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Cracktoberfest Part Four: Why Ronald Reagan Should Have Gone To Jail

Cracktoberfest Part Four: Why Ronald Reagan Should Have Gone To Jail

Wed, 05 Oct 2022 16:00

In part four, Prop now switches to the Contra side of Iran-Contra Affair and how Ronald Regan was bout that life.

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Now listen, I spend a lot of time online. Like right after this, I'll hop online and upload this episode. I hope you do too. I'm also pretty busy. Busy enough that buffering doesn't benefit my day. So when I'm trying to upload Questlove Supreme and a tuning post at the same time, I need a pristine connection. I need AT&T 5G. Fast, reliable, secure. And the official 5G wireless network of the NBA. Because you know we couldn't live without this NBA live stream. Compatible device for 5G required. 5G may not be available in your area. For coverage details, see AT& slash 5G for you. Visit www.AT& slash call protect for details. It's never been easier to communicate with people, but it's never been harder to know which platform you're supposed to communicate on. Here's a simpler solution. With call, meet, and message all in one app, Ring Central makes communication easy. With all that connectivity in the palm of your hand, you can work from anywhere with anyone at any time and never miss a beat. Because when it comes to communication, simple is better. Learn more at Ring Central, simpler communications. Every year, many families and individuals are hit with unexpected medical bills that their health insurance wasn't designed to cover. Resulting in a health and wealth gap that disproportionately impacts people of color and those in low income communities. Affleck is on a mission to help close those gaps. The cost of healthcare shouldn't come at the expense of peace of mind. To learn how Affleck can help with expenses, health insurance doesn't cover, visit My nigga left this thing. Rukies, please. Listen, I am in a cemetery basement. Rukie, shit. Rukie cookies. I don't even know. Is this virtual background? What is it? Is it wet grass? Thanks so. Zoomed in. Who decided this was like the move? You gotta design your own background. So it is. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome everybody to this podcast, part two situation. We're Sophie's now back home on her background. She is. That's what everyone says about Sophie. Yeah. Back home on her background. My name is propaganda. Catch wreck like earthquakes. That's Anderson Barkin there. Yeah, she doesn't like the weather. She's our COO. She's our COO and the illustrious Robert Evans. Yes, that is the award list. That is the accurate way to describe me. Illustrious and un awarded. Award list. Yeah. Join me in the, join me in Bob Marley as people who've never been awarded for our work. Really, Bob Marley? He never won any sort of musical award. Even when he did that with all along the watchtowers and the princess, all that good shit. Nope. Wow. That makes me feel better about the fact that I have never been awarded anything. I am the Bob Marley of podcast. We stretched Armstrong now one. But yeah, I agree, man. Yeah, it's a good list to be on. Yeah. All right. Where are we at? Where are we at? Oh, I remember where we at. Where we left where we last left our heroes. Oliver North had a light bulb idea as to how to solve this problem. Yes, he did. That's because he's aware of a whole other situation that's happening on the other side of the world that we have not yet talked about. And just for a brief aside, the reason that Ali is aware of everything that's happening. So I said in the first episode that McFarland has centralized all intelligence. So it's going through the NSC. They have this computer system. And it's this physical set of terminals that like the data runs directly into the terminal. It's not like a, you know, it's flying through the air or anything like it's running along the these wires to the specific set of terminals. And it says group of three big screens that all of everything the United States as an entity knows about the world runs into these three screens. So the guy sitting behind the screens is Ali North. Antichrist, he was like on the internet before everybody. So Ali is aware of, and he's also like put in charge of all this stuff, you know. So by Bud McFarland, he's like, look, can you do this? Can you fix this? So one of the things he's worried about is who we talked about in the beginning of this was the Contras. This rebel group in Nicaragua who's fighting against the Sandin East. This again, socialist group who over through their dictator. And Reagan just like, joking. He could not be harder for these guys. He is so just like rock hard for these kids. He calls them the moral, yeah, I think I'm sure you're getting to that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like the more the force of good in South America, like just all kind of just out of pocket extra shit about the Contras and that we need to support our brown brothers down South. Just absurd, right? And again, like we said before, it's based on this fear that socialism is going to spread in the Americas, right? On the Western hemisphere, period, you know, if you go, if we're going to have communists, let them be on the other side of the Atlantic, you know what I'm saying? At least it's not on our side of town. But either way, he's like, we rocks with the Contras and whatever they need, and he been on the TV like, yo, whatever these fools need, we need to ride for him. And Congress is like slow down chief. Buddy, you all remember Vietnam? Yeah. This shit don't work, fam. Yeah, we're actually not okay with being the real big rider guy for these guys. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. So in 1982, they passed what's called the Bolin Amendment, which is if you are a teacher, a parent, an older sibling, whatever the case may be, you would resonate with something like this. It's one of those laws that, or those rules that you can't believe need to actually be stated. You know, you know, you know, when you see it, one of those like, please do not walk off this cliff. Please do not lick the door knobs. Yeah. That shouldn't have to tell you this. Why is this a rule? Well, it's because somebody did walk off this click and somebody actually used to lick this door knob. So we had to make a law. And the law was, you can't use our money to overthrow Nicaragua. Yeah. You can't like, it was, and broad it was, you know, you can't just go overthrowing governments and funding militant groups without asking Congress, right? You can't just be, you can't just be cutting checks to overthrow governments, fam. Like, that's always been taxes for everyone who wrote was involved in making it was like specifically looking at what Reagan was trying to do in Nicaragua like that. Yeah, because he wasn't hiding it. He was like, no, we rock with him. The sand and east is our dangerous. We need to help these fools. And they like, okay, listen, bro, we've been down as a robber for it. You can't just be cutting checks for these people like this. But Reagan's like, okay, word, I hear you. But like, what if I want to know? Do you know what I'm saying? He's like, but what if I, but what if I, you