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Covid Vaccine Grifting

Covid Vaccine Grifting "Doctors"

Thu, 12 Aug 2021 10:00

Garrison Davis is joined by Robert Evans to discuss Covid Vaccine Grifters.



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Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. Go to That's Hey there, it's Ebony Monet, your co-host for the San Diego Zoo's Amazing Wildlife podcast. In this special episode, we're speaking with Doctor Jane Goodall about the fascinating journey that led to her impactful behavioural discoveries on chimpanzees. It wasn't until one of the chimpanzees began to lose his fear of me, but I began to really make discoveries that actually shook the scientific world. Survive on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Sisters of the Underground is a podcast about fearless Dominican women who stood up against the brutal dictator Kapal Trujillo. He needs to be stopped. We've been silent and complacent for far too long. I am Daniel Ramirez, and I said Dominicana myself. I am proud to be narrating this true story that is often left out of the history books through your has blood on his hands. Listen to sisters of the underground wherever you get your podcasts. This meeting is being recorded. Hey, it's how you sound, robot. Hey, Sophie, don't defend the robot. I'm not. I'm defending your very poor imitation of the robot. Well, she would she would. She would kill you if she had the chance 100%. Absolutely. Well, this is behind the ******** a podcast where we support machine genocide, but by which I mean genocide of the machines by the machines, although one does cause the other so. Strap in, watch the animatrix. I guess I don't know where I'm going with this here. Garrison's here. This is another reverse episode, Garrison. I'm I I don't have my **** together. Take it over. I'm going to drink a ******* sea. Have fun with your fake sugar drink. Oh, it's so much more real than real sugar. Powdered sugar, I call it. OK, today we're talking about a fun, light topic that has no implications on public health and trust in how we view pandemics going forward. We're talking about health go on these days. Is it good? Funny you mention that. As we're recording this, the the Delta variant is the dominant strain of COVID here in the States and pretty much, pretty, pretty pretty much everywhere else too. It's much, much more contagious. Good. And with with many of the COVID preventative restrictions being removed across the country, cases are on a rapid rise basically everywhere. It's not like there's some places that are going to have to put restrictions back in place and, you know, start making the mask mandates again. Because yeah, the the the variant that has about 83% of cases in the states that are diagnosed is is is for the delta variant and it it does have so-called breakthrough infections in some vaccinated people, mostly with asymptomatic or very mild cases. I think it's been about 5000 deaths of people who are vaccinated who with the with the Delta variant. Well, yeah, let's see. But but more than 9097% of people hospitalized for COVID are unvaccinated at the moment. So like it's still like, it's yeah like you need to get vaccinated to like the most. Almost all people who are going to the hospital for COVID are are unvaccinated. But the, the, the, the breakthrough infections for for vaccinated people combined with the lack of masks and an increase in indoor socialization also raises the possibility that vaccinated people can carry and transmit the variance to other people. Including, you know, other unvaccinated people, which which you know includes children and people with immune issues that prevent them from getting the vaccine, not not just anti vaxxers. So all all of that plus school opening back up in in person for in August and September can't get sick Garrison yeah I know Marjorie Taylor Green, which I don't want to talk about because like the reason why, the reason why she's the problem is because we talk about her. But she she yesterday she had like a very bad like interview of her go viral. Like laughed about she. Someone asked a question about kids dying and she laughed it off. And like just earlier that week, a 5 year old in her own district died of COVID. Yeah, so yeah, and it's funny. The funny thing funny is the wrong word. The existentially soul destroying thing, the black Pilling thing. Is that like there's so many liberals who pointed that out on Twitter. As if it matters. As if it matters exactly if that will ever matter again. And there is no gotchas. There's there's no gotchas. If anything, it makes it makes it worse for us the more we do that in a lot of ways. Yeah, they're all still living in this world where, like, Jon Stewart can own Tucker Carlson on a televised debate and it it has an impact and and and and. Robert. Look, look how well that turned out for Tucker Carlson. Yeah, it didn't deal with Tucker Carlson. Maybe. Maybe debating. And owning people has never solved a single problem in the history of of the world. Hans Litten owned Hitler pretty bad in a 19. What was it, 31? I think didn't didn't end up doing the trick. It never does, never will stop talking to people. Yeah. So at this moment right now we're not doing too great in terms of public health and like, trust and public health either, you know, for a lot of reasons. But but thankfully in in harsh times like this we have a select few people. Who rise to the challenge to to inform the public by grifting off a public health crisis to peddle snake oil products and further their career by being a beacon of disinformation. Today we're talking about COVID NT vaccine grifters. We'll, we'll be, we'll be starting off with more of like of of a classic like health and Wellness scripter, and then move on to someone who's then then then move on to someone who's more dangerous but who's motives are a little bit, a little bit less clear. Early on in the pandemic, we covered people like Winneth Paltrow. Who was yes. Like things like that is is is where we talking about one person who's doing you know some some stuff some stuff like that group type ******* got it. So the first person discussing in in in the vein of like that type of health and Wellness kind of grifter is named Julie Massey. A well now I guess kind of former naturopathic Doctor Who practiced in Napa, CA. Are you about to tell me this lady got kicked out of being a naturopath? Because that's like to go back to the. Last episode we recorded that's like getting kicked out of Action Park for being too drunk. Kind of. It's more like it's gonna be hard to practice from jail, Ohio. OK, no, but nothing. I just as long as my opinion of naturopathy doesn't have to change, you know, it does not have to change. Doctor Doctor Julie Messi is 41 years old and according to her website, she's a licensed primary care doctor whose aim and passion is to empower her clients to heal. She believes it and holds deep respect for everyone's innate ability to discover and find a path for their own well-being. The question has the word empower ever been used in a situation in which it was not like fundamentally? Toxic and life threatening. Has anyone used the word empower and not been endangering the people they were empowering? Has that happened to single time? No, that's that's a good question, Robert. Yeah. And in this case, probably, probably not. This this she she's on this show, which means she's she. She is. She has made it. If somebody says they want to empower you legally, if it's a stand your ground state, you can start shooting at them. Legally you can. I think I'm fairly certain I'm going to empower you with this knowledge. Defend yourself, Doctor Mazzie received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. In in wait, guess guess what city, Robert. Thank God it's not Mexico, because you said city. City that's what city. Oh God, come on. Ohh, is it Portland? Is Portland, OR? Of course it is. OK, yeah, because if you look up, if you do have fun, I'm gonna make sure you get the Google right. If you Google, I think vaccine hesitancy map. And you can find. I believe that's the term you'll need to use. Yeah. Yeah, you can get a vaccine has innocency map of the United States. Portland, OR, shines real bright on that particular the the place where she got her degree from has like specialized doctors who give like. NBC plans, yeah. So yeah. And that can vary from like people who are like, you should get vaccinate your kids, but you get a space out there, MMR shots to three separate ones, which is what wakefields an initial grift was, too. Obviously the whole all vaccines are trying to microchip, murder your babies, yada yada. So yeah, so she got her doctorate in Portland, OR, I believe she was born here as well at a very early