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Part One: Steven Seagal Is So Much Worse Than You'd Ever Imagine

Part One: Steven Seagal Is So Much Worse Than You'd Ever Imagine

Tue, 16 Oct 2018 10:00

Part One: Steven Seagal Is So Much Worse Than You'd Ever Imagine

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey, it's Bobby Bones from the Bobby cast. We are Nashville's most listened to music podcast in depth interviews with your favorite country artists, plus the biggest songwriters and producers in Nashville, all from the comfort of my own home so it gets a little more laid back. They're sharing stories behind the biggest songs in country music and personal stories that you will not hear anywhere else. So if you love country music, I think you will love this podcast. Listen to the Bobby cast on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcast. Hey, it's Chuck Wicks from love country. Talk to Chuck where we bring you what's really happening in the country music family. We also if you love country, here's the deal. You love country music, you can be on the podcast. So if you're a fan, country music or you can call in anytime. Like I want to talk about this, Hulk Hogan called in. He's like Chuck the hulkster. I love your podcast, Jason Aldean, Jimmy Allen, Carly Pierce, Lauren Elena. Listen to new episodes of love Country. Talk to Chuck every Monday and Thursday on the Nashville podcast network, available on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcast. Hey, everybody. I'm Robert Evans, and this is once again behind the ******** the show where we tell you everything you don't know about the very worst people in all of history. And with me today in this special San Francisco City by the Bay episode of behind the ******** is Sean Riley, also known as Sean Baby. It's a pleasure to be here. I had to check up on your last name because I've only ever known you was Sean, Baby. It is Riley. Yeah, Sean Patrick Reilly. Gotcha. Because, you know my dad. It was his turn to name the kids, and he really wanted. First name, so, he said. Triple the Irish. Sean Reilly is very Irish, right? Adding a Patrick in there, just too much. Exceptionally so. It's too much. Well, we are talking about the opposite of an Irish person today. Steven Seagal. We have cans of wine. Is that not normal? Not normal? Normally I'm. I'm sober. Other than the natural high Doritos gives me, I'm going to be your first drunken Irish guest. Drunken Irish? Yeah, we did a really drunk one at unite the right two. But anyway, we're just going to dive right in here to our story about Steven Seagal. I can't wait. Now, if you all remember Steven Seagal. Kind of mediocre, bordering on decent sometimes. Action stars of such films as under siege on Deadly Ground. Yeah, what? On Deadly ground is not so great. No, no, no, no. Under siege is all right. We're talking hard to kill. Yeah, hard to kill. Above the law. Above the law. Target was the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, which was better than all these. You know, we should talk about Jean Claude van for three hours. Well, the thing about Steven Seagal, I suspect a lot of people listening to this might be surprised that Steven Seagal has been picked as a subject for this. And I want to ensure everyone up front he's a monster. And that's part of what's so important to talk about today. Because honestly, you can kind of tell from his movies, like there seem to be made by a very insecure man, like if you watched a lot of his films, but he has, like, never taken a shot. Steven Segal movies are just him, like just walking through his enemies. Oh yeah, yeah. No, he's not. It's not like a Bruce Willis thing where he's gonna get shot and choked and beat up and. Right. No, it's just I'm the toughest guy that's ever been. And even when he made the glimmer man, and, like, you and everyone had all these funny lines, he was like, you know what? I should have these funny lines, too. And so, like, there's two funny men. There's no straight guy in that movie except Steven Seagal, you know, has no comic timing, and he sort of sucks, but like, again, walks through everybody and you have a you have a knife. Steven Seagal has nothing. You're so dead. Like, 10 seconds into that fight, you're dead. Oh yeah. He's going to break your arms to the knife. Back towards you, and then he's gonna stab you with your own knife. That's the kind of action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme. He'd get stabbed like 75 times and make a heroic comeback. Like, that's a story. Yeah. Yeah, that's an arc. There's no arcs in Steven Seagal movies. The arc is just Steven Seagal is a ******. There are people opposed to him, and then they're dead. Yeah. So Steven Frederick Segal or, well, Stephen Frederick Siegel is the original pronunciation of his name, so we'll get to that in a second. Was born on April 10th, 1952. On his personal website,, he describes his early life. Thusly, a son of a math teacher and a medical technician, Stevens Humble childhood was underscored by a fascination with the martial arts and the Blues. Some would say that this is a strange combination, but ask any martial arts expert or Blues legend and they will both tell you that it is the spirit that reaches deep and within your soul that drives the artistry. Learned on ancient mountaintop Pakistan karate. It's actually freaky how accurate that is to what he claims about his training in the Blues. Every stupid thing I make up, you're like, Oh yeah, that's actually something. Oh Lord, you can't think this is Dumber than it is. And then it gets really sinister. So that's the Steven Seagal tale. So according to the Guardian, Steven began studying Akito when he was seven years old, and soon thereafter, quote professed to his parents that he was not of this cosmic realm. I learned from karate class that it came from space. Yeah, it's possible that this was because young Stephen Siegel was actually the reincarnation of a 17th century Buddhist lama, but again, more on that later. OK, probably the best source I've been able to find on Siegel's early life was a November 1990 article in People magazine written at the height of his popularity. The author actually got to interview his mom, Pat, and get some presumably accurate information about the stars early life. The article notes that while Siegel claimed that quote, a lot of my youth was spent in Brooklyn. His mom says that he was born in Lansing, MI, and lived near Detroit until the family moved to Fullerton. California when he was five. Here's a quote from that article, although Segal likes to paint himself as an urban street kid whom the Fullerton youth saw as some kind of crazy gangster, Pat says her son was frail and suffered from asthma. He was a party kid back then, she says. But he really thrived after the move from Michigan. So good for him. Moving to Fullerton was great. Yeah. So weird thing to lie about. Yeah, well, wanting people to think that you were a gangster at five. I just. I wouldn't have bought it anyway, but like you would ask his mom and his mom sells him out immediately. He doesn't even say like, mom, I told everyone to come from the karate streets. You got to you got to cover for me. She's like, I'm not doing that, sweetheart. You People magazine calls. I'm telling them the truth. You are fat and asthmatic and you're not from space. You know, you know that kid in like elementary school who who always has all these like bold lies about his uncle who was a Navy SEAL or whatever, like that? Steven Seagal is that, but never growing up or learning anything? Like that's a great way to describe it. So Stevens mom says that he spent most of his youth playing rock music rather than the Blues, but confirms that he was obsessed with the keto from an early age. So that does seem to be true. Well, it's a perfect sport for a 7 year old. They eat on the keto being thrown will not be the last. Probably not, she says. Quote he worked with this nice old Japanese man at a Dojo in Garden Grove. He heard Steven to go to Japan. We don't know when Stephen first went to Japan because he is a habitual liar. But in sundry interviews he's claimed to have first gone there at various years from between 1963 to 1973. So somewhere in that. Fullerton College enrollment records note that he was enrolled there from 1970 to 71, which suggests he would have been at least 19 before leaving. This is meaningful because one of Stevens claims to. Name is that he studied under Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. Since Mr Ueshiba died in 1969, it's likely that Stevens lying about that too. Ridiculous? Yes. It won't stop being that. So Siegel moved back to California in 