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Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting. New episodes every Thursday.

unpopular opinions

unpopular opinions

Thu, 04 Feb 2021 22:12

You have unpopular opinions, and Emma has responses to all of them. Everything from marriage and relationships, school and formal education, if TikTokers are actually talented, and is sex overrated? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Listen, I've been thinking. I have been touching on a lot of deep and dark ******* topics on this podcast. I just love to go there. I love to go emo mode. I love to go dark mode. I don't know why that is, but I do. I like to. Have a therapy session with you guys, but to be honest. I think we need to lighten it up a little bit, at least for a little bit. You know what I mean? Trust me, we're going to go back into the deep stuff at some point. But I don't know, I feel like we need a little break and so. I thought it'd be kind of fun. To have you guys send me your unpopular opinions about things. And then I'm going to react to them. So I'm going to say I agree, I disagree, and see where it goes. Because I think it's interesting to see what people around the world think about different things, and I think it can be kind of mind opening. To hear peoples unpopular opinions or even just opinions in general. So I'm really excited. Nothing really has happened to me the last few days that's like, worthy of talking about. I mean, OK, what have I done? I've been. Going on walks a little bit here and there. Boring. I'm still cooking boring like. We might as well just jump straight into this episode because I have no life update and I wish I did. I wish I did. I wish there was something interesting that happened. The most interesting thing that's happened is that it's been like 45 degrees in LA. For the past five days and it's like so confusing because I'm like, why is it so cold? And why am I kind of vibing with it, you know? I don't hate it. It also snowed in Malibu, CA, and I don't think that that's normal. So I don't know what type of sorcery that is, but that's kind of cool. It never snows in Southern California, I don't think. Like, I really don't think that ever happened, so I couldn't believe it. That's it. That's all I got for you with my personal life. So let's get into your guys's unpopular opinions. And see my thoughts. I'm really excited. It's almost like we're having a conversation a little bit. But before I start, I do think that we need to have a sip of coffee. So. Hmm. I was trying to think of unpopular opinions on my own, and I realized that I actually have. Zero opinions right now. Like I feel so numb about everything in life that I needed you guys to kind of help me. And you did. You guys were amazing. If you want to tweet at me and be part of the episode moving forward, the Twitter is at AG podcast. So follow it. Don't. Whatever. Twitter's a ****** platform anyway, so. I don't blame you if you don't want to be on there, but anyway, let's get into it. OK. The first one is good. Grades don't mean anything. OK, this is interesting to me because although I think that good grades. Are not by any means a reflection of somebody's intelligence. I also don't think that they don't mean anything because I think for some people. Good grades do show hard work because for some people. They work really hard for the grades that they have and and I think it would be unfair to say that that doesn't mean anything, but I think for some people good grades are not a reflection of their intelligence. By any means, and I think good grades. You know, some people are just super naturally good at school. They get good grades and. Maybe that means less than the Super hard working student that like busts their *** to get good grades versus the naturally, you know school minded person. So I don't think that it means nothing. I think it's very situational. And it's very based on the person, because for somebody who works really hard and busts their *** I do think that that means something. But for the people where school just doesn't click with their brain at all, then yeah, I don't think it means anything because it's like, well, you know, some people could do their absolute best at school. And they're never going to get good grades because that's just not how their brain functions. Their brain just doesn't function in the school way. And that's. Normal too, so I think it just depends. Next, somebody said peanut butter is bad. This offended me and I normally wouldn't have included this because it's so mundane, but. I think peanut butter is one of the best foods on the planet, but here's my unpopular opinion that stems from your unpopular opinion. I think that. Umm. Mainstream brand peanut butter is not good. For example, Skippy, Jiffy, Jif, whatever the ****. I think that those peanut butters are bad. I don't think that they're good. The texture is like. Not great. It just doesn't taste like peanuts. It's like. Kind of weirdly bland in a way. Not good. All natural peanut butter. The type that you have to mix up because it has oil separation on the top, that **** hits. And I'm not, I don't know why that is. It just is so ******* good. Like that **** is crazy good. So much flavor, so delicious. But like mainstream brand peanut butters? Not for me. And listen, I'm open minded, like if maybe there's one out there that I'm not trying, sure, but all natural peanut butter hits different. And if you don't like peanut butter, try an all natural peanut butter and then come talk to me. Somebody said that body count shouldn't matter to your partner. I agree with this. I totally understand that sometimes it can be upsetting if you're dating somebody and you're like, wow. You know, let's say 20 other people. Have kissed them. The way I just did. ****. You know, it's not the best feeling, I get it. But it's also like, what do you expect? I try to look at relationships as whatever happened before we met. Is kind of none of my business, unless they're like a murderer, but like when it comes to their past relationships, when it comes to how many people they've slept with. I'm like, listen. People change and evolve. Every day. And they're with me now and. There's nothing I can do about the past. They as long as somebody's treating you well and is a good, significant other and is loyal, who cares what their past relationships have looked like? You know? It's all learning. I've done some **** ****. I've done some embarrassing **** I would hope. That, you know in the dating world, right? And I would hope that, you know, if I was in a new relationship, I wouldn't be judged for those things because I'm aware that those things are embarrassing now. I'm aware of the mistakes I've made. I'm aware of the, you know, areas of weakness I know now. So I would hope that I wouldn't be too heavily judged for those things, because, number one, it doesn't harm my significant other at all. And also. Like? I've grown from those things. I'm a product of those experiences. I'm the way I am in relationships now because of those experiences. I don't think I would appreciate, you know, a good, healthy relationship without the ****** ** things that I've done. Not even ****** **. They're not. They're literally not ****** ** like, completely normal. But of course, to me, I think that they're ****** ** because it's like, that's how we work, but like, I wouldn't be who I was without every experience with a guy. Before so like whoever I'm dating in the present moment. Is dating a product of all of those experiences in addition to life experiences that are unrelated? But you see what I'm saying? I don't think that body count should matter to your partner because that. Is not what it's about. It's about who you are in that relationship in the present moment. And I would personally never judge a partner for how many people they slept with if they slept with 200 people. But they were a really loyal good. Boyfriend to me. I would be fine with it as long as like, you know, those actions don't affect, you know, it's like. If they're like, you know, somebody who's slept with 200 people, you might be like, Oh well, are they gonna cheat on me? As long as they don't, then who gives a **** but somebody who has a body count of 1? Body count? How many people you've been with? Somebody with. That's literally. Slept with one person could still cheat on you. You see what I'm saying? It's about who they are in the present moment with you. God bless. Somebody said I don't understand the hype around chocolate. Like it's good and stuff but I never crave it. I totally get this. I feel the same way and it's so weird cause I crave like. The weirdest ****. I don't crave chocolate ever and I love it. I do love it. Like when it's in something. Holy **** I'm excited. But like, I never go out of my way to get chocolate, whereas, like I crave cheese. Like I'll crave cheese or I'll crave like. Like cheese and crackers? Are you kidding me? That ***** crazy goods. Like, I'll crave that. Or I'll crave like hummus randomly. Like I'll just want to eat a whole tub of hummus. Like I crave the weirdest ****. Or. I'll crave like cornbread. Or. Thai food, like, it's so random. Like, I never I tend to crave savory stuff. I don't really tend to crave desserts. Or like potatoes. Holy **** I'll create potatoes all day long. But yeah, not chocolate for me either. So I agree with that on popular opinion. OK, next. Somebody said