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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Part One: Mosley: The British Hitler Who Inspired the Christchurch Shooter

Part One: Mosley: The British Hitler Who Inspired the Christchurch Shooter

Tue, 09 Apr 2019 10:00

Part One: Mosley: The British Hitler Who Inspired the Christchurch Shooter

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Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her social discoveries on chimpanzees. So four whole months, the chimps ran away from me. I mean, they take one look at this peculiar white ape and disappear into the vegetation. In wildlife, on the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Danny Shapiro, host of family secrets. I hope you'll join me and my extraordinary guests for this new season of family secrets. With over 25 million downloads, the importance of both telling and hearing secrets is apparent, and I am so excited to share 10 astonishing news stories with you. This is our best season yet. Listen and subscribe to family secrets on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. I'm Doctor Laurie Santos, host of the Happiness Lab podcast, the show that presents the latest science based strategies to help us live happier, more joyful lives. In the next season of the Happiness Live, we'll explore how to make friends happier parenting strategies, and why drinking the world's hottest hot sauce can be fun. Oh my God. Listen to the Happiness lab on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. What? Boiling my crabs. I'm Robert Evans, and this is once again behind the ********. The show where we tell you everything you don't know about the very worst people in all of history. And you guys feel about that intro? Love that. Good. Good. My favorite. Thank you. What's boiling my crab? What's boiling my craft? Let's make that a thing we always say everywhere. It's going to be my new T-shirt. I like it more than the last time. Whatever it was, I forget. What was the what's itching my rashes. Yeah, I know. That was a rough one. That was a rough one. Good. This is palatable. It belongs on. Not just a normal shirt, but exclusively on sleeveless shirts. Yes, yeah, yes yeah. That's just what crabs make me think is the artwork is gonna be key. But this is this is happening. As you listening have probably guessed by now. My guests for today's episode are Katie and Cody, Katie Johnston and Cody Johnson. And Katie stole. Sorry of the some news network. How are y'all doing today? So good. Honestly. Hi. Hey. Are you doing OK? Did you say honestly you're high or high? But I I see how that would sound. Like I was saying it does sound doing high right now. I mean, we're in the city of Los Angeles. We're conservatively 90% of the city is high at any given time, 100%. You walk around and there are two predominant smells. One is marijuana and the other is skunk. At least in my neighborhood it's one or the other. And they're similar. They are similar. They are similar because we have bad drivers, partly because of all of the marijuana. Today we are talking about a fellow named Oswald Mosley. Finally, you'll know. You know about Oswald? Mosley asked me again in an hour. Yells about to. So let's tear into this, this submarine sandwich of knowledge. Yeah, let's eat this crab. Let's eat this crab. Let's crack this crab open. Fish out. It's delicious. Butter drenched meat. Cover our table and our shirt in crab goo. I got my bib on, got my bib on, and I always ripped the bib at some point, you know, you throw out the shirt like it's all. It's all oily. You know, you're having a real good crab feast. You don't keep those clothing. I just walk naked out of the crab restaurant. It's just burned my shirt in there in their furnace and Google the next crab restaurant you can find. You can only go. One has to do it again. That's the key. With the good crap you get, you get one shot. You better do it right. Y'all. Who is it? Glorious. It's a great 4 1/2 hours. All right, let's talk about this fascist for slightly shorter than you would spend at a much shorter. We'll we'll do a four part episode that's just me at a crab restaurant and that will be the *******. So you'll be the best. I am the worst version of myself when I'm eating crab boy. Nobody, nobody needs any of that. All right? Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley was born on the 16th of November, 1896. He was the oldest of three children. His family was one of those wonky *** noble families that the British still have for some reason. So at birth, Oswald Mosley became the 6th Baronet of Eph. Dale hall. Staffordshire, his mother, Maud, gave birth without the benefit of her husband Walden's presence because he was, quote, a rake gambler and a heavy drinker. Yeah, nevertheless, Waldy bragged to anyone who would hear about the birth of his heir. Maude wrote in her diary on the day of Oswald's birth. Thankful it's a boy. Oswald went by. Tommy as a little kid. He was ill often, and as you might have guessed by all the names and titles, he grew up very wealthy. Tommy. Tommy Oswald. Yep, everything the British do is wrong, so I'm going to say something right now, right right here. I've gotten a lot of **** on the on the Twitter, on the ***** the tweets for my mispronunciation of, of of British town names and city names, and I feel like with all of the evil that colonialism did, the one way we can make it right is by forever mispronouncing the names of small towns in the United Kingdom. I couldn't agree more. Exactly. Exactly. So that's that's that's just how it's going to be this episode. I always call Landon. Landon, Landon. Landon. Because then. It sounds like a sleazy ex-boyfriend and not like the city that ruled the world for 200 years. ******* land and ******* land. That ******* dude. Oswald's family was so rich that they had an ancestral Manor, Abdale Hall. Their wealth had been built up in the 16th century by his ancestor Nicholas Mosley, who the book Blackshirt describes as quote one of the swindling sheep farmers, who at the time were expropriating the common lands of the English people. So that's where his family money comes from. Stealing a common lands from sheep farmers? OK, adds up. Right. Probably steals from people. Yeah. Seems like that's the only way families get wealthy. Yeah, reverse Robin Hood if you reverse Robin Hood. Tariff of nodding? Yeah. The more the more successful and more socially accepted because, you know, Robin Hood died in a ditch somewhere and the sheriff of Nottingham's like descendants now were like behind Brexit. Oswald Mosley's great grandfather, Sir Oswald, later leased out their property in Manchester for a huge sum of money. For reasons which are unclear to me due to my lack of knowledge of 19th century British leasing laws, the Mosleys wound up in a long running dispute with the Jewish businessman of Manchester. According to the book Blackshirt quote, in the 1880s, although Jews played only a minor role in money lending, Walter Tomlinson, a local journalist, noted that the identification of Jews with extortionate ursery was extensively believed in Moseley's grandfather. Was at the forefront of the campaign against Jewish emancipation, so his granddad was one of the big I don't want Jews voting guys right out of the gate. Anyway, here's what they thought about the juice. Here's what they 4 paragraphs in. Here's what his granddad thought about the Jews. I don't know why I was surprised it took longer than I expected. Yeah, Cody Oswald's grandfather wound up being his chief male influence as a boy. His dad Waldy is generally described as a ***** ** ****. Oswald later described his father as a hard riding, hard drinking, hard living Tory Squire, much given to expletives. He will be the most likable person. We talk about this story on one memorable occasion. Oswald's father drunkenly drew his pistol and started shooting out electric lights in Piccadilly Square again. Seems like a guy I would have gotten along with. He also cheated on his wife constantly, which is not cool, and she left her husband when Oswald was quite young. And he's doing it this because he knows he's rich. He can get away with it too. Yeah. So yeah, yeah, that's what you do. You shoot out lights. Yeah. I mean, I'm down for that. That that sounds like a great night out. Yeah, yeah. You know, back then power move couldn't leave their husbands that often. Yeah, yeah, good for her. Mosley would later describe his childhood with his mom and grandfather on the family estate as idyllic. The property was a self-contained