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Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting. New episodes every Thursday.

pet peeves #3

pet peeves #3

Thu, 01 Sep 2022 07:01

today we're talking about pet peeves. i have done this a couple times on the show, where i talk about my pet peeves and just list them off. but it has been a while and i have a whole new list. i have so many more pet peeves...things that just piss me off, things that make me angry, things that have been bothering me and i am going to share them all today. why? there's literally no reason. there's no deeper meaning, no philosophical value, i just want to vent about what's been annoying me. maybe you guys will agree? maybe you will feel understood and related to. but that's what we're doing today. here we go. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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There's no deeper meaning, there's no philosophical value. There's really nothing here. I just get to vent about what's been ******* me off. Maybe you guys agree. Maybe you guys will feel. Understood. And related to, but that's what we're doing today. Here's some things that have been ******* me off. OK, #1. Number one is. Every time I'm in the shower and I'm shaving my legs, I really take my time to make sure that I'm getting every last little spot like I'm in the shower, staring at my legs, touching them, trying to make sure that I got every single last spot to avoid having a little rogue patch of hair. OK, I really take the time. But no matter how hard I try to get every last spot on my legs shaved. I always, I'm not kidding, always miss my ankle. I'm looking at my ankle right now. I I'm. Lifting it up, I missed an entire chunk of hair on my ankle. And the hairs on my ankle are not just pokey, you know what I mean? They're like. Insanely long. And the reason for that is is because I miss them every time. I always think about it. When I'm in the shower I'm like, oh, I'm going to find those and I'm gonna shave them. But for some reason when my leg hair is wet, like, I can't see it as well. So it's only when I'm out of the shower I'm all dry. And then I looked down and there's my ankle and it is just, there's a little patch on my ankle that's just not shaved. And I've just given up at this point because I feel like that little patch is just going to be there forever. I need to shave it. Maybe I'll shave it after I record this. I need to shave it when my hair is dry because I think the issue is that I can't. I clearly can't see them when I'm in the shower. For whatever reason, they're not visible to me. So I need to, like, go out of my way and shave them when my legs are dry. It's just. The moments when I see the ankle hair, I'm busy. Like, for example, right now I'm not gonna go pause recording, shave this little patch on my ankle and then come back. I'm not going to do that. I'm sitting, I'm comfortable. I'm not going to do it. I have a blanket wrapped around me. I'm not going to do it. I feel like. The moments that I realize that I have a little bit of ankle hair going on. I'm not in a place where I can shave it off. It really, really bothers me. So that's #1 pet peeve #2 is getting a haircut and not wearing. One of those haircut robe things that you wear when you get a haircut. I've gotten a few little trims recently. That were kind of spontaneous. Like maybe I was getting my hair down at a photo shoot and I was like, hey, can you just trim off the bottom of my hair? Like, just kind of clean it up on the bottom because I have a Bob right now, so it's like pretty easy to just touch it up, you know? But recently I've gotten a few haircuts, and I haven't worn one of those little robes because the haircut has been kind of spontaneous, right? Don't ever do this. Don't ever do this because in the moment you're like, ohh like, I don't. I don't want to put on a robe or you know what? What is it called? A smock. Is it like a hair? Not an apron? Oh my God, how? I'm looking up what they're called Salon robe. It's called a salon robe. You know, like, the, like, plasticky thing that they wrap around you when you get your haircut? OK, whatever. OK, Cape. It's called the Cape. OK, hair cutting Cape. OK, whatever. You get what I'm talking about in the heat of the moment if you're just getting a quick little trim. You might think, oh, I don't need to wear the Cape. I don't need to wear the robe. No, I don't. And then you have little pokey pieces of hair in your shirt for the rest of the day. I cannot handle that feeling. I'm very particular about things being itchy. Another one of my pet peeves that I've discussed way too much is itchy tags in clothing. Like when you have like an itchy tag in the back of your pants or in the back of your neck. I can't handle