know, counterpoint, I want to. So it was Bud McFarlane's job to make sure that we still have these fools back without actually breaking this law, right? So who does Bud McFarlane put in charge? Oli Olioxin free, right? Puts the big army in charge. So in 1984, Bud tells Oli, listen, this what we'll do, hey, have the Contras set up this offshore account, right? You know, and if you've seen a movie ever, you know what an offshore account is. You don't see it. You know, for contributions that are made to them, that are direct deposits to the cause. Oli is like, gotcha. Let me tap in with some homies who know some people down there. So he hits Bill Casey again from the CIA. He's like, yo, who you got down there that can help us over there set this thing up. So Bill Casey connects him with the homie Adolfo Calero, right? Who's big, Nicaragua and businessman, big baller. You know what I'm saying? Shot caller, moving in circles out there with the Contras. And he, so Bill Casey lays out the play. He's like, look, small amounts per month. But only small so that nobody notices it, right? And when it's time to go, because if you go big, that's how you get caught, right? And if we do get caught, you know what I'm saying? The money is offshore, right? So nobody will know that the USA anything to do this at all. We don't want, we can't have our name on none of this, but we want you to know that we got you, right? Work. Sounds cool. So the next obvious question is like, all right, where's this money coming from? Like the Bolton Act says that we came fund this, right? That's cool, but there's no problem with us letting the homies know that our homies need some help. Yeah, yeah. We can just like, well, we can't fund it, but we can promise favors to the King of Saudi Arabia, whatever. Oh, yeah. Let's get straight to our way. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I wonder where the name Saudi Arabia came from. How did they get involved? Is this not the seventh country to be involved in this story? Yeah. So you're right. So they say, hey, we've been slaying weapons to the Saudis for a while. I think they might owe us some favors. You know what I'm saying? We've been selling, and not only have we been selling them blickies, I mean, we've been selling them that good, good. I mean, that Zaza. We've been giving them like the realness. So they look, they say, hey, listen, man, we've been like, that's what it takes planes out of the sky. Yes, we've been shooting you to take planes out the sky because of your shoulder. This look, we ain't been selling you that gas. We've been giving you the Zaza. You know what I'm saying? So if that's the case, hey, man, like, look, we're going to need you to do us a favor real quick. We've been giving you this good stuff. Hey, I need you to slide a million to into this account. Just here and there, just a million, right? You know what I'm saying? And this is your way of thanking us for giving you that good, good, right? That's all we're going to need from you. Saudi like, all right, we got you. We'll slide him a million months to the off-short of problem is that's not enough, which is crazy that that's not enough, right? So that's nuts. So now enter another acronym, the NSPG, which is the National Security Planning Group, right? Which they connect in June in 1984 to talk about Contra because, listen, they finna run out of money and they about to lose this. And the only people that know the money is going through the Saudis is O'Rani Reagan, Oliver North, Bill Casey, and Budden farther. They don't only people that notice and that's really who's in this group, right? And they're like, okay, so we need to figure out they need more money, right? How do we help the Contras, right? Which we're not supposed to be helping anyway, but we slick, slick kind of low key under the table figured out how to do this, right? So then they say, if anyone finds out that we're getting money from other countries to pay for this, if we're like, well, that's not tax caper payers money. We just got money from somebody else if they don't do it directly, then they're like, not, I still impeachable. Like we can't just do that, right? But they're like, I still don't know how to do this. Cut to Oliver North, right? And the group tax with Calero and the Saudis to make sure that the money's going through, the money's going through, everybody's cool, right? But again, it's still not enough. But while everybody's sweating about this, the funny part is like dudes like Weinberger who's like, listen, I don't understand what y'all problem is. This is perfectly legal. Yeah. Like we're not, we have not done anything wrong. Listen, we have no control over their money, right? And just because we connected the two, that's not like just because we connected them. Yeah. And like we haven't broken no laws here. Now Vice President Bush, senior, he's in the room and he's like, listen, man, what's, I don't understand what everybody worried about. What's wrong with us doing a solid photo homies, right? As long as we don't get anything in return, we all agree less, it's okay. Let them keep doing what they're doing. And if we get approval from the AG, from the eternal general, and now everybody knows this, then I don't understand what the problem is, right? Ronald Reagan like, okay, I get it as long as I know one thing. This one time I was like, okay, this is a good Ronald Reagan quote. He's like, this works as long as everyone keeps, stay fucking mouth shut. Yeah. I was like, I was like, we're going to great if you don't say it, goddamn thing. I was like, okay, Ronnie, all right. You show some humanity that I agree with. He's like, okay, Ronnie does understand. You can try to convince me this is legal, but just in case, I need nobody singing. Now, as anyone who has known who's ever tried to put together a lick or a mission or a scheme, the more names involved, the more people involved, the more chances for problems. Right. But still, we're still in a situation where Oliver North is down there, again, since he's the middle man between the Saudis, you know, Calerro and the Contras, right? The Contras are still just a rebel group. They're not a five star purple hearted general. You know what I'm saying? Like Oliver North. So Oliver North down there kind of low key, giving him game here and there, right? Just like, yo, man, okay, listen, so when we give you this, this how you set stuff up, right? You know what I'm saying? Like, we'll figure it out, you know, and we'll try to get you some more money. So while this is happening in October of 1984, the Congress passed another bull in amendment that was like, okay, listen, you can't pay for the Contras, but you also can't, in directly fund the Contras. Man, you're not allowed to loophole funding a foreign military organization. We see what you're doing. We're not letting you do this. Yes, we see what you're doing, bro. I mean, they do wind up letting them do this. They eventually do. Yeah, we'll get to that. But they're just like, bro, you can't just like, okay, listen, again, we thought maybe this was clear, but you can't directly or indirectly fund them. So everybody who hears that, that was funding indirectly, the Contras goes, okay, so what you're telling me is we just have to come