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Jacob Wohl is Still The Dumbest Person In Politics

Jacob Wohl is Still The Dumbest Person In Politics

Thu, 16 May 2019 10:00

Jacob Wohl is Still The Dumbest Person In Politics

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Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her social discoveries on chimpanzees. So four whole months, the chimps ran away from me. I mean, they take one look at this peculiar white ape and disappear into the vegetation. In wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts, sisters of the Underground is a podcast about fearless Dominican women who stood up against the brutal dictator Kapal Trujillo. He needs to be stopped. We've been silent and complacent for far too long. I am Daniel Ramirez, and as a Dominicana myself, I am proud to be narrating this true story that is often left out of the history books through your has blood on his hands. Listen to sisters of the underground wherever you get your podcasts. My name is Alex Fumero and I host the new podcast more than a movie, American Me, a film directed by and starring Edward James Olmos. I'll be diving into the behind the scenes controversy, including an alleged backlash from the Mexican mafia. Several people who worked on the movie have been murdered. I don't want to speak about why would people be murdered for being in a movie. Listen to more than a movie, American meat on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. What's grifton Macon man. I'm Robert Evans. This is behind the ******** a show where every week we talk about the very worst people in all of history. And I also try out a new introduction. This one was not as inspired as the other ones, for which I apologize. I I just couldn't come up with another. What's boiling my pig anuses today? Which is ironic because I boiled some pig anuses this morning to eat for breakfast. Shereen, how are you doing today? That sounds delicious. I'm doing so good. So good. It is delicious. You know, they're basically calamari. They're so they're like kind of. Tangy and tender. Tangy, tender. Oh, you don't eat meat. Well, boiled pig anuses are barely meat. I mean, they're 80% vegan. I'd say we've already just the last episode we were on, we mentioned ********* pretty late into the episode, but we're just right out of the gate just talking about ********* again. OK, we're right out the gate. Which, and you know, when you think about it, Shereen, right out the gate could even be a ******** reference. When you poop, what happens? It goes right out the gate. It goes right out the gate. Who was it called? The ivory Ivory throne? The Ivory Throne or the top the hood of a cop car, wherever you prefer to go to the restroom. Don't judge. You know, or at least poop on their cars. That seems a little bit less aggressive than ******* them because, you know, consent and stuff. Anyway, my guest this week is Shereen Lani Eunice Co, host of the Ethnically ambiguous podcast Cage fighter and Facts a fact. You're a fact. Facts, I said. Fact. Like, like, yes and the cohost. And yes. It's facts. Hashtag facts. Yeah. Yes. Listeners will be interested to know. Shereen only does recording sessions with tape around her knuckles covered in broken glass in case she needs to get into a cage fight. Yeah, that's actually that was confidential information that I only shared with my colleagues, so I'm glad you've shared that with the whole world now. I guess my secrets out. I'm bad. Yes, you do a lot of damage to the microphone stands. So we we've we've been having some issues as a result of all the glass on your wrists. You know what? I'm sorry? I already paid back the office I gave them. The money to to to repair the microphone. That's my problem anymore. You know it's theirs. Speaking of people who are everybody's problem, you know, we're going to talk about today, Shereen. I do. Oh, I do. We're revisiting an ex of mine that we talked about before we we had an intimate but brief relationship a couple months ago where we both discussed him, and now he's back in my life. What can I say now he's back in all of our lives because he refuses to leave. Today we are talking about our dear friend and special boy, Jacob Wool. Special boy. It was special, special faceboy punchable face when we when we last talked about Jacob. I ended that episode with the line. As of this episode, Jacob Wall is still under investigation by the FBI. He is also still on Twitter now, today, in the year of our Lord 2019. Only one of those things is currently true. Jacob Wall is no longer allowed on any social media, and we'll get to why in a little bit. But first. Let's talk about his trip to Minneapolis, MN. So on February 13th, 2019, conservative grifter slash filmmaker Ali Alexander created the investigate Ilhan Omar Fund on his right wing news and politics website, culture and. You're done. Well, does it change your mind to know that his right wing news and politics website culture has spells culture with 3T's the ****? Why I I don't know. You know, I assume there's an explanation there instead of spelling it with three K's like. What's the? Well, I mean the point. I have a point. You you have a point. Ali Alexander is a is not a white guy, so he can't be racist. So, I mean, that's just that argument there is just wiped out immediately. Yeah. He probably should have no issues with the documentary he makes about Ilhan Omar. That's true. You know, you know, he probably doesn't see color. He probably has a lot of good points of view that I need to hear about because his experience, this is so much more valid than my own. So I must listen. Yeah. Yeah. And his investigation of Ilhan Omar had had. No racial tinge to it whatsoever. He just wanted to investigate to see whether or not she married her brother in order to immigrate to the United States. I am vomiting and vomiting now. There was no evidence whatsoever and has never been any evidence whatsoever to substantiate this claim. However, Ali Alexander solicited $25,000 in donations to send a team to Minneapolis to investigate these claims. That team wound up consisting of Jacob Wall and Laura Loomer. Wow dream team. Strive for success team. Yeah. If you're unaware of Miss Laura Loomer, she is a 25 year old fake journalist most famous for badly handcuffing herself to Twitter's headquarters after being banned from that service for repeatedly harassing representative Omar. She was so bad at handcuffing herself when she when she handcuffed herself to the door. Her goal was to stop people from entering Twitter, but she didn't know how to operate handcuffs or doors very well. She only handcuffed herself to one side of the door, so Twitter employees were able to continue to enter and leave. When the police showed up, they asked Twitter, like, do you want her removed? And they're just like, no. Like, she can stay handcuffed to the one door. Like, this is not an SNL skit or some college humor ********. This is our reality. That this this is. Yeah, this dumb *****. Yeah. So this is the team. This is the dream team that Ali Alexander assembled to investigate Ilhan Omar's background, as Loomer and Wolf took to the streets of Minneapolis, they began to fill the Internet with hilarious Periscope. Videos of their adventures. Here's one video clip of Jacob telling the world about the Sharia police who he believes absolutely exist in Minneapolis, MN. Again, I can't emphasize enough he's claiming this is happening in ******* Minnesota. Now, if