PDA's. Gross. And I don't care what it is. OK. I slightly disagree with this because I honestly think it can be kind of charming to see a couple holding hands or even have like an arm around one another in public. I can can be charmed by that. I have not always felt that way. When I was younger I was just like, **** everybody. I don't like love, I don't want to see it. **** it. Even when I was in a relationship, I would still be like, no, this ****** nasty. But. As I'm growing older, I'm starting to realize how really beautiful it is that you know. Two people can love each other. And I've grown to appreciate it even when it's not involving me, right? And so I think some respectful and, you know, innocent PDA never hurt anybody. Like a little arm around the shoulder, a little grab on the waist. Like, that's cute to me. Like when I see that, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I like it. Almost in a selfish way. Because I'm like, oh, I wish that was me. Or like, not even like I wish that was me, but like, Oh my God, but if that was me, ah, like that would be so cute if that was me. You know, it's weird, but I like appreciate it. And I'm like, wow, that's sweet to see. Like a couple that loves each other even though they could ******* deep down hate each other. God only knows, but still. It's a fun little fantasy to live in, but I do not like when people are like making out in public. That's so gross to me and so unnecessary. I think a little Peck here and there. Never heard anybody. That doesn't bug me. Like if you're at the airport and you see a couple Peck. Before like 1 member of the couple leaves like love, like, I think that's cute. Any like *** grabbing? I don't **** with that. I just think that's so unnecessary. It also makes me uncomfortable. It's also not cute and innocent, and it kind of ruins my fantasy. Of like, you know, Oh my God, love is so innocent and beautiful. In life it's like for some reason. In ask crab in public, I'm like just save it. There's something so fun about, like, innocent PDA. It's like, just save it, *** **** it. So I I'm, I'm 5050 on that one with you. OK, but Speaking of PDA, let's discuss Macy's, Valentine's Day shopping and gifting, OK, Macy's is something for literally everybody. OK. And listen, I don't know. Valentine's Day is hard buying things for your significant others, the hardest thing on the planet. You know, you can go to Macy's and find something like, that's why I love it, because there's everything they have. So many brands, so many different types of products. You really can't go wrong and you can buy yourself a little cute lingerie said if you want. Whether you want to shop for the latest fashion trends, get the perfect gift for literally any occasion. Whatever you need, you can find it at Macy's. I hate Valentine's Day, but I you know, this is my first year where I might actually have a Valentine. Everybody shut the **** **. Everybody showed up about it. I know, it's crazy. But. I need to get them something, OK? And I don't know how to shop for boys. It's very hard, but I feel like I couldn't go wrong at Macy's. I feel like I could get. I'm thinking like a good Ralph Lauren sweater. Like, that's perfect, right? Like, you can't go wrong. He's gonna wear it. Easy. I also need to get Valentine's Day gifts for my friends. Maybe some cute slippers and like a cute robe for both of them. Maybe a cute little Calvin Klein Braun underwear set for them so that they can surprise their Valentine's. Something fun. If you need a little Valentine's Day holiday gift guide, here I am. I'm going to help you. Let's say you want to get something for your parents. I know that that's kind of not traditional, but maybe they're your only Valentine. Macy's has an amazing jewelry section. Get your mom some jewelry. They also have an amazing home section. Get your mom new towels, maybe a new coffee machine. Maybe a new knife set moms love that stuff. As for your dad, you know your dad needs a new button up shirt. He's been wearing the same one for 20 years. Help the man out. Get him a new button up shirt. They have all the brands OK, like you can't go wrong. And it's affordable, like you can find affordable options, more high end options. Macy's has everything for every price range, so you can kind of. Decide while you're on the site. Let's say you want to get something for. Your class at school? Like you want to get a little Valentine's Day gift for all the people in your class. Maybe you get them all little fun socks that have hearts on them. Let's say you're completely stumped. When it comes to your girlfriend. I swear to God. Get her jewelry. Personally, I love getting jewelry as a gift. I mean, everybody likes getting jewelry. Macy's jewelry is fire like, they have so many options. OK, you cannot go wrong. There's it's not like you even have to go in with an idea. Like just scroll through the jewelry page. You'll find something. And again, wide range of price ranges. OK, if you're like, I only can spend 50 on the girlfriend, but I want to make it look nice. I wanna make it seem heartfelt. They have great jewelry. And if you're shopping for your boyfriend, get them socks, OK, they're socks, probably. Like, I don't know, I don't think I've ever dated a guy and them not just have a bunch of holes in their socks. Especially when you start to date older. Like when you're older and their moms can't buy them socks anymore. It's crazy how every single sock that they own has a hole in it. O. If you have a boyfriend, get them socks. Macy's has lots of socks. But Macy's also has amazing things for yourself. I added a bunch of clothes to my shopping list from Macy's. A lot of basics. I mean, they have great socks, great underwear, great bras. Amazing sweaters. Like they're super cute, like Ralph Lauren sweaters. I'm a big Calvin Klein undie gal, so that's been great. I also just got into cooking and they have a lot of cooking utensils. I mean I am eyeing some cast iron type of pans. I feel like that could be exciting. Might. Need to get those at some point so I can elevate my cooking game. Also, I possibly want to buy some new knives because knives are very important for making good cuts. It you'd be shocked at how important it is when you're cooking. I was actually shocked at how many things that they have and how many different genres of products they have. It's very impressive and it's a great one. Stop shop for yourself and for others. Make sure you guys go and check out our complete shopping guide and more. At you can find the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Shop around for anything else that you could possibly want. They have it all. Thank you Macy's for sponsoring this episode of Anything goes. I love you guys and I'm very impressed by your wide selection of ******* everything. Somebody said I don't get the hype around the air pods. I disagree. I think Airpods are amazing. We actually they said air pods Max are those are the new air pods. Airpods Max. Oh wait, I haven't seen these. The Airpods Max. What is this? Are these headphones? Holy **** Apple came out with headphones. Wait, now I want to try these. Oh wait, but they are $600.00 so. Randomly, I'm no longer interested. It's a lot for headphones. Wow, that's interesting. So I guess Apple came out with a full headphone set that has like the full. You know, shebang. Like it's not just little earbuds. But why are they calling them air pods? I feel like Pod insinuates an earbud, so the fact that they're. Labelling their full headphone set as Airpods Max, to me, is just confusing. But whatever. They definitely know more about marketing than I do, so I don't know why I'm even talking. I don't know. I don't know anything about the Airpods Max. I didn't even know that they came out, but I I can say I'm a huge fan of air pods. Like huge fan, I am obsessed with them. The new ones are noise cancelling and when I go on my runs it's amazing. It feels like the world around me is silent. I love it. I'm a huge air pod gal because I like to listen to podcasts and music when I'm like doing stuff around the house, and sometimes it's just nice to wear air pods. Also, from on the phone I can like leave my phone down and like go walk around and talk like air pods. I used to think that they were overrated, but then. I really got into him the last few months because I got a new pair and I stopped using the ones with the wire and I was like kind of a game changer also if I'm going on a run or something. The wire is not bouncing around in **** I mean. Wireless headphones in general are kind of a dream, so I'm into it anyway. But maybe I'll try the Airpods Max, but I just don't think that $600.00 for headphones is worth it to me. Like, that's just my opinion. I don't have a reason. I'm not a ******* music producer. I don't need $600.00 headphones, so. That's not really something to put my money towards, but if I do end up weirdly having some sort of. Crazy Shopaholic episode and I like for some reason decided to buy them which probably won't happen. I will let you know somebody said college is not necessary to being successful. OK, so this is really controversial right because? I think it depends. If you want to be successful as a teacher, as a professor. If you want to be successful as a doctor, as a nurse, as a dentist, as a orthodontist, as. A scientist. As an engineer, there are certain jobs that, yes, you need to go to college to be successful in those areas. Why? Because there's so much knowledge that you need to have. To be able to safely do these jobs, you don't want somebody who didn't learn about engineering engineering a car, right? Because that ****** scary. You wouldn't want to drive that car. I'm sorry I didn't go to college to learn about. Engineering. So yeah, you bet your bottom dollar. I'm not gonna be ******* building a rocket ship anytime soon. Or ever. Unless I decide to go to college for 10 years. For that, you see what I'm saying? There are certain things that for the well-being of mankind. College is necessary and. If you want to be successful in certain areas, you you may need to go to college for that. If you do want to be a successful doctor, you do need to go to college. You get what I'm saying, but to be generally successful. Or to be even just successful in your own eyes, I I do not think you need to go to college now at all. It just depends on what success is for you if success for you is to be. You know. An entrepreneur and you want to make your own business? You may not need to go to college for that. At all, you could totally self teach yourself how to do that. But if your idea of success is, you know, being a doctor, yeah, you're going to need to go to college. So do you see what I'm saying? It's so depends. But. Don't get me wrong, you can. Absolutely. Be successful without college 1000%. 