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Jacob Wohl And The Krassensteins: A Tale of Several Grifters

Jacob Wohl And The Krassensteins: A Tale of Several Grifters

Tue, 18 Dec 2018 11:00

Jacob Wohl And The Krassensteins: A Tale of Several Grifters

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's In the 1980s and 90s, a psychopath terrorized the country of Belgium. A serial killer and kidnapper was abducting children in the bright light of day. From Tenderfoot TV in iHeartRadio this is La Monstra, a story of abomination and conspiracy. The story about the man who's simply become known as. Lamaster. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Want to say I don't know less? Listen to stuff you should know more. Join host Josh and Chuck on the podcast packed with fascinating discussions about science, history, pop culture, and more episodes. Dive into topics like was the lost city of Atlantis Real? And how does pizza work? Say goodbye to I don't know, because after listening to stuff, you should know you will. Listen to stuff you should know on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello friends. I am Robert Evans and this is yet again behind the ******** to show where we tell you everything you don't know about the very worst people in all of history. Now my my guest for today's episode, who is a coming in cold to our tale about several ******** is Shereen the machine, Lana Yunus. I think I'm the first person to give you that nickname, but probably not now. You are a filmmaker whose work is currently being featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Right? It was in New York. New York yeah, it was cool. That is very cool. And you are also the Co host of the ethnically ambiguous podcast on the Stuff Network, The VERY network that we're all a part of. Correct? So that's cool. How's it going? You know, I'm glad to be here, but also terrifying to be here. Do you like con men? Do I like con men? I like watching movies about con men. Well, then you might like you. Like you like grifts mean, I feel like a grift in my own life, you know? I'm just a fraud. Yeah, that's how everyone who gets to do what they like for a living. Fields natural. There's the name Jacob wool. Mean anything to you? You know, I've. I've heard it about, but I could not tell you anything about it other than he's white. He's white. And the working title of this episode. The tale of two grifters. Even though there's more than two grifters. I just, you know, I was trying. I'm trying to force it. I'm trying to force it. All right, let's talk about some grifters. So grifters and conmen thrive in times of unrest and chaos. This is obvious enough that I'm probably wasting a little bit of my time by even saying it. The current President of the United States is a man who ran a fake university that defrauded thousands of people out of 10s of millions of dollars. But we're not talking about him today. Our subjects for this episode are grifters of a much lower and a much sadder cast. Let's start by talking about the krassenstein. Brothers Brian and Edward. You know about these guys? Please tell me ohh. Together they have more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter and they operate a left wing media empire. Is not the right word. Can I ask a question? Do they have a shared Twitter? No, they have two different twitters. Judging very hardly. But they they retweet everything each other says and it's it's really obnoxious identity stuff. You know, you're left wing, you're right wing or whatever. The krassenstein's are like the Thrillist and like least effective chunk of the they're like the drumph, you know, chunk like that sort of Donald Trump again. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that kind of. Thing that should have been played out two years ago, but still yeah, they're crapulent, so they're frequent and vociferous critics of President Donald Trump. As of the writing of this episode, Brian's Twitter image is a graphic of an impeachment clock with the president's face on it, so not a lot of subtlety, but starting back in 2003, the Crescent Steins worked a different gig running the websites top and Seems a little bit scammy right off the bat. And get scummier, so both of these sites were presented as independent. Aggregators of different online investment programs. Basically, someone would visit money maker and read about different opportunities and various investment, you know, programs and whatnot. Most of what the Krassenstein brothers hawked through their websites were what are called high yield investment programs or high UPS. According to Investopedia quote, a high yield investment program is a fraudulent investment scheme that purports to deliver extraordinarily high returns on investment. High yield investment schemes often advertise yields of more than 100% per year in order to. Lure and victims. In reality, these high yield investment programs are Ponzi schemes and the organizers aim to steal the money invested. Like a pyramid scheme, essentially. Yeah, yeah, like like a pyramid scheme with a little little dash of lemon. So the SEC takes a somewhat milder tone towards high yield investment programs, calling them unregistered investments, typically run by unlicensed individuals that are often frauds but not always frauds. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Ed Krassenstein really dug into the tiny bit of daylight provided by the word often. Quote 100% of high ups aren't scams. I know of several that have been legitimate. The FBI's definition is not that they're all scams. It says a large amount of scams, and that is true. So if you're defending your business by saying only a large amount of it is is fraudulent, but I'm a good one. The Crescent Steam Brothers defended themselves from charges of being scammers and charlatans by basically claiming that they didn't actually run any of these scams, they just took ad dollars from the people who did. And in Ed's words, freedom of speech protects advertisers. Which sort of true, partially true. Of course. In actuality, sites like top and money maker group were in a little bit more of like a. A swampy area on top gold and money maker group moderators hosted discussions of various high up opportunities. Through paid ads and organic comment threads. Users would be informed of various potential high up investments. Eventually many of the high ups would stop paying out as all Ponzi schemes do, and high up threads would begin racking up customer complaints into the thousands. The moderators would then move those high up threads into a separate section of the website marked close programs and scam warnings. Basically the business is that these guys operated a giant website where they would talk about different Ponzi schemes that you could invest in. And then once enough people realized that it was a scam that would move it to a section of the site that said it was scammed, like, oh, we got we we spotted this one. We're protecting you like, that's that's their scant worry we got this. But they're getting money from all of these people in order to host them on their site. So they're scammers, they're scammers, or they're legally distinct from, but ethically the same as scammers. I would I would say in order to protect ourselves legally a teeny bit by August of 2017, the scam warnings. Section of their site had more than 13,000 threats, but investigators found that only a minority of the scams advertised actually made it over to the scam warning section, which means the Krassenstein probably guided their readers to quite