that it, like, literally. I will if I'm out in public and I'm wearing a shirt that has an itchy little tag, I will go to a store and buy a pair of scissors. To cut it out. I also have a pair of scissors in my car constantly just in case I need to cut A tag out. I mean, I also use the scissors for other things, but like, that's how serious it is for me. Yeah, getting a haircut and not wearing the Cape, you can't do that. Having the little hairs in your shirt, I cannot do that. And the other thing is the hairs will stick the hair sticks to your back like sticks on you. So even after you shower, like, sometimes it doesn't all come off. And the shirt that you wore when you got the haircut will literally have little tiny micro hairs. Permanently attached to your shirt for at least the next three washes. Like you'll wash the shirt and they'll still be some leftover that are like pokey and itchy. You have to wash that shirt at least three times. Like power wash? Before you get all the little hairs out. Can't handle it. Can't handle it. OK, next one. When my cats push things off my night stand. I talk about this all the time, but it is my biggest. It might be my biggest pet peeve every morning at around 4:00 in the morning, my cats specifically Declan. My little boy cat. He pushes. Things off my night stand. If I leave a glass of water on my nightstand, he will push it off and it will break and he doesn't care. He doesn't care. If there's water in it, he doesn't care. He doesn't care. In the last episode, I told the story about how. He pushed. A glass of water off of my night stand and it hit by coincidence, a bowl that I had on the ground because I had a bowl of cereal. The night before and I just put it on the ground. He pushed a glass of water off my night stand. It hit the bowl and both of them shattered so loud that the security system in my house thought that I was being robbed. Because. The glass breaking sound sounded like a window breaking, so my alarm system went off and I woke up thinking that I was being robbed and it was not good. So if you're thinking about getting cats, just know that that might happen to you. Another thing that they do to me when I'm sleeping, specifically at like 4:00 AM when they start to get hungry is. They try like my my specifically Declan tries to scratch my head like he he kind of tries to like. Pounce on my head. Yeah, listen, I love cats. They're really generally an easy animal. You just have to clean their litter box and feed them. But. When they're hungry, they will let you know, and it might be 4 in the morning, so just keep that in mind, OK? This next pet peeve is going to make me sound like a total brat, and I'm prepared for that, so you know. But just know that I'm self aware and I know that this makes me sound like a brat. But my next pet peeve? Is when I go to a cafe. And they don't have almond milk. Like maybe they just do regular milk. Whatever, that's less annoying. What really annoys me is when. A coffee shop makes the effort to have non dairy milks right? Like they have, you know, oat. They have, they have soy milk. But they don't have almond. I'm like, what's going on? Like, who drinks soy milk anymore? I grew up drinking so much soy milk because I grew up not drinking Dairy Milk and so I, I drink soy milk all the time. Listen, I know it's it's whatever, it's frothy. It froths up really nicely. You know, when you're making like a latte. I get it. I get why, you know, it's still to me. I don't know anyone who drinks soy milk anymore. I feel like it's not really a thing. Maybe it is. I just don't know anyone who drinks it. If you're going the, you know, extra mile to have non Dairy Milk and you're doing soy milk. And you're doing oatmilk. You gotta do almond because. I don't. I don't really like soy milk and I don't really like oat milk anymore. Also, oat milk hurts my stomach for some reason. Don't know why, don't know why, but it does. And I can't drink Dairy Milk because that would seriously hurt my stomach. So it's like I just wish the places who were going the extra mile to do the non Dairy Milk also did almond milk. I feel like it's the most versatile. Milk alternative? Even coconut milk. I I love coconut milk. I just can't when it's only oat milk in soy milk because they're my two least favorite non dairy milks. And a lot of places will just do those too. And they don't do almond. And I'm like, I just don't get it. I just don't get it. I don't get it. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense to me. I almost. I get less frustrated or disappointed when I go to a cafe and they only serve Dairy Milk, classic milk. Because I'm like you know what? You guys just don't want to do the non Dairy Milk thing. And I get it. But the places that do want to do the non Dairy Milk, I'm like come on almond milk, coconut milk, pistachio milk, hemp milk. Come on. Like there are so many options. Macadamia nut milk, all of those are amazing. Oat and soy milk are like my two least favorite non dairies. Come on. You know what I mean, OK, I don't know. I don't know that that was seriously, that's an embarrassing one. But it's just like it really something about it ****** me off because I go in there, I get excited. I'm like, ooh, you know, they have non Dairy Milk options and then I look closer and it's like the two that I can't stand. So whatever. OK, next, blankets that leave lint everywhere. I just bought. Some new blankets because like every two years or so I buy new blankets because my blankets get disgusting, because I wear my blankets around the house. I've done this since I was younger. I like walk around my house with a blanket. I'm constantly, I sleep on my bed with just a blanket. I sleep on top of my. Duvet and sheets and stuff and I just throw a blanket on top of me because why would I get under the covers? When I could just use a blanket, you know, so much easier. I just fold up the blanket every morning and my bed's already made. Lifehack. So I would actually consider myself a blanket connoisseur, because I'm very picky about my blankets, you know, like, they need to be really soft. They need to be kind of lightweight, not too heavy, but also not too thin. Where it's like, why am I even wearing a blanket? This is a sheet. You know, I usually buy the same blankets. I've been buying the same fluffy blankets from Urban Outfitters time and time again for years, but I decided to upgrade to a new brand of blanket. That has been raved about. Now I'm not going to tell you what they are, because I don't. Because I do like the blankets they just shed everywhere. But I do like them, but they shed so bad for like the first three washes they're shedding. I cannot handle it. Blankets or even sometimes fluffy. Please. Pieces of clothing like that are like, fuzzy. You know, that shed? Oh my God. It's like, here's my thing, OK? I get it. You know, fabrics shedding is like normal. But why doesn't the company Pre wash their product until it no longer sheds? Because the shedding is out of control. I got this new blanket. I'm like walking around the house with it. I'm like sitting down on the couch, sitting down on my bed, walking around, whatever. And next thing I know I have white fuzz everywhere. It's all over my clothes. It's all over my clothes. Worse than. That hair's worse, and that's like a hard thing to be. OK, worse than cat hair. It's all over the couch. It's all over my bed. And The thing is, I'm not I I can't wash my couch to just, like, get everything off. I can't wash my couch, so I had to, you know, lint. Roll it all off now. It wasn't just like. A little bit of fuzz. I mean, it was on there, so I'm like just. Lint rolling over and over again on my couch for like 30 minutes to get everything off. Can't handle it. Can't handle it. Pre wash it. Companies, if you make blankets, please pre wash. Because. And pre wash a few times. Pre wash like three or four times. Get all of the lint gone before you give me this blanket. I can't deal with it. I can, I can. I can deal with it, it's fine. It's just really bugs me next changing light bulbs. Now a word from our sponsor. Better help. When you're faced with the challenge in life, your first reaction might be to focus on how bad the problem is. 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So download AMP today in the App Store. That's amp, or ask Alexa to play amp. So I bought a bunch of cool weird vintage lamps and stuff like that recently because. I just think that they're cool looking and I love them. What I didn't anticipate was. Old. Vintage lamps. All have different light bulbs, like I swear to God, every single lamp I bought. Has a different like requires a different type of light bulb. And even in general, you know, like even not vintage, like new lamps, they all require a different type of light bulb. How am I supposed to know how? How? OK, like, I don't know what? I don't know **** about light bulbs. I don't even know how to know what type of light bulb a lamp is using, and don't even get me started about light bulbs that are in the wall. I'm not. I don't know how I can't do that. That I can't do. I like. That's when I call my mom. And I'm like. Either you need to tell me how to do this or like I need to. I need to call somebody. I can't. But The thing is, it's not obvious. What type of light bulb? It's like in a fixture at any given moment, like if you take the light bulb out, sometimes there's like a little code on the side that'll give you a little bit of information, but it's not obvious. I wish that there were different names for light bulbs that were obvious, like, you