10,000%. It's all about what success is to you. What that looks like to you and. That's the end of it. We're in an age where you can do whatever you want. It it's it's never been easier to. Find a job that doesn't require college. But that's not to say that. It's bad if you want to go to college and you want to get a job from that. You know what I'm saying? Or you want to go to college to learn more about certain things so that you can be more well-rounded in certain areas. To get a certain job like it's college is not necessarily the devil, but. In my opinion, and this is all in my opinion, but I think it's just all so situational, but I do think that it's not necessary. All the time. But sometimes it is. It just depends on you. So you are the judge of that and nobody else is. Nobody else. Has a saying that but you that is completely up to you and that is your own personal goal. In your own personal view on. Everything you know, like job, money, whatever that means for you. It's all based on you. And remember, success is very abstract. There's no. Specific definition of it. It's very abstract. OK, next, somebody said school is so pointless. Most of what we learn will never be used in the real world and it just causes more stress. OK, I have a very interesting. Perspective on this and I and I'd love to hear you know your guys's opinions on this, so feel free to tweet at me so I only went to school for. What I mean 13 years, so I. Graduated early junior year. Of high school and. So. I basically stopped at a high school education. That was where I I stopped. I didn't go to college. Whatever. I think that school, for me personally, was fully useful and necessary until about the end of freshman year, and here's why. I think that going to school was important for those development years, right? The years where I'm developing the most, kindergarten through. 15 or so. It's important because it helps you develop your social skills. It's important because it gives you life experience with so many different types of people. It's important because it teaches you how to learn. Sometimes you learn things at school that aren't. Maybe going to benefit you in your life. I don't ever use long division. Actually I do. I actually do weirdly. Like what? Like, you know, at like a restaurant or something and I'm calculating something I don't know, but like. There's a lot of things you learn at school that will never. Really be important. But at the same time. It's important to know how to learn. Do you know what I'm saying? And going to school and having to learn about a bunch of different things, some being vital to being a human and like, you know, some being very important, like. How to read or math like those are things that are amazing. Like we need to know how to do those things for day-to-day life. They make our life easier. They. Are important. Even understanding certain things about science can be important. Like, yes. There's a lot of things about that we learn in school that are very necessary. But there are some things that we learn that are a little bit less necessary, but those things. Teach us how to learn about things. And. Are not necessarily terrible things to know when it gets out of control. I would say is in high school because. In high school, you're approaching adulthood. And that's when important topics start to get neglected. I don't think you need to learn about taxes in fifth grade. I just don't. But when you're a junior in high school, it's not a bad idea to start planning those seeds and start. You know, learning about that ****. I think that schools. Should implement absolutely more of that stuff into the curriculum instead of, you know. Making kids take crazy science classes that they're never gonna use, like. I know I'm never going to use anything I learned in chemistry. It was virtually a pointless class, at least for me. Like, I don't feel like I'm ever gonna learn anything I I like. It was all so abstract that it it wasn't really useful, no. That's unnecessary to me. Whereas like my 8th grade English Class, I learned so much from that class I learned how to analyze like you know. Bodies of writing in ways that, like, you know, I still feel like are useful to me now and stuff like that, but like my chemistry class wasn't important. That chemistry class could have easily been replaced by a class that teaches you about taxes or about. Money management, and I think that that would have been more useful for me long term 1000%. So I I don't think that school is pointless because I think that. It teaches you obviously basic knowledge that you need to know. And it also teaches you how to learn, which is so important. It teaches you how to stay disciplined, which is so important. It teaches you. Work ethic in your own way. But I think at a certain point it does get out of control and you know, the workload is too much and it's part of a lot of it is pointless at a certain point, especially in high school and maybe even college. And. That's my view, so I think it is important and I don't think it should be like completely disregarded. But I think it just needs to be restructured. That's just my opinion, OK? Anyway. Next somebody said take talkers Can't Sing. I don't necessarily think this one is true. I've heard some tick talkers saying and I've been genuinely impressed. Some, I think maybe aren't natural born singers or natural born musicians, and they just kind of, you know, want to do it because they want to do it, whatever, you know? But I've heard some that can truly sing, and it's actually interesting. I I. Decided to talk about this one because I think that there's a. Interesting. Conversation to have about this topic in general and it's social media influencers, tick talkers, Youtubers, whatever. Maybe going in different directions with their career that maybe don't fit. Just because they feel lost and I've seen this so many times. A lot of. Youtubers. Take talkers, blah blah. Well, feel like being just an influencer as a dead end, and they're like, I need to do something else so that I can keep this going. And they might try to do music, they might try to become an actor, they might try to. Have a Netflix show? I don't ******* know. But like they'll try to go a direction that they think will give them career longevity, even if it's not necessarily something that's from their heart. Like for example, with music, my dad makes music, I know how he makes, like he writes music, he plays instruments, he makes songs. He was in a band when he was like in his 20s, whatever. Like he's very into music. And so because of that, I've like seen that my whole life and I see how passionate he truly is about music. Not to mention I have many musician friends and people in my life that make music too and are involved in that industry and that **** when it's your passion and that's your die hard passion. It is so emotional. It's so ******* like draining. It's so hard. It's so scary. It's so intimidating. It would be a *******. Crazy, you know industry to be a part of and I think a lot of. And that's when like you are in it like you're writing the music or you know you're. A natural born singer. And so you're like not using a lot of auto-tune, like if you're in it because that's your passion, it's not easy. And and so I think it's crazy. That a lot of you know people will kind of join the music industry. But like, they don't necessarily have a passion for it, and I don't think that that's wrong. I just think it's fascinating. It's fascinating to see, you know, the different. Approaches to it, like there's the really heartfelt, their whole lives are music type of musicians and then there are the people that are like, OK, well, I need to. Do something I don't know what to do next. Maybe I do this even though I'm not necessarily gonna write my own music. I'm not gonna produce my own music. You know? It's interesting. It's interesting. But I I also don't think it's fair to take away from an influencer that. Maybe became an influencer, but has always had a passion for music. I don't think that that's impossible either. Yes, there are some that