literally 10s of thousands of fraudulent investments. One of the high UPS on top was the Leopard Fund, which was created by a guy who was convicted of five counts of wire fraud. In 2012. CSM Finance and other Hyatt scam asked its investors to download special software that in reality was a virus that stole money from their Liberty Reserve accounts now. Liberty Reserve, it was like a digital currency exchange before Bitcoin, and the guy who found that was actually, like, busted back in 2016 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. So this whole ecosystem is nothing but scammers, and they're essentially positioning themselves as, like, scam brokers rather than operating a scam themselves, because that's too risky. They. Yeah, exactly, like separates them from actual accountability. Yeah, exactly. Just enough that they're probably not going to go to prison. Which, of course, if you're in the scam business, that's really where you want to just outside of prison. Yeah, getting all the benefits, but not actually going in? Yeah, exactly. So that same year, 2016 federal agents raided several homes in Fort Myers, FL that were owned by the Krassenstein brothers. They took computers, financial records, and a bunch of other stuff. Much of this was later returned, but late last year, the DOJ seized about a half $1,000,000 worth of their assets on suspicion of massive wire fraud. I found a breakdown of the DOJ's asset forfeiture case on the site behind MLM, which essentially seems to act as a watchdog group for the whole. MLM industry since everything to do with these kinds of scams is purposefully complex, I've relied on them and the Department of Justice to actually help me break down what the krassenstein were doing. Behind MLM describes their websites as quote easily the two largest publicly accessible Ponzi promotion platforms on the Internet. The Department of Justice alleges that the brothers actually ran a huge constellation of websites all purporting to report independently on the Hyatt Marketplace while actually just being funneled to direct rubes to scams in exchange for kickbacks. Quote from the Department of Justice, the krassenstein's. Various hip related websites overlapped extensively in their functionality. For example, tacom and serves substantially identical functions, and gold, and served substantially identical functions. To the casual visitor, it would have appeared that these sites were being operated independently from one another. The Krassenstein's network of apparently unrelated high up sites promoted the appearance of a thriving high up industry with numerous independent players. They're ******* shady. They're ******* shady as hell. And yeah, so when Ed Krassenstein was asked. In essence, if the fact that they consented to forfeit half $1,000,000 in seized property to the DOJ meant that he and his brother were guilty, he said, quote, this was an agreement we made with the government because the cost of fighting the civil complaint would have likely cost us more money stress than what the government was requesting via the forfeiture. We both have newborn children and couldn't keep dragging on the civil matter any longer, and as attorney fees were adding up. This is why civil forfeiture is such a hotly debated topic in America, which really ****** me off because civil asset forfeiture is ****** ** for a lot of reasons, namely the fact that it's primarily used as an excuse. Cops in the South and the southwest to take cash and vehicles from brown people and anyone who's not white and like, then, you know, it'll be like the case of the state of Arizona versus a 2007 Toyota Camry or the case of Texas versus $14,000 in cash. What's happening here is the krassenstein were caught committing massive wire fraud, and the DOJ rightfully took the. Yeah. But you see the little the year was this when this happened, 2016. That's not a long time. That's not a long time ago at all. It's a kind of appropriation, right? Like. Getting caught for committing a really shady act and then trying to attach yourself to a legitimate injustice. I don't know what the word for that is. They're posers, man. I don't know what's the better word than that, but like, there's obviously awful. People are just using oblivious people to their advantage. It's just like, yeah, oblivious and desperate. Like, you wouldn't be on those sites unless you were desperate. And Speaking of oblivious and desperate, starting in, you know, the end of 2016, the beginning of 2017. All of us were a little bit desperate because, you know, great segue. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. And so the krassenstein, since they seemed like they couldn't scam in the old way, realized that with all of this desperation over the election of Donald Trump and all of the fear and the the left and big chunks of the center, there was another opportunity for them to make a bucket of money. So they landed on making themselves into figureheads of the #resistance. I hate them. Yeah, they're they're pretty ******. Both brothers built up their best Twitter following by repeatedly tweeting variations of impeach Trump. At one point, Brian posted it 11 times in a single tweet. They also followed over 400,000 accounts. You know, to get people to follow them back and such. On his LinkedIn profile, Brian currently calls himself a Twitter personality. Which? That's job title. You've erred if you list that as a thing on your resume. Now, the former finance advisors have rebranded themselves now as journalists. In 2017, they launched a news website,, a website that used to be titled Investor Relations but was repurposed in order to capitalize on the profitability of partisan news. Here's think Progress quote among the nine writers listed on the site, two are the Krassenstein, 3 haven't written anything in six months, and two haven't contributed anything since 2015. The two remaining writers, Whitney Hippolite and Heidi Melkert, have likewise written nothing on the site since 2015. They are also the krassenstein's wives. Oh, I just got worse and worse the more you talked. It's about to get so much worse. So last October, the KRASSENSTEIN embarked on their grittiest grift. Yet a children's book titled How The People Trumped Ronald Plump. They brought children into this. Yeah, they they did bring children into this. Here's how they explained the genesis of their opus in the books press release. President Trump has a counter example to the examples I try to set for my children, co-author Ed Krassenstein stated. It's difficult when we teach our children how to act one way, but then the president of the United States acts the complete opposite way. This man is supposed to be a role model for our kids, but in my opinion and in the opinions of many other parents, he simply teaching kids bad lessons and poor morals. I mean like, yeah, it's all well. And good, but knowing where it's coming from makes it like, yeah, no. Knowing that, like, this is a guy who committed massive wire? Come on, dude can't take anything he says seriously. No, no, no. So that's what Ed claims led him and his brother Brian to write a humorous children's book, which is essentially Bill was trying to make sense of and explain the actions of President Trump through a character named Ronald Plump. They're very, very clever, right? Very smart. They don't they do well, they don't even know how to write that good. It gets really bad in the second. Here's another quote from the press release quote. Ronald Plump is a man who is elected leader of the town. Do work city do you get it? Because because New York. But do work that's not they're very, they're very Smart's actions go against the morals which we teach our kids. But in the end hope. Quality love and basic human values prevail. Parents will love this book's humor and storyline just as much, if not more, than their children. So you have this horrified look on your face. So gross. So I think I'm like, thinking about is like, not only is like one person has to exist to be awful, like one of the brothers, but not only that, there's another version of him, a brother, that is equally as bad. And not only that, two women married these people. So are the women also, like, complicit in all of this or, like, are like, are aware that their husbands are just like actual garbage scammers and they're just like, yeah, I put my name on the website or do they know their names on the like, like? You think, like, there's like, not everyone ****** but then like, Oh no, maybe they are. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I think everybody in this case is probably ****** except for their kids. Like, well, who knows? Yeah. They're teaching them with Robert Plump. Ronald Ronald plump. Sorry, Robert. OK, but if you think Ronald Plump is not the most creative name for a fake Trump character it's about to get, it gets real bad. So characters in the book include Weave Bannon, a squirrel who acts as who axis pumps hairpiece and controls his thoughts. Even though the book came out more than a year after Steve Bannon stopped working at the White House, the crasson scenes knew that some jokes are just so good that they never age if you guys had seen my face. Well, I heard the name we it's it's it's offensive, right? Fully expect that like a good 20% of people who had to pull their headphones off of their their head just hearing that like it hurt to write. We've been will never unhear that. No, you can't. Other hilarious ripped from the headlines character names from this wonderful storybook include loud mere Tooting, a fart themed Vladimir Putin whose farts rockets, for some reason that I don't think has ever really explained, it's a better joke. There, it's already there. You're gonna make a fart joke. Pooping is even. Is even more clever. It's not that clever, but it's better than Loudwire. Loudwire. ****. Ohh, we're not done. OK, so you were complimenting them on their rhyme scheme with Ronald Plump? Uh-huh. I'd love to rhyme. You wanna guess what their Jared Kushner standing is named? Flaccid bushner. See? That's good. That's a fun name. They call him Jared. Nepotism. What? That was unexpected. Yeah, that doesn't turn. We took a turn. Yeah, it's just poop. It's just poop that somebody turned into a book. You know, there was like, funny attempts at cleverness, and there's no, I don't know, I can't think of 1 for Jared, nepotism. There was more creativity involved in the name you came up with in 2 1/2 seconds than the entirety of the book that they spent months working on. So sad. So now the hero of the book is A6 pack having shirtless Robert Mueller stand in, whose name is Robert Morel. Of course, that almost sounds not terrible. Next to Jared. Nepotism. I'll take moral sure. Now, I was not willing to purchase a copy of this book because I don't want to. I'm glad you have your own morals. Yeah, I have some standards, and this is one of them, but I did read several reviews of it. Gizmodo editor Tom McKay was the first person to point out that the book includes a rape sack, which Ronald Plump uses to kidnap Elizabeth Warren. I'm gonna show you a picture from this book. I want you to just take it in and then I want you to read the text on the page. Eyes are so wide and scared. What the ****? You want to describe that it'll be on our website,, if you want to look at it. So this obviously, it's it's Trump. It's a cartoon of little Trump. Something that his head that's weave. Bannon. It's the squirrel that's yeah. Oh, he is the hair piece is the hairpiece he made the. Oh my God. Yeah, Lizabeth Warren is literally busting out of the sack, rape sack. He's like carrying her like, he's like ******* Santa Claus. Yeah. And she has a shirt on that says persist. Her arms are jacked. Good for her. Yeah, she's buff and the ******* thing, he's going into Trump Tower, he's turned. He's like his head over his shoulder, like he's getting out of my rape sack. And then the text on the thing says Ronald Plump believed that he could every day grab any woman and just take her away, away to his tower and his big burlap sack. Plump took every woman he wanted until one fought back. Ohh my ******* God yeah I can do is I choose plump and sister almost Trump, plump insisted. Nevertheless, this woman, she persisted, proving a point and proving she's equal. This woman succeeded in showing the people that women and men are created the same and theory equality. That's a lot to gain. I will OK surface level, good points. But when you really look at the text, that's every what there are way better ways to make the point about sexism. And having a rape sack, I just have. This is so troubling. Yeah, it's for kids. Well, yeah. And that that's part of The thing is that, like, it's it's clearly written until one fought back. Yeah, yeah. Like Elizabeth Warren was the first person also, which is. But it's also like, what does a kid going to get kids not going to know anything about, like, nevertheless, she persisted. Or something like a ******* 6 year old? They're not going to get the references being made. It's just it's. Maybe the worst writing that anyone's done. It's bad. I'm disturbed. You should be. It's really bad. I thought we've been. It was bad enough I didn't know his face was on it. Like we've bannons almost the highlight. Yeah, that's the saving grace. That's a little bit of humor. Speaking of a little bit of humor. You know what I love, Shereen, when I get horrified about grifting commercial breaks. Yeah, commercial breaks. Yeah. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for none of that. For anyone who hates their phone Bill, Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for just $15.00 a month. 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Ed Krassenstein himself jumped into the Reddit thread and responded to this. We ordered 2000 copies. All profits from the sale of these copies will go to charity. If I'm a grifter, then I'm grifting for the children who are separated from their parents. If I'm a grifter. Than anyone who promotes themselves for their work on Twitter are also grifters. At least mine is for a good cause. And what the immediate response to that was someone quoting we ordered 2000 copies and saying literally what a grifter would say. Yeah, that sounds like you're you're grifter. Yeah, you're ******* creeping on Reddit anyway. Yeah, there's ways to promote your work without being a grifter. You're just a grifter. Also, show the ******* receipts. ***** ** ****. So yeah, this book is an eyesore and a piece of unfathomable garbage. And yes, it's pretty offensive that in addition to trying to appropriate civil asset forfeiture, they're now appropriating the separation of families at the border as, like, these are, like, causes that deserve attention and like, yeah, like, and their profit. That's infuriating. They're horrible people. That's infuriating, horrible people. And they are only the second grossest, most shameful low run con artists of 2018. Because this year's adeptness pit of despair, Brian and Ed Krassenstein actually wound up confronting the only grifter on the planet worse at grifting than they are a young man named Jacob Wool. So they were like, you think