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How Chiropractic Started as a Ghost Religion

How Chiropractic Started as a Ghost Religion

Tue, 27 Aug 2019 10:00

How Chiropractic Started as a Ghost Religion

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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her social discoveries on chimpanzees. So four whole months, the chimps ran away from me. I mean, they take one look at this peculiar white ape and disappear into the vegetation. Bing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts? Hey guys, I'm Kaylee, short on my podcast. Too much to say. I share my thoughts on everything from music to martinis, social media to social anxiety, regrets to risky text, and so much more. I have been known to read my literal diary entries on my show, and sometimes I do interviews with my crazy group of friends, so if you guys want to tune in, you can hear new episodes of too much to say every Wednesday on the national podcast network available on the iHeartRadio. With Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to him. What's gift in my 3 1/2 foot long machetes? I'm Robert Evans, host of behind the ******** the podcast where we talk about the worst people in history and where I receive a beautiful, heartwarming gift from my co-host today, Billy Wayne Davis. Hey everybody. Yeah, now, Billy Wayne. I got back from Syria not too long ago and you surprised me with one of the best presidents I've ever received, which is essentially a small sword. It is a it's like a if they made a baseball bat and a sword. Yeah, it's an unnecessarily large Fiskars machete that's got a two handed grip, which I love. I love. I'm very excited to hit things with us. I could. I didn't have, like, we've had this discussion. We both have multiple machetes. Too many machetes have, you know, you don't have children or a wife. I have those things. Well, that's true that you know about any wives you know about, but I found it. On Amazon. And I was like, ah, I don't have a reason to get this. And then I remembered you went to Syria and I was like, you know what? That's noble as hell. Yeah. Well, Noble is not the right way to say maybe I just did it to justify getting another machete. We didn't know it was coming. I didn't know it was coming. So. But it's possible. That's purely noble. You like that? You're so humble. You're like, I just did it to give. You didn't know I was going to do that. I did not know it was going to do that. But now that I have it, the machete feels like a worthwhile prize for for this work. And I'm excited to find new things to hit. That there's so many different things to do with it, because it's there were several meetings, I think, that went on designing this Fiskars a lot. I I'm interested in the holes in the back, which I think make it faster. Is that what it is? I suspect they make it faster. The grip is really. I have large hands and I like that. The grip is the perfect length for both of them on there. I'm excited Sophie Knuckles up, too. Yeah, Sophie provided me with a bag of chips to to cut open, which she threw at me. That was fun. When I'm excited, though, I got this. Kind of febreeze Billy Wayne Davis. Ohh man. Sophie Sophie just put her head in her hands, covered her eyes, very exasperated. I'm going to hand smells good game smells good. So I would be improving the room if I if I have you toss this at me and hit it with the machete bat. I think Sophie flipping me off with. Should we do that? Let's do that at the end. Yeah, we should do that at the end. Podcast. We can knock it into the poison room. We can just open the door quickly knock the fabreeze can into the poison room. That way, if it sprays everywhere, it doesn't render the room uninhabitable. We can lock it with the poison. It's great idea. I think that's a plan, right? Sophie seems to be on board. I think she's proud of me now. It's hard to tell which of her size means pride and which doesn't. Daniel's Daniel's nodding at me with pride, though. He's happy. He thinks I made a good decision. When it showed up, my wife was like, what? What do we? You don't need as it gets a gift and she goes. I don't know who you're hanging out with and just walked off. Well, this is one of the most beautiful gifts I've ever received. Billy Wayne. Thank you. This is my new official podcasting machete. It's not as rusty as my old one, but it'll get rust on it. Yes, it will. If I'm doing my job, I'll get some rust on this ****** that handle last longer than that blade. Well, we're talking about the founder of chiropractic medicine today. Oh, wow. So the first dude to be like, hey honey, come walk on my back. I think the first dude to be like, you're sick. Let me walk on your back, OK? Yes. Gotcha. Now, Billy Wayne, what is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the term chiropractor? We're on the script now. I mean, scam, scam. You're already in the right headspace for this, yeah, that's a football coach, so yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna guess. For most people, it's probably like spine or or back or scam. Yeah, yeah. Some people might say medicine, depending on whether or not they believe in in chiropractic. I'm going to bet almost nobody's first word is religion. What? I mean, OK, I'm already in it. I'm already in. You're putting these two together and go on. Well, today we're going to talk about how chiropractic medicine or whatever you want to call it, started out as a religion or to be more accurate, a cult. So this is this is that story. Can I predict dude uses it to *** **** eventually? You know, I assume he did, but that was not the focus of the cult, because usually, from my experience, when a dude starts a cult, it's sex. This seems to have been, you know, the kind of guy we always talk about. Billy. This is a man who wanted very badly to be a doctor, but who never wanted to actually become a Doctor Who just wanted to like, know medicine and just assume that whatever his gut told him was medicine. That's. It's a special type of man who does that is a special where, like, dude, you could just go to school for four year, school four years and just be a ****** doctor. Yeah, no, no, I'm going to kill some people. Figure it out. Learn as I go. I love it. So this tail starts, as all such tails do, with a single beautiful grifter. Daniel David Palmer. Here are two four, known as DD Palmer. He was born on March 7th, 1845, and a now nonexistent town near Toronto, Canada. At the time, it was known to most people as a way out West. Wow. Yeah. And then it disappeared. Yeah, it's just gone now. Nobody lives in that ******* place anymore. It's just a field. Yeah. It's like a field seating, wood ruined. That was in town. Yeah. Yeah, it was like a little town. And then everyone was like, living out here is kind of ********. Have you been a draw? Yeah. Have you been to Toronto? It's a city now. Everyone left. It's not just a dead horse in a pond. Yeah, there's the circus came to town and then the town disappeared. Yeah, yeah. Toronto did start as a dead horse in a pond. So yeah, that's my new headcanon for Toronto. So D Palmer's family had come over to Canada from England during his grandfather's time. His father was a Shoemaker, a grocer, a school director, and a postmaster. Because back in the old days, there were only about 30 people in small town. Yeah, everybody had to wear a lot of hats. Now D. We got one pair of shoes. Busy, so you only get one. He's busy being the grocery today. You only get one pair. He's running the school tomorrow. He's back on the shoe duty in three days. So he just hopped till then. So D Palmer was the oldest of six children, three boys and three girls. From age 4 until age 11, he attended a small rural school while his father tried and failed at multiple businesses because, again, he wasn't actually good at at most of the left shoes. Right shoes couldn't do the right shouldn't do them. He was too busy figuring out how to mail stuff. So yeah, from age 4 until age 11, D Palmer attended a small rural school, and by the time he was 11, the family's financial situation was bad enough that he had to start working, and so he had to stop going to school. So his dad made a deal with him. Can I just? Yeah. That's like that means like nothing. No, it means like you start owing people what you mean like that's how bad things were. We're the oldest has to quit working during those times, right? This is bad, right? What we're like. I owe people now. I owe people now. Have a nothing. You're enough of a man at 11. You got to start bringing in some ******* cash. That's that's haven't who? Yeah. Yeah, that's that's poor, like putting your 11 year old to work poor. Yeah. And now D Palmer, even though, like he was his family super poor and he had to go to work, he still wanted to learn. He was a big love, loved learning, and so he made a deal with his dad. If he worked hours before and after the full time schedule that he had to work to keep the family fed, he could keep the money that he made working overtime and apply that money to buying school clothes and school books for himself so he could continue to learn. Yeah, that's ******* hurt. Well, alright son, 40 hours a week, that's got to go to feeding the family. But if you work 60, you can buy school books. I mean, what a weird way to have to go. And like, God, I'm going to have to negotiate so I can keep learning. Yeah, I know people with versions of that story that start at like age 18 or 19. I don't know anybody with that story starting at 11. If I don't know more than this, I'm going to have to keep doing this. Yeah, that's pretty at yourself. I do. I do think there's a little bit of this in there where he's just, like, sees his dad's life and is like, I don't want to be a postmaster. I don't want to be that one. I'm 13. I don't want to be working this dead end job when I'm 15. Your life's over. At that point you might as well be dead. Have three kids. By then, 3/4 of your life is over. Town won't be around then. So Palmer worked beyond full time for most of his childhood and was able to slowly afford to finish his education. By age 21 he had the 19th century equivalent of an education. Decades later, D Palmer would write this in his autobiography about his upbringing. Quote my mother was one of a pair of twins, one of which died, the one which lived only weighed 1 1/2 pounds. When a baby I was cradled by in a piece of hemlock bark. My mother was as full of superstition as an egg is full of meat, but my father was disposed to reason. On the subjects pertaining to life. So yeah, we opens his autobiography. There's a lot, there's a lot to unpack there. Mainly the expression as an egg is full of meat. That's where I was like, I didn't know where to start or begin, but that's where that the look on my face was. That was like, what kind of eggs are this? Where'd you get those eggs? I imagine this whole back story for him where, like, his dad couldn't afford eggs. So they were like just eating like roadkill and muskrats and you just lying to his kids and being like, what's this gross smelling meat? That's an egg. It's an egg. That's what they look like. Leave the shell on. You know, egg is full. You know me, eggs. Was the doctor talking about also, cradling a baby in a piece of hemlock bark seems like a bad idea. Like all the things he just sounds like. Like a a folksy guy that got hit on the head where, like, don't listen to what he's saying. Just listen to the rhythm. It's more entertaining. Yeah, and I'll tell you, there's some head injuries in this guy's past. He he doesn't write about them. But I can't imagine having this upbringing and not getting hit on the head a few times. All of them. And they're all like everyone we've talked about came from the middle of nowhere. Yeah, which I do think there is something to that where they might be the smartest or the most ambitious in that area. So everyone just calls them doctor and they're like, I'm a doctor. It was easier back then. It's like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. I do feel like one of the great untold stories of history is how many great men of the past had undiagnosed traumatic brain injuries, like Andrew Jackson you hear about sometimes he just beat people have to death. It's like, yeah. Shoot people in the streets in Nashville and like, what was it that was the was the governor. He probably had brain damage and an inability to control his temper, but he made it work for you. You can make random violence work for you if you do it. If it's not as random as people think it is, yes, or it's like I've said that too before is like a lot of the most successful people, male or female, make their mental illness really work for them. Well, that's the key. That's the key is finding a way to make your mental illness make you money, which is the subject of my new health book. Think and grow sick. Read between the lines. Mental health, but you get it. Just find a way. Just find a way to make a gel with capitalism. That's all it's about, is really, that's all it's about. Yeah, that's that's that's the only difference between a workaholic and an alcoholic is one of them is functional in our economy and alcohol. So, all right, back to DD Palmer. So DD went by Dan to most of his friends and family, but we're just going to call him D he grew up big and strong as a quote, Husky Country Boy who was widely liked. He had an inquisitive mind, but was particularly interested in anatomy and the rare hours of free time he got outside of work. In school, Dan would collect the bones of animals, which, yeah, it's one of those things. I love collecting bones myself, but I'm not going to pretend it's not a red flag. Yeah, it's a red flag, like having a lot of machetes. Well, yeah, there's, yes, it is very necessary red flag, but it's let's keep an eye on him. