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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Andrew Tate's Terrible Book

Andrew Tate's Terrible Book

Thu, 04 May 2023 10:00

Robert reads Andrew Tate's horrendous book to Shereen Lani Younes.

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Just mention this promotion to be treated in May of 2023 to qualify. $1,000 off for both eyes on standard wave light price. $500 off for one eye. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Go to for details. Hey, everyone. Robert here. The episode you are about to listen to is me and Shurine Lonnie Unis and Sophie are producer extraordinary. Going through some of Andrew Tates' writings, particularly a book of his collected wisdom and some of these weird kung fu stories that he's written. It's all fucked up and terrible. We recorded this when he was still incarcerated in solitary confinement. He has now been released to House arrest. So in the episode, whenever we talk about him being in a Romanian jail, just replace that with the phrase House arrest in your head. And it'll be like we edited it ourselves. Welcome to the ManoSphere Mancast with Chant Grunt Punch. We are here today to talk about all of my tips and tricks for picking up high value ladies. First off, though, I want to introduce my guests for today, my co-hosts on the Mancast, Shurine Lonnie Unis and Sophie Lecderman. How are you all doing? Robert, you already got to do that in our presence ever again. You ready for the Mancast? I think it's doing it for the pod. You know, I understand why he chose. I understand it. Doesn't mean I like it, but I understand it. It's called, maybe we should have called it the Gruntcast, but yeah, I think it's a good idea. I think this is what we should pivot to doing, Sophie, because it is apparently the easiest way to make money in the world. You repulse me and I did not enjoy that. Sophie, all we got to do, we got to fuck up the heads of like 10 or 15 million like teenage boys and then we retire. Simple or easy or you get the boy in or you get the rodent to jail in Romania. Yeah. Well, we won't go to Romania, Sophie. I mean, come on. I've learned lessons from Andrew Tate. Why not? Well, it's a great place to go if you are not operating a massive sex trafficking ring and bragging that the Romanian government won't arrest you. Yeah, you should avoid Romania if that's the case. You should avoid most places if that's the case. This is a book episode. You all know what a book episode is. Shrine, we've been struggling to find a new book for our book episodes for a while now and I think I may have landed on it. We're actually going to be covering two books today and both of them are written by friend of the pod Andrew Tate. Sorry. Friend of the pod. I was on here for Steven Segal's book, right? You were on here for Steven Segal's terrible, terrible book. That was what all of that fucking cover. That was the cover. I just remember the cover was a joke. A lot of choice. This book has a better cover, not a good cover, but a better cover. What is it like? Well, the first book we're talking about by Andrew Tate is his tales of Wudon, which is Wudon is like a mountain in China and the kind of two big schools of Chinese martial arts, like one of them is named after Wudon because I guess it's just kind of like where it originated. But Andrew Tate, despite being kind of a mediocre kickboxer, is very married to the idea of being like a monastic warrior thing, which is silly. Yeah. I want you to go to the co-bretate. That's his website's name. Tales of Wudon. Oh, what is it? To take a look at this thing. When I say it's a better cover than the Steven Segal book, that's not praise. It's just... So it opens up with just like a gif of him basically like smoking a cigar. It's like a fucking parody of what... Yes, everything he does is. So there's a drawing of him that it's weird because the art style is like a mix of kind of vaguely competent sort of Asian landscapes. But then the illustrations of Andrew Tate as a fucking kung fu master. It almost looks like a political cartoon of him. Like it's weird. It's a strange mix of styles, but it does beat the Shadow World's book. I'll give it that. I guess. Yeah. That's the one good thing, I guess, is that it beats the worst cover of all time. Yeah. Now, to get this book, you have two options. One is that you sign up for Andrew Tate's mailing list and every week he'll send you a new story from it, which fuck that. Absolutely not. The other is that you pay $5 for the book, which also fuck that. $5 too much, yeah. Yeah. The third is that you scroll through... I lied, there's three. You scroll through the Tales of Udon Twitter page and apparently you get to the stories. Look, they're boring as shit, but I am going to read one of them for you. It's funny. It will serve as a good introduction to Andrew Tate's second book, which we're also going to cover today. Just before I exit out of this website, then click X. I think I never... You need to burn your laptop. Yeah, I've never been on this before, but like, you know how like some websites have like a live chat for help option? Yeah. So for this one, it pops up immediately. Like it's just on the front page and it says this not just a live chat bot, this is your chance to get personal attention from Tate's personally trained special forces. My God. It's up to... What? Are they going to take a minute or so? I think they need to be locked under the head. Walk around alone in a jail cell. And it says... This is your chance to change your life. Begin a conversation below and follow the next steps. Look. Yeah, it's a little cult he's got going online. I've continued following his journey after his arrest and like just FYI, he has like friends on the outside that he sends tweets to and they've gone from like, I'm innocent and you know, we'll be vindicated to talking about his like jail cell workout routine and all sorts of like... Most recently he bragged about defeating a ghost in hand-to-hand combat. So it's... He's doing well is what I'm saying. I would normally say I wouldn't wish solitary confinement on anybody, but I didn't know solitary confinement could be this funny. So now like I morally compromise, but it is very funny. Really? That on anybody? You're the host of... I would have before this. There are so many shitty people. All of them should be in a pit somewhere. I mean, I think it... Yeah. Okay. That's fair. That's fair, Shereen. I have no sympathy for the... I have an alternate standpoint, but that's gonna... I promised Sophie. My New Year's resolution was not to talk about killing people on this podcast. Okay. I'm gonna say... I'm gonna say... I'm gonna say... Yeah, more than once a whole year. You've already killed in Q1, but okay. I know. Sophie, you know, life is a journey, okay? And sometimes, you know, you rather than getting obsessed with your failures, you should just celebrate the attempt. I thought life was a highway. Life is a highway. Well, that's also what life is. And life is... I'm sorry. Her intro