1974, where he met Miyako Fujitani, a second degree black belt and daughter of an aikido master from Osaka, Japan. They met in LA at a Dojo where she worked, and Stephen pursued her quote aggressively. Now like the sound of that. No, no, it will be creepy later. At this point, he was really good looking in his youth, like he is legitimately swole like a handsome guy like in his early 20s. And she was charmed by it. She said he somehow. I saw that by the time he made his first movie. Ohh yeah OK no he he went downhill from like age 18 on. It has been a steady slide. To be honest, I think he might have peaked at 5. So Miyako eventually went home to Osaka, and Steven went with her. So he went back to Japan a second time. They got married there. According to Robert Strickland, a former CIA consultant who knew Cigal in Japan, Segal claimed to have married Miyako and moved there in order to, quote, avoid the draft. Marrying a Japanese national would make him less likely to be sent back to the United States. So he doesn't talk about that so much anymore now that he's Steven Seagal lawman. But yeah, that's that's apparently why I moved to Japan in the 1st place, to avoid the draft. Yeah. To this day, Segal claims that he was the 1st and at the time. Only white man to open a Dojo in Japan? If true, that would be impressive. Spy magazine says that. That's ********. However, Spy magazine Spy magazine is calling you on your ********. I bet that's some serious ********. I really like every article of spy I read because they agree about Paul Manafort. Like this one. They spent six months studying Steven Seagal and, like, talking to people who knew him as a kid and, like, really getting into his back story. It's a fun journey into the youth of Steven Seagal. Yeah, magazine. Spy magazine, baby quote, in fact, the Dojo. Which was founded by Fujitani's father and noted Aquito black belt was owned by his mother-in-law and managed by his wife, herself. A black belt, Segal has also boasted of his courage in battling criminals. Sometimes they are thugs of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Other times they are mere garden variety criminals. I jumped right in front of their faces, Segal told movie line. I was a tenacious ************ man, and I was fearless. Miyako, his ex-wife says. Segal was not exactly telling the truth about fighting the yakuza. Man quote It is a lie. He once chased a few drinks away from the Dojo, but was never involved with the Yakuza so. That's they could have been yakuza. You don't know. You don't know man could have been drunk yakuza. Another major Segal claim to fame is that he was the first Westerner to receive a black belt in Aikido. His ex-wife doesn't challenge this exactly, but she did tell spy quote. The only reason Stephen was awarded the Black Belt was because the judge who was famous for his laziness fell asleep during Stevens presentation. Judge just gave him the black belt. Like, where am I? Who is this guy? You know what? Here's a black belt. Normally you only give these to 9 year olds at the YMCA, but you seem like a good guy. Like a yakuza fighting good guy. This is a ridiculous story. It's really ridiculous and like such dubious honors to lie about it. That is the first black felt like, OK, dude, that is a black belt is one of those phrases that's like a shortcut to me. Just cutting, closing my ears to somebody. Like, OK, you're bragging about being a black belt. And what's the question is, can you teach me Taekwondo? In which case, absolutely. Drop your credentials. Why not? Yeah. So Steven spent a sizable chunk of the late 70s teaching martial arts in Japan, and According to him, this is when he first attracted the attention of the CIA. Here's how Stephen put it in the 1988 interview with the LA Times, these guys were my students. They saw my abilities both with martial arts and with the language. You can say that I became an adviser to several CIA agents in the field. Through my friends in the CIA, I met many powerful people and did special. Tricks and special favors work special favors the largest Kung Fu trophy in all of Minnesota. Stephen claims that during this what Lansing, MI? They're there, too. Stephen claims that during this. He did security work for Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, the Shah of Iran and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. I'm going to guess none of those. Probably. Probably not. Probably not. I don't buy it. I I mean, clearly his security team wasn't great because he got assassinated. So yeah, maybe Segal was, maybe that was because they tried Akito, they tried aquito against the sniper. It's not working. Oh, sorry, Anmore, that was that was unfair. For a time it was hard to refuse to confirm Stevens claims of badassery. His ex-wife Miyako did admit that he would regularly go away for long chunks of time during their ten years together, saying my children don't have any memory of him as a father God, so he must be a ninja or something. The first thing to Pierce the illusion of Steven Seagal's actual action hero turned movie action hero was that wonderful 1993 spy article man of Dishonor by John Connolly. Now, like I said, this article was the result of a six month investigation, and it was the 1st place to point out that Steven Seagal's last name, which originally pronounced Siegel, not Segal. Are you going to guess how that came about? I'm gonna say definitely had to do with ninjas. He had to have been defending some kind of a Dojo. No, this is actually the only believable story he's ever told. He apparently went to a Chagall exhibit at a museum and liked the pronunciation. Never would have guessed that I believe that's true. No one would lie about that, though. So when Segal came back from Japan in 1980, he opened two dojos, one of them in Taos, NM, and one of them in Los Angeles. Taos is an odd choice, kind of a small town to open an Aikido Dojo in addition. Must be a great Akito town. It's beautiful town right? I didn't notice any Akito going on there so I think it failed to take on. Miyako says that her then husband told her that he wanted to go to the US to either get rich in Hollywood or by running restaurants, which he doesn't seem to have ever done. She supported him in his dreams though and spent years saving up money and living like a pauper to fund his trip back and his attempts to start a business. So that's sweet sweet. I'm going to guess he does right by her. Let's read the next paragraph before he left her he told her quote I will always do the right thing. I will never betray. You then he took her savings, went to America, and married another woman, Adrienne Larussa, in 1984. Shortly thereafter he met another woman, actress Kelly Lebrock, according to Joe Hyams, then Warner Brothers VP of Publicity, Segal saw Lebrock and the film woman in Red and said she is my destiny. So Hyams and Segal wound up having dinner with Jerry Pam, Lebrock's former agent, and during dinner Segal asked Pam what the best way to get publicity was. Pam told him it was to be seen in the company of famous people. So Segal asked him if he could help him meet Kelly Lebrock. Pam told Segal that Kelly. Is currently in Japan, so Steven Segal, who was still married to Miyako and illegally married to a second woman, flew to his first wife's home country to try to pick up a third woman because she was famous. Which is that's how all the great love stories start. It's almost a work of art as far as being a ****** person is. It's like the being a garbage husband version of the Mona Lisa. Like, if you're in a writers room and you're like, OK, we got to have this ***** ** **** do some stuff to, like, let the viewers know he's a ***** ** ****. You'd be like, nude. Pump the brakes on all this. This is way too much and it is way too much. And yet that does seem to be what happened. So he did meet Kelly Lebrock in Japan, and within two weeks they were lovers. Within a year she was pregnant. By this time, Adrienne Larussa had decided to file for an annulment. So that's good. Segal granted her an annulment. She didn't seek any financial support and in an interview later stated that in fact quote, I gave him money for months afterward just to get him out of my life. I can't say very much because I'm afraid of Steven and his friends. We'll talk about who Steven and his friends could be here, but yeah, yeah, it's just sad for this girl like. A lot of women have for Kelly Lebrock. I mean, there's not a whole lot of shame in that. Like, that's gotta be most women's fears. Kelly lebrock. Yeah, but, like, still pay the guy money. Yeah, and he's also got another wife. Yeah. Bad. Yeah, I bet you didn't even get those karate trophies. No, no, no, I