age. Doctor Massif Coach felt the call to be a healer. And teacher. Her spirit of investigation came alive when she discovered her strong connection to the plant world. Fascinated by nutrition and medical and the medical properties of food and herbs, she experimented with various diets and searched for exotic fruits and vegetables and herbs to discover their effects for herself. Throughout her life she experienced many different healing, healing foods so that she may honestly refer her patients. That because she knows and understands from her own experience what these herbs do so. Here's the thing. For a lot of people, like myself included in the states, we the health system. We kind of think the health system sucks right? Like it. It does like, like, there's a lot of elements of the health system and modern medicine. Some specific doctors I have nice things to say about. I have nothing nice to say about our medical system. Yeah, like, yeah, like the modern, modern medicine by and large, especially in the states, is it sucks. It's hard to navigate. Like I'm not talking about like the ER itself or whatever, because again, as a general rule, people who are doing emergency medical work are bad, but the system itself that that that organizes and operates all I have very little positive to say about it specifically. Like, you know, we're talking a lot about like pharmaceuticals this episode. You know, people are prescribed a lot of things that don't necessarily help. And and and end up hurting them. So like, and I kind of get the drive to search for more like historical and like natural and like and natural remedies like plants rock plant like plants would. Dude, who keeps pounds of plantain, Yarrow, comfrey, and a bunch of other like dried plant. Like, I grow some of that ****. I make my own sabs and tinctures and what not like, yeah, like many, some of it does stuff and you can generally find, like studies. Again, one of the things like Doctor Kava, who's a friend of both of ours, will point is like, there's no such thing as alternative. Listen, if it's a plant based medicine that does something, it's just medicine. Like you can look up medical benefits of like, come for your Yarrow for wound treatment or whatever and like, there's studies on it. It's not anyway I've got on this ramp before, yeah, but like like that's not what we're talking about with Doctor Mozzy here. This is, this is different because she, you know, as we'll see, she's someone who was like knowingly and actively, you know, charging people for false cures and doing active harm that puts people's lives in danger so that she can make a buck. There's some other interesting info from her site called Doctor Massey comes from a family of notable notable educators. Her her grandfather, Stephen E Elper, founded both Portland State University and Olin College. So, like PS was actually is like A is a pretty pretty big, pretty big deal in Portland. It's one of the it's one of the biggest universities in the state, which is like an actual regular university. Her grandmother was a high school teacher for many years, and her mother taught kindergarten for 40 years. And her father was a college professor, so she comes from like a family of like of of doctors and educators. That they're real proud. I mean, so does Wakefield, though his parents are both like very well regarded doctors or what? I don't know if they're alive. Doctor Massey claims that she shares her family's passion to educate coach. When someone has knowledge and understanding of their health problem and the array of of holistic and non-toxic therapies that are available to them, that patient is now at the helm of their own healing. And and there, there she actually, you know the sex part asked has some more sinister implications for how she was able to market herself. And her business was with such effective propaganda because before embarking on her naturopathic studies doctor, Massey earned in undergraduate degree and Masters degree in communication Studies. So, like she knows how to do marketing. Like she got a Masters degree at at at Portland State University. So she she knows how to, how to, how to, how to market the people. Then sell herself. Quote from her website. Her skills and training and interpersonal communication define her signature approach, which is to use the power of compassionate inquiry to guide each patient to value their own understanding and help discover what their best choices are for healing. So she basically markets herself is like an alternative to general to to like a general care provider can help you treat everything from arthritis, allergies, infections all the way to like autoimmune disorders, ADHD and cancer. This is all the things she advertises on her website that her like naturopathic remedies can help, can help, you know treat and naturally the past few months she's been offering so-called treatment and immunization for COVID-19. It's part of how Doctor Amazi makes money is through homeopathic medications. The the fancy name is homeo prophylaxis, immunization. I probably said that you mean prophylaxis, immunization, homeo homeo prophylaxis. Relax. Like condoms and prophylaxis. It's a preventative treatment of some sort. Yeah, this is a preventive treatment done with homeopathy. Homeopathic. Yeah, it's nonsense. It's drinking water to cure your code. It's drinking water. Yeah. So like the modern, the modern origins come from 18th century Germany. Homeopathy is but by and large debunked sudo science that claims no highly diluted substances include including infections themselves, can cure diseases. And that the more substance that are harder on homeopathy. That includes 2 important. Acts, one of which is that most homeopathic medicines have no measurable amount of the medicine they're supposed to have, and that the one time they did it. With a bunch of babies killed, a bunch of babies lock or some ****. Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was a deadly deadly nightshade. Deadly Nightshade from Highlands, all natural baby killing pills. Yeah. So, yeah. So but, like, you know, they believe the more substances diluted, the stronger the disease curing power is, you know? So most of these treatments are so diluted the base substances cannot even be detected. Which isn't, you know, a problem for homeopaths since they actually claim that when even if you can't detect it, the water molecules that you're consuming can actually remember what that base. The base substance is that they've encountered and act the same in your body. You know, the treatments are, you know, usually just placebos or or harmless because they're nothing. But, you know, if they're improperly diluted, they could be deadly in the case of the homeopathic teething products which contain deadly nightshade, which killed like 10-10 babies and caused like hundreds and hundreds of serious, serious illnesses. So yeah, so in in in Doctor Monsey's case, she would sell immunization pellets. That allegedly contained tiny amounts of various diseases that the body could then naturally build up an immunity to. So, like, it's the same thing with all these, like grifters. It's like you're just inventing a bad version of vaccines. Or like, yeah, if you give a little bit of the thing, then your body can learn how to fight it, but it's like, but it's the ******** version that it's just completely nonsense. And she provides many of these homeopathic immunizations to children, which she then also falsely claims satisfy the vaccine requirements for California schools. So she gives out her patients like false papers saying that they've been immunized for these things by giving them these pellets so that they can still attend schools even if they're not vaccinated. So that's kind of the the specific group that she was doing before COVID. And then when COVID started, she, you know, and specifically, like when the vaccine stuff started gaining popularity, she switched to. A lot of a lot of focus on COVID and these COVID pellets, so it's unclear how long she's been selling these COVID immunization pellets, but it seems like they really started to take off around January when the vaccines were starting to get released to the general public as she was offering these as a naturopathic alternative. It's a good good things happening. I mean, what we need to do an episode one of these days on like the actual because there's a whole the reason that this is, I mean it sounds like she did get in trouble. But the reason why most people do, versions of this don't, and the reason why she got away with it for so long is there is a whole legal framework set up to allow people to do this and it's heavily embedded, particularly with the Utah Republican Party. Like, it's a big it's it's all centered around Utah, as is the teen