economy as English estates were in this period of time. There were farmers and servants who all worked to serve the rich people and all bought and sold from each other. It was essentially a we independent nation. Mosley later wrote that he and his family had quote, little need to go outside the closed and charmed circle and we children never did. Our time was divided between. Farms, gardens and Carpenter shops where the bearded Pritchard presided over a core of experts who kept all things going as their forebears had done for generations. We were very close to nature. This is fascinating because I know, like, a little bit about him and what we're going to be talking about. And like, yeah, all right. You grow up like that. You grew up in that insular kind of. It's like a community. Like, you're the center of attention. And you would look at it like, oh, wow. Like, it's a very small number of people, and they all work. Together. And it works great. And, like, I'm happy and there's no social mobility whatsoever. Yeah, we should do that everywhere. This should be the whole world. Wow. That's yeah. I also, I I have to say I think that having an army of servants who exist only to serve your family is maybe not close to nature. How would you say you're correct on that? How you define nature does depend on how you define nature. It's natural, but yeah, it's happening, it happens, it's natural. So I'm sure your whims being catered too in a beautiful environment does sound idyllic, feels natural, feels natural up that way, without any other outside influences or awareness of what the world actually is, yes. Now, Young Mosley did not seem to reflect at all upon the fact that this idyllic situation relied entirely upon an incredibly strict social hierarchy with no mobility whatsoever. Since Oswald grew up without the benefit of his father, his beliefs about masculinity were largely formed by a mix of British pop culture at the time, and his grandfather's example, the book black shirt describes this well quote. He thus idealized the male role in appropriated those components of masculinity he feared would otherwise be used against him. It was tradition that family quarrels should be aired publicly, and each father challenged his son to a boxing match. In front of a simple servants, boxing, convincing and hunting, we're part of an aggressive upbringing in which being the winner was all important. The combination of this hypermasculinity, which was a defense against feelings of dependence, and the lack of boundaries which gave little consideration to others feelings, ensured that Mosley was always in too much of a hurry. I rushed towards life with arms outstretched to embrace every varied enchantment of a glittering, wonderful world, a life rush to be consummated. It was mostly writing at the end there. Life isn't meant to be rushed, man. It's not. I have to say, though, Father, Son, boxing matches are a good idea. Yeah. Is this like, trial by combat? So it's just like, yeah. You you disagree with what your dad says? You gotta fight him, right? Yeah. You gotta fight your dad. Yeah. You're you're wrong. Until you're tall enough. That's the way the world until you're tall enough to be right. Yeah, you tough enough to fight your dad, and when are you tough enough? But you're right. You're right. As a young man, Oswald attended W down School and Winchester College. He loved fencing, which we will not mock him for because so do I by the time he was 14. I don't. I don't need, I don't need that laughter, Sophie. It's a fair reaction. By the time he was 14, he was already 6 foot two, his adult height. Mosley was described by his contemporaries as extremely good looking, which caused him some issues at West Town School. Mosley described public school life as filled with boredom, which was quote only relieved by learning and homosexuality, neither of which he was good at, and just sort of British private school life. A lot of young kids ******* each other, you know what you do. But he wasn't very good at it. He was not, he was not, he was not inclined to homosexual to be interesting, I don't think. OK, so that's what he was saying, OK? He just wasn't in. It was just his way of saying, like, no, thank you. Yeah, alright. He wasn't very good at this. I'm not good at book learning or ******* my fellow students. These are not my talents. I tried. I studied hard. I just wasn't very good at it. I just wasn't very good at it. Really studied. Anti-Semitism was a problem was a prevalent part of Oswald's childhood, although the evidence suggests this was not much more of a factor in his young life than it would have been in the life of any of his peers. During World War Two, when he was interrogated by the Advisory Committee on Internment, Mosley told his interviewers that his first experiences with anti-Semitism had come quote in my youth, where most of 1's friends and relations would not leave Jews in their houses. He described this sort of anti-Semitism as quote old English growth and quote a whimsical. Brutality that was much kinder than German anti-Semitism. Ohh, that's rough. Yeah, that's that's pretty nose whimsical brutality. Brutality don't go together. Really? Do we just like that? We just whimsically beat the Jewish men in town with sticks when they come out at night. It's just the same old you just, like, find another way to say it. Yeah, we'll spend like, this was what the Nazis are doing is OK. But when I chucked a brick through that synagogue window, it was with a smile in my heart. It whistles. Yeah, come on. I I tried to light that Torah on fire the same way Winnie the Pooh would have, like, swimsuit. Charmingly. Charmingly. So. We're British. We're British. It's fine. That's for sure. Staffordshire, our accents. Much more palatable, much more palatable. That was not a British accent. No, we should not try today. We're going to, we're going to just, we're just going to. Mostly, dude, that's the accent of Pritchard, the guy who ran the. Specific part of that. Yeah. In January of 1914 Oswald Mosley entered the Royal Military College of Sandhurst. It was a violent place and cadets were taught quote impeccability on parade and hooliganism off duty, which is something about military life that has not changed. Free time was spent in London starting fights and flirting with girls, which is something else about military life that has not changed. Mosley admitted that the fighting was seen as much more important than the flirting. He was apparently unpopular and got kicked out due to a violent incident. Black shirt describes this way quote older cadets decided that. Arrogant, Mosley needed to be taken down a peg or two and went to his room to punish him for his insolence. John Masters in Bugle and Tiger created the legend that Mosley detested by his brother officer cadets, was thrown out of a window. In fact, in seeking recruits for retaliatory action, he slipped on a ledge and fell, slightly injuring a leg. Skirmishing continued all weekend, as a result of which 15 cadets, including Mosley, were packed off to reflect on their ill behavior. His friend Robert Bruce Lockhart believed Mosley bore grudge against society because of this incident. So so he was. Unlikable and people didn't like him and people didn't like him. And when he tried to, like, get involved in the fighting at school, he fell off a window. Yeah. Yeah. So he said he's really full of himself and he did, you know, Jews definitely hated Jews. And although probably not more than anybody else in the Royal Military Academy at Sanders, that is like one of those things about European history is that pretty much everybody was pretty anti-Semitic. And like, the Holocaust happened and most people were like. Or maybe we should, maybe we should peel back on that a little bit, yeah. Oh boy, I didn't know the path that led to. It's interesting too, just like this. How many of these stories involve, like, Oh yeah, he's like, rich and like, really, really arrogant and was just a little more racist than everyone around him. Just a little bit. Just a little bit. You wouldn't have noticed, right? And he was like, kind of like an *** about it, like an arrogant person about it. And so he was unlikable. So people kind of bullied him a little bit. And then he went, and then he did all the stuff. Then he did everything. You fool yourself and you're bullied. And then? And then into a month, and then you turn into a monster. When August 1914 came around, Mosley found himself sent back to Sanders to finish his training. August of 1914, of course, is when. You know, the