you're better than us. They reported him to the FBI we're about to get to why? Oh my God. So Jake Wolf story proves that regardless of what side of the political aisle a con artist winds up on, they all have more in common with each other than anyone else. Wool was born in 1997, middle. I've seen pictures of his child and stuff. He played football. In school, there's like pictures of them posing with guns at shooting ranges. He seems to have grown up pretty affluent kids somewhere in ******* California. Yeah, class act. He's a rich little ****. Who at age 17 started the whole capital Investment Group 1717, a hedge fund his dad helped. His dad is a stock market analyst. He never talks about that in the interview. Yeah, 17 years old. Well, that's how we wanted to get famous as the teenager who runs a hedge fund. So he started showing up at age 17 and a bunch of financial news shows to be interviewed because it's hard to fill time if you're doing a financial news show. Here's a clip of him on Fox News. The wall of Wall Street wall. He's a 17 year old high school football and basketball player and by the way, hedge fund manager. Alright, first of all, before we even get to biotech, we gotta ask how did you get started? Well, I've always had an interest in finance and getting started I thought, what better way than to put myself out there and to just start a hedge fund and that's what I did. You want to describe his face to me, Sheree Punchable? Punchable little *******. Insect. There's a German word and it's like backstage or something like that. I can't pronounce it. It's it's there's a German word that the literal translation is a face in need of a fist. And that's how Jacob Wall looks in need of in need of a fist. Like he needs to be punished. I'm 17 years old and I thought, why not started hedge fund? Why don't you ******* **** yourself? Are you kidding me? Also, the fact that he appeared on Fox News is that telling enough? Yeah, well, he appeared on a lot of shows. I also watched another interview that Vice. With him. In this interview, we'll argued that the capital requirements on hedge fund investors were too high and that's why the rich keep getting richer, because poor people aren't allowed to invest in hedge funds. Which seems to me him basically saying I should be able to trick poor people who aren't as financially literate into taking their money. And you can do this too. I can help. Yeah, exactly. That's what I do want to say. I feel like I get in trouble on my podcast for saying **** a lot and I don't get taken seriously. So I'm going to try to not say **** as much. What if I just say ****? A bunch of times. And that went out. Yeah, well that way if anyone doesn't take you seriously for saying **** then it's just sexism. There's no getting those people on board either way. I like this war. I'm going to say **** 7 times. OK, let's do it. ****. **** **** **** **** **** ****. And then say ******* like 3. ******* ******* ******* great. Cool. Alright, we're good. All right, let's roll on. OK, so. So yeah, that's why Jacob Wall thinks that rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, because poor people can't invest in hedge funds. That's what they're thinking. So in pretty much every TV appearance he did, it was noted by someone that his nickname was the wall of Wall Street. Yeah, barf is the only response to that now. In the vice interview when they brought this up, he assures the interviewer that he doesn't like that nickname. He actually hates it. So we're going to run a clip from that vice interview and see Jacob responding to talk of his nickname. So here's the clip from Vice titled Meet The Teen Finance Guru who makes more money than you, Wall Street. How do you feel about that? I think that most of the behavior you see in that movie is completely reprehensible. It plays a bunch of clips from the thing. So he he's he's anti wolf of Wall Street in the interview, and he says that, you know, it's it's gross what they did, and it's gross. Don't call me that. Don't call me that, but also keep calling that. Yeah. It it becomes very clear throughout his life that that's actually exactly how he wants to be seen. In 2017, Jacob Wall interviewed Jordan Belfort, the actual wolf of Wall Street, for his podcast offended America. In the podcast, he reveals a deep familiarity with Belfort's writing and ideas, and it's pretty clear to me that in fact, there's nothing well, once more than to be seen. This successor back in 2016, as the presidential election heated up, Jacob Wall, continued to show up on financial news shows. He quickly pivoted to identifying as a Trump supporter and became known for claiming on TV that huge numbers of young people were secret Donald Trump fans. Just for some reference, an estimated 37% of millennials voted for Donald Trump, which is the same percentage of millennials who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. There's no evidence for Jacobs Constant claims that young people are secretly beloved. Far right wingers will make a lot of claims without any evidence at all. Really. Yeah, I haven't heard of that. Well, climate change is real. We were talking earlier today. I'm cold and I wore a long sleeve shirt today, but it's mesh. Well, no, it doesn't. The fact that you wearing a long sleeve shirt disprove climate change, but it's mesh. Oh, OK. So climate change is real again in LA. Yeah, in LA. This is cold weather apparel. This is cold, cold weather while the city burns down. Yeah. By the way, we have a history of doing free ads on this on the show. Yeah, we do. So I just wanted to let you know that I'm drinking a cherry lime Lacroix right now and it tastes. Exactly like a melted lollipop. Is that good? Is that a good review or a bad review? It's a bad review. It tastes like if you get those freezer pops right, and you melt one and then dilute it in water, that's what this Lacroix tastes. But The thing is, you keep drinking it, it's doing something right. My throat dries out. It's not great. Yeah, there's this thing they have in the world called water, and it actually quenches your thirst more than like a sugary beverage. Now, maybe you can help me with this. I've heard about this water. I've also heard that fish ******* it and I don't know. That's the reason you don't drink water. Well, it seems like something disreputable. Let's get back to Jacob Wool. So 2016, the year that Jacob Wool pivoted ******** into being a very vocal Trump supporter, was also the first year that he ran into trouble with regulators. You could you have predicted, surprise, he wasn't obeying every law 17 year old hedge fund manager when that was Trump. The one that loves Trump. That's the subject of an investigation by the National Futures Association, a non government but government authorized regulator that investigates fraud within the industry. The NFA was interested in Jake because they'd actually read through the promotional material he put together for his new hedge fund, next Capital Management. They found that next videos were quote unbalanced in their presentation of profit potential and risk of loss. They also found that Wall had worked as a fund manager before he or his hedge fund were actually registered, which is, you know, a crime. The NFA report cites the claim of 1 investor who says he sent Wolf. $75,000 and was told Wool had grown it to $89,500 in a few months. The investor tried to withdraw his money and will only sent him $44,000, claiming the fund had suffered sudden losses. The NFA found that basically that his training account had made a small amount of money, but he was claiming massive losses as soon as people tried to withdraw the money, which is again a scam. I think you classify that as a scam. You call that a scam? ******* scab. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. No, it's fine. It's fine. I said **** again. No, again. No, it's fine. It's fine. That's why we did the whole me saying **** a bunch, right? OK, so now I can say it again. Yeah, yeah, exactly. You get at least 5 or 6 bucks banked 7 now. Yeah. The Daily Beast looked through the an old archived version of Nexus website from before the investigation and they found evidence that wall may have slightly misrepresented his credentials to investors, namely by claiming he had any. He wrote on his website that he had, quote, greater than 10 years trading experience across many asset classes in order for this to be true. What would have needed to start investing as an 8 year old? Oh my God. Taught me so much. I've been doing it for 10 years because I've been listening to my dad's phone calls. Here's a quote from The Daily Beast. NFA agents showed up at Nexus supposed offices, which turned out to be a Los Angeles home where no one answered well, did not return their emails or phone calls. When the NFL returned to the home the following day, the exam team noticed someone at the 2nd floor window who appeared to be taking photos or a video of the exam team. According to the filing, they soon received a stern phone call from Wolf's father, a lawyer, who allegedly threatened to call the police on the regulators, warning them to stay away. Or else so yeah, that's you're hiding some sounds totally legit. Yeah. 2016 was not a great year for Jacob's career as a hedge fund manager. That year, the Arizona Corporation Commission also gave his businesses a cease and desist order. The ACC claimed that he had violated the Securities Act by selling unregulated securities. Yeah. See, some of wolves former clients were Arizona residents who say that he told them he managed 178 different accounts with up to $100,000 in assets. The ACC believes Wall had roughly 13 accounts worth as much as $500,000. So he's basically claiming that he was running like 178 different accounts that had more than like 100 grand or something. Incredible. Incredible. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Clients who became suspicious of his company and demanded their money back regularly got about half of what they put in out. So he was, you know, stealing, you could call it. Oh, that's stealing. So the ACC took issue with wolves, other business Montgomery assets, a real estate investment firm. One of the Craigslist ads he posted claimed that the company owners had 35 years experience flipping homes. The Daily Beast notes that wall and his partner had a combined age of 45. Wow. 1 Montgomery Assets Client claimed that Jacob sent her a letter about a volatility event that he said was about to hit the market. Will advised her to sell her other investments, all of her other investments, and invest all of her money in his firm. Now, while all this was going on, Jacob began to create a stir on social media, where he was also increasingly active in between hosting a Conservative podcast and thinking offended America. Yeah. You might be offended because of the theft that tends to tends to offend people. People are mad because you're stealing from taking their money. Yeah, between that and making increasingly bizarre claims about millennial infatuation with Donald Trump, he started doing everything in his power to look exactly like a 2000 teens version of Jordan Belfort. On April 15th, 2016, Value Walk, a site that writes about investment firms and the like, published an article about the corporate culture. At next, which is again his hedge fund thing, I posted a clip from a company promotional video which lists an attractive. Instagram model named Jennifer Cole is his director of fun. Director of director of Fun. It's a job to make sure everyone's having a good time. It's a cool company. It's not just Jacob and one friend and a house in Laurel Canyon scamming people. Hot girl, look, she's hot and it's an investment fund. I'm a teenager. Colonials come. Now value walks report also noted that his website listed Rachel Fox, an actress who played someone named Kayla on the Desperate Housewives, as the inspiration for his company's investment strategy. Quote in an interview with Value Walk, Fox claimed not to know wool and said she only learned of his trading program through a value walk article. Weird. The lie that an actress is like a public figure, like public, like, she can deny that claim and she had she had done some work, is like investing in hedge funds at some point in her career. But like she was nobody's big name isn't like it's a weird thing to lie about. Just like Google, like celebrities that also invested. A good con man would lay lie and say that it's someone like Warren Buffett, but they say that they've been tutored. Some vague way that would be hard to disprove. And, like, you pick someone who's as busy as Warren Buffett isn't gonna say anything old. Yeah, exactly. You don't pick a social media active actress. Like, what are you doing? Jacob wool. He's a stupid, stupid man. Boy, Boy, boy, yeah, for sure. For sure. Boy scum boy scum boy. Jacob Wool seems to have had a thing for hiring models to just sort of hang around his businesses. Twitter users put together a number of Craigslist ads from his real estate firm asking for models and such. An Orange County ad stated quote. We need models for promo modeling events, including conferences, trade shows, seminars, etcetera. We also have other modeling opportunities including bikini modeling and fashion modeling if you fit the type for that sort of modeling. That's nice. Uh-huh. The Daily Beast did a domain registry search on Mr Wolf's businesses and found something rather interesting. Quote the websites registered to Wolf's name. Some are definitely walls, including the domain for his short lived media outlet, offended America, and domains that are described in the ACC filing as belonging to his businesses. Others with names like Wall, and, the name of a **** actress, appeared to solicit more salacious business. In response to this, wall stated fake websites and Craigslist ads were posted by trolls of mine in 2016. And I immediately reported them to the FBI, Wall told The Daily Beast. He declined to specify which websites and ads were the alleged frauds and declined to answer further questions. Yeah, so the being inconvenient. The Daily Beast also talked to the mother of one young woman who was featured as a whole girl. She claims that Jacob lied to her daughter and said that he could make her famous by building a professional modeling website for her and that she agreed. But instead of doing that, this lady's mother says quote, he took some of her photos either from Snapchat or Instagram that she had posted and created a page for her called The Wool Girl of the month. From there he put up photos and made the page seem inappropriate and dangerous so there would be Modell's. They're actually wound up calling Jacob and confronting him on the phone. Quote. I thought he was probably an older man trying to exploit a young woman. When I contacted him on the phone, I could tell he was young and idiotic. I told him, you take that site down, you take any reference to her out of your world, or else he got very scared and was like, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. And apologized profusely and took it down. Wow. What a little *****. I like that lady's mom. I like you. Got it. You got to confront a little **** like this. Yeah, I mean, she would have done it anyway, even if he was an old guy. But the fact that he was a young guy, I mean, even more like she just talked to him. Your ******* mom? Yeah. Yeah. Which is the right way to talk to a child. Yeah. So we're going to get on to how Jacob Wall got banned from the finance industry forever, and good ******* riddance. Then we're going to talk about who he decided to take on Robert Mueller. Which is maybe biting off a little bit more than he should have tried to chew. But before we do that, let's talk about. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for none of that. 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The ****** thing to be he's he's the living human embodiment of a single spam e-mail. What? Jacob Ruiz? Yeah, OK, so. In early 2017, Jacob Wall received a lifetime ban from the NFA. For his part we'll portrays the National Futures Association is basically a group of buttered activists. Because the NFA isn't a government body. He basically says there's just a bunch of busy bodies and they're not a government agency. They don't have any real authority to regulate things. And he he'll do this interview, then the vice interview. They don't really push, they kicked him out after all this **** went down because they were the one. They were like the regulator, the the team that wanted to investigate. Did they ever actually investigate? Yeah, yeah they did. And they gave him a lifetime. And because he broke a bunch of laws, OK, good. And he would basically say like, well they're not a government body, it's just a bunch of busy bodies. But the fact of the matter is the NFA is a self regulating body for the futures industry. Membership in it is required by law for traders and major buyers. Congress has given this non government organization the ability to regulate the industry. They are very much authorized to do this ****. Like ******* rich people think they can do whatever the **** they want. Yeah, and Jacob bull did for a long time, did well about a year. That you didn't get that long. That's a good point. Yeah, and his teams. I will say he got caught pretty early, what with his incompetence. Yeah. Also in 2017, the Arizona Corporation Commission issued a cease and desist order against wall for wildly misleading investors and misrepresenting the size of his businesses. He was ordered to pay $32,919 in restitution and $5000 in penalties. Wolf's attorney asked for a four week continuance because his big shot client, who lived at the same Laurel Canyon House his company used as an office, couldn't make the first payment. Which I just like. Dad. I'm going to guess his dad's probably paying footing the bill for a lot of this. Yeah, so an Arizona Central article written about wolves legal trouble revealed that quote. Wolves troubles in Arizona began in 2015 when two residents of the state contacted Wall after seeing his media appearances. They note that wall called the ACC, a racketeering organization full of Angry Democrats. And while it is true that the ACC head was accused of accepting bribes in exchange for votes on the utilities issue, the man accused as a registered Republican and wasn't actually convicted anyway. So Jacob wall. I also. I just think it's funny that his need to be on the news and known as the teen investment guru is what got him caught, right? Yeah. That's not going to be the last time you hear about that. That's why he's like a millennial trash, though, you know what I mean? Like, he wanted to ******* verify. Check. Mark, you know? Yeah. Is the millennial investment expert and stuff. Yeah. He thought that was the path to good money. And if he hadn't been so dumb, it might have been if he'd been a little bit more careful. But he was not. And he's dumb now. In spite of the fact that Wolf's love of publicity had now definitely destroyed several of his businesses, Jacob was not yet ready to give up the limelight or to give up social media. In fact, over the years his Twitter presence has grown to more than 175,000 followers. Some of those probably hate followers. Up until very recently, he was most renowned for posting numerous stories of his trips to what he called hipster coffee shops in Los Angeles, where he claimed to repeatedly overhear young Democrats secretly admit their admiration and love of Donald Trump. Get a ******* hobby, dude. Like, are you serious? Yeah, I'm. I'm really serious. It's like a better way to show that, like, you're unemployed and, like, a living husk of nothing. Like, I'm gonna go to every coffee shop and then pretend to hear things and then lie about what people say. My God. Well, it's also somebody pressed him on, like, what he was talking about when he said something was a hipster cop talking about when he said something was a hipster coffee shop and he was like, talking about a coffee bean in Westlake. There's like 1000, like, coffee beans around the world. Name? Billy Hipster coffee shop. It's not the one in ******* Westlake. Yeah. It's not a coffee bean. Yeah. Where you go to get coffee when you can you stop? Yeah. Yeah. When you have to. The coffee bean. Sometimes you just need to. Ohh, so during this time, Jacob started to write for Gateway Pundit, a fake news website run by a former John Deere catalog model with no relevant experience in politics or journalism. Gateway Pundit is regularly cited in Fox News for an example of the level of quality in gateway pundits reporting. At one point they picked up a story about how the Kremlin thought Barack Obama was literally insane. According to media matters, the story originated from the European Union Times, an anti-Semitic website with a section devoted to Jews. So, like, it's what, this is just the quality of the website he's working with. This is like they they pick up stories from anti-Semitic. I think you just keep saying words. And I I thought, like, I'll be like, that sucks and you'll keep talking and I'll be like, wait, that's even, that's stupid. And then I'll just like, I'm just, my face is just a permanent, like, like, Hello, Darkness, my old friend. Then that would be good theme music for this show. So there's something unsettling to me about the fact that once finance was closed as a grifting opportunity and real estate, I should add, Jacob will immediately landed on journalism as the next way to try to make his mark. He founded his own website. Of course he did The Washington Reporter, which, you know, he called. Despite the fact that he lives in Los Angeles. He claimed that The Washington Reporter was nonpartisan, and his website included a code of ethics prominently displayed on the site. Unfortunately, Splinter News revealed that the Code of Ethics on his website was plagiarized entirely from Pro Publica. Oh my God. Stole his websites code pressurized? Yeah, his code of ethics. You can ******* Google that. Like try harder. Yeah, now I did it right every single paper in college, but I made it look like I did. Yeah, you fake it a little bit better than that. Jacob wolf. ******* *******. So when asked about this point by Gizmodo, will replied I didn't create that part of the website, but if our policy is similar to that of another reputable site, I think that's fantastic. Oh my God, it's the exact same, yeah, Gizmodo went on to note. Quote, Wolf said he would not respond to further questions about this non news gossip about whether or not I date Instagram models is none of your concern. He said no one had accused him of dating Instagram. I'm just going to say like what? Like the last light of the Gizmodo article accused him