up with a better system to fund the Contras, right? That's what you're saying. Like, no, no, we're saying don't do it. They're like, so do it better, got it, right? So there's just like, that means we got to turn up. So in 85, Oliver North gets them, gets the Saudis to double their monthly pledge. In between 1984 and 1986, it says that the Saudis gave them $32 million to the Contra. All he knows it all. All right. $32 million, right? It's like, and he's down there, I'll be down there giving him all kinds of gains, weapons, war strategy, $11 million in guns. $11 million, $11 million worth of guns. And a still- That's a significant number of guns. Like that's not a tiny number of guns. No. It is 85. Yeah. So, and they still lose it. That shit goes far back that you just lose it. Awesome. And it still loses it. Yeah. Listen, I mean, one of the things that is we should probably hone people in on here if they haven't picked up on it, the Contras are not a very good rebel group. They'd not, they, this should have been, yes, they do get better like in terms of their competence at fighting like you're the end of the story. But they're like, they're really bad at being a being an insurgent militia. It's really not doing well. And they taken on another insurgent that overthrew another government who clearly got some more experience on you. You know what I'm saying? So like, fam, this shouldn't work in like, and it's like, and we just dumping money into you. But again, as America or Reagan and him is concerned, we have a vested interest in y'all winning this war. And it's almost like, look, the purse can't have a bottom on it because I need y'all to win this, right? And now, cut to Oliver North, right? Ali, remember, this is all happening at the same time while we still trying to get them hostages out. It's the same time, right? So we still ain't got no hostages. You know what I'm saying? We dumping money here. Now remember, we're not giving the Saudis these weapons. They're buying them. Yeah. Right? But so the agreement was agreeing to sell to us, right? That was the part that I always miss when I was like, trying to really understand the story growing up. I was like, well, I don't understand what the money coming from. It was like, well, no, they're buying it. I was like, oh, okay. They're paying, yeah. They're paying for these weapons, right? Yeah, the fucking arms industry is getting their cut of this. Yeah, yeah, everybody making money. You know what I'm saying? So this is happening at the same time. We still ain't got our hostages. So in November 1985, November 17 1985, Israel calls Oliver North to be like, okay, back to the beginning, our last hawk missiles didn't clear customs. Remember we told you about that? It didn't clear customs, it was Lisbon. It got sent back, right? So that's when Oliver North calls Budvik Farland and tells Ronnie he's down for whatever, right? Iran thinks Israel sabotage and this stuff. And they like, if you blame America, they don't kill the hostages, right? So we're in a situation that we got to figure out how to take care of both of these situations. There's not enough money here, we still ain't got our hostages over there. Incomes January 1986, the diversion. Now according to Oliver North, he say Gebonafar came up with it, right? And we can't know because it was like a movie scene where you out in London, y'all remember that meeting I said when they talked in London, right? Yeah. They're out in London, they're having a conversation. You got a picture of movie scene where the full Gebonafar pulls this fool into the bathroom, turns the water on, right? So nobody heard him talking, right? And according to Oliver North in his story, according to his story, he's like, listen, I got an idea how you could get an extra millie for it. I got an idea and you could make an extra millie on it, right? But it's going to take a few steps. So he's like, okay, here's the plan. Stop using Israel, okay? Sell directly to Iran and mark up the price and take the rest and put it in that offshore account that the Nicaragua is set up. Sure. And if you want to, want you market up a little bit more and you could pocket a little bit. Like it's over, you put in your life in danger here anyway. You probably go to jail over this shit. So you might as well make a little money. You know what I'm saying? And you know, Boy Scout, Oliver North is like, well, I could never do that, right? But he doesn't do it. So he doesn't take the money, right? But he definitely is like, huh. It basically, huh. So they need more money. We need our hostages, Iran thinks Israel is the problem. So if we remove Israel, sell to y'all directly, mark it up. Take that extra money, put it in an offshore account. That way we get our hostages and we pay for this war that we not allowed to pay for with money that actually don't exist. Because remember, we're not supposed to be selling to them anyway. So that in that case, if you work it right, the money never touches our account. It never comes into your bank account because the money not supposed to exist anyway. And again, like we said in the beginning, brilliant. Right? Although quite a bit of that money is going to wind up in a physical safe that all of our North keeps. Like, he winds up, he's grabbing, there's points of this where he's like paying off people in our government and stuff. And he's just like handing folks like Sarah Bond, he keeps in his fucking safe in the White House. It's hilarious. It's the most messiest like, it's very messy because these people aren't actually criminals. Yeah, you know what I'm saying? And I listen, I spend a lot of time online. Like right after this, I'll hop online to upload this episode. I hope you do too. I'm also pretty busy. Busy enough that buffering doesn't benefit my day. So when I'm trying to upload Questlove Supreme and a tune in post at the same time, I need a pristine connection. I need AT&T 5G. Fast, reliable, secure. 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So January 17th, Reagan finally signs the finding, right, to drop the middleman to be like, is, what we gonna do? I'm assigned the finding remember he did the retroactive one, but which was already fraudulent. Now he's about to sign one that's gonna say we're gonna cut out the middleman. The problem is it never goes to Congress. So Congress never saw it, right? But the diversion is now off to the races, right? So missiles that we sold to Iran for what should have been 3.7 million was 10 million. That's where we raised the price to from 3.7 to 10 million. And we take the extra six million and we fund the, the Contras, right? That was the plan. It was working. Except we still ain't got the hostages. They still ain't getting up. Bill Casey is fucking dead. Yes. Yeah, or not Casey Buckley is fucking dead. He did. Yeah, he did. They still ain't got the hostages. Yeah, get like one guy or something at one point in this, like almost no movement at all. They're handing over literal tons of weaponry. Don't forget, they're trying to get six dudes. Yes. I'm going to give you those six guys because I'm an honest man. But no, his bullet is just like, you know what? See how long we could run it. See how long we could run it. And at the end of the day, it's like, I don't blame