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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Part Four: The Andrew Tate Story

Part Four: The Andrew Tate Story

Thu, 26 Jan 2023 11:00

Robert is joined again by Sophie and Ian to conclude our series on Andrew Tate

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Who are we? What do we do? This is behind the Bastards, your Robert Evans. I'm your overlord, Sophie Lickderman and our guest is Ian Johnson. Our wonderful player. Hi Ian. Wow. Hey Sophie. Ian Johnson, incredible editor, Sophie, podcast and führer. I've got the rest of my music on that end. It's cringy every time. I won't be the last. The last. The last. No, it will not. No, it will not. Well, you know, we're talking about Andrew, Emory, Tate and Boy Howdy. Are we talking about Andrew and Marie Tate? We just finished talking about Hustler's University and we're about to get into Hustler's University 2.0 because Andrew understands branding if nothing else. But before we get into that, I wanted to talk a little bit. So obviously, while this is going on, while he's launching this series of online classes and deliberately courting controversy online by saying like, fucked up shit about women to go viral, he's also constantly guessing on every right wing podcast that will have him. And because of the world is the way it is, Info Wars is the first place he's able to like really get some traction. And he's going to abandon them as soon as he can. Like everybody who gets their start out in Info Wars because it's a dead end. Do you want to you want to escape Info Wars and get on? He's going to eventually be interviewed by like fucking Pierce Morgan and shit. But at first he he's reliant upon them. And Alex Jones sees the potential in this guy and decides, I want to try and make Andrew a part of my business, which is a thing that that Alex does regularly. And it leads us to this beautiful ad for the supplement line that Alex made branded based on Andrew Tate. So here is an ad for Andrew Tate branded Info Wars supplements. Oh boy. Oh, this is it. This is a real treat for everyone. Oh boy. To get a job, the man to get a job, they inflate the currency so nobody can exist any other way because it's too expensive. The parents are out working all day to school and the internet and the matrix razor children go to school all day and be told things that you may not want them to learn. Then they sit on the internet and read things and watch things. You may not want them to watch. You talked to them for 10 minutes at the end of the day. They go to bed. You're fighting with your 10 minutes against endless hours of the most entertaining programming or the most forceful programming in school. It's forceful on the internet. It's entertaining. Convincing them of ideas that you perhaps don't agree with. I've seen it myself on YouTube. I've seen a guy in America driving his car and his kids were in the back seat and he was arguing with them about an issue. And they was like, where did you hear that? School? He's like, why did the school tell you that? That's not true. And his own children are arguing with him because they learned to in school. Have you ever tried to take your children out of school? You'll get fined. You'll get in trouble. Now your kids have to go to school. You have to give your kids away to the school. If you don't give your kids away to the brainwashing, you'll get in trouble. As an all-star fighter, businessmen, motivational speech. There we go. The switch is incredible. It is. It is. That was like a puzzle phase. Here we go. This is so fun. I thought I'd fucked up thing up. No, just like a... Leading us in with this mix of Christian conservative fear mongering and like divorce dad fear mongering. Oh my God. It's perfect. It's perfect. And then we get Alex. Let's go. Speaker and philanthropist. Andrew Tate has truly earned the title of Top G. Well, there's another title Andrew Tate holds that is enraged the globalist. He is consecutively the most googled man in the world in the last two years. And that's because his message is about human and specifically male empowerment. Now Andrew Tate is taking his fight to empower and supercharge men to the next level. Introducing Top G Supplements. We are proud to introduce and sponsor the Top G line of Supplements by Andrew Tate and his crew. Now you have the chance to benefit in body, mind and soul with the same supplements that Andrew Tate takes himself. Learn more about these amazing products at and discover the power of Andrew Tate's new supplements through the highest quality on the market. I think there's a whole bunch of men in the world who understands my value. And if men grow up to be like me, you're going to have a whole bunch of people with no criminal record dedicated athletes. All right, that's probably enough. Yeah, no criminal record, how buddy? The amount of downstairs in that video. So first of all, the music is amazing. It's flawless. Absolutely flawless. Absolutely flawless. Third of all, Jake Paul's face. Oh yeah. Yeah. Like, did you see the names of the supplements on the multiple? Yeah, let's go through that. That's probably. We got Ian. That's probably useful. It was, they were like those names from that like other video we watched in the last episode. It was like sheer per per. I don't even know those words like sheer peracity or per per. Perciprocacity. Yeah. Perciprocacity. Those were like the names of the supplements. Oh, yeah. Because he's trying to do like a Muhammad Ali thing, right? Like Muhammad Ali would always describe himself in these very flurid often like rhyming terms. But Muhammad Ali also could back up every single thing he said about himself, which Mr. Tate cannot. But it also doesn't matter because it's all about it's all about making making the image work. So by 2021, Andrew Tate's image is working very well. He has become one of the most popular accounts on Twitter, on Instagram. He's got a pretty prominent YouTube. He is huge on TikTok. You know, we're talking like millions and millions of followers and combine several billion impressions just in like the top G term on TikTok and shit. And so he launches Hustler's University 2.0. So he had been selling a bunch of different classes. He pairs that down and he focuses just on money making schemes. And the gist is this for about $50 a month, you get the classes for free. And you also get let into this discord. Sorry, for $50 a month, you get the classes for free. So, um, but what about the $50 a month? Well, sorry, you don't get the classes for free. For $50 a month, you get access to the classes and to a series of discord rooms. Discord is like a chat service. Yeah. You can do voice and text chat. And basically, what he is selling is I built this community of people who have gotten rich using my tactics. And if you pay this monthly fee, then you'll get to hang out with us and they will coach you on how to make money. And you can watch all of our videos on how to make money too. And he can't. Damn it. That's like kind of brilliant on two levels. And I hate him for it because a subscription model is just passive income coming every month. If as long as you can maintain that subscriber base. And now he has other people doing the work for him. He has other, he's like community behind your links doing the teaching. He doesn't even have to do anything. He's actually good at it. And the schemes that he's, because he has like, you get to pick like one of three or four different money making paths to go down when you join hustlers university. It's a little like a video game. Choose your adventure. But and they're all kind of boring. Basically you can choose to either learn how to day trade like do stock trading or learn how to sell cryptocurrency or learn how to run like a copywriting mill where you're basically paying people pennies to write like terrible shitty fake books to take advantage of Amazon's algorithm and trick people into paying like $2 for. There's also a lot of Amazon affiliate shit. A bunch of it involves taking advantage of like the ways that Amazon works. And it's one of those things. If you watch YouTube and you don't have YouTube red or whatever the fuck YouTube calls their subscription service, which I don't because I'm lazy, you get all these like shady ads for people telling you like, I'm going to teach you how to make a bunch of money off of YouTube or off of Amazon. Like did you know that you could get rich, you know, creating Amazon affiliate links or with Audible or whatever? That's all he's doing. But instead of selling it as like this shady video just on how to make money using