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How To Insert Goat Balls Into Human Balls

How To Insert Goat Balls Into Human Balls

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:00

Robert, Katy and Cody read an antique book written by the goat gland doctor John Brinkley.

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Follow your podcasting dreams. Let's breaker handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's In the 1980s and 90s, a psychopath terrorized the country of Belgium. A serial killer and kidnapper was abducting children in the bright light of day. From Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio, this is La Monstra, a story of abomination and conspiracy. The story about the man who simply become known as. Lamaster. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to behind the ******** Morning Edition, the early edition of behind the ******** for Morning People recorded early in the morning. In fact, I have it on good authority that this is the earliest a podcast has ever been recorded in the history of the medium. That's the thing we sacrificed. Time is it, Robert. ********. My eyes won't even focus. Sophie, it's so early in the morning, clocks don't even display the time. Surely dawn has not broken. Katie, how long have you been awake? Minutes. Minutes. Yeah, it's it's it's it's it's the the the horrible hour of 1234 PM yes. Well, welcome to behind Awake for many hours behind the back. Cody. How are you doing on this again? Ungodly morning, this, this, this hour so early that Roosters can't even crow because the sun would be like, don't crow yet, Rooster, it's not time for you. It's not time. Yeah, I got here. They would tell this. They're like. That's what they're trying. But you still got that morning flem stuff going on. Well, it's hot as **** and it's still so early. It is hot. It is hot. Yeah, it is hot. It is hot. Just like my cohosts today who I guess I already introduced, but I wanted to do another introduction. We are both hot. Cody's got his ice pack to his face. This is holding an ice pack to his body because his air conditioning is broken. How are how are you both doing today? Ohh, you know, just here I am. Here you're here I've. Done stuff. I got a question for you both. Yeah, we finished our Ben Shapiro episodes awhile back. I've been lost without them. Yeah. Do you both feel like there's annoying emptiness in the center of your soul? A pit that cannot be filled? I mean, yeah, but I I didn't make the connection between that and Ben Shapiro till right now. So just like a general sense, yeah, just a general sense that like the the the the center of your being has been hollowed out by some sort of earth mover leaving you, leaving you like a like a like a like a bag of flesh without without without meat inside. I mean, yeah, meatless. A meatless bag of human just just screeching into the night. Bret wishing wishing he were still there but he's not been won't give him back to us because we didn't appreciate him enough. When you the listener took it for granted. Every night I I mumble. Take a bullet for you, babe. Over and over and over again. And I know you also text that to our group chat. Getting disturbing? Yeah. Don't take a bullet for you. Big called love. So I don't know what the problem is. That's Cody love language. You got his love language. I am well informed, Cody. That love is a battlefield, so you might get a chance. So we need another book. And. I was thinking, maybe let's try something a little bit different. We may have to go through a couple of things, but but there were there were a handful of different Game of Thrones. I'm just gonna read Game of Thrones to you, *************. Are we ever gonna get that last book, do you think? No, no, I don't need. Absolutely not. No. I don't know. What a disappointment. I mean, as as an author who has written a fiction book, were I to get hundreds of millions of dollars and buy a lighthouse, I would probably stop producing fiction. Also, like, they nailed it in the show, so why even bother? Why? But why mess with perfection, right? Yeah, OK. The power, the power of stories you see is the true meaning of the Game of Thrones. Yeah, he's being sarcastic because I don't think he believes a word of what he said. No, it's terrible. And maybe having one of the main characters practically, practically look at the camera and go, truly, the writers of the stories, are they really heroes? Maybe a terrible. Yeah, I forgot that. That happened. It's so bad. I'm gonna turn into just a Game of Thrones podcast. Well, I just reached up and grabbed a book from my bookshelf, and this is a special book. You can hear it. I'm doing the cinema veritate thing. I want you to hear me open this. Wow. Taking it out of very nice, a very nice plastic wrapped package. And I'm pulling up the really nice business card that the person who sent it gave me because this was sent to me by well, I don't know if I should read his name. I'll just give his first name a guy named, well, I don't know if I should do that. Said to me by a rare books dealer who was a fan of the show. And I have your business card in front of me, friend. I'm not going to read it because I don't know if you would want me to read your name. Put on the air to a couple 100,000 persons at home going no, no, read it. Look, I, I, I I want you to know that I well, are we? I'll say it's... rare books. So this wonderful person at... rare book sent me a lovely card and a really nice letter and a copy of can you guys see what the cover says? No. Well, maybe the goat gland gland transplantation. And transplantation. So Once Upon a time, friends, there was a man named John R Brinkley and we've done A2, parter on John R Brinkley for behind the ******** and I I, I'm. I'm happy that you're both kind of coming and cold to this because Brinkley is an odd fellow and we talk about his whole life in the show. John R Brinkley was a fake Doctor Who believed that if you surgically inserted goat testicles into the testicles of human beings, it would make them sexual Dynamos and provide a wide variety of health benefits. I think it's OK. I'm sorry. I'm not a scientist. Oh no, no, no. I don't think that's a very strong hypothesis and I don't think it warrants. An experiment to test this out well, he did more than an experiment. He was one of the most popular doctors in the country. He operated clinics and multiple states. He inserted goat glands, that's what he called testicles. His glands, into thousands upon thousands of human beings. A lot of people died and got horrific infections. He was eventually stripped of his medical license, but he used the money that he makes. He was in prison or no. No, of course not. No. Yeah. You know, he, I mean, he he ran for governor of Kansas. And he didn't, he didn't quite get it. He he ran for office a couple of times and eventually fled to Mexico. But he had he operated in in the US in the South of like Texas a massive or sorry and in Mexico a massive like radio station like the most powerful one in the world. And he became a country music pioneer and helped to because of the people he put on his show create like the modern concept of country music. So he is. Man who surgically inserted testicles into thousands of people, leading to unspeakable suffering and death and also helped create country music. A true Jack of all trades. Yeah, well, 22 trades. Well, 223. She's a fascinating 3 track of enough trades, and there's plenty of trades. This is a book by Sidney B. Flower called the Guide to goat. The goat trance. The goat gland transplantation and I don't know who. Should be flower is. But he must be related to. Yeah. Because there's a picture of John R Brinkley right in the center here. So this is one of the books that Doctor Brinkley's because, you know, like I said, he had offices in multiple states. He had a massive enterprise. This is one of the things that he put out. And we're going to give it a read on the air and we'll see. It's not a huge book. Maybe this has the legs for multiple episodes. Maybe this is just something we talk about today. But I think we're going to talk about goat gland transplantation today. And I, I hope you all enjoy. Coming in cold to this wonderful story of a man who put another animal's testicles inside human beings. 