just do it as maybe even a cash grab or just it just. They don't know what else to do. And. You know, there's other people that can kind of make the music forum, so why not, right? But there probably are some influencers out there that genuinely like write their own music, are great singers and are passionate about it and blah blah blah. So I think it just totally depends and I don't think, you know. It. I don't think all tick talkers are just doing it as like a money grab, cash grab, but I do think some might be. And that's OK. Do whatever you *******. Do whatever you gotta do. You know what I mean? It's like, **** I don't know, like if that's like. You live once, right? It's so it's like. Make it happen, you know, if if you don't want to write your own music, if you don't want to, you know, make your own music. Whatever. What are we gonna do, you know? You just gotta make ends meet at the end of the day, right? So I'm not judging either way. Somebody said milk is really good. No, I think milk tastes disgusting. And is gross. And that is my opinion. I have never been somebody who can just have a glass of milk with dinner. I think it's so gross. I do love me some almond milk. I love me some. Crazy alternative milks. I love that. I love experimenting with them. Love great, passionate about it, but. Not about regular milk. I think it's really gross. Somebody said tomatoes are good sometimes, but also gross. I agree with this. I love tomato sauce. I love. I actually love ketchup. I love tomato soup. But if I'm eating a sandwich and there is a sliced up tomato on it, I will pick the tomatoes off without fail. They're soggy. They taste like ****. And that's the end of it, like tomatoes need seasoning. The only exception with like a full raw tomato is I will eat cherry tomatoes in a Greek salad. That's it. And I don't know why, but that doesn't bother me. I do love cherry tomatoes, and I love like. Tomato basil flavoured like crackers. Like delish. Count me in like I love that. It's just. Raw tomato on a ******* sandwich. Or raw tomato just. Floating on top of a pizza, I'm just like, shut up, no so. Next, somebody said Uggs and Crocs are actually not ugly and are fun and comfy to wear. I agree, The thing is. Comfort is like #1 most important thing. If you're comfortable and you feel good, who gives a ****? I also think like stuff like Crocs and Uggs like. They may be kind of ugly in their own way, but that's why they're fun. Like, that's the point. I'm literally wearing Ugg boots right now because they're so comfortable and they're just, like, kind of fun. Like, it's fun that they're kind of ugly. Like, it's fun that they're kind of weird looking, you know what I mean? Like, I enjoy that. I like that with Crocs, too. Like, Crocs are kind of quirky looking. And that's what's charming about them. Like, they're charming. It's like you know when you see a dog or like a hairless cat. Or like, a dog that, like, is kind of ugly and its teeth are all, like, ****** **. It's it's like, weirdly charming and cute because it's kind of ugly. You love it because it's kind of ugly. Same thing with Uggs and Crocs, I agree. Somebody said. Unpopular opinion. Dating your friends exes is not normal. I agree. I don't think that that's OK like I think it's just a respect thing. I would never. Date one of my friends exes ever. I'm like trying to think, like, have I done that? No. I was like, **** wait, have I done that? No, I've never done that. I mean, obviously, like, let's say, you know, in LA it's like hard because everybody kind of knows each other. So there's a decent chance when you date somebody in LA that you're gonna know one of their exes. And. That's like inevitable. But I'm not gonna date one of my best friends exes. No, because that's just not. Respectful and. It's upsetting. I mean, I think there could be an exception if like the relationship was weird and like not super deep then sure, but. Nine times out of 10, that's just not healthy and not necessary. Clothes are one of the many ways that we express ourselves and we're constantly switching up our wardrobes. To reflect our interests and styles. But one thing that is a little bit more difficult to switch up is our glasses. Until now, because now with pair eyewear. You can have a different frame every day, OK? With pair eyewear, you start with a chic pair of glasses, right? That look great just by themselves, but they have a special secret. Which is that they have at little. Magnet inside so you can snap on. A cool frame on top of your existing glasses. I got the crystal clear Reese base frame which is just a really chic pair of all clear glasses. The frame is clear obviously the lenses are clear and I got a tortoise frame and a Plaid frame so I can now it. Basically I have 3 pairs of reading glasses now. There are so many options, iconic base shapes and then all sort of frames to go on top retro classic neon sparkle. You'll definitely find your vibe I also love. Buying from a brand that really, really cares and pair provides glasses to a child in need for every pair that you buy. Get glasses as ever, changing as you are with pear. Go to pair eyewear com Emma for 15% off your first purchase. That's 15% off at PAIR Somebody said Instagram is not good for society. I agree y'all I've been. Going through a weird phase and this happens to me like every few months where I just get obsessed with like. How people perceive me on Instagram, it's so bizarre. And like, I'll get super obsessed with like outfits and clothes and posting, and I'll start posting photos every day, and I'll get obsessed with how my feed looks and I'll be obsessed with like, what people would think if they clicked on a certain photo. And. It's less about like. You know what you guys think? Because I feel like we have fun together and it's like, I don't feel pressure to post for, you know, you guys who like, **** with me and like. You know, **** with my. Content and like come back and like wanna hang out with me and blah blah blah blah like I don't really feel pressure to. Maybe even impress you guys because I feel like you guys are on my team, right? You guys are on my team. We're all on the same team. We love each other. I feel that. So I don't feel the need to like impress for that as much. It's weirdly more people I know. Which is so bizarre because people I know. Like see me in person so. Me creating some sort of illusion online for them to see. Is. Not fooling anybody because they ******* see me in person. Like I'm not. I can't hide from them. But it's so weird because I started to get obsessed with, like, seeming cool on Instagram but yet on YouTube I'm like, I don't give a **** on my podcast, I don't give a ****. It's this weird **** **** on Instagram where it's so fun to, like, create this world. And The thing is, I'm not talking about, like, Photoshop Facetune. I don't do any of that ****. Like, unless, like, I need it one time, OK, one time I did face tune a let's just say my bikini. I was wearing a bikini and it was pulled up a little bit too high. And I just needed to face tune. A little bit of that. Like I've needed to phase two and like my leg hair out of my. I've done that once I did face. Did I do that? I think I did face 2IN my leg hair out of a photo and then I didn't end up posting it. I can't remember that was so long ago. But like, I've definitely like, but I'm never changing my body. I'm never like. You know, you know, like. It's always something where it's like, OK, I don't want people to see my ******* ***** ***. God, like. Call the police on me. You know what I'm saying? OK, whatever. Never anything harmful. But what I'm what I mean by illusion is like, you know, putting on cool outfits and doing my makeup cool so that people think I'm cool. And like being like aesthetic so that people think I have this cool aesthetic, like. It's weird. How? People really tie their identity to their Instagram and I'm totally guilty. It's like, I feel like people are going to think I'm cooler in real life. If I have a cooler Instagram. But that's only with people I actually know. It's not just for the general public. Long story short, I do not think Instagram is good for our society because I think a lot of people. Really work hard on making their Instagram cool. Because they want. To build that. Character in other people's heads and I'm fully guilty of this. I've been guilty of this since before I even had. Any sort of following. When I just had friends and family following me on Instagram, I would post cool Instagram photos so that people would start to think of me like that. In real life, and that would build my identity in their head. And it's super bizarre, but you know. Also, as long as you're not doing something harmful, I don't think it's a necessarily terrible thing like. I I I think a big part of it too, for me is like, I like to be creative with my office. I like to have fun with it. I like to post photos and like cool outfits that, you know, would hopefully inspire somebody. That's another huge part of it. But I think if I get too obsessed, then it starts to turn toxic and it starts to be like, oh, I want people that I know to think of me like this. Coffee break. But. Listen. It's all about balance with social media, but I do think Instagram's pretty ******. I mean it. It gets me like, if I'm going on it too much, I'm a mess. I mean, truly. Because it's all fake. It really is. It's like. It's it's a one. It's one good moment in time. It's really