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Part Four: Helena Blavatsky: the woman who inspired the Nazis, and Gwyneth Paltrow

Part Four: Helena Blavatsky: the woman who inspired the Nazis, and Gwyneth Paltrow

Thu, 01 Sep 2022 10:00

In part four of this series, Robert concludes his conversation with Jamie Loftus about Helena Blavatsky.

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It's Rachel Zo, and I'm here to tell you about my new podcast, Climbing in Heels. You might know me from the Rachel Zo project, the Zo report, or as the founder of Curator. On my new podcast, I interview other super women who have worked their way to the very top. My guest share the spark to began their journeys as industry leading ladies and how they balance it all while staying so glamorous. Follow us so you don't miss a single episode. Listen to Climbing in Heels starting October 6th on the iHeartRadio app Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Hey, I'm Deweleeper and I'm thrilled to be back for the second season of my podcast Deweleeper at Your Service. Alongside me and my guests lists and recommendations, the show features conversations with some of my biggest inspirations, working across entertainment, politics, activism, and much, much more. I've been hard at work getting season two ready for you all summer long, so please tune in and join me on this very special adventure. Listen to Deweleeper at Your Service on the iHeartRadio app Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, it's Roy Wood Jr. host of the Daily Show Podcasts Beyond the Scenes and we are back for season two. Beyond the Scenes is the podcast where we take the topics and segments that were on the Daily Show and give them a little more love. This season we're bringing back more Daily Show writers, producers, and correspondents. More experts giving us some extra knowledge. You can't get anywhere else. Don't miss it. Listen to Beyond the Scenes on the iHeartRadio app Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Oh, welcome to Behind the Bastards, the podcast where I brag about how much better the weather is right now where I am than where Jamie is. Somehow this podcast has gotten 500 episodes. Really fucked up. What an incredible thing for a friend to do. You know what actually I do think that all of my friends regularly do brag about the superiority of their climate and I don't appreciate it. Well, everyone used to say that brag about how nice it was in Southern California, but then we killed the planet. Yeah, I missed that era. Remember? I've only lived in the disturbing one. Remember June gloom. Oh, that was the time. Yeah, when I first June gloom. Oh, that's when you would get like a little bit like a week or two, a cool weather in June. It would be like, no, it'd be like almost the whole month of June. It would be gray and it would be like in the 60. It was lovely. It was like my entire life until, you know, the planet. Couple of years ago. Yeah. When I moved to LA, it was in like June and I had, I left Texas where it was like hot. I drove through Phoenix where it was unlivable for human beings. Oh, my God. Phoenix. And then I get to Los Angeles and in Culver City, it was like the first three weeks I was there was like 68 at the height of every day and like partly cloudy, which is perfect. But then we killed the planet. And you know specifically who killed the planet, Jamie Loftus. Oh, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna put this on each blots full stop. Helena Blavatsky is responsible hellblot oil and gas industry. Yeah, that's my news. He doesn't hellblot. Yeah, she's not. But she is responsible for World War II. And that's today's story. So in 1878, she leaves New York for bomb, eventually Bombay and the right. They stopped in England along the way. They set up some, some philosophical offices. Everyone's gonna yell at me about that. Yeah, like my grades from the US to the UK. But she's the only one that continues east from there. So I'm interested in what happens. Yeah. So she winds up in Bombay and she eventually moves on from from there a little bit. But yeah, Blavatsky and Oka, bring basically like kind of frame it as like we are returning like traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs to India by like setting up the Theosophical Society here. So eventually she yeah, they land in Bombay and they partner with an organization called the Arya Samaj movement, which had been founded a few years earlier by a guy named Swamis Saraswati, who is a Hindu holy man who was really angry about the Christianization of his country because the British bring in missionaries right who are trying to recruit people to be Christian. So there is a lot of there's actually a lot of folks in India who like what Blavatsky is saying and doing even though like because one of the things I think that is worth understanding about Hinduism is that it is not it is not a religion with the kind of strict doctrine that you get in a lot of like Christian religions where it's like no, this is like I having spent a lot of time in India. One of the fun experiences you have there is when you like are eating with with Indian folks and like just asking about like Rama and see it and all these like different gods and goddesses and mythical stories and stuff. Every time you at like if different groups of people are telling you the same story it's a little bit different every time right because there's all these different like variations and that's one of the things that's like so neat about talking to people in that part of the world about religion. And so there's not there's not as much of a you would expect maybe kind of a backlash but instead it's more people happy that like oh these Westerners actually like our religion and like yeah they're interpreting it in weird ways and I hadn't heard that or that but like even in the abyss that there is like some interest. Yeah they're coming here to engage with our religion rather than to convert us to theirs which is like people like that right? Like of course they like that you know it's not sure it's a perfectly understandable thing. And this guy Saraswati he wants to push his people back to their like traditional spiritual beliefs and not the shit the British were paddling and Blavatsky and Olcott they're basically trying to decrystionize the West and bring the Vedas there. So yeah this is actually pretty popular like it not that like a lot of Indians don't become theosophists but like there's there's people like in the country who are like oh this is a nice trend to see. So the society does grow around the world there's something like 130 offices around the world by the time she dies like it spreads in a manner that's not why again there's a lot of similarities between theosophy and Scientology not in terms of the belief system because number one much less of a toxic thing like and she is a less toxic person than El Ron Hubbard I will give her credit for the old law. That's not a hard stick. Yeah incredible yardstick. But the the the the theosophy in general is not like it is not like Scientology it is not based entirely around abuse and like secrets and violence but it does the way that it spreads it at there's a lot of similarities between how science because Hubbard is looking at Blavatsky in her example when he's setting up his secret society religion thing. It is kind of well to see that like ripple effect of like Blavatsky is essentially asking like can I do spiritualism but worse and then El Ron Hubbard's like can I do theosophy amongst other things but worse and then you just spiral out from there. Yeah so that's cool. Blavatsky and Olcott launch a journal the theosophy and she continues to orchestrate control over the movement by having her masters and letters to Olcott and others particularly there will be like high ranking Indian like in terms of like their their position in society like Indian folks people with money and like