15 more than once. A lot of times, Cody, a shocking number of times people die. One would be shocking. But yeah. Yes, Katie, people absolutely died. Yes. Just wanted to make sure, you know how if you get like a cut and you rub dirt in it, the cut will get infected? Sure. Well, imagine that cut is your genitalia and the dirt is another animal's genitalia that are just being crudely shoved in there by a guy who's mostly into running a radio station. Yeah, OK. It doesn't work great. It's what I'm saying. I'll see you guys later. I'm gonna gonna go back to bed. Yeah. So. This is as the intro. So there's we've got us a picture of John Brinkley, which is the same picture of Doctor Brinkley that's in his Wikipedia page. So it must be the one that he considered his best photo, which is not a good photograph. Like not not at all. He he looks like **** in this picture. Yeah, he's toe headed I think is the fair way to describe him. His head, his his head looks like a toe. So I OK, but I think toe headed is an actual phrase for somebody that's like blonde. Oh well, I think it's a phrase for someone who's head looks like a guy. Yeah, maybe some headed thumb headed. It could be a thumb. Yeah, his whole body looks like a knuckle. So the the the title page informs us that this is #5 in the one best way series of new thought books. The goat gland transplantation as originated and successfully performed by Jr Brinkley, MD of Milford, Kansas, USA and over 600 operations upon men and women set up an ELECTROTYPE may 1921. So this is, this is, you know, three years after World War One ended. People are are looking for good news and Doctor Brinkley is offering them the good news that they can get another animals. Testicles shipped inside of them. Authors preface what? Katie, that's good news. Congratulations, you have been selected. Yeah, yeah. Mentioned if that was what they called you about instead of your cars. Extended warranty. We have exciting news about the kinds of testicles we can put inside of you. You're eligible for an upgrade. Authors preface though, dealing exactly with a surgical subject. This book is a layman's word to layman. It is an attempt to say to the general public a few things about this amazing work of Doctor Jr Brinkley of Milford, Kansas, which he is debarred from saying for himself. In this simple form he has under consideration a book of his own covering the subject of goat gland transplantation, his experiments, successes, failures, theories and conclusions which will probably be issued in the winter of 1922. So basically he's got a big book for doctors coming out, but we this is a book. For you, the little guy, this is a book for the common man to understand all of the complexities about having another animals glance. Shoved into your body. So that's that's that's that's how this is being built, OK. Oh God, OK, yeah, some attention is paid to the pioneer work of Doctor Frank Lydston of Chicago and the transplanting of human glands into human beings. But rather by way of emphasizing the fact that Doctor Brinkley with the choice of human, monkey, goat or sheep glands before him, chose the goat glands in preference to any other in his for his field of experiment and operation. It has never for a moment regretted his choice or seen any reason to alter it. Never for a moment. Don't even have your choice of glands. Human, monkey, goat, sheep. So, without any wish to enter upon a controversy, the authors impelled to take some notice of the statement of Doctor Sergey Voronov of Paris, who during his recent visit to the United States, announced that he pinned his faith almost exclusively to the glands of the anthropoid apes's most suitable for transplantation into human beings. While he lamented the natural scarcity of obtainable material, Doctor Baranoff is credited with having performed over 120 transplantations upon Rams, but none whatsoever of goat glance upon human beings. And not more than two or three, if sibian glades upon human beings. His statement, therefore, that successful transplantation of the glands of the goat into a human being is impossible and cannot succeed is empirical and entirely unsupported by any experience of his own in the matter. So they're defending Dr Brinkley, this other Doctor Who's putting ape testicles in people is like, you can't put goat balls in people. That's just not going to work, but these others? First off the bat, we have to argue against that guy, because Doctor Brinkley, as we're informed by the book, has done this more than 600 times successfully. So we go through this introduction. It is a fact beyond all gains, saying that Doctor Brinkley's operation has in truth cheated old age of its toil in very many cases of both sexes, and the improvement or rejuvenation effects both the minds and bodies of those treated by this method and this rejuvenation is lasting to the extent of the doctor's observation. It it is presuming to say that it is a permanent improvement upon that point. No one has any right to offer an opinion, because there are no facts upon which to found it, but Doctor Brinkley's earliest cases, operated upon three years ago, up to the present time, have shown no dismutation. Whatsoever in the in the effects secured, neither the women nor the men have lost any particle of their increased vitality during this lapse of time. Who can say how long the good effects will continue? Doctor Brinkley's opinion is that the improvement will run for possibly 15 years, at the end of which time he expects to re operate upon any cases that show a slowing down in the life. Yes, Katie, you have questions about this? This is absurd. Wait, so how many people had a successful transplant and then went on to like have he's saying 600 men and women? Experienced an increase in vitality after having these goat testicles stuffed them OK. I'd like to see that data. Well, I mean, I bet by the end of this book I'll be able to perform this surgery. Cody, you're up. OK, so. This is no poets dream but the stern reality of a young surgeon's work in hospital extending over 3 memorable years of achievement in a virgin field. Dr Brinkley has worked out his problem alone, save for the devoted aid of his wife who is also a licensed physician. He is today a poor man and expects to remain so because he has refused every alluring offer made him looking to the establishment of this goat gland operation as a commercial proposition on a big scale. He is governed by his ethical vows and retains his independence, but the world would call him a fool for not turning his discovery. To his greatest pecuniary benefit, profit. Since he prefers to remain true to his ideals in this matter, it is for us at least to be thankful and according the recognition to which the scientist is entitled, who puts his work above his profits? OK, So what I'm getting from this is that everyone's, like, you're no dude, we're not. You got a profit. And then this is like some fanboy writing the book saying that, yeah, I mean, this is a guy Doctor Brinkley hired, and he wants to make it clear that Doctor Brinkley