying most. You just say, hey, this poison makes you feel good for a limited time. Most of the time. It makes you feel like. Yeah, and people are like, but how long do I feel good? Ohh no, you'll have a solid Friday night. Deal? Deal. I'm ******* in. But Saturday, Sunday, it's going to suck. I don't give a ****. I do not give a ****. Friday is going to be fun. Yeah, exactly. In her article, Katie notes quote in 2015, the United States government convicted a man in Washington, Louis Daniel Smith, of selling Miracle mineral solution. He received a 51 month prison sentence after the court determined he took part in a conspiracy to defraud and sell products illegal for human consumption. The government determined he set up a fake water purification company to sell the sodium chloride. However, he instructed his consumers to use the products internally and Florida. The sellers on eBay and Amazon, as well as Kevin's corner do not explicitly say to use the products internally. However, all three vendors mentioned Jim Humble's protocol for using Ms. Jim's protocol consists of oral and enema use of Ms in the body. Amazon and eBay sellers recommend the purchase of a book written by Jim Humble. Now do you think that was the companies idea that you can do an enema or do you think they were presenting it and just one dudes like, I mean, could you put it in your ****? Is that a remedy? And they're like sure it heals, yeah, you got to drink, you got to drink it for the top half of your body, you got to shoot it up your **** for the 2nd. Bottom half of the body. Does not mean that makes a lot of science proof that does check out. Yeah, that that is some science proof. Now, I got to say, Billy, you and I are actually going to spend the majority of our day-to-day talking about bleach enemas, but most of that comes a little bit later on. I mean, I think it has to because he did subtly throw that in there, but I was more like, hey, hey, what happened? Why did you have to throw that one in there? He's like, well, we didn't want to leave the whole market out. No, you just leaving money on the table if you're telling people to only put the bleach. And one hole. Yeah. No, you're exactly right. Yeah, it's bleach. All of the holes. I mean, if it's good in your mouth. Technically, I'm imagining a corporate boardroom where all these people from the Genesis 2 church are, like, charting the sales of bleach, drinking bleach, and then like the Don Draper Guy sits up and says, folks, I just realized something. We've been selling people drinking bleach for years and it's made us a lot of money, but there's a whole 2nd hole. Yeah, where? He's like, I was in Tijuana last night. You know, there's a whole 2nd hole. We're not. You're like, OK, I don't know where, how dawn come up with this, but he's right. *** **** it, Draper, you've done it again. Now, right now, I do think it's time to get into a little bit more detail about what precisely the Genesis 2 Church believes. Now, you remember a little bit earlier I told you that Bishop Humble was a billion year old space God, I remember that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I learned that from an in-depth ABC7 report on the man. It states, quote, their founder, Jim Humble, is a former Scientologist who claims he's a billion year old. God from the Andromeda Galaxy. Quote on quote from Jim. What you said because you said for summer, Scientologist, former. Yes. That's not easy to be. That's not easy to be. I mean that sounds made-up in itself. Well, Jim goes on to say in a video that ABC7 watched and then I asked to be put in the part of the Space Navy that watched over Earth. So he is. He's not just. It's not just a billion year old space God. He's a Navy man. He's honored that space. Good. He has earned it. I bet he has himself a little uniform, and I bet it's really something special now. Jingle Jingle on that uniform. Billy I really wanted to bring in more details about Reverend Humbles status as a billion year old space God, but I I just couldn't find it. I couldn't find the video ABC7 apparently watched. I did look for some videos of Jim Humble and I found a video interview on YouTube conducted by Mandalia Television, which is a Spanish language video production company focused on spirituality and healing and other new agey Woo stuff. They have 1.3 million YouTube subscribers now the video interview. Partly in Spanish and in it Jim Humble talks about his extraterrestrial experiences. And this is interesting to me because it seems to conflict a little bit with his statements that he's a billion year old space God from the Navy. So we're going to play some clips about this in a second. I'm going to set up the first one. Jim starts telling the interviewer a rambling, kind of coherent story about his time being abducted by aliens, and he claims that these, well, he doesn't start off by claiming they were aliens. He says there were strange beings that he found in a crater in the desert, and he says they injected him with a gigantic needle. And I'm going to let, I'm going to let Jim take it from here for a little bit. The pain was absolutely excruciating. Incredibly, they didn't get me anything for pain. And just like. And then. They put an electrical connection on each arm. Conexion Electrica and Callabrass I I I'm an electronic engineer, so I understood what they were doing. Monica you? And they put connections