you're not familiar with Minnesota, you don't know how this works, but the Islamist forces here have taken over sections of the respective police departments in almost every other police in Minnesota. Now there are men who walk around in orange vests that say Sharia police in some of these Somali communities, and they are enforcing Sharia law. And let me add, you're going to see all this in the video we're producing. We've got 2 camera guys. They're over here and over here and and and much more. Production crew, you name it. Now, here's another clip of Jacob Wolf and Laura Loomer talking about the massive security team they totally need for all of the dangerous Islamists that they say are absolutely following them around the streets of Minneapolis to hear this yes, yes, you have to. We've got a top notch security team here to get us around. Get us from point A to point B. They're right here and right here behind the camera. You can't see them. And we've been going from point A to point B in convoy, you know, armored cars, you name it. And you know we needed to. We were afraid that we were going to be tailed. We were afraid that Ilhan. The jihadi Omar would send somebody after us and tell us as we got out here. Ilhan, the jihadist obar. Are you ******** me? My mouth is on the floor. What the ****? Also, it's also behind the camera. They're sitting in a bathroom. I can see the reflection of the light in the mirror behind in the door behind them. There's nothing behind them but a ******* bathroom mirror. There's no armored trucks or camera crew. It's you're you're taking a ******* vlog for YouTube. What the **** are you? Yeah, I I wanted those back-to-back so you could hear them refer to their camera crew as just off screen and their security crew as just off screen and the same video because it's clear that they don't have any any sort of team. Yeah, we all had fun. Those of us who who followed Jacob Wall on the Internet watching the ridiculous videos they put out, there was no evidence ever provided that his security team existed. There was no evidence provided of Sharia police enforcing Sharia law in ******* Minneapolis. Jacob Wall did show up. Yeah, Jacob Wall did show up at one point in the video wearing a fancy bulletproof vest, which was embarrassing to me, because it turns out that we both own the same brand of bulletproof vest. Yeah, he claimed to have received new if I were you, I would never share that fact with anybody. But that was it's not great. I mean, it's it's it's it's a nice vest. It's frustrating. Yeah. All that vest ever wanted to do was stop bullets. Now, Wolf claimed to have received numerous death threats while investigating Ilhan Omar. And when the 23 minute documentary importing Ilhan eventually launched on Colt TUT chairs website, it included a segment. Wall reported his death threats to the Minneapolis police. That segment of the documentary is noteworthy because it included a close in shot of one of the so-called threats, which read. I hope you ******* know that if I bump into you in Dinky Town or anywhere else in my city, I'm going to shoot you and **** on your ******* bodies. Get the **** out of my city, you ***** ** ****. Now, now, Shereen, keep that threat in mind because it's going to be relevant again in just a minute or so. But Speaking of **** again and where you should. Some people are into that. Getting into that, you know, I think Jacob Bowl might be into that toilet, toilet paper he wrote that death threat, but we'll get to that in a second. Now, I've been unable to watch a copy of the full documentary tragically because it's been pulled from the Internet due to several crimes that Jacob Wall committed on video. I did find one breakdown of the film's claims against Representative Omar by journalist Tony Webster. Here's his tweet, here's everything said about Ilhan Omar by interviewees in right wing video that aimed to enter career. I don't know much about her. I met her twice. She's held events. She's had a lot of coverage. She's OK. She goes too fast, has to slow down. And marriage allegation? Just a rumor. So that's what the documentary actually included in terms of real revelations. For a little while, wolves trip to Minneapolis seemed like it might have been a competent grift. Everything he said there was an obvious lie, and it wasn't going to do any damage to Ilhan Omar's career. But he and Laura Loomer's claims that they were being hunted by Islamists and needed money to rent armored cars were successful in drumming up thousands of dollars in donation from gullible baby boomers who think Minneapolis is an ISIS stronghold. And then. On February 26th, 2019, USA TODAY published an interview with Jacob Wool titled This 21 year old tweeted lies about Robert Mueller and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now he's eyeing the 2020 election. The article opened by focusing on Wolf's latest lie. 1. Yeah, now he is. Yeah. What age would you guess? I don't know why I thought he was way older than that. Maybe it's I think it's just looks disgusting to the point where like a young man can't be that that ravaged by by disease and and just filth, you know? It's because being a gross criminal grifter ages you like. Look at Paul Rudd, Paul Rudd's like 55 and you wouldn't guess he's a day over 30 because I don't think Paul Rudd's ever been mean to anyone. I think he's he's just pure. Yeah. Jacob Wall is just a ***** ** **** and so he looks like he's in his 30s. Yeah, I really thought he was in his 30s. This baby just turned 20. ******* one. I mean, how do we already said Laura Loomer's age? But I'm going to guess you didn't pay or you, you know, why would you guess she is? Yeah. How old would you guess she is by your face on the video? I just saw it also in like late 30s. She's just no actually good for you also quick question. So they were united after she hang up herself to the door. They were not friends before but he just like just he was just like we should reunite forces because we're both after the same target. I think he saw that and she also she showed up on the the lawn of Nancy Pelosi's house and got a couple of illegal immigrants that she paid to like pretend to be protesters arrested. Seeing the videos of them seeing next to each other, they are 100% ******* 100% *******. They record that and they're shared hotel room show. She's making a thing at me. Sophie says that she's not. He does not think his balls have dropped. While that is a valid point ******* and probably bringing back to ******* he. Actually, he's not smart enough to know how how fun that could be. But. Mayor, I mean, Shereen, I think what this means is that you and I need to film our own documentary about in the spirit of importing Ilhan called ******* wool. Oh my God. Just just investigate the very credible allegations we have that he's been *******. We should definitely do *******. But his name is wool. We should do shearing wool. Like, damn like a ******* sheep, you know? Yeah. And she has followed him around. It will incorporate it. You know, we'll incorporate it in some, well, it'll be like a Trojan horse. The Trojan Horse of our documentary is the ******* and it's going to be. I just love a good pun, you know? I I love a good wool. Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to like a wolf in sheeps. **** hole. A wolf. Well we'll work on this one. Yeah. Sorry. We're going to workshop this next time we'll we'll we'll we'll kick it around to our writing team and we'll get back to it to listeners. Your people my people will connect. Yeah. We'll put together 25 grand and put up another documentary on colta teacher, which I assume is how it's every every time you say it I get more and more confused. But it's fine now that USA TODAY article opened by focusing on Jacob Wolf's latest lie and claim that Kamala Harris. Is an eligible to be president because your parents weren't legal residents for five years prior to her birth? That was a lie, like literally everything ever said by Jacob Wohl. Ever. Here's how the USA TODAY quoted the boy. The believability stuck at about 15 to 18% by my measurement, while said in an interview shortly afterward, declaring it not a bad campaign. I love that you, said the boy. I like that. That that made me. Yeah, I said the boy. Yeah, boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Quoted the boy. Oh, he's a boy. He's a child. He's a boy child. He is a boy child. Now, in that USA TODAY interview, Wall was happy, I would even say eager to explain the other grifts and cons he had in the works, seemingly oblivious to the fact that these kind of things don't ******* work if you spoil them. Quote from USA TODAY. He says he planned to create enormous left wing online properties such as deceptive Facebook and Twitter accounts and use those to steer the left wing votes in the primaries to what we feel are weaker candidates compared with Trump. It's a plot similar to what Mueller has charged in indictments that the Russians crafted in an effort to boost the 2016 campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein and hobble Hillary Clinton. Another stated scheme seeking to collect damaging information on left-leaning nonprofits, including media Matters for America, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Right Wing Watch by offering their insiders moral reconciliation. And if that doesn't work, things have worth such as money. Or perhaps these stated plans themselves are a ruse to fool the mainstream media, which wall calls a band of lying goblins. A band of that's a good band name. Yeah, it is a good band named Lion Goblins. Yeah, yeah. Now it's funny to me that wall refers to the mainstream media as a pack of lying goblins, because minutes later in the same interview, he states that the accuracy of his statements is not the important part. He claims truth is an obsolete concept and brags about the fact that he was wearing a gun to their meeting at a hipster coffee shop in Orange County because of all of the death threats he says he receives. He and he's a goblin. He's a little goblin. He he does look like a little goblin. If you were going to cast another Lord of the Rings movie, but she didn't have money for like props and prosthetics and stuff, you could just have Jacob bowl play all the goblins 100%. Yeah. Yeah. And you know what? That's a good use for Jacob Wall is having him play goblins. Everyone has their calling. You know, some people just have discovered. Yeah, yeah, he should get out of politics and get into playing a goblin in Peter Jackson movies. Made it, made it. Made a big deal, you know, like he he's he's out there crushing it, you know? He Oh yeah. No, he's doing great. Yeah, no, Gollum owns that sweet *** house in the Hollywood Hills. I think he's dating Cheryl Tiegs, right, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Interesting children that will that will come from that. Yeah. Anyway, yeah, go ahead. Sorry, I was going to say something, but I plum forgot. Do you remember from our last episode how Jacob Bull loves to make claims about things he's overheard and hipster coffee shops? Oh my God. Yes, please do tell. One example of of those tweets would be this October 2018 tweet. I was sitting in a hipster coffee shop in downtown LA this morning and couldn't help but overhear the six college age women seated at the table who are clamoring with excitement and joy over the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. The Supreme Court. So just in case you haven't listened to the other episode, that's the kind of claims Jacob Wall would make about the things he overheard in hipster coffee shops. USA TODAY asked him about this quote. We'll explain that he picks on Bohemian coffee shops because he sees them as the Temple Mount of liberalism, and calculated that if you in any way impune the sanctity of the hipster coffee shop, it's going to be something that gets them really charged up and describing his methods. Will casually explained that he makes it up. I'll literally hear one thing and flip it 180 degrees. That's just lying. But I think he's he's fine with that. Yeah. Yeah, he's garbage. What do you think the Starbucks order is? Maybe like, I don't know, skinny nonfat vanilla 2 pumps of of of what people? I don't drink coffee. I don't know. In the in the USA TODAY interview, he just had a cup of water, I think because he might be broke, but he's he's one of those ******* that goes to a coffee shop and just drinks water and sits there for hours and hours. I think. So I get that feeling from Jacob Wall. Wow. I also get that feeling that he has a delicate constitution and coffee might hurt his tummy, tummy, tummy. Poor baby. What a poor little baby. You know who's not a poor baby, Shereen. Ad sales. The sponsors and or. Solicitors who solicitors have like a negative quantitation. I want to say solicitors but they don't negative connotation to it. I put people put no solicitors on their doors sometimes, but I don't really know what the word means. You solicit, I mean I solicit lots of stuff, but not at doors. Good. Yeah, true. OK. Sorry, I'm distracting you from your main goal here. Products. So by now we imagine that you've seen the theories on Tik T.O.K. You maybe even heard the rumors from your friends and loved ones. But are any of the stories about government conspiracies and cover ups actually true? The answer is surprisingly or unsurprisingly, yes. For more than a decade, we hear at stuff they don't want you to know have been seeking answers to these questions. Sometimes there are answers that people would rather us not explore. Now we're sharing this research. With you for the first time ever in a book format, you can pre-order stuff they don't want you to know now. It's the new book from us, the creators of the podcast and video series. You can turn back now or read the stuff they don't want you to know. Available for pre-order now, it's stuff you should read or wherever you find your favorite books. My name is Erica Kelly and I am the host and creator of Southern Freight true crime. There are so many people that just have no idea about some injustices in the world and if you can give a voice to them you can create change. To be able to do it within podcasting is just such a gift. 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Oh, you know the track factor. Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Captain Beefheart? Snap back to reality, Eminem style. Join music industry. Professionals, Joe and I, as we pull back the curtain of the successes and failures of the biz, you guys have been hanging out a while. What are they doing? Calling, I guess, listening to an ad? Sorry. Listen to new episodes of the biz tape every Wednesday on the Nashville podcast network, available on iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. We're back, we're back. We're talking about Jacob Wolf and his USA TODAY interview now. USA TODAY also spoke with Carolyn Kass for the article. Miss Cass is the woman that Wolf and his partner, Burkman claimed had been assaulted by Robert Mueller. Cass claimed that she had actually tried to hire wool when she believed him to be a legitimate private investigator. She paid him $2000 to help her with unscrupulous characters ripping her off. And then was apparently promptly ripped off by Wool himself. He wrote up a fake host of allegations and like a pre a teenager, I don't understand. She didn't know it was a teenager. He used a different name. He called himself Cohen and she only met him on the phone up until they were already, like in business. Yeah, I I mean, I guess she was not the most. Careful person, which is probably why she got ripped off by other people. But, you know, if you're Jacob and you're putting out Craigslist ads saying that this is the business you're in, you might get some people that you can take advantage of. Not that she deserves to be taken advantage of, but I'm going to guess that's kind of what happened. OK, so yeah, so wall and Berkman, his partner, immediately ripped Cass off. They wrote up a list of fake allegations and docu, signed it with her name. According to USA TODAY, she claimed Cohen tried to get her to his Cohen, which is Wool, tried to get her to speak at the news conference. She escaped and learned only as the scheme exploded that: was, in fact, wool. He completely lied to me, Cass said. So that's cool. Now make a notice of the fact that she said she had to escape from Wollen, Berkman, because this will not be the first time somebody makes a claim or the last time somebody makes a claim like that in this episode. No, no. Yeah. The most impactful reveal in that USA TODAY article was that Jacob Wohl bragged at length about creating fake Twitter accounts in order to help spread his lies. This was a clear violation of Twitter's terms of service. And it did not take long for reporters, namely NBC's Ben Collins, to identify some of these fake accounts and publicize them. Wool was banned from Twitter within hours of the USA TODAY articles, publication and classic Jacob Wall Fashion. He pretended this clear and hilarious failure on his part was actually yet another victorious move in his endless 39 dimension chess game. Here's Wall being interviewed by fellow grifter Ali Alexander for another video on Kolkata Cheer number one. This could not have happened at a better time. Jacob Wall is #1. Trending on Twitter right now and I'm promoting a press conference and now people are going to go to that press conference and it's going to be even bigger and better than we even thought. I mean, it's going to be brimming over with people. It's going to be brimming over with people. So I'm glad it happened now. I think that's perfect. The other thing that I'm glad about is, is luckily, because I was expecting this, I have set up myself to make a living in a way that doesn't require Twitter because that would be very fragile and I want to be as as not some to live. We call it antifragile, so this isn't going to affect my living as it has with some other folks, but the pattern is clear. Laura Loomer investigates Ilhan, Ilhan Omar banned. Jacob Angles investigates and tweets about Ilhan Omar banned. Jacob Wool finally gets the goods and puts on a press conference banned. But I can promise you one thing. Ilhan Omar is going to be rocked by what we're going to release on Thursday. The halls of Congress are going to be rocked by what we're going to release on Thursday, and it will be #1. Trending on Twitter so Twitter can say whatever they want. So that's what Wolf claimed in the aftermath of that. Now, little bit of a spoiler. Ilhan Omar was not rocked by any of his allegations because there was no evidence behind them. Press conference have seen that one coming. She wasn't rocked. The press conference did not attract a huge audience, but something fun did happen. See, when that USA TODAY article dropped, reporter Ben Collins exposed one of Wolf's fake accounts has already stated a fake account for a guy named Drake Holmes who was supposed to be a Minneapolis born and raised diversity coordinator because, well, wanted to make fun of diversity. I guess in this fake account, fake Drake misspelled his own last name and his Twitter account not long after the revelation that Drake. Holmes was, of course, Jacob Wool. Tony Webster and other journalists realized that the death threat shown in the importing Ilhan documentary had been filed by Drake Holmes, AKA Jacob Wool. Now this is a crime. You can't file fake death threats against yourself and report them to the police. Or you can, but it's illegal. So Jacob wool by admitting in an interview that he made fake threats and then creating incredibly obvious fake Twitter accounts and then using those incredibly obvious fake Twitter accounts. That he bragged about to threaten to murder himself and then going to the police with it had committed an incredibly obvious and very well documented crime, which is. Just a hoot. Is he going to get any repercussions for this crime? That's a great question. Is he still making ******* YouTube vlogs? What's the. Yeah, that's we're gonna talk about right now, actually. So it does seem like he might actually eventually face some some real repercussions. Young Turks journalist Ken Klippenstein filed a FOIA request for documents pertaining to Surefire intelligence, which is the fake intelligence firm that wall created to slander Robert Mueller. The FBI refused Ken's records request and gave the excuse that they couldn't give him the records because those records pertain to an ongoing criminal probe, which means there's an FBI criminal probe. Going on into Jacob Walls, fake intelligence Company and his attempt to slander special counsel Robert Mueller. Meanwhile, Jared Holt, another journalist who covers the far right quote, tweeted klippenstein's thread about his FOIA denial letter and noted. Funny. I got a similar response from the state of Minnesota, which means there's an ongoing investigation into Jacob's activities in the state of Minnesota for the fake death threats. So it does seem like the wheels of justice might slowly be turning towards Jacob wool getting in trouble for. Committing crimes. Slowly, not fast enough now. February was a crowded month for Jacob Wool. It ended with yet another press conference from him and Jack Burkman, this one at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives and people who want to augle conservatives in a safe, well lit building. By this point, wolves grifts had become obvious enough that CPAC barred him from doing any event at the conference itself. So instead he and Berkman held their press conference in the busy lobby. Nothing really happened. At the conference, Laura Loomer screamed that she and wool deserved to get their Twitter accounts back. Jacob Wool tried to claim that the Mueller investigation was done with and everyone should instead. Focus on their investigation of Ilhan Omar, the journalist in attendance. However, just wanted to know if he was being investigated by the FBI for my money. The highlight of the event was a man in an ill fitting suit, while had paid to pretend to be a bodyguard wearing a single apple Airpod in his ear to pretend that he had like one of those one of those Secret Service things going on? Wow. Wow, that's ******* pathetic. Loves hiring fake bodyguards. Pathetic. Also, it's it's obviously an airpod like, it's not like we all know what they look like. Yeah. It's Jacob Wall is a perfect example of a very dumb young man who thinks