high ranking British colonial administrators who will like come by and like be interested in what she's talking about and she'll have her masters reach out to them. Sometimes when she's feeling lazy and in an argument with someone she'll just claim that they've contacted her telepathically directly to like Indian argument like oh no good whom he just like DM to me man and like you're wrong you got to stop saying this. It's pretty funny. Stau-Azinski continues quote the master soon began exchange and correspondence through Blavatsky of course with an Englishman living in India named Alfred Percy Sinit. Sinit was a writer and editor in chief of the pioneer and English daily newspaper soon after Blavatsky's arrival in India he became an avid theosophist in 1882 he published a book consisting of his correspondence with master Kut Hume soon after the books released a gentleman named Richard Kittle publicly accused master Kut Hume of plagiarism. Kittle insisted that the great Mahatma for copy large parts of his book published a few years earlier in response Madame Blavatsky released a letter written by the master in which Kut Hume helped to explain the misunderstanding it was not an act of deliberate plagiarism wrote Mahatma but a result of overlapping astral planes one day Kut Hume was reading the chronicle of the universe which contains all of the information that ever existed the master came across Kittle's text there among billions of others and failed to identify it now this is the say a marguim and Elon Musk makes when he steals people's memes on Twitter. So you've been we've been uh recording this episode for 500 hours and you just really wanted to say that didn't you. I did it is really funny because the Mahatma papers we'll talk a little more about them later the Mahatma papers are like a huge moment in the ocephal where like they release these they were it's it's basically it's basically kind of like the somarillion of the ocephal. Oh boy. But it's a huge amount of it is plagiarized by Richard Kittle because she's a play like all she's doing is taking other people's stuff and rewriting it and she gets kind of lazy and then when she gets called on it is like oh this is Kut Hume's fault he fucked up because he was just like all of the books that have ever existed or will have literally exist are like stored on the astral plane and he was just like reading it and like failed to he didn't see like the name on the side when he was like sitting it to me. It's pretty funny. It's pretty funny. That's fucking wild. Wow. Yeah he did he did he did the occult equivalent of like copy pasting a Wikipedia page to like turn an essay in like the great Kut Hume and uh and got away like I mean I guess it was accused of players. He does he does. Yes it does. We will talk about that. Okay. Okay. But initially the the rapid growth of the faith and the constant flood of attention. Yeah it like this is these are like the big cracks that start to form right. So as quickly as things go well for them shit starts to go badly because she is I think she's fundamentally kind of lazy right like this is a lazy fuck up. I mean it does sound like it's it's funny. I do feel like this is like a very interesting personality type that it has existed in in various forms but like someone who has endless energy to self promote but no energy for original thought which is like why yeah and it's it's interesting because we have talked about all of the tricks that she does we're not going to get into now we're going to talk about how she did them and it's also really lazy um like we're it's it's it's it's it's much much like less effortful than you know and that's and and that's what like part of what I find fascinating like whatever like societal shit aside about the like physical mediums is like the amount of effort people with like the Katie King thing like for yeah for the it took a lot of work it was a lot of work yeah but it doesn't but she was not putting in hours no other people are though so oh okay yeah so in India her her two most again she's like basically in order to trick people with these you know they're dropping the letter they're doing all these other tricks she has followers who are helping her carry them out and in India the two people who are doing this the most are a couple who we've talked about briefly Emma and Alex Columm like COU LO in B they're married and coffee yeah like the coffee she had met them back in Cairo in 1871 if you remember she had that like failed spiritual society back then so she gets to know them then and they kind of stay in contact for years and by the time she moves to India and sets up shop they'd gotten themselves stranded in Sri Lanka and Blavatsky paid them to like paid to bring them to Bombay and she gives them jobs in the society and at first they're like kind of her indentured servants to like work off this death they're cooking and they're cleaning and because they owe her and like don't really have many other options she starts enlisting them to help her carry out tricks on people to raise more money for the society a contemporary so literally like carnival tactics oh yes yes yeah a contemporary source who like eventually gets this information because like the Columns break from her we'll talk about that in a bit Reverend George Patterson writes quote readers of the cult world which is a popular magazine at the time are familiar with phenomena in which Madame Blavatsky cigarettes and cigarette papers play an important part in the presence of the inquiring company a cigarette a cigarette paper is peculiarly marked or torn across so as to be recognizable again it is then dispatched by the agency of a cult forces to some distant place and the inquires are told well they will find it telegraphic communication renders the verification of the exploit easy so she will like be sitting in a room full of people she'll be like hey I'm going to prove to you this shit's real I'm going to telepathically send this cigarette to England right so she'll market or something and then she'll she'll like disappear it a little slight a hand thing and then she'll telegraph like whoever it is in England who was like in on the the mark with her and be like hey did you what did you like look behind the look around look behind the bust of this philosopher in your library and the big oh I found a cigarette that's ripped in this way and Alfred will be like oh my god she teleported the cigarette you know okay okay I mean that is not an effortless you know that's that's not effortless but it's also she is not the primary source of effort on that right there's a lot yeah that is interesting though that's I mean there's a lot of shit that you're like that right yeah she's she's making like all of the really successful a cult gurus she's making the most of like cutting edge technology at the time now thanks to letters later revealed between blavatsky and the columns we know exactly how this trick was achieved in one letter she complains that a half cigarette that had been left behind to be found by a theosophist named captain mainland in india had been like cleaned up by a servant or something and so when he was telegrammed to like when they telegrammed to tell him like where to find it it wasn't there because one of his servants had cleaned it up and blavatsky was enraged she wrote back to the colombs quote I am sorry for it for captain mainland is a theosophist and spent money over it they want to tear the cigarette paper into and keep one half and I will choose the same pieces with the exception of the princess statue for our enemies might watch and see the cigarette fall and destroy it I enclose an envelope with a cigarette paper in it I will drop another half of a cigarette behind the queens head where I dropped my hair the same day or Saturday and yes she would also drop bits of her hair behind like things didn't be like look the hair was like it was teleported by by me or my masters to like