treatment industry for a lot of a number of reasons. But it's like it's the same reason why that company we covered that that does a essential oils and stuff was able to get away with so much ********. Like there's this whole legal infrastructure set up to allow people to sell folks medicine that isn't medicine and then protect them from liability when those people die. And it's hugely embedded in specifically the Republican Party. And there are Democratic Party. It doesn't do anything about it because the Democratic Party why would they do anything about anything? And anyway, here we are, it's been brewing for decades, so. In in April, someone whose family members had gotten these COVID immunization pellets from Doctor Massey tipped off the Department of Health and Human Services Office for the for the Inspector General to what was happening and and this this prompted a federal and state investigation into Doctor Mozzie's operations. This is now quoting a recent DOJ report quote mazzi used the COVID-19 pandemic to expand the pre-existing immunization scheme by selling immunization pellets that she fraudulently claimed. In written documents and in consensually monitored recordings would provide lifelong immunity to COVID-19. Lazy explained that the pellets contained, quote, a very minute amount of this COVID disease UN quote that can result in quote infectious symptoms with COVID-19 or automatically flag the immune systems attention inducing immunity. So she's selling. The fun thing about this is she's telling people don't get the vaccine it's dangerous and then saying and then pretending her nonsense medicine works the way of vaccine actually works. Exactly. That's exactly incredible. To encourage to encourage customers to purchase the pellets as the allegedly exploited disinformation and fear by falsely claiming the FDA authorized COVID vaccines contained quote toxic ingredients, Matthew further stated that to her customers if you could provide these pellets to children for COVID-19 immunization and that quote, the dose is actually the same for babies. So that's nice, yeah, as a general rule, if someone says the dose is the same for babies, that should be a red flag. It never is. It shouldn't be because they're very small. Yeah. I mean, like, if my Coke dealer was like, and if you're giving it to your baby, the dose is the same, I would not find a different Coke dealer because it's hard. I mean, my God, but I would. Probably not. Hang out with him as much anyway, Robert. Sophie's trying to keep you employed. But there's no law against cocaine. It is decriminalized where you live. Thank you, Sophie. We're fine. Sarah? In a recorded phone call, Mazi instructed a fake client to quote poor roughly 2 to 4 pellets from the cap and dump them under your tongue. You do not have to drive yourself and saying to pour exactly at 4 pellets, exact number pellets, it doesn't really matter. I mean it's like, I mean it's like real medicine. The dose is whatever. That is my favorite thing about the way California used to work is you would get a prescription for pot and it would just be a prescription for as much marijuana as you could carry. So like whenever your problem was if pot was prescribed, but the dose was whatever. She said. She said. I mean, it's like an energy medicine, so more pills doesn't mean stronger necessarily. OK, that makes sense. Sure, yeah, perfect sense, yeah. When asked what was in the pellets, Massey replied. This is from the COVID-19. It's made from this disease particles themselves. Where is she getting her COVID? I do not know what the exact process is for that. Getting this COVID-19 as long as they can extract the germs from the virus, they could make the remedy. With this method, we are tapping into what's known as the innate immune system. That's like our higher intelligence, part of the immune system I have got. No idea where she's getting these pellets? No, no one. The feds don't clarify where she's getting these. We have. But that's that's the perfect way to frame it because all these idiots already believe in, like, the you only use 10% of your brain. You know, you're an 8 intelligence, your instincts. No more than like, you know, book learning can ever like. So, yeah, I get why this works. OK, so do you know who doesn't sell COVID-19 pellets? We, I mean, we ought to, we could, we could, we could. She made a lot of money. We could too. Sophie, we're getting into the COVID-19 pellet business. We are not. Yeah, we're selling pellets. Go back to talking about your cocaine dealer. I liked that better. Mayo, less money. 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We are indeed back and I'm online trying to order disease particle pellets. See see how much I can sell them for on the street? It's it's a some pellets. Hey kid. Hey kid, want some? Want some cola pellets? I don't know the exact process for it, but as long as they extract the curbs it works. But a virus and eat it, eat it a lot. Take as many as you want. Lifelong immunity. It might make you sick, but that's fine. That just means it's working. I like to hear it. Back to the tear shaped part of quote. Muzzy also provided CDC COVID-19 vaccination record cards to her customers with instructions on how to fraudulently complete the cards to false to falsely make it appear as if a customer had received 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine. As a part of her scheme, Monsey provided customers with specific Napa CA Moderna vaccine lot numbers to enter onto the cards with instructions on how to select the preferred dates on which they had received the modern vaccines to evade suspicion. The CDC confirmed to federal investigators. That that that actual Moderna lot numbers were used, but the CDC and the California Health Department have no don't know how mazzi got them because like she's not authorized to distribute or give out vaccines. It's like they don't know where she got these numbers from. I mean, she probably knows someone who told her or something, but like it's it's kind of unclear what exactly happened for how she got these cards and how she got these numbers. Yeah, so the original tipster who who who who tipped off the feds got a dose of these pellets over the phone from Massey for like a single dose of them. Doses were unclear how many pills that is, but, you know, a dose for 243 dollars. Now we don't know how many people purchased immediately these COVID immunization pellets from from mazi, but according to financial records federal investigators obtained from Square, which is like a digital payment processing company, Mozzy received approximately $221,000 from over 1000 transactions between January 2020 and and and May of 2021. Most most of those transaction records do not know specifically what the payments. Four, at least 25 of them that total to be like almost 8 grand are indicated to be for COVID treatment and 34 other transactions are noted for being for homeopathic treatment and you know this these like these like pellets related purchases. On July 14th of 2021, Julie Munsey was arrested and she's been charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of making false statements related to public care matters. She's the first person to face federal charges related to allegedly selling fake vaccines and cards. She could face up to 20 years in prison, and she is she is facing $100,000 in in fines at the moment. But The thing is, like there's a lot more doctors who are doing the exact same thing. This is just the first one to get like caught and in trouble like this. This is this isn't an uncommon thing. You can find this at basically every city, like every major American city, you can find someone doing this exact thing. And I'm like, and they they they don't even have to be doctors. Like back in May in owner of a bar got arrested on state charges for faking and selling vaccination cards, including the New York Times quote. A California bar owner was arrested this week on charges that he had sold fake COVID-19 vaccination cards at his business. Prosecutors say the owner, Todd Anderson of Acampo, CA. Cool well was arrested and charged with identity theft, forging government documents and falsifying medical records and having an unloaded under unregistered firearm. The the COVID vaccine bar scam was also found out by someone tipping off the the California Alcohol Beverage Board. So yeah, like this, this, this, this thing has happened. We're getting like news stories about people selling these cards every month. Of course, you can find a lot of these on like eBay and stuff. Those are harder to kind of crack down on. Umm. But yeah, like this. This isn't a super uncommon thing, but like as bad as people like Doctor Maziar, at least they're damage is relatively isolated now. Like, she had over 12,000 followers on