that because he's incapable of, you know, thinking at a higher level than his own brain works at assumes everyone is as dumb as he is, which is very dumb. So Jacob Wall would be fooled by someone wearing an Apple air pod in one ear pretending to be a Secret Service type agent, but sadly no one else is. Well, now, for about a month or so after this press conference, it seemed like Jacob Wolf. Might be fading into obscurity, but then in late April, The Daily Beast published an article revealing his latest scam, an attempt to slander Democratic candidate and Mayor Pete Buttigieg with sexually assaulting a young man who was too drunk to consent. So another false rape allegation, which is. What cool people do I think I think he is unable to be forgotten about ultimately yeah because like I hate doesn't want to go into obscurity. That's not his deal he's like even though that video was like I don't want to be on Twitter anyway because I want to. I want to be anti fragile also like a dumb word. But he he misses Twitter so much. Can you imagine like Donald Trump being banned from Twitter like no these people? Thrive on their dumb opinions just like thwarted into the air. And he if he doesn't have Twitter he has to be in the media somehow and that's that's just told his all ******* stick. That's that's his life blood. You know that is like it's all about attention for him. That's the only thing that he cares about and to the to the point that like that's part of why none of his grifts really work in the long run because he's he's incapable of thinking things out like Roger Stone would probably be down to file fake. Sexual assault allegations against someone. But he wouldn't do it twice in a year after the first one explodes. He would be more canny about it. He'd spend more time setting it up. He'd make it harder to catch. And he wouldn't immediately commit the same grift, like, five months later after the first one failed, because he's just a little bit smarter than that. Like, he's not smart, but he's a little bit also. Like, maybe he wouldn't even have been the face of it, you know what I mean? Like, he doesn't need, like, the fact that Jacob Wall needs to be the. Face and the person that's coming out with this news is just indicative of a personality that needs attention more than anything else. He's not looking for the truth or anything else. He wants to be this face of of revelation and ********. Yeah, he wants to be facing down a bunch of press guys dressed in a suit. He wants to feel like an FBI agent, but without like the air pods or investigating anything. Yeah, like he there's there's all these pieces of other careers, like politics and. Journalism and law enforcement that he wants to and like it, the finance industry that he wants to have. But the only pieces he wants of them are like the public facing pieces that he's seen in movies he doesn't act in. None of the jobs that he wants to do does he actually want to do the work. Keep in mind he, I mean, has he gone to any type of schooling or anything to accomplish any type of actual, I don't know, like he's just a rich kid, like flaunting around his rich kid money. He's just a rich kid who's dad is like a lawyer who advised Donald Trump on stuff, who wants to do shady, gross politics stuff and doesn't actually want to work hard. Yeah, that's Jacob wool. Yeah, what a man. What a man, what a man. What a mighty good man. Now, the fake allegations against Pete Buttigieg blew up in Wolf's face because the young man they picked to make the allegations, or Republican himself, went to The Daily Beast with recorded audio of wollen Berkman trying to convince him to lie about a sexual assault? Oh my God, yeah, the guy recognized well, immediately and was like, well, I got to take this meeting, but I'm just going to record everything they say. Go to a guy like this guy already. Yeah, I'm alright with this guy quote. Course, who spoke to The Daily Beast, said Burkman and Wohl made clear that their goal was to kneecap Buddha jigs momentum in the 2020 presidential race. The man asked to remain anonymous out of a concern that the resulting publicity might imperil his employment, and because he said Wollenberg men have a reputation for vindictiveness. So. Several days before the Beast article could run, a young man named Hunter Kelly published a post on Medium alleging that Pete Buttigieg had assaulted him in February of this year. The post was tweeted by a Trump advisor and by Jacob's dad, David Wool, and wound up on big league politics right wing political conspiracy website journalists, and instantly recognize some things that looked pretty fishy about these allegations. Some things that looked pretty fishy about these allegations, like the fact that Kelly's medium and Twitter accounts were both less than a month old and that the main person he'd interacted with on social media. Was Jacob wall. Can you be more obvious? Are you ******** me? So bad at this. He's so bad at this, like, almost upsets me. It almost upsets me that someone with that much money and and connections can't get, like, one thing, right? Like, not, not not a single aspect of any of this, right? Like, there's terrible guys like Paul Manafort who you look at and you're like, they're monsters, but at least, like, most of the things they've done, worked. Like, like, this guy is not an idiot. Like he's a moron, yeah. He doesn't deserve any part of his wealth or any part of his entitlement or privilege like he is. Just yeah, he's stupid, you can say about Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, they don't deserve their wealth or or their success that they've had, but they at least deserve to be famous because the things that they've done have had an impact on history. Jacob Wall is like that person without ever having an impact. He's done nothing but like give journalists something to giggle over. He's just flailing. He's flailing for attention. Yeah, it's it's pretty sad now that doesn't mean I'm going to stop laughing about him because I need someone to laugh about and and these these this really wipes the payday loan staying out of my mouth. So we're going to, we're going to keep going on here. The Daily Beast managed to track down the real hunter Kelly, who said that the accounts created in his name were not under his control. He eventually posted a message to his Facebook timeline titled I was not sexually assaulted quote to keep it brief for now, I was approached by a political figure. Come to DC to discuss political situations from the standpoint of a gay Republican. When I arrived, they discussed Peter Buttigieg and started talking about how they would be working a campaign against him. I went to bed and woke up to a fake Twitter at Real Hunter Kelly and an article that I in no way endorsed or wrote. I have since left and I'm working on a formal statement to give to everyone, including the Buttigieg family. Kelly claims that Wohl and Burkman basically flew him to DC and then printed up a fake statement they wanted him to sign. They then posted the statement without his permission, according to The Daily Beast quote. He went on to say that they also. Ready to get him to sign off on a script for a press conference over his protests. But he called his family to come get him and then fled. So this is the second person that's felt like they had to flee. The presence of Jacob Wall and Jack Burkman now. What's interesting to me is that both of the men wall and Berkman, tried to con into reporting, but a jig