show favor to you so you can give us money yeah those little physical confirmations that you're a powerful spiritual being is always kind of like a freaky thing yeah this is unrelated but every time do you ever think about how respite and filled his walls with hair what no I didn't know that it's something I don't actually I mean it may not be true it's a fact that I learned in high school in a class that I took that was that like a house that respite had lived in at some point at like the height of his power after he had died they were like demolishing the house and the walls were full of human hair you mean Rasputin Ra Ra Rasputin lover of the Russian can't wait that one yeah okay wow that's who really was gone who really liked filling his walls with hair I have not heard that I hope it's true though I hope it's true too because I do the same thing anytime someone said well it's like yeah anytime I hear you know anytime I hear about a hair related a cult thing I'm like oh like the Rasputin's hair walls yeah yeah I mean who's among us doesn't stuff human hair into our walls is a hobby well me for one but keep me young keeps me young so yeah exactly it's like jogging so another one of her cons was to have a letter materialized in the air above a mark and flower again it'll be like set up in like a ceiling fan or something so it like falls from the sky um and of course these would be we've talked about this a lot filled with instructions from koothoom ear master moria in another letter she wrote to the colombs ahead of a visit with two wealthy theosophists she told them quote my dear friends and the name of heaven do not think that I have forgotten you I have not even time to breathe that is all we are in the greatest crisis and I must not lose my head I cannot and dare not write anything to you but you must understand that it is absolutely necessary that something should happen in bombay while I am here uh these two the two well like rich marks must see one of the brothers and receive a visit from him the brothers being her master and koothoomi and if possible the first must receive a letter which I shall send but to see them the brothers is still more necessary the letter must fall in his head like the first and I am begging koothoomi to send it to him we must strike while the iron is hot act independently of me but in the habits and customs of the brothers if something should happen in bombay that would make all the world talk it would be grand but what the brothers are inexorable oh dear mr. colombs save the situation and do what they ask you so yeah I mean that's that's pretty like clear what she's doing right yeah no I mean that's and it is I mean it does sound like pretty durational too I think is like part of what makes it impressive is like the same people are coming back and back and yeah you know you've yeah to keep them interested to keep the money going you got to every you got to keep giving them these bits of personal connection with master moria and koothoomi that's what they want and that's what they're paying for yeah and also I feel like it's what because like shit like this was like formed in like or at least with spirituals of formed in like out of a distaste for like the amount of like shame and rejection that comes with Christian religion so that so much of this kind of shit is built around like confirmation and affirming things you already believe yes yes but that but that creates this whole pressure of like because I am claiming my religion is backed by science I have to have things go and go and go and increasingly big and impressive ways in a way that is just like completely unsustainable so that's that's that's fascinating to hear that she's using such elaborate tactics to kind of keep that up it is also funny the first like line two lines of that sound just like a democratic party fun raising letter we're in the greatest crisis I haven't had time to breathe I must not lose my head it's absolutely I'm shitting myself please open email so other letters she sent during her travels in india make it clear exactly how these summonings were handled logistically everyone here is madly anxious to see something I shall write you from Amritsara Lahore my hair will do well in the old tower of sion but you should put it in an envelope a sachet of some peculiar kind and hang it while you where you hide it or even in Bombay selected good spot and write to me at Amritsar and then after the first month to Lahore so she's like be saying ahead of me go set up tricks and tell me where they are so I can like go into some guys house and be like you check behind the bureau there's a thing for you from it's a lock of my own hair you know all right teleported it to you that's like I mean I guess she's kind of doing her own thing at this point she's definitely doing that I think yeah yeah like the hair stuff this is not like this is her legitimate innovation is not should I have encountered before but she's doing I mean this is closer to just like elaborate magic tricks like yes she's doing elaborate magic tricks yes well and again she is an occultist she's not a spirit coolest right like the spirit she's didn't really do stuff like this um so one of Blavatsky's favorite tricks involved a shrine to kutumi in the Theosophical Society's headquarters it had locking doors and it was like against a wall so on a wet regular basis they'd open the shrine people could like pray to the master burn incense give them their requests in the form of letters um which would be like teleported to him into bet but the shrine had a secret back door built into it so that when it was locked a society could remember could like add things to the case so periodically when they were guests they would like have tea and someone would break a saucer or a teacup or even a kettle right and then they would take the pieces as a demonstration of whom he's powered they put them in the the shrine and they'd lock it and when they'd open it a brand new one would be sitting yeah it would be repaired magically right yeah from Tibet yes um yeah that's a good use of that's a good yeah that's like what I love about um it was so easy back then what a good use of someone's energy and time to fix a plate to make a to make a point yeah again they're never using these magical powers to like stop genocide in the Congo that's going on in this period or like yes solve any of these math like any problems it's just like I do you have a shipped teacup yeah look kudumi's got that shit yeah could yeah the civil war going on in China that's killing tens of millions of people kudumi does not have that shit but like kudumi's got this saucer he's gonna fix the fuck out of that stuff but one fiction character that's right it's all that sort of systemic issue so in one of her letters to the colombs planning this con the saucer con blavatsky made it clear what she thought I've been the saucer con and I cosplay that I mean Jamie on a on a somewhat related note we should we should do something in roswell at some point but um oh there's a podcast there there's just going to be a day where you can text me uh meet me at roswell and then I'll be like all right it's the day and everything is canceled and I'm getting on a bus yeah yeah sofi turn off the podcasts Jamie and I got to go to roswell can I come um yes yes of course I'm down okay all right we'll make we'll make this happen um yeah so in one of her letters to the colombs blavatsky made it clear what she thought about these people who again the out these are supposed to be her followers that she's inducting into the mysteries she wrote try if you think that it is go try if you think that it is going to be a success to have a larger audience than our domestic invasals only it is well worth the trouble she's literally talking about like this this this this saucer guy like if you if you're going to if you think that you can pull this off try to get more people in there than just like the normal