of dating Instagram models. Right there. It's some good. That's some good journalism, shade. Nobody keeps me moving. Giant ****. Yeah, stop talking about my giant penis. So during 2018 Wolves biggest claims to fame were, of course, his constant tweets about hipster coffee shops and the fact that Donald Trump retweeted him. I think twice, mostly because he would just say nice things about the economy under Trump. But then on October 17th, a woman named Lorraine started emailing reporters around the US she claimed to have worked with special counsel Robert Mueller when he was a lawyer in the 1970s, and said that she had been approached by a guy named Jack Burkman. Now Jack Burkman is another grifter we don't have enough time to get into in heavy detail. But prior to this, his main claim to fame was that he investigated the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. He claimed to have found a man named Luke, who he said was an intelligence industry veteran who knew that the DEA and ATF had murdered Seth Rich, presumably in order to help Hillary Clinton somehow. Some carts, even one type of ****. Yeah, some ********. He held a big press conference to have Luke tell his story on the phone to the assembled world media, but Luke never called, so it's just a press conference with no source, so you can see why reporters immediately suspected. Something fishy now that Burkman's name was involved. So weirdly enough, the Lorraine story didn't hold up at all to scrutiny. No one by that name worked at the firm with Mueller. That journalist checked into this, but Berkman did post on social media around that time, asking for women with stories about being sexually harassed by Robert Mueller to come forward. And then, well, here's a quote from website the Cut. Ed Krassenstein at The Hill reporter said that when he was looking into the Lorraine claims, he received a threatening phone call from a man claiming to work for surefire intelligence. When Crasser Stein reached out to Berkman, Berkman told him he's familiar with surefire intelligence. And that they do a lot of good research and that it's run by Jacob Wool so. This is a little bit messy, but surefire. Intelligence is essentially a fake intelligence company. That Jacob will, on its surface, is supposed to be operated by former Israeli Mossad people, but is really just Jacob wool. So they started reaching out to a bunch of people saying that they basically had a an accuser of Robert Mueller that was going to come out and give speeches. And obviously a bunch of people started poking holes in this straight away. Oddly enough, ******* the Krassenstein brothers were some of the first people. To I guess because they got emails about this report that. Came to his defense. No, no, no, no, no. They were some of the first people to connect this stuff with Berkman to surefire intelligence and Jacob wool and then reported it to the came to Robert Mueller's defense. I'm saying, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Moral by mistake. So this is how the other scammers come into this. As they come to his defense, they reveal that Jacob Wall and Surefire intelligence are connected to this emerging scheme, and then they report him to the FBI. Now the only people who reported Jacob Wall to the FBI, but yeah, that's the ******* crap. Just want to dig their nose in. They just, yeah, they had to get involved. So now, as soon as sheer fire intelligence dropped into the news cycle, open source journalists began digging into its digital footprint. People from I think The Daily Beast called several of the phone numbers associated with the business. And it was Jacob's mom who didn't seem to know anything about the scheme. Oh my God, his mom picks up your mom's phone number? Well, it was just he hadn't even intended to give a phone number. But, like, he had registered the business to try to do things to make it look legitimate. And he gave, like, family cell phones and stuff. Oh my God. Uncountable. Put your own ******* cell phone. Yeah, yeah. Eric Toler and editor for Bellingcat. Awful to be his mother. Yeah, would be anyone related to him. Eric Toler and editor at Bellingcat looked into sheriff fires extensive website, which was posted shortly before the allegations came out, and he found a number of interesting things. On its surface, the website looked pretty kind of legitimate, but it all sort of fell apart once you did any sort of digging into it. They're Tel Aviv station chief was a picture of Israeli supermodel. Are rafaelli their investigator Donald Treehorn was a stock photo model with Grayscale applied to it. Their LA based investigator, Mark Teller was really Nick Hopper, a British model, and Simon Frick, their Zurich based financial crimes investigator was a picture of Oscar winning actor Christoph Walsh. Because, like, you can get away with stuff if you're just a little smart. I'm not. I'm glad they didn't get away with it. But like, OK, for example, when I was in high school, my AP English teacher hated me because my older sister was like, he was. She was like the star child. And then I had to him and he was like, I'm never going to be as good as your sister. So I plagiarized every paper that she had ever written because I found it on the computer and I just submitted it as my own the entire year. And he gave me lower grades than her, even though the exact same paper. Wow. But you see, I got away with it. Yeah, and then on my senior speech I cried because I made-up a story about going blind. But like, I love that we're getting a little bit of your drifting in here, but Oh yeah, I'm a fraud. But the point is you're a grifter grifter. But the point is, if you want to ******* be smart, don't put a well known celebrities photo as supposed to be like a representative who you have behind, like backing your ******* company. Are you kidding me? Like that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard and ******* Jane Mayer of Dark Money found out. I forget the name he had, but he put in the name of the person who supposedly ran his firm, and he came with a fake name. But the picture was just Jacob Wall. But the picture reversed and darkened. What dummy with like paint? Ms Paint is like running your ******* thing. It makes me furious. He clearly knew enough to know that if you alter a photo somewhat, it makes it harder to trace back on Google Image search, so they will reverse image search. So he did a couple of small changes, but he didn't do it well. And like the picture of Christoph Waltz was like, clearly Christoph Waltz. Like if you've seen him in a movie, you wouldn't like him. Not just like that's not Zurich based financial crimes. Lesser known actors also like there are lesser known. People then bar Rafael, you should daily art of Caprio. Like or like like, are you serious? Like that's the people that you referred to me as someone who's gotten away with a lot of stuff. Thing that other people noted is that, like, the investigator that Jacob pretended to be to communicate with a number of journalists was Donald Treehorn, which is of course, a reference to the big Lebowski's Jackie Treehorn, because I think Wolf thinks he's so smart that he's the only person who's watched one of the most popular films ever made. Yeah, he's just a dumb kid. He just a dumb kid. I'm really glad he was dumb enough to get caught, though. Very glad, very glad. I'm just because he kept saying surefire and stuff. I just imagine the site is like an Angel Fire, or geocities, like that's like my, my, my knowledge of this size. Just like, pure. Yeah, yeah. So as all of this broke, another