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It Could Happen Here Weekly 75

It Could Happen Here Weekly 75

Sat, 18 Mar 2023 04:01

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So every episode of the week that just happened is here in one convenient and with somewhat less ads package for you to listen to in a long stretch if you want. If you've been listening to the episodes every day this week, there's going to be nothing new here for you, but you can make your own decisions. Hello, this is it could happen here and I am sharing. And today it's just me. It's me and I am alone. So that means I am probably going to tell you about some fucked up shit that happened in the Middle East, which is exactly what I'm about to do. I just I just think some things are purposely under reported and even when they are seldom reported about, it's always a bit skewed and biased. So I just try to draw attention to certain countries and their people as best as I can because of this. And today I think we're due for an update on Palestine. Israel continues to dehumanize Palestinians daily and blatantly and it's not just through murdering them. Last year, under new Israeli restrictions on foreign entry into the West Bank, foreigners were manticly involved with Palestinians must declare their relationship to the occupying Israeli government. Yes, you have to tell them if you are involved with the Palestinian, why I don't know because they're treated as less than human. And this is one of many laws that deny Palestinians of basic human rights and keep them under apartheid rule. I want to talk about all that's happened in just these first few months of 2023 because this cycle of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank in particular has suddenly surged to levels that we have not seen in years. As of this recording on March 7th, at least 66 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers since the start of 2023 and at least 17 of those killed have been children. For comparison in 2022, which was the deadliest year in the West Bank in decades, 48 Palestinians were killed in the combined months of January, February, March and April. The deaths are increasing day by day and there hasn't seemed to be a stop to them at all. 2022 saw the highest number of civilians killed by Israeli security forces in the past 17 years and the highest number of Israelis killed since 2016. Renewed violence flared up between Palestine and Israel in January of this year for many reasons and it continues to build an intensify after a cascade of concerning events. And before we jump into those events that happened in January and onward, I think we need to look back on 2022 in order to understand this a bit better and to hopefully provide some context. So let's take a look at 2022 and how we got here. We are going to be focusing on the West Bank with the majority of the data in this episode in particular. The one tomorrow will be more broad. I'm going to explain a little bit about what the West Bank even is just for some more context. The West Bank is a landlocked territory near the coast of the Mediterranean in Western Asia that forms the main bulk of the Palestinian territories. It is bordered by Jordan and the Dead Sea to the east and by Israel to the southwest and north. The West Bank includes East Jerusalem. It's been under Israeli military occupation since 1967 and its area is split into 165 Palestinian quote unquote islands. These islands are under total or partial civil administration by the Palestinian National Authority or the PNA or PA. There are also 230 Israeli settlements into which Israel law is being pipeline. The West Bank initially emerged as a Jordanian occupied territory after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War before being annexed outright by Jordan in 1950 and it was given its name during this time based on its location on the Western Bank of the Jordan River. This annexation was widely considered to be illegal and was only recognized by Iraq, Pakistan and the UK. The territory remained under Jordanian rule until 1967 when it was captured and occupied by Israel during the Six Day War. The Oslo Accords which were signed in 1993 between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel created administrative districts with varying levels of Palestinian authority in specific areas in the West Bank. There was Area A which is administered exclusively by the PA. There is Area B which is administered by both the PNA and Israel and then there's Area C which is administered exclusively by Israel and this Area C which is controlled exclusively by Israel accounts for over 60% of the West Bank's territory. 2022 was the deadliest year for West Bank Palestinians in nearly two decades. Many forces killed more Palestinians in the West Bank in 2022 than in any other year the United Nations began systematically recording Palestinian fatalities in 2005 and they started doing this after the last major Palestinian uprising, aka the Second Infaulah that lasted five years. And knowing that, I want you to keep in mind that unfortunately the number of Palestinians that have been killed by the IDF is far greater than some of the numbers I'm going to say in this episode and again that is because I am focusing particularly on the West Bank. I want to talk about Israel's 12 month crackdown that has been happening in the West Bank. Nearly 12 months ago Israel began what has become a year long violent crackdown in the West Bank. Israel last year prompted a sweeping Israeli military campaign that they called Operation Breakwater, beginning March of 2022. It was created after attacks occurred by Palestinians against Israeli settlers. Since then Operation Breakwater has conducted nearly nightly IDF raids in the West Bank, which of course causes high infriction between the IDF and the Palestinian population. So far Israeli security forces have made over 2000 arrests. And that's way too big of a number. Just to give you an idea of the terrifying scale of this operation, Operation Breakwater is the biggest IDF operation in the West Bank since the second Infanta Fata that I mentioned earlier that lasted from 2000 to 2005. Since the start of this operation last year, nearly every day Israel has conducted raids in the West Bank, which is part of the Palestinian territory, which encompasses the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. And this whole territory has been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. And spite of this, because Israel does whatever the fuck it wants because it's already founded upon existing illegally in the first place, thousands of Palestinians, many of them young, have been arrested. And nearly every week, more Palestinians are being killed. Last year, this all resulted in the highest cumulative death toll in the West Bank since 2004. Palestinian rights groups and UN experts have said that the bloodshed is due to Israel's excessive use of force and open fire rules during near daily military operations, as well as rising assaults by settlers in the West Bank, where again, Palestinians are living under illegal Israeli occupation. Israel justified their intensifying violence because of the fatal attacks on Israelis by Palestinian militants, which also spiked last year, which is also very bad. But blaming the people you've been oppressing for nearly a century for being angry and fighting back, people without an army faced against one of the most powerful armies in the world. It just does not sit right with me. In 2022, Israeli security forces killed at least 152 Palestinians in the West Bank and predominantly Palestinian-East Jerusalem, compared with 75 Palestinians in 2021. These are figures provided by the UN Office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs or Ocha. More Palestinians in the West Bank were killed by Israeli settlers, not soldiers, settlers. Settlers that have been emboldened and even encouraged in their hate and violence by the Israeli far right, and the Israeli far right is basically the Israeli government at this point. And we're going to get into some of the extremes that the settlers go through in their hate and their violence more tomorrow. But for now, let's focus on 2022. Most of the Palestinian deaths occurred during Israeli military raids and clashes in the West Bank cities of Jenin and Nablus. More than half of the Palestinians who were murdered were under the age of 25. They never even had a chance to live their lives with their families and their loved ones. Each one of these individuals that were killed have people mourning them and missing them every day. And I never want anyone to forget that. During those killed last year were also US citizens, LG Zero Journalist Shereen Abu Aqlet and 78-year-old Umar Assad. And because of their US citizenship, their deaths gained rare worldwide attention and briefly sharpened international criticism of Israel. Shereen, if you remember, was shot in the head while wearing a press vest. She was there as a reporter doing her job. No violence was taking place around her. She was targeted and killed. As Shereel says, she was probably killed by a soldier's gunfire unintentionally. And that was that. The world moved on. I did an episode last year about Shereen Abu Aqlet and how Israel murdered her in broad daylight. So if you guys want to revisit that, that is there. Back to the episode, I don't want us to forget that this data is regarding the West Bank only. Hundreds of Palestinians die at the hands of Israel's terrorist organization that they call an army every year. In May of 2021, if you can remember that far back, at least 200 Palestinians were killed in a week of Israeli air strikes. Just one week. And the deaths included 59 children and 35 women, with nearly 1,300 people wounded. Women and children made up nearly half of the casualties. 59 children. 59 children that were just taken with families that will never be the same. I just want people to remember these things when I mention numbers. That each number is an actual living child or person. In 2022, an statement to the Washington Post, Israel's military said that Israeli soldiers used live fire when quote necessary during counterterrorism activities in response to quote violent riots, which often include explosive devices, mall top cocktails, and rocks hurled at the IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians. Are you kidding me? One of the most powerful and supported armies in the world is saying that it's killing people in response to rocks being thrown at them, armed and protected soldiers covered in swat gear with all the weapons they could ever fucking dream of. Fighting against a people without an army at all. Assuming them in an official statement to the Washington Post for throwing rocks. I mean, just get the fuck out of here. The IDF are all fucking clowns. And maybe I shouldn't be cursing and I should pretend to be professional, but they make me fucking mad and I think we should all be fucking mad. Because I don't think it's fair. And I know life isn't built to be fair, but to terrorize and genocide population, drive them into a corner and then blame them for having the audacity for fighting back in the only ways accessible to them is fucking ludicrous. You can't both sides a conflict when one of those sides has one of the most advanced and supported armies in the world that oppresses the other side that has no army and no support of any kind. A side who has rocks in their hands. Resorting to violence because absolutely nothing and no one is helping them. A total of 224 Palestinians were killed in 2022, including the 49 people that I mentioned earlier that were murdered during a three-day Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip. 17 were children. And I'm emphasizing this because Palestinian children have started keeping good byletters in their pockets in case they're killed by the Israeli army. No child should have to live in fear that they might be killed at any moment. But that's the reality for Palestinian children. Nearly every day, Palestinians wake up to news that the Israeli military has killed yet another Palestinian. This daily violence against Palestinians has traumatized generations of Palestinian children and their parents have no way to protect them. Many of the casualties in the West Bank in 2022 were young Palestinians who have only ever known military occupation and the oppression of the Israeli government. The West Bank also has to deal with the repressive politics of the Ramallah-based Palestinian authority, the PA, which was set up as a caretaker government three decades ago and is now widely unpopular among Palestinians. And I'll get into this more after a quick break, so BRB. Okay, we're back. As I mentioned earlier, the West Bank has to deal with repressive politics of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority, which was set up three decades ago and is now widely unpopular among Palestinians. A spokesperson from the Palestinian rights group Al-Huck said, people are very, very fed up, whether it's in Jerusalem or Jenin or Nablus. The last 20 years have not shown any improvements in the situation. This spokesperson spoke only on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal by Israeli security forces because these Israeli security forces raided the organization's headquarters in Ramallah last August. The spokesperson explained that, quote, the near daily raids in areas under control of the PA showed that the sovereignty of the PA does not exist. So they're saying that the Palestinian Authority is basically useless. If these Israeli raids are happening in areas that are supposedly under control or, quote, care of the PA, then what the fuck are they even there for? Tor Wensland, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, told the Washington Post last year, quote, we have a new dynamic in the West Bank and around Jerusalem with a quote, new generation of Israelis and Palestinians in conflict. There is an urgent need to de-escalate. He also cited the quote, growing tension and so-called friction zones, which are areas where Israeli settlements continue to encroach on Palestinian lands and where violence is mounting. Probably in part due to the frustration with the lack of action by the Palestinian Authority, 2022 also saw the emergence of two new Palestinian militant groups, the Jenin Battalion, and the Lyons den, both led by disaffected young men with local support networks. Meanwhile, Israel's military has repeatedly declined to provide the number of internal investigations they supposedly opened last year regarding their misconduct related to the Palestinian deaths. In September of last year, Israel announced the results of its inquiry into the death of Shireen Abu Aqveh, who again was shot in the head while covering a military raid near Jenin last May. The IDF said that a quote found a high possibility that mis-Abu Aqveh was accidentally killed by IDF gunfire towards suspects identified as armed Palestinian gunmen during an exchange of fire. Though it has not released any evidence whatsoever showing the presence of gunmen in the area, an investigation by the post contradicted the IDF's claim that there was an exchange of fire in the minutes before Abu Aqveh was killed. And surprising, absolutely no one, the IDF said it would not pursue criminal charges against its soldiers. No one is being held accountable for the killing of Palestinian life, including Palestinian children. Israel has continued to operate as though they have immunity, which in a way they do, thanks to the United States, who does nothing but give Israel more money and weapons and good press. Even more concerning, far-right politician Itamar Ben-Govid, who is Israel's new national security minister, has proposed giving police and soldiers wider latitude to use live ammunition and putting laws in place that would shield them from criminal prosecution for killing or injuring Palestinians. And this should be a red flag for everybody. The other Huck spokesperson said that many of those killed in Israeli raids last year appear to be either bystanders or victims of excessive force. Let's not forget that they also killed members of the press, who clearly wear press vests in a moment where no violence was ever taking place, just a camera and reporters trying to raise awareness that the crimes that Israel commits. An early December, Israeli fire killed a teenage girl in Jenin who was on her roof as a raid unfolded in your buy. As earlier, Israeli forces fatally shot a 16-year-old boy who was throwing stones at a checkpoint outside Ramallah. We're getting to the end here, so let's take our last little break and we'll be right back. And we're back. Talking about how the IDF shoots Palestinians as though they're basically playing a video game. They have shot a teenage girl in the 16-year-old boy. And there are many disturbing videos of IDF soldiers shooting Palestinians like they are playing a video game. There's one video in particular that I'm thinking about that is so fucking disgusting, where one soldier is crouching down and aiming his gun at a Palestinian who was hiding behind a dumpster. I know that the Palestinian is hiding behind a dumpster because the soldier says something to the effect of what does he think he's doing behind that dumpster. And then the soldier shoots and jumps up in pure elation, cheering for himself because he's shot this person. There is another soldier in the frame next to him who seems to be more aware of the camera that is recording them, who keeps telling his annoying murderer friend to be professional instead of jumping up and down like he just scored a point in a game. Because that is all this is to them. There is much more evidence of this infuriating and horrific attitude and culture of the IDF and Abby Martin's 2019 film, Gaza Fights for Freedom, which I've probably already recommended a million times and will continue to recommend. It is free on YouTube. Tor Wensland, who you mentioned earlier, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process said, quote, the continued killings of Palestinians by Israeli security forces and incidents where they did not appear to present an eminent threat to life are disturbing. He went on to say that quote, I am increasingly concerned by the fragility of the current political and security dynamics, particularly in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Vulker Turk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said, for this violence to end, the occupation must end. On all sides, there are people who know this. The violence of last year reflects a dangerous mix of on the ground and generational changes. And this could only escalate further as Israel's mostly far right government becomes more far right because Jewish supremacists who have incited violence against Palestinians were recently sworn into office, including Israel's aforementioned new Minister of National Security. And he's just one of the many cogs in the machine of Israel being controlled by far right terrorists. And yes, to me they are terrorists because literally everything they do was either a crime or a crime against humanity. Regardless, at the end of last year, Israel's new government was sworn into office. It's nationalist, exclusionist, and far far right. It's the most extreme Israeli government in the nation's history. Benjamin Nanyahu, who's already the country's longest serving Prime Minister, is at the helm of the country for the sixth time. And this time he's assembled the most far right cabinet in Israel's history, with the most notable posts given to ultra-nationalists, one of them being the person we mentioned at the Mar-Bengeved, the new Minister of National Security, aka a position that oversees the police. There's also Bezaal Samosraq, who will have significant power over Israeli settlements in addition to his role as Finance Minister. The government has promised to expand those settlements, those already illegal settlements. The members of this new coalition have also made extensive comments denigrating the queer community. They've also called for stricter definitions of who even qualifies as Jewish. In making its vision abundantly clear, the government released policy guidelines at the end of September, announcing the Jewish people's quote exclusive and inalienable, right, to all parts of the land of Israel. For the end of January, the policies of the Enyahoo's newly-sorting government coalition brought out about 80,000 protesters in Tel Aviv. The protesters were largely focused on the government's proposals to overhaul the judicial system, which could weaken the country's democracy and separation of powers. Quote unquote, democracy, yeah right. But the effects of the policies on the 1.6 million Palestinian citizens of Israel and the 5.2 million Palestinians living in the occupied territories, all of these effects are going to be catastrophic, and only building upon years of policies that Israeli human rights organizations say constitute crimes against humanity. The human rights defenders and experts in Israeli politics emphasize that this government is not a departure from the previous ones. And yes, it is Neh-En-Yahoo's 6th time leading the country. But instead of being a new government, it's instead a culmination of Israeli politics that are only drifting farther and farther to the right. And then decades longer of policies that amount to de facto annexation of the occupied West Bank and policies of Jewish supremacy. What's different now, however, is how clearly these ideas are stated in the new government's coalition guidelines by prominent ministers of the fundamentals of how the country runs. This time it is clear, it is written in the guidelines, there's no longer subtlety to their hate, it is in writing. The new Israeli government is somewhat of a turn from the brief centrist government of last year, but it's still seeking to implement policies that are anti-Palestinian and anti-liberal. But again, it is certainly not the first Israeli government to do these things. The executive director of the Israeli watchdog, Bitsalam, again, apologized, probably mispronounced that, said, it's key not to pretend, as many seem to already be doing, that it'll somehow be a sudden departure from Israeli quote-unquote democracy. What worries me is that even this level of clarity will not be sufficient to trigger an adequate international response. And the new Israeli government is shaping up just to be extreme as we anticipated. Israel's parliamentary system is made up of many fragmented parties, and it's slowly been collapsing and there's been turmoil and whatever because there have been five national elections since 2019. The quote-unquote change government in 2021 brought together opposing parties last year to Ausna and Yahoo. Finally, once and for all, right? But that fell apart last summer. And in the ensuing elections, Nanyahu built a coalition of ultra-orthodox and religious Zionist parties that returned him to power, leading to an even more extreme government. So even they tried to get rid of him, but he came back worse than ever. And so this extreme government is already acting in extreme ways. And again, the new government's ministers have made long-standing attacks on the queer community, as well as religious freedom and Israeli and Palestinian civil society, as well as who can call themselves Jewish. Above all, there are going to be drastic implications for Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and for the civil liberties of Israeli citizens, mostly because Nanyahu's internal coalition negotiations have brought settlers into key ministerial posts. And only days into the government being sworn in, there have been already multiple signs and signals of how these personalities are going to rule. Justice Minister Yarev Levin has introduced legislation that would weaken judicial review and the power of Israel's Supreme Court to strike down legislation. Another proposal would revamp and politicize the country's long-standing process for selecting judges. And of course, we can't forget about the fucking new national security minister, AK, Tommar Benghavid, who was part of the Jewish power party. His political ideas are inspired by the late radical iconic class Rabbi Mayor Kahane. Benghavir has stepped into a role that is basically tailor-made to oversee the police, both within Israel and the occupied West Bank. And in early January, he, on somehow legal grounds, directed the police to tear down any Palestinian flag in public spaces. And then there's also Finance Minister Bezilell Samatric. He is the head of the religious Zionism party, and he's also a settler whose anti-Gaeratoric is prolific to say the least. He has already seized customs revenues that belong to the Palestinian Authority, and he's called the Palestinian Authority a tear-abedding body that he thinks should fall. He also holds newly created authorities that give him oversight of the West Bank occupation and throw a role crafted for him in the defense ministry. So they're essentially just creating these roles and creating these rules that only allow them to have more control. The Corruption 101, I suppose. We can also see clearly how Nanyahu and his partners are going to govern in the coalition's agreement that sets out the new government's guidelines. It's not legally binding, but it states plainly in its ideology that, quote, the Jewish people have an exclusive and innatelyable right over all areas of the land of Israel. The government will promote and develop the settlement of all parts of the land of Israel. And this includes to them the occupied West Bank. Israeli human rights organization, Abdullah, wrote in a report, this goes further than any previous agreements. The government has made explicit the coalition's party's longstanding intent to further entrench Jewish supremacy in Palestinian repression throughout the state of Israel and the occupied West Bank through a two tiered system of governance on all levels. The new government's approach to the occupied West Bank revolves around the illegal annexation of Palestinian land. The government plans to legalize the illegal outposts that are built on private Palestinian land. And the likely result of that is Palestinians being stripped of rights and protections and left even more vulnerable to violence and the hardships they're already enduring. The Israeli rights organization of the law goes on to say that these changes to the judicial system and bestowing ministers like Simatrek with new authorities over the occupation threaten civil rights and individual rights in Israel. But it is mainly going to be a big, big issue against the national minority, the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who make up about 20% of the country. They are going to be the first and most severely damaged by those changes. And clearly the Israeli government, even before all of this, but now it is clearly stated it has all the components of fascism. And yet the US still appears to be holding out hope that it can somehow work with Netanyahu and its fucking government and its fucking ministers even now. Politics are all a scam. Everyone fucking sucks. Israel has been violating Palestinians' human rights with impunity for decades, but the new government again just illustrates the most brutal intentions with greater clarity. Bitsalem, another human rights group, said the hypocrisy is denying that Palestinians have already been living for many years under extreme organized criminal Israeli state violence underwritten by the US. And the lack of accountability and the acquiescence of the international community is to a great extent responsible for driving this. And as we mentioned in this episode, last year, 2022 was the most deadly year for Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank since the UN began recording the deaths in 2005. It was also the year that the most Palestinians have been held in administrative detention. And the attacks on Palestinians throughout the center right government leading up to all of this, the governments of Yar Lapid and Nefertale Bennett cannot be understated. It's always been bad. That would just extremely bad and in sharpie. The US has a role here too because it continues to supply Israel with billions of dollars of military aid and has also failed to publicly criticize the NAHU's new political allies. An analyst covering Israel and Palestine for International Crisis Group said, there's no way that the NAHU, as desperate as he is, would have gone to form this kind of coalition if it wasn't for years and years of US abdication of responsibility for what happens here. He just wouldn't have felt that he could do it. It would have been too outlandish. And all of this brings us to 2023. Which we will talk about tomorrow because I like short episodes, so I'll see you there. Planning a sun and sand vacation should be fun. Not stressful. Apple vacations makes planning your getaway easy, with a selection of all inclusive resorts all around the world. It's like turning on easy mode. You can explore the soft white sands of the Caribbean, swim in the Pacific blue waters of Mexico or travel across the Atlantic to the shores of Europe with the inclusive collection, part of high at hotels and resorts. The choice is yours. Planning an apple vacation has never been easier. 