idiots that we have around like right I mean that is um she does have a good way of laser focusing on like how to make things appear more credible yeah um yeah that's so she's like my followers uh let's not talk about their intelligence level it's no now obviously it with this was a boring time right like there's not much going on in the world that's a big part of my spiritualism is a success and occultism is a success people don't have a whole lot to fill their days they hadn't invented Twitter yet unfortunately tragically um yeah I mean they're that I'm not likely disagree but that's fine people it's easier to impress people with shit but even so it all gets old after a while right you can only do these cons many times you're like oh another lock of your hair in my house who ray so yeah they've got to like they've she's got to try new things on a pretty regular basis and the sheer volume of letters that her master sent out eventually made some folks ask can I like can I like see could whom me can he like come over can I see master more yeah like this is a good manifestation this is what always always happens yeah we're we are in bombay Tibet's not that far compared to how far Tibet normally is from our asses right like can we not and they can they can teleport like they're supposedly teleporting around and handing letters to people can I not like I've given you so much money can I like see these guys um pretty normal request and we're gonna talk about how Helena Blavatsky fulfilled that request but first Jamie you know what fulfills you and me and Sophie and everyone else products and services only the products and services that advertise on this podcast everything else leaves us feeling as if our mouths are filled with ashes but these products and services fill the yearning void at the center of our souls that has been that has been wrenched open by the pry bar of capitalism and and and and and fills our our broken spit it heals the broken spaces in our souls that's what these products do and if you don't and if you don't like them tweeted at I write okay on 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tober fest an entire week of content about the crack epidemic CIA drug dealing a rand contra and so much more this will be the first crossover ever between hood politics with prop which is me and behind the bastards five episodes of pure fury uncut and raw slightly cut okay you can find all five episodes on both the hood politics and the behind the bastards feeds and you can listen to behind the bastards and hood politics on the iHeart Radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and we're back we're talking about how Blavotsky you know people start asking can we see these fucking masters that you're that are always giving us orders and stuff this is a very typical trajectory but that but I think she really fucks herself over by implying that he's not local but not far away but not all that far away right I mean Tibet is you know far from Bombay but not usually compared to how far right yeah spirits will normally play it I think much smarter and say that their guides are dead they cannot they cannot come through that is definitely a downside to what she's doing yeah yes yeah so in order to like trick people in a colome claims would later claim that Blavotsky had her construct a puppet quote later in one of her good moods madame blavotsky called me up and told me see if you can make a head of human size and place it on the Devon pointing to a sofa in her room and merely put a sheet round it it would have a magic effect by moonlight what can this mean I wondered but knowing how disagreeable she could make herself if she was stroked on the wrong side I complied with her wish she cut a paper pattern of the face I was to make which I still have on this I cut the precious linaments of the beloved master to uh but to my shame I must say that after all my trouble of cutting sewing and stuffing madame said that it looked like an old Jew I suppose she meant Shiloh which is like a racist caricature of Jewish people madame with a graceful touch here and there of her painting brush gave it a little better appearance so they make this fake head to be master kut Hume um yeah I see that are my question then are there photographs of this because there are a lot of fun pictures from the second wave of spiritualism of things like you're describing like paper mishay like but if they're backlit and picked pitch dark looks enough like a human silhouette that people would would really be convinced by them but then you see a flash photograph taken of them and you're like oh dear that is a pile of still wet paper mishay um let's see can we find there's definitely like portraits of him that some German guy did which he looks like Jesus um again he's he's supposed to be like a Tibetan ancient mystic but also he's like but also still looks like well I think he's kind of supposed to be like a member of I'm not a kut Hume expert a kut Humeologist they call them but I think he's supposed to be like um you know one of these master race type people and so obviously he looks like a white dude um but yeah I have not found this head uh but yeah next she uh uh Emma explains like the purpose the doll played in their their little con quote the doll plays the greatest part in these apparations and as I've already explained it is carried on somebody's head but at times it is placed on the top of a long bamboo and raised to show that it is an astral body but when the doll has not been at hand even a white cloth wrapped around the person who was to perform the mahatma was at times used and answered the purpose and then we do this to like have him deposit letters and like he'd like kind of wave basically at people like get you give you a second of like seeing kut Hume before he disappears so it doesn't have to be much right you do it at night you do it from a distance you know he drops off a thing and he goes and then someone's like no I saw kut Hume he like graced us with his his presence he's real um now obviously the fact that I'm reading all of this to you Jamie um I'm not inducted into the the mysteries of the ossify um no it means that it got out which means that the colombs decided to tell everybody which gets us to one of the more infamous moments in theosophist history yeah oh I'm very sorry what year are we in right now this is like 1870 1880 somewhere like around that period um yeah I've got a date in there a little later um but yeah this is so this this moment in theosophist history is called the colomba fair the gist of it is that eventually the the colombs had a falling out with blavatsky um they threatened to blackmail her and she had them kicked out of the religion in their positions and in the drama that followed they took all these letters that she'd been said they'd been sending back and forth that out laid out all of the cons they were pulling um and they gave them to some local Christians who had beef with theosophie so theosophists will always be like well they were committed to the christians you can't trust the colombs and like these these Christians had like a reason to want to damage the church but it's like it also it all adds up and they had a lot of letters that were definitely from blavatsky and other people talk about variations of these cons like it's just it's very clear what happened right sure uh man that is that is always um that's one of my that's a always a fun source of dramatic tension when the uh when the assistant goes rogue yes yes and and and that i mean it happens because she's mean like she's shitty to work with that's the thing that and that's always why it happens it's like because either you're not being compensated or treated well so uh and when i want to hold leader i promise when we're living on a cult compound fighting the FDA i'm never gonna be rude to my followers i may ask you to die for me and a holy water against the food and drug administration