on my legs. And being conexiones in in South Piernas and then? They shocked. They put electrical shocks, but I could tell that it was some kind of. Information. In other words, ECL say a puzzle in shock. Electric Capital L Sabia K Estaba poniendo UN Tipo de Informacion some kind of digital information was being. Transmitted into my body, Cynthia Kay Algun Tipo de Informacion digital estava entrando suero. I'm a doctor, my legs work. And then eternity, displacement of pain, they dolore they they pulled the thing out of my chest cold. There was some blood, but not much. I love the workmanlike professionalism of that translator, yes. Yes, she's like, oh, I bet she went home and she was like, oh, today was ******* crazy. That was work today, honey. ******* wild. It was awesome. So Jim claims that these strange beings shot him full of information that caused him horrible pain, and then they wiped his mind. He says he was abducted at least one more time. Got questions. So many things in that one sentence that you just said. Yes, that is like you. If they wiped your mind, how do you know about it? How can you? Also, that's coming up. That's coming up. This is an airtight story. Billy Wayne. I don't know why I doubted him. So he was abducted one more time, but he kept forgetting all this because his mind got wiped and it didn't come back until he made friends with a couple who had what he calls a truth detector, which he describes as the opposite of a lie detector, which. You know how women be lying all the time, so you gotta tell when they're telling the truth. He says that this truth detector had been tested on millions of people before him, and once he used the truth detector, that's what informed him that it had been aliens that abducted him. So, see, like I said, it's an airtight tail. He got me on that one. He did? Yeah. Yep. Yep. It's a perfect circle now after your honor. This is a truth detector. Now, after the truth detecting, Jim came to believe that the needle had been part of an experiment by aliens to see if they could kill him. So I'm going to I'm going to let Jim talk again. Here. Experiment. Or is that just an attempt? He says it was an experiment to see if they could kill him. I guess you could call it an experimental murder attempt, OK? Yeah, kind of like that guy who shot Ronald Reagan. I think he yelled right before pulling the trigger experiment. This is the theory. I have a theory about this 38. Yeah, right. That's right, that's right. But let's do that. **** that comes out fast. OK, so here's here's here's Jim Humble talking about this alien murder experiment a little bit more. Why didn't you die? I suspect because because I had been practicing all those years, releasing the tension. I didn't die. Planos para para regularmente para para sacarle tension no murio. And the other reason why I didn't die is because I have spiritual protection. Real is booking you think of for taxi on a spiritual I came, I came to this world to do a job. You know Sarah. With many other people. And thousands of people have already come to me and said, I know you came and I came with you. That makes me laugh because because come it is, yes, yeah, there's the way you said it too is like, right, right. So you give them dude, I'm an old man, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So this is all extremely curious to me because it doesn't seem to jive with humbles professed existence as a billion year old God and also Space Navy member. I haven't found any interviews with humble that might tie all this together. Tragically. Maybe he forgot about being a billion year old space God for a while and he had to take another truth detecting test to to to loop it all together. Tragically, the exact mystery of his background will remain a reality. I don't want to defer a mystery because it's hard, but billion years you're going to forget some stuff, you're going to forget some ****. You're going to forget why you joined the Navy. I have friends who were in the Marines 8 years ago that don't remember why they joined. So you know, it's that usually that's usually about 2 weeks. Do this ****. Now the good Reverend Archbishop is one of those figures. He's badly in need of like a really good 6000 word Spy magazine feature article, but unfortunately, Spy magazine does not exist anymore, and that article will remain forever unwritten. I can find no comprehensive logical layout of the man's dirty Life and Times the information none, none, nothing, nothing. There's some to be like as far as records. I don't even like the earliest stuff I find on him is from like the ******* like the late 90s, but most of that's even self reported. Like he doesn't really show up until the the aughts. Like in a in a way. At least that I've I've found hard evidence of. That's impressive. Yeah, I I just don't know. I don't know much. I don't even know the ******* birth date. So maybe it's just a failure of Googling on my part because there's a lot of information to digest and it's one of those things. It's kind of like with Gary Young where. You're kind of filtering through a lot of sketchy sources. Like, it's not one of those things where I'm finding a lot of, you know, New Yorker and Atlantic articles like, I'm breaking down people's blogs who are like, transcribing videos that this guy recorded 10 years ago and stuff. And it's like, this seems like they're probably telling