guess not. Miaka divorce cigar. Right around this time, he and Lebrock headed back to Hollywood and her Beverly Hills mansion. Now, he wasn't a movie star at this point. He was just sort of living with a movie star as part of his quest to get famous. His Taos Dojo failed in the late 1980s, leaving him desperate for cash, in the words of Robert Strickland. According to Strickland, Stephen arranged for a mercenary he knew to steal Lebrock's Porsche Carrera for the insurance money. Mercenary? He knew mercenary. He knows a lot of mercenaries in interviews at the time. The girl claimed to be actively searching for the monster who'd stolen his wife's car. That's crazy. It's pretty remarkable, right? I just keeps going in this hating Steven Seagal now. I'm like now, OK, he's coming around, now you're coming around. This really wiped the stain of hard to kill out money problems were common with pre movie Steven Seagal. Multiple sources who knew him for years alleged to spy that he seemed to have mysterious backers who would regularly help him out of his Pickles and presumably helped him start his dojos in the 1st place. Two of his friends were called a time when he left for around a week and returned with a new car and. Quote a stack of $100 bills 6 inches high. Yeah, I bet he had someone for money. Well, that is what he claimed. Segal bragged that he'd gotten the money for pulling off a hit for the mob. Hit like he confessed to his friends. His friends later told Spy magazine. Spoiler alert about Segal, none of his friends stay as friends. Maybe because he's a giant ***** ** **** that might have an effect, whether or not he actually carried out a hit for the mob, Segal spent years telling lies like this in order to craft an aura of danger. Spy reported in 1993 that Segal packs a 45 in his belt, not just loaded, but cocked and chambered. Some might think this tough, others merely creepiness, since he's just as likely to shoot himself in the testicles as to drop an attacker. Now, in fairness to Segal, cocked and chambered or cocked and locked is a common way to carry a single action Colt 1911, which sounds like the gun. Was carrying OK, in more fairness and in more accuracy, if you carry a cocked and loaded pistol of any kind in a belt without a holster, you are asking to get yourself shot in the crotch. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's dumb. It's a dumb thing to do. I'm wearing one right now. And I mean, I've got shot in *** **** 4 * 5 times. You lose track after a few, you know? But you save a lot of money on birth control. That's a great point. Male birth control is here and it is called dangerously carrying a loaded handgun in your pants. So Steven supposed history as a *** ***. Was not invented out of whole cloth. Throughout his life, he's had numerous friendships with former CIA operatives, mercenaries, and soldiers. Spy suggests that this is because he basically just steals these people stories and relates them during interviews to seem like a ****** quote. On one occasion, one of Segall's students, a former Green Beret, was talking about his time in Lao. Later, Segal told the same story to another group, only now he had become the protagonist. Unfortunately, the Green Beret was in this group. Makita remembers the soldier saying, hey, idiot, that's my story. Yeah, and that man died after three quick chops of aquito. Speaking of Akito, you know what flips and throws hunger. This ******* thread this is this is the Doritos plug. 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Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. This fall on revisionist history, is there anything that we haven't talked about? I should have asked you if you'd like to add that seems relevant. You should have asked me why I'm missing fingers on my left hand. A story about sacrifice. I think his suffering drove him to try to alleviate suffering. And the shocking discovery I made where I faced the consequences of writing a book I thought would help people? Isn't that funny? It's not funny at all. It's depressing. Very depressing. Religious history is back with more. Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. We're back and we're talking about Steven Seagal. I'm going to read another quote from his website. All right? It gets into how he describes the start of his film career. Most of us know Stephen for his roles as an action hero with an acting career that was launched at his Los Angeles Dojo in the late 80s, where he taught martial arts to the likes of Sean Connery, James Coburn and the famed talent agent Michael Ovitz. Fun fact, he broke Sean Connery's wrist. Yeah, when they were sparring. Not too bad now. Well, I mean, yeah, I guess. I mean, it's a sign of clumsiness. You probably shouldn't break a student's wrist. Yeah, yeah, but I mean, at least didn't shoot *** **** off. He didn't shoot Sean Connery's **** off, which I'm sure a lot of people are grateful. So that's an 8 out of 10 day for Steven Seagal already. This is a better day than most. Quote it was Mr Ovitz who paved the way for Steven to Co write and star in his first and hugely successful action film, above the law, in 1988. It's a good movie The story for how he came to be in it is a little bit more complicated than Steven Seagal's website gives, and involves a lot more of them up. Of course it does. Would you have guessed before this that Steven Seagal's career was bankrolled at the start by the Mafia or the Yakuza? I guess. Yeah, the Japanese mafia, whatever. The American mafia. No good has ever led to Steven Seagal doing anything? No, I would. I would say that's probably fair. So let's let's hear about how we got into above the law. We're talking about the law, we're talking above the law. Yes, we're we are definitely talking about talking to the bank. Wait, is that a real line from the movie? Fantastic. OK, it is almost certainly true that Michael Ovitz arranged for Segal to meet with a group of Warner Brothers executives to show off his Akito skills. He was apparently quite impressive, Warner Brothers President Terry Semel recalled with just a toss of his hand. Steven would send the other guy flying. It was pretty astounding. Mark Mikita participated in this demonstration. He ran a Dojo in Los Angeles and basically agreed to be tossed around with the help of his friend, he said, and later in an interview quote. I still can't believe those guys at Warner didn't know it was a rehearsed demonstration. It shouldn't have fooled anybody. Segal could not toss me or anyone else in the air. Unless we were in on it. If I get interrupt here for a second, sure. If you watch an Akito demonstration, it usually is 1 dude in the center of like a crowd and they run at him one at a time and he'll like do a little thing with their wrist and they'll go flying and do a front flip. It's clearly ********. And we've now had, you know, 3 decades of MMA in our country and many more in in Brazil and Japan and no one has ever gone in there as a nikito expert and said like, this is me, I'm going to Akito a guy and they come in and he flips them all around. It just simply doesn't work. There's no record of Akita working on someone who doesn't want Akito to work on them. Yeah, the way I've heard it described. And, you know, in case our listeners don't know who you are, you you have a lot of experience in this world. I wrote a few UFC games, you know, big fan of the sport, trained in jujitsu and Muay Thai. You know, I like. I like this stuff a lot. I think about this stuff a lot. And like everyone else in 1993, when UFC first came, I kept expecting some magic Tai Chi guy to come down out of the mountains or on a kido guy to come out or or a. Sheet Kundo Guida to lock everybody's hands up and and beat them with compass and it just it never happens. Like these traditional martial arts have sort of been proven ********. They're great ways to stay fit and have fun with your friends. Doesn't explain the size of Steven Seagal. I'm not even sure that's true. I think it's a good place to like, leave a kid for now. Absolutely. Anyway, my point is stories about Kido, devastating yakuza members. It's it's unlikely. Yeah. And and if you grab a guy by the wrist and he does a front flip, he probably didn't mind doing that front flip so much. He's helping you out. It was a consensual flip, right? Yeah. As opposed to the non consensual flips, which I think are more useful in a fight. I'm not an expert. I would say so. OK, all this. You know, Steven Seagal's a big fraudulent sort of exhibition. Maybe he tossed around his friend was enough to convince the WB executives to drop $50,000 on a screen test which shows you what money means in Hollywood. The screen set test was apparently