Facebook, but she wasn't trying to become like a social media figure or anything. She didn't even really. She didn't even like, she didn't even like, talk about COVID or or homeopathic like pellets on her page because, you know, she knew she was doing crimes, but it's like she didn't talk that kind of stuff. Not the same case for the next guy we are talking about. The next guy we're talking about is Doctor Michael Yidden. My, my, my, my, my old park warfront actually told me about this guy. And for the past few months, we for the past the past month, we've been kind of like trying to take as much information up about this guy as possible because he has a weird thing going on. So doctor, Doctor Michael Eaton is commonly referred to as the former Vice president of Pfizer. And the former chief science officer there, that's that's what he's called in the media. It's it's not, it's not totally true, but it's it's true enough that people can use that to be convincing. And in the beginning of April of 2020, he started his crusade against both COVID vaccines and, like, trying to uncover the hidden truth about the pandemic in general. Now he is like a slippery little ******* like his. His intentions are pretty muddy. Even after looking into him, you know, a lot for the past few weeks, like all of the interviews he has going through his, like, archives, Twitter, it's, I don't know what exactly his grift is. I don't know if he's like a true believer in what he's saying. He's just trying to like. Find a new a thing to make money. It's he's he's like a super weird dude. But the the the one thing that's clear is that last April something changed in in in in India. Like he became like a different person. It's always sad when people a little. Yeah, like something happened which either caused him to snap or he saw financial, you know, prospect. So first a little background on eating himself. He's currently married and he has two adult children, and he's talked openly about having a tough childhood. He said his his his mother committed suicide when he was only 18 months old, and his father, who was also a doctor, abandoned him when he was 16. He was saved by a local social worker and adopted by a Jewish. Actually, who apparently like he says like turned his life around in the in the in the in the 80s was a student at the University of Sir Surrey. So that's a place in the in the England part of the world. He he he was a student there. He he got a bachelors in Biochemistry and England. Part of the world. Yeah. And like, like that section. Unlike the other side. Yeah. The end part of the world. Yeah, I know where it is. It's it's it's in a town called Guildford or something. So sorry, Jason. Pronounced completely different than that. But the British have been something wrong. It sounds it sounds fake. Yeah, it all is. Jake no, we never apologize to British people. I apologize to Hanrahan. Well, I do not. No, yeah, absolutely not. He he received a bachelor's in biochemistry and toxicology in 1985, and he got a PhD in pharmacology in 1988. During his time at the university, he was researching opioids and how they affect the central nervous system. After graduating he worked at a drug and allergenic research lab in the UK for a few years and then in 1995 he began working for Pfizer UK and by 2006 he did become the Chief Science officer and Vice president of the Allergy and Respiratory RND Department. So not, not Pfizer as a whole, this specific small department. But that doesn't really matter because when you talk about this like in media, you can just say the former VP of Pfizer and then you're like, oh wow, the former vice president is saying that vaccines are killing people. We should. Listen to him. Which you mean he didn't he he was working. The unit he worked on was developing drugs to treat asthma and like respiratory obstructions. So he he was like the head of like the allergy unit. Most of the reporting about Pfizer and him say that he that he left in 2011 was technically true, but I think paints a slightly different distorted picture. There was a, there was, there was an old Forbes article written by one of his former friends back in 2017. That talks about that talks about Ian and his his his break off from Pfizer. Quote Doctor Michaeleen the 17 year old Pfizer veteran and Pfizer's R&D and and and head of Fizzers R&D unit for the Allergy Section in Sandwich, England. OK, again, not a real place sandwich England. No, they're ******* with us. They're ******* with us. No, no way ******* with us for years. But anyway, so Mike was told in the fall of 2010 that Pfizer was closing the allergy and. Expiratory disease program, and his own role as the Chief Science officer of the group, was being eliminated rather than seek employment elsewhere. Mike had other ideas, so he he didn't like leave Pfizer, his whole branch got dissolved, and he like he his his his job got eliminated. And instead of trying to find new work adviser, he had the idea to start his own research company after talking after talking to some of the higher ups at Pfizer he got permission to license like Pfizer compounds like like you know like the actual chemicals they use and like and you know molecules and stuff. So and eventually he found some investors in the US and he actually got, he actually got the Pfizer investing board to also invest in his in his new company. So he he eventually got enough capital to get started. According Forbes, again, at this point the virtual company known as Zarco, they all they picked the worst names for these biotech companies. It's they're all absolutely nonsense. But the company now known as Zarco was off and running. The team focused on its most promising asset, the ZPL 389, an orally active histamine that is used to treat eczema. So he worked. So. This guy started this company that was working on eczema medications for a few years and then in 2017, five years after he started the company, the Switzerland based pharmaceutical company Novartis again were terrible. Names Novartis. They're actually pretty big, but I just don't know how to say biotech company names because they're nonsense, but they they bought Eden's company for an upfront payment of $325 million. And they promised to pay another $95 million if certain milestones in the drug treatments were achieved. They were counting on the anti exhibit drug to be a hit and they claimed it had the potential to be like a new first class oral treatment to moderate to severe eczema. Now it's unclear how much money hidden himself made from the acquisition, but in January 2020 he tweeted that he made like 1,000,000 off of off of the off of the founding and growing of this tech company, which which is which is. True. Like he he he he made a lot of money. They, he he he, he didn't he probably didn't keep all 300,000,000, but he he got a sizable fortune. Then, uh, actually in in last July. No, verata whatever the Novartis Novartis disclosed that it is, you know, it's bad when I'm correcting your pronunciation. Look, I don't know how to. It's a Switzerland based biotech company that's there's too many languages and too many nonsense for me for me to know. Fairly certain we hired you, we asked do you speak Switzerland and you said, yeah, that was the first and only question we asked her first and only question, yeah. So but last last July the company disclosed that it had discontinued. The experimental eczema Clinical development program and had had to take an almost $500 million write down on it and they said. The spokesperson for the company said that they decided to terminate the program after disappointing efficiency data in the early stage clinical trials. So they bought this company and hope that this drug would be the next big thing. Turns out the drug doesn't work and you didn't got tons of money out of the deal, so he he wins. No one else does. And also while he was doing his own work at at his company, he also was working as a consultant for a few different for a few different US based biotech companies. And he hasn't really been up to much since he sold his company in in in 2018. He said he had to like partially retire due to medical issues. But also that was just that was a year after he made tons of money something his company. So he could just be like done like he's like in his 50s or 60s or whatever. It's like he can just not work anymore because he has probably hundreds like at least $100 million like so much money. Which now leads us to the plague. During the first few months of the pandemic you didn't seem like a normal doctor, like a normal guy with no weird conspiracy theories. In March of 2020, as the coronavirus was raging on in the UK, Aiden would publicly expressed support for developing a vaccine. He tweeted out that quote COVID-19 is not going away until we have a