but in a nice way politely but in it oh but in it like a friendly kind of way yeah like in that documentary wild wild country those people seem nice i don't think they did anything wrong yeah no i it's been a couple years um i've only seen i've seen about 500 cult documentary since then so i'll agree with your character you seem fine i seem fine yeah let's just move right past that and assume everyone on reddit will have no issue with what i've just said um um come on oh i'm just putting us in compromising positions look if okay let who okay show hands who has not poisoned a bunch of people in anilop organ come on okay i don't see any hands no one knows who are the most not any hands in the air that's right oh we all do it it's fine it's like lying to you know a trailer going with this i'm going to antilope origan to poison up a fence how about you go back to your script calm down okay okay okay okay i just get love ottski gets me excited about this stuff fussy fussy on a friday afternoon there's this all of this info comes out and these Christians start writing a bunch of articles with like publishing the letters and it's a big embarrassment right a big deal for the theosifist community does a lot of damage to them especially in india and one of the upsides of this whole weird affair is that a blavatsky's room at the headquarters is inspected by other theosifists and they find hidden doors and passages uh built into her room to allow her to like sneak around and leave shit and like do her spirit stuff right um that's okay yeah that's okay so yeah that's like yeah so the the room has been specifically like rigged for the sort of thing that is always so interesting to hear about yeah that rocks that's pretty cool that's funny to me i was interested in like whether i don't know i feel like there there's all these cases of like even when the big public figure is exposed like with scientology or with spiritualism at different times that there are so many believers at this point that no one even cares and they're like there's an excuse but people take it seriously here yeah they do and you know what i take seriously jame no just what just reading this next paragraph so the revient of her private letters led to a precipitous decline in the fortunes of the theosifical society but what finally forced blavatsky out of india was a controversy over the release of the mahatma letters and these are those the series of letters of kutumi and moria that they'd sent to this english author ap senate that turned out to be totally plagiarized by another dude right cool yeah and that they were not only were their playjory but like these are again these are like mystical supposed to be mystical revelations of the cosmos by undying gurus and the and the kitchie control see control vete the so and the parts that aren't ripped off are just like the specifically like throwing shade at specific people in the real world that blavatsky disliked like it's this like mix of story is a man and airing a personal grimoze i haven't argument with like the spirit say fuck this guy to be fair how many best selling books could you describe as essentially a mix of plagiarism and airing personal grievances i would argue probably a lot jame my hot dog book for what what if i said about coming on here in slandering michael critan like the man's dead let's have some respect like the man's dead let's have some respect uh... trotter damage on the way out didn't you uh... so this all blew up enough that a british organization the society for psychical research sent in again this is not this is not like a crackpot nowadays it anything with that name would be kind of crackpot but again this is like that people are trying to see if this is real science and it is like legitimately yeah you would want to like study this to some extent uh... this is like yeah you would want to like try to see can we prove whether or not this stuff is real so they send a fucking dude to india to analyze the letters and this investigator Richard Hodson writes a huge report uh... which concludes that bovatsky is quote one of the most accomplished ingenious and interesting imposter's in history um... now the osufus you can read if you want to spend days reading the osufus staring this report apart for its supposed shortcomings and stuff there's a lot of a ton of it Jamie oh i know that's why i was like i'm not covering this yeah going to bed it yeah exactly it is not worth it you don't need to nobody needs to i'm sure there's a the osufus listening who's gonna be like you're not doing the proper like i don't care it's fine if you want to be a the osufus be a the osufus it's not i don't think there's anything particularly toxic about it in 2022 but like chill out man she was a con woman right i do i do i do i do kind i do kind of like those kind of quotes where it was like yeah you know this person was objectively full of shit but you kind of got a hand at to her right like yeah she was pretty good at being full of shit right yeah yeah what's that's how i feel about lrh you know i by the way so lr all run hybrid everyone calls lrh i was like wow look at you on a little cutie cutie nickname uh basis it's what scientists actually do call them it's like the thing that you like they'll talk about like lrh tech and stuff is like a big way they'll refer to like Scientology like you know teachings and shit um but i kind of think that was also Hubbard ripping off the Lovatsky because everyone calls her hbp and in all like the osufus literature and she's she's always called hbp it's very i tried to watch i did watch with a couple of friends at the compound a documentary about her and they kept calling her hpb and it sounds like hpv when you have like a bunch of people saying it quickly no that's my department and i don't have it anymore okay good for you thank you i didn't know that you could be sometimes it just goes away kind of good for yeah just like hbp eventually went away um by dying i had a very toxic thought when you said that remember how there used to be those god awful shards that said the notorious rbg oh god yes do you think that the osufus had shirts like them with amount her they think kind of jamey i think we figured out how you and i are going to make a million fucking dollars where she's like got a blunt in her hand because some people think she smoked a lot of weed although lockman says that that's a dirty lie but lockman's also kind of a concept that we got yeah fucking double that we got it we got to move products she smoked weed she smoked hella herb hella herb i really don't like that i had that thought but now i it's it's gone i've released it thank you you released it into the universe back to the acasic library where it's yeah it's a gigantic volume sitting in the account of the acasic records card what a what a nightmare concept what a hoot so the fact that the report like happens a lot of the folks who were like again the people who make the osufy profitable which are people who are kind of into it but not like haven't lost their minds they just maybe they just want something neat right like it's boring being a british person in india all the time or whatever or being a british person in britain or whatever and you want a little spice such as yes so maybe a lot of them were just folks who wanted a little bit of spice and when this letter comes out like a lot of like that that kind of support which is where a lot of the money comes from starts to evaporate and in again the same way she had in new york whenever people start like getting wise to her like any good conner she moves on and bovatsky leaves india she returns to europe in march of eighteen eighty five she left in eighteen seventy eight so she's in india about seven years something like that um she lands in naples she travels around a bit and she spends most of the next three years living off of a society pension which i think was quite comfortable and working on her last book