them. If y'all keep sending them, they're like, yeah, that would stop. It seems like the US is just a gun pinata. Right. So why not? Like there's a downside. That was crazy as in this whole story. The real is the only real ones in this story so far as Hezbollah. Yeah. Because they was like, look, we'll do it if you give us weapons. And I'm like, wait, so you'll still give us weapons even if we don't do our part. Yeah, Ron. Yeah. Is a Ron. They're like, wait, you'll still give us weapons if we don't give you what you want. I mean, we'll shit. Like, you'll say it like, I don't know. I mean, it's cool, right? So anyway, so Ronnie hits a blood McFarland back and he's like, listen, dog, I don't fuck up. I need some help here, right? So in May 86, they land in Tehran, right, with a couple spare parts of a hawk missile, a kosher cake for some reason, and a Bible. And there's a court in a Ronald Reagan story and a court and a Bible would have messaged from Ronald Reagan. Now why in the world, Ronald Reagan would think this was a good gesture is beyond me. But they were there to negotiate the terms of release, right? So basically it was like, okay, we moving out the bonafar. This is us talking like, let's talk face to face. All right, here's a situation. And as a sign of good faith, here's this Jewish thing that I'm giving y'all. Right? Which I still don't understand why he thought that was a good idea unless it's a dig towards Israel. It just doesn't make sense to me. And a Bible, I don't get it. The point is, according to them, that's what they say. Now Oliver North and his story is it wasn't a Bible and the cake was something that he bought in Tel Aviv, right, which is why it was kosher. But either way, they was in this meeting. They brought Bud back from retirement because remember Bud was like dog, I'm out, man. I don't want none of this. Bud came back to, because Ronald asked him and it was in this situation and Ollie was like, okay, here's the move. This what we gonna say. We gonna negotiate the terms, here's what it is. We hear directly, you ain't got worry about bonafar who has cash plenty of checks, right? And it's clearly in on the thing, right? So we're having a talk and then Bud flies off the handle. Blood throws the whole thing up. He was like the Iranians offered two hostages. It was like, okay, we'll slide y'all two hostages. Bud was like, hey, Hummy, it's everything or nothing. We ain't come up here for two, we came up here for everybody, right? And he was like, look, look, and he leaning over to Ollie and him and he's like, listen, you gotta do this with these fools because they're not going, they're not down. They're not going to give us anything. He was like, I knew they wouldn't go and do this because listen, when we flew in here, they didn't even meet us for this meeting. Like they wouldn't they didn't send no cars, we had to straight like Uber to this shit, like they ain't got no, we ain't got no hotel, we got to figure this shit out. They not really hear for us. Matter of fact, they had us waiting for two days. He was like, food, we had this meeting, we just been sitting here for two days. Waiting for these fools to come, you don't understand, you ain't got no hustle in you. He was like, they hustling us, fam? Now everybody or nothing, that was Bud's thing because you remember Bud's gangster. Yeah, right? So he's like, all right, well, either we could do this, try to figure this out, you know, all or nothing. And while they say all or nothing, I ran and already unloaded the plane. So they already got the weapons. So they already got the parts. So they don't even worry about anything you talk about anyway. We got all these parts, right? Which meant that they paid for it. So they was like, we're going to get you, we'll pay for the money, but we still not going to give you your hostages. And we already got the pieces anyway. So the negotiation is done. So y'all, I mean, y'all want to do. Y'all want to do, y'all going to head back home, right? So he goes head back home, they all on the plane. So Oliver North calls back home and he tells, and he's, and oh, I forgot, this is an important part about this. And McFarland don't know about the diversion. But don't even know about the raise in the price to send it to Iran. Or to send it to Nick Garagog. He don't even know. Kick, because again, the CIA, they're not, they don't like the NSC, right? All these organizations are greedy. They all want to be running shit through themselves. So everybody's compartmentalizing information and stuff. Yeah. So they on the plane. So they on the plane right now on a way back home and they like damn dude, I like damn man, it didn't work again. But at least we got the dough for the, for the conscious. And he just slips. Well, at least we got the dough for the conscious, right? And, but it's like, yeah, wait, what? We got the what now? So he's like, aw, he just dry snitched on himself. So now he's like, well, I guess, I guess. I guess that's what we doing. So he's like, well, tell the president that the negotiation failed. Right? I guess that's it. So flash back to 86. We still trying to deal with Nicaragua, right? So finally, August 6, 1986, Reagan finally convinces the Congress to pass to chill on the Bolin Act, right? So there's a hundred million dollars appropriation bill. Now keep in mind, we've been paying these fools for three years. Yo, but now you don't finally got the Congress to agree to a hundred million dollars appropriation bill. The Republican, the Republican just like back then, just like now are like, yo, let's ride. The Democrats are like, okay, cool, wait, but we have so many questions. Like, we're just, you just got to cut a check for these people. Like, okay, can we, can we discuss this a little bit? Didn't it enter this man named Lee Hamilton, right? He's from the intelligence committee in the Congress and he asked Oliver North and them like, okay, listen, bro, we've been discussing this for a while. I need you to keep it a whole century with me. Keep it a buck with me, bro, a hundred. Keep it real. You've been down there with the conscious already. Have you been giving them military advice this whole time? Uh-oh. Lee, allie, have you. Allie, son, right? And it's like, listen, we don't, look, the law's already passed. Okay, it's already passed, bro. And he's, a lot of this is happening in DC. Like he's meeting with their reps and handing them fucking bags of cash that he takes out of a safe in the fucking headquarters of the US. God, the end government. It's fucking, it's so funny. Oh, man. It's, it's such just like crime stuff. Like, it's not like they just, they did a thing and then found out afterwards. Oh my God, we violated some sort of congressional, like, no, no, dude, you're, you're, you're chuffin bearer bonds and do a sack to hand them to a dude who you are now telling how to kill people. Like, it is the war's equivalent of Shaggy's classic song. It wasn't me. That's right. That's right. You got me in a shower. It wasn't me. Like you just cut, just picture it where he's, what's that fucking service? You can pay famous people who are kind of on the downslide to record videos for you. What is that? It's all cameo, cameo, cameo. It's all in North on cameo. We could get him to do that. That