vaccine or herd immunity. All we can do right now is slow its spread. A week later he tweeted quote a vaccine might might be a long towards the end of 2021 if we're really lucky. You know, someone on Twitter, you replied to him saying that vaccines harm many, many people and even replied, OK, please refuse it, but do not repeat its flow or or or or or or try to get others who want to get it to to not get it. Thanks. So just seems like a normal doctor man who's like, no, yeah, vaccines work. This pandemic is bad. We just need to stop. We need to stop the spread right now. And that's it. So, like, nothing. Nothing of note. Someone named Methi manmin. Who was at the global head of research and development for Garrison to pronounce any names correctly? I think he's not, because I think that's correct. Intake exam. They must know math, AI and then Mammon. Which is mam, then men. It's. I think it's Matai Garrison. Jesus Christ, stop ******** all over Swiss culture. That probably is. Harrison probably doesn't know how to use Excel either. He's just like, I use Google, I use Google Sheets. You've never seen Wayne's World either. Never, actually. Yeah. The youth these days anyway. The the the head of research development for the pharma School pharmaceutical division of Johnson and Johnson posted a link on LinkedIn last year that his company had started to clinical trials of vaccine and Eden responded. Lovely, nice. Nice to see this milestone so like again normal normal doctor man, nothing, nothing weird. And then April came and the UK's lockdown got extended and as soon as the lockdown got extended in April you didn't started to drastically change. Stone around the whole pandemic, he grew increasingly frustrated about the lockdown extension and began ranting online about how lockdowns don't work and how and how the early state. And he began the early stages of crafting his own conspiracy theories about governmental control and fake COVID testing. So something happened in August that either broke him or he was he figured that he could make money off this. I don't know which it is, because he already had lots of money. I mean, you know, he's an older guy, some people. You get you have little. I've heard theories that some men as they age, they have these little bitty micro strokes that usually aren't like noticed or diagnosed and it leads to because like a lot of guys have these weird personality shifts when they get past a certain age and you know get it. I don't know maybe he's having a bunch of little bitty strokes is what I'm saying. So Reuters put together pretty good piece talking about how how the type of things. Not it's it's not Reuters. No, it's Reuters. Really. Wow. Readers wanted this film like that then, because it's pronounced Reuters. She didn't grow up with the TV on. You never, like, listened to TV news. I grew up in a cult that I learned. I learned spelling from Christian fascist propaganda. Reuters and the AP is an app. It's not app, it's not the App Store, it's not the App Store. That's a different store. Just just so you know that in Australia a router is actually somebody who who ***** a lot. No idea. That's rooting. Yeah, yeah. And other fun Australia fact they call drugs, I think, particularly meth gear. Cool, which I've always found. Cool. I like that. I think that's pretty rad, actually. Yeah. Anyway I can. There's no O there's no O in the word. Reuters. Reuters. Alright well yeah but there's no I in team and we still spent pronounce it Tim. So what are you going to do? Yeah well so Reuters put together a piece trying to like break down how you can sort of changing his tone on certain things. Quote when Britain was still in its first lockdown last spring, he he declared. Quote there's nothing especially frightening about COVID-19. It'll all fade away. It's just a common garden virus to which the world overreacted. Between that was a pretty common, you know, anti COVID sentiment at the time. Like, oh, it's just like the cold. Also, he predicted in a subsequent tweet that it was quite unlikely that the death toll in the UK would reach 40,000, which that that thing is almost triple much higher than 40,000, right? Let me just Google here. Almost quadrupled since then. Death toll UK. Oh yeah, just 130,000, OK. Yeah, basically 40,000. Uh-huh. Yeah, so in April he started changing his tone about things, and then by September of 2020 Eden statements were starting to attract attention beyond just Twitter. At the time of movement had emerged in Britain against lockdowns and other restrictions meant to curb the disease. Geek and he co-authored a lengthy piece on a website called Lockdown Skeptics. It declared that the pandemic as an event in the UK, was essentially complete, and that there is, quote, no biological principle that that leads us to expect a second wave. Britain soon entered a much more deadly second wave. About like a week or two later, yeah, yeah. Feels like, I think she shouldn't say are there won't be a second wave, you know? This ship is unsinkable, that sort of stuff. Avoid those statements. So, like looking at his old tweets, either see a man like purposely switching to bad faith, or you see a man like radicalizing himself by constructing false suppositions and then insisting that that's the way things are and that everyone else is. Perceptions are wrong. Like, here's a tweet from like May of 2020 quote there isn't going to be, there isn't going to be a second wave. Professional epidemiologists as those such in Sweden know this. It's biologically and mathematically impossible in the UK since a large portion of people. Badly hit by and badly hit countries have already had the virus, so like he creates these like false realities and then when the world does not. Follow his, like, bad math or logic. He thinks that there's some grand conspiracy making things go wrong because he's convinced that what he's saying is true or he's acting in bad faith. It's it's it's, yeah, a little a little B. Probably he's acting more in bad faith now. But I think back in 2020, I think he was actually just kind of radicalizing himself. Here you're yeah, that makes sense. So in in October, he wrote a second article for where he says, quote, there's absolutely no need for vaccines to to extinguish the pandemic. I've never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not need to vaccinate people who are not at risk from what disease. So if that doesn't make any sense to you, good. It shouldn't see, because you didn't believe that at the beginning of the pandemic, somewhere between 30 and 50% of people were already immune from COVID-19 because it's a coronavirus and we've had those. 24 He he's written, he's written that even the common cold will probably make you a moon immune from COVID-19. Now, that's not how things work at all, but that doesn't matter. Everyone's bad at everything, yeah, so yes. So at this point he's ranted on Twitter a lot and written two very bad, easily debunked articles on a very reputable website. Lockdown skeptic. But like no one knew who he was at this point. He was just like some dude screaming into the void. Until late October, when the Daily Mail gave him the opportunity to write a column. So Eden in October wrote a column for the Daily Mail, headlined 3 facts. The number 10 experts got wrong. Doctor Michael Eaton says claims that there that the majority of population is acceptable to COVID are false, that only seven, that's only 7% of infected people are false, and that the virus death rate of 1% are false. So he wrote this, this big thing, and it basically it largely just repeats the lies that you wrote. There's two previous lockdown skeptic articles, but slightly repackaged in a more digestible language. The largest news, the largest newspaper in the world. It declared that the deaths caused by COVID-19, which then totaled about 4500, then title 45,000 in Britain, which he thinks is gross overestimate. But he he thinks he thinks that they'll fizzle out anyway, and that we should be immediately allowed to resume to normal life. Of course, since then it's killed a lot. A lot more people. But the Daily Mail op-ed. Went viral among, you know, the expected corners of the Internet because, like, it's the thing. Like Pfizer VP says that these these things that the experts are saying are all wrong. The AP did a piece on app, as as we call it, did a piece on that discussed the the the impact of Eden's column quote. Screenshots of the article have amassed hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook and Instagram by accounts opposing masks and vaccination. Several posts echoed Aiden's comments with claims that. The COVID pandemic is over. It's like he he at this point he just he just wanted lockdowns and that's to stop, that's that's he was claiming he had a whole bunch of fake