Amazon, he's giving you access to this community of distinguished men who all smoke cigars and post pictures of how much money they're making. And because all these other guys, again, it's taking a lot of these MLM tactics where you're surrounding yourselves in this community of other men who are going to be bragging constantly that they're making money. So you feel like if I'm not making money, it's not because this video is bullshit. It's because I'm not hustling hard enough. I'm not taking advantage of all of the great advice that I've gotten. It's a pretty clever thing to do. And he doesn't courage as people like post your sales, post what you're making this month, and all of that's kind of gamed and a lot of it's very scammy in the same way that like a lot of MLM stuff is where it's like, yeah, just post your raw sales. Don't tell people what your net is. Don't tell people how much money you had to put into the business to make it work, all that good stuff. And, take again, is barely present on the actual Hustler's University discord. But what he does do is when he launches this new version of the service, he spins up his media appearances in like all these different right wing podcasts and Hustler culture podcasts to push the store. And he also alters his branding at this point. Earlier, he'd kind of been indistinguishable from he'd been kind of at the nexus of pick-up artist in alt-right political weirdo. But he's he increasingly pivots to positioning himself as kind of like a jacked and rich Jordan Peterson. And I want to play you a video that gives you an example of that. Let's quickly talk about like the red pill the day game guys. And this is why they're wrong. And this is what they don't understand. Listen to me and I'll teach you how to get girls on Tinder. And I'll teach you how to go out and get girls on the mall all day. If you are walking around the mall all day or you're tendering all day, you are giving out attention. And you're giving out more than you'll ever get back because you're a man. You're giving attention out. And you don't get enough back. So that's an energy deficit. And it's that she loves your powers. Before you know it, you're going to end up one of them little red pill doors sitting there. Well, the man is here with an alpha. Bro, your five foot seven. You know, I'll fucking alpha. How you an alpha? You're like five to eight. Alpha of law. Walk into a fucking room basketball players. Multi-millionaire six foot five. Big. And talk about how alpha you are. Because you're YouTube jet. Fucking these guys have even a dream. Alpha has always for the longest period of human time at capability for violence. That's what alpha has always meant apex predator. Little short dude. No, no, for. All right, we're of course more. Let's just let's not even let's me and let's not even talk. Let's meet and let's just measure our heights. Let's just take a picture side by side of me and you. And let's talk about how alpha you are after. So they're giving out energy. They don't get energy back. The correct way to get pussy like I have is to absorb the energy from everyone in the room and then expel it in a fireball. A lightning strike. A power and prowess. So all the bitches want to fuck you and they pray you come and say hello. That's how you get bitches. You don't go in bed. They'll give energy away. No, you steal the energy from every other male. And then you expel it. The ball of fucking lightning. What's happening behind him? Sounds like he's been watching a lot of drag. Yeah, yeah. Like what the hell is he talking about? What is happening behind him? Someone's cleaning his house. But why is she so close to him? Because he likes to show you that. Like that's a big part of his. He does this in all of his like a lot of his videos. He'll make sure that like his cleaning lady or one of his Cam girls is like doing a task behind him to like make the point that he's got all these women working for him. Right? Like that's that's a huge part of the tape myth. But what he's doing here in this video is interesting to me. He's deliberately he's he's he's positioning himself as the opposite of both these whiny men's rights activist guys and of the standard pickup artist crew. And he's all this talk about height. Let's talk about alphas. He is playing to in cells because like he knows that very young men mostly in their late teens who are like angry about the fact that girls don't like them and angry about the fact that like they're they're they don't have all of the money and success. They think that they're owed that like that's his that's his business right that's his fucking bread and butter. Um why is he why is he choosing to like alienate all the short people? He's he's not he's not this is actually a two-part con and it what he's doing here is he's getting them. So I'm going to say it's like kind of sounds like he's like dunking on exactly who he like is targeting. But I think it's probably like a little bit like he is doing. Yeah some some negging and stuff right to get the to get these guys riled up but he's also so if you remember back if I don't know if any of you read Elliott Rogers manifesto Elliott Roger being the first in cell mass shooter. Um he he talks a lot and he like the entire in cell community was formed initially as a reaction to pickup artistry right all of these guys who uh feel like there's something inherently wrong with their bodies that makes it impossible for them to pick up women and in an unfair way or that feminism has ruined it Roger was obsessed that because he wasn't like tall enough or white enough right that he was never going to to to get a girl um they initially when they were like younger fell into pickup artistry and when that didn't work because none of it works very well they became violent psychopath like they they became violent right like they just they they decided like not only was the like pickup artistry a con but all of society deserve to pay for the fact that they got conned by pickup artists Andrew recognizes this and so the first thing he's doing is he is going after the pickup artists right and he's going after it in a way that's going to get all these in cell dudes like agitated but is also going to play to the fact that they realize they're being conned by these people um and I think that's an interesting choice and the other thing that he's doing he starts by talking about how like you're not alpha if you're not tall enough right that all but but he's also framing it as like these pickup artists aren't real alphas because they're not they're not big and it sounds at first like he's kind of going into this it's hopeless if you're not tall you'll never get a woman that's actually not the claim that he's making I'm going to play you another clip that's kind of an extension of his message that shows how he's talking to these in cell folks after he gets through with the kind of slamming the uh slamming the pickup artist crew and the message that he has for the actual people being taken advantage of by the pickup artist community is kind of liberatory in a weird way now I have genetic gifts I understand you do not have but I've I've also worked on my genetic gifts I didn't just have them you know I worked but even if you if you did the work I did you'd still be tall one percent even without genetics because you have no idea how hard I've worked but the point is if I teach you how to absorb energy from everyone else around you then you instantly become those powerful person in the room so it's not only so much about being big and being strong and having a landboat it's about absorbing energy and attention so you people do not understand and 99% of the things people teach you they teach you how to expel energy you can expel and lose huge amounts of energy chasing bitches and trying to make money but you don't get enough back with if you can flip the script then the whole world changes this is what you need to understand so that he's insufferable is it but that's this is worth really drilling into and paying attention to because this is an extremely appealing message to the kind of young men who are like on the edge of where Elliott Roger was right these children and it is these these guys they're starting out in the world mostly we're talking young white teenagers are not even not exclusively but like men and it's it's hard out there obviously it is still easier to be a man or a white man it is to be basically anything else but it's not as much easier as it used to right and some of that's because things are less unfair than they used to be in some regards and some of it's just because the economy's