know, the most generic bulb. Why can't we just call that the generic bulb? And then it's just like across the board. All generic bulbs are generic bulbs, and OK, that kind of exists, but not really though. Like, I feel like each bulb needs to have a name that's super obvious, easy to remember, and I also wish that there was more consistency like. With the amount of watts that are in it, I don't even know what that means. There's so many different types of light bulbs and there's so many different like, I can't, I cannot keep up. So when one of my light bulbs in my house goes out. I just leave it. I'm like, you know what? I don't even need to replace it because it trying to figure out what kind of light bulb was in there before. Is so difficult. That. I don't even know how to replace it. I don't even know where to find a replacement. If it's a vintage bulb, 10 times harder, but even if it's a new bulb. A modern bulb? I'm still confused. I I'm on. I'm not even kidding. I need to like watch a 40 minute video about all the different types of light bulbs because I this is seriously something that stresses me out. I have anxiety on a daily basis about my light bulbs going out. I'm so anal about turning out my lights when I'm not using them, obviously because, you know, I don't want to use electricity when I don't need it, but even more than that, because I just don't want to change the bulb the day that I need to change. A bulb is a bad day. OK, moving on. Natural peanut butter? Listen before you're like. But Emma. What? I know natural peanut butter is delicious. I actually think natural peanut butter tastes better than like Skippy Jif. Smuckers like, whatever. I personally think natural peanut butter tastes better when it's just blended up peanuts with a little bit of salt. Delicious. OK, it's one of the few things in life. That tastes better not processed like. A potato that's been blended up and turned into French fries and deep fried from like a fast food restaurant. Most of the time unbeatable. Like more easily more delicious than a French fry where the potato was cut up and then it was deep fried. Like that can be good, but most of the time the Super processed fast food French fries are going to be the best. Like an Arby's curly fry. That is barely a potato anymore. You know that? They *******. Blended that **** up, added like, probably like, microplastics into it and then we're like, OK, it's done like, but it's so good. So don't get me wrong. I'm not like a food, you know, like less processed tastes better. That's not always true, OK, and I know that. But with peanut butter, I think it is true. The only issue with natural peanut butter is that when you get it, it comes with a layer of oil on the top because natural peanut butter settles. So all the peanut butter solids go to the bottom and all the peanut butter oils float to the top, right. And so you have to mix it up. And mixing up a jar of natural nut butter is one of the most frustrating experiences. Possibly in the world, actually. I would argue because here's what happens. So you stick your knife in there and you start stirring it up, and all of the peanut solids on the bottom are like rock solid. It's so hard. Like, it's hard. It's not mixable, it's not whatever. So you try to mix it. It's like it's like a rock. So you have to kind of stab it to, like, loosen it up, right? And then you try to get some of the oil seeping through into the cracks. OK, that's step one. It's kind of annoying, but not too bad. Then you start mixing because it's like, there's nothing left to do. You stabbed it, you've kind of incorporated some of the oil back into the solids. And then you're like, alright, let's start mixing. The oil will get everywhere. There's going to be oil on your hands. There's going to be oil on your shirt. There's going to be oil on the countertop, there's going to be oil in your hair. There's going to be oil in your eye, like there's going to be oil everywhere. You're gonna it's. And it's gonna be there for like the next week and 1/2 until you, decide to, like, deep clean your kitchen and deep clean your body, which for me only happens like once a month. No, I'm just kidding. Can't make jokes like that because one time I made a joke. I didn't shower like three years ago, and then people still bring it up, so I really can't start that again anyway. There's gonna be like a thin layer of peanut oil on your countertop. Until you decide to get out countertop cleaner and like, wash it off, the peanut oil is everywhere. And not only that, but mixing it up actually takes 10 minutes. It's not like, oh, I'm gonna open up a new jar of peanut butter and just like, you know, I don't have a lot of time, I'm just gonna whip open this jar of peanut butter and just get going with my day. Uh. Tough