isn't getting rich, although he absolutely was getting rich. He made millions of dollars before he died penniless as a result of all of the malpractice allegations against him. But yeah. Yeah, so he's he's a hero. He's a hero. He's a hero. We are not so chapter one, doctor Brinkley's theory. Ohh, the theory. Good. Yeah, yeah. Are you are you are you excited to hear the theory? I bet it's. I bet it's. I bet it's sound. I am so excited. Yeah, it has been a long quest and in the main, fruitless. Though it might be said in fairness that brown sequard's method of using the express testicular juices medicine by mouth or injection for the renewal of youth was probably the true parent of the present method. Familiar method of using the extracts of various glands. The pulverized substance of the glands themselves. What? What? Yeah, apparently so. This was a thing back in the day, and I had not heard that they had just expressed testicle juice and given it to people. But I guess that's how this started. Yeah. You gotta, like, start out, light. You just juice the balls and give it to somebody, which sounds like you're just drinking *** right? Is that. Yeah, I actually think they're just grinding up the entire testicle. You pulverize it, right? Yeah, you pulverize the balls. You got to pulverize the balls and then and then drink the ball juice. Jesus Christ geniuses, synthetic, elliptic, sub, and sudden, but always clear and sure, Doctor Brinkley began with a theory and by no means a new theory. From the theory he deduced rapidly enacted. The results of the acts, proved the truth of the theory. That theory has been variously stated in his most familiar form, being quote in all living forms. The basis of all energy is sex energy. That's like, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I mean, this is like tied into all this weird stuff they believed about come back in the old days, like, if you like. It's like the humors, right? Like, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you ejaculate, you're losing vitality, so you never want to come unless you have to because it's going to make you weaker. It's like proud boys stuff. It's no FAP does that. Last I checked in, he hadn't come in like 4 years. That's horrible. That's also someone that is probably not a super safe person. I would guess I didn't. I've not because of the come because of the things they benefiting his life very well. Of energy was doing any good, but that's like a proud boy thing. The no FAP stuff. Like that's one of the things that's so funny about it is that they're like specifically going back to things that like this. Dudes like this believed in 1920. Uh like, yeah, if you, if you if you don't come you, you retain all of that energy to be more powerful. And and that's I think, in general, if you're the kind of person who is like, well, I'm just gonna save up all of my *** so that I can keep all of the power inside myself, you might be kind of unhinged. I'm going to save up all of my comes so I can make one super baby one gigantic. Baby big. It's gonna be the biggest baby in the world. OK, yeah, looking for the facts to confirm or disprove this assertion. All investigators have been faced with similar phenomena, such as when the male fowl is sterilized in order that he may grow big and fat for the market for the market. Later, he loses his Cox plumage and gains and weight in the psychic domain that changes are still marked. The Capone is a coward, shutting the contest for supremacy. He does not forage for the hymns, inviting them to feed upon what he has. Round, but looks after himself first and last. He is lazy, fugit, thuggish and selfish. Ohh boy. So yeah, this is like some Jordan Peterson stuff being like, well, when you when you geld an animal, it becomes, uh, it changes its behavior and it becomes like lethargic and and less aggressive. And so clearly if you come as a human man, you will also become weak. Yeah, your energy is gone. Your your energy you've given. It's just, it's it's less. Jordan Peterson is more. Right. Yeah, there's definitely he literally has. I feel like he's literally like written stuff about that. Yeah, I actually, this next paragraph might be on Mike Cernovich paragraph. He may have just stolen this. When men are castrated, as in the east in youth, when they are prized as custodians of the harem, they are fat. Unusually large frame but short lived. The growth of hair on the head is often scant on the face and body. It is altogether missing. The voice is high, partaking of a treble quality when through surgical operations or accident. It happens that a man is deprived of the testicular glands and youth. Really, manhood or even middle age, the same changes follow as in the case of the eunuch. The hair on the face and body disappears, the voice changes from deep to high tone, and mentally the man develops inertia and cowardice. Yeah, I mean, I for one thing, I I'm fairly certain that Unix were renowned to live longer. Yeah, this is the all seems really based in facts, Robert. So I don't know. It's called science. I don't know what you want. Yeah, right. If I'm if I'm remembering from Game of Thrones, they could still be very aggressive. That's right. That's right. That's the that's the whole point. Yeah. Veris lived through all of it, so thank you. Die at the end. I think he died eventually. Yeah. The Unsullied, right. You the Unsullied, though. And they were still they were like they were. They were able to do it. Batman can't. Yeah, they definitely unsullied were. Hmm. Very cute. Yeah, they were. They were cute, but not according to John Brinkley. When women have for any reason Heather over years removed by surgical operation marked changes follow, which very much in detail but carries certain general similarities. The face and body age rapidly in appearance and there is a slowing up of functions of the organs and it with a tendency to masculinity and tastes, behavior and feelings. I hate this guy in any notes. Just again, *******. I'm a man of science, alright? I'm just. I go where the facts are, you are. I don't follow the facts, follow the facts. So. Speaking of the facts, Cody, Katie, please. You wanna know a fact that I have? That I've got for you right now. This is a fact. Is it about, uh, would it be? It's about the products and services that support this podcast? Oh yeah, we gotta do that. Yeah, we gotta do that. So. Just the facts, people. And the fact is, it's time for you to ************* listen to ads. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. 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That's better, HEL. better help from behind. Hey, it's Rick Schwartz, one of your hosts for San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we sit down with Doctor Jane Goodall to hear her inspiring thoughts on how we can create a better future for humans, animals and the environment. Anything, particularly young children out into nature so that they can experience it and take time off from this virtual world of being always on your cell phones and so on. And get the feel of nature so that you come to be fascinated, then you come to want to understand it, and then you come to love it, and at that point you want to protect it. And then we'll come to the sort of healthy world that I envision as a good future for us. And the rest of life on this planet. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back. Oh my gosh. I, I, I love a good, I love, I love a an ad. I, for one, plan to get all of the goat gland transplants advertised on this show. 100%. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely not. So use those promo codes. Yeah, how about now? It is important always that you realize that though we may seem to stress the physical improvement in human beings brought about by this gland transplantation, the more important change of the two is the mental and doctor Brinkley's theory that all caps now all energy is sex. Energy means exactly that. The powerful brain, equally with the beautiful face, owes its strength and vigor exactly to the right functioning of the sex glands. We must not be accused here of running to extravagance. It is not stated that all human brains are of equal power or can be developed to equal power. It is stated that all human brains have unusual. Our our brains that are well nourished by the testicular secretions. And it is implied with full understanding of what this statement leads to that if for any reason there is an interference with the sex gland activity, the unusual brain will cease in a short time to be unusual in its power, grasp and faculty of clear, continuous thought. There are so many phrases in that sentence that I went, what, you got notes on this, Katie? No, I don't. I don't have notes. I couldn't keep up with them, but I just don't like this guy. There was something about sexual secretions. What was. Oh yeah. Yeah. That that if you have an unusual brain and that means, like, in a, in a positive sense, like a brain of unusual quality, it's because your testicles are bathing your brain and secretions. Yep. That was the first one that I reacted to. I did not know that. That's why men are naturally smarter than women, I think is what the book is saying because women don't have testicular secretions to coat the brain. And here I was beating myself up being for being so dumb. And now I know the reason why I do think all energy is sex. Energy is. Catchy phrase it yeah, it's a catchy phrase. You can see why it works. It sounds like something a dude. It sounds like something like a tantric sex guru would say in Goa to a tourist in order to get her to to **** him. Maybe some like edgy sport drinks uses it as their like slogan. If there was like a Red Bull style beverage that said all energy is sex energy on the can and that was just the name of the drink. I would never drink anything else. That would be telling you this would be this is this is something we should do? $1,000,000 maybe we throw it on a shirt. Yeah, all energy is sex energy. We could just be a picture of the three of us being pals given the thumbs up. And then all the energy is sex energy in big block letters. There has to be a worst year ever. Merch? Yeah, let's do it. It was. I mean, it's just true. It is true. All energy. Just trying to spread the word caps right here on page 14 of this ridiculous little book. You know what this guy's scientific field is called? Science alchemy. Cody's been working. You know what? That's gonna do it for us today. So you see how amazing and far reaching is the application of this apparently simple theory that sex energy is the basis of all human energy. It is, after all, only another way of saying that all things proceed from a common source, that life is one that mind and body derive from the same source. That energy is so much an integral of matter that in the final analysis matter is only static energy since the atom is made of molecules and molecules of electrons and electrons of electricity or energy. In saying, therefore, that sex energy is the basics of all human energy. We may quite possibly be trending towards a solution of the world old question of what life itself is. Someday, without a doubt, we shall surprise this secret at its source. At present we are fortunate to have discovered, through Doctor Brinkley's careful proving of his theory, that human energy, no matter its manifestation to be physical or mental, has a common basis of supply the sex glands, and that their activity determines a brilliant mentality or a dull brain. Oh my God. So this is the secret to the source of all life. It all starts with testicles. Everything. It at the beginning of time there was just a pair of balls lying on the earth that got hit by lightning. Yeah, Sean. Yeah. It's just basic. You learned that in Sunday school. You learn that in Sunday school. Next we have a page picture of Doctor Brinkley and his wife. And he does look like a man who is bursting with sex in it. Like his his brain is just dripping in the testicular secretions. They aren't touching. Well, no. If you were to touch Doctor Brinkley, you would explode out of lust. You would come. So, yeah. Going fast? Yeah, it would be a full body. Come. Which is a real it can be a real problem. Especially since people only had like one set of clothing back then. Chapter 2, the practice men. Doctor Brinkley began his experiments in gland transplanting upon animals in the year 1911, three years before the European war. Using goats, sheep, and Guinea pigs as his subjects. He ran beyond the limits of his resources in this experimental work on animals, which was interrupted by his enlistment in the army. Da, da, da. OK, so yeah, we're talking about a little bit of history here. Let's move on to how you shove testicles into people. Later, we will dwell a little more on some of his results. It is worthy of note and passing that his first experiment upon a human being was an unqualified success. Transplanted the goat glands into a farmer who was 46 years of age, happily married but childless, and one year after the transplantation at Child was born, who was christened Billy in honor of the circumstances were responsible for. No, no, no. Ohhhhhh, yeah, yeah, that's good stuff. Yeah, he he. How do you spell Billy BILY? So it goes on to note, which is something we talk about in our episodes. Billy, you know Billy, your mother and I couldn't make you cause my sperm was too weak. But then a doctor put an animal's balls in me. And now here you are, Billy. But at some point they told him that, like, why am I called Billy? Well, son, gather round. So yeah, it goes on to note that doctor, Doctor Brinkley prefers the Toggenburg breed of Swiss goat because it has the best testicles. He has picked this because this is true. Yeah, he picks it because it doesn't smell like other goat testicles. And and because he doesn't want human beings to smell like goat balls, so he picks the goat that smells least like that smells least like balls. So there you go. Wait. What years were these? 1921 is when this is written. Right there. Right there. That that heyday? Yeah. You could do anything back then. You really could. God, I wish I I wish I'd cut. I'd come of age. Then I would have made so much money. You guys might have been shoving things into people like left and right. He may have been there. I might have been John Brinkley. You're right. I mean, there is a world because I love cutting. Things and I love being on the radio, so I do feel like I would have done the same things he did, more or less. This is a side note, but a psychic once told me that in the past life I was a dolphin and I should cut this, cut this, cut this because everybody will get mad at me. I whenever I've mentioned anything hookie bookie that I do for fun. People tell people get mad at me, so cut it, but people get so angry. Me to believe it's true. They got angry at me. I like people because I said that we should have a have bullies go around and beat up Bill Gates when he was a child so he didn't become a monster and he, dare you said I was endorsing bullying. Well, I feel like Bill Gates probably was heavily bullied and he was heavily bullied. So that's why he was very much monster, right? Like, it's fine if people like, you know, not every joke, but it's interesting to me that when I talk about, say, hollowing out the center of the United States. Make