gotten worse the world has gotten harder a number of things there's a lot of shit's gotten uglier capitalism has kind of gotten more undeniably brutal even to the chunk of people who were initially being lifted up by it and so these these kids get out there and shit's not as easy they're not getting handed the things that they're supposed to get handed and a lot of them turn nihilistic and the radical right has always targeted men in this age group and socio economic group and these are again young people who recognize and some of what they're recognizing like with Robert Blie's folks is fair there's a degree a lot of atomization in our society it is not encouraged for men to have like intimate friendships with other men it's deeply lonely it's deeply competitive in a way that's really vicious and these people are suffering and the right always has has made a lot of their early recruits by kind of coming in and finding these men trying to make sense of their suffering and offering them an answer but while the kind of in-sell youth culture that has been deeply influential online is super nihilistic. Tate is reaching out to these people and he's preaching to these awkward nerdy kids with social anxiety but he's offering them a sense of hope where he's like yeah you're not going to be like me because you're not six three if you're like five seven but if you put in the work I've put in you can still be in that top one percent right it's about taking an absorbing energy and I have these tactics your genetics are not the only thing that matters right you can actually overcome that with enough work and find a way to to to make money and get you know women right like that is actually the pitch that he's making and for the people who are kind of adjacent to these in-sell communities that's a more optimistic pitch than they've been getting from a lot of people again if you spend a lot of time on some of these in-sell boards it's dudes obsessing with like oh because of the my chin is only this wide and not this wide so it's physically impossible for a woman to love me or like I have this like epicantic eye fold or whatever like my my nose is this size and so I will never have sex and like this is a biological reality and what Tate's actually saying is the people telling you this are full of shit but also like I have a tactic for how you can and it just involves hard work it doesn't matter that you don't have these genetic gifts you actually can overcome that and this is when you start talking about Tate on any kind of open forum right you're gonna get people coming in and saying some version of he's the only reason I'm alive he kept me from killing myself for like I think he's he's talking and this is because as toxic as he is finding Andrew Tate if you are one of these young men who might have gone Elliot Roger might be better for you than like fight falling down the rabbit hole you would have fallen down before him that's not and necessarily in an accurate statement right he tricks them into having hope yeah exactly and I again the point I'm making here I'm not saying that he is a net good he's absolutely not but when people people who are specifically look like we're kind of in danger of falling into this in cell rabbit hole if they find Tate that might be better for them than the road they would have gone down now that's a small subset of the folks who are actually encountering his stuff but when people make that point it's not there there's not nothing there but and and it's not because Tate cares about saving kids it's because this is how to get money from them right exactly and it just speaks to again how exploitative the whole thing is because you're you're going after these people who are already very clearly vulnerable and at a low point and you're just praying on that and taking advantage of it and it's just yeah it's just disgusting it's all disgusting but I also think it's really worth understanding the degree to which he understands the online ecosystem he's feeding it right and that's why so effectively telling them that you know they're greatest insecurities don't matter as long as they're you know they try to be like him and be big tough man yeah be a top G yeah one of one of his big lines is you don't have to be handsome if you're scary which by which he means that like ugly dudes can get women if they're jacked which is again that's very bad although you could argue it's better than you should drive a car into a crowd because you'll never find love right so that this is why people make that argument it's not it doesn't mean that he's a net force for good because spoiler he is not he's a terrible person and his overall impact is a ton of harm but on this specific community there is an argument to be made and that's where that argument comes from right um yeah and again the idea that like he shouldn't be de-platformed because he's going to save all these in cells is nonsense it's just not coming out of nowhere right because that is where his money comes from right that's the the group of people he's decided to take advantage of and I do think in the long run he might wind up having an adjust as much of a negative effect on these kids as the pickup artist had on Elliott Roger it just hasn't been going on that long because eventually they're going to see none of what he says works right like in the long run it's not going to work it's just in the short term less nihilistic than drive your car into a crowd although it might still end in the same place but you know who won't tell kids to oh boy so if he just rolled ads this show is sponsored by BetterHelp when you're at your best you can do great things but sometimes life gets you bogged down and you may feel overwhelmed or like you're not showing up in the way that you want to working with a therapist can help you get closer to the best version of you because when you feel empowered you're more prepared to take on everything life throws at you and life is throwing a lot at everyone lately so if you're thinking of giving therapy a try 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of his appeal comes from that and a kind of exhibit that i want to play a clip from him on the fresh and fit podcast which he is sitting in between like eight seven or eight women who look like a lot they're all instagram kind of done up in influencer type people yeah that's bullshit that slave my garbage feminist racist garbage crap that's been put in your brain that you need to resist absolutely nothing to a euro centrist this is bullshit it's garbage facts you need to resist that kind of shit i'm telling you the problems with the world today are very very specific and i state this without patronizing you i don't want to patronize you i'm an old man i've been around the block the problems in the world today exist because the people who are in charge of the world have done a very very clever thing they've specifically designed the world in which a way that the the people at the bottom because we're all at the bottom even me with all my millions right the people at the bottom are so busy fighting with each other that we never look up and realize we're getting fucked you're the reason for and the reason they do that the blacks hate the whites republicans hate the democrats the men hate the women euro centric he said this you don't have pay gap blah blah blah it's all slave mine shit to keep us all fighting amongst each other do you think when a billionaire who's black meets a billionaire whose white they talk about race no no you think a white you think a female billionaire a male billionaire meet they start talking about euro centricism feminist fucking garbage no stop buying into that shit it's a fucking trick and so fucking lie all of it throw it away throw it the fuck away if you want to be attractive as a female you know what you need to do you need to go to the fucking gym and just and just because my wrong said it just because my wrong said it you need to be smart enough you need to be smart enough to not let yourself get triggered by the fact that he just said something you're not used to hearing that's all it is yeah it is so every second of that it is it is miserable but he's again that is a superficial kind of class analysis right where he's talking about billionaires all have solidarity with each other uh we're all we're all poor and he's again he's lying about this he is he is he is he's a multi millionaire possibly multi hundreds of millions of dollars but you see what he's do he he recognizes everyone hates these billionaires everyone you cannot ignore inequality and the role that it has on like why