tape, life is a 5,000 year long process. His... the introduction to his book, Tales of Woodon, begins. In a previous life, I lived 5,000 human years atop Woodon Mountain. I remember every lived second. She's a great... I remember a big... A big riot here. Life is competition. Competition is violence. In many modern forms of competition, we have attempted to water down the violent aspects. To replicate violence in the most sanitized way, we have full grown men growing as large and strong as possible to put a ball in a net as opposed to hurting each other. It's funny that he focuses on basketball because football is still about men hurting each other to the point that they destroy their brains. It's the most dangerous sport, isn't it? Isn't it? Yeah. Well, also MMA, which is his sport. Oh, right. Like, yeah. Not really sanitized. But the sentiment is the same. It's a group of minute war with each... with another. With one team being victors and the other being losers. The largest, strongest, most beautiful tree, violently crushing the surrounding saplings. And the quest for resource, he just says resource. Every time I see beauty, I see struggle... the struggle required to create it. When I see myself, I know the struggle lived to become who I am, to live as I do. The more sophisticated my understanding of the universe's constant state of war, the happier, more content and peaceful I feel. You are meant to struggle. You are here to suffer. If you do neither of these things, you are either dead or invisible. If you want people to care who you are, become familiar with pain. If you do not struggle to become an exceptional man, you are a nobody. And every female will prove to you. You may as well not exist. Female is like the worst of the worst words to use to describe people with all of this. It's one of the easiest ways, though, to determine whether or not someone is like a piece of shit. Yeah. That is if they use it in that way. That was a long sentence. You just read. It's like it's laid out as almost as if it's a zin Cohen. It's not. It's just like dog shit, fucking fight club ass level philosophy. But without the knowledge that fight club is a satire of this kind of philosophy. Right. Yeah. He's not evolved enough to understand that it's not that serious. It's also very funny that he's like life is struggle. I am like the strong oak that is choked out the saplings in these. He called himself beautiful at one point. I do this so that girls will like me. Yeah. That is the most pathetic. It's so sad. How does he get away with being so pathetic? Because just a big fucking door. Like, I, dorks are great, but there's a certain kind of dork that he is that is fucking pathetic. Well, it's because he's, he's reaching out to like 13 year old boys who who are raised on like a mix of like comic books and video games and anime. And you know, there's nothing wrong with any of those things. But when those form your entire like level of familiarity with the world, it's easy for a guy like Andrew to come in here with a story that sounds like the opening for like a 1990s fighting game. And you know, dry in a little bit. Yeah. Let's continue with the tales of Wudon for a little bit longer. Evolution requires pain. Well, others complain that they do not feel happy enough. I'm happy. I'm struggling. I don't want to be happy. I want to be great. This is the beauty of life as a man. All caps. We are born valueless. All caps. All caps. Man. Damn. You either build yourself into a king or you fail. A top Wudon. I told priest master Jan Hui how it piece I felt amongst the trees. I could feel life all around me sitting at the foot of the largest tree. I asked him why when life is so beautiful, why do we fight? His reply was simple. Do you think the largest tree you sit beneath grew so tall amongst many? If it didn't fight in a previous life, I lived 5,000 years atop Wudon Mountain. I remember every lived second. Now I wanted to highlight this story because it's an example of like the perfect flaws in this style of thinking like how it's not just like silly on its face, but actually if you attempt to engage with it scientifically and he is trying to make a scientific argument here. It's also a perfectly wrong understanding of forest ecology and biology. Obviously there's a lot of competition in nature, a lot of competition among trees and plants. There's also a huge amount of cooperation. One of the Abelites Acacia trees in a chunk of Africa like when they start being fed on by herbivores, the trees will start to release like a fair amount essentially that will warn the other trees that they're being fed on so that they can start production of a tan and its poisonous to the animals. And so like the trees communicate as a grove to work together to protect themselves and likewise the animals have evolved over time to only eat little bits of the trees at a time before it starts to get poisonous. There's this thing actually anyway. That tree must be so good to still risk eating a little bit. It must be so delicious. Yeah. What if you were like, all right, you can eat some cheetos but after 45 seconds there's cyanide in them. The bag of cheetos will defend itself. Exactly. I do think that Andertate thinks he's like a philosopher or like it makes you wonder how philosophers become philosophers because like I think he's in his mind he's saying something really profound, right? Yeah. I mean the truth is that like a lot of philosophers are guys like Andertate and that they were just assholes who said stupid shit and a lot of people listen to them. You know, for every diogenes there's a Kant. Fuck a manual Kant. So I wanted to highlight a little more about how wrong this fucking attitude towards trees is. I don't know why, but there's an article in American that I read years ago that I started thinking about as soon as this came up because it's one of like the saddest stories I've ever read. The article title is almost impossibly bleak. It's titled The Trees that Miss the Mammoths. And it's about the Osage Orange Tree, which I believe is what we call Baudark. What we white folks call Baudark in the South, but it's and it's one of the hardest trees on earth. And you can grow it into like fence posts and stuff. Like it's that's what they used to do with it is they used to like seed it specifically so they could like make fences and stuff out of it. It's also indigenous Americans used it to make bows because it's a really good tree for making bows from. But one of the weird things about it is that it's incredibly jeog- naturally. It's incredibly geographically isolated. It doesn't grow out of this tiny area in like Oklahoma and Texas. And it has these massive green, fleshy fruits. They're these huge green fruits. We used to call them horse apples because they were all over the farm agro, horse apples. Yeah, I would huck them at cows. I was six. Look, you can't judge me for it. But yeah, they were these, they were we called them horse apples and you can't eat them, right? They're inedible for basically everybody because the seeds are