it's like an Instagram photo. It's like a snapshot of you. In your best moment. And that's really it. It's it's kind of a lie and and I think that that can be fun and inspiring, but I also think it can turn toxic really quick. It's just all about looking at it in the right way. Next, somebody said San Francisco is way more beautiful than LA. Yes, but also LA does have some beautiful areas. Maybe not LA, but Southern California in general. I mean like Malibu is ******* beautiful, Laguna Beach is beautiful. Both like beautiful beach towns. There's some amazing, like hikes in nature around LA that are super beautiful. I mean, even if you go to a high viewpoint in LA and you look out and see the city, I mean it's pretty. But San Francisco has a lot more nature. It, uh, you know, the Bay Area in general? Seems to feel a lot cleaner. San Francisco's kind of messy. It can. It can be a little messy. I mean, it's a city. What do you expect? But I do think San Francisco is prettier. But let's not take away from the fact that LA does have its pretty places, right? Like it's not all bad, but the city areas of LA are awful. Awful and gross and, like, just not cute at all. Whereas, like, I feel like all those San Francisco is a little dirty maybe. And it's like city, you know? OK, we're going to see some. We're going to see some **** on the ground. We're going to see some, like, water bottles filled with an unknown substance thrown all over. We're going to see trash bags. We're going to see it for sure. We're in a city. What do you expect? But. There's I think more beautiful architecture I've found in San Francisco, the actual city. And. Also, there's just a lot more nature in Northern California. I feel like a lot more. Green, you know? Whereas in LA it's like a lot more built up. I don't know. That's just my opinion. Somebody said emojis are fun and I use them a lot. I think emojis are so important, and here's why. Sometimes you need to. Reflect your tone and. Without emojis, it's virtually impossible to do that like. I need to know that somebody's not being sarcastic with me, and the only way that I can know that is if somebody's using emojis. Truly. I feel like emojis are super comforting too. Like it. It really helps you understand like the context. It's like if you say, have a good day and you don't send any emoji, there's no punctuation, no anything. You just say have a good day and you send that. That could seem kind of backhanded. It could almost be like, OK, have a good day, it it could almost seem like you're being short with them. Whereas if you say have a good day. Heart, heart. So much nicer. You can almost hear their tone being like, have a good day, love you, you know so. I'm a huge Stan. Of emojis. And some people think that they're ******* corny. I don't care. I think that they're so important. And I use them. Consistently. Somebody said showering at night is better than showering in the morning. I really think it depends. I used to be a huge night shower because I liked going to to bed with wet hair weirdly like felt good. Probably because my body temperature tends to lean towards the warm side. I tend to be warm. And sweaty more than I am. Like cold. And. So like going to bed with wet hair was kind of refreshing because it was like cold on my head and it was relaxing. So I used to like that also because I was not going to shower before school. **** no. It was also. It was I got to wake up later for school because my hair was already clean. I was already whatever. My hair was dry automatically. I didn't. It cut 20 minutes out of my morning routine, maybe even 40 minutes out of my morning routine. But now that I like have make my own schedule type of thing, I actually like morning showers better because. You're clean for the whole day. You can like get a workout in or get your sweaty activities in early in the day shower and then you have the rest of the day to kind of exist and you don't have to think about your hygiene again. It's kind of amazing. So depends anyway. Somebody said, I don't know if this is unpopular, but people need to stop attacking teenage girls for just existing. Like if you dress basic, it's bad, but if you dress differently, you're trying to not be like other girls. People just love having reasons to make fun of teenage girls. For sure, and I think it call me crazy, but I think it's a lot of the times girls hating other girls and girls being jealous of other girls and. That's not to say that like. You know, totally like, guys do the like, I mean, this is not like a it's not just women hating on other women. Trust me. And there's a lot of guys that are. You know, that will totally add to this, but I do think a lot of it stems from, you know, girls really are not as supportive to other girls as they should be. Being a girl is not easy. Being a human being in general is not easy. Let's take the gender out of it for a second. Being a human being is not easy. And finding your own unique identity is even harder, OK? As much as we're programmed to judge others, I do think that we should all make a conscious effort, and I have been working on this myself, to not judge other people for what they like and what they don't like and. You know, just like. And not thinking that things are basic and not thinking that things are bad for being basic. I mean, they made a whole episode or a pretty decent amount of an episode about that. On this. Podcast channel but. I think that we just need to accept people for what they are and like, not give a **** what other people are doing. Think about yourself. That's what I realized as I'm getting older. I'm like, who cares what other people are doing? It doesn't ******* affect me at all. So I'm just gonna mind my own business and guess what? I've been turned out to be a lot happier that way. My life is so much better that way when I'm not, you know, judging other people for what they're doing. I'm not like, ohh, like, you know, she's wearing a basic outfit. What does that even mean? And who does that help? That doesn't make me feel good about myself, and that doesn't make anybody else feel good. That's just negative. It's there's nothing that you can gain from it. But listen, if you're somebody who, you know, judges people for their style or judges people for whatever. Understand that, like, we're human. We're gonna do **** like that. It's impossible not to. Do that sometimes, but it's about making the conscious effort and being like, hey, OK, I'm doing this and like, maybe I should just. Focus on myself and channel that energy into. Finding out what my own ******* identity is instead of worrying about somebody else's, you know? I agree with this. Somebody said water tastes bad. I agree. I have a hard time drinking water without lemon in it, lime in it. Or it having a **** ton of ice in it to a point where it's so cold that I can't taste anything because my whole mouth is. You know, on the verge of hypothermia, you see what I'm saying? So I agree. I do not think water tastes good. Somebody said LA is overrated. I agree a little bit. Because especially right now, it's really crazy what's going on in LA, it's like. Everything. So you drive down like a Main St in, you know? The middle of LA, right? And where there used to be hundreds of stores, half of the stores are. Closed and up for lease. It's crazy and it's sad and like, weird and it just doesn't even feel like a city anymore. I also think that it's overrated, because I think that. Now that we have stuff with zoom and **** I'm like, do you really need to work in LA? To be in the industry that I'm in, I don't know. That's something I'm starting to wonder, cause I'm like, it wouldn't make a difference if I lived in. Texas or Florida or? Vermont or New Hampshire? Would it make that much of a difference? I don't know. And maybe, you know, maybe once COVID is over it because it's nice. It's like if I have a photo shoot or something, everything's always in LA, so it's easier. It's easier for that reason. If it's for work, I think LA is not overrated because it's just necessary. It's like the Mecca for. Certain jobs, you know, but if. If you don't need to live here for work, I don't know. I don't know. It might be overrated. Like I think you could move somewhere else if if you don't need to live here for work. I do think it's overrated because I think it's not that great. Although there are some areas in Southern California that are great. I'm just more talking about La La, like the city, the nitty gritty of it, you know? Somebody said Snapchat sucks and is so ******* boring. I. Kind of forgot about Snapchat, and I definitely kind of agree. Umm. It is kind of ******. Like it's not great. I think that, like the whole concept of Snapchat streaks can be really toxic because you can just be so shady with that ****. I think that like. The story element is kind of like overrun because. Instagram has stories now, and so people just kind of use that. Yeah, I wonder about the future of Snapchat. I haven't used it in a long time. I think I might have even deleted the app off my phone, but. I don't know. I I it. It gives me bad vibes. So I. I used to love it. I totally used to love it. But now I'm just kind of like. I don't know. So I get it. I think it is kind of, it is kind of sucky, but I mean not to say that they won't turn it around, you know, who knows? I have some friends and family members who wear contacts, and honestly, I can't imagine how much of a pain it must be to always have to go to the eye doctor, go in for unnecessary tests. When you know that your prescription hasn't changed. It's so time-consuming and so stressful. I truly can't imagine one 800 contacts has been making people's lives so much easier and delivering contact lenses for 27 years. They make getting contacts super fast and easy. Even if you have a really strong prescription, all you have to do is order the same contacts you would get from your doctor. Just look on the side of your contacts box for that info. You can order online, over the phone, or with their app, and they ship them fast and free to your home. You can even renew your prescription. Online using their express exam and there are so many benefits to going through. One 800 contacts. They guarantee if you find your contacts at a lower price elsewhere, they'll beat it. 