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At Sephora, their clean standards mean products formulated without parabens, sulfates, phallates, mineral oils, and more. So when you see the clean at Sephora seal, you know you're getting a clean you can count on. And we're about their clean standards and shop clean at Sephora Beauty at And welcome back to Ikotapin here. It's still Shereen and we are going to continue our discussion about Palestine. Yesterday we talked about the atrocious things that Israel has done to Palestinians in 2022 and it brought us all to now 2023. And as a reminder, as of this recording on March 7th, at least 66 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers since the start of 2023 and at least 17 of those killed were children. Thursday, January 26th marked one of the deadliest Israeli army operations in the occupied West Bank since at least 2005. Israeli soldiers invaded a crowded Jenin refugee camp on Palestinian land and mass occurred at nine Palestinians wounding at least 20 others. Among these nine Palestinians were two children and a 61 year old woman. The injuries of the wounded were in the head and chest, indicating that Israeli soldiers were shooting to kill. Israeli soldiers also blocked paramedics from delivering medical aid to the injured and they tear gas the children's ward of a hospital. This massacre is the deadliest Israeli attack in the Palestinian West Bank in nearly 20 years. I just want to repeat some things in case I said that too fast or it's just glossed over. But nine Palestinians were killed, two children, a 61 year old woman and the injuries were in the head and the chest, they were shooting to kill. They blocked paramedics from delivering medical aid to the injured and they tear gasped the children's ward of a hospital. What is the justification of that? Someone please tell me I'm all ears. Most monstrous things that Israel is doing to Palestinians. And in addition to the massacre in Jenin, Israeli soldiers killed three other Palestinians within 24 hours of the massacre, a child and two young men. This raid on January 26th led the Palestinian Authority, aka the PA, to stop coordinating with Israel on security matters. Officially suspending its U.S. supervised security cooperation with Israel. But it's unclear to what extent that will take place. And this spike in violence is occurring on both sides. A day after the raid, aka massacre in the Jenin refugee camp, a Palestinian gunman near a synagogue outside of Jerusalem killed seven people and injured three more. Violence is often the response when you lead with violence. And this event marked the deadliest Palestinian attack against Israelis since 2008. Israel's colonization and military occupation of Palestinian land and its violent apartheid rule over millions of Palestinians are the root cause of this violence. But U.S. media largely ignores Israel's violence as Israeli soldiers routinely murder Palestinians, including children, destroying their homes and stealing their land. Remember yesterday, when I mentioned that we would talk about the heinous things that Israeli settlers have been doing, well, on January 28th, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians at least 144 times. The attacks ranged from assaulting Palestinians to setting Palestinian homes and cars on fire. No arrests were made. In fact, Israeli soldiers often allow Israeli settlers to attack Palestinians, even joining in themselves or arresting the Palestinians who have been attacked. Israeli settlers live on stolen Palestinian land and violation of international law. They shouldn't be on Palestinian land in the first place, let alone be given free reign to attack Palestinians without any sort of consequence. These are all obvious hate crimes that are only supported and encouraged by the military and the government. If a government treats those it oppresses as less than human, its people will only do the same. This January was the deadliest January for Palestinians in 14 years, and Israel's violence shows no signs of stopping. It seems like Israel's new extremist far right government is determined to exact more violence against Palestinians this year than ever before. And with US officials refusing to condemn their actions, Israel's leaders are getting a green light to continue to terrorize Palestinians, never held accountable for the daily violence in a apartheid rule over Palestine. Palestinians deserve freedom from Israel's daily violence and at the very least fair media coverage so that the world understands what's really going on. On March 3rd of this year, Israel killed a 15 year old Palestinian boy by shooting him in the back. This occurred in the West Bank town of Azun. When an Israel military vehicle drove into town, teens were hurling rocks at the car. Soldiers responded with live fire, which is a very reasonable response to having a stone thrown at your fucking tank. In addition, to shooting and killing a 15 year old Palestinian boy, a child in the back, two others were wounded in this attack, including a child who was currently still in critical condition. Israeli forces have carried out three large scale raids on Palestinian cities since Israel's new government took office at the end of last year, including one in Nablus on February 22nd that led to the largest Palestinian death toll in a single military occupation since 2005. Israeli forces killed at least 11 Palestinians and wounded more than a hundred more. Among those killed were a 72 year old man, a 16 year old boy, and a 66 year old man who died of tear gas inhalation. You armed Palestinian groups have also emerged in response to this violence, and there has been a spate of Palestinian attacks against Israelis. Going back, though, to the fuckery of these Israeli settlers, on February 26th, at least 400 Israeli settlers attacked several Palestinian villages in Nablus, including Khawarah, killing one man and injuring hundreds of others. The violence came after calls were made by Israeli-Kinesid member Zbaka Fogel, Apology's, obviously mispronounced, I tried my best, but this violence came after this Kinesid member told the settlers to burn the town down. Settlers burned down more than 30 homes and at least 100 cars while beating Palestinians with metal rods and rocks. None of these settlers were arrested. About 100 Palestinians are also being treated for tear gas inhalation. In one of the many videos of this event, and yes, there are actual videos of shit like this happening without any justice, crowds of Jewish settlers can be heard reciting the Jewish prayer for the dead as they stare at a building in flames. There's a video of Israeli settlers fucking dancing as the violence takes place. And earlier, a prominent Israeli cabinet minister and settler leader had called for Israel to quote strike without mercy. On March 1st, Bezal al-Sumatric, who was Israel's finance minister, who also handles civil administration in the West Bank, said the village of Hawada should be wiped out. He told a journalist, quote, I think Hawada needs to be erased. The state should be the one to do that. Back to that Israeli-Kinesid member Zbaka Fogel, again Apologies for mispronouncing that, he tweeted that quote, Hawada closed plus burnt down. That's what I want to see. On an earlier occasion, Fogel said that quote, 100 Palestinians must be killed in a day. And he described these Palestinians as terrorists and to force them to the quote Israeli will. In response to Sematric's statement that the Palestinian village of Hawada should be wiped out, the human rights chief of the United Nations, aka Volker Turk, who we mentioned briefly yesterday. He said that these comments are an unfathomable statement of incitement to violence and hostility. He went on to say, the situation in the Occupy Palestinian territory is a tragedy, a tragedy above all else for the Palestinian people. This was during a report that he presented on the situation in the Occupy territories to the UN Human Rights Council. He said, my report finds that over the reporting period, lethal force has been frequently employed by the Israeli security forces, regardless of the level of threat and at times, even as an initial measure rather than a last resort. My office has also documented several cases of apparent extrajudicial targeted killings by members of the ISF, the Israeli security forces. The report finds that 131 Palestinians were killed by the ISF personnel over the past year in a context of law enforcement that is outside any context of hostilities. This includes 65 people who we understand were not armed or not engaged in any attacks or clashes. The occupation is eating away at the health of both societies on every level, from childhood to old age and in every part of life. For this violence to end, the occupation must end. On all sides, there are people who know this. I did mention the end of that report briefly yesterday, but I wanted to mention more of it today just to really give you the whole context of what this report was saying to the UN. The European Union's on-voi to the Palestinians also called for accountability for these settler attacks. It is absolutely necessary for us that accountability is fully insured that the perpetrators are brought to justice, that those who lost property be compensated. In what seemed like a very rare move, the Defense Minister Yolav Goulant said that he signed administrative detention orders for two suspects over this rampage, and he court ordered police to release all seven people who have been detained in connection to the rampage. Amnesty International condemned this release of the suspects. It also condemned the use of administrative detention, which it said was a practice that violates international law. But Israel doesn't care about that, because it violates international law a lot. And here it is. Israeli rights group Yashden found that 93% of investigations into settler attacks in the occupied West Bank between 2005 and 2022 were closed without indictments. And even though the US demanded that Netanyahu disavow Sematrix call for Hawar to be erased, nothing has happened. Netanyahu on the night of the rampage urged people not to take the law into their own hands, but he never publicly addressed Sematrix statement or responded to the unusual criticism by the US, who was obviously a close ally. The situation in Israel today is clear. Israel has become a state for the settlers, where some of these militias have the support of the Israeli ministers, such as Sematrix and Ben Gavid. Israeli settlers who chant death to Arabs and mayor village burn have the direct support of people in uniform and the Israeli government. And just like the other Israeli settlers who set hundreds of Palestinian homes on fire and uprooted thousands of Palestinian olive trees and got away with their crimes, it is highly unlikely that the Israeli settlers who burned homes in Hawar will be touched. And there have been protests that are actually secular and liberal in a desperate attempt to stop this growing far-right government. But they don't do much, obviously, when you're in a fascist government regime. I can't believe we haven't talked about them yet, but President Isaac Herzog, who is Israel's 11th president, and he's been president since 2021, he stepped in after these protests were happening, and with support from President Biden, he was facilitating a compromise between the government and these protesters. And what seemed like a well-intentioned effort to build some kind of consensus, it was only in fact this ill-advised attempt to appease fascists and pander to evil. And any compromise that is offered by Herzog would be skewed toward the ruling majority, which holds the power to interpret its articles at will. A compromise will also whitewash and empower the ruling fascists, presenting them as responsible and pragmatic actors, as they pursue their extremist agenda, and as a street opposition loses momentum and disintegrates, slowly but surely. In a recent article, Haaretz said that Herzog's plans were born in sin to whitewash a government led by a criminal defendant, who was in a conflict of interest in everything, regarding changes in the judicial system, and certainly regarding such a radical, quote unquote, reform. And obviously, the more sinister and dangerous ramifications of such a compromise lies in its focusing on Israel's liberal democracy for the Jews while ignoring its tyranny toward the Palestinians. In fact, reaching any sort of compromise on domestic affairs is sure to free the government's hand only to widen its oppression, deepen its occupation, and multiply its illegal settlements. Israel has no security solutions in Palestine. Former intelligence officer, chief Ami Ayalan and his biography Friendly Fire said of Israel because of its occupation, Israel's democracy will devolve into tyranny. Let's go back to Itamar bin Gavid, Israel's Minister of Security, who the New Yorker actually called Israel's Minister of Chaos, has been convicted of eight charges, including supporting a terrorist organization and incitement to racism, and who, according to former Prime Minister, a Hood all-Mart, presents a more eminent danger to Israel than a nuclear-armed Iran. And as we mentioned, bin Gavir serves as Minister of Security alongside his genocidal partner and crime, but Zadal Samatrik, the Minister of Finance. Both of these men have risen to the highest echelons of power thanks to their racist campaigns and incitement against Palestinians. Their fanatical religious movement has sprung out of the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, based on these ionist belief in the necessity to take full control of all of historic Palestine, aka the, quote, the Land of Israel, as they call it, in order to redeem the Jewish people by any means necessary. In other words, Israel's fanatics have a divinely ordained, vested interest in greater turmoil in Israel and Palestine that strengthens and expands their base, especially among their youth. After decades of military occupation, polls and surveys suggest that about 60% of Jewish Israelis favor segregation from the Palestinian Israelis, and 60% identify as right wing today, a number that rises to 70% for those aged 18 to 24. This does not bode well for future peace or security, it's not exactly a generation that's going to die out, it's a generation that's being formed as we speak. And even though Palestine has the Palestinian Authority or any kind of leadership that is obviously weakening, even when Israel pretends to coordinate with them on security and intelligence matters, it persists on humiliating the Palestinian leaders, undercutting their authority and undermining their legitimacy as it forces settlers to rampage through the policy, neighborhoods, and refugee camps without any sort of repercussions. And I know Israel gets called in a partite state a lot these days, and it isn't a partite state. But basically, the engine of turmoil and violence today is only because of Israel's decade-long military and civilian occupation. This occupation that has rapidly transformed into an entrenched system of a partite government because of the two separate set of laws, rules, standards, and structures designed to favor the illegal settlers. And to maintain and expand Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the ruling fascists plan to unleash greater state and settler violence against the Palestinians as the seer progresses, and in the process, transform Israel into a fascist, garrison state and worsen regional turmoil. Let's take our first break here. We will continue when we come back, BRB. Okay, we're back. In 2015, the world was shocked by the kidnapping of Palestinian child, Muhammad Abu Khadir from Jerusalem by Israeli settlers who burnt him alive. This was depicted in the HBO show, Our Boys. It's a decent show. I recommend you swatch it just for more information. It's really hard to watch, but it's still a really good show. But this event, this kidnapping of a Palestinian child who was burnt alive by Israeli settlers, this is the mentality of Israeli settlers in the West Bank today, where burning Palestinians in their homes is celebrated by their political leaders. These groups have carried out dozens of attacks against Palestinian families by burning their homes in their farms, including burning the Palestinian-Dewapshah family in the village on Duma in late July 2015, where an 18-month-old Dalaii Dewapshah and his parents lost their lives. Even 600,750,000 Israeli settlers live in at least 250 settlements and outposts built by the Israeli government and settlers across the occupied Palestinian-West Bank and East Jerusalem. That is equivalent to roughly 11% of the total Jewish Israeli population. They live beyond the quote internationally recognized borders of their state, on Palestinian land that Israel militarily occupied in 1967 and continues to do so until today. Settlers also lived in the besieged Gaza Strip until 2005 when they were evacuated. The Gaza Strip has also been described as an open air concentration camp if you want an idea of maybe why they left. The majority of settlers are armed. In Palestinians living on the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem suffer from hundreds of Israeli-settler attacks each year. Such attacks, which include shootings, stabbings, arson, beatings and rock throwing, have become more organized over the last few years. Every year, thousands of Palestinian trees and cars and homes are burned by these settlers. Many of these incidents have been recorded on video, showing that the attacks often take place under the protection or in coordination with the Israeli army, sometimes with soldiers and settlers shooting side by side. Israeli settlements are illegal under international law, as they violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, which bans and occupying power from transferring its population to the area it occupies. This is for a variety of reasons, including protecting civilians from the theft of resources by the occupying power and to prevent changes in the demographic makeup of the occupied territory. Which both things have happened. Israelis doing that very successfully, unfortunately. The majority of settlements have been built either entirely or partially on private Palestinian land. Despite being outside of Israel proper, these settlers are granted Israeli citizenship and they receive government subsidies that significantly lower their cost of living. In contrast, Palestinians living in the West Bank are subject to Israeli military law. And there has been an increasing number of settler attacks. Between 2010 and 2019, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs recorded at least 2,955 settler attacks in which at least 22 Palestinians were killed and at least 1,258 others were injured. The governance of Nablus, Habran and Ramallah had the highest numbers of these incidents. Since the start of 2023, Israeli settler-related violence reached an average of three incidents per day compared with two incidents per day in 2022, still really shitty, and one incident per day in 2021. This is what the UN had told LGZera. And this is the highest daily average of settler-related incidents affecting Palestinians since 2006. And criminal charges are rarely, if ever, pursued. And although not every attack can be tied to another, it seems that since the launch of Israel's Operation Breakwater last March, it's only driving the surge in violence further. The imbalance between these two forces doesn't get any better when you add politics and leadership into the mix. While Israel is appointing more and more far-right politicians to higher positions of power, there has been a weakening of Palestinian security forces. Palestinian security forces are trained by the U.S. and international forces to patrol the West Bank, round up Palestinian militants, and coordinate with Israeli officials to prevent attacks on Israelis. But those forces have lost a lot of legitimacy among their own people. Many Palestinians see them as doing Israel's bidding, maintaining Israel's military occupation rather than resisting it. Increasingly, pockets of the West Bank have become no-go zones for the Palestinian Authority forces, who now either refuse to enter or find it too dangerous. That includes the Jenin refugee camp, which is a dense, highly populated district. Israel says it's stepping in to fill the void of leadership, intensifying its arrest raids in these densely populated areas. And unsurprisingly, this leads to deadly clashes. But Israel has occupied the West Bank for nearly 56 years and continues to deepen its grip on it. And says Palestinians are not ready to make peace with Israel, and that the occupation is a security necessity. But it has also allowed and supported hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers across the West Bank, which we've seen manifest in the far right parades and the rallies that chant for the quote, death of Arabs. Additionally, Israel's new far right government vows to legalize dozens of small settlement outposts deep in the heart of the occupied territory, making it harder to envision a future Palestinian state there, which is part of their whole agenda. Younger Palestinians have grown up not knowing anything but Israel's brutal permit regime, which controls Palestinians' entry and movement, and some of their only interactions with Israelis are often with hostile settlers, or with occupation enforcing soldiers who raid their homes and jail people for months without charges. And because of the inaction of both the Palestinian Authority and the international community, some young Palestinians see violent resistance against Israel as their only viable path to freedom with young militants lionized on social media. Let's take our last break here. We'll be right back, talk about Palestinian leadership, Israel's far right, and a bunch of other terrible stuff. So whoopie, you're back. And we are back. So as Palestinian leadership weakens, Israel's far right only gets stronger. According to polls, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, 87, one of the Middle East's oldest leaders, has lost the support of most Palestinians. Palestinian protesters and activists have long accused Abbas of not taking a more active role in dealing with Israeli aggression. In his 19th year of what was supposed to be a four-year term, Abbas has lost control of Gaza to the militant Hamas, calling off elections for new leadership, and allowing government corruption to thrive, never laying out a clear future for Palestinians. But it's not the end of Abbas' reign that worries Palestinians. It's what comes next when the 87-year-old is no longer president. But the question of who will replace Abbas is not currently at the top of the Palestinian public's agenda. Dr. Mustafa Bagruti, the head of the Palestine National Initiative Movement, said that Palestinians, particularly the younger generation, are no longer viewing the Tuesday solution as a viable option. They are also recognizing that they can't expect anything from Israeli governments, particularly the incoming one that is discussing annexation, bolstering settlements, and suppressing Palestinian rights. He said, the notion is strengthening among the young generation that Israel only understands force and opposition. It doesn't matter whether national resistance is violent or not, which is why there's growing support for armed groups in Jenin and Nablus. Bagruti said that Israel's prevention of a two-state solution will eventually make the Palestinian authority irrelevant. He said, the P.A.'s current model as a type of subcontractor for Israel, which implements apartheid against the Palestinians, cannot go on forever, regardless of who runs the P.A. On the flip side, Israel's longtime leader Benjamin Netanyahu is back as Prime Minister, surprise-surprise, with a far-right coalition that has laid out a plan for deepening its grip on the West Bank and taking tougher action against Palestinians. And with only a couple months in office in this new year, the government has already sparked a series of controversies, including over the status of the Al-Ukza Mosque and Jerusalem. The Al-Ukza Mosque is a very holy and special place for Muslims, and has been subject to violence for years because of Israel's government. More far-right politicians have also come into office, including the National Security Minister we mentioned earlier, who essentially wants to give Israeli police and soldiers immunity to use live ammunition, which would shield them from criminal prosecution for killing and injuring Palestinians. Israel is also planning to destroy an entire Palestinian town, beginning their plans last month. Khan Al-Ahmad is a town just miles from Jerusalem with nearly 200 Palestinians. Israel is planning to destroy the entire town in order to expand to a legal, racially-segregated settlements nearby. Israel plans to bulldoze all the homes, schools, and businesses in Khan Al-Ahmad, forcing families into homelessness. It's a process they've done in countless Palestinian towns. Khan Al-Ahmad is simply Israel's latest target. Just miles away from this town, Israel is destroying the Palestinian community of Masafariata, where over a thousand Palestinians are living in fear that Israeli soldiers will violently tear down their homes at any given moment. No government should be allowed to forcibly uproot entire communities in order to steal their land. Israel should be no exception. And the fact that it continues to operate in this way, as the entire world washes, is just shameful. Israeli officials are already prepping for a tense month in April, when Ramadan and Passover coincide, which could be a combustible mix for potential religious and nationalist fueled violence. The Israeli military is inflicting horrific, deadly violence in Palestinians every single day. Instead of condemning Israel or taking any kind of action to protect Palestinian lives, the US continues to turn a blind eye while also continuing to send Israel billions of dollars every year. These billions of dollars are used to commit massacres of Palestinians. The world should bring to account the Israeli government, which has encouraged violence against Palestinians publicly and supported settlers with arms and money to carry out their crimes. The Israeli government just legalized nine illegal settlement outposts. If the international community, including the US, does not criminalize settlement activities in the West Bank, Israeli settlers who in recent years have leaned towards the far right in alarming ways, will continue to enjoy impunity when they commit crimes against the Palestinian people. And Israel's brutal occupation shows no sign of ending. So we'll continue to hear news like this until any sort of action is taken to defend Palestinians and end Israel's apartheid rule of Palestine and end the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Until then, we won't stop raising awareness of the crimes against humanity that Israel commits against Palestinians every single day. And that is the episode. Phew. I hope some of that was informative or educational. And I will probably be back with more upsetting news about the Middle East very soon. So goodbye. Planning a sun and sand vacation should be fun. Not stressful. Apple vacations makes planning your getaway easy, with a selection of all inclusive resorts all around the world. It's like turning on easy mode. You can explore the soft white sands of the Caribbean, swim in the Pacific blue waters of Mexico or travel across the Atlantic to the shores of Europe with the inclusive collection. Part of high at hotels and resorts. The choice is yours. Planning an apple vacation has never been easier. Turn on easy mode at Hold up a second. Get ready to raise your cups, run a game of quick time with slime, and make some noise because drink champs is back. 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So when you see the clean at Sephora seal, you know you're getting a clean you can count on. Learn more about their clean standards and shop clean at Sephora Beauty at We're really, really, really happy with that. I love that. Yeah, I'm feeling not at all like I want to kind of shower. You can you can you can hear the moment where we're all like simultaneously questioning every single decision we've ever made in our entire lives. Yeah. Now we're all bonded together. So has everybody doing today? We've got me a long Harrison Davis James Stout and I should let people know I wasn't joking about the come thing. So those of you who are too online will know this. Those of you who are not online enough, this is one of the online things that you will want to know because it's very funny. And the gist of it is that like four days ago, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson got sent a link to a Twitter account that is that purports to be spreading like hidden news about the evils of the Chinese Communist regime. And they put out a video that was a segment from a British milking fetish pornography video. Now if you're not aware, the milking as far as I can tell, I believe they're kind of descended from the long lineage of like rubber fetishes, right? And there's like a lot of medical fetish stuff it tied into it. But the idea is that men are entirely wrapped up on hospital gurneys and giant pumps suck the same bed out of them. So they put the machine. The machine is very similar to what you would use to put this. So this Twitter account put this up claiming that it was the Chinese government stealing the semen of young men and Jordan Peterson shared it saying it was an unbelievable act of evil. And then everyone had the best day of their lives. And an hour or two later he deleted it. Now I have been continuing. Oh, coward. Coward. Coward is a delegate. Yeah. So it's strange. So it's strange that he left the world of peer-reviewed academia. Yeah. It's wild, but he's no longer a professor. It's very funny. We're continuing to give him shit for it online. But it set us off down an interesting road. And because some other stuff fell through, we're going to talk about the wide world of weird right wing come conspiracies. Most of them released are going to be right wing. There's a surprising number of semen-based conspiracies. Everybody did research on their own special thing. I wanted to start by talking about this Jordan Peterson come video and giving kind of some of the background on it. So I believe it was last July, the Chinese human sperm bank of Shanghai announced that it was hosting a competition for college students to find out whose semen was the best in terms of like, you know, a number of modal sperm per milliliter, I think is the way that they judge it. And basically the idea was that they were trying to find like people with sperm concentration greater than 60 million per milliliter. And if they visited a sperm bank a set number of times in a six month period, they could receive a prize that was equivalent to about $1,200. Right. Now the reason this is happening is that China for the first time as a result of a number of different policies had negative population growth very recently. And this is the thing that can cause a problem for a country for a variety of reasons. So the government is trying to shore up birth rates. And there are a lot of couples in China that have had issues conceiving. And so there's a huge amount of demand for sperm in the country right now. So this is not a weird story. It is actually a thing that happens all around the world regularly. But right around the time that this happened a little bit after that, it came out that a Japanese company started selling what is called an article I found, an automatic sperm extractor, two Chinese sperm banks. Now this is I'm going to send you all the link. I was hoping you would. Oh, oh, yes, good friends. Thanks, but yes, we're all going to see this. So the machine's price listing on Ali Baba where it sells for about five to $6,000. It describes it as a device that quote, merges modern digital technology, automatic control technology and simulation technologies with semen collection and premature ejaculation desensitization training function. So it has a number of purposes, including a still guy, stop coming to early. Which hey, no shame. It's funny that someone built a machine for it. So it's extremely funny. And that you can buy on Ali Express. It's like I personally am not attaching energy. I bought an Ali Baba to sensitive parts of my body. $6,000. It's not cheap. Now the primary, these are not being used for people who are coming to too quickly. This is like the worst ever or 2D2. What it is, it is weird. What's the orientation? Does it stand on the ground and you just approach it? You have to stand up. Yeah. But what if you're a short king? I said, I'm sure they have options. It has like the rough shape of like a handheld massage device, but it's kind of like formed like almost an art deco robot vagina. And basically from what I've read, kind of the reasoning is that like, hey, we need people to donate sperm. Some people feel weird about just masturbating in a clinic and we hope this is a more pleasant experience for them. So again, this, we're laughing because like, look, a machine designed to capture semen is kind of a funny thing. That's okay. No shame on anybody for that. But the fact that you have both the government trying to encourage people to donate sperm and this weird machine kind of created fertile