we're Republicans Trump supporters, even. It seems that wall and his partner just sort of expected that their fellow conservatives would be down for any kind of grift that hurt Democrats, even if it meant implicating themselves in an obvious crimes concocted by idiots with a history of having their crimes instantly exposed. The audio recorded by The Daily Beast source gives some insight into precisely how Wall tried to sell these young men on engaging in a criminal conspiracy to falsify rape allegations quote when the source expressed reluctance. They've shared him. The scheme would make him wealthy, famous and a star in Republican politics. Wolf cited the national recognition given to Christine Blasey Ford after she accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault during his confirmation hearings last year. The source did not agree to participate in the scheme, but roll followed up with a phone call a day or two later to see if he could recommend friends or associates who might be a good fit to play the victim and the hoax. Wow. I do. I do want to. I do want to bring up the fact that in our previous episode by payday loans when they were trying to con. The Economist to write that article about them and their response e-mail, they promised fame and everyone's going to be knocking on your door or like, whatever, like that's all. That's their ploy. Just like you're going to get so famous from this also. Christine Blasey Ford was ******* like crucified by the media. That would be, I can't imagine, I can't imagine a worse kind of fame to get in that she had. It's like, it seems like it was an unspeakable night where mayor for her and her family. Shows the kind of person wall is, because I really don't think. I think he was telling the truth in that he believed that she got famous and it was a good thing because I think he's incapable of seeing any kind of attention as bad. And she did get a lot of attention and so that's all he sees. Incentives. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So he sees this woman being, like, attacked by the entire right wing media ecosystem and like, like the President of the United States, everyone knew her name, so that's. Yeah. And so he's jealous of that. Yeah. Which there's a core of something deeply sad and depressing there. Very pathetic. It's pathetic, given, given the world we live in. I'm not for a *** **** 2nd going to feel bad about Jacob Wall. I'm just going to laugh about him to again clear the worst ******** out of my head while we yeah, we talked about this. So The Daily Beast looked into the phone number that wool called from it traced back to a company, Potomac Intelligence Group, which claimed to be a political and corporate Intel firm just like surefire intelligence, minutes after The Daily Beast reached out to wool. Without Potomac intelligence, the website was taken down. So if you know anything about Jacob Wall, you know a little thing like repeatedly being revealed as a fraud wasn't going to stop. One of his grifts wall and Jack Burkman next announced a press conference. It would be hosted in the driveway of Berkman's House in Northern Virginia two days before the event. They've gone from like a Holiday Inn for the Mueller one to like the lobby of CPAC to a driveway driveway. Ohio. These ******* stupid *****. He's stupid, stupid *****. Two days before the event, Burkman tweeted a link to an Eventbrite page called protest against the homophobic bigots. This was apparently an event organizing page for a protest against the the press conference being hosted by Jacob Wool and Jack Burkman. Burkman claimed that the page was evidence of a real plan for hundreds of leftist protesters to disrupt their super important press conference. We will not surrender to the mob. We've called an extra security to guard our safety and that of our partners in the media. Now will Sommer, the journalist who's probably done the most to cover wolves various Grifts noted that quote before Berkman's tweet. No other Twitter account had promoted the event page. Another reporter, Jason Duckman found at the Eventbrite page had been started by someone using the e-mail address It gets popular and stupider. Just try to cover your tracks. Just try to make a fake e-mail account, Jacob. How many fake emails like accounts I've made get like a 10% off discount? I like some ******* new site or something like. It's very easy to make an e-mail account. Very easy. It takes seconds, Jacob. Like it? It takes seconds. Come on, man. God, this is upsetting. Yeah, it's it's frustrating. When Walt was confronted about this, he claimed. I've never used Eventbrite in my life. It was created by a troll. We're going to get to the rest of the story. But first you know what's not an incredibly lazy and instantly spotted grift, Shereen. The products that sponsor this show sponsors, sponsors, sponsors. Not grifts at all. In fact, no products that actually deliver a service. Yeah, we need them. As a fellow podcaster, I get it. Just support your support your hosts. I love the product. I love a service. Here they are. Hey, it's Rick Schwartz, one of your hosts for San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. 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But are any of the stories about government conspiracies and cover ups actually true? The answer is surprisingly or unsurprisingly, yes. For more than a decade, we here at stuff they don't want you to know have been seeking answers to these questions. Sometimes there are answers that people would rather us not explore. Now we're sharing this research with you for the first time ever in a book format, you can pre-order stuff they don't want you to know now. It's the new book from us, the creators of the podcast and video series. You can turn back now or read the stuff they don't want you to know. Available for pre-order now, it's stuff you should read or wherever you find your favorite books. And we're back. O on the literal day I wrote this script, Jacob Wool and Jack Burkman held their very important press conference in Berkman's very impressive driveway. The proceedings were interrupted several times by a garbage truck emptying bookman's trash and by several low flying airplanes. This is why most professionals do not host press conferences and driveways. Woolen Berkman refuted the claims that they had basically kidnapped Hunter by pointing out that they bought him a Starbucks Frappuccino and an expensive haircut. What? Yeah. They then segued seamlessly to stating that they were investigating Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and Biden's case. They think he might have Parkinson's. They invited all 2020 candidates to submit themselves to investigations in order to gain the sure to be coveted wool Berkman seal of approval. That's that's literally what they referred to it as is the whole Berkman seal of approval. Which I can't imagine anything more prestigious. No, I can't. That sounds that sounds really legit. It does. Like all their press conferences, this one fizzled out with nothing of value, having been presented. The closest thing to a scoop was the ominous claim that Berkman's home would be the center of the 2020 election. Home? Yeah, he claimed his home was going to be the center of the election. Most egotistical. Should have ever heard of the 2020 election. Your house? Yeah, my driveway. My lawn. God, **** ***. If, like me, you're one, you're wanting to know exactly what Jacob Wall and his bumbling sidekick have planned