would be pretty fucking. So great. Yes. You just, oh man, it's so funny. Yeah. It's just, it's totally a movie. It's like when you asked him, hey, have you been doing this already? You just cut to the flashbacks of him doing all this shit. And him being like, okay, I know this is the great place you want to be. I know what y'all know. If you're the one doing the crimes, it's better for me to know how much everybody else knows. And I know y'all don't know shit, right? So you need to craft the answer to say, I'ma only give you an answer that confirms what I know you already know and only as much as I know. So his answer quote, well, I'm a military man. And when I sit down with other military men, it's inconceivable that we won't talk about military things. So even if I thought I could give them good advice, you and I both know we can't run this war from Washington. Okay. Unquote. Okay. Subtext. Uh huh. Yeah. We're actually running this war from Washington. Yeah. And they're literally like giving them stuff like, hey, we need you guys to do an offensive now. You've got to like try to take this area, this, these camps and stuff back because we need to be able to like put some Victor, some, some dubs on the board. Like it's very direct coordination. He's literally coordinating this war. And then they ask him something like, hey, look, just, just keep it real. Have y'all been raising money for the conscious? He was like nah, nah, what, what, wait, like raising money? Uh, nah. Hey, hey, bud. Hey, hey, yo, hey, we've been, nah, we haven't raised the money. Wineburger. Do you know Vinny? Nah, we haven't raised the money. That's cool. Right? And the Congress is like, well, I guess that covers it. So he said no. So I mean, he said he didn't. So yeah, I guess you want to cut the check? Everybody, everybody good? Everybody good? They cut the check. Right? We did our work. We did our job. We were supposed to ask. He said no. I don't know to tell you, right? The rest is just paperwork. Seems easy. Right? Now we are now back at October of 1986. Right before the money was supposed to get cleared. Right before this 100 million was supposed to get clear, Jean from Wisconsin had asked, get shot out of the sky. Oh, Jean. Got, damn it, Jean. You fucked it all up, Jean. What are you doing? Your name is Jean and you're from Wisconsin. What are you doing in Nicaragua, Jean? You're doing, come on. Hoss and Foss, my God. Get out of here. So Bill Casey, like look, burn the books. Now get out now. We got to get out now. We caught, we burnt the spot. Blow. Yeah, start throwing some shit in the furnace. Yes. All of it, like look, everybody. No, no, shredding it is not going to be an out of all. All of a North like everybody, you ain't got to go home. You got to get the hell out of here, dog. Time to go, time to go, fucking bops. Time to go, everybody. Time to go. Now this is near the white house down behind them. Yes. This is the, this is the famous shit that I remember being a very small child and seeing on television. Right. And dope that what's the name of President Biden just talked about officers getting reparations over this shit, right? Yes. He says says everybody got to go home. We need no evidence. And by I mean no evidence, I mean we are bulldozing these buildings. Digging a big hole, throwing everything in the pill, everything in the hole. Nigga the chairs, the printer, the desks, the water cooler, everything going this whole burn the shit on fire and the men of jungle's in Nicaragua. Just burn the shit. Yeah. Like burn everything, right? So why everything getting burned? Jean from Wisconsin had asked is doing an interview with Mike Wallace on 60 minutes. Awesome. Good call, Jean. Get your money, Jean. I have so much respect for Jean, for a Jean from Wisconsin because Jean was like you going to pay me to do what? To fly to fly wear? Word. Oh, oh, y'all nothing. Okay. No. I just look, you guys just said you don't know me. You just said that exactly. I know what kind of cards you think you have left over me here. Because when worse came to worse, well, we was down. We should hit the fan. You understand what I'm saying? You was not down. Okay, cool. I'm going to go get my money then. Okay, I look, Jean and the Iranians are the realest people in this story. Yeah. Jean was like, all right. So well, no, that's bullshit. This what they had me do. My man was on 60 minutes telling his old story. So then, oh man. So now, but although in October of 1986, because the Bolton Act thing was repealed, they really now we don't need no diversion. So we can stop. We can stop like trying to hide out all this stuff, right? But as long as like Reagan said, everybody keeps their mouth shut. However, as we all know, no one ever keeps their mouth shut. No. Then in the history of keeping your mouth shut, no one ever keeps their mouth shut. We did an episode on her politics about like how many years you got to throw somebody before they start snitching. You know, and I'll care how hard of a gangster they are. Like, year, five years, that's a vacation. You have somebody hold, you know, hold your money. You know what I'm saying? Like, hold it was cool. Like as long as you good, you got enough people in the scene. You could do a year. You could do two years. You start to talk about 10 years. You start to talk about 25 years. People start sounding like Mariah Carey out this mud. Like you become Rihanna. Like full-star singing when you throw enough time on them, right? And also, if you were journalist, oh, this is a Pulitzer Prize shit. Like, you're gonna change your life forever, you break this story. Yeah. So in November of 1986, a newspaper in Lebanon called Auschera drops day expose. And fam day name names. Everybody involved. Day name names, deathful, daily, let this thing up. Now all of America is like, what the hell? White house? Y'all got something to say? And the White House is like, what? What? This is so weird. I don't, what are you talking about? I don't know what she's talking about. That's crazy, right? It's crazy, right? She was saying, you see all that? Did they say? It's crazy, right? I don't know. Right? So you can kind of play it off, but again, everyone snitches. And not only does everyone snitch when you have somebody, like a character like a Ronald Reagan, right? Which is what you're watching play out in a lot of ways, just in a very uncouth way with Donald Trump. In a sense that if a person feels like they too smooth to get caught, they'll start dry snitching on themselves. Then they don't listen to, that's one thing about learning about a narcissist. A narcissist will always reveal their play. Always. They need you to stroke their ego, right? They need you, they need you to be impressed about their prowess. So and they gonna go off script because they believe they invincible. Always. In the same way that Trump snitched on himself about the box of classified documents that was laid out on the floor when he was like, man, they spread it out there. They spread all that shit out on the floor like I was a slob. I kept all my documents in a nice folder. Oh, where are the documents that you ain't supposed to have? The ones that you said that you already gave back? You don't tell me, I'm like, fam, you just, you just dry snitched. Like, oh, so you do got the documents, right? Right? So we're gonna watch President Reagan continue to try to, try to dance, right? Yeah! Now listen, I spent a lot of time online. Like right after this, I'll hop online to upload this episode. I hope you do too. I'm also pretty busy. Busy enough that buffering doesn't benefit my day. So when I'm trying to upload Questlove Supreme and attuning posts at the same time, I need a pristine connection. I need AT&T 5G. Fast, reliable, secure. And the official 5G wireless network of the NBA. 