the whole World War One thing with all the trenches and there was a Oh yeah, yeah, there was. There was what? Yeah. Yeah. The, the second one was kind of, you know, it's one of those things like the the new Star Wars movie where, you know, you have you have a perfectly good thing and then they, like, reboot it with a new cast. Right. You know, and this better special effects and stuff. Everyone talks about that one, but the other one exists. The other one exists. And it was like more groundbreaking, right. You gotta up the ante, but you gotta up the ante. You know, there's a couple tanks in the first. On everybody's got 10 for the second one. You know, there's pretty big bombs in the first one. There's the biggest bomb ever in the second one, you know, it's just a little derivative. They'll make it a trilogy. I don't know. I mean, I'll watch it. I mean, I want to see what they do. With all the, with all the, with all the, the new CGI available. Absolutely. I mean, I mean, we just gotta hope it's like, you know, JJ Abrams or someone great, right? Right. Yeah. Not like some. Michael, we don't want Michael Bay direct Snyder. Zack Snyder. I mean, I mean, let's be honest, the only one who could really direct World War Three would be Paul Verhoven. I want to see Paul Verhoeven's World War three kind of thing we already have, OK? The war started. Mosley found himself sent back to Sanders to finish his training. He wound up in the 16th Queens Lancers Cavalry Union. He saw action on the Western Front and acquitted himself well. Eventually he was promoted and transferred to work as an observer for the Royal Flying Corps. He was one of Britain's first pilots, although he did not distinguish himself with particular competence in this field. During a training exercise with his mom and sister were watching. He attempted to impress them and accidentally crashed his plane. They did. He slip and fall off a window ledge. I kind of live with a plane. Mom, are you looking? Watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Mother, are you watching? Mother Mother? Probably killed like 16 stable boys when he crashed, but they just never wrote it down. Oh, sure, yeah, that's stable boys. Yeah, the amount of stable boys we had, we'll get, we'll get more. We actually have a lot less stable boys for some reason, starting in 1915, very few stable boys. The accident injured him badly. It left him with a limp he would carry for the rest of his life. Mosley went back to the Western Front after that, still injured, and eventually passed out from pain at his post during a battle. After that, he spent the rest of World War One doing a desk job. Sorry. It's like everything he does is like, I'm going to press so many people and he falls on his nuts. Sounds delicate. So we're going to get, we're going to get to what happens after World War One, which is really where the story starts to pick up. But first you know what? I want to pick up is a product, maybe a service? You could you recommend something? I you know what these people will recommend some to you. So by now we imagine that you've seen the theories on Tik T.O.K. You maybe even heard the rumors, your friends and loved ones. But are any of the stories about government conspiracies and cover ups actually true? The answer is surprisingly or unsurprisingly, yes. For more than a decade, we hear at stuff they don't want you to know have been seeking answers to these questions, sometimes their answers that people would rather us not explore. Now we're sharing this research with you for the first time ever in a book format, you can pre-order stuff they don't want you to know now. It's the new book from us, the creators of the podcast and video series. You can turn back now or read the stuff they don't want you to know. Available for pre-order now, it's stuff you should read or wherever you find your favorite books. In the 1980s and 90s, a psychopath terrorized the country of Belgium. A serial killer and kidnapper was abducting children in the bright light of day. His unspeakable crimes and the incompetence or unwillingness of the police to stop him brought the entire country of Belgium to the brink of revolution. Just December. From Tenderfoot TV in iHeartRadio this is la Monstra. A story of abomination and conspiracy that led to the demise of the entire institution of Belgian federal police and rattled the foundations of its government. A story about the man who simply become known as La Monster. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. What's up you guys? It's your girl Betty who here? And you know this about me. It has always been very important to me to stand out and be authentically me, not only with my music, but my style and my vibe. And JBL really gets that. They know your headphones and speakers should look as original as the music you're listening to, or in my case, making. That's why I'm obsessed with my JBL headphones and speakers that help me reflect who I really am, from true wireless headphones to pulsing party boxes. Ohh yeah party boxes guys JBL has a wide and colourful range of products that help me feel myself. When I wanna vibe my way. I literally record this entire podcast on my favorite JBL headphones. They are absolutely incredible. So JBL wants us all to listen on our terms living in the moment our moment We're back. Woo. Oh, thank goodness. Yeah. Yes, you guys, you guys land on any products you're going to service yourself with? Nail it. Yeah. All the services and products, all the services and I like the ones that were mentioned. Those, those are my favorite of the product. Yeah. I actually wasn't sure about them. But then after listening to it, I was like, oh, I have been convinced on those products and services. Do you know what that technique is? Cody? Advertising. Katie knows. I waited till you started to say a before I was like, yeah, I know. How do you both know that it's going to say marketing. But advertising is also. I think we're both been around a college a couple of times. I I popped in and out. Popped in and out. Speaking of people who popped in and out after Oswald Mosley popped out of World War One and then the war ended. He married Lady Cynthia Kurzon, the daughter of the Viceroy of India. OK, he's that kind of guy. He was elected to Parliament straight away as a Conservative MP for the District of Harrow or Harrow. I don't care. Because of the Bengal famine, which just say that, yeah. Was 21 years old when he was first elected because as the scion of a wealthy, noble family, political office was basically seen as his due now that he was in politics, Mosley's ideology was quite simple. Always do my utmost in all circumstances to prevent it. The First World War ever happening again, which is a solid, solid, solid motivation. Nobody wants the World War, nobody wants a war, especially not a guy who, like, saw it. Yeah, yeah. Thomas asked a couple of times. In that war, he did some fighting, too, like he was in the trenches, like he had friends die. Six, too. Yeah, he didn't. He didn't. 62. That's a bad height to be in the trenches. Yeah, you're real tall. You see everything that's happening? Yeah. He had seen enough death on the Western Front that he considered it his duty to, quote, conceive a nobler world in memory of those who died. So that's so far. So far. Good path. Let's read the next paragraph. In 1924 mostly switched his political allegiance to the Labour Party. This was, coincidentally the same year that the Labour Party first came to power in the House of Commons. From 1926 to 1930 Mosley was the MVP of Smethwick. He developed a reputation as a young, brash political wunderkind. But in 1929 the stock market crashed. Britain was hit very hard. Unemployment, which had been at 10% in 1929, shot to 22.2% by 1932, and the British economy looked to be on the verge of collapse. The great reserves of gold and jewels the empire had spent the better part of two centuries plundering had all been spent to win, or sort of win the Great War. Now England appeared to be staring over the edge of a Cliff. Oswald Mosley had sacrificed for his country, and he had seen many of his friends die for it. Since he was an ambitious young man with access to political power, he saw it as his duty to save his nation. And as he looked out into the rest of the world for suggestions on how he might do that, his eyes were invariably drawn towards Italy and the accomplishments of a little dude named Benito Mussolini. Hell yeah. Guess you guys heard of this dude a little bit in passing. In passing, yeah, he was handsome. Very good