ground for a bunch of right wing weirdos to start making. For the ground is grounded. I know, fertile ground to make them to make the completely ungrounded claim that like the government was trying to steal people's semen, right? And that is the basis of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's fun little freak out on the internet. And I will say you should try to find the videos of the automatic sperm extractor. It's this amazing Japanese machine because it is a funny person. Yeah. I think we should share some of these on the cool zone account. Do they have to like like change? Like I assume they like to like change every time. Yeah, they can't clean that. If you watch the video, there's like a, there's a rubber part that like comes out like a sea urchin. The thing that the penis goes in is also the capture device. So it is removed with the sperm donation when you take it out. So again, this is, you know, a funny because come, but there's nothing sinister here. It's just in the same way that literally everything is people have like spun it up into a nonsense thing. But because of this beautiful, beautiful story, which I hope we've all gotten to enjoy, I got to do a lot of work on the, some of you, if you live, if you've worked in agriculture, you're not going to be surprised that stealing come is a massive industry. Like it is a, there is a lot of money to be made in stealing semen. There's enough money to be made in stealing semen that there are two different official terms that I have found for semen theft. The first is sperm jacking. How can it get better? How can it get better than that? Oh, it gets better because the second, the second is spurgling. Oh my gosh. These are like professionals who like come up with these terms, huh? These are a lot of genius. There actually is. I did find in my research, there is one actual Chinese based sperm conspiracy. It's just not a very sinister one. There's this Chinese businessman, Jesse Jabezu, who stole, there's this, I think it was a Canadian company, no, it was a US company, who had, so this is for like bullsemen and one of the things that you want for bullsemen is you don't want, if you're insinminating cows, you want all of the babies to be female, generally, right? Because bulls are not very, with outside of certain specific, if you're like trying to make more breeders, or whatever, if you're in industrial agriculture, you don't want any of the boys, right? You just want to keep making those sweet, sweet lady cows that are more useful to you in a financial sense. So there's a US company that developed a method of before insinmination, looking through the sperm and sorting out the sperm that will make female cows. And that is apparently hard to do. I mean, it sounds like it would be hard to do, right? And this Chinese businessman was like reverse engineering there. It's kind of actually, it's basically the same story as Jurassic Park. In any way, this guy has gotten sued for a bunch of money. He got chased down by a head and also wrapped a cattle. I hope it works out just as well as Jurassic Park. Yeah, it's very funny. I will say there's a couple of really wild lines from this the CVC story I found. I'm just going to read one to you. Zeus activities could best be described as Machiavellian. At various points, he outlined a plan to make X, Y, that's the American company. But feel all the time the sort of damacles is on their heads. And the law is strong, but the outlaws are 10 times stronger. Okay, okay. This guy does. Look, yeah. Jesse Jabezu, my hero, the sperm bandit, incredible sperm jacker. One of the best skiers in the business. His man lives on an island with his cow rat. What a hero. There was also a case of a Japanese man who illegally took wagyu cattle sperm to China to try to give them sperm. And like the Chinese government immediately caught him and was like, no, this is actually incredibly dangerous. Like you're not allowed to just take animal breeding material into the country without, because you know, there's a wide variety of reasons that that could be intolerably. So he got in the shitload of trouble. Yeah. Anyway, that's my that's my sperm stories, everybody. Thank you for spreading your rubbett. Yeah. Thank you. I'm just spurgling my knowledge, Garrison. We're back in James' here to talk to us about the kind of sperm jacking that you do when you don't jack. I'm talking about jacking your own sperm by keeping it inside of you. Seem in retention. Yeah. It's it. How was that James? How beautiful. Was that unscripted? Did you just like it? Did you even write that? Yeah. Didn't even write that, Garrison. Yeah. So on the back of his hand, he had a brainwave at two in the morning and he got that down. Those are the kind of things you can do when you've been podcasting as long as I can. Rubber's been in a come space for several years. I've been in those soggy trenches for a long time. All right. Wait, we are after all that work. So let me continue. So I'm going to talk about what happens when you keep your comb inside you. Okay. Yeah. This is a thing. What are we doing today? What are we doing today? What are we doing? This is critical journal. This is critical journal. Listen. We are making content. We are making content. Okay. Talking of content. Let's talk about the content of some Reddit posters. So the what's called the Seamen retention movement. And this will this will shock many of you. It's began on Oh my god. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like I feel like it's going to be a weird phone. I feel like if you type that into your phone, it would have finished the sentence the same way. Yeah. What is auto-directed you to read it down? Believe me. We're going to go there, Garrison, because when you Google sperm retention, you do indeed find some stuff on Reddit. And so. Oh, but now they've spun off from Reddit. And I have their own organization, which is no fat com. And no fat com is a community centered sexual health platform. I'm using I'm allowing them to define themselves, here I guess, designed to help people overcome poor addiction and compulsive sexual behavior, which is not necessarily really like the this isn't like not all Seamen retention as we're going to learn is is based in helping people overcome addiction to porn. But so far as that is a thing that people actually have. And if someone was accusing Robert of being addicted to porn on his timeline this weekend. That would be because I keep ratioing Jordan Peterson with the, the pornography video that he was taking me posted. That's correct. Yeah. Yeah. I just want him to respond. So I can ask him, Jordan, tell me in your own words what you thought was happening in that video. So it'd be things just like milking like they have RFID colors and they get fed based on their production level. That would be great. Yeah. And what did you, you're a, you're a medical doctor. Did you think that come actually worked that way? And you could just stick a sucker up and stuff anyway. Yeah. Just get it out. Okay. So after, after this movement began already calm, it quickly pivoted to kind of offering all kinds of weird physical and mental health benefits. And that's where it was adopted by friends and podcasts, the proud boys. And luckily we do have a bit of insight into why into the exact nature of the no fat fascism that the proud boys practice. Thanks to Kyle Cheney, who's a political reporter, who was reporting on the trial of one of the proud boys accused of sedition on January 6 called Zach Rell. In their trial, for reasons that I'm not exactly clear on the proud boy, I guess it's like their handbook, like they're kind of the proud boy by was introduced and into the into the record. Somebody said it's in there. Yep. It's in the court record, buddy. It's what the lawyers decided that it was pertinent to the case. So a proud boy may not ejaculate alone more than once in every 30 days. That means he must abstain from pornography during that time. And if he needs to ejaculate, this is really weird. It must be within one yard of a woman. Fascinatingly specific. Yeah, yeah, right. And I like that they've gone with imperial measurements. With her consent, so that's nice. The woman may not be a prostitute. So that's the proud boys nature that know fat fascism. But I think the way of understanding why some people practice this, perhaps best, is to go onto So I found a post by Reddit user, use slash monk 191817. It seems like a nice guy. And there were 40480 upvotes on this. What I did was I went to Siemens retention. I looked at, you know, sorted by popular posts. Found this one from a bunch of numbers. And so this guy has nine years of experience with Siemens retention. So I'm just going to read and presume against it. Oh boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Him and some mugs off the coast of fucking Linzpar. Can I be healthy? No, I don't think it is. There is a will get in a severed it so you shouldn't do this. So in his nine years of experience, he has experienced the following things. Siemens, when retained in our bodies, has healing, rejuvenating effects. Lots of Siemens has the opposite effects. This may not be scientifically proven, but it's proven by experience. That's a red flag. That's interesting. Getting Reddit medical advice while attempting any task that demands high physical, mental or intellectual abilities. If we are Siemens retention powered, we would actually enjoy the task, which would otherwise seem dull. This is called sexual energy transmutation in layman's terms. Oh no. That's the layman's term. What's the non-layman term? It's got even more, I have no idea. Spurmazoic fucking fission. So for peak performance, it's always necessary to be powered by Siemens. It will be best to use Siemens only for regenerate purposes. Since nature would totally intended it for regeneration and not use it for sexual purposes, apart from to create a child. If not serving that purpose, master whatever teach techniques are useful in not letting the seed out while having sex. At the end of the day, don't let your seed out like a worthless thing. There's more, so just contain yourself. Great, great. Which is exactly the reason why core religions are based on celibacy. Because opposite of regeneration is degeneration, which will cause a man to fall into a lower state, controlled by his lower nature, rather than when he's subduing it. We should let Siemens retention be part of our lives. Not something that is done for superpowers. For superpowers are, in my experience, just certain ecstasy that we feel once we transition from the degenerated to the regenerated state. And that will stabilize after some time, similar to how a flight maintains stable altitude after takeoff. Very similar, actually. That's what you can hear when the engine is spinning up. It's just a dude trying really hard not to nut. It makes that noise. It's so excited for the next Marvel film. We're the super hero. Yeah, he's his power from all run has to not come so he can get tiny. No fat man. Oh, yeah. So yeah, he didn't I should add that this person confesses to having lapsed at some point in the nine years. Pose, pose, pose, pose, pose. Yeah, it's stolen. That's like when I learned playing. When I was in Armstrong was on steroids. It's just disappointing. It's yeah, no one would have seen it coming. See what I did there. Okay. So this person then urges other posters on the scene of retention subreddit to not use streaks to outperform others or look better about ourselves or bring others down. The battle with lust is a lifelong fight. And the more we get better at finding victories. Yeah, yeah, buddy. The moment they come better at finding victories over internal battles, the better we become as high valued men. Hell yeah. I've often wished that, you know, if the pandemic hadn't been a thing and I could force you all to work in a central location, I could have like a wall of murals where I put under each of your faces a quote from an episode that you've participated in and James, that that would be your quote. The battle against lust is a lifelong struggle. Yeah, that battle gets some t-shirts knocked out but we can do a fundraiser. When we eventually get the Coulson Media offices, do you have a portrait hanging on the wall if you took us with one quote underneath? Yeah, yeah, yeah. On a plaque with a bullpen. Yes, yes. When we get the Coulson, when we take over the meta offices three weeks from now. There is a marketing company that has been emailing me for about six months telling me how cheap it is to buy a billboard by the side of a road and send a message to a loved one. So maybe, maybe I'll get a little bit of a comment. I'm going to do a bang array. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, there will be until I put my positive messages about the controlling lust and holding scene and inside our bodies. True. And return meant to their former glory. So a lot of the Reddit posts rely on a couple of different studies. One of these studies measured parts is a lot of what they're doing is they're claiming to increase testosterone right right at the back. Tested testosterone does have ads. Armstrong can tell you some performance enhancing benefits. Sure. So, yeah, you know, increases your muscle growth, your, your coverage of exercise, all that stuff. One of the studies measured participants testosterone levels at baseline before masturbation and then in 10 minute intervals after masturbation. Right. And then they were asked to abstain for three weeks and they came back and they did the process again. Tested testosterone was higher in the baseline measurement at the end of the three weeks of abstinence, right. And but the sample size was pretty small. And there's some theorizing that the boost was actually caused by the anticipated masturbation that they were about to do at the second. It was so many to come. Yeah, yeah, he's got right. He's just ready to pop after three weeks. The second study looked at a 45% increase after a few days, seven days of abstinence. But even the study showed this was a temporary peak that returned to normal even with continuing abstinence. So there's just these two studies. They're pretty, they were, they happened a long time ago. We'll post some more on the show notes if you guys want to read more about no fat science. But we should just point out that there is in fact a multitude of evidence. This is a bad idea that having sex is actually good for you. Having sex will try not to ejaculate is probably not good for you. Probably not good for your relationship either. One would some eyes. They are not sure into that. Whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. That's your thing. You do you. There was a study that investigated the motivation for seeming retention among seeming retainers. And a lot of it, it seemed like it people were people who felt that like either sex or masturbation was unhealthy or wrong or simple. And there is evidence to show that like feeling like a guilty about yourself or like living with stress and self-loathing like that is bad for you. And that will reduce your testosterone level. There is also some evidence that is not ejaculating can give you prostate issues. Yes. Yeah. And this is like pretty debatable. Like most things that people talk about in regards to coming and health. Like you can find some studies like the studies on testosterone. Some of them are kind of sketchy. Yeah. Don't think of some or come either way. You know, it's whatever. But if you do have a chance to fuck one of those Alibaba robots, I recommend it. You don't pass that out. Let's talk about cum demons. Hell yeah. Okay. Okay. Hard pivot here from the butt. So. Okay. We are not going as far afield from the no fat people as you would think. Okay. But all right. Now the year is 2020. Everyone on earth has collectively gone insane. This is the summer. This is the summer of 2020. So this is the part of 2020 where fun stuff is happening. This is like late July. Oh, Garrison, that's when we met. So yeah. Yeah. We were getting just incredibly poisoned. Yeah. We share where. Oh, no. That would be fun in like 20 years. Well, well, well, well, well, life or death struggle for the sort of the life or death struggle for the fate of the United States and whether or not people are going to be in the streets, uh, Donald Trump, uh, Donald J Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, wow, Donald Trump, Jr. That one, that's, that's, that's the Trump, the little Trump here. Yeah. Trump at were, you know, looking for, looking, looking for their, their, their, their cure to COVID-19 on Twitter. And okay. So as, as, as we probably all remember, right. The thing that they found was hydroxyl. Okay. So one of the first ones that they found before, before I ever backed in this is, this is before we found so much. Was it inside of them all along, Mia? No, this is, this is hydroxychlorically. I think that was probably, I hope they weren't full of hydrochlorically. I thought it was semen. No, no, no, we'll get to that. There's a, the road is long, but it ends with come demons. We first must walk the road. So the road here is Donald, Donald Trump, Jr. Post a tweet saying, like, saying, this is necessary watching about this video from this doctor named Dr. Stella in Manuay. Now, okay. Who, who was this person? She, she is part of a, oh, okay, I say part of, she runs this thing called firepower ministries. Which, oh no. So you don't think it's going great. She's also part of, I know, broadly, yeah, okay, cool. I'm good. She's also part of America's frontline doctors who are... Oh, good. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so we're talking about, yeah, these dipshits. Oh my god. Okay. So this is very, very much in the same vein as I'd, I'd, our connection 9-11 truth. They found a bunch of people who technically have medical degrees or like nurses who were like, oh no, vaccines are bad. And hydroxychloroquine is, well, we'll, we'll chloroquine. Chloroquine. Corquit, that one. Yeah. It's been, it's been a long day. I, I've slept for eight hours, but in like several distinct parts of the day that were not continuous. It's been things are going, things are going, healthy. You know, healthy and healthy. I'm better if you'd taken some horse medicine first. Quite possibly. I mean, it's not like you could have gone worse. Yeah, I guess I'm catching any. All right. So, so this, this, this person's from the very sketchy doctors who were trying to sell, like, a bunch of random shit to, to, to cure COVID. And, okay. So, who actually is this person? Um, she is from Cameroon. And Dr. Stella in my, in many way, was caught up in the unbelievably sort of, like, I mean, right, like, yes, objectively right, wing, also very, very weird wave of panicostalism and charismatic Christianity that's been sweeping across the part of Africa and as part of sort of, you know, a sort of like, a very sort of long range of coordinated effort by, by right, we Christian missionaries. So, okay. So, for, for, for people who don't know your Christianity very well, the panicostals and the charismatic Christians are like firmly in the very, very weird camp of Christians. Like these are, these are the people who do faith healing. Um, one of the very common sort of panicostal things is this belief that like, like, you just, you talk to God, like, God's in your head and you just have conversation with them. Now, unfortunately for like, all of us and then this is, you know, one, one, one, I think that is a not as difficult contributing factor to why the last, I don't know, 10 years have been so batch it is that like this, this originally was kind of, like, a lot of kind of an isolated panicostal thing and like the broader evangelicals were like, no, no, God only talks to me like your pastor, like, he's probably not like, you're not like having a conversation in your head with, but that's changed. That's changed. Yeah. This shit has, this shit has fucking taken over everywhere. It's really bad. Um, and these people believe a lot of very, very weird stuff. So, what do I mean? Okay. It has like some of the sort of standard, like really, really hard line, like David Ike shit, like she believes that the world's being run by aliens and like reptiles and, yeah, yeah, like the vaccine has like alien DNA in it to like take over your day. You know, this is like sort of Facebook moments. Yeah. Alex Jones shit. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I'm going to read this quote from Will Sumner. This is a quote from one of her, her, her, her sermons. Hey, which is demons are responsible for serious gynecological problems in manual said, we call them all kinds of names, entremesious, entremesious. We call them molar pregnancies. We call them fibroids. We call them cysts. But most of them were evil deposits from spirit husband in manual said of medical. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. They're responsible for miscarriages, impotence, men that can't get it up. So, all right, immediately we have like we have there are several kinds of come demons here that we're dealing with. So there are like there, there's, there's, there's, okay. So a lot of this is drawn from what is a very like a genuinely unbelievably dubious piece of theology. So when I was researching this, right, I saw, I saw someone, there was, there was like a religious scholar who was writing this. He was like, oh, I immediately recognized the theology of this. This is from Genesis 6. So okay, so I was like, okay, what the fuck are they talking about? So I went back and I read, okay, so I went back and I read the Genesis and I'm going to read the two, this is from Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 and 2. And I am just going to read these two sentences and I am going to see if you two can produce come demons from this. Okay. Happy to do so. I mean, I could produce come demons from almost anything. That is the power with the right machinery. Okay, but you know what I think we know exactly what the right machinery is. Look, we know that we can produce come demons mechanically. Our challenge here is to produce them theologically. Okay. That's all we try. I will, I will use all of all of my knowledge. We must find a way to evacuate the past deference of the soul. Okay, so I'm using the King James translation because that's the translation. All these psychos use and it came to pass when men began to multiply in the face of the earth and daughters were born onto them. That the sons of God saw the daughters of man that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose. Okay, so I do know what they are doing. So the sons of God, those would be what like fallen angels that have been procreating with women. Yeah, and they're like, yeah. So this ties into like the book of Enoch stuff which was made a little bit like after Genesis but it kind of it like retconned a lot of like the creation story. So I can see where they're pulling come demons from but it is a bit of a stretch. Yeah, they're kind of you can say come demons in the way that like God seemed. Yeah, you can see it. Yeah, it's that's it is a stretch. No, okay, my my my my analysis. Because I think I think I think they're pulling this out of their ass and I think they're pulling this out of their ass. Well, it's come demons. It's all come demons. So the other. Yeah, I have it is well known people who follow me on Twitter that I have an immense and powerful disrespect for theology but what what part of the sons of God? Like what part of that gets you to demons and not like it isn't the whole point of Christianity that we are all God's children like is this not a thing that they tell you in every single fucking how do you read that and not think they're talking about people and immediately jump to come to you. Like here's what's going on. I could I could explain this because this is the King's James version. So this was made in a post book of Enoch world around the around the alleged birth of Jesus the book of Enoch got very popular and this this introduced the idea of a fallen angel the fallen angel isn't really in the Bible at all. It's only it's only in like non biblical Abrahamic texts. So this this idea then kind of got planted into a lot of like Catholic mythology as well. So when they're they're caused they're they have a distinction between like the like the sons of like the sons of God versus what was the what was I think they used to refer to the daughters. The sons of the daughters of men. Exactly. So the daughters are human where the the the sons are like came from God. So that is some type of fallen angel that has been cast down to earth. Yeah. They are doing a specific thing. But it's it's a result of a whole bunch of like mistranslations and a whole bunch of various various like a Christian and Nostek texts that have been that have been misinterpreted for thousands of years by the Catholic Church. And it creates a really weird theology that is indistinguishable from like Castlevania. So yeah, I blame Barton Lou. This is Martin Luther's fault like the. No. This is what we're doing. We're doing this. The rest of the thing is that there's a thing. May it would be to keep it in high latins so the rules can't understand this. This is what Martin Luther I specifically because okay so this was already happy the Catholic Church was already doing this right. But Martin Luther had a chance to fix this shit and he was like do you know what I'm going to do instead of that I am going to I am going to turn against the peasant revolt and I'm going to do a I am going to bring about a level of anti-semitism that is going to allow me to outflank the inquisition on the right. She could have been fixing this bullshit. No anti-semitism. Oh, I got to keep my patron lords and power. He was he was German like there's only so much you can ask. That's true. Yeah. Well, I'm happy that we can all go to sleep a night worrying about the sons of God. And planting semen. Oh, there's also a bad deal. Something I ever think about. So okay, so that's that's come demon type one. Right. That is okay. So those are those are the demons that like they have they have sex with women and they produce Nephilim from or sometimes also you know, if I'm not funny, there's a lot of sort of conflicting sort of the logic. All that stuff comes from the book of Enoch. All that stuff is non canon to the modern Bible, but it's where it's where it comes from. Fucking council of Nysia. Okay, but there's also there's also a second there's also the second kind of come demon, right, which is these are these are well, okay, so suck you by an incubi are based. Here we go. I do. I was counting down. I was counting down. You had faith. Yeah. The other kind of of demon. So you have your incubi, right, who are another type of sex demon and the incubi fuck men so they can steal their semen and there's there. There's something different. There's another thing that she talks about, which is that there are witches who have like astral spirit sex with men in their sleep. If you're like having a sex dream, it's because you're having astral spirit sex. Uh huh. Yeah, I mean, like Bill Murray, I've experienced that. Oh, we know that was Bill Murray. Sorry, my mistake. I said, I don't know where he's mixed up often. Oh, wait, I know. I know. Yes. Okay. Okay. The cloud, the fog is clearing. I've had I've had sex with too many sex demons. It's a real issue. Okay. So, all right. So we have the sex demons who are like trying to pregnant you. We have the sex demons who are trying to steal your comb. We also have the actual projecting projecting witches, right? And the actual projecting witches are trying to steal people's comb as part of an illuminati plot to create like an even more powerful witch and the even more powerful witch is going to use gay marriage and children's toys to like destroy the fabric of western civilization and thus bring about sort of general new world order, etc. Honestly, that is some of which meetings. Yeah. I'm suppose that is not as far from the backstory to Warhammer 40,000, as it should be. That's very sadly true. I didn't want Warhammer 40,000 coming to our combat episode if I managed to. No, no, it's I mean, look, there's a lot of people who are interested in both seem in retention and Warhammer 40,000. That's a tight vendor, Hikram. Yeah, yeah, they all play Ultramarines. That was a, yeah, pretty good Warhammer 40,000 joke for those of you who play. I also learned a couple days ago that I, one of the many crimes of the Emperor 40K was passing off at a Miribikara quote is his own. Oh, yeah, that, that was, that was a good bit. That was a really good bit. It's little pieces like that that let you know that Dan Abnet's pretty base. That was my favorite part of the books. So funny. That's like, that's literally canon. I do have like three pages written on, uh, on touch, old Hanuk. So yeah, we're, we're, we're, that's, that's, that's the end of the series. Um, go off. Well, okay, I, the one thing I'll add on is that one of the more funny modern versions of these, if you go on the Bedadrill subreddit, the recreational, Bedadrill subreddit, you could find people who try to take enough Bedadrill to have sex with the hat man, which is so much. Another, another form of trying to subreddit, a lot of people just, you're seeing maybe you have to, you have to, you have to explain your terms for people here. Yeah. I'm not saying the high man is a tall, thin man wearing a hat who appears when you take hallucinogenic doses of Bedadrill because you can't afford better drugs because you're 17. Yes. And there's some people, some people find the hat man extremely attractive or some of like the female shadow people variance and they, they tried to, they, I have, I have read multiple reports of people explaining their sexual experiences with shadow people. Anyways, the president of the United States and his son were promoting this. So this is great. Hmm. This website, by the way, absolute adventures on here. I'm just reading about how to use Christblood as a weapon. Amazing. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Do you know who won't steal your semen, everybody? We can't promise that. I can. I can promise any advertiser on this show, I've personally approved to make sure they will not come into your bedroom and steal your semen. Wow. How do you do? How's the approval process work instead of interest? I cannot divulge private. Patience Garrison $40. We are, we are going to close off by talking about a sperm and testosterone, two, two of our favorite topics for this episode for some reason. About about a year ago, a trailer on Fox News dropped for a new batch of Tucker Carlson originals titled The End of Men. It opens with the text that reads, in the current year, the cycle continues. Once a society collapses then, during hard times, well, hard iron, sharp and zion, as they say, and those hard times inevitably produce men who are tough, men who are resourceful, men who are strong enough to survive. Then they go on to reestablish order and so the cycle begins again. Now there's a few funny things about this video from the ripped shirtless dudes, milking cows to wrestling each other and shooting bottles of canola oil. They're just, at the kind range, they're just shooting like 10 bottles of canola oil for some reason. Maybe they're then Mussolini's, they're into the Mussolini stuff. He was a fan of Canola. By far, the most bizarre, I suspect they're shooting the canola because it's like a seed oil thing. They think that seed oil is something like wing thing. Seed oil is sucking out your testosterone anyway. It's something very silly. By far, the most bizarre thing in this trailer is a shot of a naked man without stretched arms like Jesus on the cross style standing in front of a lake at dusk with a white machine shining a glowing red light on his dick. What? And again, the powerful image at the climax of the music from 2001 Space Odyssey, there's this man facing balls first in front of this large red light at the end of this trailer. I, it should never have been any cause on our podcast or on Fox News for anyone to save a line after the end of the climax of the music from 2001 Space Odyssey. Oh, that's the thing we're objecting to from this episode. That's the line. Yeah, yeah, because it shouldn't have climaxed. It lost its power in that moment. Considering both like the one second James, that was a very good joke. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for seeing me, buddy. Yeah. So considering both like the text at the beginning and then some of the narration that we just heard in the trailer, they're kind of doing this weird like Collie Yuga thing. Right. Yeah. That is a bit of what's going on here because Collie Yuga, again, you can listen to our episodes on Savitri Devi for a little more information about this, but it's like this weird right wing, like quasi apocalyptic concept that evolved during an intermex between some of the early Nazis and some of the people who are currently behind the present leader of India. It's way too esoteric and weird to get into, but it's one of the things that like the real thing. Yeah, the real fucked up. Nurtin Nazis like it. We're not going to get into it too much, but I think the previous news and settling that it went wound up adjacent to a Tucker Carlson episode because it's some like weird esoteric Nazi wizard shit. Yes. And that previous November, Joe Rogan posted a Collie Yuga meme, which went viral. It's about how hard time is create strong men, which create good times, which lead to weak men, which create hard times. It's a fucking silly. Yeah. His, his, the accompanying text on the Instagram post that that Rogan did said civilizations move in predictable cycles. We are in the Collie Yuga, the age of conflict. All of the chaos we're seeing right now is predicted in Hinduism, thousands of years ago, unfloat. So Rogan was probably just like parenting something that he heard from one of his many fashie or Luigi friends, which considering Rogan's social circle, that could very well just be the same person. Yes. Yeah. One of his fucking sparring buddies is either friends with the Nazi or just stumbled upon a fucking the wrong podcast and then told him that when they were smoking weed. And you know, yes. I mean, that's honestly to it's problematic because of his platform, but that's how I learned everything about esoteric that I learned when I was in my 20s was some, I was smoking weed with some sketchy dude. It was going places. You shouldn't have been on the internet. So a few months after Rogan posted this meme, we have Tucker Carlson making this whole mini series surrounding this hard times creates strong men kind of trend. It's taking cues from the online manosphere and Tucker posited that weak, unmanly men are leading to the collapse of civilization and a hardening of men is necessary to save it. According to, according to Tucker, one of the, one of the threats to manhood is a quote unquote total collapse in testosterone levels amongst men in recent years. And the solution goes beyond just your typical like anti-Soy crusading that Tucker has done in the past. Now Tucker has turned to the cutting edge science of bromopathic medicine. That's advocate. That's even better than what I was. As advocated for by a quote unquote fitness professional named Andrew McGovern who touts that infrared light and testicle tanning is this Deus Ex Machina for plummeting T levels in men. So obviously half the viewers right now are like what that's quote testicle tan that's crazy. But my view is, okay, testosterone levels crash and nobody says anything about it. That's crazy. So why is it crazy to seek solutions? It's not crazy to seek solutions. And I think I was recently exposed to a term called bromopathy and I think there's a lot of people out there right now that are don't trust the mainstream information. This TV special is is constantly referred to as a documentary. So surely you would expect Tucker to try and like interview scientists or like anyone with expertise on this topic. No, of course not. Actually, not. No one expects to talk to anyone serious. And Drew McGovern our our bromopathic hero works as a personal trainer at lifetime fitness in Columbus, Ohio. Oh my. And he hasn't even been a trainer for very long. I bought a decade ago. He was the manager of an Abercrombie and Fitch store in Miami. Oh, perfect. Yes. Now, it's just a wrap of my descriptions from isn't he looks at the Abercrombie and Fitch store? What? And but in Miami. Yeah. Hey, if you want to get trimmed, that's where you get trimmed. Yeah. That is. That type of dude is emerging here. As of 2017, he was the director of operations for pet land retail stores. Don't. This is being getting funnier. But this guy's resume. It's highly amusing. But Tucker being a competent journalist did not just interview one person, however. Kid Rock was brought on to be the soul voice of reason. You know, Garrison, you laugh, but Kid Rock is the other person I've gotten prescription drugs from. Yeah. Yeah. Real bastion in the platonic cave of men. Stan's Kid Rock and a guy from Abercrombie and Fitch. We must only be their shadows. Dude, stop. Testicle tanning. Come on. I mean, yeah, I haven't heard anything that long time. Open your mind, Bobby. I'm starting a punk rock band and it's called Testicle tanning. That's the end of it. I mean, don't you think at this point when so many of the therapies, the paths they've told us to take, have turned out to be dead ends that have really hurt people. Why wouldn't open minded people seek new solutions? I don't know what the hell is going on in this world. I'm not even sure if I understood that question, but some days I just want to stop this planet and let me off. Kid Rock was not did not buy into testicle tanning. The same way Tucker is the use to. I would. Oh, God. Oh, God. Is Kid Rock going to be the voice of reason? That's what I said. He's brought out to be the voice of reason. We thought you were joking because it's Kid Rock. You were joking. I didn't believe you. No, he's the only person that doesn't buy it. Kid Rock stands with science. It is indeed sweet home Alabama all summer long. Tucker was not the first person to advocate for testicular tanning as the solution to an allegedly problematic dip in testosterone levels. The dating back to 2015, you can find articles online such as quote, former MLB player Gabe Kapler says, men who want to get stronger should tan their testicles from complex. And quote, I put a giant red light on my balls to triple white testosterone levels from a mental health 2017. Is that written by Ben Greenfield, Benny Jones, because he normally pops up with these things? Which one? The men's health one. Let me. Let me. I have it. I haven't dick to make it bigger. I have it in my show notes here. This was written by someone named Ben Greenfield. Oh, look at that. Jackpot. Wow, this ballend has won it. James, so proud of you today, buddy. I'm so happy. Have you won, don't you? James, are you taking performance enhancing drugs for this podcast? Sadly, Robert, I'm not. This is so funny. We have stepped into a gold mine of contact with Ben Greenfield, the guy who injected his own dick with stem cells to make it bigger. That's so funny. Oh, man. I urge you, I can pal you. If you have any free time in your day, just Google Ben Greenfield penis, there will be several articles that supposedly rep to ball outlets that will just fucking make you unwell. Well, that's, that is great to hear. But despite not being the first person to talk about testicular tanning, Tucker was certainly the most impactful after the airing of the end of men, testicular tanning showed a 7,000 increase in relative search interest on Google. And 30, 35,000 increase in tweets on the topic. Now, surely some of these things are stuff like making fun of it, right? Some of it is. In tweets, I'm sure it's a lot of it. Yeah, a lot of it is also, a lot of it's also people who are just talking about it genuinely. To quote a study published in a JMI R, a dermatology publication, quote, the promotion of testicular tanning generated significant public interest in an evidence lacking and potentially dangerous health trend. Dermatologists and other healthcare professionals should be aware of these new viral health trends to best counsel patients and combat health misinformation. I'm quote. So like in terms of actual data, a 2017 meta analysis of studies on sperm counts found that in North America, Europe Australia and New Zealand, men's sperm counts have declined by about 50% between 1973 and 2011. Now these results have not been enough to really cause broad concern unless you're like a right wing influencer for men because there doesn't really seem to be an equal drop into testosterone levels. Compared to previous decades. Compared to previous decades, there's a lot of evidence that the most recent drug comes shot is not one of the yes, yes, and like compared to previous decades, there is this maybe like a 20% decrease in total testosterone levels amongst adolescent and young adult males, but that's highly fluctual and it's impacted heavily by diet. It's suspected that pollution environmental degradation of our also suspected of being contributing factors with plastics like a phylight being known to interfere with the production of hormones like testosterone. This area of research is still heavily contested, but still that has not stopped fitness YouTubers and conservative influencers from tying this to the soy boy, feminization of men and drumming up panic to grow their social media followings, sell their supplements and advertise affiliate products. The crem de la crem of red lights for testicular tanning is the Juve light. Juve is a light therapy panel company which sells these LEDs. They're like this upscale wellness brand. The smallest model they have costs over a thousand dollars with the full body ones going for around ten grand. This is when you know it's a grift. If someone is telling you that they need to sell you sunlight, they are having a fucking laugh. Our friend Ben Greenfield advocates that advocates that you spend the big bucks on Juve, less do you quote, fry your balls to a crisp with a cheap knockoff. You wouldn't want to do that would you? No, this is unwiz. Yeah, it seems like it's maybe a bad idea. I can teach you how to cook your balls safely without spending any money at all. In a pair of double A batteries, take them right out of your remote control, you stick the active end in a bottle of water and then you put your hand on your testicles and it'll complete the circuit and power your testicles up with electricity, which you can then ejaculate instead of come. They'll probably give you superpowers too. Almost certainly, Garrison. Legally, this is not a recommendation to do this. That shit's not on us. You did that. I'm in a position. Please do not connect batteries to your dick. To quote that JMI R study evaluating the public's interest into secular tanning, quote, the interest in this topic may be partially explained by the immense attention and advertising men's sexual health and hormone replacement or homo-enhancing therapies receive in the US. Although subsequent media coverage largely disfavored to secular tanning due to lacking evidence of potential dangers, other health influencers came to defend and encourage the practice of testicular tanning, specifically by using UV light. As an example, here is a clip from fitness YouTuber Elliott Hulsie's strength camp with 1.7 million followers. Blaster balls with sunshine. To increase testosterone. Now you can drop your draws and let your balls get kissed by the sun. Before you can try one of these light panels to roast my nuts and be more manly, a 1939 study suggests that UV light exposure to your testicles increases testosterone by 200%. If you want to join me in this experiment, you can find one of these bad boys at Then just go to, get your blood tested, get your testosterone, then after 8 to 12 weeks, check it again and find out if the nut rusting really works. So this whole idea goes back to this 1939 study. 1939? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots of good signs in 1939, man. And if there's one thing I'd trust, it's science from 1939. Yep, it's got any comments on race in this study. So this study was published in the journal Endocrinology and it found that frequent UV irritation into the genitals increased urinary and drowsed around a metabolic of testosterone. It increased these levels by nearly 200% quote unquote. Now you'll be shocked to learn that there may be problems with this study. Guess how many test subjects were included in this in this study? I'm going to be generous and say eight. So Mia says eight James. And greenfield just one. One you say one Robert, how many how many do you think are in this study? I think like seven was sacred to the Nazis. So I'm going to say that five, a grand total of five people are in the study. Wow. I guess the two are credit. They had to pick the sacred discordia number bullshit. Three of them are 54 years old and have manic depressive psychosis. The other two are 20. Honestly, not a bad, not a fairly representative sample for Tucker's audience. I was about to say the same thing. This is actually what she's showing. The other two are 28 and 45 and have quote psycho pathia with depressive features, which is very old time you term. Yeah, everyone on Twitter, etc. But I think what actually happened is I think they did this study at an asylum and just found people with depressive psychosis to do this study on. It's just these five these five random people. No individual graft results were produced. It only showed the quote unquote typical reaction. There wasn't even a control group for the study. That's right. That was good science. Why both? Not to mention there's many problems with measuring testosterone in the first place because it changes broadly day to day and by age and it's very unreliable. To quote the JMI R study again, quote, beyond this questionable study, research has shown that exposure to UV radiation may increase sex steroid hormone levels. However, these studies either do not include human participants or do not specifically evaluate to UV radiation exposure to the genitals. There is not a single other study since then that has done anything resembling like peer reviewed science. You know why? Why? Everybody go to go to go fund me help cool zone determined whether or not test it. Physical tanning works. And we'll get that control group. Yeah. Okay. So what my other question about this aren't aren't all these people getting fucking ball cancer? We are. We are about to get to that. Because yes, you may think that shining you who feed lights on your balls might have some long term problems. Yeah. It's great that a lot of South don't come back to the episode again. So a vice interviewed Seth Cohen, a urologist and the director of the sexual dysfunction program at NYU Langdon Health. Quote, I'm not aware of any science or data or any journal publications proving that red light therapy improves maltostats around and quote, we change recommendations on medical therapies based on double blind placebo controlled randomized trials, large studies with thousands of patients. That's where you'll find if there's any really statistical significance between red light therapy and a placebo, could these men who underwent red light therapy and came out and felt stronger and more manly could they could that have been a placebo effect? Of course, it could. So and as Mia mentioned, we have not really even gotten into the potential dangers yet. Close direct heat to your testicles actually damages sperm count on top of the risk of giving yourself ball cancer by blasting concentrated UV light on your genitals for 20 minutes a day every day of the week, which is what is recommended? She's crazy. To quote that study one last time, quote, research shows that excessive exposure to UV radiation may lead to higher rates of genital tumor formation and decreased sperm counts as sperm o to genesis is temperature dependent. Thus given the current obsession with optimizing male hormone levels, the high cost of red light therapy and misleading information labeling of testicular tanning by prominent influencers, there may be an increase in men exposing themselves to UV radiation and developing associated complications. Unquote. Great. Heroic. So almost almost done here. But man, it's pretty, it's pretty funny that all of the worst people you know are going to get ball cancer. Yeah, yeah. Don't stop them. Yeah. I, you know, there was a period of time in my life when I said where I will never wish cancer on anybody. But if you are deliberately exposing your testicles for the sun to the sun and the hope of getting superpowers because of Nazi science, it's okay. It's, it's okay. Like I'm not going to mourn that. To be fair, that I, that I T 39 study was from the United States. So I can pause. Don't be not talking about the other Nazi science. Oh, yes. Valley you get stuff. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think, I think a part of this whole narrative of like the total collapse of men's testosterone levels as Tucker puts it. Man, I fucking wish. Yeah. So much easier. But I think this is more about men in power feeling that they're positioned of assumed superiority is being threatened. Really, all of our quack science and conspiracy theory stories today all revolve around this like subliminal dog whistle. It's no mistake that Tucker titled his program the end of men in all the stories we're covering today. It is the fear of a masculine that is the hook used to drum up fear and anger about how liberal feminism is a roting manhood. It targets some of young men's sexual insecurities while promoting this like anti woke return to the old ways of rugged masculinity. Yeah. I might add what because I think you're missing one aspect of it. I think you're identifying what he's signaling to his listeners and what they get out of it. But I also think that what he and the other folks who are kind of in positions of power and influence in the right get out of this because they're not, they don't believe this. They're not actually motivated by that. No. What this is and what because we do not know specifically why like testosterone rates maybe lower white sperm counts are definitely lower, but it likely has to do with a massive variety of industrial pollutants in the environment and with the fact that industrial agriculture and the process nature of a lot of our foods is having a negative impact on all these things. Yeah. It's consequences of capitalism, right? And because the consequences are getting increasingly hard to ignore the thing that people like that need to do is find either a cure for them or another way to blame or another thing to blame them on, right? And so if the aspect, the things that are horribly unhealthy about the society that we have built is causing men to suffer consequences in their bodies, the thing to do on the right is to blame that shit on the liberals emasculating men and the solution is whatever kind of shit we can sell you, right? Like that's what's going on here. That's the motivation. And it happens outside of like man shit too. Like that's all the right has anymore. Like their economic theories have been proven disastrously wrong. They have no actual ability to govern in a meaningful way other than by causing harm to people. So it's entirely about taking the consequences of the world that they advocate and blaming them on someone else and selling you snake oil to deal with it. Yeah, exactly. And so that is most of the of the testicular tanning fun that I got into. We haven't even covered all the things that Ben Greenfield did to his dick in 2017. We'll get back on this subject, but it is time for us to end. This is already over an hour. So I want to leave you all. All of you, all of you beautiful. First, I want to thank all of our beautiful correspondence for their research. And I want to leave all of you with this simple piece of advice. If you feel like your testicles aren't getting enough solar radiation, simply purchase a glass cutter and an old microwave, cut a circular hole in the microwave and you bag it while it's on. You'll be okay. That is our legally binding health advice. That's the entity episode. Planning a sun and sand vacation should be fun. Not stressful. Simple vacations makes planning your getaway easy with a selection of all inclusive resorts all around the world. It's like turning on easy mode. You can explore the soft white sands of the Caribbean, swim in the Pacific blue waters of Mexico or travel across the Atlantic to the shores of Europe with the inclusive collection, part of high at hotels and resorts. The choice is yours. Planning an apple vacation has never been easier. Turn on easy mode at Hold up a second. Get ready to raise your cups, run a game of quick time with slime and make some noise because drink champs is back. 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Learn more about their clean standards and shop clean at Sephora Beauty at Hello, welcome to Icon Happen here. We've got a bit of a downer of an episode here, but this is going to be part one of a two part series talking about the increasing war on trans people that we've seen both on the rhetorical side and on the actual legislative side. With me today is Mia and Margaret. How are you doing on this fine day? It's been it's been really fun. I had frantically updating my part of the script because they're keep being fucking new bills. Yeah. Better like going through committee. So it's great having a good time. I'm doing great. I'm not aware of anything that's wrong. I assume you all are here to tell me that everything's fine forever. Well, hopefully next episode we'll talk more about how we can like a, I don't know, deal with this sort of thing. Most I it was my job to handle the bad part of the of this two part series. It was the other people's job to handle the good part. So I don't know what they have in plan for the next episode actually. All I all I did was watch hours and hours of people advocating for genocide and put together some of the worst bits that I feel like are still worth mentioning. It's probably worth noting that the two of us who are supposed to be writing about what we do about it both have swords over our shoulders. This is your limit. I can't go grab a sword if that is, if that is a core part of the advice. I think so. Okay. So, I think whenever I put together episodes like these, I always try to be careful not to I, I don't just want to include people who are talking about why myself and others should die like just like I, I don't want to include that unnecessarily because that's just kind of a bummer. But I think it is also important to actually hear and understand the types of rhetoric that they are trying to spread and they're trying to normalize and be aware of what techniques and what rhetorical styles they are trying to employ. So I've condensed this down as much as I can. You will still hear a decent amount of pretty gross stuff. I think I should have almost all of the mischandering completely edited out. I should have a whole bunch of things not not included, but there will be a decent amount of rhetoric that that you will hear from just as a heads up, that's what's going to be kind of part of this episode. A lot of this is going to be talking about hosts that are employed by the conservative news site ran by Ben Shapiro, the daily wire. They have really, really focused in an excruciating extent on anti-trans like campaigning and activism for really the past year. It got, this type of stuff got really bad last February and it once again got really bad this February. It's no coincidence that this is also the start of the legislative cycle. This is why they are doing this right now. It is part of an attempt to actually affect the laws that the United States have around if trans people are allowed to exist. It is purposeful. So we may as well just get started here. We're going to start a little bit light actually. So most of this will be documenting the types of rhetoric they were using in February to march so the past like month and a half. In early February, Candace Owens on her daily wire show, referred to trans people as demonic while advocating for the total ban of transgender health care for all ages. The trans lives matter protesters decided to occupy the Oklahoma Capitol building to fight GOP bills that ban gender conforming surgery for people that are under the age of 21. So that course that should be banned if you are under the age 21. You should not be honest, you should never be allowed. I would go a little further. Oklahoma, if you really want to do something, just ban it all together. Yeah, I love that because they're always trying to be like, no, no, no, we're just here to protect the children. Whereas we know this entire time that they're trying to stop anyone from being trans. Yes, this is a pattern that will come up a lot in the research I put together for this is how last year was there very much trying to make it like, no, it's just about the kids. Then we were talking about how first they're going to try to limit it to 18 years old and they're going to limit it to 21 years old and they're going to limit it to 25 years old. Then they're just going to ban it all together. And that is very clearly what they're doing. And they're they're now just saying the quiet part out loud. So good on us for calling that a year in advance, but now they're emboldened just to say it outright. So can someone's refers to trans people as demonic leader on a nightclub? I'm not not including that bit because just just today Michael Knowles on his daily wire show said that this so-called transgenderism is demonic. The second daily wire person to drum up this satanic panic shit. This is demonic stuff, really demonic stuff. And I made this point. I got in trouble with our publicists over at Media Matters because I said that the attacks on man's sexual nature and sexual difference and complementarity are demonic. And they are. They go back throughout all of history throughout some of the earliest depictions of demons. Even one of the most prominent depictions of demons comes from an artist, Elephus Levy, who is an occultist, who did a depiction of baffamette. If you just think what's a demon look like, you're probably thinking of this picture. Okay. Okay. Alright. That's not true. It's not fun. It's completely wrong. This is really funny to me because for years now I've been trying to say that being trans is not demonic. It's very clearly alchemical. Please, please get your occult terms right. Thousands of years of alchemical development has delivered onto me estradiolvalorate. It's very clearly alchemy. But also it's just extremely funny to me that Knowles tried to cite a levy whose baffamette isn't really a demon in Levy's work but like whatever. It's extremely funny. He goes on to talk about solidate and coagula, which I've actually been planning to do an episode on for a while. But it's all extremely funny to me. Is it worth describing that baffamette is the statue of the hornheaded person with tits in a dick? Yes. Often falsely identified as Satan or a demon. But yes, it's a very famous statue. If you think of this statue of Satan, this is what baffamette actually is. It's not Satan. But the use of this demonic rhetoric is very basic, like dehumanizing stuff, trying to dehumanize trans people while also pulling from the remnants of the satanic panic that still exists in some conservatives' minds. Moving on to a friend of the pod, Matt Walsh. One of his recent main targets is actress Dylan Mulvaney. On February 14th, Matt went on a mindless rant while continuously misgendering Mulvaney and attacking her appearance at one point, referring to her as like doing a woman face minstrel show routine. Which a reaccording thing about this is that all of in all of their rhetoric against trans people, they also managed to be incredibly racist. And like, understanding what racism actually is, which is not surprising considering they work for the daily wire, I'm not going to actually include the clip of Matt Walsh there. It's just misgendering and making fun of how someone looks for a minute and it's all very gross. Who is that actress? I just live under a rock. Dylan Mulvaney. I think she does Broadway stuff. She's like a New York person. I've only, I've hold it really heard of her based on Matt Walsh's continuing rants against this person. We can't have cross-stressers in the theater. A match if we'd have to, I actually don't, I literally don't know how far back you'd have to get to where people didn't play with gender on stage. I think it's impossible. I think the further back you go, the worse it gets because like, you get things where like only men could be on stage and it's like, well, okay, this is every Shakespeare before it's et cetera, et cetera. In one of the more bizarre daily wire appearances in this, so on February 15th, a young dad who called into the daily wire sports show Crane Uncompany talked about how dads like him are going to cause dangerous problems if trans inclusivity continues. The hosts of the show agreed and said that violence will be an inevitable response to trans women playing sports. Which one of you brought it up, but somebody said something about dad being in the stands finding out that for the first time that somebody in the locker room was a male and that they were just hanging it all out in front of their girls, how I rate they would get. My view is that, yeah, we're going to have not just one I rate dad, we're going to have a lot of I rate dad's going to cause a massive problem in the school system and it is going to be very dangerous for everybody because people are going to start taking their own hands because they're seeing that other people are not. That's exactly what we do. Jungle rules, as we call it, jungle rules. Exactly. At what point do we say we try to talk this out and hash this out with you, you're not being reasonable? Those are part of my values. So it's not even us saying go in there and handle business. It's saying I know what's going to happen. The minute that girl runs out of that locker room or a couple girl, imagine if a 12 year old girl ran out of the locker room and said that to her, just imagine that, how great or whatever, men shouldn't be in women's locker room. But if a man that was straight walked into a woman's locker room with a trance coat and just showed everything and started shaking like this and got beat to sleep, everybody would be doing this. They be clapping great job. But you let the same thing happen to somebody who says they think they're a woman in there and does the exact same thing, then it's no, it's a totally different situation. So while