all these young men who are vulnerable to my message are suffering so I have to fucking play to that right um and and again he is offering this kind of he he starts with this thing that has elements of left wing analysis to it elements of like you know capitalism as a con game the rich are a class and they have solidarity with each other and they're trying to keep you guys fighting so that you don't organize against them there's pieces of left left wing analysis there um but then Tate's solution is not dismantled the system it's not go after these guys it's treat it like a trap you escape by getting rich and jacked right that's the way that's the way it is to say again look back to Robert bli where he's he's very accurately stating here are some fucked up things capitalism is doing the men here are ways in which capitalism and the patriarchy is harming men the solution is for men to like go out into the woods in play drums and and learn how to hunt and stuff uh not the solution is for men and women to organize to make a more just society that doesn't harm us in these ways it it tates doing a version of the same thing like bli he's he's diagnosing parts of the problem and then the thing he's selling you is here's how you personally can get out of it by doing this thing that feeds money to me right he's in sufferable he's in sufferable but it works yeah um and obviously other people are pushing pieces of this message on young folks um but his presentation is the most polished he is not he is a good speaker and i don't mean that in the you should like the way he speaks i mean it and he's effective at speaking and getting his message across um always the most obnoxious in the room he's the loudest in the room and you make sure but he does and if you watch him with these um these young men like these other male influencers on their podcasts he's so good at sucking energy from them like he actually does know how to do that he's very good at talk not just not even talking over them but at making the focus of the conversation whatever he wants it to be and making himself the person that people are focusing on um that's the thing he knows how to do uh and it's it's it's it's yeah and i think probably the smartest thing he's done in this whole process is co-opped the matrix movies in his messaging and that sounds very silly the thing that date does he basically he positions the matrix is the normal world where you like work for some company 40 or whatever hours a week just to scrape by and if you're lucky maybe buy a house someday um and the thing that Andrew tells people is that like this is what you have to break out of right not not that like you have to make a more equitable system but you have to escape the matrix like Neo does and it's just about freeing yourself um and yeah screw everybody else it's just about you getting yourself out and yeah and once he once he gets kids to accept that idea the thing he tells them that they need to drop out of school and spend the money they would spend on college on hustlers university um that is that is a massive part of his pitch and again it's it's not hard to see why this stuff is appealing to a lot of young kids it's married to some of the worst misogyny imaginable too though um he tells young men that like they should not learn how to cook that's a waste of time they should find a woman to cook for them they should focus on making money women shouldn't be allowed to leave the house they shouldn't have friends of their own this is all stuff that Tate preaches to alongside the stuff that's less fucked up in Tate's ideology women being able to have their own careers and lives is also part of the matrix right he starts from this reasonable position capitalism is kind of a con job and then he pivots to telling kids that the real con is anything that limits the ability of young men to do whatever they want in any way and i want to play you now a video that he made to advertise hustlers university 2.0 um because it's it's uh something else you cannot stop you cannot give up you're in the most fantastic place on the planet for making money hustlers university and the only person who can ruin that is you most of you are happy to be losers part time you want to escape that's why you joined you don't want to lose already more but then that new video game comes out i'll just play the video game i'll just be a loser for two more weeks then i'll get back to trying to escape the matrix it doesn't work that way because you jump in and out of complacency from i'm happy to be a loser and do loser things to i can't be a loser anymore when you jump in and out you never get momentum you cannot quit you cannot give up you need that momentum to break free when a rocket is flying out towards the moon to escape the atmosphere it doesn't fucking pause halfway up the sky doesn't no it keeps going every single second you're not in hustlers university there are things happening conversations happening that you're not watching information that could be the one little piece of information you need to break out it could be that one little sentence that changes everything you're in hustlers university and you're gonna make money but it ain't easy it ain't gonna be given to you on a plate you're gonna have to work you're in competition with the entire world everyone wants to escape you cannot be lazy okay that's probably enough the filming on this is so weird it like yeah jumps back and forth between his cars he's like clearly holding an empty mug to look at powerful i think filmed in a way that like is meant so they can cut it up for for tiktok more easily you see this with like the liver king too a lot of these guys will their longer youtube videos will have kind of a weird vibe because they're mainly filming it to cut it up for tiktok but you see here he's like there's this fear of missing out you're not doing enough you've got to break like free you're in competition with everybody else um and it's it's interesting because when he's when he's talking this stuff um it's extremely modern and it's it's almost a political right like there was not a thing in that that is like you could super define as like a particularly political rant tate is a very political guy and when he gets into his opinions about like women shouldn't be allowed to leave the house you realize he's actually kind of like a traditionalist religious fundamentalist which we will be building towards but he he's smart enough that he doesn't get stuck in the traps that a lot of religious fundamentalists fall into trying to reach out to young men he doesn't start with any of that it's stuff that kind of comes out later in some of his other rants um and and he gets this there there will be moments where you can he will make these arguments about stuff like military service that actually wouldn't seem out of place if you're listening to some like left wing bread tuber going on a rant i want to play you this clip here because it again it it shows how much he's kind of separated himself from the traditional right wing grift sphere or at least the traditional conservative grift sphere think i think you're a fool gonna go die for what Biden i'm trying to protect american freedom yeah you're gonna protect the freedom of those people in the braska by going over to Yemen and bombing some 13 year old farmers great job stupid you're in protected nothing but profits for companies that don't care about you should only protect yourself and your boys i fought for myself again the world champion got some money never get any money your leg blown off walk around one leg mr limpy mr limpy g for what for Biden you care about you don't be stupid don't be done impure ass out of my channel i'm joining me see that's uh that's again that's first of all you should only protect your boys made me sure audibly vomit but uh well that's what we work here at cool zone no no just like him going like firm anti military and anti-biden like you're clearly you clearly know your audience yeah it's these it's these kids who grew up right after because like i mean in in and sofie and i we all grew up kind of right in the wake of 9 11 and all of that like where the military was this like sacred uncritisable thing in mainstream american culture that era is passed and it's pretty i mean obviously in the uk it was always a bit different but like that era is well passed and you actually you can get i mean trump did versions of this right when he would talk about how you're like a loser if you get injured for your country it would always all these democrats who are stuck in like 2006 would always get like this has to be the