luck buddy boy. You are going to be working on that thing for 10 minutes if you wanted to even be remotely smooth. Is it worth it? Ohh yeah, it is so worth it, but it is so annoying. It's so annoying, but it's so worth it. That's the problem because natural peanut butters. Honestly, one of the finest foods on the planet in my opinion, and there's so much you can do with it you can just throw it on some fruit like. Throw it on a banana. Throw it on an apple. Delicious. You can eat it by the spoonful. Nobody's watching. Who cares? Even if somebody is watching, who cares? You can make sauce out of it. Mix a little bit of peanut butter with soy sauce. Some chili oil, maybe some siracha. Some sesame oil? ******* delicious. A little bit of ginger? Wow, that's yummy. I mean, peanut butter is one of the most versatile and incredible tasting. Things on the planet, it's worth the work, but my God, is it annoying. Next smart homes, OK, if you don't know what a smart home is, it's basically where everything in somebody's house is like a touch screen. Now, I just moved into a new home and I had to get a new oven. And I I will say I was a little bit enticed by this smart oven. OK, had a little touch screen on it. I was like, wow, this is, you know, this is kind of cool. I. Not a big fan of touch screen appliances and like smart home appliances, but this is really cool and it looks really nice and I think I want it OK. I try to avoid smart home stuff as much as possible, like my microwave, my toaster oven, my fireplaces in my house. Most things are either on remote control that just have like a few buttons, or, you know, it's like normal, like normal appliances and stuff. Because here's my thing with smart home appliances, they're always like touch screen and **** like that, and they're usually like hardwired into your house. When something goes wrong, it is so difficult to get fixed like a. A good example would be my new oven that I was just talking about. There's a touch screen. It's a smart oven, right? I use this thing for two weeks. And then the screen malfunctioned. OK, now The thing is, I know for a fact that the oven still works. But because the screen malfunctioned, now I can't use the oven at all. If I just had an oven where it was like the dials, you know what I mean? Like the little kind of. Things that you twist and it turns the oven on, we would have no issue here. We'd be having no issue. But because this screen is broken now, everything's broken now. I can't use the oven. That's my issue with, like, the whole idea of a smart home. Everybody's like, it's so technologically advanced. Yes, until it goes wrong and you can't use your oven and you can't open your front door because your front door doesn't use a key. It uses a smart pad where you use your finger and it reads your finger. You know what I mean? Like **** like that. Stop. Stop. I don't want to feel like I'm playing with an iPod touch when I turn my oven on. I don't know why. I thought that was a good idea in theory. It's all amazing. Like having a smart home in theory is amazing. If you have a maintenance dude on call on speed dial, amazing. Do do a smart home. Live in a smart home. Do like, you know, be modern, right? But it is a huge inconvenience. I mean, I think to a certain extent, trying to modernize your lifestyle is an inconvenience. I mean, even having an electric car can be an inconvenience in some ways, if you, I mean, that's very modern and very sort of technologically advanced, right? It is good in some ways and it's bad in some others because if you don't have. Access. To, say, an electric car charger when you're on a road trip, that's a little spooky. And sometimes charging an electric car takes like, 10 hours. You know what I mean? Not really. It takes like, what, 3 hours an hour? I don't know. I don't have one. But like, you know, being technologically advanced in any way comes with its own set of challenges. And I think a lot of people are like, ooh, like, I want to touch screen this or touch screen that in my home. Like, I'm getting a new stove. I might as well, you know? Uh, no. The classic. You gotta. I love the classic. It wasn't broken. We didn't need to fix it. Yeah. Moving on. Next we have ketchup packets. OK, so I've told you guys about circle before, right? Spelled CIRKUL. Circle was created for people like me, OK, who don't drink enough water every day circles basically this water bottle with over 40 flavor cartridges that makes drinking water way more tasty. The flavors cover all the bases. They have fruit, punches, iced teas. Some even have caffeine or electrolytes, but there's no sugar, there's no calories, and there's no artificial flavors. My favorite flavor is strawberry Kiwi. And my favorite thing about it is I love how the dial on the cartridge lets you