looking guy. Hell of a jawline. Mussolini's Partito Nazionale Fascista had just come to power in 1922. Nowadays we think of Mussolini as basically a cheap Italian ripoff of Hitler, faintly ridiculous for all his evil. But that's purely a view brought on by hindsight to people in the early 20s, Mussolini's relatively peaceful rise to power seemed almost miraculous. Adds to the apparent instant turnaround of the Italian economy and England. Much coverage of Mussolini and his bold new idea Fascismo was positive on November 18th, 1922, the Times of London. Called Mussolini a masterful man and credited his program with bearing the stamp of his strong character. Like most conservatives, the editors of the Times thought Italian fascism was a reasonable reaction to political turmoil. Quote The rise of Fascismo is the result, the natural result of the progressive degradation of the representative system as it has been witnessed in Rome. So even progressive papers were reticent to entirely condemn the hip new ideology. The Daily Telegraph's yearly review of major world events in 1922 didn't even mention the fascist. Dude that had just swept Italy just wasn't seen as that big of a deal. Italian fascism had inspired British imitators as soon as it appeared. The British Fascisti Party was formed in 1923, the National Fascist split off in 1924, and the Imperial Fascist League kicked off in 1929. None of these groups gained more than a few dozen members, nor did they manage anything more impressive than some graffiti and a few tiny marches in the mid 1920s. It would have seemed preposterous if you'd suggested to anyone that Oswald Mosley the widely admired young politician. Would become a fascist himself. In 1924, English socialist author Beatrice Webb called him, quote, the most accomplished speaker in the House of Commons. But after the crash of 1929, Mosley came to believe that radical change was necessary to save Britain from economic collapse. His first plan was written down in the Mosley Memorandum, a document that suggested ******** protectionist economic policies in order to protect domestic industry from foreign trade. During her Golden age, England had relied heavily on foreign export. This had caused the depression to bite them harder than most because the collapse of their major trading partners essentially wiped out British industry. While most of the empires political leaders wanted to essentially write out the depression until they could get back to selling British goods all over the world, mostly wanted to reform the entire economy into a state of autarky. In other words, he wanted British people to only buy and sell from other British people, cutting them out of the world economy to render them immune to the destabilization of its booms and busts. He wanted England to basically close its borders for the most part. Definitely didn't want admitting any people from outside of England. And he wanted, it's a it's economy, it's it's it's agriculture production to be entirely self deficient. Now, this was also, this is a really common idea at the time. This was like Hitler's big idea too. Just like like the basic foundation of like nationalism. Yeah, protectionist. And you keep everyone out and you do your own thing, like, like maybe like how Mr Mosley grew up, but bigger. Yeah, because his life was so perfect and everything was protected and insulated. Yeah, he just wanted to put. Britain first maybe you wanted to code, yeah, Cody Cody, Britain first is that where he wanted to spoilers get to that is that what he wanted to put stop jumping ahead spoilers. But yeah, it just sounds like it just sounds like everything else sounds like every other iteration of this cycle. But yeah, Britain fascists are all the same four guys. Yeah, kind of just seems like maybe they might be all reincarnated. A bunch of losers with a bunch of loser ideas. Most of Mosley's contemporaries considered his ideas kind of crazy, but Mosley's other plans were more reasonable. He wanted to institute a massive public works program, spending £200 million / 3 years to create thousands of new jobs for England's unemployed masses. These jobs would include a mobile Labor Corp to rebuild the nation's slums. This was actually pretty reasonable. It's essentially the same thing, you know, as one of the linchpins of FDR's New Deal, the Civilian Conservation Corps. Which is why my granddad didn't starve during the Great Depression. He's building parks and stuff. Great idea. So, Mosley. Had some good ideas and some bad ideas, like any politician. OK, yeah, well, actually the fact that he had good ideas makes them a little bit little bit little bit. Yeah, the ideas thing really. Mosley saw a decent amount of support for this idea, but his plan for how to make this happen said a lot of people on edge. I'm going to quote from Brett Rubens, the death of British Fascism quote to combat unemployment and to deal with the economic crisis in General, Mosley believed that political power needed to be more centralized. He argued for the creation of a new cabinet led by the Prime Minister and other top MP's, which was to be advised by a think tank of economic experts. This cabinet was to utilize all of the resources of the nation to fight the economic disaster. Now that was radical. But not entirely without precedent. Britain had done something similar during the Great War with Lloyd George's Supreme War Council. Mosley was basically saying that the nation needed to treat the Great Depression the way they would treat a major war. It was not a popular idea among parliamentarians, but many British people thought he was right on the money. So Mosley remained popular with the people even as Britain's political elite rejected his ideals and sought to heal the nation's export trade and revive the economy. That way, the labor government sought to balance the budget, which required a massive cut to employment benefits and other entitlements. Hmm. Gonna guess how that went for the labor government? Yeah, you need to do this. Mosley was infuriated that the Labour government had basically ignored his ideas, and in the spring of 1930, he resigned from the Labour Party after giving a huge speech in front of Parliament where he said that Britain's must, quote, get away from the belief that the only criterion for British prosperity is how many goods we can send abroad for foreigners to consume. Yeah, there it is. There it is. His words were met with raucous cheering, which helped further convince him that what he needed to do was create his own party. To solve the nation's problems, he grew even more popular after this speech in his resignation, and many of his fellow parliamentarians even began to see him as something of a hero. In 1931, Oswald Mosley announced the formation of a new political party, which he called the new party. Since he was not the most creative man in the world, he convinced several other members of the Labour Party to resign and join them as well. Some of these guys got cold feet and jumped ship instantly, but enough people stayed the course that they were able to give the new party a go. The new party's goals were based around the principles Mosley had already outlined. He wanted to create a small six man council who could pass legislation at will in order to make necessary economic changes faster. What if? What if just six guys had the power? We'll just get this done quicker. Tommy, what are you doing? The new party advocated strong import controls. Mosley also created the new Party Youth club in order to get young men interested in politics. His politics at first, a lot of British liberals and progressives joined a party they assumed was meant for them in 1931 due partly to the failure of their austerity measures. But largely to the existence of the new party, the Labour Party got fewer votes than the Conservative Party. This ****** *** quite a lot of people. Quote from the death of British fascism following the declaration of the results, and Angry Mob formed outside the town hall. They shouted at Mosley, calling him traitor in Judas, the son of the defeated Labour candidate charged the steps and accused Mosley with ruining his father's chances. In response, Mosley turned to John Strachey and said that is the crowd that has prevented anyone from doing anything in England since the War One of Mosley's friends would later state his belief that this was the moment. British Fascism was born Umm. He's just so angry that people won't let him do exactly what he wants to do. He wants to do. The thing is, he has this idea do it, and people