an absolute disaster. Segal had no charisma, talked like Whispering Ghosts. Like that sounds like him. Yeah, that sounds like Steven Seagal. That's how you would describe him. And like his profile. Dating profile. Yeah, whispering ghost. I have no charisma. My head stores one triangle. It does have a weird shape. Ovitz appeared to really love Steven, though, because he continued to vouch for this kid that he just met. So Warner Brothers was like, this kid's no good, we're not going to put him in a movie. We already wasted 50 grand on it. So obits. His last job before starting to work with Segal is he had done, like, the casting for Lethal Weapon, which obviously gigantic hit. So they wanted him back for lethal weapon, too. Clearly, he's good at casting, and he agreed not to take a pay bump, which you're guaranteed for a job like that, a sizable paid bump if you're working in the sequel. He agreed to work for what he'd gotten paid to make the first one. If they would give Steven Seagal a job. OK. So Michael Ovitz really ******* believed in Steven Seagal. Or at least that's one possibility here. It's possible that Ovitz just saw something in Steven Seagal. It's also possible that Seagal's career was bankrolled by the Mafia from day one and that Ovitz was maybe bribed. I don't know. I've never heard any allegations that Ovitz was bribed. Maybe he just loved him. But there are credible allegations that Steven Seagal started his career in the Mafia. People do get, like, a sort of a cult. Make Love for their martial arts instructor. Like, if you go in cold, as an adult especially, and, like, start taking, like, karate classes, you'd be like, Oh my God, my karate instructor can levitate. You don't even know you with one finger. He can knock you out and, like, that's just sort of becomes normal. He's just staying at the strip mall because he's too enlightened to work somewhere better. Right? So this guy might have just thought that Steven Seagal truly was magic, then that is entirely possible. I'm glad you brought that up, because I wouldn't have thought about that. We do know that in 1990, Steven Seagal formed Steamroller Entertainment with a guy named Julius Nasso. Now NASA's main business was providing pharmaceuticals to merchant boats, but he broke into pharmaceuticals to merchant boats. So drugs. Yeah. In 1984, though, Julius got into filmmaking, and he claimed to spy that he'd been introduced to Segal via Tony Danza. Danza denied this. Danza knew who Nassos was and basically said he's no ******* friend of mine. Don't don't talk to me about that guy. So Segal told people that NASA and he were related, although neither here or Nassau ever gave any detail as to how Stevens mother denied any relation between them. Whatever the truth, Julius's uncle, also named Julius Nasso, owned a concrete company in New York. In 1985, it was revealed that NASA's. Concrete firm had participated in the bid rigging scheme with Anthony Salerno, the original Fat Tony. That's where the name comes from. On The Simpsons Fat Tony Salerno, several employees testified against him. Naso the younger and Segal were good friends for about a decade. NASA was the best man at Segal second wedding. He was also the co-owner of Segall's $560,000 Staten Island home. It's worth noting that several other mob guys connected to the Gambino family wound up having roles in Segals early films. Quote from that spy article, one of the technical advisors on the set of under siege. Robert Booth Nichols, who has been identified in federal wiretaps as associating with the Gambino crime family, a retired Navy captain named Joseph John, who was a technical advisor in the same movie responsible for securing the use of the USS Missouri, describes Sigala Nichols as ******* buddies. Which I think means **** buddies and not both ******** who are friends, but I can't tell. Yeah, I've never heard the term. Doesn't mean they have sex with each other. It might. I don't know. I don't know. This guy has martinis and get all loud together. Nobody's so another performer in the Cigal film. Jerry Siari is the stepson of a mafia capo, Robert Zimbardi, who reportedly got Segal to give his stepson apart. In out for justice. Segal hired Siari, who has ambitions to be a movie star, to play a bookmaker. In a key scene, Segal beats up a number of bad guys in the bar. The one varmint who never takes a punch is siari no way Segal was going to take a swing at Bobby's Anna's kid spy was told. That is suspicious that you're a bad guy and Steven Segals scene and you didn't get punched in the face. The modern mob involved. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Even weirder than all this is the fact that during the 1993 deposition for a civil assault case, which I could not find more detail about, but I I don't think he was the one being charged. But he was deposed in the civil assault case. Segal, under oath, claimed not to know how much money he had, what he actually owned, or what he was paid per movie. His attorney explained that Segal did not have an individual contract with Warner Brothers. Instead, Warner Brothers had a contract with Segal and his friend Nassau. At times, some of the money paid to Segal went directly to Nassau. No, that is a little weird. That's a little weird. Yeah. Your movie deal is with another guy who has mob ties and he gets some of your money. Yeah, and no one seems to know quite why. Is he his his agent? No, no, they owned a production company together. His ******* buddy. His ******* ******* buddy. Yeah. So in the early 1990s, Julius Nasso started walking around with a card saying he was a Warner Brothers producer. So it it seems like Warner Brothers might have given him some title on some, but it's also like they refused to talk about this at all, so. Who knows what happened? Spy interviewed him and he claimed that he would be handling foreign distribution for the movie. I think for under siege. Great movie, yeah, great movie The interviewers at Spy thought this was odd since WB at the time had the largest foreign distribution system of any Hollywood studio. Warner Brothers refused to comment, so NASA explained. Because of my experience in the drug business, I had contacts all over the world, which is why he was the right man to help sell this movie overseas. Yeah boy, get those high sailors, man. They really like under siege. Hey, I've always said if you can get sailors high. And sell movies overseas? Yeah, especially about Navy chef that kicks ***. OK, so at the time, in 1993, this is about all that spy new. But in the decades since 1993 a lot more information has come out. It turns out that NASA was an associate of the Gambino crime family and he loaned Segal at least half $1,000,000 of their money. Segal claims it was for taxes. When sigala NASA had a falling out. Around 2000, Segal was forced into a meeting with several mobsters where they demanded $150,000 per movie he'd made. So here's a quote from a 2002 New York Times article on the matter. Steven Seagal, the action film star cited as a mafia. Extortion target has told investigators that after he stopped working with his longtime producer, he was ordered into a car in Brooklyn last year and shuttled to a landmark restaurant where he was threatened by mobsters. According to officials and lawyers involved in the case, he was so intimidated, he recounted, that he agreed to turn over 700,000, although investigators are still trying to trace the money. You know, I would do if I was in a car with all those mobsters and I knew Aikido, ******* Aikido, everybody in the car. You can't throw someone in a car show. Work really well in those close quarters they try to punch and you're like, that's not slap, karate chop. ******* movies have taught me that this liquid human all over the car, just bloody pieces of that into the river. Water like 20 minutes later. That's how long I hold my breath. I was sucking there out of their dead lungs that whole time. Akito. You should direct the Steven Seagal movie. My favorite thing about this is that some of these guys who are doing the meeting were tapped and so the FBI listened in to them laughing about intimidating Steven Seagal. And the thing they thought was funniest is that he had a gun but was too scared to do anything. Like so they're just laughing at him. They just think it's hilarious how sad he was. Thing about Steven Seagal is you really get the idea he like buys into his own ******** and after something like that like he's got to rethink like 3 decades worth of that ******** he's living under. Like, am I really a *****? I'm going to correct you there. I don't think Steven Seagal has ever refought anything in his current situation. Like, Oh yeah, they're