end for him look he he said told people that like injured veterans or chumps and it's like no it doesn't matter um they're perfect people are perfectly willing to say that they are chumps because the the this could like modern conservatism the modern right is so purely focused on the grift and on personally sucking as much money out as you can from people around you that it doesn't matter take realizes that there's no need to be ashamed of this thing and it can draw in folks who are like open to listening to these kind of left wing arguments he starts to make one there where he's like all you're doing joining the military is murdering kids in Yemen you can find versions of that in like marxist like influential and influencer youtube rants and shaman i would be so curious to know especially like the specific things that he uh watched and read where he like what like what specifically he learned like what he spends yeah i mean it's it's it's yeah exactly i think he spends a lot of time and he says he spends all of his time online like he's working on that i think a lot of i think a lot of it is he's he's paying attention to what's going viral where and he's not just paying attention to what goes viral on the right and one of the things that happened when he got arrested is you had all of these left wing weirdos online guys like vosh is the one that i remember most specifically being like well you know andru tates bad but the left needs someone like him who can speak to young men in this way and it's like well all he's doing is he's he's using these he's using his bait little pieces of left wing social analysis and class analysis in order to get people on the hook and then he's trying to sell them on turning their 15 year old cousins into uber drivers like that that is all that is here there's there's no need to replicate this he's not actually offering people anything he's just the thing that he's promising them rather than like the grinding act of trying to reform the world in a more just way he's promising them you can get a Lamborghini well yes that's always going to be a better pitch to a lot of people then if we all work hard and fight like hell we can make the world more just but you can't there's no like there's no replicating what tates doing because the only thing he's promising is a chance at like winning the lottery basically right that's not actually a thing you should shoot for that's my opinion here so all of the videos that i've been playing for you nearly all of them come from fans who will compile clips of his various interviews and podcast appearances and put them up on social media since tate has been banned from most platforms this is the only way his content gets out but more than that it's part of a cohesive media strategy that's how he became famous in the first place tate built his empire knowing that this would happen and i'm going to quote from the guardian here since january repackaged videos from interviews with tate over the years have been attracting millions of views on tiktok but in recent weeks this growth has accelerated in august so far alone clips tagged with his name have been watched more than a billion times the posts do not come from tate himself who does not appear to be active on the platform but from hundreds of accounts often using his name and photo run by his followers members of hustlers university members including boys as young as 13 are told they can earn up to ten thousand dollars a month through lessons on crypto investing drop shipping and by recruiting others to tusslers university earning a 48 percent commission for each person they refer to have the best chance of getting people to sign up they are advised to stoke controversy to improve their chances of going viral and one guide hustlers university students are told that attracting comments and controversy is the key to success what you ideally want is a mix of 60 70 percent fans and 40 to 30 percent haters you want arguments you want war and this is the thing he did that's brilliant um or mid 2022 there was this thing where all of these left wing influencers and liberal influencers and media people found out about Andrew tate and for weeks you could not miss him he was everywhere everywhere all of these mainstream media people like pierce morgan interviewed him there were a couple of like someone to see an n talked him i think like there were all these and all of them were condemning him all of them were attacking him all a lot of them were making fun of him and trying to show him as a loser all it did was make a millions of dollars this is why when people were celebrating like Greta dunking on him i was like guys this is how he got rich thankfully he happened to get arrested after that but like this is how he got rich the only reason that we're doing these episodes now is number one i think the strategy the whole sweep of it is important i wasn't willing to do something like this until i thought there was a good chance he's not getting out of fucking prison um i mean we'll see he might still come back to it but i figured it was worth doing it this point i think i think it's interesting that like his reach where he was going on literally cnn but also was doing like he did like an interview on a the fit and trim podcast but also like he did an entire interview on uh this like tiktok team team show with uh barstool sports bf's yes yeah we'll have a clip from that in a set yeah where it's like where it's like yeah and that's the thing like he's everywhere like his brain is unbelievable he doesn't have a tiktok and he's like the number one guy on tiktok or was for quite a while um and that's that's a there's brilliance in that he this was conscious he didn't luck into this this didn't happen by accident he he realized once he gets 100,000 or so people is like if you've got a hundred thousand people in your discord thing following you and you can get them all posting you can get fifty sixty thousand people a day posting clip mashups of your interviews some of that's going to go viral it's going to be and it's going to go fucking and the algorithm will help carry you um and again he part of this he didn't come up like all this is part in part based on the fact that he pays attention to what's been happening so we notice his Alex Jones has guys like Kanye on because he knows that they're going to do provocative racist shit that the media will cover and that'll get his name trending even though he's not on social media he observes this and then he he goes more proactively after it right um what tates done is he's taken the logic and the sense of personal investment that you get an appear mid scheme or an MLM and he's given his followers a vested financial interest in getting his content trending around the world and this worked incredibly well um the sudden rush of attention tates stuff gotten twenty one and twenty twenty two drove tens of thousands of mostly very young men to hustlers university and the war room which is his even more exclusive discord that costs five thousand dollars a month or five thousand dollars total join now both platforms have strict requirements for their membership if you pay five grand to join the war room you're warned ahead of time that you could be banned for any reason uh costing you five grand if you just please and rotate so you're going to be invested in keeping a happy meanwhile one of the things you told if you join hustlers university tells you if you don't pay every month for this it means you're not committed enough to succeed and are definitely going to fail in life I can remember him doing like a call and show where like one guy's like yeah I think I need to take a month off from membership to buy my mom a birthday gift and he's like well if you weren't a failure you would have made that money already using the skills you'd learned here um and what they do if you if you miss a month of payments on hustlers university you're out baby one hundred you're not you're not you're not you are siloed off to a separate discord where the only thing posted in there is screen grabs of the other members profits oh my god they want you to find a way to get the money to exactly yeah um and I'm going to continue with a quote from that guardian investigation we conducted an anonymous experiment with a blank account set up for a teenage boy and we're quickly shown content of tape after watching two of his videos we were recommended more including clips of him expressing misogynistic views the next time the account was opened the first four posts were of tape from four different accounts in one video posted from an account with