don't agree entirely with it. They agree with parts of it, but they don't agree with all of it they're supposed to. Yeah, they need to agree with everything you do. Agree with everything he has to say 6/2. He's 621. Alright, so the guy in charge of the Labor Party, a fellow named McDonald, chose to make nice with the Conservatives in order to retain some power for labor and government. This meant the new party suffered attacks from both screwing over labor and was cut out of power. While Labor moved closer to the middle as 1932 started, Mosley's Party was a miserable failure and his political career seemed to be near its end. Before the 31 elections, he promised to resign from public life for a decade if he lost. He did not actually do this. Instead, he decided that the failure of his party in the election left fascism as the only option. Remaining tough. Let's just always left with what else you gonna do? What else you gonna do? You lose an election, you got to go to fashion. You've given me no choice. Yeah, no choice. Like, that's amazing. From the very beginning, Oh yeah, you confidently do a thing, and then you lose, and then you get a little worse. And then you get a little worse. Still learning from it. Get worse and then get to get to where you need to be, get to where you need to be, which is where he is in January of 1932 when he visits Italy. If Benito Mussolini's explicit request, the two men both had backgrounds as socialist politicians and were both frustrated with dealing with their nation's tedious political bickering. Mosley took to Mussolini at once, seeing him as a kindred spirit and a man's man. This meeting convinced Oswald Mosley quote the Age of Democracy was over. There we go. That's where that's where it's at. That when he returned to England, Mosley wrote a loving article about Mussolini's regime for the Daily Mail, stating quote, we're going to be talking about the Daily Mail today stating quote no time is wasted. In the polite banalities which have so irked the younger generation in Britain when dealing with our elder statesman, Mosley wrote that the Italian mind was hard, concentrated, direct and modern. Now the efficiency of fascism compensated for, quote, the right to blather he believed British politicians love too well. It's efficient, so why do we need free speech? What was that going to get us? It's just going to waste time. It's just waste. It's just practical. You guys. This is just make sense. Mostly rebuffed multiple opportunities to reenter the political mainstream, including invitations to work with former Prime Minister David Lloyd George and invitations from Winston Churchill. He also rejected the decision of many of his new party comrades who joined the Communist Party after the disasters 1931 elections. If there was one thing Oswald Mosley hated, it was communism. He believed that class conflict could only end in violent revolution and instead felt that fascism would do a better job of providing equality of opportunity. Communists wanted to destroy capitalism. Oswald. Just wanted to reform it. No, no, buddy, you got it wrong. Exposing. Never changed. Ever. Nothing changed. That is the tagline of this podcast. Nothing has ever changed or ever will change because people are. Just kind of dumb. Yeah, a lot of the time. Petty, lazy, dumb, petty, lazy, dumb, stubborn. Scared of not having as many nice things. Mosley knew that Italian or German fascism wouldn't just work if it was transplanted in England. He decided that in order to save his nation, it would be his duty to create a new and uniquely British form of fashion. It's why don't we just what do we? I know this got 70 million people killed, but what if we tweaked? Which is just like, what did the British flavors. Yeah, well, sticky toffee pudding. Sticky toffee pudding? Yeah, that's actually in bubble gum. What if it's peppermint bubble become poison? Yeah, like what? Throw a little bit of lime in there. Yeah, bubble gum didn't work. The poison didn't work because it was like, we need to make people killing all the Jewish people. What, have we tweaked the flavor a little bit? What? Have we changed the uniform slightly. Now they're killing Muslims. OK, OK, what if? OK, what if, what if? We'd change it slightly again. What if we look at this flag? This is a nice flag. I like flags. This is a different flag in the last, like devoting things to flags. Some of us are going to use the same flags. We used very similar flags. We might like, wink at other flags. Now, part of why Mosley was so drawn to the idea of British Fascism was his military background during his time in the service mostly has developed a love of discipline, even brutal discipline. One of his friends, Harold Nicholson, said at the time that quote Tom cannot keep his mind off shock troops, the arrest of his political enemies, their internment in the Isle of Wight and the role of drums around Westminster. He is a romantic that is a great failing, can't keep his mind off of resting his enemies. Such a romantic, romantic, whimsical brutalism. Musical brutality. I see the problem here. You guys think words mean the wrong thing? Yes. No, they know that. They mean the wrong. Yeah. The problem is that we think words mean things, right? Exactly. We put actual meaning into words, and they don't give a **** about anything. He's a romantic, Cody. That's his failing. He was too fat romantic for his own good passion. Well, because, you know, when I'm when I'm taking a lady out on a on a on a nice date and I really want to impress her. Of course, first thing I do show her my shock troops. Absolutely. And I imprisoned my enemies on the Isle of White. And then, you know, a little little bit of neck in the back of the car, you know, you know. Ladies love seeing the political enemies of a guy get locked up on the Isle of Wight. Yeah, that's just where your Isle of Wight. Since they're all British, it would definitely be an all white. That phrase runs the 1930s like, yeah. In October 1932, Oswald Mosley officially founded the British Union of Fascists, or BU F He wrote a book for years later titled Buff. It was kind of buff. Give that to him. He wrote a book a few years later titled Fascism 100, Questions asked and answered, but explained why he decided to use the same word as the Germans and Italians rather than invent a new term that might have been more palatable to English ears. Quote. Fascism is the name by which the modern movement has come to be known in the world. It would have been possible to avoid misrepresentation by calling our movement which he capitalized the MN by another name, but it was more honest to call it fascism and just let everyone know exactly where we stood. It is up to us to defeat misrepresentation by propaganda and explanation of the real policy and method of fascism as it will operate in Britain in the long run. Straightforward dealing is not only honest but also pays the best. So he was an honest fascist fascist. Hate propaganda. He was a fascist you'd like to have a beer with if you weren't, you know, a Jew? Then you would not. Then you. Then you would. He wouldn't let you in his house. But yeah, yeah. You know what? We'll let you win. This is a bad athlete and that that shouldn't be how we do this. No, no, that was good. No, maybe, maybe put like a river of something a little nicer in between. Little, a little. What are we what are we? What's the product we can advertise for that's on the table right now? Altoids. Curiously cool mints. I noticed that they, your Altoids Katie come in a nice silver container that you could also store your weed in. Or some some pills of MDMA tabs acid. I could store a lot of things in this little. OS probably aren't going to search your Altoids container. Yeah, they're less likely than a jar labeled acid unless they listen to this podcast, unless they were blowing up my spot ******* A. There are other drugs you can keep in there, though there are. Don't let a little bit of alcohol in there. Cops. If you like this show, don't listen to that. Most cops love this show. That's a big part of our listening things. Same with agents. It's it's weird, yeah. All cops are behind the ******** fans is. I believe the phrase and that's exactly it. I see that on a lot of T-shirts at punk shows. Yeah, they they seem like they cross out a lot of the words, but I know what it means there. Yeah, it's like how you don't put the of or the. Slow behind the ********. All cops are bad, yeah? Yeah, I think we put enough daylight between that anti-Semitism stuff and products and services. So by now we imagine that you've seen the theories on Tik T.O.K. You maybe even heard the rumors from your friends and loved ones. But are any of the stories about government conspiracies and cover ups actually true? The answer is surprisingly or unsurprisingly, yes. 