it a gigantic child prison. And then shooting children with darts from the air when they turn 18 and forcing them to work as accountants in San Bernardino. That doesn't get. I mean, I guess it's because more people experienced bullying than were haunted by with adults. And also it didn't turn into that, right? My response is yeah. And most people don't like kids. What was yours, Cody? Oh, I was just saying. Also, like most people that were bullied didn't turn out to be monsters. Yeah, they did. Like, I I was bullied a lot as. Yeah, that's why I made the joke. Anyway. It's you can't, you shouldn't. You can't say anything on the Internet, Katie, without some group of people getting angry. But definitely the thing that makes the most people angriest is talking about, like, psychics or whatever. That's just people go out of their ******* minds. **** you guys. I'm was a dolphin. Katie, I believe you were a dolphin. I I have. It's one of, you know, I it's it's either you believe in things that that that that you can't prove or you don't believe in things that you can't prove. And to me, all things that you can't prove are all the same. Like Christianity, Islam, dolphins, like all all in the same specter. Like, yeah, whatever. Like, like. I don't know about psychics, but I would like to believe in past lives. Look it well, it does, because that's more comforting to me than the thought of God. But anyway, this is not that conversation. I mean, it's one of those things I tend to fall more in line with, like the with, like the the scientific side of things. But also, I remember stories like the tale of Doctor John Brinkley, who was at one point a respected Doctor Who convinced a lot of people that the science said that all energy came from testicular secretion. So you should shove this goat balls inside, goat balls inside. What do you guys want, if anything, from this captain? The episode, all of it, every bit of it. Sophie, Katie, I don't know. Every inch of it. Let me think about it, OK? Anyway, whatever it's just remember, when you think about whether or not you know science is is the thing that you should put all of your faith in, that a lot of people used to think that this was science, and maybe the only thing that you should trust is a a hearty machete in your hands and a set of goat balls hanging underneath your regular balls. You know that? That's all you can really trust inside your regular ball inside you. Maybe that's where you went wrong. Maybe if you had them. Because your testicles are outside of your body. Maybe the goat testicles also needed to be outside of your right. Right. I feel like he's, he's forcing, I guess, you know, testicles into testicles, which is not, you know, it's not phrase but not at all phrase cause no one else but this man would do that. Yeah. It's not not a comment. No, you'd hear that phrase and be like, wait, what? Yeah, you try to park your car into a garage. There's two smells, like it's like shoving two sets of testicles into one testicle. Yeah, it is like that. Why did you say that? Hey, hey, I agree. And I'm gonna go now, and I'm not gonna come back, but yeah, I feel like maybe just like getting the ghost testicles, like near testicles or something like that. Yeah, like like a like a like some sort of, I don't know, religious fetish like you, you wear them around your neck or something to make you more verile. Exactly. Like a rabbit's foot. Like a rabbit's foot. A goats testicle. Just around your neck. Exactly. Perfect. You guys want to hear about his method of transplanting? Glands into a man? I actually don't. OK, you're going to hear it anyway. Cody, you can't stop this. It's happening to you. This method of transplanting the glands into a man is by making two incisions in the man's scrotum under simple local anesthesia practice. A practically painless operation from this point. Practically painless. God. But from this point on, the technically doesn't kill you. Fairly deadly. No2 cases are exactly alike, and Doctor Brinkley performs No2 operations exactly alike. This is the reason he explains why, with the best will in the world to teach his fellow practitioners what to do and how to do it, he is nevertheless unable to state in writing exactly what treatment to use to cover all cases. That's good science right there. It cannot be taught by correspondence, and, simple though it sounds to hear it, it cannot be learned by attendance at a few clinics. It is delicate in this sense that it is not rightly performed. In the individual case. The glands will Slough. That means loss of time. Loss of temper and the waste of a perfectly good pair of young goat glands. Ah, lost a pair of glands rotting away in your testicles. Damn. Oh my God. Yeah, I really should have muted you. Now Cody is clutching his ice pack like a teddy bear. It's a blanket. It's my secure. Touching his ice like a pair of animals. Testicles, giving him virility and strength. You hold close to your heart. It's called energy. OK, and we all have it all. Energy is ice energy, which is just frozen sex energy. Look what color is ice white? What color is testicle secretions? Also kind of a white ish color. So there you are. That's why Antarctica is the sexiest continent, although not for much longer. Another very important thing, which is experiments have taught Doctor Brinkley is this the glands on being removed from the goat must be immediately placed in a salt solution warmed to blood heat, and they must be used on the human being. All caps now within 20 minutes from the time they are taken from the goat. You can't refrigerate them. So how do you do this? You cut open the person, you let them sit. You get the goat balls, you get them goat balls. I mean, maybe you cut the goat balls off. It looks like. I mean, I'm gonna guess a guy like Doctor Brinkley, he can make that first incision in your balls in under 20 minutes. All he's doing is professional. Like, come on, these jokes and stuff and like the horror of having duped people into doing this, but. This is animal cruelty. Oh yeah. For sure. Absolutely. Yeah. No, this is for sure. Animal cruelty. Unbelievable. No, what he did was horrific. Horrific. He's a monster. Absolutely. But, man, it's it's it's it's pretty wacky. Is wack. So the more quickly after removal they're used, the more likely they are to take hold and grow. Don't think that ever happened. I don't know what I know about science. Pardon the phrase. I don't know if that's going to bear any fruit. Yeah. I mean, you can use pigments, right? People can have pig hearts, so why not have? Except for the, of course. I think with a pig heart you're like, if I understand the surgery, kind of like weaving it in like where a normal heart would so that like it. Blood flows through it and stuff. And he's just kind of. Jamming testicles, jamming. Sensitive. A person. I believe that someone conceived a child after this. Let you know live. I mean, I think his wife may have just ****** Doctor Brinkley. Yeah, maybe it was like that was his ploy. It's like if I didn't get it for a paternity test on to Billy Goat. Oh, they didn't have those back then. All they had was, yeah, looks like a baby. It's gotta be a good baby. Look at how good early. That's the baby. Oh, man. All the kids in his town growing up. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the baffling thing is maybe because of the weirdness of the time. The kids were like, I wish I'd been born from a goats testicles. I've just got my dad's regular ***. Yeah, you're right, there could have been some of that. Now in his in his min cases he sometimes uses 1 gland, sometimes two, sometimes the whole gland just as it came from the young goat, sometimes a part of the gland only. But he leans to the opinion that the gland of the three weeks old goat gives the best results if used entire without trimming. Sometimes he lays the gland upon the outside of the human testes, connecting part with part. Sometimes he opens the testes by incision and lays the goat gland within the cleft. Very often they're adhesions which must be broken down before the Glen Glen can function rightly. Very often they're unsuspected hydra cells forming cysts in the testicular mass which must be cut out, or there may be various cell requiring attention. The patient suffers very slight inconvenience. The local anesthetic is enough to dull the pain even of this breaking down of the adhesions, so that it is at its worst no more than the pain of a toothache, and less so very brief. While many of the patients converse with the doctor while the operation is proceeding, the pain is negligible. The doctor proceeds according to the condition, the age, etcetera of his patient. He may litigate, that is to say, tie off the tubes that connect with one testes or the other. Or both. Oh my God. So he does all sorts of weird ****. I have my camera off because of the Internet and you guys can't tell how anxious. That just made me listening to all of this stuff. Sorry, that was my big reaction right now. Well, Katie, I've got something good for you. The glowing letters on file if the doctor's office attest to this, this being the success of the treatment. Here, for instance, is a letter from a man 81 years of age who says I feel like a boy of 18. This is something I have not known for more than 40 years. The goat glands have certainly done the work for me, but I wish, doctor, you would fix it so that I could complete the sexual act. Wait. Wait a second. What? Pardon me. Wait, did he just admit that he couldn't complete the sexual act? Oh, OK, it goes on to explain it. Don't worry. This completion of the sexual act is exactly the thing that is to be avoided. In the case of these old men, all animal energy is sex energy. The conversion of this is that sex energy. The conversion of this sex energy into other forms of energy, physical and mental, is the aim. And this aim would be frustrated if these old men were given the full power to do as they pleased with their newfound youthful vigor. You cannot always trust them. That is the purpose of the litigating of both sides to making the making the making the emission of the semen impossible. The life force, then having no other outlet, can do nothing but reinvigorate the entire system by pouring its precious fluids into the blood. They're blocking you up. They're giving you. Telling us about he when old people come in, he gives them vasectomies. Yeah. Ohh boy. Andy shoves a goat testicle in there too. Yeah, just for good measure, because you can't let him come. You can't always trust them. Did he mean the old person or the OR the old person? You can't trust the old person. Not because they're gonna be so. They're gonna have so much new ***** energy. Yeah, you can't trust them not to **** so you have to stop them from being able to come. Boy, this is thrilling. I feel like I have to point out that it is time for another ad if you want. Yeah. You know what else will tie off your vas deferens and make it you incapable of ***********? 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Was it cruel to animals like, was it factory farmed? Is it cheap because of unfair wages paid to people and so alleviating poverty? Is tremendously important. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back, and we're learning more about when Doctor Brinkley is going to let you come. I mean, we hope soon, right? Suppose now the cases of a man of 50 who is physically run down, married, and anxious to be the father of a child. In such a case, if the man is physically sound, Doctor Brinkley will do one of two things after the transplantation of the new glands. He will either litigate ligate one side permanently and allow one testicle to carry on the work of rejuvenation while the other can be used for procreation. Or he will ligate both sides and say to the man I am tying off both testes because you will need to rebuild for at least one year before you should think of becoming a father. But I am like eating with linen thread which does not dissolve. And if you come back to me in one year from now, I will remove the ligatures, one or both, and you will then be able to procreate. This is reasonable and wise talk, and the man makes no objection. When the year of probation, as you might call it, has expired, the man returns to the hospital, the ligature is removed and he goes home in a couple of days. These things are not fairy tales, but solid facts, amazing as they sound to you. There are five goat gland babies today among Doctor Brinkley's patients that he knows of four boys and one girl. There are probably many of whom more of whom he has heard nothing. Their patients have a way of moving out of touch after a while. That's good science. They why do they? Where do they go? Why don't they want to talk to the doctor? Yeah, anymore. What do I call your goat ball doctor? Come on, stay in touch. You did this, you good job. And there are really admitting a lot of bad stuff in here. Yeah, they definitely didn't see it, but they don't know. Yeah, they don't get it. Yeah. Chapter 3, the practice women. So we got a lot of good information in this one. This, this is this one's for the ladies. Sophie, can we get a little bit of, a little bit of mood music here, like some smooth, some smooth jazz or something for the ladies? OK, well. Hospital. OK, I'm gonna say it every episode from now on. Please don't. At Doctor Brinkley's Hospital, a beautifully appointed private residence, it is a comfort to women patients to have the doctor's wife, herself, a competent physician surgeon if necessary. At hand. During the actual operation, Missus Brinkley administers the local anesthetic, or the general anesthetic if that is what's called for, as it sometimes is. Well, the bulk of the operations performed on both men and women are gland transplantations. A diseased condition of tubes and ovaries has sometimes made a laparotomy necessary. And many major operations have been successfully performed in the white enameled operating room. At such times a woman clings to the presence of a woman, and Mr Mrs Brinkley's kind and pleasant manner is usually sufficient to banish all nervousness. In ordinary cases of glam transplantation into women, where the patient is in good physical condition with no disease of the organs, the operation is as simple as in the case of the man. The speculum discloses the condition of the the condition of the vagina, and the insertion of the new ovary is into the mucous membrane of the vagina, leaving the goat ovary about four inches distant from the womans. God, God, that's basically normal. Sorry, that's that's the only response I can have to this. Yeah, you got to jam a goat, overeat 4 inches away from your regular ovaries and then you're good to go. The only incision made is a small one, so it's just a small 11 inch long and painless under low furniture. Really painless. Where is the incision inside your vagina? Ohh, painless. Yeah, just a painless inch long cut inside your vagina to allow the insertion of another animal's ovary. Sometimes one ovaries implanted, sometimes 2. Invariably the new ovaries trimmed to a reduction in size. Invariably, it is implanted within 20 minutes of its removal from the nanny goat. What? What? Do three. Why not three? Why not four? Why stop two? What is? What is the problem? That's too much vitality, Cody. No woman can handle that much vitality. Jesus