choose how much flavor you get per sip. All you have to do is twist the dial to a certain number for how much flavor that you want and you're ready to go. So the cool thing about it is that you can put the cartridge on. And you can set it to whatever setting you want. So you could set it to a setting where when you take a sip of water, it just tastes like water, so there's no flavor added. But if you're in the mood to add some flavor, you can twist it a little bit. And then you have a super flavorful sip. Right now Circle is giving all of my listeners. Up to 35% off their order, plus free shipping on all orders of $15 or more. Plus, as an added bonus, we're throwing in my favorite flavor, strawberry Kiwi, for free. Just that's to get this limited time offer today. Again, that's What does it really take to make it in New York City when you're young? The come up is a new free form docu reality series on Hulu. It follows 6 ambitious creative 20 somethings in NYC as they break the status quo and take up all the space. It's a real look into how this next generation of icons are breathing life back into the downtown scene, all while pursuing their dreams, which is a long way of saying they're killing it. The show follows Sophia, a breakthrough photographer who shot her first spread for nylon at just 13 and has been shooting major campaigns ever since. Fernando Modeling's next international star, Tawfiq, the youngest fashion designer to show at New York Fashion Week, Claude, a New York native and aspiring actress. Ben arising, entertainer from Texas and a newbie to New York City, and Ebon, a trans rights activist and fixture of New York underground nightlife. This is now or never. With big goals and even bigger ceilings to break through, they'll need to bust their ***** to chase their dreams. It's time to hustle freeforms the come up new episodes Wednesdays on Hulu, ketchup packets are. The only type of packet will catch up in mustard packets I guess. There so. Badly done that. I just don't understand why they exist. Ketchup packets are so God awful. It's shocking to me that we have touchscreen ovens and we still haven't upgraded the ketchup packets that they give you at. A restaurant. When you get takeout and **** like that, you know, like, really? OK, because here's the problem. #1 the portion. The portion size, it's wrong. Have you ever used only one ketchup packet? I haven't. I always use two if not three or four because you know if you got like a burger or you got fries. For me, a veggie burger. If I get a veggie burger and I get some fries, I need like 3 ketchup packets for my fries. I need one, maybe 2 for my veggie burger. OK, portion size is off. I think it could be twice as large. Second issue, there are always impossible to open. You're opening it with your teeth, it barely there's it's never perforated properly. You can't get it open and then when you're like squeezing it out, you never get it all out. You never get every last drop out. It's just, it's annoying. They're just, they're not well made now. There was a product that came out. I think it was by Heinz. I'm looking it up. I think it was called. Heinz. Dip, dip and squeeze. Holy ****. I remember when I saw that these came out. I was in shock because they were. The first ketchup packet that made sense. Look up the Heinz dip and squeeze. These need to be the industry standard. These are so incredibly genius. OK, so it's basically like a little cup. Like a little plastic cup with a little. Plastic covering on the top. OK. And you could either. Peel off the top to dip ketchup to make it like a little ketchup cup. Or you could tear off the top and you could squeeze the ketchup out. Literally hinz. Oh my God. What you did with the dip and squeeze was exactly what we needed. It was exactly what we needed. The problem is, they're not popular enough. They're not popular enough. Oh my God, this just reminded me of another pet peeve which is mini bottles. Of ketchup, mustard, whatever. Sometimes when you go to a restaurant and they like, want to be a little fancy, they'll leave out a little mini bottle with like a little screw cap on the top of ketchup, mustard maybe 2 inches tall. They're pretty small and they usually have the little cap on top where you like, screw it off and it makes the like sound when you open it. OK, you know I'm talking about. Those are also annoying because you can't get anything out. You have to dig your knife in there to get it out. And you never get it all out, you know, you always are left with a little bit. Of ketchup or mustard in the bottom of the little mini jar. It's not really. It's not working for me. Like? We need to make dip and squeeze the industry standard for all single serve. All single serve condiments like point blank. We just need to not why are