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And if you know that, what you should do is start calculating where on the totem pole you are. Because the lower you are, the more likely you're going to get thrown to the wolves, right? So if you got any sense, you like, I need to set this shit up for myself, because you're not going to look out for me. You remember Jean Haussen-Faus from Wisconsin? Y'all not going to look out for me. You know what I'm saying? So you should know what this situation, right? But now this snitch, Don Regan, who nobody knows is a snitch at the time. They call Washington Post. They say the president didn't have nothing to do with it. He was trying to like, which is quite a calculation for him. He's like, all right, let me know. I'm a snitch, but not on the big boss, because I don't want that to come back by me and ask later. So he snitches, and the person he throws under the bus is Bud McFarland. Yeah. And he says, that man never told the president what he was doing. Of course, that's a lie. President, of course. And there's, yeah, the president definitely knew there are a bunch of shady things where like McFarland will say, well, no, I got his specific approval before I did this thing. And it'll be like, well, when did you do that? Well, I called him and he's like, well, there's not a record of this phone call. And there's now there's other records of Regan knowing about it. Like, but yeah, you know, that doesn't mean on the day to day. Like totally just to make the point, McFarland absolutely lies. Of course. What Regan knew, but Regan also knew. Although it is possible that the Alzheimer's caused him to lose a significant pieces of it, you know? Absolutely. And it's like, and when you run into Nick like this, and especially like Bud McFarland and Ronald Reagan, like they're actually like buddies, you know what I'm saying? So it's very possible that like he is just like calling on the fly. Like, oh, by the way, hanging out or something. Yeah, it's like all by the way, but it was a call, but it was during a thing. Yeah. Yeah, I got to send six million to, yeah, to Ron. You cool? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like, you dial in around like the, what specifically did the president know? Well, that's a harder question to answer. But did, did the president know and approve of the plan? Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So, so the hope was that, like, listen, tell this, tell this, tell this cover story. Ed Mies was the attorney general at the time. And he's like, listen, Bud, Bud retired, right? So Bud's retired. He not gonna lose his job. If we put everything on Bud, Bud knows everything, we're cool, right? Like then, then that way we can get out of it. That's the story, Ronnie. That's the story is like, Bud did the thing. He's the situation, point Dexter, Hollisette at Bud. And he says, yo, if you tell Donna back off, like, Donna out here trying to like drag me. I remember I said later on that, Donna tells this story to the press that Bud is cheating on his wife, just like, just a dick hole, right? So Bud is like, okay, I'll take some of this heat, but, fuck, Don Regan. Like you don't say it like, you're not gonna do this to me like this. He's like, okay, cool, just protect the president. Now Regan getting slaughtered in the press. This is the least popular he ever is. He gets, he, he kinds of has a breakdown around this point. He really does. Nancy is running the show. He's basically hiding and watching like old movies on television. No one can reach him. Yeah. They actually, there is a period of time where they consider, they actually like bring in an outside guy to secretly analyze Regan whether or not they need to do a 25th amendment and like pull his ass out of there. Totally. Cause he was losing it. And how he dipped, dipped out of impeachment. Yeah. Was like, well, don't be cold. So he getting slaughtered and guess what? Them hostages is still in Iran. Which is still funny to me. It's not funny cause that's their life. But it's like, audition, you still ain't got the hostages. But he says he has to make some sort of statement. Now, if you are Reagan again, your pride is involved here, right? If the story is they do an audition up under my nose and I don't know it, then I look like a punk. You know what I'm saying? So I'm like, I don't know how cool I am with this. Point Dexter says, listen, he tells the press, listen, it was, I know everybody was saying this was about arms for hostages. And it was not, fam, this was always about being good with Iran. Because everybody know they crazy over there. So we needed to make sure that we was good over there. We was tapped in. Everything was cool. And it all happened in 86. Anything before that? Yo, that was Israel. Like, and remember that was the cover the whole time running through Israel so that when you can, so you could tell your people if it do come out like, oh, I don't know if I am, that was Israel. Like, whatever they did with them, that one, yeah, I don't know. You could check the ledgers. We were selling them stuff because that's what we do. We've been selling them stuff for years. Like, I don't understand the problem. Right? But everybody knows, look, man, somebody's got a role. Don Regan's like, listen, man, a head got a role. This story ain't going to hold up. People going to figure this out. And as long as that head and Reagan, we going to be cool. Right? So Reagan goes with the story, right? But he got to go talk to Congress, right? Now this is where it gets super funny, right? So now we in November 12th, this is 1986 and Reagan got to talk to Congress, right? We talking Bob Dole, we talking Dick Cheney, right? All these like big, big like Reagan stands, they ended up ruining the most of our childhood as they became part of the leadership of our government, right? So the Congress is like, okay, fam, when did this start? Well, I think it started in November 85, but we ain't do no transfers to the heaters until 1986. Yeah, I mean, that's a total lie, right? And then Reagan says, yo, yeah, this was like a clandestine thing because we don't negotiate with people. That shit is a lie. He out here trying to be a cowboy like you think, you really, y'all really think, y'all really think I'm that much of a punk? Then I'm going to be out here negotiating with these terrorists. That's a lie, fam, I'm being negotiating with no terrorists. That's not what I did. I had this clandestine shit and point dexter in them is like, nigga, if you don't shut the fuck up, you're not supposed to know what happened. That was the story. The storyline is you don't know what happened. He's like, nah, man, I have to let them make sure that we don't negotiate with