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, my house is full of dead animals and and machetes and if that makes people want to keep an eye on me, that's not a bad. That's from Texas. That doesn't. No bells are ringing for me at that. He's like, he's got a lot of knives and dead animals in his house, right? Yeah. Yeah, it is. It is kind of depend on what region you come from if I were to hear somebody from. Let's say, Boston, you say that that would worry me more. Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, which where'd you get that white tail? OK, so the US Civil War was disastrous for the Canadian economy, largely because the nation's labor market became flooded with Americans fleeing the draft. By the time Daniel was in his early 20s, he and his brother Thomas were forced to head South to the United States in order to seek work. They managed to borrow $2.00 from their friends, which at the time was enough to strike out and start a new life. What a day that was. Wow. Yeah. Or that's what they thought. Yeah, that's what they thought. Well, it works out for him. Well, I don't know about his friend. He might have died on the ******* dip somewhere, but it works out for D Palmer. So on April 3rd, DD's got $4. On April 3rd, 1865, they walked 18 not miles to the town of Whitby in the United States. Somehow they wound up in Detroit a couple of months later after a winding journey that involved sleeping on grain sacks on a pier and probably hitching lots of rides on trains. Yeah, imagining like a traditional 19th century hobo journey here. So Dan and his brother explored a number of jobs, but the line of work that Deedee found most appealing was, of course, medicine. Specifically, he became a magnetic healer. Cool. Yeah, me too. Yeah. You think so, Billy? Yes. You feel better, right? It's the magnets. It's the magnet. Magnets have been a popular medical treatment for all sorts of ailments for thousands of years, going back to the beginning of civilization. And they still selling the golfers? They still sell them to everybody. You get a ******* bracelet? Yes. These magnets will cure your ******* emphysema. Yeah. You got tennis elbow magnets with copper with. Well, you got to have the copper. Copper without the copper. I've got a new magnetic copper machete building way, and I'm going to start selling it. Cures your arthritis. That's for my new book, machete. Your way to better health. Did you get arthritis cutting through the jungle? I have a machete for you. You didn't get one of the arthritis, Kieran. Machetes did not love gesturing with this machete, by the way, Billy. It is powerful. Feels good. It is. How you doing, Sophie? Get people's attention. You love this machete as much as I do. I'm going to hang it above the door. You have you swung it? Oh, you gotta swing the machete so you can't judge it, but here, I'll throw that bottle of water at you. And you you hit it like a baseball bat, OK? Oh, wow, you made me nervous. Yeah, it's like, yeah, you want to get some? Actually, I'm going to throw this highlighter pen at you. It will feel better to hit. OK. What we doing? Overhand it. Ohh come on, Sophie Alright, Yeah, you do bad don't play baseball. That's not how you would hit a baseball either all right? That's going to make incredible audio for the podcast and. I'm just gonna keep throwing things at you until you hit him. Fluffy. She's pacifist. She can't do it. This is going to make a good one. Step back now. Powerful swing, Sophie. Yeah, that was cool, man. When everywhere he goes. Yeah, it did feel good, right? Hold on to this for a while. And she took it away. Through Los Angeles, all over the floor. Lozenges. Throw in lozenges now. Are you still anti? I mean, I like it. It's pretty cool, right? It's great. I don't know if Robert should have free reign. I think I'm looking forward to getting this for Breeze can into the poison room. Not going to lie, I'm going to watch it from a safe distance. So magnets have been a popular treatment for all kinds of ailments for thousands of years, going back to the beginning of civilization itself. People have always been aware that certain minerals have magnetic properties, and the idea of sticking them on sick people to alleviate symptoms just sort of came naturally to folks by 1600, the idea that magnets might have some sort of serious. Medical benefit had been thoroughly debunked by a man named William Gilbert. Gilbert published a book, de Magnette, in which he carried out comprehensive experiments to test popular health claims about magnets and proved that they had zero validity. There's a 16116 hundreds this guy William Gilbert's like, let's test to see if everyone's using magnets for pain. Let's test them. Nope, they don't do anything till like 505 hundred years ago. Yeah, humans are like, this doesn't stop it. Well, we're still like 1 smart human was like, this doesn't stop it. No one listened to him. I mean, capitalism's like, hey, don't listen. **** it. Keep selling magnets out. People want to hit their golf ball longer. Yeah, proof never convinced anyone to not take snake oil. Yeah, like the fact that we knew 500 years ago that magnets didn't do **** that meant nothing. They can't hurt me though, so maybe they'll cure my arthritis. Have you seen how cool this bracelet looks? Look, they turn my my skins green. Found one thing about medicine is the best medicine comes as a bracelet and I buy it at. ****** Sporting Goods. Look, man, I had a doctor named Richard wants ****** Sporting Goods. Same thing. Same thing I'm doing the yeah, the the the weights. The weights gesture because they're equivalent, because that's a logical step. So according to the skeptical Inquirer, writing on the subject of magnetic healing quote in the 18th and 19th centuries, Franz Mesmer dramatically increased the popularity of magnetic healing with his animal magnetism theory. Mesmer thought that animal magnetism was a unique force of nature that flowed like a fluid through living things. He also thought he could manipulate it through a combination of hypnotism and laying on of hands. After a high profile debunking by a Commission led by Benjamin Franklin, however, Mesmer's fame faded and he died poor and forgotten. Turns out he just didn't beastiality you guys. He's just he's just ******* animals. I'm going to go drink beer. And Ben Franklin. Yeah, but unfortunately, like other debunkers, people didn't really listen to Ben Franklin either, because Mesmer has continued to maintain a following even after his death. Yeah, yeah, people. That's where mesmerism comes from. Mesmerizing, that's where that word. Yeah, he was like one of the big popularizers of hypnotism. And **** she just charismatic. Yeah. And one of his big followers was Deedee Palmer. Now, Palmer was not at all convinced by the DEBUNKINGS carried out by men like Franklin for 9 years. He used magnets to treat, or rather to fail to treat, all the sundry ailments of his fellow man. As a charismatic guy, his work attracted attention. He received negative write ups in local newspapers, like this article in the Devenport leader. Doctor Palmer, a crank on magnetism, has a crazy notion that he can cure the sick and crippled by his magnetic hands. His victims of the weak, willed, ignorant and superstitious those foolish people who have been sick for years and have become tired of the regular physician and want health by a shortcut method. While many of our educated medical profession are idle, the above nave has all he can do. Six years ago he commenced business and the Ryan Block in three rooms. He has certainly profited by the ignorance of his victims, for his business has increased so that he now uses 42 rooms which are finely furnished, heated by steam and lighted by 40 electric lights. His laundry work and cooking are done by electricity, and the knowing ones say that his cures are also made by it. He exerts a wonderful magnetic power over his patients, making many of them believe that they are well. So Palmer's doing great. Well, even this guy isn't. He's not a great writer because he first of all, he calls him doctor and then he calls him a crank in the same sentence. Uses, he says he has a magnetic power. Over the people, which is like you're trying to debunk the magnet thing, but you're also saying like he does have a power. So dummies are like, well, you said he had a power. I'd be willing to bet some people did make that mistake. Since it's the late 1800s, I'll give him a little bit of credit on the calling him a doctor thing because pretty much everyone's a doctor or a Colonel in the late 1800s. Like you can't, you can't like it didn't mean the same thing it does now. There weren't like licensing requirements and a lot of the country. So I get calling him a doctor like it's one of those things where. And this is the trouble about writing about medical cranks in the late 1800s where it's like. It's hard to call someone a fake doctor because even the real doctors are like, the problem is not that I need magnets. The problems, the guys that he's got too much blood and he needs some heroin. He needs some heroin and less blood. Yes. Yeah, you're exactly right. Well, that's how I call all my friends. Reverend. Yeah, that's yeah, it's pretty easy. I can't wait to get that Reverend Dr course with you, Billy. I'm excited. We're going to an audition tomorrow for the commercial feed. So many bleach to so many poor people. So figure that commercial tomorrow. We're going down there. We're going down. So Doctor Palmer's time using magnets to cure people would later prove to be critical to his career in inventing chiropractic medicine, he wrote later in his autobiography quote. During this. Much of that which was necessary to complete the science was worked out. I discovered that many diseases were associated with derangements of the stomach, kidneys and other organs. One question was always uppermost in my mind and my search for the cause of the disease. I desire to know why one person was ailing and his associate eating at the same table, working in the same shop at the same bench was not. Why? What difference was there in the two persons that? Caused one to have pneumonia, qatara, typhoid or rheumatism, while his partner, similarly situated, escaped. Why? This question had worried thousands for centuries and was answered in September 1895. Oh yeah, you found the answer on one day. One day you're curious about what? I would write that down if you got the answer, but you might want to take notes on this part here. It's pretty important. Day was it? Timber 9th, actually. Oh ****. Yeah, I guess it's he's not lying. Oh, wait, no, no, sorry. That was the date of something else. It was in September of 1895, though. See, he's got the date down there somewhere. So the story about how he figured out the cause of all human ailments and gave birth to chiropractic is the story of what happened on that September Day in 1895. So Doctor D Palmer was working late in his office, practicing mesmerism and trying to advance his understanding of channeling the electrical energy of the human body for magical purposes. And as he was leaving. For the night after a long day of this, how do you know you're done? When have you reached the end of that? Figured as much as I can today. Well, people are still dying. I ain't figured it out. So, as he was leaving for the night, he ran into the building's janitor, a man named Harvey Lillard. Now, Mr Lillard was deaf, and once Dan Palmer realized that this guy was deaf, he decided that it was his duty to cure Mr Lillard of his mail. Man. He's he is that guy, isn't he? How you doing? Oh, you're deaf? I'm gonna fix this. I'm gonna got you. I'm going to fix these. Lucky *** ** * ***** that I found you. Now, there are a couple of versions of this story, because it's a lie the most. Because he couldn't remember how it happened because this never happened. And we're going to go into the most detailed version of this story. But first, you know, we're going to go into right now some ads, some products, some products. And the first product I'd like to plug before we break for ads is Fiskars brand, unnecessarily large machetes. If you want a machete that's larger than you probably have a use for, but will feel great to hit things with two handed. I mean, just so good. You guys like one day delivery. One of my best really. That's the funniest part about it. That's amazing. It was. I ordered on a Saturday. It came on Sunday. 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His unspeakable crimes and the incompetence or unwillingness of the police to stop him brought the entire country of Belgium to the brink of revolution. From Tenderfoot TV in iHeartRadio this is la Monstra. The story of abomination and conspiracy that led to the demise of the entire institution of Belgian federal police and rattled the foundations of its government. The story about the man who simply become known as La Monstre. Listen for free on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back. Sophie has admitted that the machete was fun and that she now approves of me doing anything and everything with it. That's what I heard. But but enjoy, I will. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what happens. Like the handle is orange, you know, it just has like, it's so you don't get shot, but they're hunters. It's very aesthetically pleasing. It's like just heavy enough where you feel powerful but not too heavy, where you feel weighed down. Yeah, you can swing it a bunch of times without getting tired. It does kind of look like something you would use to flip meat. It does look like you could you could flip with this. Yeah, it's really woodwork as a spatula because of the way that the blade is shaped, if we're being honest, if you use it as a weapon, **** has went S yeah. Yeah. This would not be the first choice. Yeah. You know what wouldn't be my first choice to do with this? We have these sound boards on the roof that are secured, secured via work here, so you can do it. And the one right above, Sophie has a whole bunch of paper towel rolls on it. I bet if I cut that thing down, I could rain paper towels on you. Sophie, I've been good to you. You have been. But man, that would be fun. It wouldn't hurt. That would probably get that would probably be crossing the line at the office, actually cutting the sound boards off the walls. That would probably be going too far. Dental appreciated. If I didn't, we will see what happens, because there's no guarantees when you've got a Fiskars machete on the table. It's the gift that keeps on giving. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Until it takes. Let's talk about Doctor Palmer. So we're talking about the day in September 1895 when he discovered the solution to all human illnesses and ailments. He met his buildings janitor and realized he was deaf and decided that he was going to cure him. So I'm going to read a version of the story of how he did this that I found in a September 9th, 1989 issue of the Herald Journal, a local paper for Spartanburg, SC. What? Yeah, they were covering like the opening of a chiropractic college. Yeah, wrote a pretty good synthesis of the different versions of the story. That makes more sense. Yeah, quote the building's janitor, Harvey Lillard, was deaf, and Palmer became curious about the cause. Stories are different on how Palmer was supposed to have discovered that by adjusting a bump on Lillard's neck, his deafness was cured. One story is that Lillard told Palmer he became deaf after bending over and hearing something crack in his neck, and that Palmer cured the deafness after pressing the bump on Lillard's neck. 3 consecutive days Lillard's daughter, Miss Valdina Simmons, tells that while Palmer was joking with her father, one day he slapped the man on the back with a book, causing the first chiropractic adjustment. Palmer's own writings, the chiropractic adjuster, give this account quote. An examination showed a vertebrae racked from its normal position, a reason that if the vertebrae was replaced, the man's hearing should be restored. He talked lowered into allowing him to replace the vertebrae using the spinous process as a lever, and soon the man could hear. As before. There was nothing crude about this adjustment, Palmer wrote. It was specific. So much so that no chiropractor has equaled it. ********. Well, so yeah, those are the three versions of the story. One is that he, like, finds a lump on this guy's neck and, like, slowly adjust it for three days until he's not deaf. Another seat hits him on the back with a book. As a joke, hey. And another is, is that he gave him a comprehensive examination and then snapped his vertebrae back in the place. And then he was like, oh, this vertebrae is connected to your hearing bone. Yeah. Yeah. There's a couple of noteworthy things about this. One is that according to Palmer's own writings, the first chiropractic adjustment on all of history was the very best, which is not the way a science is. I don't think that's no. That is how they got invented. Dynamite did it. The first. The first. Dynamite was real ******* good, dynamite. Same with the first cocaine, yes. The other is that if you take Palmer's version of the story, chiropractic medicine started with a non consensual medical procedure because while Palmer claimed to have had a conversation with this patient about what he wanted to do, the patient was deaf. And I don't think DD Palmer knew sign language. No, I don't even know if there was sign language round at that point. This is the 1895. Was there sign language in 1895? Sophie? I'm sure there's a version. He doesn't write a damn thing about knowing sign language, so I'm going to say either way. And he seems sign language was invented in 1620. Oh ****. All right. So he also seems like the kind of guy that would, if he knew how to do something, he'd let you know. The exact wording is he talked Willard into allowing him to like, replace the vertebra. Which like. You lay on the ground, I'll get behind you and pump you. Yeah. I I don't think informed consent if this was an actual procedure, I do not think informed consent was a part of it. It's easy to sneak up on somebody, too, though, when they came here. Especially a deaf man. Just knock, man. Pop ******* back. Do whatever you want. Yeah, that's how you that's how you start a new medical discipline, ambushing a deaf man from behind. You tackle a deaf guy until he can hear. That's what I did. And that's how I now I'm a doctor. We all remember how Jonas Salk. Killed polio by abducting those kids. Hmm. Yeah, Yep, that's part of Jonas Salk's back story. Don't look it up. Do not look at Harrison. Once D Palmer had stumbled onto this new method of healing, he began to work backwards, constructing a brand new theory of how to cure human illness. He started claiming that his research had led him to discover that every human body was filled with enough natural healing power to cure any ailment afflicting it. Any illness or sickness affecting a single organ, limb, or region of the body, then, was caused by a blockage that stopped this healing energy from reaching its proper destination. Spinal misalignment was the cause of almost all such blockages. All of them. The rest of it has nothing. I mean, I think clearly there was an exception. Like, yeah, if you're shot or something that's probably not due to a spinal misalignment, you just got shot. But, like, you get shot in the back. Cancer. You got allergies, you got emphysema. You're blind. You're deaf. That's your ******* spine, bro. Oh yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, yeah. It's all in the spine sickness, that is. So in his work with Willard, Palmer claimed to have discovered that adjusting the spine properly. Could fix any health ailment. Thus was the new medical science of chiropractic adjustment, born on September 18th, 1895. That's the day. Sorry. Wow, it's a little disordered on this. Over the coming years, Diddy Palmer began teaching his techniques to students around the country. He established the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1897 out of Davenport, IA. The school's original name was Palmer School and Cure. But that name was later changed because it sounds like a scam. Yeah. Yeah. Hey. People know your scams a scam? Yeah, you gotta change the name. Called a ******* college. Yeah, soon. Hundreds upon hundreds. They still haven't figured out that that's a scam yet. No, because this college is still in operation. Well, in any of them, yeah. Speaking of which, my back's hurting. Yeah, got an appointment with my chiropractor. He might hear my deafness, too. It's what it is is like it's just releasing tension. Yes, some of some chiropractors are good at massage. We'll get into that a little bit later. We'll get into the research later. Let's get ahead of ourselves here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you for apologizing. You're welcome. But really, this machete is all the apology you ever need to give me. OK, that's so if he can I hit the fabreeze yet? She's saying no, not yet. We should probably wait till the end anyway, because it might be a real bad idea. What's the scent? The scent on the febreeze is gain. This is a great smell of detergent. It eliminates tough lingering odors. It might be good in the poison room. It might clear the poison out of the poison room might be a neutral room. Sophie looks convinced Billy Wayne's logic is airtight. I think that's what we're going to do. Unlike the poison room. Soon, hundreds upon hundreds of chiropractors were plying their trade from sea to shining sea. Now, I wanted to provide everybody with a deep understanding of what kinds of things exactly D Palmer was claiming that chiropractic adjustment could do as he refined his new science chiropractic motivational speaker, Doctor Ward. Now, Doctor Ward seems to be a grifter even within this field of grifters like this is a current guy. Yeah, he's a current guy. He's a motivational speaker who I think motivates chiropractors. Hell, yeah. What a. The neat yeah, that's a meta grift right there, baby. I love that **** honey. I found my mark. Yeah, so he compiled a list of 10 things the founder said about chiropractic medicine. Now, all of these 10 things are direct quotes from various works published by D Palmer. I'm going to read that whole list to you now, Billy. OK, I'm, I'm. Yeah, let me know when you got questions. Quote #1. The basic principle and the principles of chiropractic which have been developed from it are not new. They are as old as the vertebra. I am not the first person to replace subluxated vertebra, for this art has been practiced for thousands of years. Art? Art, yeah, I I keep calling it a science because I don't know what else to call it or like a branch of medicine. He seems to refer to it more as an art here. So maybe that's a mistake in my write up of it. I think modern chiropractors try to make it seem like a science. Yeah, it's it's better. Yeah, I would. Nobody's like I'm hurting real bad. Take me to the artist. Yes, exactly. Yeah. Where's Banksy? Banksy? He could fix this ****. #2, do not forget that chiropractors did not treat diseases they had just causes, whether acquired spontaneous or the result of accident. I mean, yeah, that I think that's the root of all disease is finding the cause, but it's the same. It's actually the same justification, if you remember from the bleach drinking guy who was like, oh, this won't this doesn't cure anything, it just fixes the causes of the sickness. Which is OK hmm yeah, drugs are delusive. They do not adjust anything. Which you taking the wrong ******* drugs, buddy. I get adjusted. All the damn. But the ones I've taken adjusted some stuff that I don't have to take those drugs anymore. I was just in Mexico, where if you learn five or six at the right words, you can get almost anything out of a drugstore. And I got some **** adjusted. Did it adjust itself back? Not yet. Yeah. Pro tip for going to Mexico, learn how to say my friend's dog is sick. I need ketamine. Wow. Great sentence. And they're like, and they just smile when you say that, right? Well, it depends. Yeah. Yeah, it depends. Sometimes you got to go to a couple of pharmacies, is all I'm saying. You don't have a dog. The philosophy of chiropractic is founded upon the knowledge of the manner in which a vital functions are performed by innate in health and disease. When controlling intelligence is able to transmit mental impulses to all parts of the body, free and unobstructed, we have normal action, which is health. You want a diagram? That ******* said, like look at that, look at it's #4. Look at that ******* sentence to me and tell me that's not written by a ******* idiot. I want can I reread it? The philosophy. The philosophy of chiropractic is founded upon the knowledge of the manner in which a vital functions are performed by innate in health and disease. When the controlling intelligence is able to transmit mental impulses to all parts of the body, free and unobstructed, we have normal action, which is health. I think, like, that's how Trump would like to say. I think that's how he thinks he sounds when he talks. It's someone with like an open head wound who's also eloquent. Yeah, I. I love the idea that normal action is health, which I'm going to. I actually just sent a bunch of emails out to my friends with multiple sclerosis and likes major depressive disorder. Good news, the normal action of your body is health. So you're healthy. Yeah, you're healthy. Just you just got to get your spine adjusted. That's why that autoimmune disease is ******* with your organs. Yeah, because you're not. It's your back. You're not walking, you get a pop. That ****. Yeah. Have you cracked your back? Chiropractors, correct. Abnormalities of the intellect as well as those of the body. He was real focused on the idea that they called them imbeciles, which is like what we call mentally handicapped. What we used to call. I don't know what the exact, like terms people use now are, but like people who had mental disorders, they just called imbeciles. And so he wrote a lot about how, Oh no, if your kids and imbecile, you just got to pop his back. Like, that's the problem with babies when they're not thinking right is you got to pop their backs. They're going to get back on with that. They're going to go back to babies. Why do they always go to babies? You want to practice medicine with no education or ability to do so eventually you're going to start doing it to babies because that's where that babies don't. Babies can't tell you