her very last book the secret doctrine and that jamey loftess sofi lichterman brings us all the way back around to our old friend from episode one john salvein bayley the astronomer who crafted the theory of a hyperborean Atlantis now bayley effectively orientalized Atlantis right taking the mythical supercivilization of european lore that had been like a focus of occultist and stuff from millenia and shifting it to asia when we talked about this earlier i quoted from dan edelstein's hyperborean Atlantis here's him explaining what blavatsky actually wrote out in her last book a series of lengthy glosses and commentaries of an alleged ancient book consulted by clairvoyance no less the stanzas of that uh... disney and uh... i don't dezy why a n blavatsky's text is an anti darwinian descent of man that tells the rise and fall of seven root races we are currently on number five going on six each root race is divided into seven sub races and is associated with a different continent although with continental drift and the disappearance of certain continents these do not correspond with the ones we know unsurprisingly one of these lost continents is Atlantis although writing shortly after ignatius donnelly whose Atlantis the anti deluvian world launched the Atlantis craze blavatsky did not place Atlantis in between europe and america as donnelly had but rather in the far north near the north pole indeed in blavatsky baili had finally found a supporter she quotes his works extensively no less than twenty two times and credits him with having discovered the truth or at least part of it about Atlantis so the entire cause mology of blavatsky's last book is based in large part on a mix of baili's work and that novel the coming race by edward bull were lit now where he'd envisioned this underground master ace is being like potential conquerors she saw sees them as benevolent spirit guides again kutumi master moria they're living underground right there's this network of tunnels there's super race underground and she saw boar litins concept of real is basically being again kind of a coat electricity and as she always did blavatsky just rewrote a couple of other people and like mashed it together with half understood eastern religion and like that's the associate confirm what she's been trying to write down yes most of her life that's wild now unfortunately for everybody on earth one thing that Helena chose to focus on heavily when she was taking shit from bull were leading or litten bull were litten was the whole race science aspect of his book now this had always been a part of diffusion is thinking there's always been some weird like uncomfortable ratio with diffusionism because if you're claiming there's a single source of all invention and creativity and people they are degenerate imitations of past splinter well some people are going to be more degenerate than others right some people are going to be closer to the master race than others so there's obviously this is always been a problematic attitude yeah see where that headed yeah yeah edelstein continues quote blavatsky also develops to its fullest the racial germ present in Bailey's thesis hyperborean Atlantis was home to the Atlanteans but also saw the emergence of another race the aliens from bulwatsky the area and race was born and developed in the far north though after the sinking of the continent of Atlantis its tribes immigrated further south into Asia for a long time the remaining Atlanteans and the aliens lived together they brought civilization to India Egypt Greece and Rome and are the ancestors of the current Europeans the Atlanteans transmitted to the aliens all the known sciences and even highly sophisticated technologies such as aeronautics knowledge of flying in air vehicles as blavatsky put it but over time the area and route race also subdivided one of the more unfortunate results of this division blavatsky rights was the creation of the Semitic sub race an artificial area and race the simites were about one of the area and sub races but she draws strong distinctions between them and the others quote with the ancient areas the hidden the hidden meaning was grandiose sublime and poetical however much the external appearance of their symbol may now meditate against the claim with the simite that stooping man meant the fall of spirit into matter and the fall in degradation were degradation were apathasized by him with the result of dragging deity down to the level of man so the simites destroyed godliness in Europe that's why Europeans aren't magic anymore basically was was was the Jews okay this is this is stuff that like I I have not it I've read the the gist of what she's saying but never like a direct yeah yeah yeah and holy shit defenders of blavatsky will say like well no she was anti-racist because she's she claim like one of the things she's arguing is that Europeans white people have lost the ability to like do magic and which is a thing that like Indians have never lost right and like people in Tibet like there's a these but the parts of the world and indigenous Americans people are still connected to magic and white people are not and that makes them better than white people in a lot of ways but also she so I would say she's not a white supremacist but it is very racist thinking and especially anti-semitic thinking yeah absolutely like yeah the fact that she's not just saying that white people are the master race doesn't mean that it's not very racist thinking um right but no it's extremely and it's also like that it's classically racist to attribute magical powers to not white people like that's like racist in many yeah yeah it's racist in many it's very like the arguments people make to try to make her seem like an anti-racist icon are extremely funny funny in the same like that's like really man really yeah like seventh graders know that okay yeah you're going to bat for the the simites destroyed magic lady like that that's where you're 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therapy for the effect that it had on you you're getting therapy for what it did to you yes yeah just remember that the Alfred millena uh with the suckling kittens is not real and cannot hurt you it can't hurt you it can only bring you spiritual peace yeah so bovatsky winds up concluding that there is quote an immense chasm between Aryan and Semitic religious thought they belong to quote two opposite poles sincerity sincerity and concealment who can ever fathom the paradoxical depths of the Semitic mind right this is again it she gets white washed all this is really racist this is yeah this is why racist this is because it's like even even critical interpretations of her work still make it sound like well a lot of what she said was taken out of context and yeah but this is sounds pretty in the text yes tell me what context makes who can ever fathom the paradoxical depths of the Semitic mind not racist what context could make that not racist um she further degrades Judaism by describing it as a sex obsessed and selfish cult Judaism built solely on a phallic worship has become one of the latest creeds in Asia and theologically a religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside themselves meanwhile she writes true Aryans are the most metaphysical and spiritual people on earth okay yeah and now obviously I feel like I don't need to belabor how this is adjacent to Nazi thinking right like I mean it's not yeah we could talk about it for hours but again it's like I don't think that there's really anything to tease apart here it's just like overtly racist yeah it is and obviously like you know she's growing up in Russia during a period in which like a lot there the state is incredibly anti-Semitic there are like pogroms when she's a kid that are celebrated and stuff um she's not at by being anti-Semitic she's not out of the norm but the way she's anti-Semitic is completely new she is inventing new kinds of anti-Semitism