tates name and face he describes matter of factly how he expects his girlfriends to behave I inflict I expect to absolute loyalty from my woman he says I ain't having my chicks talking to other dudes liking other dudes my chicks don't go to the club without me they are at home this tactic has worked extremely well and the way that social media functions is ensured that all the the hate tape receives does nothing but make his brand stronger in mid 2021 basically every liberal and lefty yeah I already talked about this but yeah um after he gets kicked off of social media subscriptions to hustlers university only increase um screenshots posted online showed that hustlers university 2.0 had about 12,000 subscribers in march of 2022 when kind of everybody started attacking and rotate by July it had 77,000 subscribers and at the start of august there were 129,000 followers by the end of august he starts to get even more media attention and his affiliate program that incentivize subscribers gets discontinued which costs him a bunch of people so like near the end of that month he goes down by like 25,000 or so but that's a temporary loss because by September he's back up to 160,000 subscribers um in october Buzzfeed observed more than 221,000 users in his discord server which is hustlers university 2.0 since all of those people were paying 49,99 a month that means he was making 11 million dollars in october alone just from his discord holy shit that's crazy yeah and yeah and you know he's not paying taxes on him he's already told you you shouldn't pay taxes on your shit break the law right? now I think it's important to see the way a lot of young men react to and imitate tape because it could be easy to dismiss him it's just another weirdo right wing guy online if you don't see that so I'm gonna play you a clip this is of some kid I think they're 18 this is their tiktok uh watch this pay attention to his mannerisms you've all seen enough Andrew Tate now to recognize Tate people think that it's so hard to break the matrix and I'm here to tell you it's not like I mean my first million dollars last year and in the past 12 months I was able to turn that one million dollars into 5.6 million at 18 years old by the way and I'll tell you this right now I didn't do this by listening to no brokey teacher saying steady steady steady steady steady for your degree fuck you agree it is not hard to create your dream light like once you make that first 100 K you are out and if you follow the steps that I give you an actually take action and make that first 100 K and iblt on a fucking pet out so a Rambo you will be out so stop waiting and join us people think that it's so hard yeah that's like literally like verbatim like clone clone of his insane. Yeah, it's right down to like the facial expressions and stuff. And he's, and even like he's doing kind of a weird like semi-British accent thing in there or something. I don't know, maybe like kid is British, but like he's doing like the term brokey is one that evolved within the Tate's community. Exactly. The hand gestures like all of it. Yeah, that's like the thing by the way, brokey is like that's what they tell you, Tate people tell you like call your teachers that tell you like the adults around you who tell you not to obsess with Andrew Tate style hustlers brokeies because they're not multi-millionaires. So they're losers. If you argue with these people online, the question they're told to ask you is what color is your Bugatti? By the way, the color of Andrew Tate's Bugatti now is he doesn't have one because it's been confiscated by the Romanian government. So. But this again, you see why this is like, I mean, just for a little bit of like personal context, when I was 19 to 18, 19, like I started working and it sucks like working for minimum wage and trying to afford an apartment was a lot easier 15, 16 years ago when I was doing it. But like it's still sucked ass. And the thing that I wanted more than anything was to like figure out some job that would let me work from home doing something that wasn't miserable, which is like how I started my career in like tech journalism and shit. And like that was my soul motivation was to not have to spend 40 to 60 hours a week being miserable in an office in like for someone else's profit. I didn't want to have to do that. And like I get how powerful a motivator that is. And there's again, this kid that we just saw, like part of what he's saying is like these teachers who tell you to study for your degree, that's not going to help you. And for a lot of people, he's right. I know a shitload of people who got a fucking college degree and it did nothing but lock them into debt. There's a reason why kids are vulnerable to this shit. And it's because doing things that quote unquote right way is often deeply unpleasant. It's just that all Andrew Tates going to get you to do is give him money. He's not going to teach you how to escape the system because you can't escape it. Like even if you think that you've escaped it because you've gotten a decent job, you're still latch to it one way or the other. Like it is still dragging behind you, which is why we need to kill it with a spear. But anyway, that's that's the ads time for some ads. For NFL teams, two conference championship games and only a few more shots to win big on the playoffs with draft King Sportsbook, an official sports betting partner of the NFL. Counting down to Super Bowl 57, new customers can bet just $5 and get $203 bets instantly. And you can get $203 bets instantly. 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He announced at the start of December of 2022 that he had converted to Islam. Now, there is a whole video. There's a number of them. But I watched a whole video with him in some like Weirdo, Muslim scholar. I don't know that this guy is a good, it's unlike the one Islam network, which has 1.74 million subscribers. This video has 1.6 million views. The guy is Muhammad Hijab. I don't think he's a good person. I'm certainly not saying that he actually knows or actually is an expert on Islam. I don't know. I'm not certainly either. But boy, this video was gross as shit. So he takes starts by like saying that he had converted to Islam because he decided it was the only real religion. All of the other religions have been cucked by the Matrix and her fake. And he claimed he used to be an atheist, but then he saw evil and that that convinced him of the existence of God. And then we get to my favorite part, which is the only thing that's entertaining in this video and not deeply depressing. Longest time. You know, I've never been to like a music concert. I'm people asking me why, my God. I just look at it and I feel embarrassed. I look at someone up on a stage, dancing round, and I look at hundreds of thousands of peasants and crowd. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm like, it's embarrassing. I feel cringe, it's like second hand embarrassment when I see these festivals and everyone's losing their mind or these music concerts. I genuinely feel embarrassed for the people who go because to me that is a form of worship. Like, you can listen to the music at home for free. You don't have to wait in that line and stand out in the cold. I don't know. Perhaps it was a bit extreme, but I've always known that they're trying to give us false idols to some degree. And when I speak to atheists, atheists say, oh, I don't believe in God, but they've signed up so hard to the liberal woke agenda. There is religious as anybody, but they're just believing in the wrong things. They're believing. So I think that's interesting because what clearly has happened here is that Andrew Tate is a deeply malignant narcissist. And if you go to a concert, part of what people get out of a concert is losing themselves in a piece of another person's creation. And that would mean that the focus is not on Andrew Tate. And he's simply not only can he not enjoy it, but it's in the hands of sick. To see other people be a focus of attention. Like live music is one of the greatest things we have. It's the single best thing that our species has created. Like, but Andrew, not Andrew Tate. I do think it's funny. But if people are looking at Dolepa, that means no one's paying attention to Andrew Tate. Yes. Also, there's definitely videos of him at concerts, but at least it really happens. I love that. That's beautiful. It's very funny. It's also worth noting that Andrew Tate and Jeff Bezos are buddies in baldness and not understanding the gift of songs. So that's what it's neat that they have that in common. They also both like to really tight