we're not advocating for it, I'm telling you what's going to happen because I live in the real world. I know what you would do for your daughter. Yep. That man does not live in the real world. No. And it's all like it's this weird trying to have some form of like of like denial in their very clear advocating for violence and like advocating for the normalization of just assaulting people. I mean, I even feel like though, this is like, this is like last year's anti-trans rhetoric like, you know, the like lowest hanging fruit was to come at us about sports. This issue that affects the tiniest percentage of people. You know? Yeah. And it's the blending of the sports issue with like the locker room stuff. Yeah. Later on in the show, another caller admitted that he would assault trans women, including his own children. And the daily wire hosts refused to push back on like any of this as this man just advocates child abuse. And I just wanted to say too, as a new father, I've got a new baby boy and I've got a two year old daughter. And not only would I want to beat somebody up for doing that to my daughter, but I would beat my son up if he ever thought about doing something like that in a women's locker room. It's just again, and I want to make sure. And again, we live in the real world. We know what's going to happen because we're not even advocating violence. Like I said, we're telling you what's going to happen. These are the fathers and the brothers and the uncles and the mamas are going to get to a point where they're just going to handle business. Like it's just, it is what it is. We're trying to tell y'all to send a threat. This is just a four morning. It is foreshadowing what's going to happen. The British are coming. Yeah. Okay, but the British is coming. It is a really, really funny thing for an American to say about this. Because is he, wait, is he saying that they're the British? They're trying to do like a Paul Revere thing. Oh, oh, oh, I thought they were trying to be like, we're going to show up and we're going to handle business us. No, I think that's actually in the opposite. I'm sorry. We are, we are warning that if this insanity continues, then people will start violently assaulting anyone who they suspect of being a man in a bathroom, which also just lead to like, people assaulting like, like a bunch of cis women as well. Like, no, I mean, it's like, this has already been happening. Like, like one of my friends can't get changed at the local gym. Um, um, even though they're assigned female at birth because there's no safe place for them to do it because of the way that they read, you know, like, and I don't know whatever. I mean, that's just one example of time I have. No, absolutely. It's happening constantly. Suddenly we have gender police everywhere and everyone is expected to perform masculinity and femininity in like weird, cis normative ways. I'm saying that everyone knows. I'm sorry. I'm just. No, no, no, but I think there's something important about this too, which is like, and anytime someone tries to say like, anytime someone starts talking about the real world, this is the way the world really works. Right. That's not an actual description of reality. It's an aspirational thing, right? And the way that you make something real is through violence. Yes. And that's what all this stuff is. Absolutely. And specifically speaking of violence and child abuse, the next day on February 16th, Candace Owens was discussing this, this like trans kids TikTok video about his grandmother's transphobic reaction to him coming out. And it's also, it's just extremely gross how these like, these media people who are paid millions of dollars spend their days making fun of trans kids on TikTok, like random, like random miners on TikTok who are making videos about their experiences. And they then these, these like, these grifters and these content creators who work on the right. It's like blast these kids on their, on their, on their shows, they get like millions of millions of viewers. I mean, this is the entire lips of TikTok platform, but yours now seeing this across like almost every mainstream conservative influencer. So on top of Candace calling being trans mental illness placed upon you by society, Candace Owens also said that if she had a trans grandchild, she would beat them with a cane. And it is a cry for help. And your grandmother answered that cry for help by telling you that you are loved as you are and that you don't need to fall into this trap of insanity. You're the best grandma ever, by the way, because when I'm a grandma, I get any foolishness like that. I don't know. I don't want to be a sweet grandma. I really do. I want to be a sweet old lady, but I feel like I might be the kind that hits somebody with a cane. I don't know. I call you Michael. It's like that will probably be me, but I would have prayed for you. You know, I think that I keep thinking about with this, this, this Candace clip with most of these clips is like, they're just like laughing the whole time. They're saying this stuff. Yep. Like, it's just a joke to them, right? It's like, yeah, they believe it. It's also, it's just like a joke. It's just something they can sort of like casually talk about while like, you know, fucking hanging out in their show or whatever. No, absolutely, because I mean, the primary goal for these people is, is content creation and they're making suffering content for it. And as well as like normalizing this type of like violent response. Yeah. And I think, I think the sort of joking thing is, is a big part of how normalization works. Like, I don't think, like, I think it would be much harder to have someone just being incredibly serious, going like, yeah, I'm going to like beat my child with a cane, right? Like, if you do, and that's sort of like joking, like matter of fact thing, it helps, it helps normalize it enormously. Yeah. No, absolutely. I'm just really sad thinking about the, because acceptance by family, a family that doesn't necessarily understand, but there's willing to accept is like, the thing that I think bolsters the spirits of young trans people or adult trans people more than anything else, you know? And I've been like reading a bunch of history about like trans people from 100 years ago where their family are like, all right, well, we don't get it, but what's your name now? Yeah. And like, let's fuck 100 years ago, we could have improved from there. And this is something that the daily wire definitely does continue to harp on across multiple hosts, even like the next video that we have here. Matt Walsh is doing like, this is the same thing. We're talking about if they themselves had trans kids or trans grandkids that they would continue to be as openly vitriolic and even violent against their own children. So this next clip came like a week after Matt Walsh's first unhinged rant attacking Dylan Mulvaney. Walsh claimed that he wouldn't stop barking vitriolic rhetoric if he had a trans kid. But in fact, he would quote, rather be dead than discover he had a trans kid. A beautiful and innocent kid one day seemingly out of nowhere gets sucked into the gender call and is devoured by it. All of their innocence and light and beauty just drained out of them replaced by this self-canibalizing madness. For a parent to see this happen to a child, it is a fate worse than death. I would rather be dead than have that happen to my kids. Then die. What do we do? Are you with you? I'm not on the debate team. This is a mock trial. I keep thinking of whatever these things happen. Like I keep thinking about Matt Christmas one good line, which is we should give to Christians what they want and crucify them. Persecute, persecute, all day every day. So unfortunately there was more to that clip than Walsh just threatening to kill himself. Using the groomer and protect the children rhetoric that we saw go viral last year, Walsh promises that mean words are only the beginning. See the thing that I most despise about Dylan Mulvaney is that part of a movement which actively seeks to turn my children into Dylan Mulvaney. That's why I'm entitled to my anger and to whatever language I use to convey it. I will say whatever I want to say and I will be justified in saying it because these people are after my kids and yours and everyone else's. And you're worried that I'm being a little rude. Well, you see, when it comes to my children, the children that I cherish more than my own life, if you think mean words go too far, then you would be very shocked to hear how far I would really go to protect them. Trust me, words are the least of it. I love this. I would do anything to protect my children unless they're a gay in which cases get off myself or something. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Whatever. It's already the legally actionable things have already been said. Hey, it's not my idea. It's only Matt Walsh's. It's his idea. His idea, you know, I do want to go back for a second to the early parts of this clip what he's talking about. Like, oh, like you have these like peer-reinitists and children and like the light goes out of them. Like it's just thing that strikes you about that so much is like, she's describing the process exactly in reverse. Absolutely. Like the thing that he's describing is what is like this is what happens if you get transitioned to kid like by force. Like the thing that actually happens when a trans kid transitions is like, you can literally see this in like, like you can like literally see this in pictures of kids is like you can watch the light come back to their eyes as they transition. Totally. No, yeah. Yeah. You know, it's one of sort of like, it's one of the most beautiful things about being trans is like experiencing that joint, experiencing like what it is to be yourself. And then you get to watch this fucking dipshit like just literally just like taking the process as it actually happens and then like lying and saying it's like literally like lying and saying that the thing that is making these people have this joy is the like the thing that's fucking killing them. No, absolutely. That's something that's often overlooked when covering this sort of thing is the like just the presence of trans joy and the trans joy that can be experienced when people are given access to the treatments that have been like known to be successful for decades now. It's also, I mean, I don't know if you're intentionally going in an escalating sense. This is the first person that I'm looking at being like, oh, this man wants to kill me. You know, I am going in an escalating sense. Yeah. We escalate pretty far over the next bit. First I think let's have a bit of an ad break. Do you know who doesn't want to kill you? 50% of the advertisers. At least at least 50% of the advertisers don't want you dead because instead they want your money. All right. We are back. As as previously stated, like when when reporting on this topic before, we've always said that the limited focus on transgender minors was simply a form of rhetorical deception. Oh, somebody please think of the children by conjuring concerns that have been like culturally ingrained in us around the protection of children. Anti trans activists have been introducing and anomalizing anti-trans talking points that inevitably get used against trans people of all ages. Last year Matt Walsh openly said that quote, it should be illegal for doctors to medically transition anyone of any age. Unquote. And as Margaret said, it seems like we were we are moving in a more escalating direction. What that just so happened to correspond as as the month of February continued. So here's a clip from Daily Wire host Michael Knowles from the late February 2023. In order for women to have the right to have their own bathrooms, you have to ban transgenderism entirely. You can't just ban it for the kids. It's got to be entirely in order for women to be able to have their own locker rooms at the gym. You have to ban transgenderism entirely in order to protect businesses from having to participate in weird, occult sexual rituals like the transgender transition. You have to ban transgenderism entirely. So that is just like straight up advocating for genocide, right? Like, yeah. There is no difference between this term that the Daily Wire people use, trans-genderism and currently existing transgender people. It's like saying we have to eradicate Judaism. What do you mean by that? You obviously mean exterminating human beings and making it impossible for them to continue on. That is what genocide is. Yeah, and you can hear me. Literally the next thing he says is like, you know, always talking about like transition eggas and occult ritual, whatever the fuck it is. Like, well, yeah, no. He's explicitly saying like what? Yeah. What does banning transgenderism means? So never like confuse you all when you just have these moments where you're like, these people believe in sky daddy? Like, I'm not even anti-religious. I'm not even an atheist. I don't know exactly what I am. But like when you hear people just being like, God has willed me to do this murder or whatever that this is what this person is saying. I'm just like, they think of themselves as like holy warriors who have been chosen by God to eradicate this demonic plague that is infecting like humankind. Yeah. It would be like if all of the sudden they were like, and that's why Gandalf has told me that I must go on a quest. Like, I'm just like, am I living in the same century as these people? Like again, not an atheist, but I'm just like, you've decided that sky daddy has told you to march off to murder. Like, yeah, that doesn't even map to a fucking basic understanding, even of religion. Anyway, sorry. No, absolutely. And I mean, this unfortunately continues to get worse. Yeah. Yeah. The very next day, Michael Nol's defended his elimination of rhetoric in another unhinged rant about the like, probably about two million trans people in the United States saying that quote, there can't be a genocide of trans people because it's quote, not a legitimate category of being. They said that I was calling for the extermination of transgender people. They said I was calling for a genocide against, I said, what, I must have missed that part of my show. When did I, did I say that? I don't, one, I don't know how you could have a genocide of transgender people because genocide refers to genes. It refers to genetics. It refers to biology. And the whole point of transgender. Because genderism is that it has nothing to do with biology. That's what the transgender activists say. They say, forget about biological sex. My gender expression doesn't have to have anything to do with my biological sex. Okay, well then there can be a genocide that refers to genetics. But furthermore, nobody's calling to exterminate anybody because the other problem with that statement is that transgender people is not a real ontological category. That's not a legitimate category of being. There are people who think that they're the wrong sex, but they're mistaken. They're, they're laboring under a delusion. And so we need to correct that delusion. Okay, so that was, that was a lot. I'm just clinging to my emotional support, sword. Like what, what solution do you pray tell will you be employing to correct that so-called delusion? Maybe just like one, one, one, one, like a, like one, one at the end. Last one, a final, a final one. Not the penultimate solution. That's not his, his thing. No, what's that further? The very, the very last one. I can't think of a, of a, of another word for, for, for very last, but yeah. I also like, have these motherfuckers care typed themselves? No one has, almost no one has been goddamn, like the percentage of people who've seen what their genes are. Like I don't know whatever. No, no, it's not that. Yeah, the science does not hold up to the like thing you learn in fourth grade that, you know, I don't know when they teach you XX and XY or whatever, but it's like, like, that's not, that's not the current scientific understanding. And I think it's never really been the scientific understanding. That part I'm not as certain about. No, I mean, like it's, and by saying, like, I'm not calling for genocide because the group I'm targeting aren't even a real group of people. Yeah, they're not his real people. Yeah. It's literally the talking point of every single genocidal fascist ever at existence. Like literally, this is, oh my god, I cannot find the person who was writing about this. I apologize immensely, but when this clip was first circulating, there was a really interesting article about that was circulating about how, like, not a legitimate category is what, like the word that gets translated as degenerate, like that the Nazis used and like actually means, like that's like not a legitimate kind of like that. That very specifically is what the Nazis used as, like, you know, as they're saying for we need to kill the Jews, right? Like that's that's that's very, very specifically what they were doing. No, and like genocide does not refer to genetics. No, it doesn't. And you know, you know, you can, you can look at like, like, these people are like just unfathomably fucking stupid, right? Like they, they, they look at genocide, right? And they see that we're Jen. And they go. That means like, jeez, no, but you know, and I think I think something that is worth mentioning is that so Raphael Lemkin is the guy who coins the term genocide, right? The Lemkin Institute, which is the like the Lemkin Institute, which is like the Institute from this guy that does genocide, like does anti-genocide prevention works. Specifically in the US was like, there was now a risk of genocide against trans people. So you know, the Institute of the actual guy who made the term genocide versus a guy who thinks that Jen means gene, it's like, it's just, no, it's, it's not obvious that, that saying that transgender people are not a real ontological category is like, that is how you do it. That is how you do it. That is how you do it. That's the stuff. Like, I'm under the impression of the whole thing with ontology is accepting that there's like multiple ontologies. Like, it's clearly not an ontological concept in his ontological, like his way of viewing the world. That's one of the problems. I don't think he would pass a basic philosophy course at college. I will say this. My, my, my arguments against, against specifically against there being multiple legitimate ontologies is this, is this, these people's fucking ontology who like believe that like, these people, all these fucking freaks literally believe individually, right? That there is no scientific explanation for lightning and that like every act of lightning is an individual act of God. That is not a legitimate ontology. Like, fuck that shit. No, I, I refuse, I refuse to do fucking, to have to have, to have, to have, to have there be fucking multiple, valid ontological positions. I refuse for there to be multiple, I didn't say valid worlds. I like, no, fuck this shit. There's something that are just wrong and you have to be able to say that shit. Otherwise you get this fucking bullshit. Reality tunnels do, do be funny like that. He, he later added, quote, transgenderism ultimately is a lie. It's a deception, it is a fraud. Fraud is not protected by the first amendment. Fraud is not a category protected by the principles of a free speech. You have no right to fraud. But, you know, here's the thing, I, I, I will, I will agree with you. You have no right to fraud. Fraud is not protected by free speech. I, yeah, really like have, have a, have a real fun time when we fucking come for you on those principles. And you know, like, Taipei, I show disappears. A few days, a few days later, noles once again, invoked Guru Maraderik and openly called drag queens pedophiles and explicitly called on, quote, the heavy hand of the state to shut down drag shows and arrest performers and parents. Why is he dressed like Mr. Rogers in a black mayor episode? He's just, he's just, mirror universe, Mr. Rogers. He's just telling you to hate your neighbor, you know? Uh, I, I don't know how you can watch this and not conclude that the performers are pedophiles. I don't use that word lightly. I know a lot of people on the right use that word and they fling it around and they use it imprecisely. I don't see how you can dance around in a thong or in a leather harness in front of babies and toddlers if you are not a pedophile. So I'm, I would bet, if not the farm, I bet a lot of my money that that's the case and that's being normalized. I don't see how these parents should be permitted to keep their children, their abusing your children, they're sexually abusing their children by taking them to these events. I don't see how whatever company is hosting this should be allowed to keep its doors open. All of this should be shut down by the heavy hand of the state. All of these people other than the children should be arrested and some of them should face pretty severe consequences. Not, not great stuff. He did hedge his bets. He was like, you know, I'm actually not sure about this. That was my favorite part. I think it is, it is interesting that the whole heavy hand of the state line is, is, is, is, is an interesting little, little unique gem in their style of rhetoric whenever they explicitly call on the powers of the government to like do fascism. I think a lot of this type of rhetoric was leading up to CPAC in, which happened in early March. During CPAC, anti-transmateric was a very central theme across their many speakers. That's like their big right wing gathering where all the far right people get together and talk to an empty room. Well, CPAC is the conservative political action conference. It is far right by the world's over to the window, but it's like a mainstream right wing convention in the United States. So the conference featured an array of speakers, including prominent Republican politicians and policy makers, as well as people like Michael Knowles, who were just like right wing pundits. The many, many speeches had attacks against gender, affirming healthcare, trans-inclusive sports and bathroom policies, as well as the, you know, the typical groomer and pedophilia stuff that we saw get super popular last year. As well as framing this word trans-genderism as a radical ideology. Now words like trans-genderism and gender ideology are not actually terms that trans people use. These were terms invented by anti-trans activists. I want to be very specific about this because I think I don't think people understand. The term gender ideology was specifically invented by the Catholic Church, like as a thing to oppose this and also a sort of a way to oppose like game marriage and like ruinous in general. Yes. All of the fucking, all of the shitty, like one of the sort of like quote unquote dark secrets in the fucking closet of all of the people who claim to be like radical feminists who are anti-trans. All of these people specifically worked with the cat, like back when this up was first being developed in like the late 90s and early 2000s. All of these people worked with the Catholic Church specifically to make sure that that more sort of like gender more gender inclusive, like terminology and stuff like not a certain terminology like more gender inclusive programs and definitions of like of what gender is wouldn't be implemented at the UN. So this sort of like rad FM conservative Catholic alliance is very old and most of the people who are in it will deny that that's what they were doing. But it is like this is this is Catholic Church shit. The Pope literally had a rant about how gender ideology was colonialism like a week ago is like. And the Pope does the same demonic rhetoric as these people and I mean, yeah, so believe it for him. It makes sense from him. That's his thing. That's his literal job. Yeah, which admittedly also it's like sir, you are the Pope like shut the fuck up about colonization man like just don't like you know from Latin America that doesn't fucking excuse you like the Catholic church. The Catholic church famously never never never done colonization. But yeah, these words were invented by anti trans activists to dehumanize transgender people and frame being trans as itself this dangerous ideology or a mental illness in a need of curing. CPAC speakers consistently in vote like grooming and pedophilia stuff in their in their long anti LGBTQ hate rants. Lauren Bobbert claimed that educators are attempting to do groom children. By going the lips of tiktok stuff that got popular in 2021 and 2022. Tulsi Gabbard was at CPAC. She basically claimed that LGBTQ plus people were trying to gain acceptance for pedophiles by labeling them as minor attracted persons and allowing them to teach in schools. This is another conspiracy theory that lips of tiktok has boosted for a long time. By the way, I want to hold a fucking good share, which is that there were a lot of people who like plan to be leftist to in like 2018, 2019, 2020 were like telling all of us that Tulsi Gabbard was a leftist. It was like the only anti-immunilist. Not sensed. Very clearly a fascist. Fuck. She like no, fuck off. You were wrong. Please admit you were wrong. Please be more careful about who you're going to fucking back so you don't end up backing this fucking like weird pedo jacketing dipshit. But you know who you should back. Oh, God. It is. Almost. Almost. Almost. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I have a plan. Matt Gates spoke about an instant in Virginia, which the right wing media sphere has spread disinformation about Tulsi Freyman as an instance of a trans student abusing inclusive bathroom policies to attack young girls. Just spreading all kinds of misinformation and disinformation from these right wing hate websites that that is why they exist is to propagate disinformation. Marjorie Taylor Green target agenda affirming healthcare, praising her current reintroduction of the 2022 protect Children's Innocence Act in the house, a bill which would make it a felony to provide a gender affirming care to minors, a green spread the lies and disinformation made popular by Matt Walsh, that gender affirming healthcare is designed to quote mutilate your kids and quote chemically castrate them. That we've debunked on the show before and many others have debunked. Trump gave a pretty pretty bad transphobic speech to close out the conference on the one side. He said that he would keep men out of women's sports, but then closed out CPAC by saying quote, he would revoke every Biden policy promoting the sexual mutilation and chemical castration of our youth and I will ask Congress to send me a bill prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states. Unquote. I don't want to include Trump's stuff here because I find his voice to be slightly annoying. Anyway, moving, moving on. Donald Trump more annoying than Michael Knowles. Shocking. So hard. Challenge level almost impossible. Speaking speaking of Michael Knowles, he gave a speech at CPAC where he advocated that transgendarism must be eradicated to thunderous applause. Now I'm going to play this whole clip here, bear with me. There can be no middle way in dealing with transgendarism. It is all or nothing. If transgendarism is true, if men really can become women, then it's true for everybody of all ages. If transgendarism is false, as it is, if men really can't become women as they cannot, then it's false for everybody too. And if it's false, then we should not indulge it. Especially since that indulgence requires taking away the rights and customs of so many people. If it is false, then for the good of society and especially for the good of the poor people who have fallen prey to this confusion, transgendarism must be eradicated from public life entirely. The whole preposterous ideology at every level. Pretty bad stuff. Not great to hear a room full of people applaud someone who's very clearly talking about the eradication of an entire group of people. I want to specifically point out the from public life thing because that was something that, you know, like back when the first bathroom bills were happening in 2016, right? You know, like people like trans people who were following this stuff, you know, the thing everyone said was they're trying to erase trans people from public life, right? Because that's what happens when you can't use a restroom in public, right? It's like a limited ability to just exist in the public sphere. And we've gotten to a point now where they can just fucking say what we, you know, what we all knew they wanted from the beginning. And that's terrifying. And remember when I hit the kind of uncanny valley space, like when I hit the space where I freak people out no matter what bathroom I used, you know, it's like a very conscious thing where I remember it because I pick which bathroom to use based on safety, right? And like depending on my presentation, it's wildly different depending on what kind of space I'm in. It's wildly different. I don't know. I just remember really consciously the first time. I like just I picked the men's room and then got like double takes about why was I in there? And it's just like, Oh, I like can't do anything anymore. Yeah. No, absolutely. After Nol's speech at CPAC arguing for the eradication of transgenderism, quote, unquote, daily wire hosts, including Matt Walsh defended him by saying, quote, we are in a war against the most deranged ideology ever invented by the human race. We are fighting to eradicate the ideological equivalent of a parasitic infection. But is it term like eradicate over the top? Does it have a needlessly militant tone? No, definitely not. The tone may be militant, but not needlessly so. We are after all in a war and lives are at stake. We are in a war against the most deranged ideology ever invented by the human race. Plain and simple. We are fighting to eradicate the ideological equivalent of a parasitic infestation. And the parasite gender ideology seeks to not only brainwash a generation of children, not only degrade an appropriate womanhood, but also hand manhood, by the way, but also and most fundamentally, it seeks to eat away at truth itself. This is this is coming from somebody who glibly refers to himself as a theocratic fascist. And in cases like this, when they tell you who they are, you should fucking believe them. Like the first bit of that clip is like pretty bad, very clearly fascistic. It's checking all of the boxes. But then I'm going to continue on to the second part of this clip. And it is incredibly chilling. Can we point out about how his poor choice and plot is also degrading to masculinity? Really? He is the greatest threat to masculinity right now because of his plan choice. And eradication of gender ideology, total defeat is the only option because there's no compromise with it. There's no living side by side with it. There's no finding common ground. The gender ideologue wants to destroy your culture and your children. You will either rise up against it or lose everything to it. Or so fucked. It's so Nazi. Like, quote, total defeat is the only option. The gender ideologue wants to destroy your culture and your children. That is less than a stone throw away from we must have secured the existence of our people in the future for white children. It's right there. It's so clear. I think there's like a tiny grain of truth in it, which