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Who are the celebrities going to be in the history books? I don't know. I think that. There may not be a difference. I mean, if you think about it, tick talkers have. More followers than anyone else right now. So. And what is the definition of a celebrity being famous? You know, be being followed by a lot of people. So it's like, although they may not fit the mold. Because it's so new and different, it it still kind of is celebrity. It's just such a different form of it. It's so interesting because it's like in the past it was so much more structured. Who was famous. It was like the movie industry, the music industry. Well, I should have said the film industry, the film industry, the music industry. All of that would kind of choose who became famous, whereas now it's literally just based on. A combination of luck and having a free app on your phone. And also, like, you know, being talented too. Don't get me wrong. Like, you know, it's not all just luck, but I mean, it kind of is though, too. In a way. It's like if the algorithm didn't pick up your video and give spread it to a lot of people that one day, who knows? And I think about that for myself too, because it was, it's like I didn't, you know, the the Internet. Chose to, you know. Give me the platform that I have. Not. A movie director not? A music label. A record label. Music label. Lord help me. A record label? Didn't you know what I'm saying? It's like. But even with like musicians and actors, you know, depending on like, there's ways that you can that. You can actually succeed without a label or without, you know, maybe being in a mainstream movie. Like there's so many ways that you can, you know, build your platform by yourself. Not to say that there's anything wrong with, like, going the more mainstream route. I think that that's. If you have the opportunities, ******* send it. But you know what I'm saying? Like. Celebrity is so different now because it's so much more accessible to just about anybody. And that's gonna be interesting to see, you know what happens. Somebody said sex is overrated. I don't talk about sex on this podcast because I. I am so young and such a baby and I'm not allowed to talk about inappropriate things, but I think it's weird because. Sorry, I'm going on a tangent. I'm going off. Topic here. It's so interesting because I'm 19, OK, and I've been on the Internet since I was 16 and. I weirdly feel this. Like? Discomfort when it comes to talking about more mature topics like sex or like alcohol, drugs, whatever, because I'm like, wait. Everybody knows me as a 16 year old. I feel like still weirdly sometimes that I am that 16 year old that started my channel three years ago, four years ago, whatever. And so I feel like. OK, wait, can I talk about these things? I almost feel like it's going to make people uncomfortable because I think people don't associate me with, like, those things. But as I'm getting older, I'm like, wait, I want to be real with you guys about everything, and I'm getting older, you know? And so, like, these are things that I want to start talking about more and like, I want to kind of break that boundary and break through that wall because it's it's almost weird that I don't talk about that **** because it's like, I'm a 19 year old, I'm almost 20, you know? Like. I'm not a baby anymore, right? And so. I. Want to start getting into this stuff as I'm getting older and start talking about more mature stuff because. There's no reason for me to stay, you know, talking about 16 year old topics, it's just like, not. Necessary, like we're all growing up. But also, if you're like 13 and you're listening to this, just skip ahead. Avoid thinking about sex for as long as possible anyway. I don't think that it's overrated. I think that. I I think I get what you're saying, though. At the same time, like, I don't think it's overrated because I think if you love somebody and you know, it can be such an amazing thing. Or if you just like. Think somebody's attractive and you wanna do it? Like **** it, right? I mean, I don't think that. I think that's great if it if you enjoy doing it and it's fun. And you're being safe. I don't think it's overrated, but I can see what you're saying. About sex being overrated, because I think that. As a society and on the Internet. Everything is very sexual. A lot of music is super sexual. A lot of like, you know? Viral tick tocks tend to be kind of sexual and provocative and, you know, even just like. Casual dating and just like having sex with a lot of people is really popular and all of those things, right? It it sometimes. Can make. It can kind of take away the spark. Of. It it can kind of take away the spark of sex. Do you know what I'm saying? And? It's because in a way. It's exploited. And listen, I'm not trying to be some sort of ******* old fashioned. Like, Ohh, you know, sex is only meant for two people. Like, no, I'm not like, no, I I totally get it. Like, but I also can see what you mean by saying this is overrated because it's like. So much of the media and. The way that we date now in our generation that's so casual and so like non committal can sometimes make sex lose its meaning. And I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that necessarily, but I can see what you're saying by calling it overrated. That's just my perspective. I think that. If you if you're worried about that. If you're worried about the fact that you feel that way about it. You know, just. In a way, cut back on that. Like stop focusing so much on sexual things, whether that's with your partner or on the Internet. Like whatever it is if you want to fix your relationship. With it. You just. It's just taking a few simple steps to, you know. Maybe fixate a little bit less on it and and things in that. Realm. Somebody said relationships and marriage are stupid and pointless. I disagree. And. Here's why. Do I think that like relationships, marriage, blah blah blah are necessary for everybody and are even positive for everybody? No, I do not. But do I think that as a whole they're stupid and pointless? No, because I'm somebody that's more of a relationship minded person. I like to have one person that's my best friend, ideally, that I think is cute and that. I I choose as my person, you know what I mean? And I like that and that also like obviously OK as a human being like you want to be. Romantic with with somebody, right? I have a really hard time. Like, just being romantic with a lot of people because I just feel weird about it. And that's just me personally. Again, no judgment to anybody who enjoys that blah blah. Like, I totally get it, but it's just, like, not maybe for me. Makes me uncomfortable. I like to have one person that I feel super safe with that I'm in love with that is like my partner. You know what I mean? I like that. That makes me feel good. And when I and being you know ever since experiencing a healthy relationship because I've been in a few relationships in my life and most of them weren't great and and that's totally fine and normal because. I'm 19, like, what the **** do I expect? But after experiencing a healthy relationship and seeing how much it can truly enhance my life, I I will never believe that. Relationships are pointless again because there's so much security and. Like unconditional love and a healthy relationship that you just don't get if you're not in one and. I also think that there's something really beautiful about building. A bond with one person. And and it's just something that I I do not think is is stupid and pointless, but at the same time. There are some people that just don't like being in relationships and it just doesn't work for them. And for those people, all power to you go crazy. Never date again. You know. I don't. That's none of my business, but I'm just saying that I know that there's other people out there like me that just want to have one person and just want to stick with that person for as long as the relationship. Is. Healthy, balanced and good, you know. I don't know. You also have to think about when you get older too. It's like. When I get older, like, I want to have a companion. And I don't know, I just. I. But I also am a very relationship minded person, so I just don't think that it's stupid and pointless. But I also think that, like you know, for some people it may be, and that's totally fine. Somebody said school is actually fun. You know what? This is funny because. Although I left school junior year and I didn't really miss it, I also. Can't acknowledge that school actually had very fun moments. Like, there was fun