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I literally record this entire podcast on my favorite JBL headphones. They are absolutely incredible. So JBL wants us all to listen on our terms living in the moment. Our moment unfiltered. The JBL podcast at And we're back. So. So. After establishing the British Union of Fascists, mostly outright or right away, published a book called The Greater Britain, which he hoped would Polish the bad reputation fascism had gotten over all those deaths from the Spanish Civil War and the bombing of Guernica and all the people that the Nazis had put gas centration camps, all of that stuff, you know, in the Greater Britain. He assured the English people that fascism did not necessarily mean totalitarianism or loss of liberty. British Fascism would be a dictatorship, yes, the one that was moderated and accountable to the people. The Legislative assembly. Who did he want to be? The the dictator. I mean, who do you think you wanted to be? The dictator? I think he did, yeah. He wanted Oswald Mosley to be probably the old man on top for Tommy being on top. Yeah, Tommy on top. Now Oswald Mosley assured people that his fascism did not require violence to gain power. If the BF could just gain enough seats in Parliament, they'd implement the changes he suggested in a perfectly legal manner. What about the queen? Talk about that. Oh, he's got a job for the Queen, and the king was a King king at this point. Yeah, so Mosley tried to convince the people that embracing this idea and adopting it gradually was a smart choice, because fascism was the new way of things worldwide, and Britain might as well get a head start if they wanted to compete. This was basically him cribbing a concept from an essay by Benito Mussolini's the doctrine of fascism, which said this quote. If the 19th century was the century of the individual, liberalism implies individualism. We are free to believe that this is the collective century, and therefore the century of the state. In other words, the 20th century would be the fascist century, and there was no sense fighting it. Given where the global balance of power stood in 1932, it's easy to see how a number of people could have come to this conclusion. Mosley told his people that both left and right wing had failed them. The right wing could guarantee stability, but it could not create progress. The left brought progress, but instability. A fascist middle was necessary to unite the two. Like, like, there's like, they're like two ways, but what if there was like, a? And then the more than more than two ways a second plus one second plus one way, like a almost 4th way. I think those are the only two ways to to describe it. Yeah, I think we got it. We know that, quote, fascism is not dictatorship in the old sense of the word, which implies government against the will of the people. Instead mostly believed that fascism rested quote on the enthusiastic acceptance of the people and could not endure without their support. So that's good. That's also essential. He's a cool fascist, a whimsical fascism. You want that support? You know, it's it's it's it's Winnie the Pooh fascism. Yeah. So yeah, it gets a little I get hung up on. So this Britain first, this this isolationist kind of idea. But. Taking so much, like putting Mussolini on a pedestal and, like, celebrating other places. Well, you got a problem with Mussolini, Katie? No, he's hot. You know, I've only, I've only read Italian history up until about 1934, but it seemed like he was a pretty cool guy. I only read German history up until about 1929. Speakers around that time? Yeah, really engaging speakers for really good to hear. Good. Yeah, I'm excited for what comes next for them. Yeah, no spoilers. I wonder what else they have to say. Ah, so but. Well, because also because that whole what you're saying about how like, yeah, Britain first, but then you support like, Mussolini, all these people, that's just what they do. Like, there's literally a Hitler quote that's like, yeah, I'm not saying we're better than anybody. I think we should be like our own thing. And like, Japan go, they do their own thing, like, does their own thing. We all just sort of do something better. China does Japan's thing. Sure, sure, sure. He was. He was not a fan of China doing its own thing. I don't believe he said that in the that quote. But yes, yes. It's just so interesting. We respect what they're doing and we want to steal it, but we want them to be far away from us. And. Yeah, you know, yeah. Yeah. Now, in Mosley's vision of British fascism, his equivalent to the German furor would be the minister, a single man who would have basically all the power in Britain, but who would be subject to a vote of confidence every five years. If the people stopped supporting this dictator, the king would be able to appoint a new one who would then have to go about. Earning the support of the masses so that he could win a confidence vote that seems like a lot of checks and balances that there's one. That's a lot. That's that's a check. You know what? Yeah, if you got none. One. That's a lot. That is a lot. 5 years is a good amount of time for a dictator. Yeah. Doesn't seem like a ruler's best interest to have a dictator. But what if we have another ruler who's like, alright, you don't like that dictator? What about this? What about what about this dictator? So you might see how reasonable people, though, could get suckered into the British Union of Fascists, considering this is before that whole World War Two thing. Democracy. People are seeing some flaws. And I mean, I'm, I'm, I'm I. I understand that there are people who can fall into movements like this. It's a little more understandable in 1932 than, say, 2019. Sure. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly as moderate as Mosley's new take on fascism may have seemed on the surface and quickly turned into the battle fascism we all know and hate. The first signs of this were obvious from the way Mosley and his fellow fascists react to the disruption of their meetings and Mosley speeches. The first signs of this were obvious from the way Mosley and his fellow fascists reacted to the disruption of their meetings and Mosley speeches. By people who will call. I don't know. Not fascism. Likers. Yeah, that's a catchy title. The shop shop is fair, shopping sites great. Starting with the announcement of the UFC party gatherings were often disrupted by hecklers, mostly communists and other assorted fesh opposites shouted over Mosley until they were ejected from the gathering. For a little while, Mosley Grin and bore it, but after a few months of this he decided to form a paramilitary organization dedicated to stopping these sorts of disruptions. Oh, this is where things go off the rails. A couple of months ago, couple of months enough time so it takes the BF had established a Youth League right away, of course, which initially just encourages young members to be athletic and play sports like rugby. The young men wear no uniform and therefore did not set off any alarm bells as military force initially. A government study later revealed most Britons viewed Mosley as quote a colorful, eccentric and fascist occasions as entertaining spectacles. But as disruptions of fascist events grew more frequent, Mosley reformed to the youth Auxiliary into something with sharper Teeth. The soon to be infamous black shirts. Yes, yes, yeah, that was they wore black shirts for their teams. Yeah, sports team, yeah, you need you colors for sports teams where you were jerseys. Exactly. Here's the death of British Fascism quote Mosley stated that the Blackshirt Stewarts, and originated with his resolve to not succumb to disruptors. Mosley claimed that as the movement gained momentum, so did its resistors. Rather than allow his meetings to be shut down by a disruptive organized minority, Mosley created the London Defense Force to train and recruit more black shirt stewards. He claimed that the creation of the Blackshirts was entirely out of defensive necessity, a result of increasing hostility to his movement. However, there is evidence that this force. Get an offensive capability as well. The press accused Blackshirts of unprovoked attacks on Communists and later Jews. The Times testified the Blackshirts verbally, provoking a group of young