for 2020, I have some good news for you. A few days before Wolves latest grift collapsed in on itself, a document was leaked to The Daily Beast. A brochure for something called the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence Build is a conservative political intelligence and advocacy organization. The ACPI claimed to be able to impact political outcomes for the benefit of conservative candidates. As you've surely guessed by now, the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence. It's really just Jacob Wall, of course. In this document, which was essentially an attempt at raising funds for his new company, Wolf claimed that ACPI would, among other things, operate a troll farm Allah the Internet Research Agency, infiltrate their operatives into Democratic campaigns, and execute high impact publicity stunts to insert stories into the mainstream media. That all sounds like things wall is capable of doing. And he just doesn't know how to when to stop or how to stop. He's addicted. No, no grifting. He's addicted to grifting and also terrible at it. Yeah, now Wolf claimed that the ACPI needed $1,000,000 in funding from investors in order to carry out its important mission. The document went out to lay out a number of plans obviously cribbed from Russian actions laid out in the Mueller report. Wall wants to use bot networks to build large accounts that pose as leftists and then tell people at the last minute not to vote. In 2020, that's actually a plan he laid out was to like pay bots to build fake leftist Twitter and Instagram accounts and then tell everybody, unlike November 1st, not to vote. Wow. Wow. That's brilliant scheme. Yeah. Damn. Yeah. He notes that this strategy was utilized by the Internet Research Agency with moderate effectiveness in 2016. But with a superior handle on American cultural nuances, ACPI will be able to have a devastating impact on Democratic candidates. So basically, like, because we know that social media exists, we're going to use it. That's all that means. Yeah. And it's it. What's really funny to me is that he repeatedly references the Internet Research agency but then, like, kind of slams them for not understanding American culture and stuff. And be like, we'll be better than them because we know America better when it's like, dude, the Internet research agency succeeded in all of its goals. And you have ****** ** every single grift you've ever tried to carry out. Don't don't pretend you're better than the Russians at this stuff. Like, they got away with it. No. Ah just the the sheer level of ego on display no now on a daily what a day is like in in Jacob Walls life like I wanna know like. If he like puts on a shirt being like today's the day, today's the day. Everyone respects me, you know, today's today's the day people see me as a serious political operative. That day will never come. Jake, I'm so sorry. I'm not sorry. Because you're you're garbage. Now, in the document, we'll claims to have invented a totally new method of spreading fake news, which he calls feeding it up the chain. He lays it out in. Like a really long and complex flow chart, but the whole thing boils down to lying to people about having damning stories and then hoping that you get mainstream media coverage from stocking rumors. So basically, he wants attention, yeah. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. It's kind of sad, but revealing in the document that wool is incapable of seeing anything, but virality is a measure of success. I'm going to quote from a chunk of the the document. With the advent of and popularization of live streaming via Periscope, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, it has become possible to synthesize manipulated events that garner enormous amounts of attention. A textbook example of this tradecraft took place on November 29th, 2018 when right wing activist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter HQ in New York City after being banned from the site. The stunt became the number one trending topic on Twitter and resulted in hundreds of articles being published and countless minutes of cable news coverage being broadcast around the world in a calculated move. Loomer selected New York City is the place to execute the stunt where journalists are plentiful and able to quickly arrive at the scene to broadcast the event on Periscope and Facebook. Within 15 minutes of handcuffing herself to the doors of the Twitter HQ, Loomer was surrounded by dozens of mainstream and alternative media journalists who are broadcasting the event, namely on Periscope to hundreds of thousands of people. Within the first hour of the stunt, Laura Loomer was the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide. So he sees Loomers actions at Twitter HQ is a huge success because it was popular. Like the whole thing that like he like, it turns him on to be like, whoa, she went to a place that had so much media coverage or whatever. Also, I can't get over the fact that she described it as an activist like that. That's activism now. Like, oh God. But like the attention wasn't people getting angry that she'd been banned and demanding that Twitter reinstate her because that didn't happen. It was just everyone laughing at her for like 10 minutes and then moving on with their lives because it was funny. Like, that's the thing. Was like Jacob in that, like, everything that he says in this document is something that, like, actual bad actors have done successfully to influence politics in America and elsewhere. The ideas aren't unworkable, they're just dumb because Jacob is dumb and can't pull any of them off and doesn't understand the difference between Laura Loomer handcuffing herself to Twitter HQ and being laughed at and the Russians mounting a campaign to artificially inflate. Popularity of third party Democratic candidates like what's your ******* name the the Jill Stein to yeah, in order to like draw votes away from the Democrats like one of those things is debatably effective. The other one is just a joke like but he doesn't see. All he sees is that they both got attention. Jill Stein got attention. Laura Loomer got attention. So that's the same thing. His mind is 1 dimensional. His mind is truly cannot compute. Complex thought. Yeah. So 2020 is going to be fun. I mean, no, it's not. 2020 is going to be the worst year of all of our lives. 2020, that's all we're saying. I'm just excited for what they're going to grift next in. Right, right, right. Laura Loomer's going to to strap herself to something. I'm going to guess that Jacob Woolworth will accuse every single Democratic candidate of sexual assault by the time the year is over, which should be a lot of fun. I can't wait to see who ***** on whose trust you know. Oh, I'm looking forward to who ***** on whose chest? I hope we get to see Jacob Wohl arrested by the FBI for crimes. But I'm not holding my breath. I think that what he's done is is so laughable. It's it's definitely crimes. But I feel like the American justice system does not take him seriously because it's so laughable and as well because, I mean, we're laughing at him too, but the reality is they're still crimes. And he has not been faced with any type of justice or or any type of of of like the reason why he keeps doing it is because no one is stopping him. Yeah, he's faced no consequences other than like like, I mean, his life other than being a grifter is over like he at this point. Like there's nothing else he can ever do with