woman, Professor Jennifer Taub, came forward and said that Burkman and Wohl had also reached out to her to try and solicit stories of sexual harassment by Robert Mueller. She immediately sent the e-mail they sent her to the Department of Justice, which again part of the FBI investigation that's now looking into Jacob Wall and will hopefully lead to some serious consequences for him. I'm not generally a big fan of prisons, but something bad should happen to Jacob Wall. He should go somewhere. He should go somewhere not good. Yeah, something bad should happen to him. Kick out the rest of the non criminal marijuana. Yeah people. And bring him in. It could just be him and Paul Manafort in prison lying to each and the two ******* in the crash. Yeah, **** it. Throw the krassenstein's in there too. Fine. That way it's bipartisan. Yeah. So Jacob and Jack Burkman, we're not about to give up just because they've been caught committing crimes and trying to fraudulently claim that an FBI special prosecutor was a sex criminal. They continued to double down on their scheme in the immediate aftermath of everybody busting into the fact that sheer fire intelligence was the fraud. Jacob Bolt updated his Twitter bio to brag head of the most well known opposition research firm in the world. It's not even technically true because being mocked on Twitter for two days does not count as being well known now and then. Because sometimes, sometimes, God is good. Wall and Berkman held a press conference where they claimed getting good. Yeah, and during this press conference, which they hyped up to the extent of their very tiny abilities, they claim that they would present a credible accuser and her allegations against Bob Mueller. During the press conference, wall and Berkman appeared with no accuser, claiming that she had backed out at the last minute. But Wool insisted this was all totally real. And he also insisted and stated openly that he didn't normally believe women when they came forward with allegations of sexual assault in order to claim that this one was extra credible. Like he just did everything in the grossest way possible, waiting for you to be like and then came up. No, he did present a picture of his credible accuser with her face blurred out of him standing next to her that he, in order to prove to people that she was real mom was like, why did you listen to this photo of us? Honey, it's worse than that. So Internet sleuths did find the original, unblurred version of the photo and realized it was a picture of wall with his former girlfriend. Oh my God. Burkman and Wohl handed out summaries of their evidence to the assembled press, presumably to help people write stories about what they were just sure was going to bust Robert Mueller down to size. But in the summaries they handed out, it turns out they misspelled the first name of the fake woman that they brought forward on multiple occasions. Also, Berkmans fly was down the entire press conference. **** yeah. That's just like you said all day, Sherry. Right on top. That's what you've said all day. Yeah. After the disastrous press conference, a writer with received an e-mail from Surefire intelligence partner Donald Treehorn, who claimed that they had always wanted Professor TOB to leak their e-mail to the FBI. Quote. I want to clear something up. Miss Taub was chosen with great care. We chose her precisely because we thought she might have counsel. We knew she would not miss this opportunity to get her 15 minutes of fame. Please note that we did not send emails to any other people requesting information on Mueller, only missed toll. We performed. Extensive research on her mindset, academic position, and political activism. It was a bit of a long shot, and she was the only person we sent this e-mail request to. But it worked. She did our bidding, and more so than we could ever have expected her to. Wow. As of the according to this episode, Jacob Wall is still under investigation by the FBI. It's also banned from working in the finance industry. Well, OK, I do have something to contest. You said that the craftsmanship brothers are the second worst. They've been doing this for their whole lifetime. They're the worst. Well, but there's only you, baby. But he's worse at it. He's already gotten caught, too. Yeah, well, that's why I'm saying he's worse than they are now. He's like worse. Like, as far as like, like, he got like an F he got, they got an A. They got away with it. Well, I wouldn't say they got an A because they got caught too. I would say he got an F minus and they got an F he's the worst con man in America, and they're the second worst con man collectively. Yeah. So awful. Comfort each other. You know? You know it's about when they're like he's a con man. The second worst con men report the worst con man to the FBI. That's special. It's a special time. So much that I just want to erase from my memory. Well, I can't. It's going to be on record forever. It will be. Grifters, grifters. So grifters. It's OK if you're a fraud. You know, I think Robert was right in the beginning episode. Like a lot of people that have creative fields, you feel like a fraud a lot of the time. But don't be a ******* grifter. Yeah, don't. Or if you're going to be a grifter, be a good grifter. Be like elder. Like, yeah. Be like Robert Hood. Like, no, no, solid. Scientology is not a good form of. I didn't say it was. It's an impressive grift, though. It's not like it's not. It's a disturbing. It's a disturbing, destructive and dangerous. But at least it's not dumb. That is impressive. Yeah, to say the least. Yeah, but if you're gonna grift, be a Robin Hood character and don't take advantage of the poor and the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. No, steal from rich people is what you say. Yeah, if you're going to steal, steal from the right. We're saying you didn't knock as many cars over as you want as long as you're teslas. Exactly. As long as they're Teslas or infinities, I would say Benz. Benz is the one I would go after. That's like old money, you know? That's old money. Tesla can be like new money, you know? But then. The old money. Yeah. Benz is old money. And a Rolls Royce battle axe. Yeah, don't know Cadillacs. I feel my my grandma drove a really old one. Why don't you drive a Lincoln town car? Always get those two Audis? Maybe. I don't know. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. I don't care What Car you drive, just don't hit them. Unless they're driven by someone that's * ****. Yeah, that's fair. Those cars if there are ***** that is the official message. So don't cheat, don't commit crimes. Don't cheat, don't commit crimes. Don't commit crimes unless there is for English class that the teacher you hate. All right, Shereen, you want to plug some pluggable? Yeah. I'm shereen. Fantastic. I'm the Co host of ethnically ambiguous. It's a podcast on how Stuff Works or stuff. The network that this is also on. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, wherever you listen to. Podcasts were everywhere. We're on Twitter ethnically. Amb. Amb. We're on Instagram ethnically. And big AM BIG. I am on Instagram at Shiro Hero SHEROHERO, and then on Twitter, I'm Shereen, why SHERENWHY? Because why not? And this has been behind the ********. You can find us on the Internet at, where the sources and such will be for this episode. You can find a saw on Twitter and Instagram at at ******** Pot. You can find me on Twitter at I write. OK, and that's all of the things that I have to plug. So get on with your life. 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