lucky I didn't do my Akita or pull my gun. Takes a real ****** to get out of a situation like that. With only $700,000 in spending, no one expects me to pee my pants for eight straight minutes. Ohh, so Steven Seagal in court claimed that these guys were basically just as business partners and then the mob extorted him. It sure seems like what really happened is that the Gambino crime family through NASA, invested in Segal in the hopes that they could cash in on a long and successful action movie career. Which the joke was a little bit off down there got him a little too late there. Whatever the truth behind his start 1988, Segal became the hottest new action hero on the block and was on his way to becoming a massive star. Gary Goldman, an ex mercenary, was one of the bad assets. They all like to surround himself with. For a while they were working on a script together and Segal had Goldman vouched for him in interviews. In one interview with the LA Times, Goldman claimed that Segal had gone with him quote on several missions and that he has a high level of skill that you don't just pick up reading fantasy magazines. I don't think anyone would question his capabilities. Mercenaries. They take dudes who just read fantasy magazines with them and they're like, damn it, another one of these fantasy magazines guys. I really should have learned not to bring random people on my mercenary missions. We've been getting magic spells on this mission. No, this is a real life, not a fantasy magazine. Well, my only expertise is fantasy magazines. I've cut out these little lightning bolt things. We got to get that Steven Seagal guy back. He knows what he's doing well, OK, so. Full disclosure, about a year after this point, Segal and Goldman had a falling out and Segal backed out of their plan to write a movie. So Goldman wrote a letter to the same journalist at the LA Times he lied to a year earlier and recanted, he said. Quote The plain truth of the matter is that Segal wasn't is a gutless coward who was trying to convert the heroic deeds of those brave men into a personal history for himself. Yeah, among other things, Goldman's letter claimed that in 1988 he and Segal had gone treasure hunting near Barbados with Randy Weidner. They're all hanging out on a boat, seagull bragged repeatedly about his time as a Navy SEAL. Which, do I even need to say that he was never a Navy? He wasn't a Navy SEAL. Absolutely not. At one point Stephen and Goldman had to wade into the water to deliver equipment to a Zodiac boat, which is like a real ****** cool thing that, like a real cool person might have been able to handle. Steven Seagal was not. Here's how Goldman said it went. Quote The surf was unbelievable, really tough. He started screaming and panicking and was sure he was going to die and all that crap. Goldman claims that Randy Widner had to pull sigall up by his hair, while while Goldman, quote, pushed his *** onto the boat with my shoulder. Well, the one thing I know about Navy seals is when you get him like in rough water, they just freak the **** out. Yeah. No, they're training is to panic. And water is rough. Yeah, that's what makes beautiful Corona Beach. But it's it's like, lovely. And you can watch the planes land, but there's the sound of all those Navy seals screaming, just like you're doing good work. See panic a little harder. You'll be the best. You really want to lose your mind now, this young recruit, Steven Siegel, we're going to best we ever saw. We're going to send you to the desert. So we want you scared of the sea. I love that they have special circumstances just to say, oh, you're a Navy SEAL, well, here's the water and he just ***** it up so badly it doesn't even end there because later it became clear that Segal could not read a compass or a map. Both things the Navy seals sort of stress. Kind of important. In his letter to the LA Times, Goldman said Segal, quote, would surely die of starvation if he was given a compass and a map that led to a restaurant 5 miles away. That's that's some good, like, ****** way to call someone a *****. Yeah, that's that's some solid mercenary ragging. Yeah. Goldman smack talking prompted Segal to take action. He called up his friend Robert Strickland, the former contract employee with the CIA, and had him meet on the set of a movie he was filming, I think on deadly ground as they sat in his trailer. As they said in his trailer, Segal handed Strickland to dossier he'd had compiled on Goldman and then showed him a briefcase with $50,000 in it. According to Strickland, he said this. I'd like you to do me a favor. I'd like you to kill Gary Goldman. Now I should note, Mr Segal was 38 years old at this point and in the prime of his career, Robert Strickland was a 68 year old retiree who was a good foot shorter than him. Strickland claims his first response was you're crazy, to which Segal responded. If you won't do it, get someone who will pay in what you want and keep the rest. This would not be the last time Steven Seagal tried to pay to have somebody hurt. What you want is a long paper trail when you when you want to assassinate someone, you want to outsource it and then have them outsource it. That way it's easier to get away with when lots of people know about it. The more documentation you have for these crimes? Absolutely no. I think most criminals would agree with that. In the summer of 1991, a writer named Alan Rickman. Not the actor. That kind of messed me up for a second, too. Wrote an article about Segal for gentlemen's quarterly. It was not complimentary. Segal flew an intelligence analyst to his Staten Island home to help him dig up dirt on the writer's quote from Spy. Segal tells the consultant that Rickman is gay. A ***. In the actor's words, he wants Rickman set up with a homosexual quote to get pictures of Rickman going down on the man. When the security consultant refused, Segal asked what it would cost to have a hypothetical man whacked. When the consultant replied, whacked dead, Segal said. Of course you people do that all the time. What if what if you were Rickman mask and I suck **** ****? Is that gonna work? My favorite part about this is that, like in a television interview, he lied about the other man's height and he called him a Pansy, even though Rickman was an army captain who was also taller than Steven Seagal. Jesus Christ, Stephen. He's just damn it, Steven. He might be genetically incapable of telling the truth. It's it's really hard to say. Bob Strickland, that former CIA contractor, seems to have been one of the people who put up with segals ******** for the longest amount of time. Sigal actually paid Strickland $50,000 of a $250,000 deal for his life story. Strickland thought this meant that school was going to make a movie about him, but it actually just meant that Segal wanted the right to lie about his own life and tell stories from Strickland's life when he was interviewed. So one night, Strickland was watching the Arsenio Hall. Go install a Steven Seagal telling a story from Strickland's own life. Ohh. That's an amazing interview too, by the way. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. He, like, gets all dark for he's like, I think he's talking about Kelly Lebrock and how, like, she was misbehaving. And he's like my house, my rules. Like it's a real window into the darkness that is inside that man. Well, if I was not a hack and a fraud, I would have seen that one. I was too busy reading about Steven Seagal. So Strickland got really angry when he heard his own stories being told by Steven Seagal. So yeah, he. Called Steven a bunch of times, left a bunch of angry messages, and Steven's response was essentially to threaten Strickland, which prompted the former CIA contractor to file a sworn affidavit in the Burbank Superior Court. Quote on December 11th, 1991, Steven Segal said to me, in my attorney's presence, if anybody from the CIA ***** with me, they will be hurt, he claimed. He was backed by very powerful people. More powerful than the CIA, more powerful than the CIA is ******** their pants. No. Yeah, yeah. I mean, he's, I know my friends CIA. He's one of those non swimming Navy seals, which is those are the deadliest kind. And if you want to hear something that's even better than a Navy SEAL who can't swim sponsors. It's an ad break. Yeah, it's a sponsors. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for. None of that. 