so hard. I think there's a couple of animals that did not naturally eat them but will eat them now once we've put it together. No, I'm looking at them now. Yeah, they're wild. They're massive. They're massive fruits. And nothing eats them really anymore and they don't spread naturally. They're so heavy that like they don't get spread widely around like birds don't eat them and poop the seeds out. How are they still alive? Well, they barely are. Mostly the reason why they're still alive is that we have like intentionally bred them because we wanted the wood. They don't spread the wood, yeah. So tree nerds have been trying to figure out like what the fuck is up with this stuff? Why would a tree evolve to have fruit that's so hard and so heavy and doesn't spread? Like that seems like a bad evolutionary idea. And the understanding they've come to is that it's because oh well, the trees co-evolved with mammoths and giant sloths and that's what would eat their fruit and would spread their seeds. And when all of the giant sloths and mammoths were hunted to extinction, there was nothing to spread the tree seeds anymore. So they stopped spreading around. And it's this evidence that as much as competition is a part of nature, so is collaboration and interdependency, you know, because it's not like the mammoth isn't saying I'm going to spread these seeds and the tree isn't saying I'm going to feed these mammoths and exchange for them spreading my seeds. But that's the way it works out. They were both dependent on each other. And now that this, this, these species that they used to depend on is gone, the Augusto Osage tree, despite how hard and tough and strong it is, it's an incredibly strong plant, it's a, it can't breed on its own. Robert, why are we talking about this? Because it proves and rotates wrong. I think because he's wrong about trees, Sophie. Okay, I hate it. The tree is just missing its buddies and it's missing them for centuries. That's really sad. I think I was, I thought we were on a different show for a second. I'm like, we're doing something that I feel like would be very good happy here to explain tree facts. No, no, it's the fuckery, Robert. Where is it? And the fuckery, the fuckery is he's lying about trees to children and children are going to grow up not knowing about the giant sloth and the Osage orange tree. And that makes me angry. Okay. I'm just going to have four samples on my round. Anor justified, you are right. He is wrong. Fuck him. Okay. Okay. You can't even freeze like that. I hear what you're saying. You want more Andrew Tate, fuckery. And I'm going to give you slightly more than you bargained for here because I, in trying to find copies of the way of Wudon, I found the saddest post that I have ever seen on Reddit. No, no. It is, it is heartbreaking. This is from the co-bretate subreddit, which is listed as the only official community of Andrew co-bretate. It's only got 3.7,000 members, too, which is nada. Anyway, the post is titled The Way of Wudon. And it's written by a user named Alfred Cipher about nine months ago. And I'm going to read this. Just hold on to your hearts because this is going to break them. Shreen, I'll hold your heart. You hold my heart. Please. There you go. There you go. I may have, I perhaps should have said, hold on to your gag reflex. But here we go. It may sound like a fairy tale. But this story couldn't be more realistic. What I'm about to share is the story of how my trajectory in life changed literally overnight. How I found my path to Wudon. Not going to lie, I was a brutal loser, and I'm being modest about how I'm describing it. I was way worse, already dead if I might add. I had no friends, the people in my life were shitty, and put me down every single chance they got. I was alone, depressed, and lazy, not to mention stupid. The worst part of it was, I knew all these things. Deep down I knew who I truly was, and my mind made it clear to me every single day. A sore loser, nobody wanted me. I hid myself at home just to cope with the pain. It got worse. It got to a point where I lost all hope. I had no hope anymore, and I lost every battle before they even began. The way I got to no-tate was just as miraculous, if I might say. There are a lot of success gurus and motivational speakers out there, but the first time I saw an Andrew tape clip, something immediately clicked. I don't know what it is. I got drawn to him instantly. The cobra had snapped its victim. Oh my god. I know. That one hurts. That hurt to read. From that first clip, I immediately searched him on YouTube, and surprise surprise he had his own YouTube channel. I watched each video down to the last bit. His speech has just stripped me of all... It's horrible. It's so horrible. It's horrible. It's so horrible. His speech has just stripped me of all the victim coat mentality until I saw myself in my true form again. A form I swore never to reveal again. I was there. All of my loss is flooding my mind, teasing me of how much a loser I still was and still am. It was ruthless. I went ahead and said this one thing. One thing that makes the difference. He said, but you can have everything. Everything you've ever wanted. It's a matter of how bad do you want it. And from that moment, it was my first time to see the light. And then he added this, I will show you the way. Will you listen? That got me started on my path. I borrowed the cash and an ATM to pay for Hustlers University. I really wanted it. I really, really wanted it. And I enrolled. Don't even get me started on Hustlers University. The content, the professors, the students, and the mindset change that hit you as astronomical. I would literally go broke just to remain in Hustlers University. It's more than just what you see. Every day you get to see 60,000 brothers hustle and grind with one aim, money. Okay. This is written by Andrew Tate. He made it account. He made it myself. It might be, but he's got a lot of... My God. Wait, this is so... Yeah. And everybody's half of these responses are making fun of him. Yeah, I mean, like the people that actually worship him, it's just like... It's culty. No, it's a bit of a sure culty, but it's also just like... It's sad. It's sad in a way. Yeah, it's sad. And there's still so many. Yeah. Because they want to connect with someone so deeply and so badly. It's just like they miss the opportunity to connect with someone that's actually like worth their time. And so... Yeah. Or someone that would help them actually improve as a human being. Yeah. And it's this idea that like... And again, I think this goes back to what's incredible. One of the things that's incredibly toxic about what Tate is trying to push here, this idea that like everything is competition. The only real way to like prove your mastery is by either acquiring women or by acquiring money. And you're fighting with everybody except for these people you pay to hang out with, right? Like, that is a recipe. I don't mean this. I'm not trying to like say this lightly. That's a recipe for suicide. Like that is the end result of