claims about you know, the science of things, but like what he wanted out of it was just to people to go back to normal. And some, some some social media posts circulating suggested that Eden's opinions were credible because he because of his role as the former former chief scientist of of the Fight of the Pfizer Allergy Respiratory section. You know, one quote on Facebook said here we have it. The company making the vaccine says the pandemic is over and health people do not need a vaccine. So yeah, it's a thing like, you know, you you only need like one small thing that you can extrapolate into like a catchy bit. And then it's then it becomes. The company making the vaccine says the pandemic is over and healthy and healthy people do not need vaccinations. Yeah, it's like, I mean there there's there's this problem keeps recurring itself. There's that guy at that town hall Biden did who like asked him, you know as I talked about how as a small business owner the the different. Government like welfare programs were hurting his business and stuff and you look it up and it's like, well, he owns 29 restaurants and he's just angry that he he has to pay people more. Because he was ******** about having to increase pay and like, as a small business owner, I can't afford it was like, yeah, dude, you own almost 30 restaurants. Go you're not small, but but all that gets put across and, like, the ******* sound bite is like Biden's hurting small business owners or whatever. Nobody ever does any additional work. That's all you need to be able to say is like, yeah, not on Facebook. The head of fires, Pfizer's virology Lab says it's over exactly. Like, well, no, he was years ago, and he's and he wasn't even he wasn't even mine, wasn't even the virology lab. It was the IT was the allergy lab. That lab. But like, yeah, but that was that was what was repeated, you know? Yeah, yeah, because yeah, Spacebook is a hellhole of death. And Yep. Well, in in later news, do do you have anything you want us to sell, Robert? I have a book. It's called after the revolution. You can find it for free. We're not done. I'm doing an ad break. Oh, you're doing an ad break? Jesus, no, we still have a lot of bad **** to talk about. Still. You can't do that to me. Garrison, I was implying that you wanted to sell **** pellets. 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Listen to revisionist history on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. I've never seen less enthusiasm for a great idea in my life. All right, we're back. Sophie and I are laughing at Garrison. We have to talk more. I have to say some British names here, so bear with me. No. Yeah, I know. They're the worst, right? Anything British is this so much worse? These ones are. Actually, we came from them. You. You're even more directly British than I am. And, my God, we can't get like, it's easier to talk about ******* Ukrainian names than British ones. These names aren't actually that bad. But so soon after his Daily Mail piece, the British House of Commons had had a debate about the government's response to the pandemic, and a parliamentarian named Richard Drax called Eden an imminent. Scientist inside of it and it is a cool name and but he cited his he cited that he cited the view that the vaccine that the virus is most manageable and nearing its end and by November he didn't started appearing in videos for anti lockdown groups online primarily on Facebook. So he was he was filming videos in his garage for for for these different and anti lockdown groups. As the discussion of the upcoming FIZER vaccine picked up, the optics of like the ex VP of Pfizer helped yet and gain a dedicated following. One Facebook post carries a video from November in which he even claims that the pandemic is fundamentally over and the post has been viewed over a million times. His his videos on Facebook are in extremely popular, and they're shared by various pages. You know, lots of like COVID hesitancy pages, a lot of COVID skeptic pages, a lot of vaccines. Except pages, a lot of like patriot pages, you know, all these types of things because he's like becoming their new celebrity, because he's, you know, the ex VP adviser. So as as December came and Pfizer and Moderna were about to release their vaccines for for doctors, Eden made a very hard pivot to a like to a complete focus on anti COVID vaccine rhetoric. On December 1st of 2020, Eden and a German doctor named Wolfgang. Oh boy Wolfgang whoa darg. Whoa dog, whoa darg Wolfgang von dog. Yeah that works him they they filed an application. Petition with the European Medicine Agency and the FDA for the immediate suspension of all COVID vaccination studies, in particular the biotech and Pfizer one I'm quoting. Quoting the petition, the current study designs for phase two and three trials of the Pfizer vaccine are inadequate to adequately assess effectively effective effectiveness effectiveness. Wow, I do not want to say that word. Effective. See, that is weird. Efficacy? Yeah, mate. Cut that efficacy. Efficacy. Garrison who wanted to keep. We're keeping this at no cut that somebody else has to be mocked for not pronouncing things right. It's efficacy. The petitioner and public will suffer, suffer irreparable harm if the actions requested their win are not granted. Because once the FDA licenses to COVID-19 vaccination, both governments and employers will make the product mandatory in in general for air and in general for airliner international travel. If the assignment of cases and non cases during the course of the trial is not accurate, the vaccine will not have been properly tested. The vaccine. If the vaccine is not properly tested, important public policy decisions regarding its use will be based on misleading evidence. So basically he wanted to stop COVID net vaccine testing because he thought the vaccine would pass the test. And if the vaccine passes the test, people start getting vaccinated. Doesn't logic doesn't fully compute, but you know, he's doing it for his own, for his own ends. But there was one particular part of the 40 page long petition application thing that really caught on and has had lasting effects. In the letter, YIDDEN and the German doctor Man stated that the Pfizer vaccine blocks a protein that's key in the formation of the placenta in mammals. They claim that if they claim that it's possible that women who receive the vaccine could become infertile. So that is where the vaccine causes sterilization things started from. It all comes back to this guy and his little application. This got reported. Tons of, you know, not very reputable outlets, but it's still very influential, you know? XXXX, head of Pfizer says that COVID vaccine causes female sterilization is, you know, the types of posts and headlines from, you know, quack sites that got that got very popular. Google searches for COVID vaccine and infertility skyrocketed by over 70% in the days after this this petition thing got posted. Quoting Reuters, it's impossible to measure the impact of Ian's claim that COVID-19 vaccinations could cause female infertility. Anecdotally, anecdotally, though, many women have bought in. Bonnie Jacobson, a waitress in Brooklyn, NY, can't recall where she first heard about the fertility issue, but she but she told us that it has made her decision more hesitant to take the vaccine and she like to have a child sooner than later. That's that's my main concern, she said. Let more research come out. After initially declining to get vaccinated, she said she got fired at the Tavern. He works at. O this the, the the whole fertility thing. Really, really caught on Bloomberg News. Yeah. And it's yeah, it's you're already so scared when you get pregnant, right? Because, like, suddenly you've got this, this thing growing in you and trying to make a person like, there's a lot of scary things about that, and it's just so easy for people to. Just slide right in there with their ******** and it's very frustrating. Bloomberg News put together a piece tracking COVID misinformation in Asia the like the past few months, and they they know that claims originated by Eden have caught on and spread way beyond just, you know, Aiden's writing and videos. You know, like the stuff he's saying is now just being repeated by other people. This past May, following following Eden's path, like a dozen Singapore doctors wrote an open letter questioning the safety of the M RNA vaccines, including a claim that the shots would change. DNA, so like you see a lot of the stuff that you didn't start to talk about is getting talked about other doctors. Were they making, you know, similar, like petitions and stuff in their local areas? Yeah, things here in the states are going about as well as you would expect with this type of stuff because Eden has turned into a new anti VAX