the truth, but it's a mess. You know? Jim Humble is a mess and trying to figure out the truth about him as a mess. We're the most everything, a lot. Everything he says is a lie and the people who are tracking him. Who seemed to be trying to do it out of a good place, just don't have a lot of institutional credibility behind them. Like the most detailed source I found on the Genesis 2 Church comes from a site called which bills itself as the wiki of irrational belief systems, and so it's not one of those things. Like, I can't say that Siram is a a recognized, credible source, but I will say that a lot of what I found there has been backed up by other sources. They try to cite their work as much as possible, although a lot of the links are dead. At this point because a lot of it goes back to like 2006 or whatever, but most of what they say seems pretty on point and verifiable with like the information. I've been able to find elsewhere. So I've used a lot from the siram source because they write a lot about Genesis, 2 church and I didn't really know what was going on with that church until I found that source so you know you're not going to you're not going to find a lot of smoking gun sources on Jim Humble. He's just that kind of dude. He's lived in the shadows in the margins his whole life so yeah. He probably doesn't know. Yeah, that's fascinating. No, he probably does not know because he's been getting so he's getting so much information shot into his head by aliens. You're going to forget some **** and you forget who you're telling that information to, and you drink this bleach and shut up. You just need to drink this bleach. Sober up. Now, Siram says that James V Humble really was an engineer at some point and authored several pre transistor computer and mining technology manuals, so it does seem like that was what he was doing up until recently. And if so, that would kind of make sense because there's a whole long history of engineers who go on to become quasi cult leaders selling people snake oil medicine. It notes that quote his whereabouts are currently not known for sure. He is most probably living in Mexico, which would square with the Mandalia television interview and also with the fact that con artists usually wind up in Mexico. They really do. It's one of those things. It's like every time, right? I mean, if it doesn't, we just go to Mexico. I if I become president, rather than trying to stop illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States, I'm going to try to stop America from sending con artists to Mexico like this is how we can help the world. That way, yeah. That would help. Yeah. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Yeah. Now, these siram write up notes that MMS is not Reverend humbles, only miracle cure. His church also pushes the less popular MS-2, which contains calcium hydrochloride, which is a product used in Germany for disinfecting swimming pools. Reverend Humble advises people to take it internally for viruses and parasites. He's got a real thing for selling people industrial cleaning products and telling them to drink them well, yeah, it won't. Yeah, algae and stuff won't get in your insides. That's nice. Yeah, people can swim. Yeah, lung allergy is a real problem in this workaday world. You know what else is a real problem in this work? A day world. Billy Wayne. People who don't have enough products and services, they just we it is and advertising for those products and advertising for those products and services. 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It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Religious history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. We're back, we're back, we're back. I, I, you know, I I don't know if there are podcast awards, Billy Wayne, but if if there are one, the only one I want is one for longest amount of time but for the start of an ad break and actually going out to ad break. I think you won. You won. I think I I think I will win. I don't think anybody can compete with me. Who do you think? You think? *******. Yeah. None of them. None of them. None of them became name names, that's how. Can't even name names. No, I'm like, I'm like the Michael Jordan of taking way too long to get out to an ad break. Michael Jordan might beat you at that. Yeah, he probably would. He's he's he's got a lot of endurance. All right, let's get back here. So back to that Skyrim, write up of Reverend Humble. And yeah, we were just talking about how he also advises people to take a swimming pool disinfectant for viruses and parasites, the article notes. Quote judging from recent announcements and interviews, humble apparently wants to have Ms tested in Haiti. Most recent announcements gives reason to suspect the worst for uninformed patients. He currently claims to research the treatment of Ms with cancer, hepatitis C and AIDS patients. Quotation humble. We've started doing clinical trials for AIDS, hepatitis C and cancer. And those trials have been going pretty good. And we have a guy who's head of the prison system there. He's also helping us in a local hospitals agreed to give US 300 blood tests for free. So Jim Humble is claiming to be testing. Bleach. Drink on. Curing aids of prisoners and cancer. So that's good. I don't understand. OK. In Haiti? Yeah. Has he killed people yet or is it. Oh, definitely, definitely, definitely. Like, we'll