thinking that way. You either get out of that thought. Or like because it's deeply profoundly toxic. But like to capitalize on that is so monstrous. You know what I mean? To capitalize on that feeling of like isolating people and being like this has the potential to destroy people. I feel like that is so so evil. I don't know. It's very evil. It's very like America too. I was watching a documentary last night about, it was like a YouTube documentary about Tony Robbins. And Robbins is, was it at one point kind of the more mass media acceptable version of Andrew Tate? At this point Tate's might be a bigger name. But they both have a lot in common including this like one of the things Robbins would do is like you know attack women who came on and talked about like the fact that they were suicidalists like he would always accuse them of like using suicide as a weapon against the man they were in a relationship with. Whereas if like a man came on and expressed suicidal thoughts, he would he would show this kind of like sympathy towards them and stuff. Like there's these weird there's these weird trends that are like ever present across these grifters and like ultimately the big thing that like the guys like Tate and Robbins are pushing is this idea of like masculine mastery and female submission being kind of the cornerstone of happiness. And I it's it's deeply like it one of the things that it does that I think is so heartbreaking is it kind of like removes the possibility for identification with other human beings on any kind of meaningful emotional level which is as a cult leader by the way what you want. You don't want members of your cult to be able to connect emotionally with anybody else right within an independent of you because that's how you make your money is there is their fundamental brokenness. And that's kind of how a huge amount of the American economy works right like it's all grifts and cons all the way down. Andrew Tate is just better at it than most people. Right I mean fundamental brokenness that was that that was good good poetry that you just said right there. Yeah. It's heartbreaking because you're right it's a damn speaking of heartbreaking. Oh yes. Yes. We're going to move on to Andrew Tate's 2022 book. But I thought that was your segue to it. Yeah. It's an act that I'm what do you do. 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So the book that we're going to be reading for the rest of our episode today is called the Tate Bible. It was published in 2022 and was written by Andrew Tate and someone named G Slim. Who the fuck is G Slim? I don't know. But he died in October of 1996 when he was shot by several people. So I don't think it's this G Slim. I think it's unlikely to be the G Slim who died in 1996. Oh, this came out very, like some of the everywhere last year. Yeah, yeah. So I think it's unlikely. And the only other G Slim searches that I'm getting immediately on my search engine are for vaporizers. So he either wrote this with a dead man or a vape, which actually really fits for Andrew Tate to be entirely honest. Oh, my God. Oh, I know. I got an email for G Slim. Huh? I did the mistake of skimming through some Amazon reviews and now I want to die. Oh, yeah. What are you seeing? What's making you feel so bad? Most of them are five stars. That's good. So we're reading a good one. Uh, yeah, exactly. The ones that are three stars aren't even about the book being bad, but this is what a three star one sounds like. The book I let the book I love, but when Amazon shipped it, they threw it in a box with the other items I got and it got bent up really bad. That irritates me. Oh, no. Oh, no. I hope he's learned how to anyway. So I did not get for their boyfriend. No. Listen, folks, I'm going to tell you right now. I did not pay for this. I found a free PDF posted online. The PDF is watermarked from a telegram channel called Get Seduction Bible. I don't know if this is authorized or if this is illegal and I don't really care because I'm number one, I'm pretty sure we're covered by failures used to here. And number two, Andrew Tadec and a Romanian prison. So I think his legal hands are tied at the moment. Either way, it opens after the, you know, the chapter listing and stuff. It opens with, I'm so sorry, Shireen, actually brace yourself here. Oh, fuck you. Dear friend, brace yourself. Shireen, I have your heart. You still have my heart always, yes. What about the left of it? It opens with the Tate's prayer. No, no, no. No. No. How is the person real? I don't understand. It's so. Probably be able to get away with the gig. I can never tell quite with this guy how much of it is supposed to be a joke because there's two questions, right? What of it does he mean as a joke and what is like just narcissistic delusion? And then the other question is like, what of it do his, that is a joke, it is realized by his fans to be a joke. And it's impossible to tell. So I'm going to read the Tate's prayer for you, Shireen, because I know you need more religion in your life. Yeah, I guess so. Tate who art in Bucharest, he sure is, because he's in prison there. Andrew B. thy name, thy kingdom come through Cam and fun. Oh, online as it is. Oh, my God. Oh, man. Oh, my God. Oh, that really, that I felt like my bio-curl in my guts. I feel like you cursed everyone. I know. I feel like I'm what's your name in the mummy movie, reading from the book of the dead. I'm unleashing a terrible curse. Oh, I can't do it. I just started to read and I hear the wind whistling through the Howl of demons barely contained, but then I continue reading thy kingdom come through Cam and fun online as it is on the blockchain. Give us this day our daily vodka and forgive those the shitmunchers for their trespasses against us. Lead us to women for temptation and deliver us unto our dominoes for his is the Lambo, the McLaren and Ferrari forever with Tristan. That's his brother, man. Wow. You just listed up a bunch of brands. Wow. Wow. Oh, my God. I have to pay. Let me screen share. You need to see the photo that comes right after the Tate's prayer. Do I? Do I have to see this? No, this is necessary. I'm afraid this is like morally. Please share. Here we go. The fuck is that? Oh, no. Oh, my God. Yeah. So it's a, I'm guessing what used to be like a drawing of Jesus surrounded by five young women who looks suspiciously Mormon, but Andrew Tate's face has been photoshopped in. No, but in fact, check you. There are only four women in that photo. Four women. Sorry. I do. I do. They each have a different hair color, which is just fun. The flower in his hand is also a woman. I don't know. I don't know, Sophie. Maybe? Yes. There's a Zoom button at the top. Middle. Sophie. Sophie, thank you. Oh. Yeah. And he has sunglasses on always, of course. Yeah. He's always got his sunglasses on. What are they holding? Those, what's really good? Roses. Yeah. Those look like roses and like chaluses maybe. Oh, I don't see chaluses. I see roses. But any great. So obsessed. It's, it's, it's a very, very unsettling. How this book came to