like celebrity. He's like he's the new big guy. Writers points out that like references to Eden's petition appear on the website of a group founded by influential vaccine skeptic Robert F Kennedy Junior, who has been recently banned from Instagram. Sir Han had had more bullets. Well, he was a kid back then. Still, either way, yeah. And there was a another popular vaccine skeptic. Michael Malkin reported that he didn't shared Eden's concern about fertility issues in a column last month under the under the headline pregnant woman, beware of the COVID shots and a blog post with an alarmist headline. Head of Fizer research COVID vaccine is female sterilization, which are thousands of times on Facebook. He got, he got very popular in December and January for this particular kind of thing that he fabricated. A lot of his former colleagues at Pfizer say, like they no longer recognize like Eden as the guy that they once knew. You know they they they used to describe him as like a knowledgeable and intelligent who was, who was you know, very evidence based and generally didn't like to be like in the public eye very much. An old friend of his who holds a degree in macular biology. Replied to a post inmate on Twitter because in December even made a post on Twitter with a with a sign that said ditch the mask and you told a friend was like, Mike, what the hell are you actively trying to kill people? Do you realize what you're doing is wrong and you're suggesting will result in deaths. And he had like a number of other friends from Pfizer who have, who have you know talked about how they used to have like coffee with him and had a good time that he always seemed knowledgeable and intelligent and a good scientist. And I obviously disagree with Mike and his most recent views. This does not sound like the guy. I knew 20 years ago, so like a lot of a lot of weird, weird stuff. All of all of his old coworkers and colleagues are just baffled. And another another friend of his was recounted here, recounted hearing Eden in a radio interview last year. Quote There, there was a tone in his voice that was nothing like I've ever remembered of Mike. He was very angry and very bitter. Yeah, so it is, it's it's there's a lot a lot of his friends are just extremely confused and and earlier this year a group of his former Pfizer colleagues wrote wrote him like a private letter and a a version of it was sent to was sent to Reuters 1 section reads them. We have become keep calling it Reuters, the whole episode. I thought I thought about it. I decided against it for this particular one. I can go back later if we want, but. Look, we have become acutely aware of your views on COVID-19 over the past few months. The single mindedness, lack of scientific rigor and one sided interpretation and of often poor quality data is far removed from the Michael Eden we once respected and enjoyed working with. They also noted his, you know, vast following on social media and the claim that infertility has spread globally. And they ended it by saying we're very worried that you're putting people's health at risk. So. Even in particular background gives them so much. So much potential danger, you know, even even more than like, you know, the guy who started the Renaissance in in in anti vaccine stuff. I mean like he's he that got responsible for deaths too. But like because of his, because of his connection to Pfizer, he has like a lot of optics potential for these type of like conspiracy theory sites and and anti VAX sites. And since January, as COVID vaccinations have become more available, Eden's gotten fully drawn into the anti vaccine conspiracy theory media ecosystem. In March of 2021, it was announced that he was going to be headlining the Awakening World Truth Summit. It's like the big conspiracy theory convention it was. It's been previously headlined by the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke. I I I, I watched his panel. It was very bad. And then in May, June and July he is really kicked up the number of interviews for like podcasts and documentaries. And he's starting to get like a lot of like in person speeches at like rallies and stuff I've I've watched. Tons of hours of his speeches and stuff and he's getting better at public speaking. He is. He's like, he's like, he's developing a set of talking points that really get like a reaction out of people. You figuring out, like, what things he says can give people the most, the most like riled up. And then he's like, you know, polishing different sections of of speeches so he can like, be a much better, you know, and much more influential speaker. His current kind of greatest hits of like claims that he's saying the, his, his, probably the one he says the most is about asymptomatic infection. He thinks that if you are not symptomatic, you cannot transmit any disease. He he thinks that like. Lockdowns are pointless because the only way you can transfer disease is if you are showing symptoms. Otherwise you're not actually sick. That's the thing he repeats all the time, and he thinks that lockdown because of, because of this false claim that he's convinced himself of. He thinks that, like the lockdowns are just like a government plot to control us and, you know, conspiracy ** whatever. And another one of his favorites is saying that variants aren't actually a problem because they either don't really exist or they're so similar to the initial strain that everyone should have immunity by now anyway. And we already know that that's not how COVID immunity works in the 1st place. Like, there are people who got sick at the beginning of the pandemic who got COVID again, like not not long after. Like that's that's not how it works, but that does not matter to to to to Eden. And then besides all the stuff we've already mentioned, because relatively a lot of people, because so many people have gotten at least one dose by now, he Eden has kind of switched to talk from talking about vaccines to talking about booster shots a lot. He he insists that booster shots will kill you. He thinks that he thinks that booster shots aren't a thing, and they were invented specifically for this pandemic to kill people in late April 2021, in an hour long interview, Eden. Was as described as the former vice president and chief scientist advisor. The video of him went viral on on Facebook, claiming that that the global government led vaccine rollouts were a ploy to initiate a mass depopulation event. Specifically, Aiden said that recipients of the booster shots will die within two years. So he is. He's had this mass depopulation kind of thing going on ever since April. That's kind of been another one of his things he talks about a lot in terms of, you know, governmental control is like all the governments decided to invent COVID at the same time, and they're planning something to depopulate the masses or whatever. This is the kind of thing that he's talking about now. He, like he does, think that like, covid's real. He just thinks that most of us are already immune because we've already had a common cold before. Or he thinks that the treatments are extremely manageable. Like, like he's he's a big supporter of hydroxychloroquine. He thinks that he thinks that that like, can save everybody. He's like the fact that people, the fact the fact that doctors have not been giving that out means that doctors should be prosecuted for crimes because they're willfully not giving out this life saving drug. And the last thing he's been harping on a lot is vaccine passports. And he's, he's still going on about this saying like, vaccine passports are the end of liberal democracy. And he's like, constantly saying, like, next week back-to-back vaccine passports are going to happen. You know, it's it's always upcoming. Like we're always just on the curb of making this vaccine passport thing. So I mean we have must be really synched over macrons, latest news. Yeah. He is losing his mind. Yeah. He is. He is not. He's not doing. He is, yeah. I mean, he's he's getting a lot of press. Is getting a lot of interviews in, you know, you know, obscure podcasts, but podcasts that have like a big following, though, because you know this is this is a very popular corner of the Internet. So yeah, videos of his speeches and interviews have gone extremely, extremely popular on Facebook and Instagram with 10s and 10s of thousands of views, sometimes millions on on the platform, despite Facebook's effort to remove such content even. And even when they do remove the content, that doesn't make things a whole lot better because I found that many people, instead of just posting videos straight to Facebook, are now sharing bit shoot links to to to videos of Eden talking about all of this ****. One bit shoot link I found that I was like an hour long video just passed