we'll get into it, but, like, absolutely. He's like his mindset is like, oh, all these this like Big Pharma is out to get me. Because I've got a solution. Net solution is poisoning Haitian prisoners with bleach. Hmm, yeah, which sounds like. This guy is like, he's a perfect character for like a Warren Zevon song. Like, everything I just said there is. Yeah, it's he's amazing. Yeah, yeah. He's something that cocaine created. Yeah. In that interview where he talked about bleaching prisoners. The interviewer asked him are you allowed to say here on camera that Ms will cure cancer to which Jim Humble responded. Sure, I can say it Ms will cure cancer. Now the original interview seems to have been scrubbed from the Internet. The siren right up links to external sites covering it, but I cannot find the original. However, it it certainly sounds like Jim Humble Cyrum claims that humble switch from Reverend to Bishop Reverend happened in 2010 after Humble was declared Bishop. By quote the alleged Archbishop Lawrence Jensen and his wife, the alleged Bishop Glenda Green of the one holy True Christian original church from Arizona, which is also active as Spiritist Church. Order of the fringe of Yeshua the Byzantine Catholic Church incorporated the Liberal Catholic Church, the Old Roman Catholic Church, the American Orthodox Catholic Church, and so on. So those are all the same church. Billy God, yeah. Now, these people are alleged bishops because the original church seems to function mostly as a Bishop mill, which is something I did not know existed prior to this. I thought you just called yourself that. Yeah, no, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta find a grifter who's gotten a long running Bishop grift before you can add Bishop to your list of grip to pay another grifter before you can call yourself a bit Bishop. It's part of this vast ecosystem of grift. At least there's an you know. Yeah, yeah, exactly. At least there's an etiquette. Yeah. You can't just be calling yourself a Bishop. This guy's already thought of that. Yeah, this guy's thought of that. And he's been doing it for 10 years. So everybody who calls himself a Bishop has to pay him some money 1st pay it little homage. Yeah. So the original church claims to have been formed in part by a Catholic priest named James Wedgwood, who left the church after he was investigated for making pedophilic advances to young boys. So, like, a real priest formed this church, which now exists to sell bishops bishoprics or like, one of the few priests to get caught. Yeah. Was like, you almost started my own church. I'm going to start my own church and sell being a Bishop to people so that they can claim that it goes back to. Jesus that, like, there's an unbroken chain of a of bishoprics all the way back to the original apostles. So that's how Jim Cumbal claims to be a Bishop. Now, I bet you're wondering what the Genesis 2 church means. Why, it's the Genesis 2 Church, for one. Jim Humble has said in an interview quote it's called Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. Because Genesis means the beginning and two means the second beginning and this is the beginning of a new world without disease. No2 does not mean second beginning. No, it does not. No means means 2. No, it means 2. For example, aliens was not a second beginning to the Alien franchise. It was it was just a really good movie about aliens. That was the 2nd in a series. Yeah. So the second one, yeah. Now are you wondering what it takes to be a member of the Genesis 2 Church? Bill, have you been, you've been considering getting getting in on that? I mean, yeah, sure, yeah. Yeah. Well, all it takes is $10 and a refusal to ever get vaccinated. So it's like REI, it's like. $10 and I will. I will not get vaccinated. You. I will never get vaccinated, Rockwell. And they'll sell you all the machetes You Can Dance. You know, if you go into an MRI and just start telling everyone who works there that you refuse to get vaccinated, really interesting things happen. Like, hey, the owners here. I love telling people I'm part owner of REI. They always look at me like what? Like everywhere. They're very impressed by that. Like what? Mm-hmm. That's what a coop means. Yep, get a dividend every year about $0.25. Because there's stuff lasts forever, so you don't have to keep buying it. Did you guys know that? Yeah, yeah, it it it it actually kind of, well, some of it, you know, well, it all. Several jackets that are guaranteed a lifetime, which bothers me and my closet. Right, so when when when you become a member of the Genesis 2 Church, they will send you a church identification card that states that you cannot be vaccinated so that you have a religious exemption to getting vaccinated, which is is great. These people tie into to that too. All proceeds from these memberships are routed to an account based in the Dominican Republic, which seems to be where Jim Humble has based his business. Although he probably lives in Mexico most of the time, but he might live in the Dominican Republic. He he seems to generally live in places where he can't be. Prosecuted for selling people bleach, water. It also scales for the Seattle Mariners in the offseason, too. That's why he's mostly in the Dominican he's a bird dog scout for the Dodgers. It's just looking for good baseball players. They're good. They're everywhere down here. Give a