um cooking that anti-Semitism into like religious text yeah into religious text that she's trying to spread as like pop philosophy and in the sacred doctrine she places Jewish people as the opponents of the preordained progress of the races quote this Aryan non-Aryan in specifically Semitic opposition would become the great historical paradigm of the racist right replacing the Marxist historiography of a historiographic law of class struggle Blavatsky also raised the specter of a new race to be chosen from among the most select members of the Aryan root race this next race would have even greater powers than the present one and would truly produce the uber mention of the future now Helena dies in 1891 but her ideas continue to spread just as she had first tweaked and updated the work of others occultists came along to add to her ideas the first was fascist austrian occultist Yarg Lonz von Liebenfelds who gave the birthplace of the Aryans as a lost Arctic hyperborea herman birth a German ethnologist followed he named the mystical Aryan homeland tula or it's it's spelled thule and it's usually said thule I think it's actually supposed to be pronounced tula but like this is also the name of like a popular brand of like top racks that people put on their Subaru's it's the word had other meanings before yeah it's also the name of my dad's best friend she's from Greece it's a Greek name is it spelled t h u l a no yeah yeah there's others there's like tule and stuff like yeah I think there's there's a number of other kind of similar names this is t h u l e I'll call it thule just because that's usually in a hellboy they say thule so that's what we're going to go with here okay that is yeah that is Mike McNola was never wrong yeah in july of 1918 is germany reeled from starvation and disaster on the western front the thule myth would be adopted by german fiosophist barren Rudolf von Sabotendorf he founded a bavarian right wing nationalist club and called it the thule society this name set it apart from other more militant far right organizations and it's cover as an antiquarian historical society discussing the myths built by blavatsky helped Sabotendorf and his followers avoid police scrutiny quote during the rapid succession of socialist and soviet revolutionary governments in post-World War One Munich the thule society was at the center of the white or reactionary counteroffensive it's antiquarian cover may have facilitated this role while authorities cracked down on more visible nationalist groups the thule society's headquarters at the fancy I'm not going to try and pronounce the name of this hotel became a haven for the resistance throughout the turbulent period between 1918 and 1920 yeah the holiday and the society of us yeah yeah so it's it's an umbrella group for a bunch of different far right paramilitary organizations known as the free core uh... frite core right like these are yeah like using the thule society as cover now one of the far right groups that came under the sway of the thule society was the german workers party or d a p soon to become the ns d a p under the leadership of eight all Hitler now the precise connections between the d a p in the thule society are debated somewhat this is often vastly over kind of emphasized as like the dot c started as this a cult organ and it's like no it's just more that a lot of early nazis had a cult leadings and this was a good cover for being a fascist in a period when that was more dangerous and so of course like they have they're related to one another right um subot and or if would always affirm that the nazi party was created by thule society members regional felps his class dot cast out on these claims um and it's worth noting though that like you again there's a lot of debate about like to what degree was this like an administrative thing was it planned um but what's actually true and he encouraged on notes this is that the thule society had a shitload of like members who later became massively influential nazis um one of these guys was Alfred Rosenberg now Rosenberg would want to be the nazi parties yeah he's he's sucks um not moana no not Alfred moana um Rosenberg is like the basically kind of like the chief ideal log of the nazi party next to Hitler um like the guy making up the most kind of nazi canon next to Hitler another thule society member was Hans Frank who became future governor of Poland and would be executed I believe he's one of the guys executed in nerham burglato war crimes Hans Frank he's running Poland for the nazis right that's the kind of war crimes Hans Frank winds up committing um another thule society member was Anton Drexler Drexler is the actual founder of the nazi party Hitler doesn't found it right Hitler's like comes in kind of a little bit later and and so eventually does take over but Drexler's the guy who founds it and before he founds the nazi party and while he's starting the nazi party he's a regular at tindi at the thule society meetings Hitler was never a member and he was definitely not a theosophist but Rudolph Hess his one time best friend and the guy who actually wrote mine comp with him like when they're in prison Hess is the guy who's like taking dictation from Hitler he later kind of loses his mind and flies a plane to England at the start of the war to try to get the king to ally with Hitler it doesn't work um he dies in prison um yeah I guess he was also a thule society member um and Hess is super influential to Hitler Hess is early on because once they start to get power Hess kind of gets marginalized because he's he's very into the occult he's a little bit of a crackpot but he is like he is like Hitler's emotional support animal like when Hitler's like in the early days of the nazi party Hitler probably kills himself without Hess there um very important guy now Blavatsky herself obviously was not a nazi she could she dies in 1891 right she's there's no way she even could have been yeah but her ideas run through nazi history Alfred Rosenberg's book book The Myth of the 20th Century which he publishes in 1930 is the second best selling book in nazi Germany under mine comp right that's what I mean when I say this guy's like the number two ideologue of the nazis and his whole book is a plagiarism of the secret doctrine like he's basically taken the secret doctrine and doing what Blavatsky did with the coming race he opens the book by restating the myth of a hyperborean Atlantis and insisting that the existence of a quote prehistoric Nordic cultural center was the basis of all nazi race science Edelstein calls this belief in an Aryan Atlantis the quote foundational myth of Nazism Blavatsky's ideas about the inevitable progression of races also played into nazi theory this fits gets forgotten a lot amongst all the horror but genocide was only like part of the nazi quest to secure a future for the Aryan race they were not just trying obviously one part of this is we want to kill a whole shitload of people to stop them from breeding with Aryans and you know watering down their blood but like they didn't believe German people were good enough either right they didn't believe that there were like Aryans in the way that they're needed to be another huge part of Nazism is creating a master race through science and breeding right which is like again is tied in with Blavatsky's ideas of like we're on the fifth race but we're becoming the sixth race and like you know we can we are creating this like new race that can be like a new kind of master race but it's going to take you know in her mind it was more like a thing of spiritual kind of progression but yeah yeah I mean it doesn't matter whether Hitler was a theosophist or not like there's no just from the handful of paragraphs you've read it's extremely obvious why it would be an influential text for nazis because it's just confirms stuff that they already believe yeah exactly I mean it it it also it more than that it like says to do a lot