over 300, three, 100,000 views. I think it got like 50,000 views in the past week. And that particular video and but shoot ends in a pretty disturbing way, and I've seen Yeadon have the same discussion in various interviews since then. I'm gonna quote gonna do a dramatic reading of the end of end of when's video here. The Nazi doctors were pretty much all hanged for their crimes against humanity. And I'm sorry to say that NHS doctors who administering these agents vaccines to people who are not at risk from the virus because he believes people are at risk because they already immune and are not telling them that they are experimental, are also breaching the Nuremberg Code. And I believe they're Nuremberg. Glossary Amberg, Nuremberg, Nuremberg, no erenberg my mouse doesn't like, so I I have, I have. There's something happen to me as a kid and I had weird I have a very narrow palate and extremely high top of my mouth, and it makes a lot of pronunciation extremely difficult. Now, I could have had this fixed as a kid, but I didn't. There's something being able to say Nuremberg. That's like not being able to say Nuremberg. Robert, what's your excuse for not being able to say Ariana Grande or Beyoncé? I've never heard of either of those people and he closes this quote by saying that, you know, they are, they are breaching the code and I think there should be a Nuremberg too. And that's the thing I talk about a lot. And the interviews he talks about how. Hanging of an NHS doctors are like just around the corner. Like, we're gonna have to, like, we're gonna have to, like, put people on trial and hang them publicly for their crimes. And that's good news, is there really is a sequel to Nuremberg. Almost no one responds. Exactly. That's the thing. Like, I got bad news about what happened to the Nazi doctors. Not all of them. Aruba. And he also gives like, impassioned pleas for like, trying to spread this type of information. Find other people like you who aren't quite sure but are suspicious. Find people. Find find someone else to talk to. And and if you and if you find someone that says, oh, I'm glad you said that, because I was. I thought I thought this was lies, too. Then both of you can go find a third person, and once you've woken up and realized that you're being lied to, it's very frightening. Find someone else who feels the same. Don't be afraid to be a little bit wrong. The people around you don't know any better than you do if they're experts, and they probably won't be. But if they are, they'll be able to tell what you're saying is actually true. And if they, like you are, just are just suspicious but not really experts, then they're not really going to be able to tell that you're wrong. So if you think something is wrong, you're right. Go, go tell someone else who feels the same. Never look back. It's your last chance to rescue your own liberty and your children and your grandchildren's. So none of that makes any sense. Totally baffling because, like, he's talking about don't be afraid to be a little bit wrong about the things you're spreading. So, like, that was one of the most. These are ends of his video because it's like he's telling people to be wrong about these things and he almost knows it because like ever since April he has just gone fully down this this this like conspiracy rabbit hole. He is like he is becoming the new celebrity in this corner of the Internet and. That's that's kind of how he's developed into a person. We're gonna end with some slight slightly good news on on this last February some old tweets of his surfaced who's by then he's account had almost 100,000 followers on Twitter. But some old tweets of his though like like like a few dozen of them which are extremely bigoted and Islamophobic, got screenshotted and shared around. Many of them were captured in time by and the next day he then made his last tweet. Saying I'll soon be gone, and then two days later his Twitter account was gone. His LinkedIn profile has also changed. He's now saying that he's fully retired and a month later he made a final update on LinkedIn that says I now seek opportunities to relocate to the USA and to continue opposing inappropriate policy responses to COVID-19. So he's planning, he's planning to move to the States and continue this vaccine misinformation celebrity thing that he's been doing. And that's that's kind of the that is where he's at now. He's July, June, these like. This summer, like the summer of 2021, he has gotten extremely popular. He's he's like, he is like he's the spokesperson for this entire, for this entire movement. He's polishing his talking points. Yeah, and he's, like, constructed this false reality that he now, like, lives in and is just. Is just is saying, saying things that to us make no sense, but are extremely influential to people who are already skeptical or who already aren't. You know, don't like vaccines very much because of his connections to the Pfizer company. Yeah. So that's why like his his in his initial intentions are a little bit murky. It's hard to it's hard to see what exactly he's doing like he he he doesn't take donations or anything he he may he he may be being paid for like appearances but it's unclear if he has like any monetary goals from this kind of like you know the the the previous vaccine the previous like Doctor Vaccine Guy you know invested in the invested in those other vaccine companies right to to to sell those three to sell the three separate vaccines instead of instead of the world. Whether we don't know if Eden has any financial kind of things at stake here or if he's just doing this because he actually actually believes in it, but he is getting 10s of thousands of views on bit shoot hundreds of 100, thousands of views on bit shoot millions of views on Facebook. And he's he's just popularity has skyrocketed in the past few months, ever since he went down like the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. And that is Michael Eden, former former allergy researcher and now the newest celebrity in the anti VAX world. Well, I hope he falls off of the side of a Cliff. I hope you would like that for him. I would like it if. A bad thing happened and he was not around anymore. I don't know. What do you? What do you? What else can you say? Yeah, I mean, like this. There's nothing he can do. There's like, nothing is like, his damage. His damage has already been done in a lot of ways. He's like, you can't find a way to do more unsaved days. But yeah, The thing is, he will find a way to do more. He'll find a way to do more. These people always do. And that's, I don't know, Garrison. You get a fun future to look forward to. We were good stewards of the world, Buddy Man, when I was your age, the things we said about the Internet were so ridiculous. My God, it was going to free humanity. It was going to be like the end of of of control by these, these, these corporations and and evil governments and people were going to finally be free and knowledge was going to spread to every corner of the globe. Garrison, we were so stupid. And now your whole generation's ******. Sorry, man. Yeah. Yeah, there's a lot of kids at those anti at those anti anti vaccine rallies that Eden's been appearing at. Yeah, and all of those pages on Facebook, most of them are moms. The ones that you know follow his weird conspiracy theory podcasts. Yeah, Yep. Well, as long as he doesn't start publicly hanging doctors, I think. No, we're good. I mean, God, at least 18 months away from that. Yeah, the, the, the. I think the fact that he is trying to move to the states is telling for what he wants to do for like where he sees a lot of future for exactly. Yeah. And lost the status. You need us exactly. Yeah. But now you can talk about your book, I can, I can, we can pivot to two to your book now. No, no. I just want. Do you have his address, Garrison? If you docks this guy yet, I'll talk to you after the phone calls. Done. Well, this has been behind the ******** the podcast where nothing good ever happens, but you keep listening anyway because you hate yourself. I don't know **** that's not a good way to end the podcast episode. Toby. Robert how do we end up podcast episodes? My computer, my computer is crashing right now, so it's time. We love about 40% of you, statistically speaking, statistically. By. Hello, I'm Erica Kelly from the podcast Southern Fried True crime, and if you want to go from podcast fan to podcast host, do what I did and check out spreaker from iheart. I was working in accounting and hating it. Then after just 18 months of podcasting with Spreaker, I was able to quit my day job. Follow your podcasting dreams, let's break or handle the hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of your podcast. 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