is that they are very, very, very close to permanently losing the battle over where the trans people can exist. And that's why they're doing this, right? Because the only... So support for trans people getting health care is like 60%, right? The only thing they have left is just straight up genocide. Because if they don't fucking kill us all now, right? And they don't right now act to make it impossible for future trans people to be trans, right? They are going to lose. And I will talk about this towards the end of the episode. This is kind of part of my thesis on this. And this is something that Michael Knowles himself actually admits. And one of Michael Knowles first shows after CPAC, he suggests that eradicating transgendarism would be a simple matter of returning to the state of affairs in 2015. To eradicate transgendarism from public life. And it's a good question. I'm glad people are talking about that. That was the point of my speech. What would it mean to eradicate the preposterous ideology of transgendarism from public life at every level? But simply eradicating transgendarism from public life would mean behaving as American society did before, say, 2015. Before, around 2015, we did not have any acceptance of transgendarism in public life. So in just like a grim moment of serality in the middle of that clip, Knowles does an ad read for a company called Rabbit Air, which is an air purifier company who has an office in Pasadena, California. Oh, she's fucking pissed. Oh, but Knowles goes on to blame Obama for leading this wave of trans acceptance in public life. Now, this whole 2015 thing is very funny to me, because in a lot of ways, it was actually kind of easier to be trans in 2015 than it is right now. But I think that this is mostly that like for conservatives, it's mostly that young trans people are simply more visible now, mostly due to things like TikTok. Like there's just, there's a more visible presence of trans joy and trans people living. And that is angering conservatives. So they think it's just like some new recent thing. And because Michael Knowles didn't add break for Rabbit Air, who again has an office in Pasadena, California, I too am going to do an ad break for our fine sponsors. All right. And we're back. We are, we are almost done. I only have like one or two more clips to show. I like the ad for Rabbit Air. That just played. She fuck off. So in Michael Knowles case, I think he isn't even primarily against just like trans equality. He is against modernity. Now when I say modernity, I'm not referring to like industrial civilization and it's many consequences for humans and the planet at large. Right wing anti-modernism is very different than like anarchist anti-sive ideas. This idea of modernism isn't really tied to industrial developments. It's more linked to a psychospiritual antagonism against modern social progress. It's more akin to the esoteric, super fascist, Julius Ebola's idea of like revolt against the modern world and how liberalism is like a plague against moral society and causing mass degeneracy. Michael Knowles own Twitter bio reads quote, I am completely opposed to the error of the modernists. Again, when these people tell you tell you who they are, you have to believe them. Next to this week during a speech at the University of Buffalo, Knowles laid out a plan to attack quote, the logic of so called gay marriage, the right to fornication and the feminists who loosened divorce laws. Yeah, I think it's worth pointing out here, right? I think the actual reason why 2015 is the year that he picked out of his head is that 2015 is the year that game that gay marriage was legalized by his Supreme Court. So like that, like 99% chance that he means like 2015 before game marriage is the thing that he wants to go back to. But here's a clip of him talking about how conservatives have continued to lose the battleground at a whole bunch of topics and how he's going to try to win them back. Now even many conservatives accept so called gay marriage and they have to accept gay marriage. If they accept the illogic of the sexual revolution, which held that all sexual relations are fine and dandy so long as they're consensual. After the sexual revolution, the only test for sexual ethics became if it feels good, do it. For most of American history, just so you know why I believe that. For most of American history, there were all sorts of laws against certain sexual behaviors. There were famously laws against satiny, but there were lots of other laws as well. Laws against fornication, laws against adultery, laws against plenty of other destructive sexual behaviors. Those laws were on the books as recently as 2003 when liberals on the Supreme Court discovered in the Constitution some sort of right to all of those things. He wants all these things to become illegal again. That is his political project. To quote Erie Drenand, quote, none of this is a theoretical exercise after banning drag or gender from a care for minors, the Tennessee House yesterday passed a bill that would allow local officials to refuse same sex, interfaith or interracial marriages. Now, last year, we titled some of our episodes that cover this wave of anti-transitax, quote, like the war on trans people, unquote. And even like considering the origin of this podcast, I am often hesitant to entertain fantasies of actual civil conflict in the United States. But in this case, like they are the ones who are killing us and trying to make our very existence illegal. It is them who has initiated this type of militant language. The last clip I have here is of Matt Walsh talking about just that. We aren't even remotely done. Okay. This is honestly only the beginning. We've got a lot more in store for you. I promised you a year ago that we were going to war here and I kept that promise I'll keep this one too. There is much more to be done that needs to be done and we aim to do it. So the battle continues, whether you like it or not. The battle continues. So a few days ago, the governor of Mississippi brought Matt Walsh to speak during an official press conference about the signing of House Bill 1-1-2-5, a banning gender affirming health care for minors. The presence of Matt Walsh at a state of Mississippi official press conference is a clear example of fascism being inserted into the governmental process. And speaking of bills, I'm going to hand this over to Mia to now talk about some of the legislative stuff. Yay. Wow. So this is going to be a long one. I'm sorry, folks. Yeah. Unfortunately, the list of ways in which they are trying to kill us is long. Yeah, this is the inevitable result of that. In one of the very early clips, right, I think, I don't know what you can't remember what one was. Maybe it was Kenneth Owens talked about like our public system media matters, right? Yes. And I think there is a lot of cases, I think there's a lot of merit to not covering this shit when it's specifically people like, like, very specific, like Alex Jones does this, right? It specifically incredibly inflammatory is a way to sort of get media attention to him. Yeah. But in this case, we can't fucking do that because all of the policy proposals that these people want are getting actually fucking implemented. So here's from the human rights campaign about how bad things have gotten less than two months into 2023. Human rights campaign is already tracking 340 anti-LGBTQ bills that have been introduced in state houses across the country. I think it's over 400. Yeah, it's this. Yeah, I was going to get this. Those numbers are from early, some of them are from early February, right? Or mid February. Now, yeah, it's something like over 400. It's really hard to get actual totals because there are so fucking many of them. 150 of those would specifically restrict the rights of transgender people, the highest number of bills targeting transgender people in a single year to date. They also note, as everyone else does, every single successive year breaks the record for the most number of bills targeting trans people. Yeah, those numbers are already out of date. Okay, so on the one hand, right, there are real problems with projects that just track the raw number of bills. And on the one hand, the raw numbers are, I think, a good way of actually getting people to understand the level of threat that is happening, just sort of the raw magnitude of the threats. On the other hand, okay, it's kind of misleading in the sense that almost all these bills are going to fail because most of these, most most, and this is the incredible important thing here, most, but not all, most of these bills are made by just random state lawmakers with no political backing. And this allows organizations, you know, sort of like a lot of the nonprofit groups who work in these sort of legislative spaces to like claim credit for defeating like 90% of the bills. So like most of those, like almost none of them were ever going to pass in the first place. And the second thing that it does is it puts this sort of cloud out, which makes it really, really difficult. You know, if you're just being, if you're, if you're trying to follow, right, the sort of legislative process here, it gets very, very hard because it's, it's very difficult to sort out which bills have any chance of passing in which ones are just some random dipshit like first term, like, I don't know, some, some, some, some like first term lawmaker from like a part of Mississippi that is two lawmakers, right? Like, but so my, my, my solution to this is we're going to run through the bills that have already been passed. Um, I guess we should just start in Mississippi because we've sort of already talked about, yeah, government rate reason, fighting that wall she had a speech at the bill signing ceremony. So in Mississippi, a law was passed called the REAP Act, which, you know, that's, that's great. It's a, that, that, that tells you exactly what they fucking mean by this. Uh, this is a bill that bands, and this is a very, very common pattern for bills. Um, it bands miners of getting hormones from getting any kind of gender affirming surgery and blocks anyone from getting puberty blockers. Um, we've said this before. We'll say it again. All of this stuff is good. Kids should be able to get these things. Kids should be able to get these things easier. They, they, they, they, they, like, just unfathomably improve the lives of the children to get them. They make it all of all of the data supports this notion. This has been normalized for literally decades. Yeah. And I mean, puberty blockers in particular is, is one of the things that's become the focus of like, oh, it's not safe. It's like puberty blockers were the compromise position, right? And this is something that I think has been lost in a lot of debate about this because, you know, we've gone to the point where everything is being banned, but puberty blockers, you know, we're a compromise position because you could give people puberty blockers without like actually giving trans kids to hormones that they need. And even that had, we, you know, we're at a point where states just full on banning kids from getting them. This sucks. It's awful. It is killing trans kids. Um, Mississippi also has a band, one of the other things about this specific one, and not, not all the states are doing it. But this specific bill also bans state money from going to any institution that practices, like it does gender for back hair for minors. Yeah. They also have an anti sports law. So you can, you know, you can see the sort of like, how, how the dominoes went down in terms of like, I, sorry, you can see how the dominoes fell down in terms of where it started and where it was going, right? You, first you get your anti-bathom log and you get your sort of like, keep trans people out of sports. And then you get the healthcare lawyers. Yeah. Yeah. So I will also has a band that's, you know, basically, I'd had to, identical ban on hormone gender, firming surgery and puberty blockers. They also passed a bill that bans trans kids from using bathrooms and locker rooms according to the gender and elementary, middle and high schools. And I want to talk a little bit about this because this is going to lead to kids getting fucking raped because it turns out if you force a trans girl into a men's locker room, things are going to go real fucking bad for them. They don't give a shit about this, right? They simply do not care. But that's, you know, that that's, that's, that's the actual substantive results. I will also pass. I've seen a virus who refers to as like, I don't say trans or like, I don't say LGBTQ plus bill. This is a bill that prohibits teachers who teach either from kindergartners to sick grade from teaching about transness, like at all you can't teach about gender, you can't teach about like sex, you can't teach about, you know, you can't teach about the fact that you can in fact change your gender and it's good and cool. The human rights campaign says quote, this bill would also prohibit schools from providing gender, affirming accommodations for their for transgender students without parental consent and would require school staff to out transgender students. So I read this bill and it's not clear to me how it requires that, but that's what the lawyers are saying. So it may or may not require that. This is another thing very specifically. This is an everything that that that's been happening in the sort of newer waves of these laws are laws that specifically require school counselors, teachers and school staff to out their kids, like to out kids to their parents, which is unbelievably dangerous. Um, in the last few years alone, there have been a bunch of trans people who are just killed by their parents and you know, forcibly outing people is like you're, you're exposing them to the risk of abuse, you're exposing them to the risk of unsafe housing environments. No, it's just a little soft whack by your grandma. I remember just a little, a little tap on the head. Yeah, yeah, he was going to fucking beat you to death. So these bills in Iowa have been passed by the House in the Senate and they're just like they're just like sitting on a desk waiting for the governor to sign them and the governor's going to. So yeah, that's the situation in Iowa. In Arkansas, you have the the hormone puberty blocker gender-firmary surgery band. The Arkansas one is on hold because, you know, and this is a, this is true for a couple of these is that people have done legal challenges on it. And yeah, the Arkansas particular side of huge legal fight. We still don't know how that's, I mean, legal fights are going on for like a year. We still haven't gotten a ruling on it yet. They also have a, a band on trans kids competing in sports. Alabama made it a classy felony punishable by up to a decade in prison to give transgender kids hormones, puberty blockers, gender-firmary surgery. This one's also interesting because it's the only bill. So most of these ones when they do, when they say minors, right, it's until you're 18, you can't get it. For whatever reason, Alabama, it also bans 18 year olds from getting any of these things. You just have to be 19. That's weird. Yeah. Part, part of the bill, you know, about hormone blockers. So, okay, so specifically the part of the parts of this bill that are about hormones and hormone blockers are on hold pending sort of resolution to legal challenges, but the judge was like, fuck it, you can do the surgery ban. So that sucks. Um, Alabama also has bills that's, you know, have the whole trans kids in schools can't use the right bathroom and, you know, teachers, counselors, other school officials have to out them. Uh, they also have another Don't Say Trans bill that does a very similar thing about you, you banned teachers from talking about trans, it's until sixth grade. I think a lot of these bills are written by like lobbying groups who just have the unpaced the same thing and say a whole bunch of different states. I will say there are weird differences in them. Like, so you'll see like different completely scatter shot, like definitions of what hormones are or like, like some of these bills try to define what a woman is and it's very fine because they have to like do all this weird stuff about like clusters of like chromosomes, but also there's like, chromosomal diseases like you can't do this like a fuck off. It's so funny. We should also mention that like, there will be more reporting on this later. This bill, this episode is already too long, but there've been a bunch of emails released from a bunch of anti trans sort of organizers and fake scientists and stuff about how they have been coordinating all of this and a lot of the experts that they use for testimony for all of they show up to these capitals are like exactly the same people and the big guy they have saying that puberty blockers is unsafe, like has never worked with a trans person in their life and has no fucking idea what they're talking about. So you know, this is fun. Utah also bans, also past a ban banning gender affirming surgeries, puberty blockers and hormones, they also have a ban, also have a bill forcing students and counselors to out their students to their families. Last year, Utah governor Spencer Cox was praised by the media for a symbolic veto of a bill that made it illegal for trans students to compete in sports. Cox signed this fucking bill, signed the one that bands of gender affirming surgery is puberty blockers and hormones. Yeah, I think we're talking about this last year. Yeah, I want to, we talked about some Utah thing last year. Yeah, well, we talked about what was in vetoing that bill. I want to read his thing for why he packed, why so he vetoed the bill that was less bad and signed the one that's worse and I'm going to read what he said about this. Quote, while we understand our words will be of little comfort to those who disagree with us, we sincerely hope that we can treat our transgender families with more love and respect as we work to better understand the science and consequences behind these procedures. Fuck off, fuck all the way off. He's trying to avoid the nerve trials. I look as a neutral as a neutral objective journalist, I'm obligated to inform you that Spencer Cox was a full-time missionary for the Mormon Church, which is currently embroiled in a pedophilia scandal after is revealed to have systematically protected church members and members of the clergy who sexually abused children from church sanctions and legal repercussions. Under Utah law, clergy have the right of penitent privilege, which means they are not required to report child abuse to the authorities as long as the information is revealed to be confession. Both the Mormon and Catholic churches, along with Jehovah's Witnesses, have lobbied against all efforts to change this law. Earlier this month, survivors of the Mormon Church rallied in support of a bill that would have ended a pedident privilege. Spencer Cox publicly announced his support for the bill being considered in a legislature, but did nothing to pressure legislators to vote for. And as of time of recording, the bill is dead, leaving the church free to protect yet another round of pedophiles. Also his name is Cox. Yeah. So South Dakota also, I could do this for every fucking governor on this list, and I decided I was going to do it once and not do it for all the rest of them, but fuck them. South Dakota has a sports bill. They also have a ban on puberty blockers hormones, gender-firmary surgery. Arizona has an anti-bathroom bill. Tennessee has a sports ban. It has the basically identical ban on puberty blockers hormones, gender-firmary surgery. And it also has this, it also has what's been kind of a new innovation, I guess, which is the anti, they have an anti-drag law. Yeah. This is the one that's gotten the most amount of traction and has sparked some debate over how much of it can actually be applied against just trans people living their lives because it is tied to the state's preexisting obscenity laws. So there's been some debate about this. We will learn more about this as it starts being enforced by law enforcement and the court system. Yeah. I want to talk about it. It's not good. I want to talk about it a little bit more. So this specific bill, it makes it legal for anyone to be under Asia drag show and it basically applies like the rules around the sex offender list for where you can have drag shows. So Governor William Bryan Lee, who signed this bill did drag in high school, which I'm saying here not to point out the hypocrisy, like Governor Lee doesn't see anything, any prepocracy here. But to get across the fact, the Republicans who want to do this stuff will still be able to, this bill is targeted at a very, very specific group of people. This jewels, Gil Peterson points out in their piece to left hand to the law, which people should go read. This is an attack on a very specific, precarious class of workers, many of whom are trans, some of whom aren't who do drag performances. This is, this is, it's a very specific attempt to sort of like neutralize, okay, it's targeting this very specific middle ground between sort of like being in the formal economy and doing sex work, there were an enormous amount of trans people who do sex work. Drag shows provide a way to sort of like not exactly enter the middle class, but it provides a legal way for trans people to like have a job that's not fucking that. And those, and those workers are specifically the people being targeted by this weirdly. I don't know. The other thing that's unclear is for example, like if a podcast does a live show where there's trans people, like what will happen, we don't know. But the other thing I want to say about this right is everyone's talking about this fucking drag bill. I have seen like basically zero discussion of the fact that they also passed the same fucking band on Pubede block or Torment's gender affirming surgery, which is way, way more destructive and damaging. It's like, but directly attacking. So I think I want to push back about the, the like, yeah, like what you're talking about about like what will happen if you do a live show like what will happen? Because to trans people who live in these states, the state I live in as a red state, well, it's not supposed to be, but as a red state. And you know, is considering a drag bill and things like that. And I recognize that they're like aimed. They're targeted specifically at drag performances. But there's a fairly easy interpretation of a lot of these things that literally says I can't go to the grocery store. And that is how like a lot of trans people in Tennessee are viewing this right now. And so I don't think it's, it's a disproportionate thing that the drag bill is something that a lot of people are focusing on. I mean, we all care also about the hormone issues or whatever, but the Tennessee passing the drag law that other states are considering is a new bad thing that could criminalize our very public existence. Yeah, that is part of the kind of discussion around this laws ties to the preexisting obscenity laws and that will heavily depend on the discretion that law enforcement chooses to employ this law. And if it gets taken up to like the court system, how the court's going to interpret this law. So it is like the vagueness is part of the point because that causes a lot of fear because you really just don't know what it all entails. And yeah, that's fucking weird because you don't know if you going to the store is going to be a felony or not. And how are you supposed to live like that? Yeah. And it, I don't know. The sort of pervasive atmosphere of fear is definitely like part of the point of this, right? Like part of the way the sort of extermination campaign works is by forcing everyone to sort of live in fear of what what they can and can't do and also live in fear specifically of the police increasing the amount of violence that they're deploying. Yeah. I mean, and all this stuff like like we talked about, it is specifically targeting people's ability to exist in a public life, which is whenever you want to do a genocide, that's one of the things you do is you make people unable to exist in public life. This is literally what the Nazis did, right? Like you section them off into their own little communities where they cannot actually leave and enter into the outside world. Yep. So so far as of writing this, there are seven states with bands and gender for me care for youth. I was about to come number eight whenever the governor gets around to signing the bill. There are 19 states that band trans athletes from competing. There are a number of states. Oh, so other stuff for a couple of times. So there's like literally while I was like, while I was like waiting to record this episode, there were a few things that happened in like the legislature. So in Florida, there was a bill that got just got out of committee that would ban LGBTQ books like in all libraries, not just sort of school libraries. So I don't know that that actually has a real chance of passing because it's Florida. There's a lot of movement right now. The situation is very, very sort of fluid and bad is. Yes. Yeah. How would say it? It is. I think one closing note, I will save my kind of my ending thesis to start the next episode just because we're going on so long here. But the last thing I will say is I be wary of social media accounts that depend on ramping up and spreading panic to grow their follower accounts. Typically news, news aggregation accounts are not the best source of information because their existence is entirely dependent on causing panic. So look into the things beyond just a tweet, look into stuff before you spread it just as a general rule of thumb. I'm not calling anybody out here in any way. I'm just saying it is a good practice to get into, especially when we're looking into stuff that is about our very existence being criminalized and that can be very depressing. And it can suck to be constantly bombarded with. So it's good to stay connected to stuff that's going on in your own state. It's good to stay connected to bills that have a decent transit passing. But be wary of undue panic spreading just constantly nonstop because a big part of being trans needs to also be like finding joy in living. Yeah. I think the very last thing I want to say that we need to this next episode is we're not fucking done yet. We are still here. We're going to continue to be here. We are going to kick these people's fucking shit in. And we are going to fight them for every fucking engine they are going to lose. And next episode is going to be us talking about how we can start doing that. Planning a sun and sand vacation should be fun. Not stressful. Apple vacations makes planning your getaway easy with a selection of all inclusive resorts all around the world. It's like turning on easy mode. You can explore the soft white sands of the Caribbean, swim in the Pacific blue waters of Mexico or travel across the Atlantic to the shores of Europe with the inclusive collection. Part of high at hotels and resorts. The choice is yours. Planning an apple vacation has never been easier. Turn on easy mode at Hold up a second. 