we? Why are we running away from the dip and squeeze? It was the best. If you're not Googling it right now, I'm seriously mad at you. You have to Google it. They're just so good. And if you ever see them at like a fast food place or wherever, steal a few, throw them in your bag, use them later. Steal them. I'm I am endorsing stealing right now for because they're that good. Like I'm risking getting in trouble for endorsing stealing because of the dip and squeeze. Moving on. OK, next pet peeve. Has a little back story, so I got super inspired recently to organize. My home like deep organization, like getting all the bins. Doing the thing. So. I went out and I bought a bunch of containers and. I I decided to go with clear containers like clear acrylic plastic containers. Just cause I thought they looked the best. And an issue that I ran into that I didn't expect to run into is the fact that all of these little containers, each individual one, had a sticker label on them. You know, so that when you're buying it. The cashier can scan that little sticker and. You can be on your way. I wasn't too angry about having to peel off the stickers off of each individual container at first because it's like, well, it's not a big deal. Like, it's not going to be difficult. They probably designed these stickers to come off cleanly. You know what I mean? Because. These are clear containers, obviously. Nobody's keeping the sticker on like it's ugly. No. These were the types. Of sticker labels that no matter how. Precise you were with trying to peel the sticker off, it left crazy residue. We're talking about an entire basically like just the top layer of the sticker came off. I spent no, I still have containers now in my house that just have that sticker still on it because it took me. So it took me like 45 minutes to get the sticker completely off of three containers and I bought like 50 ******* containers. Why? Why are we doing that? You know what I mean. Come on. What are we doing? It's just like. It makes no sense and it's so it was upsetting. Moving on. Next, mixing gold and silver jewelry now. I want this to not be a pet peeve. This is not a pet peeve when other people do it. I want to say that too. Mixing gold and silver jewelry. I've seen people do it and it looks so good, but for some reason it's a pet peeve when I do it. Like, it's only a pet peeve when I do it. I have a gold nose ring. Right now, and I've had a gold nose ring for the past like year. I cannot let myself wear silver jewelry like. It makes me upset to wear silver jewelry because it doesn't match my nose ring. I have this. Obsession with only wearing one either white gold or gold jewelry at any given moment. And I'm seriously particular about it. Like if I'm wearing a bag, like a purse and my purse has. Silver. Hardware on it. My entire outfit has to have only silver. Like only silver zippers, only silver hardware on my shoes, like all silver. That's the only occasion where all mixed gold and silver is that all my jewelry will be gold, but all of the hardware on my clothing will be silver. That's fine. Maybe it's still kind of bothers me, but like, I can handle it and I get over it. But I have a really hard time mixing and matching jewelry. I do it every once in a while. I can make it work, but it genuinely upsets me. And it's really tough with my nose ring because that's the the thing that gets in the way. You know, it's not a big deal like take off my all of my, like daily earrings and necklaces and bracelet, whatever that are all gold and and change. It's not a big deal to change that. I can't change my nose ring. So it's not like every time I wanted to wear silver jewelry, I could just change my nose ring. Changing your nose ring is like a process. You have to go in to a piercing place and they do it for you. And so I'm kind of stuck wearing only gold jewelry because. Of my nose ring and because of the fact that I'm so obsessive over a being. Only gold or only silver? I know that it's ridiculous because nobody can even tell that my nose ring is gold. It's so small. But there's something about it that I just can't handle. Next. OK, this is kind of funny and I'm not making fun of anyone because, like, this is not me making fun of anyone but it there because listen, we're all on our own journey. I'm not judging anyone and what they're doing. It's none of my business. But this is kind of a pet peeve, so I have to bring it up. When people film themselves at dinner or at a party or at a concert or at a music festival or whatever. They filmed themselves at some sort of event like this, and they try to make it look really fun when it clearly is not actually that fun. And they do it in front of a bunch of people that are like chill in, like a chill mood. This has happened multiple. I've seen this