if she's not working. ****. You can pour bleach up a baby all day long and adults eventually going to be like, you know what? I think I've had enough ******* bleach. Yeah, and the babies, just babies are just going to take that bleach all day long. You can bleach a baby from here to Kingdom come. It's so messed up. So messed up to look at a baby. And not want to take care of it. Yeah. Part of me thinks maybe these people think they're taking care of some of them. Do some of them are just narcissists? Yes. Pure ego. There's pure ego where I want to save the baby. And then there's other ones were like, well, I think more than anything, we hope that they're humans in there. And it's a little like, I don't want to judge. I think I don't know if I I honestly don't know. D Palmer is a good guy or a bad guy. I think he's probably a ***** ** ****. I think he's probably a scammer. Medicine was primitive enough in this. Where, like, you can't totally blame someone for thinking crazy **** but the ambition he has makes him like to keep going the way he does. Yeah, and it'll get crazier here, but let's finish our list. Many patients imagine that they have tried everything. True, they have used many remedies, but they have never had the cause of their infirmity adjusted. Which is, again, this is one of the key aspects of chiropractic is that, like, if you just get treated for your aids, that's not going to deal with it. You got to pop them ******* vertebra. That's the cause, or whatever. They got aids in my vertebrae. Yeah, you get your ******* smallpox starts in the vertebra, man. Life is but an express, the expression of spirit through matter. To make life manifest requires the Union of Spirit. The body. Wow. Yeah. OK. So we're into some here we go here. We could sell this in LA, this is, I mean you could chiropractors that was going to say it's they're already here. So he's saying. It's quite a *******. Chiropractic is founded upon different principles than those of medicine. Which, yeah, I laid the foundation and built thereon. Say that again. Doctor of Chiropractic, he called it a science. OK, so yeah, there we go. So if you're wondering what Palmer meant when he said that chiropractic was founded on different principles than medicine, well, for one thing, he meant ghosts. No? Yeah, it's time for some ******* ghost spill away. God, yeah, ghoster ghoster in play now. I'm already. I'm already. He's a bad person. You know what else is in play? That machete. Machete and the one wonderful find sponsors who make this show possible. I'm going to hit the South tower tune with machete and we're going to go to ads. Ohh. They didn't products. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. There's no trapping you into a two year contract. You're opening the bill to find all these nuts fees. There's no luring you in with free subscriptions or streaming services that you'll forget to cancel and then be charged full price for. None of that. 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Anything, particularly young children out into nature so that they can experience it and take time off from this virtual world of being always on your cell phones and so on. And get the feel of nature so that you come to be fascinated, then you come to want to understand it, and then you come to love it, and at that point you want to protect it. And then we'll come to the sort of healthy world that I envision as a good future for us. And the rest of life on this planet. Listen to amazing wildlife on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back, and Sophie and Billy Wayne are just talking about the fact that, as Sophie noted, this is the first time we've talked about ghosts in a year and a half of this show. 3 1/2 I think it's been closing in on a year and a half. And you think that more of these ******** would believe it goes? Yeah. You think at least more of them, maybe. You know, it's also a lot of, it's kind of the ******** I've selected. Maybe I just haven't picked as many ghost based grifters. That's true. They've got to be there. I think they're probably. I mean, a lot of visions come from ghosts. Yeah, a lot of visions. And that's the story we're about to talk about because I didn't see ghosts coming and I don't know, never see ghosts coming. Well, you do sometimes. If you're if you're looking, you got the site. If you're. But the the thing about 475 days. Yeah, it's about right. And so it's in the ballpark, but like, the putting the spirit with medicine and popping your back. I do like that theory, yeah. Which is like, yeah, I could probably like you said, it's a light ******** where it's like your energy is a lot to get your spirit aligned with your body bra on your chakras. Chakras got to be straight bra. Well, it's like I practice yoga and not as much as I used to, but I do like it. It's a lot of breathing is what it is and it's very important. And then I've learned since practicing it like a lot of cult leaders have used it because it it's mind altering. Yes it is because of all the. Oxygen and stuff. So people think that these people have powers and like, oh, that's such a funny thing to do. Yeah, whenever somebody makes you feel something like that, maybe try having that experience without them around. Test if their magics first. Exactly. Test it. Test it. Yeah. It's like if you have a really good, you just meet somebody, right? For the first time. And like, the first time you all hang out romantically, you take MDMA together, maybe go take ecstasy with somebody you hate and see how profound that experience is before you decide that you're actually in love with that person. Just. Or pro tips here, yeah. Tips, really. Just don't take ecstasy with someone until you've been dating for more than six months. Yeah. And you're in a fight. That's how it is. That's how you know that's how it was invented. Was through psychologist, psychiatrist. Well, that's that's that was the first use it took. It was. I think it was invented by accident, by subject. That's what I mean. When they started applying it to ****. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was. And it did work for a while. It's great. I feel great. It's great. You know what? You still suck now, man. I don't like that thing you do. If therapists all over the country could just prescribe MDMA to people, we wouldn't need ******* chiropractors, I'll tell you that much. Diplo would be way more popular than it would be huge. Ohk. OK, so, yeah, let's talk about how ghosts helped invent chiropractic medicine. That's what I thought. That's why I came here today. One ghost. Just one. Just one ghost. I don't want. I don't want to make it sound silly by pretending that there's just, like a bunch of ghosts inventing chiropractic. That is noble. There's a single ghost that invented chiropractic. He's like, don't make me sound like * ****. And it's the ghost of a dead doctor. ****. Yeah. I mean, that means it's it's it's just that means it's credible. It just it. They put it in 5th. A dead doctor wouldn't lie. No, not a dead doctor that stuck around to pass this information along. Yeah. He'd been dead more than 50 years. Yes. Yeah, some mission. So this doctor dead doctor, Doctor Jim Atkinson, apparently came to DD Palmer during a seance, and that's where he claims he learned most of the rules of chiropractic medicine. **** yeah. I'm going to read an excerpt from his autobiography, which was published after his death in 1914. I want to interrupt you real quick. Sure. OK. Hmm, if. You would have if I was on like one of these shows where it was like, you've never heard of this story. Write a version of what how you think. Chiropractic was invented. Yeah. And I'm a comedian, so I would come up with something stupid and outrageous. Yeah. I would never say never say ghosts. Never would that pop in my head. This was one of those ones. Like, I started looking into this and, like, it was already pretty Batty. Like, yeah. And then like, ******* ghosts. It's that's like, I can't. It's like, it's like with Trump, where you're, like, will be funny about it. I can't. I can't be funnier than Ghost. And then in medicine, where you pop your back, **** yeah, I'm just going to listen. The ghost of a doctor. I'm just going to listen for 15 minutes. I'm going to read out from his autobiography quote, the Knowledge and Philosophy given to me by Doctor Jim Atkinson, who had again been dead by 50 years. An intelligent spiritual being, together with explanations of phenomena, principles resolved from causes, effects, powers, laws, and utility appealed to my reason. The method by which I obtained an explanation of certain physical phenomena from an intelligence in the spiritual world is known in biblical language as inspiration. In a great measure, the chiropractor's adjuster was written under such spiritual promptings. That's the book that was like the foundational text of Chiropracti appealed to my reason. Yeah, appealed to my reason by talking to me as a ghost during a seance. You're my reason that ghost was pretty foolish ****. I don't think I've ever heard somebody say, like, yeah, a ghost told me to do something, but that ghost was a ******* liar. I mean, it was like, come back with actual reasons ghost, and then I'll listen to you. I kind of want to see that movie where like, a ghost starts trying to, like, warn somebody about, like, the future, or like like, like starts trying to deliver information to the profit. But he's just dumb as ****. Like it's just the ghost of a really dumb person. Betsy's got a great joke. People got to drink more bleach. He's like, if I went back in time, I couldn't warn people or even explain how future is like, well, look at this phone. Like, wow, how's it working? Like, **** I don't know. It's pretty cool, though, right? This is like, I would just be a guy with cool stuff. I know what I do. I'd go back to, like, 1910 and I'd move to Europe and I'd create a cult all about assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand because then he'd never die. No, he would not. No, he would not have died. And then maybe we could have stopped World War One, and that would have prevented World War Two. Probably. No. No, Hitler. You've thought this through. That trip to Mexico was worth. It was. I figured out how to save the world. I'm just got to crowdfund The Time Machine now. And I think in order to make that time machine, I'm going to need to spend a lot more time researching in Mexican pharmacy. I think you should minding noticing Guatemalan pharmacies you can pick up hydrocodone there. Ghost Doctor told me that. Yep. So the founder of chiropractic medicine claimed that a great deal of the discipline was revealed to him by the ghost of a long dead doctor he contacted during a seance. That's the quick summary here. Now, the term chiropractic itself literally means done by hand, since the whole idea behind the discipline had come from an all knowing ghost. There was no research or study. DD Palmer's early chiropractic medicine once you've identified the cause of all human ailments, the subluxated bones, there was nothing else to do but teach people how to pop those bones back into place. Someone go chiropractic me an orgasm. That you actually can do. No, I've done it, I know. So I should note here that subluxation, which is a term that you'll hear a lot from chiropractors today, is in fact a real thing. The actual medical meaning of the term is basically a term for when a joint in your body has popped partly out of its socket and this can damage tissues around the socket, but it cannot, for example, cause deafness. But chiropractors to this day claim they can fix and feel vertebral subluxations by hand, and that these subluxations cause roughly 95% of the ailments suffered by people, 95% of all. From the chiropractor there's different kinds now, some of which reject a lot of this. But like, yeah, that's the initial idea behind the science, is that like, like 95 or so percent of human ailments are caused by subluxations, which you can just fix by feeling around. I think we would have figured that out. Yeah. Yeah, it's not that hard. No, it's Carol Practic medicine and its founder aged, it shifted and morphed. This was helped along by DD Palmer son, BJ Palmer, who got involved in his father's work near the beginning of the movement. Like his dad, BJ had worked as a mesmerist before getting into. Back medicine. I locked my father and my also full of ****. He'd also worked for the circus. Hell yeah. Accomplished ********. ********. It's a whole family of lies. Did the work. According to science based medicine quote, he was reported to state when I saw there was no use for a sympathetic nervous system, I threw it out and then just had to put something better in its place. So I discovered direct mental impulse. BJ also discovered a nonexistent duct of Palmer connecting the spleen to the stomach. In 1907, BJ engineered a hostile takeover his father's school of Tyra Practic amazing. Yeah, different people will say that. Like it was more amiable or that it was more ugly. Some people say he paid him $2000. Some people say he's stiffed him out of all the money. It's kind of unclear what happened. So usually then that means it's not what? It wasn't good. It wasn't good. It was very acrimonious. Yeah, didn't they? Didn't get along. BJ Palmer set the tone that would later. Donate the field of chiropractic. He emphasized salesmanship, advertising, and practice building. He was highly critical of