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I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. And we're back. We're talking about Steven Seagal, who has just ruined what probably the longest friendship he ever had with the former CIA man by lying and stealing his life, becoming an experienced vampire on national television. On national television. God, that's so embarrassing. Yeah, it's a really shameful thing to do. So in the affidavit Strickland filed, he claimed that a mutual friend of he and Segal had, quote, called me from New York and advised me to watch my ***. He stated that my safety could be in jeopardy because Steven Seagal is backed by powerful people who have a vested interest in preserving. With image and reputation, which might have been true at that point, entirely honest, like he, he may not have been lying about that. Segal quickly followed the success of 1988's above the law, which was his first film, with three more action hits, hard to kill, marked for death and out for justice. His career peaked in 1992 with under siege, or I think 93 with under siege. I may have ****** that up, but he was a pretty big star in 1991 when he was invited to host an episode of Saturday Night Live. Not the greatest success in the history of that show. In a way, it might be maybe in a way it might be. It depends on how much enjoyment you get out of this next anecdote. So in the book life from New York, which is a history of the show, several cast members chimed in about the week Steven Seagal was the host, Tim Meadows. The biggest problem with Steven Seagal was that he would complain about jokes that he didn't get. So it was like, you can't explain something to somebody in German if they don't speak German. He just wasn't funny. And he was very critical of the cast and the writing staff. He didn't realize that you can't tell somebody they're stupid. On Wednesday and expect them to continue writing for you on Saturday. So people like gave him intentionally bad **** because they hated him, I think. So I think that's part of the explanation. David Spade said, quote, he didn't want to go along with what the plan was that week. And as a result, I think that was the first week that I heard talk about replacing the host and just doing a cast show. Yeah. And then Julia Sweeney, when we pitched our ideas for Segal at our Monday meeting, he gave us some of his own sketch ideas. And some of his sketch ideas were so heinous, so hilariously awful. It was like we were on candid camera. We had this idea that he's a therapist and he wanted Victoria Jackson to be his patient who's just been raped. And the therapist says you're going to have to come to me twice a week for like 3 years because he said that's how therapists ******* are, they're just trying to get your money. And then he says that the psychiatrist tries to have sex with her. That Steven Seagal's idea of comedy. That's so weird. It will not be weird later in this story. It will actually make total sense in about 30 minutes I've been a comedy writer for. Many years now and I'm seriously racking my brain how to get to a place of comedy from such a dark premise. No, there's no punch line anywhere in in that description and I don't think there was a punch line in the show. Even if you had nine hours to build the context for this, I don't think you can make that like funny funny. And I do think it's important to note that nightmare. I suspect that four Segal the punch line was the psychiatrist tries to rape his patient. I think that was his idea. That was the joke. For this, it's assault. It's a horrible, gruesome assault. Sexual assault. Victim. See, it's like poetry. It ties back to the beginning. Oh, God, he would have said that. He would have compared, you know, he expressed a worry to Lorne Michaels that he would be, quote, the worst host ever. Lorne Michaels reportedly said no, that would be Steven Seagal. He's one of the only people ever banned from being on Saturday Night Live ever, ever, ever, ever again. They did that joke on Sarah Live. Remember Lorne Michaels coming out and saying, like, no, the worst house was Steven Seagal. But there was something real about it, like, yeah, no, I mean it sounds like he was terrible. There's another story. I think it was Rob Schneider who saw Steven Seagal, like, walked up to him and said, I just finished reading the best screenplay in my life. And Schneider was like, Oh yeah, who wrote it? And he was like me and it was not a joke. Oh my God, Steven Segal. What a dream set up for that answer, though, because like, if you said, oh, I made the best screenplay, most people are like, oh, what's it about? Yeah, but he asked who the writer was to perfectly set up Steven Segal to say ******* I'm going to guess he knew that should be the team. Schneider Oh my God. Oh my God. Yeah, I would throw my own money into the production of that film. Yeah, especially if all of the bad guys are Cigal and Snyder love it. Like some sort of a a time loop made it so every person in that universe was Sagaland Schneider. I'm not saying they're in makeup. It's like, really them. It's really them. Yeah, you commit to the premise. Yeah. Hollywood phone. This is an inspiring idea. That idea of the sex assault victim. As the therapist, that's a dead. That's a dead end. Don't pursue that. But Neider and cigar? Yeah, that's at least a skit. Let's do another podcast after this. We'll save it for that. But, like, storyboard, the whole thing. The whole thing. Yeah. So you remember, like, actually way less than 20 minutes ago when I said that him wanting to make the joke be entirely about sexual assault would make sense very soon. It's about to make sense. Yeah. So the early 90s were a time of great professional success for Steven Seagal, and they were also when he began his career as a sexual predator. I mean, maybe he began it earlier. But we certainly know about assaults dating back to the early 90s. The signs were already present as early as 1990, when Robert Strickland watched Segal harass one of his personal assistants. She was brushing her teeth in his trailer when, according to Strickland, Segal told her that she needed to get over there immediately. When she came out, still brushing her teeth, he said, Gee Rianne, you look like that when I come in your mouth. Some more Steven Segal humor there. That is the absence of the romantic relationship. Before that, Strickland, the former CIA guy who I'm going to guess was a pretty coarse fellow, thought this was gross. I think, yeah, paramedic. Profoundly gross not think that is gross. Yeah. So earlier this year, Juliana Margulis of The Good Wife was a guest on the Katie Couric podcast. They talked about the me too movement, and Margulis recalled an unsettling encounter with legal in the early 1990s. He was a big action star at that point, and she was still quite new when a casting director told her that Stephen wanted to do a scene with her in his room. Quote, I walked in and I sat down and I jumped right back up because there was something very uncomfortable and hard in the couch. He laughed and said, oh, sorry. It must have been my gun, Margulies recalled. He lifted up the cushion and he took out his gun. When Margolis grew noticeably nervous, Segal explained that he casually packed to protect himself from, quote, all the crazies that are out there. If your guns in the couch, you're the crazy person I think you might be, right? Yeah, that's not where the gun goes. Not in the couch. So next you got company coming over. Why you leave your gun in the couch. He wanted you to find it. Yeah, but wanted you to find it. What kind of a person thinks like, this will turn the girl on? Almost dying. I don't think turning her on was his goal. Maybe it was was he trying to, like, terrify her? Maybe the thing that he did next in this interaction was tell her that he was a healer and then he wanted to read her poems. So maybe he was trying to flirt with every game. Yeah, quote, he told me I had really weak kidneys at that point. To be honest, as a New York girl, I kind of started laughing inside. So it shortly thereafter, Maguli said she squirmed out of the room, but then realized that she hadn't received the cab fare she'd been promised, so she went back and asked for it. She got the cash as well as the part, and out for justice, although she demanded she never be alone with Segal on set. So not to diminish it, but this is a rather tame story to compared to the stories of many of the other women who have reported their interactions with Stevenson. You'd be real pretty if you had better kidneys. Steven Seagal is out for kidneys. In 1996, John Connolly, the author of that Spy article, wrote another article about Segal, this time for Penthouse. In it, he alleged that four female staffers had resigned from the production of his film out for justice, in protest of his constant sexual harassment and quote a sexual attack on one of them. They claim Segal tried to address them during casting interviews. Once stated. When