terrorists, like, okay, fam. Oh, Lord, here we go. So after all this, Shultz meets with everybody and he's like, George Shultz is like, fam, I tried to tell y'all this shit wasn't going to work. I tried to tell y'all this was going to happen, right? And Don is like, look, if everybody stick to the script, it's going to be cool, right? But Shultz is like, listen, this math ain't mathin'. Everybody going to figure this out. This is Watergate all over again, right? It's not going to work. I'm trying to tell y'all. Reagan losing his marbles, right? Don't let this man talk, but I'm telling you Shultz is like, fam, who we going to throw under the bus? Because they don't figure this shit out. Like people are not stupid. This story don't make sense. The story we telling them don't make sense and the numbers are obvious, right? This is Watergate all over again. So then now it's like Reagan again with his like, I'm a superhero. It was like, okay, listen, let me go ahead and talk to the nation. And now in this situation, anybody who got any sort of like street, you know, any sort of like street wisdom would know that you are now in a position where you are going to look people in the face and lie to them. So this was wrong. This is not the move, fam, because now you officially lie to our face, right? Before it was confusing, before it was just, you know, ambiguous. Now you've been a lie to us, right? So he was like, listen, what they saying about me ain't true. I made no concessions and we ain't get him no guns. America like fam, you's going to lie to us like that. Like this is so obvious what you did. And he like, I'm trying to tell y'all the same what we did, right? That same day, point decks are getting grilled, right? And he like, listen, dog, we ain't get him more weapons. Okay, maybe a few weapons. Because we have a couple of weapons. A couple, right? And then Reagan on November 19, doubling down and reporter says, yo, then this is the part that went viral if they're version of viral, right? One of the reporters was like, yo, you say you ain't trade no weapons for hostages, but every time one of them hostages kind of came home, the record show a major shipment of guns. What's that about? That's kind of weird. It's like when a hostage lands, weapons leave. That kind of seemed like, I mean, I'm just reading the ledger. It kind of seemed like you was giving weapons for hostages, right? And it feels a little like that. It does kind of look like that. And breaking them like, look, dude, ship weapons all the time. Like if it happens at the same day, I mean, I don't know, tell you fam, it just kind of happened at the same time, right? But it's just yo lie getting worse and worse and getting paper thin. Somebody gonna figure this shit out. Somebody gonna have to take this fall because the script ain't working and the script's only kind of true, right? And Reagan keep talking too much. The more you talk, because he can feel it like, you know, you know when you lie in and people figuring out yo lie, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, your instinct is to double down. But once you start doubling down, like I say, you start driissing itching. It's getting worse and worse and worse and your story's not adding up. The shit don't make sense. This was playing off all over the news. If Twitter was around on this time, this would be just a great time in Twitter. The shit not making sense, right? November 20th. Shultz is telling him like, listen, bro, just come clean, right? They gonna figure it out and if they figure it out, it's worse, right? Reagan does textbook white boy stuff and he says, listen, I didn't mean, this is great, again, textbook white. Why didn't mean to sell weapons for hostages? So if I didn't mean to do it, I didn't do it. Yeah. Yeah. My heart tells me I didn't do it, but the evidence says otherwise. My heart says, literally a thing he says. Yes. So there's the best intention, say we didn't do this, but all the evidence says we did. So who's to say what happened? Well, that's my Reagan. Yes. Well, so the next day they like, look, this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna launch an internal investigation, right? Ed Mises like, look, let's launch an internal investigation. Let's figure out what's going on. Let's highlight the National Secretary Advisor, right, point Dexter and figure out these findings, right? The point Dexter knows exactly what he finna find out because he gon' find out that the papers that was supposed to be turned in and findings was never turned in and one of them was backlogged. So basically when he finds them papers which we all know exist is gon' prove that the president knew everything, right? Now, guess who else knows all this? Oliver Malkin North. Yep. He sure does. He know all this. And got all the paperwork and everything comes into, right? He's got it all. And if this fool got it all, there's papers for everything. So he's like, well, what is the most logical thing to do right now? Probably the same thing you did in Nicaragua. You just gotta get rid of the evidence, right? First make a copy. So I can have my own and you need to get rid of everything. These are serious felonies y'all. Like let's not, okay, let me not, you can't shred government documents to cover up war crimes. Like this. This is terrible, right? So he calls his assistant like a dumbass. So he calls his assistant to go do it, right? Which again crime number one, one on one, you can't just send somebody even, okay, how close this person is, you can't send somebody else to come do this. You need to make sure this shit is done correctly, right? Because if anything is missed, everybody going to jail. So they go about and they shred 15 months of correspondence, right? 15 months. And one and missed, Robert, they missed one document. Ah, well, that's pretty good. And that one document proved the whole thing of all the documents that they shredded. The one they did it shred, follow me. Follow me. The one document they did it shred was a memo entitled The Diversion Memo. Yeah, the crime note, how to crime, how we're going to break the law repeatedly. Amazing guys. Just what we're going to do that we're trying to cover up memo. You get so lazy when the whole apparatus of government is on your side. That's really what this is. It's the same thing you see from all these right wing groups being like, yes, here's our meeting chat where we're going to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, kids who are like, I don't know, burning a police car with nobody inside, it's been like years planning and like the rest of their lives frightened that the laws behind them. Yeah, burn all of their clothing, never see each other again. Meanwhile, the guys trying to overthrow the entire government are like, let's just do a signal loop for that. And I'll loop in my guy with the Trump White House and we'll just all get in the same group and figure out how we're going to kill all those people. That's all good, bro. That's what I'm talking about. Literally a memo called The Diversion Memo. You nerds. Like, you named it the crime. What the hell is wrong with you all? You said? So, so that's the one that got out because that's the one they missed. Now by this point, Ed Mies knows everything. You know, Reagan is