of the things they believe right like because this has not been people have been racist and have been anti-Semitic and stuff but like this specific stuff the Aryan shit that was not in the fucking in anybody's radar until hollano blavatsky um i'm gonna quote again this is about like how she influences their quest to build a master race indeed the horrors of the holocaust may lead us to overlook the fact that the extermination of the Jews was part of a vaster racial project whose ultimate goal was the creation of a new superior race the other half of the nazi racial fantasy expressed itself with particular cruelty and the eugenic experiments performed in SS laboratories but was also element in the high evident in the highest level of the nazi party certain SS officers apparently mutilated themselves in order to achieve biological transfiguration which is cool that oh thank you for adding that at the end because i was but yeah it's cool yeah it's good yeah it's done yeah i mean the you're welcome yeah when you when you hear that someone has written down we are on the fifth of seven races you you know that's headed towards eugenics there's just simply no doubt about it um yep and phrenology and you know god knows what else yep um now well nightmare okay today of course blavatsky's rants about the progression of races the conflict between arian and simitic peoples and frill are primarily the purview of the weirdest chunks of the right wing fascism has by enlarged moved beyond this stuff right there are some weird real nazis out there one of them has a i think it's on youtube i don't know he has he dresses like a robot and that's weird um one of but her influence is still deeply felt in the new age into cult communities and as a result aspects of her theology are still making it into new fascist movements today the akashic records are supposedly in a ceric library that contains records of everything that ever has never will happen right this is where kutu yeah it's space wikipedia that kutumi who me uses to do plagiarism now yeah the that she gets the bovatsky gets the name the akashic records because she doesn't speak sanskrit well and in sanskrit the word akasha means space facilitating sound kind of right there's not a direct translation but that's basically what it means bovatsky doesn't speak good sanskrit and mistakenly believed it meant life principle so she described the akashic record as quote indestructible tablets of astral life or of astral light a cosmic like wax stamp basically yeah yeah affinity library it's it's okay first of all my friends wiped out so hard um excellent there was a media my spoke with in kastas dego who brought up the akashic records like as a term and i was like what does that mean i've never heard of that and um they could not tell me so it's interesting like it's like still a term that floats around but it's more used to describe like theory and philosophy they're like well yeah all theory it's just like a theory or a philosophy and i was like it ties in with diffusionism right because for one thing what you say with the akashic records is there's a single source of truth right but the other thing it does if you're a con person or just like you don't like being questioned too much on your beliefs you can say that like well i know this is true because i channeled this from the akashic records and it's like written in some space encyclopedia or whatever um right right which is like yeah it's yeah definitely akasha that has been increasingly vagified that's why she invents it because it makes it easier to con people but over the it's been more than a century now the idea is mutated consistently this segment from an article by Matthew Rinsky of conspiratuality uh does a good job of summarizing where we are now the amount of information now stored in computer memory and crossing the internet highway daily is literally unfathomable right Kevin Tadeshi in Edgar case on the akashic records and yet this vast complex of computer systems and collective databases cannot begin to come close to the power the memory or the omniscient recording capacity of the akashic records Hindus nationalist spiritual influencer saghu rhu agrees equating the records to the internet it's all there he told a gathering in 2010 whatever you want you can access it it is all there right now goops resident akashic reader is ashley wood who dubs the intuitive process a google search for the soul and teaches a lion activation meditation that promises to illuminate the fiber optic connection between the body and the pleities where she says the akashic records are stored from there the believer can learn to access the records through a simple bennahal incantation called the pathway prayer no special training required in anti-vax covid denialism circles the akashic records are now being consulted for a vice on how to dispel mental programming and negative agendas promoting the gene therapy of the covid vaccine this life coach and medical hypnotherapists suggest in the following sermon that connecting with the profound truths of the akashic records can provide a soothing long view perspective on the medical apartheid of public health covid protections she says the records have put her in touch with angels jesus and mother Mary and she can teach you how to connect this way as well well isn't that so it i mean based on that it like the akashic records truly is whatever you need it to mean yeah yeah to reinforce your ideology so it can do something as simple as like i'm a girl boss that wants you to pay me three hundred dollars to spuse some random shit at you to this is why we're anti-vax and jesus agrees yeah exactly and it's like it's kind of like for as much of a selfish person as she was the solid that blavatsky does for the rest of the occult movement is like oh here's this thing everyone can use forever to justify whatever bullshit you're trying to cash in on right it i mean because you can be coming from i mean it sounds like you can be coming from literally any vantage point politically and you leverage this to your advantage because oh well then that's like what happens all the time it's like oh i've i'm channeling this spirit like the the way that my favorite way that this was like leveraged at like the height of like 1800 spiritualism would be like the fox sisters would channel like dead senators who had voted to uphold slavery and would channel them and say i changed my mind i was wrong i shouldn't accept that and like it can be like this theology can be used it like all these different ways but some of them are like so ah that's disturbing but i also it's not surprising it's too vague a concept to not be used for evil yep and also i you know well Robert i'm you know i feel like this is how every well i'm upset good i'm glad you're upset that's all that's all i ever want is to make you upset that's why we do stuff yeah yeah we want you upset and to you know plug your plugables right here upset and plugging that's the way to live um well you can listen to my new limited series ghost church done cool zone media ever heard of it i have it's a history of american spiritualism yeah i thought you guys i mean i think you guys would like some of the content they're putting out you know i was a good shit yeah you should really try it out yeah advertisers are kind of all over the place but oh yes it's like pretty cool and once again issues with that adi right okay on twitter yeah um hit sofie likterman up at whatever sofie likterman's twitter is i don't remember how you write your trust trust me they are yeah i know don't worry about it uh listen to ghost church uh follow me on instagram and twitter if you're so inclined yeah let's talk about minions over there right now because yeah i need to find my inner piece fine you know who's got a whole fucking room in the Akashic records the minions and you know what i'm gonna announce this now 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