himself. Jacob Wohl can't go back to college and get another job doing something legitimate because we have hours of him being Jacob Wall. It's the same thing with Laura Loomer, where like, Laura Loomer is famous right now for screaming on Infowars that her life is ruined because she's been kicked off of all social media and stuff for all these insane and racist stunts. Gets up to and it's like, yeah, your life is ruined because you ruined it by yeah, by doing ****** ** things to people like it's. It's like a ****** being like, well, my life is ruined now because I'm a convicted ******. And it's like, yeah, your life is ruined. But like, because you because you raped people. Like, like, don't. You shouldn't have done that. Like people. And you got caught, which is what they're probably thinking because they got caught. Used a random woman of being a terrorist repeatedly and were partly responsible for huge numbers of death threats being filed against her. That's libel. You can't. You're not allowed to do that. But you did it, and so you no one gets in trouble. Like, this is actually an instance. Yeah, that's what's aggravating is that they don't. They don't learn the real ******* lesson. And you you have to be pretty bad as a right wing grifter these days to get banned from Twitter. Like, that should tell you how bad Laura Loomer and Jacob Wool are is like, they they got banned from, like, Paul Watson still on ******* Twitter. The fact that they have not like that, that they managed to get, like, forced Twitter to take action, means that they were pretty egregiously violating the services rules. And in Wolf's case, he was literally bragging about breaking Twitter's rules to a journalist for a major outlet. And it's like, yeah dude, of course you get banned. Like, I mean, that's not. I mean it better be permanent forever because, Oh yeah, yeah, it is. Part of me is kind of upset because our last episode that we did, we got, like, pretty good attention from. I feel like Jacob Wool retweeted us and, like, comments. Ohh, they are the ones that nothing they've done recently has been interesting, so I'm not going to talk about them more, but we did we did get to slam the krassenstein's directly, which was satisfying. It was satisfying because they because they were just all over it. Yeah, yeah, but I mean Jacob Wall and Laura Loomer. It's truly just an example of. White privilege as as at it's worst, because nothing happens. Like if they were any other ethnicity or or nationality or anything, they would have way more attention legally. And that's the truth, like I oh absolutely, without a doubt. And because they're just a rich white folk, they get untouched. And that's what's infuriating is because white. For lack of a better word, like white collar crime or whatever you want to call it, it's not like, oh, just let's just say white skinned crime. Yeah, like, I don't even know if this counts as white collar. Like, I'm not sure what kind of collar. Repeatedly faking rape allegations is like, I don't, I really don't know. Like, they've invented a new kind of white crime and it's despicable. Yeah, I will say. Speaking of the crass Einsteins and Jacob Wolf, one of my favorite moments on Twitter last year was Ken Klippenstein, the FOIA journalist with The Young Turks, who, like, revealed that the FBI had an open investigation into Wall, got into a fight with him on Twitter, and Jacob wool mistook. For one of the Krassenstein brothers, because their last names are vaguely similar. Oh my God. And so Wol was like, why don't you just, like, get up to another grift with your brother? And Klippenstein responded. You know, the only difference between you and the krassenstein's is their their grifts don't immediately explode in their faces. And then Brian Krassenstein responded by just saying boom. Wait, what? Yeah. It was really good. Now, it's one of those moments that makes Twitter worth it. So he, like low key, admitted to grifting better than wow. I think he was just too dumb to really know what was going on in the conversation and just saw that somebody had attacked someone, attacking him. Like, I really don't think he understood what was being said. But Ken clip Enstein is a great follow on Twitter, so yeah, check him out. Yeah, yeah. Not he's not any relation. He is not a Craftsman studio. Yeah, completely different last name. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Anyway, that's the episode, Shereen. The better after the payday loan stuff. No, I'm still mad, but I'm always mad. My default is just anger. But thanks for having me on to revisit our our our sheep in wolves clothing. He's just a dumb little sheep. He's just, he's just a dumb little sheep. Sheep, sheep, sheep. It's almost insulting to sheep, honestly. But yeah, I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't want to tar sheep with that brush because sheep provides so many useful things. Yeah, wool. And they're kind of cute. Yeah. Sheep's milk. Yeah. Sheep's oil. Yeah. And they're concrete, I think. Genuinely, I think they are more intelligent than you think. A wool. I have never seen a sheep. **** itself over in the same fashion that Jacob Wall has no usually they just eat plants and mind their own ******* business, huddled together for warmth in the winter, which is a more successful strategy than Jacob Wall has ever executed. Wow, what a **** show. Well, what a **** show. Got some pluggable to plug? Yeah, follow the podcast that I co-host. Ethnically ambiguous. And listen to us. We talked about Ilhan Omar a lot, especially with the recent stuff that's been going on and why everything against her is pretty much a facade. But you could follow with ethnically ambiguous or ethnically ambig and BIG on Instagram. Ethnically and AM A MB on Twitter. You follow me as your hero on Instagram and Shiro Hero 666 on Twitter. It's SHEROHERO. Yeah, and thanks for having me, Robert. This was splendid. Even though you're not in the same room as me, I feel like we've bonded today. We have bonded today and there's only one thing that conceal the kind of bond that is built over listening to Jacob wool stories, and that is so celebratory Sophie has grabbed. The role of bagels. See, when you've been working together as long as Sophie and I have you, you just know what the other person wants. Sophie, I'm going to. I'm gonna yell in anger and you throw the bagels when I give my angry bagel throwing. I'm going to try to get the the sound on on my mic. OK, go. OK, yeah. That's perfect. That's good. Yeah. Perfect. Oh my God, I'm so satisfied with how that went. Happy? I mean, not really, but you know, the bagel have made me happy. Yeah, that's that's the beauty of throwing bagels. They really, they really cleanse the soul's palate. They cleanse the soul's palette like, oh, good faith, good. We'll do that, you know? That's why they called baked goods, because they're good. That is why they're called baked goods. They're not baked baking. No, no, baked bads are, well, actually, baked bads are when I try to make baked goods, because they usually get high and forget that the ovens on that is bad. That is bad. That is bad. Not a great strategy. Yeah. Speaking of great strategies, I'm not making an ad plug. I don't know why I use my ad plug voice. You can find me on Twitter at I write OK. You can find this podcast on Twitter and Instagram at ******* pod. You can find us on the Internet and find the sources for this episode at You can. 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