Christ, dude. Not unless you try. You want them to explode from sheer nanny goat energy. I have to think that, Jordan Peterson. Absolutely has read this. This does scream of all of those *******. This is the entirety of Jordan Peterson. Like sex education, you know, this is some real God ******** complex stuff like. Oh, we're going to anyway. Go ahead. Cut that. I'm rambling, Sophie. No, no, no, Katie, no, you're not. And we're about to get the answer to a question that you had you had posed earlier. So this is this is good. Fortunately for the goat, the removal of her ovaries usually costs her her life. She mopes for a few days, refuses to eat, and dies. She is always given she mopes. She mopes for a few days after having ohh gosh, she's always given a general anesthetic, and the removal is painless, at least if fatal. Just a painless, fatal operation. It's fine. Pursuing the conclusions drawn from this long experience, Doctor Brinkley has found that women derive more instant benefit from the glands than men with respect to their awakened enthusiasm, improved appearance and recovery of feeling, of poise and well-being. Very noticeable is the change that figure which follows the implanting of the new ovaries. In the case of a fat woman, the exchange is equally marked in the case of a fat man. A man of abnormal weight, 250 pounds, lost £50 in two weeks following the operation. During which time? He remained at the hospital feeling well and strong but shrinking in girth. Amazingly, when he left the hospital his clothes hung off him in bags in full. He was dying in the hospital of course he right like ohh yes. All these patients become very emaciated and and after their bodies fight off the decomposing. All this weight. It's amazing cure unbelievable. It's the vitality. Ah, Jesus. Doctor Brinkley by no means asserts that the woman whose ovaries have been removed by surgical operation will grow 2 new ovaries after the transplantation has been made. But he cites the case of a woman whose ovaries had been removed by surgical operation some years previous, the uterus remaining intact, and whom he implanted 2 goat ovaries and whose. Shortly afterwards returned on a four day basis with the 28 day interval. He does not say that the goat ovaries transplanted into the woman have grown new ovaries, but there remains the phenomenon of the renewed menstruation and it is very difficult to account for. Maybe she was just bleeding. Is again. She had another animals ovaries put inside of her body. Maybe. Perhaps that could cause bleeding? I'm not an expert here, but like Doctor Brinkley. I mean, do people with such, like, vitality bleed even, like, if it works and you were not gonna bleed, right? Yeah, you would just bleed come right? Exactly. Yeah. God. I really hate that phrase. Ohh, Cody, come a long way from one pump, one cream. We we have come a long way because Doctor Brinkley would say that's not nearly enough cream. So why don't? Why? You've got cream? Don't pump for the love of God, because you're losing your vitality. No pump, many cream. No pumps. All of the cream possible kept inside of you. Ohh God. Never in barren women from a 28 to 35 years of age, and whom he has not found a disease but an atrophied condition of the ovaries, the transplantation has invariably been attended with success to the removal of the barrenness the new glands, evidently bringing about the development of OVA. Nor does Doctor Brinkley say that in the case of a man who has had both glands removed by surgical operation, the transplantation will produce new glands for the man. And yet he has had two successes to offset several failures in this very result, without any clue as to why the success followed in the one case and not in the other. That's good. That's good. The doctor has no idea why it worked once. Sometimes you get new testicles, sometimes you don't. Yeah. One such case was at the hospital during the writers, the writer of this books visit there in April. She was a paralysis case, quite fat, unable to walk except for putting forward 1 foot at a time, supported by the arm of someone on each side of her. She was driven to the hospital in an automobile, accompanied by her husband and daughter from the farm 200 miles away. Doctor Brinkley strongly urged her not to have the gland operation performed at all, but she insisted upon giving it a trial. It is too soon yet to speak of the results in this case, but in Doctor Brinkley's view, it is asking too much of the glands to expect them to produce favorable results in a case of the severity. Yet at this time there was in the hospital a young woman suffering from dementia praecox, whose mother had been watching over her for 12 years, and on whom the affliction of her daughter had so weighed that she told the writer she wished God would take one or the other of them because it was more than she could bear. This young woman has been confined to the state hospital for the insane and had been treated by specialists for many years that any benefit at all there was some homicidal media, much depression and attempted suicide. She could not be left alone in her room for a moment, but the day after the transplantation of the glands, this young woman embraced her mother and talked so rationally. That she called in Doctor Brinkley and with tears repeated what her daughter had just said. Doctor Brinkley advised her that the results were altogether too sudden to build upon. There were certainly be ups and downs, he said. You must expect good days and bad days when you will doubt if your daughter is any better, but to make a normal recovery, she ought to show an alteration of good and bad days with the good days. Wow. So yeah, just this mom's daughter is suicidal and I'm guessing it's because she has the kind of mom who would have a goats ovaries shoved into her daughter in order to cure. Depression, but the goal, but that's technically saved it. We're talking about science. You need to like have some some valid theories that you can you can test out. You can't just be like, why? Maybe it's because of this obvious thing that's going on. Now, Cody, I know what you're asking next, which is? Can goat ball implantation stop you from aging? From aging? Yes. Bring about immortality mortality. I was gonna. I was in the middle of asking it. Thank you. Yeah. Quite a frequent style of inquiry, from women to the doctor, runs like this. I'm in good health and in every way normal. Age 35. I want to remain as I am and grow no older in appearance than I am today. Do you think that the gland operation would keep me from getting any older? To this kind of inquiry, Dr Brinkley makes a stereotyped reply, something as follows. If you are today in good health, I should not advise the goat. And operation, but would advise that in your case, as soon as you have patched, passed the change of life in 10 or 15 years from now to the writer, he said, I cannot conscientiously advise this woman to submit to this operation because I don't know that the glands would advantage her in any way. They might. They might not. I do not know. It is therefore experimental work and cannot take her and I cannot take her money for an experiment. I must have something definite in the way of experience to go on. There might be some evident condition of ill health to be set right. But on the other hand, OK, so that's ethical, that's ethical. Yeah, that's good ethics. You should. When you're if you're still childbearing, as soon as you have menopause, that's when you're sick enough to get goat, goat ovaries. And menopause is it's a sickness, yeah. We've earned a right to not bleed every month. Maybe we get to have sex without the fear, but Katie having