Jewish men in London in the summer of 1933. The daily worker of January 23rd, 1936, charged Mosley's Blackshirts with raiding its offices, turning over cars and causing extensive damage. Weren't the black shirts also mussolinis brown shirt? Mussolinis? Shoot, I forget which ones. Mussolini had his black shirts. It was a black shirts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Super Hitler's they all got their they got their ******* shirts today. Today it's Fred Perry. Yeah, a bit more creative. Still got there and Punisher logos, right? Right? Yeah, yeah, and they're like little LARP Shields and Shields and stuff. From 1933 to 1937, Oswald Mosley averaged 200 speeches a year, each of them accompanied by a large group of black shirts. These young men lived in Chelsea, London at a barracks called the Black House. At the height of the BF, more than 1000 men live their full time. They trained in jiu jitsu and lived under military discipline. From 1932 on. They were a constant and very visible presence at rallies. Now the Blackshirts received. Major endorsement in the public consciousness in 1934, when Lord Rothermere, a Conservative newspaper tycoon, embraced the BF and its paramilitary auxiliary Rothmeyer, ran a little newspaper you may have heard of called the Daily Mail. On January 8th, 1934, the Mail published an article titled Hurrah for the Blackshirts. I'd like to read a few quotations from that article, which was written by Lord Rothmeier himself. He's he's counted as vicount rothmeyer in this, which is a word I know how to pronounce, even though it's spelled. Discount, which is dumb. Always be calm. That's that's actually probably right. I don't know. I mean, I don't know either. I don't. Vice, vice, ****. Rothmeier. Yeah, yeah. I'm, I'm. I know, I pronounced. Because he's not good enough to be a full one. And of course, no circumstances. Yeah, he could assist one. Yeah, in certain areas, yeah. Quote from hurrah for the Blackshirts. What if the Daily Mail is is still a great newspaper anyway? Because fascism comes from Italy? Short sighted people in this country think they show a sturdy national spirit by deriding it. If their ancestors had been equally stupid, Britain would have no banking system, no Roman law, nor even any football. Since all of these are of Italian invention. The Romans invented cool stuff. So Italian fascism, sweet as hell. Yeah, love, logic and reason as well. I've debate me, you cowards, the Socialists especially, who jeer at the principles of. And the uniform of the Blackshirts is being of a foreign origin. Forget that the founder and High priest of their own creed was the German Jew Karl Marx's, going to put that Jew right in the front there. Though the name and form of fascism originated in Italy, that movement is not now peculiar to any nation. It stands in every country. For the Party of Youth it represents the effort of the youngest generation to put new life into an out of date political systems. That alone is enough to make it a factor of immense value in our national affairs. Blackshirts proclaim a fact which politicians? Thing from pre war days were never faced that the new Age requires new methods and new men. I don't have it all on here. It's only a chunk of the thing. OK, look at this thing. You get the idea. An article next to Crazy News. Crazy Newsreel is the that's the next article. And woman through the ages. Oh boy. So she wasn't from Britain, by the way. Thinking that too. But you can import things from other countries, like roads, but not the people. Not the people. Under no circumstances. No, they're not wearing the right shirt, not steal the best from other cultures, just not just not their people. They're not sending their best, so they're not going to send their best. Of course. Not unlike Oswald Mosley who's trains his best to jiu jitsu so that they can destroy newspaper offices. He has six kids. Among other great ideas, Lord Rothmeyer declared Mussolini to be the greatest man of the 20th century and another one of his articles. Did not age well. Quick jump there, by the way. He's the best. He's the best. He's he's the best person that in 1932, I'm confident will arise in the next 78 years. I'm curious to see how his position evolves. I mean, have you read the Daily Mail lately? The Daily Mail, for reference after the Christchurch shootings, just provided a free download of the Shooters manifesto to anyone who wanted it. He didn't catch that any. In the whole, are there any good publications that are daily? Like the daily Zeitgeist, the Daily Zeitgeist Solid podcast. That was a setup, yeah. The daily some Morning News. The Daily Caller no. No, the daily wire. It's almost like releasing a bunch of stuff every day on a thing that you can't, like, do any really great analysis and maybe, you know, the best you can hope for is reporting. That's that's not nonsense. And even then, a lot of the times people are going to get it wrong. So like, sensationalist, like instant reactions to stuff isn't responsible news that might be. I mean, newspapers destroying the world every day. And a lot of daily publications that are like, I roll award, Oh yeah, they're all bad. Except for the dailies. Like guys, guys, of course. I mean literally. Yeah. Daily Wire, Daily Caller, Daily Mail, Daily Prophet, The Daily Show. That would be Harry Potter. Do you do not want to be listening to that. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Whole thing was a setup for a Harry Potter. We are talking about British people well off the line. Anyway, I'm sure once JK Rowling hears this, we'll get a couple of tweets about what Mosley was his wizarding waiting while you're at it. Because he's secretly trans or something like that. JK. But I want to know her thoughts on the goblin bankers anyway. Oh boy, that is something I did not catch as a 9 year old. It sneaks up on you. I derailed this enough. Yeah, it's fine. It's fine. In 1930 when the Nazis had gone from 12 to 107 stitch in the rich dog Lord Rothmeyer hit pendant article for the Daily Mail stating the Nazis represent the rebirth of Germany as a nation, which was not entirely inaccurate, to be fair. Fun fact, the Daily MailOnline is today the world's largest English language newspaper website, but I'm sure they've gotten a lot better. I wrote all this before I said that. Their garbage and don't don't go there well. Mosley's rallies grew more and more violent in the black shirts got better and better at doing violence. Lord Rothmeyer continued to praise the British Union of Fascists when Mosley was accused of wanting to establish a quote system of rulership by means of steel, whips and concentration camps, rothmeyer called his critics tired alarmists and panic mongers. The support of Rothmeier in the Daily Mail let thousands upon thousands of new Britains to join the BUF. This meant Mosley gave more speeches to larger crowds, which led to more vicious blackshirt, beatings of protesters and disruptive elements. Early in the early in the US, history mostly had tried to dispatch his hecklers by making fun of them. He was a great public speaker, some say one of the best in the history of English politics, so this worked for a while. But as time went on, the black shirts took more and more of that responsibility and used more and more violence to do it. According to the death of British Fascism quote, brutality on both sides of the podium abounded in this. Although Mosley claimed he forbade his black shirts to use weapons of any kind. The Constitution of the Blackshirts outlined careful rules for keeping order at BF meetings. It stated interrupters will be ejected only on the instructions of the speaker when the persistence of an interrupter. Prevents those in his vicinity from hearing the speech. Ejection will be carried out with a minimum of force. Necessary in my life mostly, recalls the slogan he used to inspire his protectors. We never start fights, we only finish them. Both hecklers and Blackshirts regularly carried weapons from brass knuckles to razor blades. Mosley was proud that never once was one of his meetings broken up, but this was only possible due to the intense violence deployed by his blackshirts. Mosley would later write that these devoted young men saved free speech in Britain. Yeah, they did. I hate how many times you use the word free speech in your podcast. I know. I know you episode. By the way, they were talking about their favorite dog whistle. I know. It's yeah, it's frustrating. Free speech is good. It is good. But words don't mean things to them. Yeah, yeah. The Communist Party was the largest organized opposition to the BOF, their newspaper. The daily worker, cheered when four blackshirts were hospitalized after an ambush in Edinburgh. This built and built until a planned BF rally on June 7th, 1934. In Olympia, this rally was planned to bring more than 15,000 fascists together. 