pants, which is very funny. They also both like to wear really tight pants. That is correct. Although I got to say this, Jeff Bezos gave up half of his fortune in the divorce. And I don't think that Andrew Tate would have done that. 100% now. Yeah. Definitely not. So anyway, Tate was arrested right before the end of 2022. Alongside his brother Tristan and two Romanian women, one of whom was a former Romanian police officer. Some of the articles I found that are Romanian will say that the women were branded by him. This is not entirely accurate. They're saying this because of like nexium, right? Because the second season of the Keith Reneeri dot came out and those women had been branded. The reality is that they have Tate's girls tattoos, which we know exist. I've seen pictures of them on a number of different women. And like that's weird, but that is not branding. People get tattoos. People get tattoos with dudes names on them. That's not like it's not branding and branding somebody. Yeah. Dramatic. Very different. Yeah. Again, the guy is deeply abusive. But he is not like I have not seen any evidence. These literally brand new women. They just got tattoos of his name, which is like weird, but not what Keith Reneeri was having women do. It is too early for me to comment in much detail about the allegations against him. We do know that at least two women, I think it's up to four now, have accused one of the Tates. And we don't actually know which of the Tates with physical and sexual abuse. In addition, both Tates are accused, along with those women, of sexually trafficking a number of women for their webcam business. Do we think he throws brother under the bus to save himself? One million years ago. Yeah, I think there's a good chance. I don't think Tristan would. Tristan, I think, is kind of right along. Not to your Tristan's a giant piece of shit, by the way. I think that Andrew would throw Tristan under the bus before Tristan would throw Andrew under the bus. Although I'm open to being surprised here. For a little bit of context on the crimes, I'm going to quote from Reuters here. The directorate for investigating organized crime and terrorism said the suspects appear to have created an organized crime group with the purpose of recruiting housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be seen on specialized websites for the cost. It claimed that the men recruited women with the pretence of romance in the lover boy method before being forced to perform in pornographic content under the threat of violence. Investigators are reported to believe one of the performers brought in $45,000 a month or 45,000 pounds a month but received no payment while the women were kept under house arrest. Tate claims the women kept 80 to 85% of the fees earned and that most of the girls ended up being multi-millionaires. And look, Tate has his claim here. That's important to note. But we know that in his Hustlers University video, he recommends getting people to work with you in a gig basis and then lying to them about how much money they're making so you can take it all. So I think there's reason to believe the Romanian authorities on this one. Now, the prosecution doesn't just have that. They have audio that likely some of that I think came from a wiretap. Some of it seems to have been recorded by one of his victims. Some of this audio has been leaked to apparently been leaked to local Romanian news sources. Most of the translations that I found have been from Romanians on Reddit. I'm not going to quote directly from it because I just am not certain about the providence of all of this yet. But some credible Romanian news sources are reporting that based on these leaked conversations that the prosecution has, Tate openly discusses using the women who worked for him to launder money and talks about the fact that he is committing crimes. He does this very openly. They have him recorded talking about the laws that he's broken. Because as smart as he is in terms of how to like get himself going viral on TikTok, he's not comprehensive. Again, like everything about Andrew, he's not as good as he thinks he is. And in this case, it seems to have bitten him in the ass. Now, it is worth noting that Tate's house had been raided like six months before his arrest. So he was aware that the police were on him. It's kind of baffling to me that he did not. And maybe it shows his arrogance that he didn't try to flee the country with his assets or as much of them as possible. And instead, he kind of ceded his fan base with comments about the fact that he was likely to be arrested or killed. This is sort of a John McAfee. And I'm sure that's who he's copying from here. Here's a clip from a fan video I found with nearly 700,000 views at the time of publication of this episode. This right here is one of my 18 audiobooks that I own. It made 80s feel like another. It's a fucking audible. They're in Spanish for kids. And I don't even speak Spanish. Okay, guys, I paid a guy off $50. Here at the audio. And then I just uploaded the file to audible. Wow. That's crazy. I make about 50 to 100 sales. And for each sale, I get paid. So again, part of why Andrew is because this is he will tell you how to do a version of this scam. And so a million other people part of why take gets away with what he's doing is we have built a culture in which every single mass media organ is largely supported by a variety of scans and cons designed to suck money from people and provide them with nothing including. That's how YouTube makes its money. This is a huge amount of YouTube's advertising. Yeah. Like is shit like this. That's why Andrew is able to maneuver an act is that our culture has created the space where it is all nothing but a series of cons from the top to the bottom. Anyway, let's watch this video now of him talking about how he's going to be murdered for cracking the matrix. To think they're not. All I'm trying to do is teach men to be strong. If they decide to kill me on a long enough time frame, they're going to be successful. But I can't. I don't want to live in fear. Because what did I say in the earlier tenant? If I become a coward, I will live in fear and it breeds an action. The music is amazing. It is so funny. I want the world to know that I'd absolutely never ever kill myself under any circumstances ever. No matter what they say, I did not kill myself. I don't want to be seen as a threat to the elixir of the early life to die. I want to be seen as a positive for. I'm going to tell you right now. Andrew absolutely would commit suicide if he thought he was never going to get it in prison. Just like John McAfee did. Just like look, narcissists do this all the time. Yeah. He's just hoping that he can rile people up, get folks angry, maybe inspire some violence on his behalf. Again, this is a pretty. This is part of the playbook where he's not being creative at all. He's just doing a John McAfee. He's literally doing a McAfee. Yeah. Now, true to and I hope he I hope he does the full McAfee, by the way. True to form immediately after his request, someone with access to his account posted a link to hustlers university 3.0, which is the newest face of his all he had just launched this before he got arrested. Now, hustlers university 3.0 lives at the link, join the real And on the website is a video made with clips from the Matrix and some other movies alongside clips of Tate and clips of other YouTube stars attacking him. Because he was like on Logan Paul show and then when he got arrested, Logan Paul pretended that like he hated him, all this good stuff. Above the video is the text, it's time to wake up, Neo. Join us. A mass wealth, escape slavery. Pustlers University. I talk by a million. That's your questions. They give you everything on a silver planet. It's made impossible to not make money if you follow with these things. Not only having contact with actual multi-millionaires, being part of a community of students, it's community. People that are there for you, it will be there for one thing, it's the main one. I've already made my money back. I'll put it first. I've made 5K this month from just joining. That's fucking crazy. I made 4K in my first month. I made 2000 dollars in the two weeks at 50. I just made a fucking 20 thousand dollars. I'm great so, so fucking cheese. All in all, I made about $3,000. I go with the max, my 95 income. I shot him that by five times. I'll add days where I made $2,000 or $3,000. And that's like what I used to make in a month. I don't allow me. There are so many guys in this video. We probably saw like fucking close to a hundred of them in that first series