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Anyway, I think it is interesting with the daily wires trying to do here because they obviously saw what is a woman, the documentary, the quote unquote documentary by Matt Walsh last year get incredible traction online and boost their subscription service. So now they're they're doubling dead on this because this is how they're going to try to make content. And they are trying out as many rhetorical styles and arguments as possible just to see what sticks like it really feels like they're just doing like the shotgun method of like throwing every single possible reason that turns people are icky up against the wall and seeing which one like catches on like they're doing the they're doing a ban and transgenderism entirely. What is a woman groomers? They can't be genocide it because they don't exist attacking transgenderism as a cover for trans people. Right. So it's all these various various tactics, all these different rhetorical strategies calling them demonic. It's it's it's very much trying to be like if we if we if we throw up as much stuff as possible attacking and demonizing trans people some of these trends will catch on online right. Some of these will will catch on will be spread to legislators eventually something will stick and that is that is very much the tactic that they are trying to use. And I think this is a point I wanted to make last episode. But I think it's still it's it's useful to hear now kind of in retrospect. Everything all of the like extremism that you heard in in the last episode all of these like very very fascist talking points. This is what conservatism is now right like this is the mainstream new right sure you can call it fascist because by definition it it is. But sometimes that term fascist or fascism it carries with it this false sense of foreign in this it has like this it has like this displacement in time right. Because people view fascism as something that happens elsewhere or something that happened in the past. So by by just referring to this stuff as fascist it creates a distance in people's minds this this this like exotic in probability. But this stuff is like the mainstream conservative platform that the up and coming leaders of the conservative movement are trying to normalize that this was like the main talking point at CPAC which is like the biggest conservative convention in the entire country. It is this stuff is is what the conservative platform is now. And I think it is it is just as important to emphasize that this is what the modern conservative mainstream is and it is it is it is just as important to say that as it is to tie it and tie this rhetoric to the history of fascism because the over to the window is certainly accelerating right. Like this thing can both be heavily steeped in the history of fascist rhetoric and also be like the new up and coming version of the conservative right that the daily wire and its allies are trying to normalize. And I just think that that is that is something that I am trying to focus on a little bit more when I when I'm doing my writing and my research in these topics is that we often will use terms like fascist because these things are are are pretty fascist and I want to make sure that doesn't like create this false distance in people's minds when they when they think about these bills when they and when they think about this rhetoric. Yeah and I think I think the the the the way in which this is simply what the modern right is demands a different kind of response than a lot of what we've been seeing so far. Yeah, you can't simply try to catch them in their contradictions. You can't simply catch them in their hypocrisy every every tactic that liberals tried to use against Trump in the lead up to his election and even Republicans tried to use those tactics aren't going to be successful here because they weren't successful back then. You can't you can't like outthink them in in that in that in that way. Well, but the reason that you like when you when you call out say the governor of Tennessee or a lieutenant governor or whatever of Tennessee for about his hypocrisy and how he dressed and dragon stuff, it's not that the thing that that does to defend it a little bit to that calling out is it doesn't make his supporters. It doesn't change his mind. It doesn't expose him as a hypocrite to his base, but it does expose him as a hypocrite to his enemies. And I think it is worth understanding that are the people who have declared us their enemies. It's worth understanding that they are not like morally consistent actors. You know, it is worth understanding that they don't believe the things they are saying. A lot of their base does. Yeah. But so I actually do think that there is a point. All of the shit talk on Trump and or whatever. I think might be part of how Trump didn't get elected again is because he as he got more and more defensive, he looked more and more ridiculous, not to his base, but to to the middle, which is basically the Democrats at this point. Yeah, it was able to recruit like a growing moderate oppositional force, which was what beat Trump. Trump was not beaten because people liked Biden. He was beaten because he didn't like Trump. And I think you are right in having that beat. That is a point to focus on. I think it's important to mention that like fascists do not believe in the absurdity of what they say. It is that that is not necessary to maintain fascism. And I think so the position that we're at right now is a very, very strange one for the left, which is that we are in a position where, you know, when the Republicans tried to run on this shit in in 2022, they got destroyed, right? This is this is actually have mass popularity. This is what I wanted to talk about next. I have this. This is the very last section I have written is on this topic because yeah, this off putting focus on like a genocide and like the culture war stuff seemed to hurt conservatives in the last election cycle. Yeah, really. And yet again, they are they are still doubling down on it. Voters in some swing states were turned off by the focus on the regression of queer rights instead of like actually addressing material conditions. This strategy though is a core concept of the fascist project, right? Instead of addressing material conditions under capitalism to improve people's lives, right wing populists will conjure up this culture war, bilgay man to blame all of like society's problems on and to talk about the social war that is contributing to degeneracy. I also think that they're winning unfortunately not winning in a broader sense, but in terms of yes, this is a very unpopular issue that they're doubling down on, but I think that you know, I've seen studies where like a higher percentage of the US population supports anti-trans stuff than did two years ago. It's still a minority thing to hate trans people, but it is a growing minority. Yes, which is why like we're talking about how in a lot of ways it's easy to be trans in 2015 than it is now. And kind of on that point, I'm going to play the very final clip of Michael Nolz. We will never have to hear his voice again, hopefully. His annoying little voice. But I'm going to play a bit of a longer clip from him. And this is from his initial like ban trans-genderism entirely rant. And I'm only going to play this because he actually makes a point that we ourselves have made before when discussing this topic. The conservative right is desperately trying to play catch up, right? Us who believe in like liberation and freedom have been winning historically. And the rights getting very scared and desperate. So in response, they're introducing all of these bills, right? And they're accelerating this types of elimination is rhetoric. But in this clip, Michael Nolz provides us with our pathway to victory. We cannot simply hold our ground on these issues. We have to keep pushing forward because as long as we keep going forward and get on the offense, the right will be stuck playing a catch up forever. And it reminds us of a truth in politics that Republicans all too often forget. You're either on offense or you're on defense. You're either making gains in the culture or you're losing ground in the culture. There's no standing still. There's no status quo. There's no neutrality. And what the conservatives have screwed up on for at least 50 years now, probably more is the lives make some crazy aggressive play. And then we try to dial it back by about 5 to 10 percent. Or worse, we try to slow it down by about 5 to 10 percent. So the lives attack the family through feminism, the fundamental political institution. They claim that men and women are basically the same. That takes the culture pretty far to the left and then conservatives try to try to inshit back a little bit. But by the time they're even thinking about inching it back, the lives push forward with the normalization of other sexual practices. They agree with this. I'm not sure if they're that far. Yeah. And then by the time the conservatives are trying to dial that back, the lives that they've lurched much further to the left. They're trying to redefine marriage now. They're saying redefine marriage. Well, I don't know. I guess we could come to some kind of terms with a civil union and by the time you say that, whoop! They've lurched even further to the left. Now they're saying actually we've got transgenderism. Actually now a man can become a woman. A man can become a woman. Okay, but maybe we shouldn't do it to my, by the time we say, whoop! Oh my gosh, we're now all the way off the screen. Because now they're trying to trans the kids. And there aren't many conservatives now who are saying, look, if you're a man and you want to put on address, that's fine, but just don't do it to children. Just don't make me pay for it. No. That is such an interesting little cliff. No, I mean, it's funny because this is like, this is what I've been saying for a long time since about 2015 or so, like looking at the rise all this shit and you know, Trump and all that, is that we were winning culturally. I hate the word culture war now. I mean something different. It means arguing about guns or whatever. But like, we were winning on a cultural front very dramatically. And like, I would point to Stephen Universe as the evidence that we are winning. Yes. You know, and then they basically had to play to their strengths. And he's talking about, he's like, look, it's funny that so much that is happening on a cultural front because it is not a conservative strength. They have some cards in their hand when it comes to cultural stuff, you know, the anti-moderity stuff, when it does weird, anti-Semitic, you know, almost anti-capitalism or whatever. That's like a strong card they like pulling out all the time. But conservatives overall are not very good at the cultural thing. But their good at is politics and violence. And so they're playing to their immediate strengths as hard and fast as they can because they're on their back foot. Yeah. No, they are defaulting to advocating physical violence and enforcing their world view with violence and doing stuff on like the political legislative front. Because they've realized just screaming about trans people isn't enough. They have to actually start dedicating millions and millions and millions of dollars to pushing these through state legislative cycles, which is why the daily wire has spent the past month and a half harping on this so hard as the legislative cycle for 2023 is starting to like ramp up. Yeah. And I think there's another thing here, which is the sort of fundamental disparity, you know, the fact that they've chosen this front, right? There's a fundamental disparity in what they have to do versus what we have to do, right? And this is a giant sort of shift in a way that I don't think has, we don't, I don't think the left really has much experience with, right? Which is like the thing that is happening in the US right now is that we are the silent majority. Like this is true. When, like consistently over and over again, when you, when you look at polling on these issues, right? Like just regular people are like, what the fuck are you guys doing? Right. Yeah. And that, you know, we have, those people haven't been mobilized. And you know, it doesn't matter if you're a majority as long as these sort of like, you know, because again, like who, who the actual majority is in the US or like who actually, what, what actual regular people believe has very, very little impact on the kinds of policies that are that are sort of enacted. But you know, but there's a second sort of issue here, right? Which is the conservatives have like because of the fact that we are right now, the sort of silent majority that we have a kind of, I guess, you know, the Gromsey and thing would be like hegemony, right? But like we have, we have an advantage in just how average people behave, right? They have to kill us. They have to fucking kill us. They have to make it legal for us to exist. And they could do this, right? There is a real, there is a real possibility that they can win, right? They are winning on this rent right now. This is what they are, you know, in the places where they have power, this is what they are doing. All we really have to do is survive. Because if we survive and we're able to stop them, you know, even if we don't get sort of like Argentina style, like we're going to have like hiring mandates for trans people, right? Like even if we just hold the ground that we already have, we will win inevitably, right? Like the sort of march of where, of where the culture has been going will favor us. Most people will be able to sort of exist in public trans people will be able to survive unless they kill us right now. And that's sort of that's the sort of the key thing that that knows has realized, right? This is the critical moments where either we win and we and trans people get to continue our lives or they kill us. I would argue that it's not just kill us. I think that even though we're listening to all this extermination is rhetoric, I think that the odds are that most of these people don't actually envision a future where they're like rounding us up and putting us in camps and gassing us. I think that overall it's a drive back into the closet. I actually take them at their word that they want to destroy transgenderism. And if transgender people have to die along the way, that's on us. But if we put on appropriate clothing and shut the fuck up, like I actually think that that would suit them just fine. And so I actually do think they have to kill transgenderism. I think that's true now, but I don't know how true that is as they keep actually having to implement their... But they don't think being trans actually exists, right? They think it just is people doing these things. So as long as trans people are able to for one, maybe even not even realize their trans to repress that and just live their lives as if they were a cis person, that's what conservatives think trans people already are. And I think that is a large part of it is making us just not able to be trans in public life at all in any capacity. I think that's true, but I don't think they can... I don't think their political path allows them to maintain that position. Like I don't think they can... You know, one of the things that's happening with right right now is they're doing this feedback loop, right? Where they get... Like, where there's sort of media people, right, are continuously radicalized by their base, their base radicalized them back. And I don't think they can maintain an equilibrium position that doesn't involve like we have to hunt all these people down to make sure they don't go after our kids. Like I don't think they're doing that now. I don't think they're planning that now, but it's... I don't know how they can keep up this cycle without eventually getting to something like that. It's worth being prepared for that type of possibility. But the kind of thing that I feel really strongly about with all of this is to like really not... The sky is falling, but it's not falling the way that we sometimes say it is. And when we say this guy is falling in a way that people look around like, oh, that's not how this guy is falling to me, then people get like, well, actually, I think you all are being hyperbolic, right? Yes. So I think that we do need to be really clear that they are open to the possibility of mass murder in us. And they are actively discussing individual acts of violence being very justified against us. But currently, I believe the thing that they are trying to do is eradicate the concept of being trans as a thing you can do in American society. And of course, there's a lot of people who believe in death before detransition and all fucking power to... I don't even know where I fall in all this shit. I'm not trying to... I literally don't want to pine about it because I don't want to give anyone... I don't want to tell anyone what to do about that shit, right? Everyone makes their own decisions about closeting, not closeting based on their own positions. But I think we do have to be careful about it. And I think one of the reasons is, because from my point of view, they have picked trans people not because they care so much about us, but because we're a wedge issue. We saw this in like... Actually, I don't want to name them because I don't want to get... Whatever. Like, different large coalitions of LGBT people were perfectly willing to drop the T20 years ago. In order to get certain equal rights shit passed, they just straight up like trans people did all this fucking work organizing for this shit. As soon as it got to like higher up level in the government, they were like, oh, trans people, that's gonna be a problem. We're gonna take them off of there, right? And because we are a wedge issue and we always have been, and I think the Nazis use this in a very similar way. But even within us, there's trans... Sorry, there's wedge issues within that. And so sports was the first wedge issue. I actually believe... I was reading this earlier, but I wasn't reading it for this. I wouldn't take notes. I believe that the majority of Americans do not believe that trans people should be able to compete in high school sports based on their preferred gender. I monitor the impression that that is a minority position to be trans supportive of trans athletes in school. And so that is the wedge issue that they used to open up this divide in order to then come at us. But we're still just a wedge issue. And one of the reasons I think it's so important for people to understand us as a wedge issue is so that people understand really clearly that they are not fucking stopping with us. This is absolutely about... You can hear it and that guy talking. Because one of the other things he's talking about is he's talking about women need to get back in the kitchen and be obedient to their husbands and shit. And one of the reasons that trans people scare them so much is because we like... It's so funny because by and large, trans men are left out of this discussion and trans women are seeing these like evil monsters or whatever, right? But trans men are absolutely part of it because it's massive, massive threat. Yeah, absolutely. Because it's stealing women from them. It is stealing their fucking wives that they want to have. They want to fucking own women and like... So they can't handle the idea of... Anyway, whatever. No, a lot of the things they get so mad about is when they see a young trans guy on TikTok and they like look at... Sorry, this is going to be like gross. Like look at this potentially beautiful woman who's now been ruined. Like... Yeah. Which is horrible. It saves the titties. Right. But that is... Yeah. We have so many grown men like thirsting over 14-year-old like AFAB people who are deciding that, hey, maybe I want to start HRT. Maybe I want to use different pronouns. Maybe I want to have a binder. And this they get so, so mad at that. And I think a big part of not simply... I think it is truly not enough just to hold our ground. We have to keep going forward. And a big part of that is having more intersectionality with trans-masculine people. A big part of that is having a much, much more of a focus on gender non-conforming people and non-binary people. Because we have to keep pushing it forward. We cannot simply hold our ground on this. Because if we simply hold our ground, they can pull the rug from under us. Sorry, I think that is a massive part of this. And I think I do believe that we will win. I fundamentally do because if you look at the rights of which young people, Zoomers, and even the generation younger than Zoomers, I do not know what they're called. But if you look at the amount of us who are, who self-identify as non-binary, trans, or gender non-conforming, it is so much bigger than any previous generation. Once people experience a form of freedom, it is hard to take that freedom away. There are so many people who are entering their teens and are realizing they can be so much more free and they don't need to be limited to these weird draconian dualistic notions of gender. And that's amazing. If you look at a whole new wave of actors and actresses and people in the entertainment industry, almost all of them are non-binary. The person who plays Ellie in the last of us is trans. I believe they identify as trans non-binary or some form of gender queer. But this doesn't get like- They play Ellie like that too. Anyway, I just like this. Absolutely. But this is something that keeps happening. We are going to win this because there's so many of us. And we know that it rules to exist like this. And we're not going to let them take it away. And I think that is a big part of not only standing our ground, but continuing to move forward with the confidence that we will win in the long run. Yeah. And I think that we can- and I think that like a lot of the stuff, including myself, right, I'm famously armed. I'm someone who believes in self-defense and all of these things, right? But I think that we always need to like focus on our strengths when it comes to being especially on the offense, right? And so when I think about like strategizing how do we win, the stuff that you're talking about about staying on the offensive makes so much sense. And I think that to misquote the art of war, you attack your enemy where they are weak and you are strong, you know? And so like- and they are weak at cultural creation. And I don't mean culture wars and culture war issues, right? Like art, like creativity. Yeah. Yeah. And so like we win because we say- because our ideas are good. And when we express them, people are like, oh, that sounds sick. I want to be free, right? Yeah. Now, at the same time, we need to shore up our weaknesses. And I think our weaknesses at the moment are in the political sphere, which we're on a back, we're on the back foot right now because of all the- I guess I don't track this stuff as much, but like all the judges and shit that got put in under Trump. And we are also not at our strongest. I'm not trying to like call us weak here, but like far fewer of us are like weird gun nuts and like, you know, militant strategy protectie type people. And I- we've seen us shoreing up that weakness and that rules. But I think it's always important, maybe not always, maybe there would be a time when this would shift. But overall, I don't think that's our strength. That's not where we go in the offense. That is where we stay like protecting ourselves. Yes. And- No, I think defense. Like, drink defense, screen defense. That has defense in the name. Exactly. It is crucially important. Exactly. And it also terrifies the fascist right. The fact that like that 140 pound twink can carry an AR and defend a drag show terrifies fascists. I really like destroy their brains. For sequelization is a hell of a thing. Sorry, buddy. The trigger pull is two and a half pounds. Yeah, you know what else is a fork, you force equalizer. The swords? The swords have advertised, I think. And pull arms. As long as we don't have an ad for rabbit air who has an office in Pasadena, California, I'm fine. So I think if you've listened to this show a lot, you- But they're one of the sort of sub-themes of a lot of the writing that I do is thinking about what we owe the dead. And on the face of it, it's a sort of nonsensical question, right? You can't have any kind of reciprocal relationship with someone who's dead because, you know, they're dead. And this question, this question of what we owe the dead is a question board of grief of a kind of sort of raw and immaculate anguish that comes to the memory of people who are like you in every way except that you're here and they're not. And this was written, you know, this was written several weeks ago. The people this was written for aren't even the same people that, you know, that is for now, right? The question in some sense becomes, what do we owe the people who have died and were thus denied the chance to live the lives that we do? You know, what do we owe them? What do we owe these people that we've failed to keep alive? And this has an answer. This has a very, very definite political answer. We owe them the destruction of the world that killed them. We owe them the future that they should have had and we owe them a world where they never take another one of this, another one of us again. The world is already fucking burning. It is time to start the counter fire. Now one of the things that you that you will hear a lot and this is been, this has been one of the sort of dominant responses for better or for worse from how people are thinking about these laws is that these laws, you know, these anti-trans laws are unconstitutional and that does not matter. That does not matter for shit, right? Oh, like, oh, our old friend, the Constitution. Ha, ha, ha. Like I just, I just, I just, I need, I need everyone to understand that the ability of the Supreme Court to strike down a law is not in the Constitution. None of this shit matters. They're making all of it up. The only thing that actually matters is power and to understand why the law is about power and, you know, and, and why the Galathe is not actually a, a tool that we can rely on. I want to tell the story. I'm not sure if I've told this story on, on, on this, on this podcast before, but I, I want to tell the story of the worst mistake I ever made as an activist. So the year is 2017. Donald Trump's executive order 13769, locally known as the Muslim ban has prevented people from Iran, Iraq, with a drop of rock later. Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen from entering the country. Now almost immediately after the Muslim ban is announced, there is a spontaneous wave of airport occupations that sweeps the country. And these protests have two goals. The immediate goal is to free the people who have been taking captive by immigration authorities before they can be deported. And the second goal is to end the Muslim ban more broadly. This was, this was actually my, this was my first IRL direct action. I, you know, I remember I was in this train car on the blue line to O'Hare, which is our, our airport in Chicago. And you know, I'm on this train and it's packed and everyone is completely silent. And you know, everyone thinks people are going to get off. But as, as we get to this airport, we realize that the entire train is completely full of protesters. Like everyone has a protester and it goes on and on and on. And on we get off the train, right? We're walking through the airport and the way this airport is structured is there's, like this overpass that you walk over where you can see the trains coming in. And every single train is full of protesters and the trains keep coming in. They keep coming in. They keep coming. And you know, every, every one of them, every time a train shows up, everyone starts cheering. And it is like it is, you know, one of the most amazing things I've ever been a part of. And you know, and we, we start moving and there are just, you know, this is a fucking, this is an airport, right? Like this is one of the most heavily policed places in the world. There are not enough cops to stop us. And you know, they, they make this one token attempt to try to clear us and they can't do it and they pull back. And now we are holding the airport. And we do it. We beat them. We win. The airport releases the detainees. They've been negotiating with the ACLU. The ACLU have been trying to get them released. And the person from the ACLU, like, goes, comes on the mic and announced that they've released everyone and everyone shares. And then, and then the person on the, on the ACLU personal in the mic says they're going to beat the Muslim band in court. And everyone goes home. It takes a few hours, but by the end of it, everyone goes home. And here's the thing, the ACLU, several years later, lost that case at the dream court. The Muslim band continued the entire fucking Trump administration, right? It wasn't repealed until Biden took office. We could have stopped it there, right? We held that fucking airport. Airports across the country and fucking like it's dozens and dozens of states were being held by protesters. And we could have stopped them, but we didn't. And we didn't because we trusted the courts, right? We went home. We trusted the ACLU. And they lost because again, the law is not about the law. The law is about power and millions of people suffer the consequences of that. And this is what's going to happen if we leave this fight to the courts, either we actually sort of like stand up and actually fight not in the courtroom, but in the streets, in schools, in salons and shop floors, in the places where we have power or we are going to die. That is my intro to this, which is that we cannot, we literally, like if we try to leave this to what the people who have been acting right now, right? If we leave this electoralist, if we leave this to sort of legal institutions, and if we purely fight self-defense battles, we are going to lose. Yeah. So the question from there is, how do we hit them back? And the thing that I specifically wanted to talk about first is I wanted to talk about this thing called power mapping. Now okay, the moment you say there were a map around leftists, people immediately start talking about how the map is not the terrain. And that's true. True. It is true. The map is not the terrain. There are different things. But both are useful. Yeah. Yeah. You still want a map when you're hiking, even though it's not actually the terrain. Smash the maps. Smash the maps. Walk through the map. It's a map. It's a situation that's breakfast. Walk around the city without a map. But best of the maps is sabotage the maps. Yeah, don't walk through the forest without a fucking map. And for us, the forest is dispassionate and cruel and will kill you. So what is power mapping? So there is a normal version. There is a version of this that gets, you know, it's part of sort of like what I guess you would call like the liberal version of organizer training 101, which is this like pure NGO thing, which is, you know, I guess you could argue it's from like a lens, like from Salah Linsky or whatever the fuck. And this version about it is this version is about finding and pressuring quote unquote stakeholders. This is almost completely useless to us. It's largely politically bankrupt and tactically, it is simply not going to work, right? Like there is some value in mapping out which specific like legislators in which specific governors are going to like sign bills, right? Yeah. But like, okay. And geo style pressure campaigns are not going to stop this. This is simply not going to work. And the strategies that people have been employing to sort of stop this, right, which is, you know, relying on our software and our pain and relying on medical expertise that doesn't, that doesn't work. It simply does not sway them. Yeah. Elaxid diversity of tactics. Yeah. The only language people understand is power. So okay. Having said all this, we can strategically use other groups like NGOs or sympathetic lawmakers to do their own pressure campaigns. But that is not what I'm talking about here. We can leave, we can leave those people in there to reign. They're paid to do it. Don't get sucked up into it. But you know, and I was like, okay, sometimes very strategically, right? You can show off to people's events and embarrass them because you know who they are and what they're doing. And that can be useful sometimes. Like I, you know, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I know people who've done union campaigns were like things have turned around when they like showed up to like some NGO persons fundraiser and they're like, hey, you guys aren't paying us and they're like, everyone was like, oh my god. But you know, what, what, what, what, what are we, what are we actually doing here? And what, what, what, what, what, what, what I'm specifically talking about is power mapping in the context of direct action and in the context of sort of offensive direct action. And when you're thinking about power mapping here, there's two kinds of mappings that are useful. One is physical mapping. And this is something that people don't do enough. I don't know why they don't do this more. But first of all, one of one of the things that made the Hong Kong protest work is that Hong Kong had really, really detailed maps, right? They were, you know, they had they had apps for this that were very, very detailed maps of Hong Kong city streets. They would map where the police were. They would map where the police were moving to. They would map where protesters were. And you know, obviously there are sort of security and tactical considerations to this. But if we know the terrain better than the police do, we can do a lot of things. This is this is something that people are successfully employing in the city of Atlanta. Yep. Yep. And this, this, this is the thing where we have, we actually do have a legitimate advantage in, in, in large cities, which is that like the, the cops who are in large cities are not from like those cities, right? You know, and I think, I think we squander this advantage a lot by just like like in, in fucking Chicago, there's this one plaza, right? Like pretty close to Trump tower where every single protest starts. And that's like, it's in the middle of fucking downtown. So I guess people sort of know the way around there. But like, I fuck nobody, like nobody lives there who doesn't make like fucking $700,000 a year, right? Like you're, you're kind of squandering whatever tactical advantage you have. And also, you know, and another sort of another reason to do mapping and stuff is, is so, you know, you can, you can plan things out ahead of time, right? You can plan out where your lines of retreat are. You can figure out where choke points are. So you don't get catdled a thing that like I swear to God, no one who arranges the protest in the US, fucking ever does. Like, I mean, I know some people do it, but like Jesus Christ, you can, you can, you can figure out on a map where you're going to get catdled. Like, you can do this. Yeah. And you know, and you, you can do other things too with maps, right? You can, you can figure out where the locations are of infrastructure that is particularly vulnerable. You can figure out what roads will cause the maximum amount of sort of economic damage if you shut them down. You can figure out things like, can you lure the police into places where they can't use their numbers very well, right? Can you spread them out over a hundred different areas, neutralize their effectiveness? And this is a kind of, these are the kind of terms that we need to be thinking about in terms and when we're physically mapping and physically trying to understand an area, which is that we need to be thinking in very direct tactical terms. We need to figure out what kind of places, you know, and this also, this also works defensively, right? We need to be figuring out, you know, okay, so we, we have a drag show that's under attack, right? We need to, we need to figure out what kinds of places do people are attacking? We need to figure out how we can defend them and we need to be thinking again in not, not just like showing up to a place and being like, okay, we're here in the C. Polar Cross Street, right? Like before that happens and be like, be, be, be, be, be, before a protest starts, you know, when action starts, there needs to be like work put in to make sure that what we're, that the actions that we're doing are effective are as effective as possible. So that's that, yeah, that, that, that, that, that, that's that's one part of this kind of mapping stuff. You know, if, if you, if you want more sort of inspiration for this stuff, there's a bunch of I, oh my god, I'm not forgetting the name of every book. I probably should have actually written the books in here, but there, there, there, there, you get some of the, some of the Italian autonomous to talk about this stuff and they have all of these like really wild sort of tactical stuff about like things you could do in a city. Like you can mess up stop lights. You can like, I don't know, like they, they, they, they, they did a lot of stuff like moving signs around that there's a lot of very weird things in a city that you can do that we don't think about because we've limited our tactical arsenal to like people show up at a place in Yale, yes, stand, stand outside of a building and yell at the building end of protest. Yeah, and that, that doesn't work. Like we need to have tactics that are sort of like that are beyond that. And I, I guess, I guess part of the reason that I'm, I'm, I'm starting here is that I, I want people to like, like go back very much to square one of thinking about what our response needs to be before we start moving because, you know, like, and I'm not this, this is not a sort of criticism of the people who been doing direct effects like they've been doing a great job, right? But our standard protest arsenal is not enough. It has not been working and we need, we need to reevaluate what we're doing. It needs to expand and we need to see a better understanding of what diversity of tactics means. I also think that on this particular issue until fairly recently are primary threat vector was non-state actors threatening physical violence. And so the community defense model is actually a very effective response to that threat and has been incredibly effective on numerous times. Now that we are looking at the threat coming from the state in terms of legislative action and all that stuff, it does open up a lot more tactical possibility like we're talking about. And that's cool and people should realize that, yeah, no, I think you're right. We should go back and look from the ground up and like come to new conclusions, new ideas. And I think the other thing of going back to sort of like basics, right, is going back to the kinds of going going going back to changing how we think about the world around us so that we can actually, so that we can more effectively take action. And the other kind of thing that we need to do is social mapping. It's figuring out the resources that we have, the resources that they have, where they are, how they function. And this is something that Margaret, you've talked about in your threat about this, which is very good. Yeah, but one of the things that we need to figure out very quickly is what skills do we have and what resources do we have? And this expands into a lot of different sort of fields, right? You know, there's some of this is sort of territorial, right? Like it's about thinking about like what kinds, like what's physically what spaces are safe for us in which ones aren't and how can we sort of leverage the spaces that we have that are safe and maneuver in the ones that are how is this changing. There's also something that I want to sort of think about here, which is this old, this is old tradition. Do you do you know what workers inquiry is? I don't know. Okay, so this is, this is a very old Marxist tradition. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Like Marx was attempting, so the origin of this is Marx was trying to like send out surveys to like workers to figure out what their conditions were. And people over time took this into more interesting directions of, you know, it turns into a kind of like a workers ethnography of, you know, workers sitting down and writing or doing interviews about just literally like what what their workday is like, what the sort of like labor processes they're involved in are how does how does that work? Like who like how do their bosses work? How are they being managed? How are they resisting them? And you know, and you there are other things you can sort of use this for that are very useful to us, which is for example, figuring out things like what is the, what does your local economy depend on? What are the sort of important logistics lines in that local economy? You know, who is physically doing the labor that the economy depends on who is doing the care labor because that's another side of this that gets sort of brushed over a lot. But for example, this, this, this is a large part of why teachers are enormously powerful because teachers are doing a shit ton of care labor that is necessary for the, necessary for the entire economy to function, but isn't really seen that way, right? And you know, and you can ask other questions like, you know, what, what, like literally what are the physical conditions under which you and the people around you are working? A lot of the stuff come to you, like person who works a job, right? There is an advantage that we have as people who do this stuff, which is that we, we, we will understand the terrain of our own workplaces better than the people who are sitting at the, at the top of the power structure because we're on the bottom of it, right? The people who are above us and this, and this, and this is another thing that's important about this kind of transphobia is that it's, it's very much an elite thing. I speak, this is, I think especially noticeable in the UK where like you can literally track who is going to be a turf by like what kind of like elite schools they're going to. Okay. But, but like, like, like if someone goes to eat, like, you know, it's like who goes to eat and right? Like this is the thing. It is tracks who the ruling class is and who is a turf and who's not going to be a turf, right? And then, but this is, this is also true in the US where like, I mean, again, if you look at the beauty of people who are pushing this, it's a bunch of people sitting on like an unbelievable amount of trust fund money and getting a bunch of sort of right wing billionaire money. Yes. And the experience has been that since Trump's election, the random folks around me have become substantially less favorable towards me. And I think anti-trans stuff is, is popular across class. But I don't know that I think that's, I think that's true, but I don't think it matters that much because the like, like the ordinary person in your neighborhood who has become transphobic isn't the person who has the capacity to get these laws passed. Okay. That's fair. But they know are not the things that the actual people running these campaigns know. Yeah. Okay. And that, that, that I think is what is sort of important about this is that like legislatures, right, or like, you know, the, the, the, the, the, the people who are funding, who are funding these campaigns, the people who donate to these, who donate literally, literally donate to sort of political campaigns. Right. These people do not understand what our jobs are. They don't understand what we do. They don't understand how the economy works very well. What the, the, the, the version of reality that they can see is, is a sort of bureaucratic image of it produced by this abordinates. And you know, that there's a real problem with that, which is that a lot of the time, right, the more powerful person is, the more likely it is that the version of reality that they're getting is the version of reality that is just being told to them by the, by the, by the people below them. And, you know, and this, this means that like the, the, the, the more powerful the people we're dealing with, the less capacity they actually have to understand is this is true, even with for organizations to have like an enormous amount of raw intelligence that, you know, there's sort of spy and surveillance networks to have assembled, right? They're, you know, they, they have all this information, but they don't understand it. And they're sort of buried in trying to, like, trying and often failing to sort through all of the information that they have. Yeah. And they try and map it to their worldview. It's how you always end up with like, we found the, like I have a friend who is investigated as the leader of international anarchism. And it took them a really, really long time before they were like, I don't think that's a thing. Yeah. Well, it's like they don't, they don't understand how our networks work very well because, yeah, they have stuff like that. But, but this is also true, especially like on, on, the level of the workplace, right? There is a bunch of stuff that we know that cannot be replicated by the people on the top of the org chart. And a lot of that stuff has to do with we know how to make things stop working in ways that they don't. Okay. And that is that is that is very sort of useful information to have because if you know how something works, you can make it stop working. And this is, this is the sort of, you know, this is a lot of what the Marxist tradition sort of was, right? It was an attempt to understand like what workers are doing. The distinction I would make is they were trying to figure out what workers are doing because they were trying to figure out how capitalism works. And I don't care about that enormously. Like that, that's, that's, that's not a thing that actually sort of like, I don't know, whatever, I don't care about whatever esoteric value debates they were having. The decision I would make here is that, you know, the Marxist version of this has a tendency to collapse and dull production into just like incredibly bitter and minute debates about Marxism. We are not trying to do that. The thing we are trying to do with our version of this is stop a genocide, right? Our version of inquiry means attack. And when it went, when it went, when I say, when I'm talking about this kind of stuff, right? I'm talking about like you and like finding the other people in your workplace who are supportive of this stuff. And you know, I mean, literally just on, like a very, very basic level, and this is something that you get in organizing, right? It's like just figuring out what the fuck they do because like management doesn't know what you do, right? Like I, I, I have, I have worked in a lot of, of, of places. I have talked to managers a lot. They have no fucking idea what anyone is actually doing. And if you, if you can build up and this is, this is, you know, this is all going, it, this is all kind of abstract. But if, if you can figure out how your workplace works and you can figure out how the workplaces of the people around you work and how, how the workplaces that like actually genuinely matter to the people who are doing this stuff, you suddenly have, you suddenly have leverage that you know, that, you know, that a sort of like traditional like, protest thing doesn't. And this means I, for better or for worse, trying to get unions involved. Um, there are upsides and downsides here, the downsides that just aren't that many unions and there aren't many people in unions. I just have like a, a middle-ing faith in them. Yeah. They're not working on it. I mean, yeah. I mean, some of them, I'm sure they're good. And, and I, I want to challenge all of them too. And if they do, I will eat my shoe, whatever the saying is. Um, so yeah, I mean, it's just like they're not going to do unless they're forced to, right? Well, I mean, depending on the, I think some unions do. Now I'm like suddenly 180 and I mean, like, don't touch it on unions like that and whatever. Anyway, continue. Okay. So the thing, the part of the, the, the other reason that that I'm, I'm focusing specifically on unions and I'm specifically, I'm focusing a lot on workplace organizing stuff is that. Okay. One of the inherent problems of transfer organizing is that trans people are not a large enough minority to enter the most sort of like cynical, like numerically deterministic counts of who matters enough to support. Right. Like, not, not yet. Not yet. Right. But as, as of right now, we're like maybe two percent of the population. Now, this will change. It is, it is good. If the Zuber numbers continue, we're going to be quite, quite the problem. I remember Marching with my, my first boyfriend in this, this bashback March where we're chanting one in 10 is not enough. Recruit. And it's just funny because it's like, it works. There's more of us now. Yeah. Yeah. And this is really good at recruiting LGBT because literally you cannot think I'm cute and be heterosexual. There's no way of making that happen. True. No, this is like legit legitimately one of the reasons that I forget out that I wasn't like a sisset straight dude was I was dating a non binary person. I was like, shit, okay. So something like it's, there are places where trans people are like enormously overrepresented, right? And there are places where we exist in numbers enough that we actually statistically matter. And unions are one of those places. Because the people, the people who are organizing unions, like trans people are so unbelievably fucking overrepresented in all of that stuff. And this is, this is as much true of, I mean, okay, so this, this is true really, especially of any kind of sort of new unionism, like particularly things like grad student unions, right? But it's also true of like, like all, all of the fucking service sector unions that are getting organized. And this has been true for like 20 years. All of the people organizing that whether they realize it or not are trans. And you know, this, this means that we actually have leverage there, right? Because this, this is a part of the economy where if we stop doing our job, shit will actually fall apart, right? Like, you know, actual sort of large scale union campaigns, like cannot work without us. And that means that we, we actually, we have the ability to pressure them into doing shit. In a way that's not necessarily true. And I'm talking here, like specifically about like you, the listener who is trans, which is like statistically, statistically, like you, the listener is not trans. If you are, congratulations. If you're not, I, I, I also expect they are slightly overrepresented. Definitely overrepresented. So probably not a majority. Yes. I guess I like, I also want to say that like, I mean, it's funny because the way to define sis allyship is literally just if you're willing to car subsist, you know, because it's like not actually a slur. It's just a description. It's just a, you know, like the not trans word, right? And it's not bad at all. And now that that's a battle ground word, it's like pronouns and profile or whatever, you know, it's like, it's actually fairly easy to make it clear where you stand on this kind of issue. And I, I will say, I mean, obviously trans people do a lot of this organizing, but I think that we have a lot, an awful lot of cis people with us. And so you, the cis listener, we also fucking love and respect you because if you've made it into an hour of us talking about how much this matters, it clearly matters to you too, you know? Yeah, this is probably hour like three or whatever the fuck and both episodes and soon you won't be allowed to wear pants if you're a fab. So, you know, it's, this is going to hit everyone. Yeah. Yeah. And I think, you know, all of the stuff that I've been saying right about, you know, like another part of this also is, is literally just like a thing that you can do that is organizing that will help in this stuff is literally just talking to your friends. Yeah. And being like, Hey, here's my eight friends or whatever, who are things? How do you feel about this? You know, and then, and then try and then, you know, using this kind of stuff, using this kind of mapping stuff. And, you know, using, using what you can learn about how, you know, this, this, this, this, this part of it has been kind of abstract, but I, I, I think intentionally so it's like we, we are, we are in a place where we need to very rapidly build up capacity for a kind of movements that can actually do things. And I think this is, this, this is sort of like the planning phase for that. Yeah, tracks is. Yeah. And, but you know, like these, these are things that are going to have to be created very quickly. These, we are going to have to very quickly figure out, you know, what, what, what levers can be it like pushed, right? And what, what, one of the things about like the, the, the, the, the, the, the first bathroom bill in North Carolina, right, it didn't get repealed, but it got like amended to be slightly less bad. Yeah. And it got amended to be slightly less bad because the state, it very quickly ran into trouble with a bunch of corporations who were like, you know, because the initial push that they were like, we're like, okay, we're going to, we're going to pull out of events in this state. We're going to pull out of like backing your giant. Like we're going to pull out of having our giant, like fucking sports tournaments here. We're going to pull out of like advertising for like retails off. And that got them to sort of like run away very, very quickly, right? And that's been the one big thing they've been actually scared of. And I think this is part of why they've been pushing the sort of like woke, woke corporation, like anti-Disney stuff so hard is that like the kind of backlash that can very quickly get these people to flip is the kind of backlash that starts actually hurting. If these kinds of bills start hurting their bottom line, these a lot of these people will flip because a lot of, a lot of even the legislators who are voting for this aren't as hardline as the sort of like daily wire people. And if if their campaign funders are like, hey, you got to fucking turn this around. So the economy can go back to normal. Like they, they, they will flip on this stuff. Okay, this stuff I was talking about is about things that you can do to begin to mount pressure campaigns and mount direct actions. I also wanted to talk about sort of like just survival network stuff because that also was going to be a part of this. And yeah, Margaret, you had a lot of very, very good stuff in a thread that you wrote about this. Yeah. I wrote a thread a week or so ago about all this stuff as I woke up and dooms growled for a while and, and you know, and I was just thinking a lot back on, on the organizing that I know people are doing and stuff like that and trying to put things together. And so some of this is kind of like tips, right? And I want to say, like again, well, again, to the thread, not to something I've said here, I think that we need to focus on what United States and not what divides us right now. I think that this is not a time for facing internal conflict. It is not a time for interpersonal conflict to be aired publicly. I'm not to say that interpersonal conflict doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. We need to, you know, I, I believe, mediation is actually one of the most important skills, actually, frankly, literally if you're listening and you have any mediation skills, I think it is the thing that the revolution needs more than anything else off the top of my head. But overall, basically, there's something that MC Seoul said, I don't know if it's on podcast, my event Twitter a long time ago, and it's really stuck in my head, which is that we need to focus on, we need to deescalate all conflict that isn't with the enemy, which isn't to say that the conflict doesn't happen is that we need to look how to deescalate it and bring it down in, in pressure, except when it's with the enemy, like with someone who's trying to murder all the trans people or someone who's like a white nationalist or whatever, right? We are not looking to deescalate that conflict. We are probably looking to escalate that conflict. We are looking to make it very clear the way in which we are not that person. But, and I, I'm as guilty this is anyone else, I have a lot of pet peeves that people who listen to my show are very aware of. Also, this fight will happen on multiple fronts using multiple tactics. There's this magical phrase diversity of tactics and we have to mean it. And diversity of tactics usually means like kind of like, no, you should support my tactic, like, especially if you're like tactic is like riots or something, you know, you often say diversity of tactics. And what you really mean is like my shit rules and your shit sucks. We actually have to straight up mean it. We need to support the people who are focused in legislative action. Even though it's not where we are strong, it is a place that is needs to be short up. We need to focus, we need to support the people who focus on community defense. We need to focus, we need to support the people who are doing illegal things. We need to support the people who are doing organizing in all kinds of different ways. And if we build organizations that accept diversity of tactics and don't expect to have a sort of hegemony over the movement, we can create a very strong movement. Most of my personal infighting is with people who do want to have agemony over a movement. And so you get I fall into this like trap where I'm like, how do we fucking anyway, whatever. Okay. Other things that people can do. If you are not visibility LGBT and you feel like it is safe to do so or you feel like it is dangerous to do so and you're willing to be a little bit fucking dangerous because we are in complicated fucking times. Be publicly clear that you support LGBT people, whatever us. And like the day that I wrote the clear support the queers. Like the day that I wrote this, I live in, you know, I live in West Virginia, I go to lows and you know, I'm having a bad day. I'm like, fuck, I'm in like, you know, at what point is it going to be a crime for me to go to lows, right? And the like guy, just the fucking metalhead guy who seemed kind of like super masculine, metal guy tattoos. And he had his fucking like trans ally support pin on. And if we were in like a big major city, it might have almost seemed like cringey because it said like ally or whatever on it, right? And I'm fucking over worrying about what's cringey. I'm like, no, thank you. I went up and I thanked him, right? Because it like fucking helped my day. And that kind of shit is going to matter because it is now actually a fairly dangerous thing in some places to be visibly in support of us. And I absolutely appreciate the people who are doing it. And another thing that we need to support, this is the kind of thing that you've talked a little bit about is that, okay, we need to have support networks. We need to have networks that are protecting trans people, families that are leaving environments. There's so many families that want to leave these states where they their child is no longer safe. We'll be forced to detransition. We'll not be allowed to transition. There are trans parents in Florida who might be at risk of losing their children, all of these things. People are going to want to move. We need to support people materially who are trying to move. And there will be organizations that are doing this. If they don't exist yet, you can start them. And if you wait for them to start, that's also sometimes okay. If you're played as full, you can support those organizations in a lot of different ways. We can also support and not shame people who choose to live in red states as a like a as a red state trans person. I think about this a lot about like, is like, I'm not planning on moving, right? You know, it helps that I'm an adult. I'm like settled, whatever like my mental health is strong. You know, but I'm not planning on going anywhere. And that's why we can't give up these spaces, right? I think that one of the things I kind of mentioned earlier, but is that like, we're not in normal times. We need to take this seriously. We also need to not assume that all this is a foregone conclusion. We need to not assume that this will go down like Nazi Germany. However, we need to be aware that it might. And we need everyone. And this is not a trans people thing. This isn't every one thing. We need to think about what that actually means. You know, there's that cliche that is true right now. That is like, if you want to know what you have been doing in Germany in 1933, it's what you're doing right now. And like, that's true. This is a time for us to be the kind of person that we want to be. We are in dangerous and complicated times. And it is times that we need to be brave and we need to be brave for each other. Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is doing things despite fear. Bravery is the presence of courage, not the lack of awareness that things are scary and bad. Yes. And that's kind of like my main thing is I want us to not panic, right? To not assume that we're going to lose, to realize that they are acting this way because they're on their back foot. This was always going to happen in the fact that in a way, we kind of started this fight by like existing and like coming out of the closet and shit. But we basically were like, no, we're allowed to be here. And most people were like, yeah, okay, I guess that tracks. I guess you're allowed to be here. And then some small portion were like, these are demons from hell sent to rip your tits off of the children I'd like to marry. The freaks like Matt Walls are the ones who declared a quote unquote war on trans people. Right. Because we were coming for their way of life, not their way of life in terms of like heterosexual marriage. That gets to still exist. That's fine. But compulsory heterosexuality and compulsory sexuality is the thing that we are coming for. And their way of life is hegemony. Their way of life is being the only force of power. And so yeah, I guess the other stuff is that we just, okay, what would you do in Nazi Germany? That's what you're doing right now. And you should think about what skills you have and how they apply to different things. And then the kind of final point to a lot of this is a specific issue. And it's a pet issue of mine. And that could be completely wrong. I have a lot of bias about this. But I would fucking love it if liberals would shut the fuck up about guns right now. It is very hard for me to find a state that is not even in the process of trying to tell me that I can't wear a dress or find a state that is trying to tell me that I can't carry the means to protect myself from the violent bigots who want to kill me because I wear a dress. It is incredibly hard to find states that are not pushing in one of those directions or another. And it is embarrassing. It is embarrassing that this of all times is the time that liberals are focusing so hard on gun issues, which is a culture war bullshit thing for them. They don't fucking care. They didn't fucking care about abortion. They just want your fucking votes. And we are probably entering a very bad and hard time. However, we can do it. We have done it in the past. In my reading of history, it basically is this cycle. I kind of don't quite believe in like a forward progress. Everything gets better. Things, ebb and flow. And however, we will survive this not necessarily all of us as individuals. Probably, probably there won't be like large numbers of killings as a result of this, but it is possible, right? But it is impossible to stamp out homosexuality. It is impossible to stamp out transexuality. We have always been here. We will always be here. And so, yeah, to quote my final quote in that particular thread, I definitely went off thread. We need to find each other. We need to stop fighting with each other about bullshit. We need to defend each other. We need to be brave. And then I will cite the anarchist prayer, which is that I ask not to be safe from my enemies, but dangerous to them. Because, all right, this is what we're fucking doing. And like, we all want to be safe, but that's not something that we're guaranteed. What we are guaranteed is that we can choose how to handle the situation that we're in. And then, almost done. You talked earlier about what we owe the dead. I really liked your way of phrasing that. I really liked the law, what you were talking about about all of that. And one thing that I think about, we're talking about like the Catholic church and shit, right? One thing that I owe the dead is I owe sister Dominic, a Catholic nun, to not fucking go back into the closet. Because when my cousin came out as trans, this woman who is literally married to God, she died a couple years ago, maybe 10 years ago now, before I came out, but my cousin came out before me because it's a contagion. Because we were always fucking trans. And she was completely supportive, completely and immediately in my like, you know, and just this is a woman who dedicated her entire life to, well, to God. And saw literally no problem was the most immediately accepting person immediately said, you know, I bet she's always felt that way. And so I personally owe it to her to tell these Catholics to shut the fuck up because fucking Jesus as wife says it's fine. Fuck you. That's what I got. Thank you, Margaret. Yeah. That was fantastic. Where can people find you and some of your other work across the, across the web? Yeah. I just finished a four part series on Stonewall and the stuff that came before Stonewall, the riots that kind of brought us this movement. And how it was all different types of queers and even some Hatt people working together to bring us as far as we've gotten. And you can find that on my podcast, cool people who did cool stuff. It's with it could happen here host Shireen as my guest. And you can also find me talking about the end of the world on live like the world is dying as another podcast that I'm a co-host of. And my most recent book is called Escape from Insell Island. And it is not nonfiction. It is not something about how people should get better. It's literally about someone with a shotgun who lands on an island full of in cells and has to get out alive. Fantastic. Well, thank you for listening through all the way if you are still here. Hopefully you've learned something interesting across these these these two pretty pretty heavy episodes. We will we will see you on the other side. Hey, we'll be back Monday with more episodes every week from now until the heat death of the universe. 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