medicine, stating that MD stands for more death. He continuously sought new methods for increasing revenues, such as his neuro calcium meter, which would pinpoint subluxations by measuring skin temperature and heat decreed that must be rented from him by other practitioners at exorbitant fees. Why is he so against any actual medicine? Because it works. You can't keep bringing people into the same problem if they're doing stuff that helps. Ah, I see. So but to me, like, even the scam would be like a smarter scam would be like, you're applying both? Yeah, I think that's what they do now that that is what they do now. A lot of them. Also, part of the problem is that, like a real honest doctor, sometimes they're going to tell you can't do anything. Yeah, you got this problem and it sucks and it's always going to suck. Rated But there's no cure it wanna soar every day? Live for 40? Yeah. You've been alive too long, man. ****. Nobody's supposed to live more than 20. Better. Supposed to have your kid at 19 and push him off into the world at two. I had one at 28 and then we just had one, but I do. I do think I should have two at 28. So under BJ Palmer's reign, chiropractic expanded, growing ever larger and sucking in ever more ambitious young doctors who felt that jabbing around someone's back was a hell of a lot easier than going to actual medical school. You have to remember a lot. You have to learn a lot of stuff about blood and ****. They want you to know it, and I just remember it too. Yeah, they want you to actually know things, not just make up. Yep. Feels like that's the cancer part of the back that needs fixing. Pop, you're done. That's what you get. You just gotta get good at going. Making that sound. D Palmer continued to act as a figurehead of the movement and his writings remained influential, but BJ ran the show from around 1907 on forward. Now, from the beginning of the movement, chiropractors called themselves doctors, and in the 1890s this was not much of an issue because the difference between doctors and doctors was pretty minimal. In fact, since many legitimate licensed MD's back then fed their patients mercury and heroin cough syrup, many people would have been better off in the hands of a guy who was just going to give them a back massage. But this state of affairs did not persist along. In the early part of the 20th century, medicine began to professionalize quickly, spurred on by developments of things like vaccines and antibiotics. They clearly worked much better than just pushing on somebody's vertebrae, as you might have expected. D Palmer railed against many of these developments. He became an early anti vaccine advocate, writing that quote. It is the very height of absurdity to strive to protect any person from smallpox or any other malady by inoculating them with the filthy animal poison. No one will ever pollute the blood of any member of my family. Is he cares to walk over my dead body to perform such an operation? And we had to. Yeah, and we had to. Thankfully, the smallpox got him, his son BJ added in 1909. Chiropractors have found in every disease that is supposed to be contagious A cause. In the spine and the spinal column we will find a subluxation that corresponds to every type of disease. If we had 100 cases of smallpox, I can prove to you where in one you will find a subluxation and you will find the same condition and the other 99, I just one return his functions to normal and you could do the same with the other 99. Well, I mean it is this, it's that scam from where there's like a kernel of truth where there's like the central nervous system is throughout the spine. So there is a lot of. Queen yeah, that you can alleviate certain types of pain because the slip disc and things like that. Yeah, like people feel better. Diseased **** is not it doesn't get. No, no. Smallpox starts in the spine, hard. I'm not even a doctor, but it's just like knowing what you don't know. I think it's so important. Yeah, but if you're going to be a great grifter, the key is that you just pretend you know everything you don't know, and you don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. Seems fun. It does seem fun. It does it. It seems if you didn't love anyone, if you were either incapable of that or just, like, had gotten to a point in your life where you're like, **** it. Like if you ever see me Hawking brain pills, that's what's happened is I've just given up on my fellow man and have decided to cash in, and I am proud to announce my new job as a columnist for the Daily Wire. And I will have it. So if you threw a pen at me ever expanding church somewhere in the South? Oh man. Selling bleach? Magnets. Just back rubs and Jesus, yeah, that really is the king of all grifts. It's well, what you described when it hit me. Uh, when you said the sun came in and moved out the father, it's osting. As well, that's Joel. Joel olstein. Yeah. Yeah. It's the same thing that happened and learned how to produce television in college and then was that. And he was like, dad move. You take the private jet, he's good at it. I'm not going to, I'm not going to. Can't fault the guy on his grifting. He's exceptional. He is my face. If you don't know about Joel Olstein, he's the guy who had 10s of thousands of square foot of Immaculate space in the city of Houston when a huge chunk of that city flooded in. Many people were made refugees and he made none of it, but they just got a new carpet. So they just they had just gotten you don't want people on that carpet and we're not talking about people. Church, like a big church. We're talking about the arena where the Houston Rockets used to play. Yeah, that's where I think Jesus would have done the same thing. That's yeah, we all remember in the Bible when he came upon some poor person with dirty feet and was like, I'm not going to wash your feet. They're gross as hell and I got new carpet. I just. Thanks. This robe is new. Yeah, and I won't have to get ah, God. Classic Jesus. Prosperity gospel. Really hated dirty people and prosperity Jesus. But I know one thing about Jesus. It's he did not like refugees. He's like, it looks like my dad wanted you to be poor. So the Sermon on the mount, that's **** you got mine. So. As medicine grew more professional, more and more states began passing laws that created stricter requirements for licensure. As a medical doctor, BJ fought against these requirements politically wherever he could. But his father picked a different tactic for protecting Chiropracti from government meddling. He started pushing the claim that rather than medical science, chiropractic was a religion and thus utterly immune from any state oversight. He's not dumb. He's not dumb. No, he's not dumb. That's a solid play. God, yeah, I didn't realize it started as a religion. Ghost religious? Yeah. It's like, yeah, I'm not even mad at him. It's damn yeah. You got to respect a guy who can zig and zag like that. And he's not. I mean. He is hurting, and he's probably promised. He's hurting a lot of people. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I was gonna say he's not really just popping their back, but he's giving people false hope that are. Yeah. That is. Damn it. Yeah. Coming in. *** ** * ***** can zag. Yeah, but zaggin a tip of the hat. Yeah. The earliest evidence we have of this shift towards treating chiropractic as a religion is a letter that DD Palmer wrote to a colleague, PW Johnson, in April of 1911. I should note before reading this. So it makes sense that DD Palmer frequently referred to himself in his writings as old dad. So when you hear old Dad, he's writing about himself. Three weird old dad. I'm old dad. Well, he's from the north. No? OK, OK. Yours of April 26th at hand. It contains an interesting and financial question, one which I think old Dad hold the key of. Stop right now and read 2 sections in the this enclosed circular on pages two and eight marked and see if you cannot grasp the way out. That which I see we are coming to. I want you to study these two items marked the same ideas are in my book, although not put out quite so plain as found in these two sections. I occupy in chiropractic a similar position as did Miss Eddie and Christian Science. Miss Eddie claimed to receive her ideas from the other world and so do I. She founded there on a religion. And so may I I am all caps, the only one in chiropractic who can do so. Ye old Dad always has something new to give to his followers. I have much written for another edition. When this one is sold it is all caps. Strange to me why every chiropractor does not want a copy of my book. Now, when you refers to Miss Eddie, he's talking about Mary Eddie Baker, the founder of Christian Science, which is another religion that focuses around spiritual healing and refusal to accept basic medical help. Homer saying, like, I'm just gonna do what that Lady did. Yeah. And it's like, it's really transparent the way he writes it out to. Like, he even says she claimed to receive her ideas from the other world. I claim that too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm going to claim that I have that claim ticket as well. Also, the idea that he's going to publish the new edition of the book, making these claims when the last edition of his book on Chiropractor is sold out. But smart. Yes, he's well and grifter. Yeah. Old Dad is a folksy. That's a smart. I mean, all these dudes are just brilliant marketers. Yeah, they call him Papa Cairo sometimes, too. Where you from? Egypt? What's Egypt? So if you liked that, 1D would go on to write in this letter that rather than pushing for laws to specifically establish chiropractic medicine as a legitimate branch of medicine, chiropractors should just seek exemption from any laws based on the fact that chiropractic is a religion. Quote exemption clauses instead of Cairo laws by all means, and let that exemption be the right to practice our religion. That's all caps. But we must have a religious head, one who is the founder, as did Christ Mohammed Joseph Smith and Miss Eddie Martin Luther. And other who have founded religions. I am The Fountainhead. I am the founder of chiropractic and it's science and its art in its philosophy and in its religious phase. Now, if chiropractors desire to claim me as their head, their leader, the way is clear. My writings have been gradually steering in that direction until now. It is time to assume that we have the same right to as Christian scientists, I am the Prophet. I am the prophet, unlike Mohammed, but with popping backs. And I'm here to save the world. That's his. That's really what he's going for, huh? I'm with you head injuries. Yeah, I might have a factor. Although he's really pretty cunning about this. I kind of think that that letter proves that he actually was seeing this pretty clear headed. Move to be like, this is a religion. Yeah, it's a religion, right. Yeah. OK. Medicines turning into a real thing now where it's religion. Yeah. Where his kids whisper, you know, when we've always felt like, like he made the Scientology pivot, like, a century. Well, not a century, but like 70 years before Scientology did. But he recognized that real quick, very quickly that, like, this is the future for American grifting. It's just calling whatever crime you committed religion. So it's fine. Well, I think they've been doing that since the start. Yeah, but in a different way, I think. Or not at the level. Yeah, not, not not quite like this. It's the ambition that sets you apart. Really? Yeah, it's the ambition that sets you apart. Now, I found this note hosted on which bills itself as a chiropractic research organization. This should keep you in on the fact that modern day chiropractors do not exactly wholeheartedly reject the idea that their discipline, which is usually just billed as another medical specialization, is actually a religion. In order to make this case authoritatively and establish a bright future for chiropractic with himself as spine cracking Jesus. DD Palmer began to work on a book he believed would be his masterpiece, the chiropractor. He finished this work, but before he could edit and publish it, he died, possibly because his son murdered him with a car we don't actually know. Yeah, yeah. The truth here remains heavily debated to this day. What is beyond debating is that D&BJ had not gotten along for years. The father never forgave the son for carrying out a hostile takeover of his chiropractic college. The son seems to have been * **** and maybe a sociopath who was disliked by basically everybody the BJ murdered. His dad's side of the story starts with the annual parade of the Universal Chiropractors Association held on August 27th. We know that after the parade, D Palmer rapidly sickened and eventually died. Three different witnesses swore affidavits that DD's illness was caused by his son striking him with a car. Probably knocked his back at a whack. Give him cancer that would give you cancer. One witness wrote this in a court affidavit. I saw Mr BJ Palmer coming down the street as automobile hitting him DD and continuing to shove him towards the curbing. If it appeared to me that Doctor D Palmer was being hit as he was and as hard as he was by the automobile, he must have been thrown to the ground and run over. Doctor D Palmer was very excited and stated as he started for his house. I'm going to call up the police and see if I can have protection as I am afraid of my life. So that's one of the witnesses saying that he was hit by