little bleach. You see what they're made of? Now, membership in the Genesis 2 Church confers some significant advantages. If you pay a little bit extra, you can be made a priest of the church and call yourself Reverend. So that's pretty sweet. Yeah, yeah, exactly. See, now it sounds a little bit better. Jim Humble seems to be trying to set up a little bit of a pyramid scheme bit with this, he advises his pastors to hand out free bottles of Miracle Mineral solution in exchange for donations. He believes this is legally distinct enough from selling poison that none of his pastors will get into trouble. Quote, we already have tremendous lawyers who will help us. If you wish, you will receive a pastor certificate and you will have the legal right to use Reverend in front of your name. It will be legal for you to not pay income tax. You can also receive a certificate to start a chapter of our church. Right there in your area and interested now? Yeah. You can hand out tracks, tell you about MSR healing, and you will no doubt have people come to you for healing. It will be best not to charge for your service. Instead, ask for donations after they get well and that only usually takes a few days. Most people want to donate something when they get well. You will make more money that way than selling the bottles of Ms if you keep at it, you should soon have enough to start. Building a church or course teaches you how to handle all diseases and health problems except those needing surgery, which is a small number we expect. Reasonable. Donation, but not a great big either. But of course great big donations are OK. So really nice guy, Jim humble. He's just, he's trying to help people, is what he's trying to do. It's very clear, very clear, very clear. You just asked for donations because if you don't, it's illegal what we're doing. If you don't, we're just selling people poison. But if you do, you don't have to pay income tax on the poison you sell. I did put that in the middle of that paragraph on purpose. Now, a 2010 Guardian article on Humble reviewed an issue of of his Ms newsletter called Straight Talk with Jim Humble, which sounds like a Fox News show. The straight talk newsletter detailed his strategy for spreading his medicine. The world using his church as a vector. Quote from Jim Humble look at the Catholics. Their priests have been molesting women and children for centuries, and the governments have not been able to stop it. If handled properly, a church can protect us from vaccinations that we don't want, from forced insurance, and from many things that a government might want to use to oppress us. He's not wrong about that. He's not wrong, not wrong at all about what he did. I mean, it is not coming from a good place, but he's not wrong. And I I'm fascinated by the kind of person who's logic goes in these steps, the Catholics. They're allowed to rape as many kids as they want, so having a church can protect me from getting vaccinated, yes? That is some Galaxy brain **** right there. Jim humble. Well, he was he was just sipping on a little of his own supply and he's like, I got it. I got me a ******* idea. Bleach leaked into my head and got into my logic part. Now Jim Humble offers longer courses in the Dominican Republic on how to administer poison bleach water for $750 in one week's time, you can become a Minister of Health and put an inmate chapter your name. If that's not enough, you can pay 15. $100 for a three day trip to Haiti? Well, you will administer bleach water to seriously ill people and receive an Ms certificate which allows you to. I add the title Reverend Dr to your name. And I got to be honest folks, I am only barely resisting the urge to pay $1500 to be able to call myself a Reverend Doctor right now. Like that is. That's a hard thing to know. If I got a national, if I got booked in a national commercial this year, I'll pay for both of us to become Reverend doctors. Hell yeah. That's a weekend you and me go to Haiti for people some bleach become Reverend Duck. Yes, I'm an already ordained minister from the Church of the Life Church or whatever it is. Absolutely. So why not add Reverend Dr ****? Yes, reverend. Dr Minister. *** ****. They don't gas me. I'm like, no, no, no, hear me out. This is what we need to do, yeah. OK, so there's also a really one of the best sources I found on Jim Humble and his church was a really in-depth report done by ABC 7. They're the ones who claim Humble believes himself to be a billion year old God from the Andromeda Galaxy. They sent an undercover reporter to a church seminar in Costa Mesa, CA, where they met with Archbishop Mark Grinnan. She filmed with her iPhone. The reporter filmed with her iPhone and caught the Genesis 2 church instructing new reverence on what to say. Tell them Jesus heals you while you drink this. Our cameras captured grin and telling the seminar. ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross cut up with Grinnan outside the seminar in Costa Mesa. Are you telling people you can cure breast cancer with this? Ross asked Brennan. We tell people we can cure a lot of things. Heal, cure, treat. I can cure all those green and responded. You can treat all those diseases. Breast cancer? Ross asked. Yes, grin and responded. Back inside the seminar are undercover. Eyewitness News producer caught grinning's angry reaction to his interaction with Ross. I hope they think I'm a raving. Lunatic, I really do, Grennan said. He won't put up what I said. I'll be shocked if they put that on. They did. But yeah, so the report also notes that the undercover reporter was excommunicated from the Genesis 2 Church after she was caught. So that's unfortunate. So if we become Reverend doctors, Billy Wayne, we got to keep that **** on the down low if we want to keep using that title. See, that defeats the whole purpose, if I'm being honest. Yeah, because I would. I would want to. I would want to record that whole ******* week. I would want everyone to know. What I'm doing and how I earned this yes, yes. I'm very proud with my Reverend Dr status. I would be live streaming those days on Twitter, yes. Yeah, it would be like the Charlie Sheen **** in the beginning of that where he was. Just like, you see with this, they're in Haiti becoming reverend doctors. Doctors? What is that? I don't know either. No idea, but their clothes are ruined. They've been spilling a lot of bleach. I've yet to start tripping you guys. My mouth just tastes horrible. It just tastes like an old pool. I don't like it. So the Guardian also infiltrated one of their events in 2019 and found very similar behavior. The church put together an effective alternative healing event at the Icicle Village resort in Leavenworth, WA. Because Washington is grifters at Ground Zero, the adviser or organizer of the event, a guy named Tom Mary, noted on his Facebook page that bleach drinking training quote could save your life or the life of a loved one sent home to die. Attendance of the meeting were asked to donate $450 each or $800 per couple to attend and become members. You know that price saving 100 bucks, saving 100 bucks for two, that's a good deal. That's a good deal. I bet we could. If we pretended to be a couple, we could get 1200 bucks, you know, or I guess 2500 total for for Reverend Dr training. I think that would be worth it. I think that would be worth it. Getting Umm yeah, we would. We would have to be in love now that price did include free bleach, which they referred to as sacraments. The headline speaker at the event was Mark Grinnan, and the organizer posted a video to promote the event of a British Ms Advocate visiting a village in Uganda and feeding Bleach to its impoverished residents. One of the victims shown in the film is an infant lying in his or her mother's arms who is made to drink a cup of bleach. The child screams as the fluid is swallowed. Yep, because it's bad. Because the bleach is the bleach, yeah. Now, this is probably a good time to talk about the side effects of drinking bleach, which should not be a thing I have to inform people of. Does it burn? Does it burn? It can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal distress, damage to your red blood cells and respiratory system, and worse, an FDA spokeswoman told The Guardian. Damaging your red blood cells in your respiratory, just worse stuff? Yeah, because it can ******* kill you. Yeah, which is what the FDA said. Anyone who has bought these products is advice to throw them away. Unless you need to clean your swimming pool, then it might help. But of course people don't tend to listen when the FDA warns them that they're poisoning themselves. What started as the sacrament of 1 very specific, Nutty church has spread across the alternative healthcare ecosystem to become the nonsense medication of choice for a whole generation of fake doctors. In our next episode of this two-part series, we will be talking about one of and perhaps the most prominent of these ******** traditions, which is a word. Looks better spelled than pronounced a lady named Kelly Rivera or Carrie Rivera. Sorry, who has claimed for several years to be able to cure autism using bleach. So that's we're going to be talking about in Part 2 of this episode. But for now, Billy, it's time to go away for a little while. Yeah, I'm going to **** bleach for a second. Yeah, let's all go **** some bleach, drink a little bit more, beat bleach, **** and drink some bleach. Have us a good *** time and come back on Thursday to hear about the woman who prescribes drinking bleach as a cure for autism. So I hope it's Jenny McCarthy. No, it's not. This is a woman who's actually a lot worse than Jenny McCarthy, so I don't know if I'll be back. Yeah, ****. Well, that's a real problem for me because nobody else is going to sit and talk with me about bleach drinking for another hour. I'll be back. I'll be back. Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God. Well. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, folks of indeterminate and non binary gender everybody grab yourself a cup of bleach and and come back on Thursday and Billy Wayne, you want to plug your plug cables before we sail out on a river of bleach. Just at Billy Wayne Davis on Instagram or Twitter and my tour dates will be up at cool beans. I am Robert Evans. You can find me on Twitter at I write OK. Inviting this podcast and Twitter and the Graham at that ********* pod. Uh, we have a website,, where you can find all of the sources for this episode. And we also have. T-shirts on you can also buy behind the ******** branded drinking bleach. So drink some bleach. It's healing. I think that's it, Sophie. Have I forgotten anything? No, no, she said. No. She said no. Beautiful. That's it. Podcast. 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