12,000 of those people were actual audience members. The remaining 3000 were black shirts in and out of uniform, waiting throughout the crowd to break up the Communist resistance they knew was coming. The Communist Party had asked its local leaders to buy as many tickets to the meeting as possible, having their members send in ticket requests along with lurid letters of support for fascism. The plan was that anti fascist demonstrators could hide themselves in small groups throughout the mass of audience members. After Mosley introduced himself, they'd start chanting slogans. Like fascism means murder down with Mosley. Until they were physically removed, other groups would cut the lighting cables. These interrupters would all wear black shirts to confuse the fascists, and they'd stagger their disruptions in order to make sure that as soon as the fascists cleared one group out, the next would start up completely derailing the planned meeting. This plan worked brilliantly for the first hour or so of the meeting until the Blackshirts managed to ferret out basically all the communists they removed 30 people in total, 21 of these people who were arrested outside by the police for obstruction, public disturbance, and refusal to cooperate. In the end, Mosley was able to finish his speech, he made as much hay as he possibly could out of the demonstrators showing up that same night on the BBC. He claimed that communists had attempted to shout down free speech and asked the audience. Now I put it to you to your sense of Fair play would you have handled these Reds very gently when you had seen your men kicked in the stomach and slashed with razors your women with faces streaming and blood. Now there was zero evidence that anything like that had happened. In fact, one of the other panelists interviewed had been at the speech and denied seeing any weapons and communist hands at all. Instead, he said that he'd seen interrupters. Struck in the head and the stomach all over the body with complete absence of restraint. He called it the worst violence, he'd seen short of the war. To their credit, the BBC would not have Mosley on as a guest again for more than 20 years. The media cited with the interrupters widely panning Mosley's blackshirts for their violent response to what amounted to minor acts of disruption. Jeffrey Lloyd, a Conservative MP, attended the rally and later told the Times of London he was, quote, appalled by the brutal conduct of the fascist. Last night 5 or 6 fascists carried out an interrupter by arms and legs. Several other blackshirts were engaged in kicking and hitting his lifeless body. Oddly enough, Mosley's biggest supporter in the mainstream was David Lloyd George, a Liberal. Shortly after the meeting, George wrote an editorial and stated quote. It is difficult to explain why the fury of the Champions of free speech should be concentrated so exclusively, not on those who deliberately and resolutely attempted to prevent the public expression of opinions of which they disapproved, but against those who fought, however roughly, for freedom of speech. Lloyd George believed that people who showed up at a political meeting with the intent of disrupting it have no right to complain if an exasperated audience handles them rudely. Rudely, rudely, with whimsical, with whimsy, with whimsical brutality. So much use of the phrase free speech, none of which were written by me. By the way, these are all oh, I believe you. No, this swing towards greater violence occurred right alongside another event that would further radicalize Mosley's Fascist party. Three weeks after the Olympia rally was the night of Long Nights where Hitler's Nazi party consolidated power by murdering at least 85 political rivals. Many people who had been on the fence about this Hitler fellow. And has Nazism left? Right the **** *** that fence after the night of long knives? But Mosley and the BF backed their fascist brothers to the hilt. Black shirt. The BF's official newspaper claimed that the men Hitler murdered were guilty of the greatest fascist crime. This loyalty to the leader. Yeah, yeah. You know, like speech guys. Well, not once you're in charge. Free speech until you get in charge and then never again. Oh, OK, that's good. That's less catchy, though, just below it. You can get a lot lower and then, I don't know, violence, I guess. Man, they love beating people up. They do love beating people up. It's a lot of fun. Now this is the move that finally lost Mosley. The support of Lord Rothmeier. He pulled the Daily Mail support of the BOF in the very next issue. Brave, brave man. Brave. He only supported him for. Like he's a coward. Yeah, just a couple of years until all the things that he said became clear that he meant them. Yeah. Oh, you meant the things. Oh, I see. Oh, taking you literally this whole time. Mommy? Mommy, are you watching? Apologies, British people. Sorry. At the time, Mosley claimed Rothmeier had only chickened out on his fascism due to pressure from a cabal of Jewish advertisers. It was one of the first stirrings of public anti-Semitism from Oswald Mosley, who up until this point had walked a fine line of supporting the Nazis and being a fascist without actually blaming the Jews for all the world's wars. That would change rather dramatically as time went on, but we'll have to tell that story on Thursday when we come back for Part 2 of Oswald Mosley's Life story. I can't wait. What, Tommy? You guys think it's going well? Yeah. All stories have good endings. They do. They do. I feel like he's going to be a cool guy. I think he's going to be a cool guy with good opinions. Who goes about? Bringing those opinions. To fruition in healthy, productive, kind ways. I feel the same way. I think he's going to get married and settled down. I do too. I think he's. Oh yeah, it's all part of it. Find a wife, be a couple of wives, wives, maybe Harem, who's legally obligated to never leave the palace. He seems like that kind of guy. If you're there are so many boss abilities, so many possibilities, let's, let's let's plug some plegables before we we we pretend to go away until Part 2. Yeah, yeah, I won't see you for another day or two. We're going to go and we're gonna come back. That's how we do this show. We just keep driving back and forth. A couple of days you can check us out online. We've got a podcast, even more news podcast. We've got a news which and the YouTube show YouTube show is called somewhere News. On YouTube you can Google it. Also some more news Twitter my personal Twitter is doctor Mr Cody. And I think those are all the things we can plug. I you can plug whatever you want. First off, Game of Thrones is coming back a couple of weeks. I don't think a lot of people have heard of that. Oh, it's a great show. You should catch up on it. You should check that one out. Dragons in God, Cody, *** **** it. But. But to be fair, the Dragons are computer generated. Oh well. So. Sorry, this is disappointing. This is a real bummer. I thought they were cloning. Sorry. I'm. I'm Robert Evans. You can find me on Twitter at I write OK. You can find this podcast on the Internet at We have shirts to by, shirt by two, shirts by three, shirts by 4 shirts, 5-6 shirts, 789. We don't have that many designs. You would be buying multiples by 10 share. You don't have an all cops are behind the ********. You gotta have a grab bib surprises in there, working on that one. Alright. Good, good, good, good. Feel like that one's gonna go over real well? Yeah, people will love it. All kinds. That'll be my new driving shirt instead of the save lives do crime shirt. You're just promoting your podcast, man. You haven't heard it. I thought. I thought you would love it. That's what the shirts about, man. This is the episode. Go go hug your family or some ****. I'm Doctor Laurie Santos, host of the Happiness Lab podcast, the show that presents the latest science based strategies to help us live happier, more joyful lives. In the next season of the Happiness Live, we'll explore how to make friends happier parenting strategies, and why drinking the world's hottest hot sauce can be fun. Oh my God. Listen to the Happiness lab on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. 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