be, disclaimer. During the first COVID lockdown in the UK, I was sat around scrolling through Twitter. I had never seen nor heard of Andrew Tape before, but someone I follow must have retweeted him. I remember reading the tweet and laughing at it. So I went to his of Wudon Twitter profile and had to look through the posts. It was incredible who the fuck was this guy? Was he for real or was it a parody account? For the next hour, I did nothing but scroll through his tweets, Jesus. And these weren't just singular tweets like your average person posts, but long threads that I got lost in. They flew from subject to subject, dropping controversy, humor and pearls of wisdom alike. I won't lie to you. I genuinely still thought it was a parody account. I couldn't believe anyone actually thought like this. Surely it was a wide up. Wait, what are you reading from now? This is the intro to the book. That's the intro to his own book. Yeah. And so I closed Twitter and went about my day, but the thing was I couldn't stop thinking about it. At the back of my mind, a realization had started. I thought that actually this guy was the real deal. It wasn't a joke. It wasn't some prankster trolling everyone. The next day I found his YouTube channel and fell down the biggest fucking rabbit hole in existence, Tate speech, the hateful Tates, the war room, Tate confidential. God damn it. Over the next few months during lockdown, I would dip in and out of all this content. And on this journey of discovery, I noticed one thing kept popping up in the comments. Tate, you should write a book. Several times I saw this and when he bought her to reply, Andrew would scornfully say the same thing. I ain't got time to write a book. I'm too busy driving him a clarin through the Alps. You can't argue with that. Shut the fuck up. I know. He's not doing that no more. He's not doing that no more. Yeah. So I find it compelling that like, or at least valuable data that like this weirdo who wrote G Slim, who wrote the Tate Bible with Andrew fell into this rabbit hole during the pandemic when he was alone at home. Like, we know intellectually that's how a lot of this stuff that's metastasized now started. But it's at least useful to get another fucking piece of date of data on that. I'm going to continue. I decided right then and there that I was going to write the book. I needed to be in this man's life. Jesus Christ. Oh my God. I needed to be in the war room. I needed to change my life. I needed a fucking all caps. Lambo. Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Let's do it. Also in all caps with three exclamation points. And then in the next days, nothing. That little doubting voice that tells you you'll never be able to do it appears in your head. It took me weeks of questioning myself to even get started. And even then I stopped halfway through and thought long and hard about whether I should continue. But am I going to be a loser and am I going to fail to follow through? After all, what's the worst that can happen? He might tell me to fuck off and I realize I've wasted my time. But I can handle that. What I can't handle is always thinking what might have happened if I'd finished and it all works out. What if a year later someone else does it and it's a huge success? Good news. It was not. Yeah. So, uh, I decided I would complete the book in total secrecy and then get a physical paper back printed to gift to him. This I hoped would get the seal of approval. Oh my God. This guy just watches all of Andrew's videos over and over again and transcribes them. These are transcriptions of Andrew Tate videos. Listen, the thing is I don't believe anything this book says. You know what I mean? Like I don't really think you don't trust G Slim. No, I don't fucking trust in G Slim. Wow. Shireen, that's pretty offensive. That's the thing I've never heard. G Slim died in a gun fight in 1996 for you and then came back to write this book. Andrew Tate brought him back. That's what I assume. This is like so insufferable. Continue. Oh man. How many pages is this book? It's a lot, Shireen. It's a lot. There's no page. Oh wait, no, there are page numbers. Let me scroll down and see if I can answer that for you. Too many. Too many pages. You're completely correct. Okay. Only some of the pages have page numbers, but there's at least 283 of them. That's a lot of fucking. It's way too many pages. That's way too many. That's way too many. That is like a heartbreaking number of pages. First off, I'm going to say this and it's going to sound mean, but this man is already dead inside G Slim. He's passed on years ago in his soul. There's nothing left but a whisper and a ghost and the knowledge that he's fucking wrote a book about Andrew Tate that is by Andrew Tate that Andrew Tate never saw. I mean, you think that's me, but I don't think this person exists. So we have two opposing views here. Oh, you don't think G Slim is real? I don't think this is like, I just, I can't trust anything that Andrew Tate is involved with. I really don't, it all sounds like someone's own fantasy of like being famous. That's, I mean, he is famous, unfortunately. A lot of it was, he didn't have nearly as much money as he pretended to. Like one of the funny things about Andrew, so he's got this, he's got his big hustlers university, which is the place you pay like 50 bucks a month for. And then he's got the war room, which you pay $5,000 to be a member of and it gets you into all these discord chats with his, you know, he framed it as like, this is the most powerful secret society on earth. I've got men in every government and like people who will show up in any country if I need them, I can solve any problem with this. Like if you fuck with me, you know, this powerful cadre, he gets arrested. Nobody does shit, right? Because it was all a bunch of marks who paid five grand to be in a discord chat with Andrew Tate. So to that extent, like, yes, it is all lies and smoke and mirrors. I think I just realized the difference. Okay, this is where this is the landing point. Yeah. You believe it because you understand that people like this exists in the world and I'm just in denial. You know what I mean? I mean, denial that someone could actually do this. But I've spent a lot of time in the manosphere, you know, following since years before Andrew Tate, following, you know, reading blogs like we hunted the mammoth and just like going in myself and reading conversations. And I think the most durable lesson I've learned is that if something sounds like the most depressing sad thing that could ever possibly exist and you're wondering if it's real, yes, it is. So I do believe that a guy spent his pandemic rewatching Andrew Tate videos then wrote a book and like asked Andrew for his approval to sell it and give Andrew the money. I do believe that occurred. I mean, you've kind of convinced me right now too because I, people like that definitely exist, unfortunately. Yes. Despite my, my own wishes. It's all heartbreaking, but we should probably just soldier through to the first chapter of Tate's