moments at the lunch table with everybody laughing. There were fun days at school when, like, you know, you didn't have a lot of homework. Or, you know, maybe you had a short day and you and all your friends would go and get lunch after school. Like, there's fun moments, you know for sure football games, you know, even school dances and like. Sneaking into the bathroom and talking **** about like it's fun. Not talking **** but like being like, Oh my God, did you see Jeremy's suit? He's wearing a baby blue suit. That is so Justin Timberlake. I can't believe it. Like she like that. Come on. It's so fun. Umm. But I also think that, like, you know, in a lot of schools, the workload and even the pressure is like, you know, *******. Life altering and awful and so, you know, sometimes it's not fun. It just totally depends. But I think school totally can be fun and don't take those moments for granted because I think I took a lot of fun moments in school for granted and was just so negative minded. But I have some really great memories. From going to school, as much as it was also a ******* nightmare. There were good memories and I would be a ***** to say that there wasn't. Somebody said not responding to people immediately doesn't mean that you're ignoring them 1000% like, sometimes I just don't have the mental energy to have a text conversation with somebody and I won't respond. Yeah, maybe I'm kind of ignoring them technically, but it's not. In a devious way. Sometimes I just leave my phone upstairs and go downstairs and cook something. Because I want to get off my phone. Somebody might text me while I'm cooking. I'm it might take me an hour and a half to cook something and I go back upstairs and I missed their text. It's not because I'm ignoring them. It's because I'm busy, like, but sometimes I also just don't want to ******* respond. And it's not personal. I just can't do it. I don't have the mental, mental strength to do it. And it doesn't mean I hate them. It doesn't mean I'm even ignoring them necessarily. I just don't have it in me in that moment. Somebody said being religious doesn't make you a good person necessarily. I agree with this. I think that there's nothing on this planet. That can define whether or not you are a good person. Except for your behavior. How do you behave on a day-to-day basis? What's in your heart? Actions speak louder than anything else. What are your actions say about you? Who cares what religion you are? What you *******? What you dress like, what you know? Declan is fight. Stop. You are so ******* annoying and dumb. Sorry, that was really mean, Declan. I'm sorry I did not mean that. You're so sweet and perfect. It it doesn't matter what religion you are. You know whether or not you went to college. What your favorite color is. I don't give a ****. What type of person are you to? Your friends, your family, strangers to yourself. That is what defines whether or not you're good person. Somebody could be. A *******. You know, like literally swear by. Certain Bible verses that are super positive but then, you know, go and cheat on their husband. It doesn't matter. It's about your behavior, it's about your actions. That's it. Nothing else matters. And that's why you should never judge somebody based on their religion or lack of religion or anything about them like that. Because it doesn't matter. There's a lot more to a person than that. Sorry. It's about what you do not about. What you preach, you know. Somebody said people should stop canceling. Everyone for anything, I agree and disagree. I think that sometimes it gets taken out of. Hand and it's sometimes it's blown out of proportion, sometimes there's like lack of information. Sometimes it's a rumor, sometimes. It's maybe not even somebody's being a bad person, but it's just somebody who made a mistake and maybe they just need. To be educated on something like nobody is perfect. Influencers especially are not perfect. Celebrities are not perfect. Everybody on this planet makes mistakes, and celebrities and influencers are no different. They make mistakes. I think when it's necessary is when someone is a genuinely bad person, OK? I get it then that makes sense. But I think that there's a lot of people that have, you know, have made mistakes. And dumb things that like, you know, maybe they didn't realize were harmful. And they genuinely are sorry, they genuinely apologize and they genuinely want to move forward and you know. They're following, educating them on, OK, This is why this is wrong. Taught them something. I think that's a great thing. I think that. Understanding though that, you know, everybody's human. Like we have to have a little bit of grace with one another, but also understanding that, yes, like it's I think that educating others on things that. You know, educating others on things that they may not know a lot about, and educating others on how to be. A more well-rounded good person never hurts, and I think that's a great thing, but I think that going straight to cancelling can sometimes be bad because it doesn't leave room for somebody to improve. But I also think that there are some exceptions where some people will do something. I mean, come on. Like some people will do some ****** ** **** that totally makes sense. I'm talking about something where somebody may have said something insensitive that they didn't realize would hurt somebody else. Or, you know, maybe when they were younger they didn't know, like they didn't know about the world yet. And so they may have said something that, you know, could hurt someone else's feelings or just be insensitive in general. But they didn't know cause they were younger. It it's all based on whether or not the person is a good person and whether or not they're actually going to change. Because I think a lot of people and most people in the public eye want to change. They're like, **** Oh my God, I had no idea. That that was harming other people. I am so ******. Like never again. I've learned so much from being on the Internet about how to be a better person and about so many different things I didn't know about because, you know, people have brought it to my attention and I'm super grateful for that. But what I'm not as grateful for is when there's no you know. When you know people start to say like, well, Emma, you're a ****** person. And it's like, no, no, no, I am doing my ******* best. I literally love and care about everybody. I don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings. I just, you know, I'm not perfect. I like sometimes I'm going, something's going to happen that might hurt somebody's feelings. It's inevitable in life. And at the end of the day, I know that. I just want to make everybody feel good and I want good vibes only. Like, that's it and I'm going to do my best to keep that the way that it is. Whatever. And I just hope that people, you know, would have a little bit more grace with it all. But I also think that in certain situations, you know, it's necessary. Totally, it's yeah, it just depends. Somebody said. My unpopular opinion is that real love still exists. So many people disagree with this, but I still have hope. I agree. I think real love totally does exist. I think that it does exist, but I think that what people don't understand is that it's not easy. Like being in love with somebody or truly loving somebody. And this is more like. I'm not talking much as much about family, because I feel like that's a weird, unique form of unconditional love. Whereas I'm talking about maybe love within relationships or even friendships, but more relationships. It's not easy, OK? It's not like a ******* smooth ride. There's going to be bumps in it. You're gonna have to overcome obstacles with this person. Like it's not easy. But I do think that real love can't exist. There's gonna be moments when it's it's not perfect. There's going to be moments when you're frustrated. There's going to be moments when you know you miss them. There's going to be moments when you feel like you're not good enough for them. There's going to be moments when you. You know, are scared because you're like, **** I'm putting my whole heart into this. Like, God, I'm scared. You know, there's gonna be some struggles within it, but to me, true, real love is just when at the end of the day, you are loyal to that person. And. You want the best for them and you put yourself not second, but you are willing to like. Meld your lives together in a way. And be selfless for one another. Not in a codependent way by any means, but in a way that's like. You're willing to make sacrifices for that person that you love, and you wouldn't do anything intentionally to harm them. Ever. Like when I'm in love with somebody, I will get, I will ******* get anxious. About the thought that I could accidentally do something wrong. That would hurt them. I'll say, you know, like, I would get anxious about things that I've said to them or jokes that I've made to them because I'm like, what is that, deep down, hurt their feelings? Even though I was totally kidding and it was an innocent joke, like what if that kind of hurt their feelings? Like you should be afraid of ever harming this person. Ever. I think real love still exists. But it's just know that it's not a smooth ride. Somebody said Tik T.O.K ruins songs. I agree and disagree. I think that sometimes. You can get sick of a song quicker because you hear it on Tik T.O.K all day long. But I also think that Tik