a car. But of the three eyewitness accounts all are slightly different. Some say he was hit in the back, some say in the leg and. For what it's worth, RC Smith, the Marshall of the parade, offered the most detailed recitation of events. This recitation does not blame BJ for the murder, and it instead makes it look like Deedee Palmer was just a cantankerous old ******* who insisted marching at the head of the parade and probably kind of walked himself to death. Nice. Yeah, yeah. As I was lining up the marchers, I noticed Doctor Deedee Palmer was attempting to lead the parade and I went up to him and taking him by the arm, stopped him and attempted to lead up the street saying, this will be a long walk before we return and you will be very tired and it will be better for you to go up and get into one of the faculty autos and ride, taking it easy and let us young fellows do The Walking or words of similar import. This apparently pleased him for the moment, but in an instant he broke loose from me and said, damn the faculty, I'm going to lead this parade. He became very abusive and I let him over to the sidewalk from the center of the street. In a few minutes he made another effort to lead the parade, but I made him. Exist and as I stepped up to the band of musicians to start the parade, I noticed that Doctor Biggie Palmer's car was slipping out of line to the left side of the street. When I again saw DD Palmer in the street lead of the procession and I again ran up to him and taking him by the shoulder, started pushing him to the West side of the street and sidewalk. And as I looked over my shoulder I discovered that BJ Palmer's auto was coasting close to us and I gave DD Palmer a shove and got him out of the way of the cars that slipped by. It struck me with the Fender before BJ could stop. The car did not touch, said DD Palmer. Nor was it closer than four or five feet from him at any time while he was on the street. Governor Morris was in the audio at the time that it happened again. Deedee Palmer hurried to the sidewalk and then entered the Argyle Flats in the parade, proceeded down Brady St and on several occasions Deedee Palmer attempted to get at the head of the marchers but returned to the sidewalk whenever I hovered insight until we arrived at our near 5th St when he led the parade for about half a block until I came towards him and then went on the sidewalk and did not attempt to lead again at 3rd and Brady St. D Palmer again went to the center of the streets and talked to the traffic officer who told him to go onto the sidewalk and keep out of the street. I further swear that I invited Doctor D Palmer several times to write in an auto. But he persistently refused. He seemed too obsessed to get to the front and lead the marchers. No other place in the parade would answer his ideas as to his place. He was very abusive at the time I escorted him away from the front of the band. I mean, it sounds like. It checks out. That sounds like his ego the whole time. He's just * ****. Yeah. And it sounds like, no, I'm the best. No, I have to be in charge of this. Yes. Yep. Which is like that. It sounds like it was an old man who overstrained himself marching and then some of his followers later blamed his son on the murder. Although. But his son gave enough reason to be like, because he was a ***** ** **** ******* and clearly hit someone else with this car that day. So it's not like there's a good guy. People did get hit by a car. I mean, it sounds like everyone is probably telling the truth on some level. Yeah. Yeah. Son was like, I did hit him. Yeah. It's like one of those stories when you hear about, like, 2 neo-Nazi leaders of an organization, one claiming that, like, the other embezzled and the other claiming that the other embezzled from company funds. And it's like, yeah, you probably both didn't believe you. I believe you both. Yeah, yes, but you know who's not scum? Billy Wayne Davis. Hmm. The advertisers who support this show could be with their. Dollars. This is the Koch brothers? Well, yeah, then they suck. Yeah, they should probably get some spinal adjustments. I don't know if they have a spine. I think they have a spine. It's the people they buy, you know, that's very true. They they definitely have a spine. They ******* will known. I was going to say from what I've read about them, they're they're very in your face about what they believe. Hit them on a number of things, but they are not spineless or as like an alien not having an actual spine. Yeah, alien would be a good not like no they're confident in. Daniel's looking at us wondering when this ad transition is actually going to turn into ad time. Sorry, at some point, nanal at some point, it'll happen now. Mint Mobile offers premium wireless starting at just 15 bucks a month. And now for the plot twist. Nope, there isn't one. Mint Mobile just has premium wireless from 15 bucks a month. 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I'm Patricia Brown, but you can call me patches. While many online encounters lead to exciting new relationships, some become devastating dates with death the droplets of blood, the way that the vehicle was left. By doing what's called a ping, you can locate the last time that cell phone data was accessed. I met my murderer. Online is the only true crime podcast to tell the tragic tales of how the Internet can lead the unsuspecting into deadly encounters. 14 pieces, but there was absolutely no sleep for me that night. If you are a fan of true crime, then you have to listen to I met my murderer online. Listen to I met my murderer online on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. What's back? My I don't know why I'm opening it that way. We just went out for break for a minute and I thought it was the 2nd episode, but we're just coming back from ads. I have decided what this machete looks like. Billy Wayne Davis. If the Orcs and the Lord of the Rings had won the war and then modernized into a liberal democracy, this is what all of their swords would look like. Oh yeah, mass produce the mass produced. Nice little orange. Ribs. They're not trying to be all scary anymore. Or stainless steel because it's easier to keep clean. Fisker sounds like an orc word. Still looks kind of cool. Yep. You know, if they'd wiped out the elves, there'd be a bunch of orcs and 500 years who like, all dressed up in cosplay themselves and like you know, like work Burning Man. They'd have a lot of like elf religious wear and stuff. Like they wouldn't know they were using it in an offensive way, but they mean well. Just having fun. Just have fun. Just having fun. What I'm saying is that America is what happens when the works win. I think that's. It is what happens when anyone wins and then they keep winning. Yeah, because of all the all the winning guns. Yeah, it helps. So BJ was never convicted of killing his father, and the preponderance of evidence seems to suggest that Deedee Palmer's death had nothing to do with his son. It probably had more to do with bad salmon and his refusal to accept basic medical care. I was going to guess that he probably didn't take care of himself. Healthwise. Yeah, he ate some food and he got an infection, and then he refused to take actual doctors advice on what he should do. And I'll just walk it off. I'll just give my back popped. I mean, I'll pop my own back. Where's the chair? I just needed a hard, firm chair and I wanna fix this from a paper published by the Institute of Chiropractic. Quote, Luisa Ladd, Doctor of Chiropractic, who acted as a nurse to Didi, stated that he had proper medical attention and had he followed the instructions of his doctors, he would be alive today. He disobeyed all directions, paid no attention to what they told him to do or not to do. That's good that he died the way he lived. He died the way he lived. Although because his doctor was a chiropractor, it's possible that their suggestions. Were as bad as what he would have done anyway. Ohh for sure, nobody. This was a real blind leading the blind sort of situation. Literally and ironically, he tried to save the blind. If they'd actually even blind, he could just be good with back couldn't work it just can you. I mean that is your fate when you're just teaching poor medicine and then you are in the hands of the people you talked. Yeah, you think kind of perfect because like we said earlier, like there is like a. A sign that he was self aware of his **** a little bit, yeah. So do you think when he's at the end he's just like I taught them? Real medicine? Son of it. This is really, if I could admit what I've done. This is a really funny thing, but yeah. I do hope he enjoyed the cosmic irony of that situation. That, like ******* ecoli or some **** like salmonella, I think is what I got written down as. But he's like ******** himself to death in a bed and everyone's talking about which vertebrate pop. I'm like, he's like, **** I did this, I did this. You know what? This one's on me. I'm OK with this. Yeah. I did this. I died. What? Doing what I loved. Teaching people how not to be healthy. Just the same emotion you have when you you drink yourself into the worst hangover. Your head. You just wake up, and you're right. This is on me. Feels like I I made this happen. No one. There was no guns last night. This was on me. Yeah. Dee Dee Palmer died on October 20th, 1913. The next year, 1914, his manifesto was published. In it, he laid out his theory of innate intelligence. Did he call it a manifesto? No. He called it. The chiropractor would been too. It was essentially a manifesto. You nailed it. I was just curious if he knew. It is embodied as a personified part of universal intelligence. Therefore, Co eternal with the all creative force. This indwelling portion of the eternal is in our care for improvement. The intellectual expansion of the innate is in proportion to the normal transmission of impulses over the nervous system. For this reason, the body function should be kept in the condition of tone. Communication with the eternal spirit, the creator, is the goal of all religions. Cover some ground. *** **** man, that's that's some impressive ************ on a level where lawyers are like that. Yeah, this is part of his effort to reclassify chiropractic as a religion. So that's what he starts claiming. Is that like, he starts with being like, no, there's just healing power built into your body and like you're back being ****** ** stops it from getting to the right places. And now he's saying, like this healing power is like part of the innate intelligence that like, you need to like free up to flow around your body and fix it, this innate intelligent intelligence. But it's not that. Are telligent God, it's not intelligent enough to pop your spine back into place. It needs some help. It needs some help. It's in. It's hindered intelligence. I think I'm understanding his theories right. They're nonsense. So that's what I was going to say. There's no way to. You can try to understand what he means. Daniel fell asleep. I'm casually resting my eyes while you guys are having this conversation. You heard him snore, right? Sophie absolutely did. Absolutely her Daniel snore. It's because of his third vertebrae if he punches punches back and his narcolepsy will be just for that. Daniel. The next one we do is going to be about Holocaust doctors. You fall asleep on that. So yeah, he he wrote a bunch of crazy stuff about. Universal intelligence and innate intelligence. I'll just read one other quote from the manifesto so you can get kind of an idea of like, what it's like to read this thing. Let's see, where is this I'm going to this is all one sentence, and of course it is. I believe that this intelligence is segmented into as many parts as there are individual expressions of life; That spirit, whether considered as a whole or individually, is advancing upwards and onward towards perfection; That in all animated nature, this intelligence capitalized. The ion intelligence is expressed through the nervous system, which is the means of communication. To and from individualized spirit; That the condition known as tone is the tension of in firmness, the the ritzy what? The hell, the rhinitis and elasticity of tissue in a state of health normal existence. That; That the mental and physical condition known as disease is a disordered state because of an unusual amount of tension above or below that of tone; That normal and abnormal amounts of strain or laxity are due to the position of the osseous framework, the neuro skeleton, which not only serves as a protector. Of the nervous system, but also as a regulator of tension; That universal intelligence, the spirit as a whole or in its segmented parts, is eternal in its existence; That physiological disintegration and somatic death are changes of the material only; That the present and future makeup of individualized spirits to depend upon the cumulative mental function, which like all other functions is modified by the structural condition of the impulse transmitting nervous system; That criminality is but the result of abnormal nervous tension; that our individualized, segmented spiritual entities carry with them into the future spiritual state. That that which has been mentally accumulated during our physical existence; And spiritual existence like the physical is progressive; That a correct understanding of these principles and the practice of them constitute the religion of chiropractic; That the existence and personal identity of individualized intelligence has continued after the change known as death; That life in this world and the next is continuous one of eternal progression. Wow, that's that is the most semicolons I think I ******* run into in this what he's done is he has that is how you transcribe someone someone speech that's on cocaine. Yeah it does sound like he's on blow, right? And well the; Is that like you know I'm not done talking yet. I'm not done talking. He's got the main thought and then like 40 sub thoughts and like he has to address each of the sub thoughts. But like by the time he does it so disconnected by the main thought that you can't figure out what the **** he was. No idea. And then instead of letting other people talk, he's just saying;; And putting his hand up. Yeah, man. 