wisdom, the truth about your ego. We're going to be talking about ego and why it's super important that you have an ego. In fact, the biggest worms I've met in my life are people who don't have egos. If you don't have an ego, you don't care about how you're perceived. And there's not only how you're perceived by others, but you also don't care about how you perceive yourself. If you're going to become morbidly obese, you don't have an ego. You can't have an ego and become a morbidly obese person. Now I think a lot of people get confused because they're two type of egos. You've got people who have egos that don't deserve it and people who have egos who have earned it and justified it. That's okay. I mean, for one thing, like he's transposing like the actual psychological concept of an ego with just thinking you're hot shit, right? Like that's clearly what it means. But also just like, I don't know if you're actually, because Andrew talks a lot about like aestheticism and these kind of like stoic virtues and harkens back to these Greek philosophers and these kind of Chinese philosophers. All of them would have said the same thing about ego, which is that like you have to conquer your, your like, like caring about what other people think is not a path towards power. It's maybe a path that gets you arrested by the Romanian authorities because your ego made you brag about your criminal sex trafficking operation. That's what I might say. So yeah, that's funny. That's it. All right. So this whole rant is about his concept of ego. Let's go down to the next section. It's titled... It's so funny when people misunderstand what that word means entirely though. I think that's so funny. Like... Yeah. It's also just like people have egos about different things. There are people who don't care about their physical appearance, but care deeply about how they are perceived mentally or about, you know, how people like their mutants. Use it or whatever. Like that's not... Anyway, all of this is silly. Everything he says is silly. Here's his next chapter. Do girls love money? A lot of people say girls love money and that's not entirely true. They think that if you have money, you're going to get girls. But it's incorrect. I know loads of very rich men who don't have girls and I know loads of old fat, ugly rich guys who are desperately trying to throw money at girls and these girls won't fuck them because they don't really care about money. Girls like the trappings of money without seeing the actual money. A girl doesn't want you to sit there and say you earn this much that you have this. They don't give a fuck. What they want is a black Mercedes to pick them up from their house and take them to the restaurant. Now this is funny, Shereen, because we know from information that's come out since his arrest that one of Andrews hobbies was to find girls in Romania like children, like high school girls on Instagram and they're repeatedly hit on them and offered to pick them up in his black Mercedes. And we have... Like they nearly always said like no, you're a creep and a weirdo. He just did it so often that he would find a few people to victimize like that that was his actual flirtation strategy. Good stuff. Good stuff. Just trying to... Just trying to... Just trying to hack the system. Just like if I do this at times... Yeah. That's what all these guys do, right? Like it's all about if you... I mean, yeah, if you are... There's so many people in the world that if you just constantly hit on every woman that you see, someone will want to pick up what you're putting down, right? Right. And they kind of take that very basic fact and then... And the fact that they're also like mentally abusing children in a lot of cases who don't have as much judgment or even the kind of like formalized ideas of what they like as people who are... Prevent like their entire brain function or whatever. Exactly. Exactly. And they transpose that to their fans. It's like these are the hacks for getting women. And it's like, well, no, you're just being like a weird... Add creep. And 99% of the people you talk to think you're gross. And then you're conning a bunch of dumb young men into believing that like this is the trick to being James Bond. Right. Yeah. Anyway. It's interesting. I don't know. I forget what his name is because it's irrelevant and stupid. But when I was in high school, there was like a pickup artist that was like the same kind of vibe that Andrew Tadez. And he was like, he introduced the word like necking, you know what I mean? Like that was to me. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. So that is... And he was also bald, I'm pretty sure. But I don't know what that's about. Not bald by choice, I guess. Yeah. But it's interesting to think like, would that have happened if the internet was like it is now or do people like this just like this? Because there always have to be someone that these like vulnerable young people are subject to like it's it's really because they're not new ideas. They're just like recycled and said in different ways. No, they're not new. And this kind of guy is a new, right? Like if you even want to go back to the turn of the last century, a lot of the early kind of people who guys like Gabriel Donanzio who like became fascists and led to the early stages of that movement were like masculinity. Like the influencers, right? And then it was because you had this, you know, there's not a lot of room for purchase for these guys in an era in which like most men are working in like a farm or something or like even in a factory. But once you start getting like a lot of white collar jobs where people are like sitting down and filing paperwork all day, it's easy to, number one, that's not often very rewarding work and it's easy to convince us a chunk of the people doing that job that like, oh, in the past, you would have been a Viking and you know, you would have had a beautiful woman on your arm and lots of booty and you know, you'd be fighting all the time and getting this anger that's deep inside you out. And I think for at least like 150 years or so, it's been a pretty profitable thing to mind that vein of insecurity that a chunk of the male population, particularly in the middle class is going to have. That Tate is kind of an evolved form of that. But yeah, totally. I mean, hand in hand in that, unfortunately, is always like objectifying and women and like not even just not even just objectifying like sexually, but like making them objects. Yeah. Yeah. Well, because for one thing, like if the primary lever that you're pulling is the insecurity of your audience, nothing makes the kind of men who are vulnerable to take insecure, like the idea that a woman they're into has like a life and freedom of her own to like not want to hang out with you if you're being like a weird, gross creep. Yeah. That's the worst thing in the world with them. Like there was a shooter, like a mass shooter that had that mentality, like these girls de-rejected women. Yeah. So he got that. Elliot Roger. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. But like he was someone that thought all those things and had access to a firearm and the desire to do that. Like imagine, it's just a recipe for disaster. Like it's, you mentioned it's like a recipe for suicide. It's like that and also just like general like death. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's all death coats all the way down. But you know what's not a death coat, Shireen? Um, um, blue apron. That's right. Blue apron is not a death coat. 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And if you'd like to consider becoming one of those treatments, you can get a thousand dollars off when treated in May. That's $500 off per eye. Just visit to schedule your free consultation today. Oh, we're back. Boy, I love those blue apron ads. They're certainly not a death cult. Please, please, please don't. Thank you. At the end of that, what please don't miss being serious, please don't message us. Yeah, because they are you saying they are a death cult Sophie because I'm trying to tell people that they're not saying please, please, please. Okay. I was positive things. I've heard Robert said that blue apron. So yeah, yeah, I've turned the corner. Yeah. Yeah. Let's continue with our tape Bible. If we must. Let me tell you something about having a Lamborghini. It's $200,000 to buy $10,000 a year to service $11,000 a year in insurance. Forget that I've replaced the windscreen twice this year from stone ships, which is another $10,000. Forget the miscellaneous costs. It's about $300,000 to $400,000 I spent so far on a car that has no guarantee of getting girls. But what does it do is if I pull up outside of a nightclub or a high school in my Lamborghini then girls looking, he doesn't say that, but that's what he does. Okay. Then girls look at me and think, well, I don't see that kind of car very often. That's interesting. Who is he? How does he afford a Lamborghini? If I continue to talk to a girl, I have about 20 or 30 seconds to say something interesting and continue to be an interesting person. Otherwise, I'm going to lose her. What it does is it facilitates an opener. It gets a tiny bit of interest, but it's still my job to finish the interest off. If I'm a boring content, she asks, how'd you get a Lambo? And I sit there and go, well, the Lamborghini has a V10 5.2 liter engine. She doesn't give a fuck about the fucking engine in the car. If a girl sees your Lamborghini, it gives you an opener. It's interesting because it's all about like, it's not about actually being an interesting person or like being appealing. It's about having these devices that make you look interesting, which is always the, oh, boy, oh boy. You don't have to get a personality or be nice or anything. You just have to have objects to distract people with. Yeah. Then there's this baffling line. Let me tell you if what you get if you buy a Lamborghini, the only people who genuinely adore you when you have a Lamborghini are 10-year-old boys. They see a drive past and their eyes light up and they start waving their hands and they'll do anything to get in your car. So unless you're a pedophile, there's no point in buying a Lamborghini to get pussy. Now, what's interesting to me about this is that like, he's right about that. And that he's saying a truth about his business, which is that the only people who are impressed by a guy bragging about his Lamborghini are young children because that's his audience. That's who he is trying to, that's why all these schools are trying to de-radicalize kids from Tate is because, and he knows it. He knows that like the only thing that is, the only people who are impressed by my actor, children and people with the minds of children. That's interesting. That sentence was also just like heartbreaking, yes. And not needed, but not surprising that it's in there. Wow. I mean, oh my god. I think it's sad that, because the young people are so easily influenced, but like I was still kind of scrolling through these reviews. And one of these reviews is talking about how this person sent it to their son and how they like, for encouragement and in hopes of helping out the fire under him, how Tate is standing up against the matrix, how this is like a better way to teach little girls and boys or whatever. But like, it's sad that it also has like, seeped into the minds of like parrots. And like, I don't know. I don't know. I'm kind of rambling now because these reviews are like breaking my brain. But yeah, I just think that's crazy. Mm-hmm. Yeah. The next thing is his 50 tips for being a man, which, oh, oh, yeah. No, these are great. There's all sorts of wild shit in here, including, late, late on us. Reject sex from a beautiful woman. The red pill dorks are desperate for sex. At my level, you refuse to let a woman have you simply because she's beautiful. She has to deserve a man like me. I reject stunning women all the time. It's good for the soul. Okay. It is, I gotta say, there's something technically impressive about turning the man fluencer grift around from like, I'm gonna teach you how to get girls every time to like, I don't even need to have sex. Right. That's how much of a stud I am is I don't even fuck a lot of the time. That is so interesting because you're right. That is the other pickup artist person I think it was all about getting women. Yeah. Yeah, that's, that it is interesting. And I think it's an evidence of kind of like why his grift has been successful is that he's taking a spin on, you know, the, the stuff that people have been doing for a long time. Yeah. It's like, oh, I don't have sex normally. That means I'm cool. You know what I mean? I'm so cool. I don't always have sex. Yeah. It's my choice. Yeah. Which like, it's perfectly fine to not want to have sex. It's just interesting to me that like, his whole grift is clearly about, here's how you become rich and get babes. Right. And this is part of like how he sells it to people. I think it's because the majority of people, if you have to choose between the two options are, they're, they're not fucking all the time, but they want to be fucking all the time and or like, they're not doing that at all. So I think he's going with the majority being like, how can I have the most people relate to this? I can tell them that them not fucking is actually a power, a power play, you know? Yeah. There's a, most of this is really boring stuff, but I got to read you number 15. Do you? Okay. You'll like this one. Get arrested. Couple nights in jail is good for you. I've accumulated about two weeks across different incidences. I think that might just be the perfect amount. That's the most interesting thing I've ever heard. That is the most interesting I've ever heard of my life. Good news, Andrew. You're about to get a lot more jail experience. God. Oh, it's so funny. He did it. He's following his own rules. He did this to himself like quite literally, but, but also just like the idea to write that down in a book or he'd say that I'll out and get a transcript or whatever the fuck this book is. It's