T.O.K is cool in a way because I found some really good songs on Tik T.O.K. Some really talented artists have blown up from Tik T.O.K and I think that that's a great thing, you know what I mean? Like if an artist is talented. In their song blows up on Tik T.O.K. They probably deserve it. And that's great, like I think that. Any success for anybody who is talented is like great. So I don't think that it ruins songs, but I think that maybe you might get sick of a song sooner if you keep hearing it on Tik T.O.K, but I don't think it ruins it. I think it can sometimes make a song feel mainstream, but a good song is a good song, and even if it's quote UN quote mainstream, who gives a ****? A good song is a good song and you know, a talented artist being recognized as a talented artist being recognized. There's no need to gatekeep anything. It's hard sometimes. I, you know, I used to be somebody who was kind of a gatekeeper with music and with, you know, clothing brands and **** like that. But I've realized, you know what? Anybody who's creative and who is making cool stuff, whether it's a clothing designer or musician, deserves the recognition. Somebody said you don't need to hate your ex. Oh yeah, I totally agree. I think sometimes it's hard. Like, I don't feel like I hate. Well, it depends. I do hate some of my exes genuinely, like, genuinely hate. And then some I'm like, you know what? I actually hope that you're doing OK. Like, I I don't. You know, maybe some ***** happened in the past. It's not good. We might have hurt each other's feelings a few times, or she might not have worked out how we planned. We just weren't compatible, whatever the ******* reason may be. I do have X's where I'm like, you know what? I actually hope the best for you. I really don't hate you. I don't. If I saw you in public, like, I would not give you the cold shoulder like I. Hope you're doing well. I and I I love that. I I don't think that you need to hate your exes. I think it's so much more positive to send those people love and light and good energy. I think that there's nothing wrong with that, and I think it's so much healthier. And the less hate that you have in your heart, the better. But I'm not going to lie. I do have a few exes that I also hate. And I can't help it. I just despise them. I'm sorry. I don't know. I just. There's some that I ******* hate. What am I supposed to do? Turn it off? It doesn't go away. Some I just despise with every bone in my body. Whatever. And I'm trying to not hate them. I I've like. There's certain ones that for some reason just don't bug me, but then there's somewhere I'm like. I I do hate them and I wish I didn't. And maybe if I saw them again and, like Todd, a conversation, I'd get over it or something. But I kind of doubt it. There are certain people that I think you date them and you get to know them to a point where you're like, I cannot not despise you now because I know too much and now I hate you and you suck. But I think that that's a goal that we should all have is to not hate our exes. At the end of the day, for all of them, I do wish them the best. And I like always, you know, I I know I only want them to have success, whether it's in their career, life and relationships, blah, blah, blah. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna hate some of them, though. I mean, I'm not perfect, but I'm trying actively to not hate them. Like I will actively try. Until my deathbed to. Not hate them. Somebody said getting married young isn't a bad thing. I mean, I think, you know, I'm never going to judge somebody else's life decision because everybody is so ******* different and I'm so different from, you know, another 19 year old. In other 19 year olds, every 19 year old is so different. Every 25 year old is so different, every 30 year old is so different. And I think like getting married in your early 20s for some people totally makes sense. Some people are totally ready to like have a kid and have a family at like 22. And I've seen it and I've seen it be like great and super positive and I love that. So I think that's great, but I do think that. It's a little bit more risky because although there are definitely some people that are totally ready to get married young and that's just. Exactly what they need to do. Like there's some people are totally make sense, they have the maturity, they are ready to settle down and that's it. Totally get that. But I think that a lot of people forget that, like your brain is still developing. When you're young, you know, and your brain stops developing. I believe it's what, mid 20s? And so and so much changes every year when you're, you know, in these young adults. Ages like so much changes every year. Like me from 17 until now, fully different ******* person. Me now versus when I'm 25, I'm going to be fully a different person. And so that's why I think there's just no reason necessarily to rush marriage. Just. I kind of feel like why don't you just date? Until you're like. You know, maybe in your later 20s your brain's fully developed, your career and life is all settled, and then you just then you ******* get married. Not to mention, marriage is not even necessarily necessary anyway to have a full life partner. I mean, I don't know if it's necessarily necessary. I don't think it's a bad thing. I think it can actually be a good thing, but. I don't know. I think it's just, I think kids need to be a little bit more careful because. I've thought before in the most toxic of relationships that I was in a good relationship. OK? And I thought that I could have married those people. And that's because I was 171816 even. And. In retrospect, I'm like, holy **** imagine if I would have. Stayed in that how miserable my life would be. People are so quick to lock in a significant other young because they're like, I don't want to think about this anymore. But. If I would have liked gotten married at 18 to the person I was dating when I was 18. Not good. You know what I'm saying? Not good, it's not. That wasn't the person for me. And so. I just think you need to remember that your brain is still developing and that so much is going to change. And, you know, making a super permanent decision like that might not be right for you unless you're fully ready to start having a family, having kids, stuff like that. I just don't think it's necessary. All the time. I think it can be a good and bad thing. I think you just have to be really thoughtful. The younger you are, the more thoughtful I think you need to be about it. There's no need to ******* rush. You have your whole *** **** life, but also. I'm not going to judge if you want to get married at *******. 17 Actually, that's legal. OK, if you wanna get married at 18, I don't care. If you want to get married at 405070, I don't care. It's none of my business. That's just my. Damage control opinion. OK, the last one I'm going to do today because this episode went long. Look at us. The last one is. Diet culture is idiotic. Why can't we just encourage teaching nutrition instead of encouraging fad diets? I completely ******* agree. You took the words right out of my mouth. I think the diet culture and growing up in like the ******* heat of it, it felt like. Was so ******* toxic for me in my relationship for with food, whereas if I just would have been taught about the importance of. Feeding your body healthy, nutritious things so much more valuable and so much more healthy long term. Fad diets don't do anything positive for your body. It's damaging. And it's not something that's gonna change your life long term and make your life better, make your life ******* worse. Short term results. Learning about nutrition long term results. Anyway. I think that learning about nutrition is so much more important, and I think that. We should absolutely cancel diet culture because it's ****** ** and it's so bad for kids and children and, you know, developing minds and you know me being somebody that grew up seeing it on the Internet from a young age. Absolutely ****** ** my relationship with food to this day. And so that's why I have actually really, really tried. To learn more about nutrition and about that side of it and see how. That's where the healthy lifestyle comes in, not a ******* diet. A diet. Long term has damaging effects. Feeding your body nutritious foods will make you just live longer, be stronger and. Just overall, you know, have a healthier life. That's what should be taught. That's what should be mainstream. That's what should be sold. Not diet like I feel like diet culture is is a selling point, but it should be. Nutrition should be a selling point. This shade has. You know all these vitamins that are good for your skin and you're like, that's what should be helping **** sell like they should be? Putting stuff like little stickers on oranges that are like this is good for your eyes. Like **** like that. That's what should be selling, not ******* like. Oh, like low calorie, blah blah blah. That's not good. That's just not good. As if something being low calorie is necessarily making it healthy. It's not how that **** works. Don't even get me started. I get triggered about this stuff, but anyway. That's it for today's episode I. Need to go make myself my third cup of coffee of the day, but I really enjoyed this segment. I love this whole. You know, reacting to your unpopular opinions thing. I had so much fun. This was so fun. 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