'cause like while you're reading it because there's also a rhythm to what he's the way he's written it, which is interesting. I just noticed Billy Wayne, this this is groundbreaking. If you think about how a; Looks, it kind of looks like a nose because you got the two holes. But then there's that line of cocaine trailing out on one of the nostrils. That's what a; Means. It's subconscious. No, it is. Yeah, you're exactly. It is just making a sentence to go and then and then. That is exactly what it is. I'm not gonna talk. I'm not not talking. After his dad's death, BJ Palmer continued to develop this theory of innate intelligence. I'm going to quote now from a Huffington Post article on the man. According to BJ Palmer, Chiropractic has no use for a quote deity to which we can direct instructions of how to run the universe or a soul to say from heaven or from hell. Asking do chiropractors pray? And a book by that title, BJ answered that no chiropractor would prey on his knees or in supplication to some invisible power. Because innate intelligence within man is the all wise, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent director general who asserts that the only possible. Cause and cure are within man. See it is that thing of like I believe on some. On some level of what he's saying where, you know, we're all in control of our decisions and we and the cause and solution of all human problems are held within the human brain. Not in a way to which like you can just push someone's spine back end, but like you can ever we could solve every illness if like people directed their intelligence long enough and and consciously as we could solve the energy problems, political problems that people just like got their **** together. **** out. And maybe that's a religious belief. In a way. Kind of in the same way that Star Trek the next generation as a religious belief it is, yeah. But where he got, where he loses me and they all lose me is like the general. You're your own general, where it's like they they immediately start pitching for selling where you're just like, no, you can be like, hey, it's like the the whole point of the book of Judas, you know, they left that out because it was like, supposedly it was just, I don't know much about this. What Jesus was about was just being like, no, no, you're your own God. You were in. Control of who you are. No one else can control you. That's like, and this agnostic **** you popping out now. I mean, I don't know if I believe it or what, but I've always found that theory of what that book is fascinating because they kept it out because it's teaching people to control their own thoughts and not listen and be under control. So they wanted that **** the **** out of there. That makes sense. So that sounds like, yeah, there's a little bit of that in here. And, like, obviously he's not the only one preaching stuff like this, like the 1920s. There's a bunch of kind of esoteric. Religious traditions going around, some of which would turn into Nazis, some of which turned into L Ron Hubbard. Like a lot of a lot of people. Hot yoga? Yeah. The rest just wound up in hot yoga. Now, despite all the work done by BJ and his dad, the government did not buy the line that being a religion meant chiropractors got to call themselves doctors and practices if they were MD's. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, more and more states instituted the licensure requirements for chiropractors. Many of them were quite fair, simply requiring that chiropractors pass the same basic medical science boards as medical doctors, which seems fair to me. You know, you're saying your doctors alright, well you just got to pass the same test. You know as much about the body as a doctor you get to call fair. Very fair. That's how it worked for a while. Between 1927 and 1953, eighty 6% of medical students successfully passed these basic board exams. Only 23% of chiropractors could. This created a massive problem for the discipline they need to unlock that innate intelligence. Yeah, exactly. You didn't pop your ******* spine enough for you to pass that *** **** board test. Idiots. Now this created a massive problem for chiropractic because it led to hundreds of unlicensed chiropractors fleeing to states without licensure requirements and the vast number of non doctor chiropractors practicing ghost written religious back medicine and cause some people to question whether or not chiropractic was even legitimate. Imagine the solution that eventually evolved was the Doctor of Chiropractic degree DC. Now this is not an actual medical degree or even an actual doctorate. Instead it's a four year degree which you can get at a chiropractic college. It doesn't even require a bachelor's degree. First, the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, which is the school that doctor DD Palmer established, will give you a DC for the low, low price of $34,000 a year. They accept 100% of applicants. Like every legitimate medical school. 34 grand? Hey, man, Duke's going to cost that much. Yeah, and you don't get to call yourself a doctor after four years at Duke. But. Hmm. It's not as hard as ****. No, it's definitely not as hard as I was just thinking I was like, what is the point? You know what percentage of applicants Duke accepts? Not 100%. Not literally anyone with a pocketbook. Wow, now it's only fair that I note that modern day chiropractors are very much mixed up about the ghostly origins of their trade. I found an article in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association by Doctor of Chiropractic Law in Morgan discussing the problems the concept of innate intelligence causes for the field lawn writes. Quote Today an 8 intelligence remains an untestable enigma that isolates chiropractic and impedes its acceptance as a legitimate Health Science. The concept of innate is derived directly from the occult practices of another. Era. It carries a high penalty and divisiveness and lack of logical coherence. So it would be unfair of me to state to pretend like a lot of chiropractors aren't like we got to stop with the magic. Yeah, that's not going to work in 2019. However, a profession wide survey conducted in 2003 called how Chiropractors think in Practice showed that the majority of chiropractors still believe more or less in DD Palmer's view of innate intelligence and of subluxations as the cause of much human disease. There is a subset in a growing subset of chiropractors who argue that they should just stick to treating. Back and spine problems. Yes. Now, this is certainly more defensible than using chiropractic treatments to, say, cure deafness. But even that is kind of dumb, because there's another 2003 study published in the annals of Internal Medicine that evaluated studies from 1995 to 2003 on the efficacy of different treatments for back pain. They found that simple massage offered considerably more therapeutic benefits than the spinal manipulations favored by chiropractors. So even for back pain, it's not that great. I played baseball for a couple years. Junior College and we had a trainer, yeah. And the two years we had a different coach when I got there. But they were the guys the year ahead of us. They had a chiropractor. And they all love the chiropractor. And our trainer was like, you guys, he just makes you feel good for like 10 or 15 minutes. He's like, he never fixed any of you. And it was just this constant battle between these 19 year old dudes were like, no, he's better, he's a doctor. And he was like, I'm 18, I'm going to go with the guy that's been to school, you guys. And they're like, Nah man, you don't know that. Chiropractor was great. Hey man, he's a four year doctor just like, Jesus you guys, that's junior college. Almost as fast a way of becoming a doctor. It's it's going to doctor reference school in Jamaica and **** bleach at people's butts. Or where was it? It's prettier there. Haiti is Haiti. Yeah, Haiti's good. It's not. Now it gets worse. See indeed Palmer's opus the chiropractor. He wrote several times about how subluxations and infants and small children were often the cause of lifelong help, health problems and what he called imbecility. This has led many chiropractors to believe that children should be treated with spinal manipulation. Now, I found a great science based medicine article that highlights how badly. This can go. The title of the article kinda says most of it. Chiropractic manipulation of the neck linked to stroke in six year old child? **** yeah yeah. Now I'm not a medical doctor, Billy Wayne, but I don't think 6 year olds normally stroke out. 60 year olds now we're getting to be expected, but not 6 God. Now. This case started with a young boy presenting with symptoms of a sinus infection. Instead of driving him to a real doctor, his grandfather took him to a chiropractor who ****** ** his back so badly that it caused an embolism and a stroke in the six year old child. And chiropractors routinely work on even younger children. In a few seconds Googling, I found a video of Doctor of Chiropractic, Joshua Peter Smith of Peter Smith family chiropractic. In Missouri. In the video he adjusts the spine of a 12 week old child. Now we're going to watch this this bad Mamma jam. I'm not sure how much of it will watch Billy, but you got to see this guy listening. You'll have to hear this kid so if you want to describe what you're watching in the video up until the kids starts. Megan, the noises the kids gonna make, I think that'll make for a solid podcasting experience. No, no, I'm not ready. He's got a little baby, 12 weeks old in his aunt his. Is it his baby? No. Holding it up by one leg upside down and just sort of bouncing the baby upside down, being held by a single leg. Now he's holding it by two legs. No, now he's holding it by one chance. Since it doesn't, just hold it upside down. He's trying to figure out where it has to be adjusted and now he's manipulating the baby's spine. So little Naomi here is a little over 11 weeks old, and her spine is no different than anyone else's. So her the tab on her neck is actually slid to the left. How I adjust her is a little different than anyone else, but the doctor, the grand scheme of things I'm doing, the exact same thing I'm doing is pushing that bone right back to the middle, letting the body do whatever it needs to do, put exactly where it needs to be. So it's a little it's a lot less forceful. It's very, very gentle with her and you're going to hear how gentle it is. In a second, all these colic issues go away, so we're colleagues gonna go away. Don't do it, you stupid ****. Just been doing it. Baby's thrashing. Stop. Yeah, it's probably enough, Sophie. It's pretty obvious to me, not being a doctor of chiropractic, but being a person who's watched babies before that, what he's doing to that baby isn't good. I have a 6 month old. Like their body is constantly forming and evolving every single day. So to go in there and like all this vertebrae is a little off. That's why he's cocky. Like that's not how that works. Also to say that an 11 1/2 week old baby spine is the same as an adult, it's like they don't have all their bones yet. No, I don't know when they get all their bones or wouldn't they come in, but I know they don't get all their bones on top of their skull, yet it's an infant. Ohh, just like I mean I think it's the dad in me watching that video is like like the. Get your hands off that baby. Really? Like, there was like a violent part of me that was, like, alarming. Whereas, like, stop doing what you're doing or I'm going to have to kick you. Yeah, yeah, like, because he's down on the ground at one point. Like, I'm going to kick you till you let go of that baby. That's what I'm going to do. It's not OK. Bought not OK. Now, the article that initially inspired this episode was a piece I found in a website I quite like called. The outline, titled chiropractors are ******** discusses a charlatan named Josh Axe and I'm going to quote from that piece now. On his Facebook page. Acts, a self-described, board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine who earned his doctorate in chiropractic from Good Old Palmer College of Chiropractic, tells you which sunscreens are safe and dispenses snack suggestions. Need a sweet snack that won't unravel your health goals? We have you covered, he writes. Leaking. To a dark chocolate almond butter recipe that contains, by my estimate, more than 1900 calories, depending on how much coconut sugar you eat. The posts on Axis page run the gamut from minor ******** like healthy recipes to major ******** like the pernicious claims that you can reverse cavities you can't. And why is this guy giving dental