of just like different clips of people talking about their experience with hustlers university. Again, hundreds of thousands of people who have paid him money directly and have joined. And all of these dudes are still on hustlers university. It is still functioning as far as I've heard. And presumably still deeply invested in Tate's success. Like this is not a problem that's over. And it is, you know, we don't know the court case. Andrew and his brother basically have not actually been formally charged yet. As a publication of this episode, or at least as of the recording of it, they are on a 30 day hold to while the Romanian court kind of gets shit in order to see what they're actually going to charge them on. And some of this is just that like Andrews obviously a flight risk he has whole videos about all the the private jets that he has access to. So we'll see. I think there's a chance Andrew has played his last cards, although I think there's a chance he winds up getting out and this has another ugly chapter. But there's a very good chance he's going to do serious prison time like 10 plus years in Romania. And however rabbit his fan bases now, if he spins years in prison, I think that will dull his appeal. For one thing, it'll make him look like a loser. But in the here and now all we are all left with the problem of all of these fucking people, these young minds, these weirdos, these kids that he's influenced. Multiple schools, particularly in the United Kingdom, have had to hold classes in seminars on de radicalizing teenage boys who fell through Andrew Tate. And I'm going to close this episode by reading a quote from one of those articles in the Times of London. His initial attraction to young people said one teacher was often his advice around being confident and financially successful. And from there he capitalizes on a post me to anxiety with comments such as, females don't have independent thought, they don't come up with anything, they're just empty vessels waiting for someone to install the programming. J. Jordan, a teacher in Dundee of five years, said the recent interest in Tate had made boys more hostile. You used to have to deal with sexist stuff, but now it's explicitly connected to Andrew Tate. The boys do not stop talking about him, she said. In one class she reprimanded a 14 year old. You're just a woman, he responded. Jordan 37 said, we've definitely gone backwards and it is worrying. And that's the fun place to end the Andrew Tate cast, the Tate episodes. How are we doing gang? That's just like I said before, I'm scared because there's like hundreds of thousands of boys and young men who think like this and they're not jailed. They're not going anywhere, you know? So like this mindset and this ideology is going to continue to be proliferated. And it's pretty terrifying. And it's worth noting, again, people talking about like what's the solution is throwing him in prison, the solution and like no throwing him in prison is a turnic it maybe. I think it might stop his ability to grow the way that he would have grown if it hadn't. Deplatforming was a total failure in this. Like kicking him off of shit did nothing but increase his reach and his profitability because of the quote unquote controversy that got you. And the thing to blame here, there's a couple of things. Number one, the structure of social media is to blame. The structure of social media in order to stop an Andrew Tate, it's not getting better to arresting these guys. It's changing the structure of social media to not reward the kind of conflicts that he deliberately incited in order to the fact that like if you do something super fucked up and racist and people get angry about it, it increases your reach on every social media app that exists is a huge part of the problem. And the reason why that will not change is fundamentally that's how all of these people make money. Whether they're the good Twitter or the bad Elon Twitter, they all made their money by making people fight or by not making people fight but by sharing things that would make people angry so that they would engage in fights. That's a big part of what Andrew Tate recognized. The other thing is the entire structure of the system that we live under rewards, cons, and grifts. It is all figure out what the latest as technology increases, there are more opportunities to run versions of the same old MLM scam that will not be recognized yet by the government as illegal. So you get in there as fast as you can and you make your money and then you fucking escape. And this is the way this is the fucking cryptocurrency thing. This is all that NFT shit. It's this the new scam that is really just the old scam dressed up in enough of a coat of paint that nobody recognizes that like no, no, like the law doesn't recognize it for a couple of years. That's all Andrew has ever been doing. That's all he is purporting to teach you. And he just was sloppy enough with aspects of his life and that he wasn't able to keep doing it long enough. Right. Like the only reason he got caught is that he bragged about breaking the laws in Romania and that they weren't going to punish him. And also he was too good at becoming famous. If he had stayed a few levels lower than this, if he'd stayed it like that Alex Jones level or whatever of social media influence even he probably would have kept getting away with it. But he was so big that it created such a fuss. And the Romanian government had to be like, well, look, now he's bragging about sex trafficking and the EU's angry at us because we already have this problem. Let's destroy this guy's life in order to because he basically forced us to right. If he'd been a little bit less of an idiot, a little bit more careful, he would have gotten away with it for longer. And the next one probably will. Although maybe all of these guys because their narcissists are unable to kind of pull back from the ledge before they go over it. Yes, that's the optimistic thing. Maybe fundamentally the kind of guy who can do an and rotate is always going to be so much of an ego maniac that they can't stop themselves. I don't know. Yeah. I think the way that he's reached his audience should be examined and that it's it's truly terrifying. The reach that he has and that the internet basically has rewarded him for it. I hope he stays in jail for a long time and fizzles out. But as we can see, and you take clones, we'll just keep popping up. Yeah. Yeah. And that's the scary thing. Like somebody else who can just like study this model, find the holes in it and patch it up and then you know you got your next and rotate, you know, 4.0 or whatever. And that's what's scary about it is as long as our current social media ecosystem exists and the way news is covered, you know, the as long as that model exists, somebody is just going to keep finding ways to exploit this and do the same thing. And yeah, that's scary. It is scary. But you know what's not scary? You're pluggables. That's you Ian. What do you got? Yeah, I would just say, I don't know. Yeah, cool zone media, great team, great, great people, great podcasts. Oh, tennis, I'll plug tennis. I'm really into I'm just starting to play and I'm excited to get out there and get better. Australian Open is going on right now. So it's a good time. Yeah. I would like to plug that live music is beautiful and Andrew take you go fuck yourself. That cool zone media and all the things Robert, do you have anything specifically you would like to plug? Yeah, I have a book called after the revolution. If you just Google AK press after the revolution, you can find it and buy a physical copy. You can also just go to ATR and find the ebook for free or just listen to the podcast of the same name. So check that out. I have a sub stack. It's Shatter Zone. Just Google Shatter Zone sub stack and you'll find that. I'll get another thing up there soon. Anyway, that's me. You know, you could you could start calling me top G if you wanted to. Sophie, do we think that's a good marketing term? Okay, well, what if I do my Boston accent and I try to teach kids how to how to make their 12 year old cousins illegally labor for them without payment? I don't know. There might be something that well, thank you. Thank you. And thank you for believing in me. Would you like to join my discord for five thousand dollars? Yes. Let's see. All right, all right. Well, everybody, I've got a new car to get off to. So every button have have a great day and feel better than you feel listening to this episode. Bye. Behind the bastards is a production of Cool Zone media. 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