I was finally able to get him to stop, he told me I had the part. So that does seem to be Stevens modus operandi. Another woman claimed Segal would constantly brush past women in his office. And touch them. His former housekeeper, Leah Bumgarner, claims Segal sexually attacked her while she was working at his house. She did plead guilty to stealing from him later. So maybe. I mean, I could also see Steven Seagal was two crimes. I think hers is. We were minor. Yeah, little minor. In fact, stealing from a rich guy barely qualifies. Qualifies as a crime. Connolly talked to six women in total who accused Seagal of harassment. They would not be the last. He stated at the end of his article that the Code of silence around segals thuggish behavior is starting to crack. Shatter would be a more apt term. In 1998, Jenny McCarthy talked to movie line about her audition for the classic film under Siege 2A, sequel to Segall's biggest hit in one of the first real clear signs that his career was already passed. The fun fact he outruns an explosion in that movie, which is impossible because Steven Seagal actually. He runs. Yeah, like fat woman waking up in a bathtub covered in snakes. That's a good description of Steven Seagal running, and I've written a lot of Stevens ago runs like jokes in my career, and I think that might be the most evocative he is. You owe yourself to look up Steven Seagal running on YouTube because he has never managed to run like a normal person. And he kind of has like limp wrists and he he keeps the elbows tucked in tight and he he he just sort of wiggles through the air and it's like a scurry. But this is like a scary in these movies and you look at Tom Cruise and just got beautiful form. We spent hours it out like 20 foot long jump when he hits that run and then Steven Seagal, it's like a hamster getting electrified. Well, and it's one of those things. You talk to people. I've talked to someone who does firearms training for movies, like his job is to helping movie stars, like learn how to use weapons and like, do shooting and like, like choreographed gunfights and stuff. And he says, and you can find this in other articles, like, Tom Cruise is really good with a gun, with all the physical stuff he's done. He's really, really good at everything. Nobody says that about Steven Seagal. Nobody praises his ability to do stunts. So in 1998, Jenny McCarthy talked to movie line. Yeah. About her audition for the classic film under stage two and which Steven Seagal at runs and explosion. Here's what she said happened. I was wearing this very baggy dress, which I always wear to auditions with my hair pulled back. I'm listening to Segal go on and on about how he found his soul in Asia and was one with himself or whatever. When I said, well, I'm ready to read, he said, stand up. You have to be kind of sexy in the movie and in that dress. I can't tell. I stand up and he goes, take off your dress. I said what? And he said there's nudity. I said, no, there's not, or I wouldn't be here right now. He said again, there's nudity and I, said McCarthy. Notable fully clothed woman. Well, she said the pages are right in front of me and there's no nudity. She's right to make this objection. I just, I'm getting to it. He goes, take off your dress. I just started crying and said rent my Playboy video you ******* and ran out to the fair enough. I always thought she was a very funny on single that I always thought like that. Hot girls. Way funnier than the hot girl I would like. For advocating children or not get vaccinated, she's got a lot of bad for the world and she's certainly in the right here that she has more width than you'd expect. And that's really funny thing to say is. Yeah, no, she's she's got a great response. Her recollection of the events is really good. When The Daily Beast questions Segal spokesman about this, he said the claim was completely false. And I should note several times so we don't get sued. Steven Seagal denies any any of the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many. The Washington Post says there are too many allegations of assault and harassment to count, too many to count. The Washington Post is great counters on staff and they have great they have whole people who have not committed scientists. Yeah, so. There's no nice segue here. It's about to get really dark. So buckle up like the delicious flavor of no, no, no, no. This is not the time for that. In 1993, when Steven Seagal was filming one of his most popular movies on deadly ground, he met an 18 year old extra named Regina Simmons. He invited her to a wrap party at his house. When she showed up, no one else was there. Yeah, regular listeners will remember this is the same basic strategy used by Bill Cosby on several occasions. Tell him there's a party party. It seems to be a pretty common. Hollywood creep strategy, yeah, Regina says. He told her everyone else had already left, and then he took her into his bedroom quote. He closed the door and approached me from behind. He started kissing my neck and taking off my clothes. I was in shock. I was completely caught off guard. Segal was more than twice my size and twice my age. I was not sexually active, nor had I ever been naked in front of a man before I froze. She alleges that Segal then raped her. She says there was nothing consensual about this. I couldn't move and I felt as if I was watching my body from above. I felt tears coming down my face. Yeah, when Segal was done. Asked her if she needed any money and then allowed her to leave. He called her the next day and money. I don't know what actually is going. It is a good question what is going on in Steven Seagal's head because I seriously think he probably doesn't think of himself. He kept calling this this woman. I don't think he thinks of himself as a ******. Yeah, I I don't know. I like not that that mitigates it at all because he seems to be a monster, but I think that is part of his psychology in this now, this story came out in March of last year after several woman, among them Portia de la Rossi from Arrested Development, alleged Steven Seagal being a creepy sexual harasser. There was a whole press conference when Regina came out and another woman was there to support her, Fabiola Dadis. She auditioned for a part in as of yet unproduced vanity project with Steven Seagal about Genghis Khan, which Segal was supposed to write. Direct and star in tell me he was Genghis Khan. He was. Oh my God, that's amazing. Yeah, is the dark story. So I don't wanna get lost in this, but that may be the only unproduced vanity project I do kind of want to say. Dennis said her initial meetings with Segal took place in public and didn't give her any cause for concern. The two bonded over shared interests like Buddhism and martial arts. She simply unproduced vanity project I do kind of want to say. Gaddis said her initial meetings with Segal took place in public and didn't give her any cause for concern. The two bonded over shared interests like Buddhism and martial art, she said, and quote soon developed a friendly relationship via text and phone calls. At one point, Segal invited Davis for a private audition, she said. He explained to me that he would like to evaluate my figure and see if I would be suitable for the role. His assistant told me to arrive wearing a bikini or a bra and panties under my clothing. As this is quite standard in the modeling industry, I agreed to do so now. Dennis noticed some strange things right off the bat. For one Segal had asked her to meet in the evening. The hotel that he had booked. Quote I was taken up to Segal's room by his assistant who repeated to me multiple times in the elevator. Stevens Word is as good as gold. I thought this was a bit strange, but I did not comment. When she arrived. Only Steven and his bodyguard were in the room. The assistant who led her there immediately left. Steven asked me to take off my clothes, which I did, although I was nervous considering there were no other individuals present and do a cat walk through the room for him. I did so and Steven approached me and said that he would like to act out a romantic scene to get a sense of our chemistry. Davis told him that she was uncomfortable with this. He said no. That's when she alleges Cigal reached under her bikini top and groped her while fondling her vagina with his other hand. She yelled at the audition was over. Stephen sat there calmly as if nothing had happened, and while I was noticeably upset and terrified by the experience, Steven Security guards stood blocking the doorway and only moved when Stephen motioned for him to do so. I left feeling horrified and totally violated. Steven Segal, through his lawyer, denies both of these allegations. Dude, so gross. But then to have, like a security guard there too. Yeah, like, why that body? Creepiest thing you're gonna stand here and watch. I think it'll really help her, like, feel more at ease if there's a weird dude watching. What if there's a giant guy standing in the back of the room? I'm gonna move fast, so, like, I just want you to stand there and be weird. Which it's one of those things. There's always in these stories of Hollywood, sexual predators, so many people complicit. You know, the assistant has to know what's going on. This is not Steven Seagal in his prime when someone might think, yeah, maybe a young actress wants to meet this handsome guy. Like, this is someone knowing something creepy is going to go on. But this is my paycheck, so I'm just going to soldier on. There's other jobs you can take where people don't rape. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yes. Never worked at a place where someone's just trying some rape out near me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You work here, right? So, like, you're cool with this rape? Yeah. You understand? This is just how King goes works. Well, I sure need this job, boss. I'll just block the door in case anyone tries to make a run for it. This is a really bad time for an ad segue. Tremendously disastrous kinko's. Kinko's is not a supporter of the podcast, so I really don't care what you do to them. How you feeling about Steven Seagal? It's a little little grosser, like these intimate details of like this type of interaction is what's like. It's easy to say, like, ohh this guy, he's a he's a attempted ******. **** that guy. But then when you're, like, learn these little details. Yeah, it's so gross that some woman had to, like, explain that this is exactly what happened. And yeah. Oh, I should say we're back, but I think we've been back since the start of this conversation. It's it's remarkable to me. I guess one of the things I can never stop thinking about because I like watching old movies is like, you look at like, Humphrey Bogart and screen and you're like, did you assault somebody? Bogey, probably, right? Yeah, probably. I don't know. I've never heard anything about that. But you just see how many of these guys did something ****** **. Even Bowie has some dark stuff in his background and it's like, not like this, nothing like this, but like. Some stuff that's questionable. Anyway, it's a bummer. It is a bummer. And and there is something about like celebrity that I think Jacks your game up. Yeah, it's one of the things that's confusing about this to me is I've read a lot of allegations from various because we're not going to cover every allegation. Spending at Steven Seagal is again, as the Washington Post said, there are too many to count. There are a number of allegations where he will do creepy stuff. He will grope someone clearly against their will, but they will say no, that they don't want sex and he will let them leave. Which makes me think in his head, Steven Seagal, I don't know. Like, again, just like going for it, yeah, I don't want to mitigate it, but I'm certain he doesn't think of himself as a ****** which again, I believe the women in this case, because for one thing, there are too many allegations to count, which is usually the first sign that it's true. Sure, there were allegations against Steven Seagal starting back in the 90s and early 2000s, and then right after Me 2 kicked up, people started talking about them again. And of course, these two women came forward in March. But in January, Steven Seagal decided that he wanted to get ahead of these sexual assault rumors and really deal with the problem in a proactive manner. Can you guess what media outlet he chose to talk to? I bet it was like a Infowars. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Steven Seagal showed up on Infowars in January of 2018. He told Alex Jones that the Mini, Mini, mini, mini mini, mini, mini, mini, mini, mini, many, many, many, many, many, many, many women who'd made claims against him were paid liars. Someone has some deep pockets. Quote This isn't just about me because hundreds of people in Hollywood have been attacked and hundreds of people have been, in my opinion, falsely accused. My opinion is that 60% of these people are completely innocent and that. Includes me. In most of these cases, the accusations are 202530 years old. They're not providing evidence or proof of witnesses. They're just throwing it out and all of a sudden somebody's life is ruined. I bet he really thinks this. Yeah, when people say it's a witch hunt, it's worse than any other witch hunt in America has ever seen. This is ruining our country. This is worse than the time we burned people to death in the time we burned witches. He's he's the real victim here. He is the real victim and I'm never not. Excited by how many times terrible people's lives intersect Alex Jones instead, of course, of course they wound up talking to each other. How could they have not? How could the world have allowed to say, you buy your own ******** like and you meet someone like Alex Jones who's also full of ****? Like, yeah, do they completely believe all of the other guys ********. Does that like, start to create like this ******** spiral where like they start just like I'm going to just say some crazy ****? Steven Seagal believes it. It may just be a matter of. Like, Alex Jones knows the O Steven Seagal's gonna talk about his time as a Navy SEAL. That didn't. I can talk about, like, all the ****** stuff I've done and, like, the the globalist trying to kill me and stuff. Yeah. And so, like, if Alex Jones is being, like, I used to win fights against men when I was a child, like, Steven Seagal allowed to be, like, I know you're full of ****. Or is he, like, I can't pretend like I know you're full of **** because that would admit that I understand the limits of this absurdity. It's mutually assured. Destruction is applied to lies. Shameless lies. It is remarkable. So Steven Seagal's career peaked around 1993, nineteen 94. By the year 2000, he'd had a string of flops and was no longer considered in the same tier of action star as Bruce Willis. If that was ever a fair thing to say, yeah, no, he was. He was like a Jean-Claude Van Damme contemporary. But his films were like didn't have as much joy or fun and they weren't as, like, adventurous, I guess. Yeah. And we've just seen. Who's Steven sigamos? You've seen all of every Steven Seagal movie. It is one of those things when, when John Claude Van Damme came back and did JCVD couple of years ago, everyone was like, Oh yeah, you know, I'd like to watch John Claude Van Dam again. Sure. Nobody feels that way about Stevenson. There's nothing lovable about Steven Seagal. It's a classic movie star, yeah. And the early 2000s began the start of a long, sharp decline for Steven Seagal, from movie theater releases to direct to video releases to eventually direct to Digital Productions, which is kind of where he is now. And if you've seen a recent Steven Seagal movie, it's a heavyset elderly man pulling guns out of people's hands and trying not to move too much. Just a bunch of catwalks in Eastern European really dark lighting, yeah. So yeah, the early 2000s definitely marked the end of Steven Seagal's career as a serious action movie star. But they also marked the start of something else, something we're going to get into in Part 2 of this podcast, Steven Seagal's twin careers as a Blues musician. Cop? Well, I should say three careers, because in addition to being a Blues musician and a cop, he's an alleged human trafficker. So Oh my God, all that and more in Part 2. John, do you have any plegables that you would like to plug? I'm easy to find on Twitter. Search for Sean, baby. I still write jokes at cracked. Play calcul Lords on your mobile devices. Yes, play calculators on your mobile devices. You will get some of Sean Baby's signature humor, great jokes, great way to teach math. And listeners should know Sean Baby essentially invented comedy on the Internet and was it might legally be true. Yeah. What was one of like the three or four people? That is a big part of why I got into this industry. So I didn't tell you that until now because I wanted this to have emotional resonance, unlike a Steven Seagal movie. I just wanted to prove we could do it better. What a perfect button on a perfect episode. You can find me on Twitter, at I write OK you can find us on Instagram and on Twitter. This podcast at at Fast Food pod. You can find us online, along with some really sad pictures of Steven Seagal at and all of the many sources for this episode. 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