a child? Contrary to that, if you get a goats ovaries inserted then you'll keep bleeding. Yeah that's good, yes, because you know that's and he's right though. I'm wrong. That's what women want is to continuously be available to make babies in. That's what doctor. I mean, yeah, that is what Doctor Brinkley thinks. That's what he thinks he's. I mean, he's a great man. What I've gathered from this. Yeah, so obviously he's he's this next chapter, Chapter 4, Doctor Brinkley's own story, uh, claims that he's he's got many cases, ample proof cases that implementation of testicles to stare at goat testicles to sterile people allows them to bear children. Already, the town is filling up with childless people waiting to be operated upon. Incidentally, cases of insanity are cured within 36 hours after a simple operation. Other diseases also disappear, so that's good. Yeah, well, because clearly if you can't bear children, you're going to go insane. Yeah, for sure. And the way to cure that is an animal's testicles, sex organs that you shove in where your own sex organs go. How much more you're good to go. Beautiful book. Do we have? Well, let's look around and see what else we got in this. I'm gonna see if there's diagrams, please. No. Oh yeah. There's no issues of people. No. No diagrams. OK, well, OK, so we've got the the war had precisely the same effect on him as the soldiers. So 1500 goats did their bit in the war in an experimental. Say these points in his favour and other similarities to man are the reasons which led me to select the goat is the best possible material for this work, so that's I hadn't. I was unaware that his reasoning for why goat testicles are the best testicles is that if you gas goats with with chlorine gas, they die like people. You know. You can't fault that science. You cannot fault that science. That's good science. That should do it. They die similar. OK, so I'm finding here on page 38 that when you when you put male goat glands into into min, all of their babies are boys. And if you transplant female goat glands into women, all of the babies are girls. That's makes perfect sense, yeah. Or probably, he says he says probably he doesn't really know, but he's putting this in the book anyway. Wait, wait, wait. Yeah. What does he probably know? Because the women he implanted lady goat glands in hadn't given birth yet, so he didn't know. But he was like, yeah, probably. Wait, wait, lady goat glands into ladies. Ladies makes them give birth to baby ladies, and male goat glands into men makes their child be OK? Well, that is nonsense. What if the mail with the male goat glands ****** the woman with the lady goat gland? If I'm not mistaken, that would create the birth of a a sort of error human blessed with powers of of of super sense and and enhance sight. Sign me up far beyond the kin of of mortal man. It would create like a kind of Vishnu creature. Who would? Who would be? Invested with all of the power of the universe, I suspect. That's my guess. So you didn't they ever try to put lady goat glands into men? Well, because, yeah, because that would that would probably wouldn't be right. Your male sex energy and replace it with lady weak female sex energy. OK, here's the hospital. You can tell it's a good hospital because it looks exactly like a normal house. I thought that was his house. It is also his house. He lived in the hospital. He's gonna say like, that's that's how you wanna do it. Alright, well I'm just gonna scroll through this a little bit here, yeah. Well, this is just a bunch of oh, wait, yeah, here's here's a photo from the operating room at the Brinkley Hospital. So there's a bunch of doctors. All of those people, all those medical professionals are involved in inserting another animal's testicles into a human being. All of those people ******* suck. Yeah, all of those people are pretty trash. Yeah, well, guys, I think this is about all we can. Reasonably. It's certainly all I can handle with it about this book. Oh, here's a picture of the goats. Picture of the goats that are gonna be used for testicle. Oh, how dare him. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the people at least are making the stupid choice to do this. The goats are just goats. Had no say. The goats are just poor innocents. Well, this has been very fun. I learned a lot. I learned a lot, too. I do think we should read something of Jordan Peterson's on here. Yeah. Yeah. This makes me really, really hungry. Hunger for Jordan Peterson's work. Well, that's been our read through the goat gland transplantation by Sidney B Flower. I I have to say the cover of this book appears to be like a crude image of an old Greek statue. And I I think it's, I think it's probably saying that like, the goat gland transplant will make you virile. Like the ancient Pagan. Sure. That's not just like a mangled goat gland. That. Yeah, it's just a goats balls. Yeah. Like smash. They've been removed from their skin. Yeah, that seems likely. Cody. Cody, if you were going to insert another animal's organs into a human being. What animal organ would it be, human? Heart and the human heart. Humans are on. That's right, that's not allowed. Dolphin squeaker. Dolphin squeaky throat. Wait, where would you put it in a person? The balls in the balls. You put the squeaker in the balls so that whenever people whenever they come it goes. Or a baboon heart in balls. Yes. Or, well, I guess like to pump extra blood into him. Sure, absolutely, yeah. I mean, any answer I give is gonna be in inside the balls. So. OK. I like the squeaker in the throat. Or like, you know. Yeah, some sort of echolocation in the throat. Yeah. But when I say throat, I mean balls. I'm sorry. I misspoke. False. Yeah. Balls. Well, guys. Has this changed your life at all? Definitely changed the course of my afternoon. This is mostly all stuff I learned in school, so it's not. Yeah. Cody, you famously went went to school at Doctor Brinkley's Goat Testicle Hospital. Yeah, which is why you can't read BGH represent classes, whatever year that was. Yeah, it's. I mean, obviously there's more like there are. There are better updated textbooks about this topic, sure. But this is a nice little refresher. Like Doctor Jordan B Peterson's maps of meaning. Exactly. It's just maps of how the different meanings that will come into your life when you insert various kinds of testicles into your body. Exactly what's with all the maps of meaning? We all know we've all read maps. We all, we all know that. That's what it's about. The goat testicle of chaos. Testicle of chaos? Man, that's that's that's going into my next DND campaign. Yeah. It's like the eye of Vecna merch. More merch possibilities all throughout. God. Well guys, that's going to do it for us here at behind the ********. Katie Cody, do you exist on the Internet in some fashion? I don't know, because I've just met you for the first time to record this podcast. Such a weird way to get to know someone I know you're online. You can check out our other show with. With Robert, which is weird that we've been before. We record our parts, you record your parts, and we mix them up together. This has been fun, though. Maybe we should do it live sometime. And our other podcast is called even more news. Cody, you do the rest of there's a YouTube show called some more news. I am on and other of those kinds of sites as doctor, Mr Cody and Katie is also on those sites. As Katie stole you. You guys know this. Yeah, Google the names you see the accounts. Yeah yeah the social media. I have a book you can find it in podcast form in the audio form that if you just look for after the revolution. 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