crazy. Like, that is, it is just, I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. Wow. These episodes really break my brain and that's the goal. That's the goal. Sharing. That's the, that's always the goal here at Behind the Bastards. Number 21. Get alone and refuse to pay it back. Sell or transfer your assets first or do it just before you move country. Passion slaves people. It's not fair. The banks are absolute criminals and you need to get some small retribution. They'll simply print more money. Fuck them. Which like, I don't have a problem with stealing from the bank, but Andrew, getting alone and then just like not paying it back has consequences for people in many cases. Yes. Like, okay. That's going to come back to bite your fans. I don't think that's what he does. I think he gets loans from maybe individual people and never pays them back. But I'm pretty sure anyway, whatever. Number 22. Become very good at stealing. I never, ever order a coffee from Starbucks without stealing something from the front right under the dickhead's nose. Never steal from small businesses. Okay. That one's fine. I do. I like low key agree with. Yeah. That's okay. That's it. Look, even a stopped clock is going to be right about shoplifting. Yeah. So, okay. Let's move past. But he's doing it to like, like he insulted the person that doesn't catch him. He's doing it to like be like, I am better than you. I can get away with this also. It's not just about giving it to the man or whatever. Yeah. Choose a book about a story that sounds interesting. A man who's traveling around Africa or a man who decided to sail the Mediterranean, a professional boxer, whatever. Throw the fucking book away and go do it yourself. Living is better than reading. Good stuff. Maybe if you had read a couple of stories about, I don't know, Al Capone. Maybe you would know wound up in solitary confinement going crazy, fighting ghosts. Good stuff. Good stuff. All right. Well, let's move along. So, it's just all shit like this. All this, all this. Lots of, this transcripts of him talking on podcasts, my God. What kind of sad people? What kind of sad man turns this into a book? You can make a book too, I guess. You got me. Yeah. I turn all of my great wisdom on my podcast appearances into a book. That's crazy. Oh, wow. Anything can be a book. Anything can be a book. Yeah. Anything can be a book. So, I've scrolled down to the bottom here. And I was going to just read you the last page, but then I came across this. Oh, no. A lot of men take all the frames I used in my webcam business and apply it to their marriage. And they say their marriage has never been better. It's amazing, but unsurprising because women are women and men are men. But all in all, I genuinely want the best for everybody. When I look forward to speaking to a feminist, I hope I can deprogram her and she can get her ass married, have some kids, make her man a dinner, and finally become a good woman and stop talking shit. So I look forward to talking with a feminist feminist and I'll fix her brain. No problem. I'll fix her brain. No problem. Oh, so if a feminist can do all those things, just like heads up, she can't get married and have fucking kids or whatever the shit. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, look at that. So I don't know. That's probably all of the tape Bible we need to go through today. Do you feel like you learned something, Shireen? I mean, I guess I genuinely learned that I shouldn't be in denial of the things that freak me out. And like, I don't want to believe because people like this exist. And it's better to be aware of them existing in the world versus not be aware of that. And then, I don't know, I think it's genuine lesson I've learned today. It's heartbreaking. But people like this are real in some sense. We can, what is real? What is reality? The press. Yeah, the matrix. Did it work? Did reading his book work? I think that we've all escaped the matrix in our own way today. And now we know, I don't know, what is escaping the matrix? If not getting paid to talk on a microphone in your underpants, right? We've broken the matrix. If you send Shireen and I $5,000, we will put you in a discord chat with everyone else who paid us $5,000. And we will pretend that we're going to show up in that discord chat and talk to you occasionally. I mean, it's tempting the way you say it in words. And so what's my cut? Yeah, Sophie, 50%. Can I need it? I'm going to need at least 51. Wow. Wow. Can I need managing? Wow. Wow. Shireen, we might have to go to war here. I mean, this is all, it's all or nothing. We have, or we just double the charge, 10,000. Yeah, what about, yeah, let's make it 10K. We'll take it 10K. That'll be fine. That'll be good. That'll be good. Wow. Wow. Well, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll, we're going to deal with all this offline. But everybody, if you mail five or $10,000 to us, eventually we'll figure out how to split it up. I can promise you that. Yes. Yes. All right, everybody. Shireen, you got to plug. Shireen, you got to plug anything. I have a podcast as well. It's called Ethically and Biggest if you guys want to check it out. I just made this little short film called How Can I Be Present When Photographs Exist. It's like this little, it's a, it's a window into my brain recently if you guys have any curiosity about what that is. But I think that's it. You can follow me on social media if you want to. What are your handles? Oh, right. Instagram is Shiro Hero and Twitter is Shiro Hero 666. I do want to point out because I know the word Shiro is like, some people use it as like the female version of hero. That is not. No, no, no. What? No. It's a nickname that I have my whole life from my family. It's Shiro Hero. No, it's your name. Oh. So I want everyone out there to know that's not why I chose that name. It's my name. I hate the idea of using Shiro for hero because hero is not a gendered name. I know. Like hero, the term hero does not apply masculine, imply masculine or feminine. I think you're just here on missing this. I think you're just here on missing this sound that way. It's like, yeah. It's like when people like try to de-gender the term folks by spelling it, F-O-L-A-R. Yeah, exactly. Folks does not imply gender. Exactly. Why are we doing this? It's fine as it is. Yeah. Yeah, it's like adding an X to y'all. It's like, no, we're good. We're good. That one's good. No, no, no one's done that. They will now. They will now. Let's make that be an R-Fan's thing. Yeah. All right, everybody. Go to hell. I love you. See you there. Behind the bastards is a production of Cool Zone Media. From more from Cool Zone Media, visit our website Or check us out on the I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcast. Thrills, chills, and laughs are bigger when you save with undercover tourists. Enjoy the most fun you'll have all summer and save up to $166 per ticket to Universal Orlando Resort. Plus, save up to $82 per ticket for Walt Disney World. 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