advice? And that you can treat some painful and potentially dangerous bacterial infections like UTI's and staff with essential oils and antiviral herbs? Again, not so much. He also writes that living a life of purpose can lower dementia risk. Wouldn't that be nice? Well it might not concern you that a physician with nearly 2,000,000 followers on Facebook is spending his time posting recipes for face wash. It should peak your curiosity. These telling people he's never met, they should purchase his products to support any number of conditions from leaky gut syndrome not real to aging. His bone broth collagen formula, now available in chocolate, will set you back $37. That's a funny word. Support. It's legal. Speak for this product is ******** beyond his line of snake oils. It should absolutely scare you that X has written articles espousing his anti vaccine views while speaking glowingly of anti VAX. Queen Jenny McCarthy's pediatrician. Everything you said, yeah, it's real bad, right? It's it's like you like, there's so many. I can't even. It's just levels of ******** I I I try to picture. What they do every day when they wake up, you know, like you and I knew what we were going to do that, yeah, we're going to talk about chiropractic. And I didn't know it was going to be swinging machete around and that that has been a healthy, a welcome surprise. I knew that was going to happen, but we knew that we're going to. There's like substance to what we're doing. Yeah, theirs is like, how can I come up with more *********? More ********* for money. But where does it? Because they've made so much. Theoretically. Theoretically. Where does it? It's not about money. And that that Doctor Axe. Guy seems like a grifter to me. I don't know. This doctor, Peter Smith, the guy who's adjusting the baby. You look at his face in there like, is he just a ******* sociopath, or is he someone who really thinks he's a doctor? I think it's it's the same like because it's based in religion. It's susceptible to people who think that everything they do is for the Lord and for this. But, you know, it's the same Westborough innate intelligence. Those people think they're doing everything for the right reasons. Like the God hates **** people. Yeah. So the human brain is fascinating. It's the playground. Just the playground. Now, that outline article also covers the sad story of Playboy model Katie may. In 2018, she died of a stroke after visiting her chiropractor. A 2007 study established a strong popping my *****. Yeah, well, that's actually that would have been a lot healthier. Yeah, because 2007 study established a strong link between chiropractic manipulation and the risk of strokes caused by what's called vertebral artery dissection. Which is what happened to that little kid you like. Pop someone's back forcefully enough that it severs an artery, then they stroke out. Now, it's hard to say what the annual death toll due to chiropractic medicine actually is. I found a 2010 study and the National Institutes of Health. Getting all the deaths they could find that immediately followed spinal manipulation by a chiropractor, the abstract notes. Under results, 26 fatalities were published in the medical literature, and many more might have remained unpublished. The alleged pathology usually was a vascular accident involving the dissection of a vertebral artery, which is getting the most common fatal side effect of chiropractic. The articles conclusion states numerous deaths have occurred after chiropractic manipulations. The risks of this treatment by far outweigh its benefit. Are there any good reasons to do it? Makes me feel good. I mean, I got to. There's a Thai lady that walks on my back, then she rubs her and his frog hair. Yeah. Now I think a lot of it is that a lot of the chiropractors, it's the same problem you have. Like a lot of the anti VAX doctors. We're like, they're the most charismatic doctors. Yeah, like that guy who was popping that baby's back. Good looking young guy, I'm sure he has an incredible bedside manner and he has a deep voice and the cadence he spoke in. That was the first thing I noticed was this. Very confident. I know what I'm talking. Home, and this is what you're gonna do. I'm a cool dude. A lot of real doctors because they're actually practicing medicine. They're very busy, they're very stressed out, they don't sleep enough. A lot of them have substance abuse problems because they have very stressful, difficult jobs. They can be less than friendly because, say, they're working at an ER or something like that. They're dealing with too much of a workload because there aren't enough real doctors and insurance on top of that, insurance filing stuff with the government. Whereas this guy is just a liar, so he gets to be calm all the time. So you're real. Doctors like, you got one of two things you got to do this test of this test. I got to go on to do something like this, like, go, go take this and get this next test. And I'll tell you, we need to do next. And he's like, it's scary because you're already sick and he's not really taking the time to help you because he's got other **** to do. And this guy sits down with you and he talks with you and he explains how, no, I can fix your baby's colic. Just let me pop it spine and you're like, cool. Yeah, sounds great. Yeah, you call me down and you wear a nice turtleneck. That's. It's like when I got my weed card when I first moved to LA. The guy had a wrinkled lap cut that does not evoke confidence from a medical professional. It's the only time I've ever seen it. I can't make it. It's just more funny in conversation. I tried to make it funny on stage. That doctor, it was just like I walked in. I was like, I've never seen that before. The best thing about the old way weed used to work in Los Angeles is that it was clearly like a retirement program for doctors who either were on the edge of getting disbarred from, like, killing somebody on the operating table or who were just too old to work. Anymore? I had both of those. I had a younger dude where I was like, what did you do? You killed somebody, didn't you? You got a ******* baby wrinkle lapka. Yeah, like, yes. And then there's the old guy with, like, who's just, like, barely awake. Like, I had one doctor where, like, he had a picture on the wall where he couldn't even focus long enough for the picture. He looked like he was falling asleep for it. And then his assistant tried to Skype US in to talk with him, and he didn't pick up Skype twice, so she just forged his sick, that is. So I got my week. Beautiful. I miss it, Billy. It is so much easier. I got one. I lived in Seattle, WA, had a Seattle ID. I was just down here doing sets, meeting with some people, walked with my friend who lived down here for two years and we were on Venice and I was like, I'm going to try to get a week card in this place. You could see the ocean from the doctor's office. I've been there. The guy and the the lady she started, she was being kind of ****** to me at first because I had some out of state ID and she was like, were you here for? And I was like, oh I'm a stand up comedian, she says. Oh, I just started doing open mic and then just started checking stuff without even looking. Once she figured out I could help her, I told her where to go to do some comedy stuff, and I walked out. My friend was like, what the hell? I've lived here for two years. I was like, I've been here for a day, dude, let's go get some weight. One of the first guys I met in LA is a friend of a friend, and he was in the Marines and he got shot in the leg. And he, like, legitimately was using pot at the time, in part to, like, deal with pain. And he had his medical examination with the doctor, and the Doctor just looked him in with another patient who happened to be in the room at the time who was just like, I don't know, anxiety. It's like. You're both the same to me. That's it. Gunshot wound anxiety as much bodies you can carry the old prescribe it to you both. The old man I went to like you were talking about was just, it was pure retirement. I was like, I just want to be like, how much are they paying you to do this? They're making they made bank. He had a poster on the wall that had all the ailments. So he was like he and he was so lazy. He was like, which one is it he just pointed at pick on the window what your problem is America is pretty fun. That's the kind of quack medicine I like, where you just pay $50.00 to have a doctor say literally any problem. That prescription is however much pot you can pay for us. That's it. Great. Not let's pop a 12 year old spy or 12 week old spine. Ah, well, Billy, that was fun. The episodes over. You know what that means? We're going to pop that for British. I'm going to hit this for Breeze now, Billy. I'm going to want you to. I'm going to want you to open the poison room, and then I'm going to want you to duck to the side as quick as you can so I can. Now, Sophie, is there an outside wall or is this going to go sailing into the parking lot? Fantastic. OK, this is it. Please. This is officially safe. Sophie approves. Give me. I don't approve. ******* hell. Wait, it fell that time? Ohh ****. Alright, Billy, I'm gonna need third tries. Going to be. I'm going to throw it horizontally. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, that work. It's hard to do that. It's hard to do that, I think, because what we're doing really serve it up yourself. A nice lob and this one's going to be the charm. Ohh, got it. Yeah, I got kick it in there. Little kick it in there, Billy. Mayor Mike. I do think that I would be fun with it. That worked basically in times. Let me have explosives. Stand. I feel like that worked out well. I thought it. Worked out better than chiropractic medicine does. Still going. I should try to start selling machete medicine. Machete, machete, machete. Your way to health. What's sad is, like any of these grips. You and I would try. We would be way more successful than any of our other endeavors in our life. I absolutely. Look what happened. How did you get successful? Oh, we just started lying. Here we go. Here we go. I figured out. I figured out my my manifesto for machete. Bison. Now we've all seen. 2001 a space odyssey, the documentary film that shows us how human tool you started watching that movie, there was a monkey picks up a large bone and starts swinging it. Human beings evolved to swing large heavy things with one arm. The problem with modern society? You never have a large heavy thing in your arm. The answer to that? The machete. If you're always carrying a machete, Billy Wayne, and always swinging it, then your vertebra align properly, which clears the wound chakras out and removes the sickness subluxations from inside your gallbladder. The germ spirits, the germ spirits. The machete scares away the germ spirits by balancing your body. So for just $499.95, you can receive an official machete ASEN licensed medical machete it is. A lot. But we need you to be serious. We need you to be serious. We need you to take it. It's it's investment in your health, your health. And you know what, Billy? I'm in a good mood today. So, along with that machete for 400 and 1995, I'm going to throw in a book. Hack your way to better health. For free. Free? That's just coming on there for free. So we give them a shady you get the machete, and then we get a book that's hack your way to better health. Tells us how to use the ****. You heard about body hacking? I heard about this is just straight up machete hacking and it'll cure your cancer. Oh, it's like Botox. It'll support your cancer. Treatment. Support IT support it. I like support. Supporting that feels better than trait is support. Support. I like to feel support. We all like to feel supra for your cancer. It's a broad. Yeah. Just let this machete be a bra for your cancer. And we do have them available in Spanish, and they are called machetes. They are. And we have them available for infants. Yes. For an extra 4995, you can get our special babies machete, which is the same as our adult machete. But pink, you don't like doing her? Well, I think we've sold two to three. We've got people trying to find the one. That's why you're upset with this, because we're doing a pretty good job. You know, I'm going to get yacht money and leave this podcast behind. Just want to turn the channel. We're on 3 channels right now. Yeah. So, Bill, you want to plug your plugable? The president just made me the Director of Health and Human Services. Even funny, I feel like seeing that my way into a cabinet position. I feel like I could at this point, 100%. I mean, since I've been holding this machete virtually the whole episode that to him, you might be the you might be the Secretary of Defense Orange. I see something I like. Billy Wayne, I bubbles just I'm about to I'm working on putting together a tour for the fall in the winter. So BWD and I worked on the new season of Squidbillies, which is on Adult Swim right now. So check that out. That's such a perfect show for you to be working. It was a dream. Great. Did not feel like work. Yeah, well, I did not work on the new season of Squidbillies. I did once have an altercation with a squid, but that's a tale for another day. The website for this podcast, the sources for all of this episode. you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at at ******** pod. You can buy T-shirts at teepublic behind the ********. 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