still, you know, stiff lift. I don't know what's going on. I do nothing wrong. Literally the document shows that you absolutely did, right? The NSC's got all kind of private memos, right? They got to blame somebody. When Dexter finished resigned, Oliver North is the only person they can blame because it all came out of his office. Now the next thing that happens is the independent investigation from Lauren Walsh. Now this, now what happens that what plays out in public is the part that a lot of us are familiar with. It's when a special investigator, this is their version of Robert Mueller, right? He's on the scene and comes in just picture the slow motion and this dude's retired. Like just the nerd retired at home. I'm tired of doing this lower thing. They sent him this situation and he's like, oh shit. Damn. Got damn. Okay, yeah, I'll investigate it. He do the investigation. Fools come on TV and what was, what was televised, which is so crazy. It's like just, it's almost like the beginnings of how we see politics now. What was, what was, what was televised was the Oliver North trials and that man ended up being on the cover of Time magazine as one of the greatest patriots because Oliver North figured out how to play the game. He was like, okay, listen, I'm gonna go to jail for this shit. I'm gonna go to jail as a patriot. Yeah. And he became this like right wing superstar. Oh, yeah. No, I watched his fucking TV show all the time when I was a kid. He got a TV show, bro. He's with Oliver North. I think he's still on the air. Oliver North, bro, for running this thing. But basically he became the fall guy. Now years later, right? You go after, so after President Reagan was President George Bush senior and there had to be an agreement that like, you're not going to impeach me later, right? He's like, fam, why in the hell would I impeach you later? Of course I'm not gonna because if I impeach you, nigga, I'm going to jail because I was in the room the whole time, fam. So why would I not do that? But a trial did happen. Were Reagan, Ronald Reagan, believe it or not, this is the part that like surprised me. Ronald Reagan was put on trial for this. It's just he was so far into his Alzheimer's at the time that he was able to be like, well, I don't recall. Well, I don't recall. He became the quote that all of us love, which is not to my recollection. Did you not to my recollection? Would you there? I don't remember, not to my recollection. So President Reagan actually got it, oh, no one except for Oliver North saw any real time. Yeah. And yeah, Oliver North war stories ran for 15 years. 15 years. In 2016. Yeah. And that my friend, all of them Fox news dollars. And that my friend is the Iran Contra scandal. What a great story. It really is. What a great story. I'm proud to be an American right now. Yes. And as you guys will find out in the book endings of these series that there was other ways that Nick Arabe what thanked us. They did, they showed their gratitude in a way that was deeply felt in the United States. Yes. And we will be getting into that or have been getting into that or are you, you'll hear that too. It's all coming out. It's all, it's all going to be in your ears this whole week at this stage of recording. We actually don't know which order these episodes are coming out. We're working it out. Yes. But anyway, so that's it. Iran Contra. So who's the bastard? NSECIA, Ronald Reagan, or North Dakota. Oli North is my favorite guy in it just because he's such like, he's such a fucking criminal and such a bad criminal. And it's really funny how bad he is at doing crime. Really? It really is. Yeah. I got to give my vote to Oli. Yeah. And then I'm like, but then I'm like again, real ones, my real ones in this story. I still, Gebonafar is still my favorite. Oh yeah, and now Gebonafar is the actual like coolest dude in this. He's the coolest dude in here. He's an absolute war criminal, but he is the coolest dude in this story. Right. Of the war criminals, he's just such a little scam. Yeah. You're going to just rob him again, aren't you, buddy? Yeah, you did. You fucked him over again. Fuck him over again, bro. They're never going to catch on. Net and just, and just he salt like he just disappears from the record. I don't know. I have no idea what happens. First thing they talk about him in order records was he cast a million dollar check. Ain't seen him as soon. I just, at least for my records, he probably in some other record. I couldn't find, nowhere are they now as with Gebonafar. Yeah. Why would you, no, you, you, you go right off into the sunset with all of the money that you made. Yeah. And Jean from Wisconsin's head asked, I don't know where he is either, but I still loved the fact that that man did a 60 minutes episode. We could probably find out. We could probably find out where in Jean. I, I wish you the, the very best of luck, Jean. Just stay the fuck away from Nicaragua. Just don't, don't be flying no weapons in Nicaragua. Yeah. We good. We're good. You can fly me some weapons, Jean. Dude, I would love to go visit Jean. Just be like, yo, just tell, tell, tell, tell me some stories, bro. Like tell me what, what was like, how many missions did you run? Like they don't say that. You know what I'm saying? Like, did you ever get a chance to actually kick it in Nicaragua? No, they're not going to, they're not going to say that. They're not telling nobody that hilarious. Yeah. Well, that's about it. Robert Evans, behind the bastards pod. I write okay. Yeah. After the revolution, you can find it on a AK press. You can find it on a K press. That's right, Sophie. You know what else you can find is my book everywhere else. It's, it's available everywhere else. So just, yeah. Google after the revolution, Robert Evans, and buy the book from wherever. Amazon local bookstore independent bookstore AK press. I don't care. Yeah. And Mark, Mark, Margaret Kodroy also has a book cut that, that, depending on when this is, it's either before or after it drops, which is on September 20th. And it's also from from AK press. And if you pre-order it, you can get a nice little book sleeve cover artwork situation. And it's called We Won't Be Here Tomorrow. That's my plug is for Robert and Margaret's books. That is a great plug. Thank you, Sophie. You're welcome. And a book too called Terraform. It's a poetry and short story. Oh, yeah. It's also a cold brew called Terraform Cold Brew. If you're into coffee stuff, it's delicious. I put it on the screen as if Yaka see it. But the point is, it's very delicious. You can order that Terraform cold And, yeah. Five props, five props. Props book is amazing. I love Props book. And it's also just like a very beautiful, beautiful cover, cover. And just like, I love it. I have a signed copy, Brad. Yes, you do. Who else has a book? Let's think. No one. Those are the only books ever written. No, I'm just, I'm thinking of what's displayed on my bookshelf. Oh, Jake Hanran. Brad Hanran has a book too. You could get Jake Hanran's book. It's called Gargoyle. Hanran. Yeah. That's it, right? Yep, buy him. All right. Love it. All right, guys. Good, the bastards. It's all the way down to the relatable. Has your household been hit with COVID-19? 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