happen multiple times. I was. I've seen especially like, Coachella is so much of that. You just see people like, OK, you see people give their phone to their friend and then like, dance in the crowd. I actually did this. Oh my God, my first year at Coachella I literally did this. So I'm guilty of this and I'm being a hypocrite right now anyway. Hand their phone to their friend and like, start dancing whatever, looking all free. And then they grab their phone. And just, like, watch the video and like, sit down on the ground and they're like, chill. I'm like, you're lying. You're lying. The other day at dinner I saw this woman and her friend. They were maybe like, I think they were like maybe moms who kind of seemed like moms night out sort of vibe and. They're like, but no like. This is fun. We're at this restaurant and there's like a DJ in this restaurant and they they were like filming themselves dancing by the DJ booth and then, like, went back to the table and we're like, you know, basically faking like something, being a rager environment when it's clearly not to, like, brag on social media. That's a pet peeve because here's my thing. You don't need to be, like, turning up to have a really good time. So why fake it? And also, when you're really turning up, chances are. You're not when you're really turning it up. Sorry, see, that's my pet peeve. Is like what I literally just said. Turn up. You know? Like, ohh OK. Anyway, when you're really enjoying yourself and you're living in the moment, chances are the phone's not coming on and that's why you never get. That for your social media, OK, so you have to fake it and you have to stage it. It just it's so pointless. It's also a lie. It's a blatant lie. You know, it's like. If you're having a dinner and it's a chill, cool dinner. And yeah, maybe there's a DJ, but still, it's like a cool, relaxed dinner. Just if you want to share it on social media, share the truth of it, which is just you eating delicious food and there's a DJ like you don't need to go up and fake dance for your social media so that people think you're having a crazy Friday night. It's just not, we don't need to be doing that. It it's not true. It's not real. So don't do it. You know, I mean do whatever you want obviously, but I don't know, I just think it's kind of silly. But next lip liner and eyeliner pencils, I just personally think that we should be developed beyond the point of having pencils in our makeup routine. I don't want to get out of pencil sharpener when I'm doing my makeup. I think that should be eliminated completely and we should fully switch over to the twist. The twist? Eyeliner and the twist lip liner. Because. The liner pencil. Sharpener is. So inconvenient. And also I always feel like when I'm sharpening my lip liner or I'm sharpening my eyeliner. It's not like a really functional thing because it always ends up breaking. Like the tip always ends up breaking because of the sharpener. I always sharpen it too much. It's just like a mess. I think we should really just eliminate those all together. They're my pet peeve, although I do use them all the time because. My favorite lip liner is a pencil, and it only comes in a pencil. It doesn't come in like a little twisty plastic thing. I'm just all about container packaging development like the Heinz Tomato ketchup dip and squeeze. Love it. Love the technology lip liner. Plastic twisty containers. I love it. It's so you get every last bit of lip liner. You get to use every last bit of that product. That's number one. And #2, you don't need to bring around a little sharpener with you all the time just in case your lip liner breaks. I don't know. I don't know, maybe it's just me. Next, we have purses that are so small that they can't even fit your phone. Now, I think there's two situations we have going on here, like sometimes, you know, a little purse. Is more of an accessory. And it's like so tiny that it's like, it's obviously it's not for a phone. It's like a coin purse, but it's cute, so you want to wear it more like a piece of jewelry. That's one thing. I do that sometimes, and then I just carry my phone in my back pocket and it's whatever. But my pet peeve is when there's a bag that's like. It looks like you would fit your phone, but then when you actually try to put your phone in there, it doesn't fit. That's annoying. That is really annoying. And I and and the whole like mini bag trend is happening. It's probably not going anywhere because it's such a convenient type of purse. You know, the type of purse that just fits, like your phone, wallet and keys. They're incredible because they're super lightweight, they're small, they fit under your arm, they're amazing. The problem is some of them are designed a little bit too small, so they look like they fit your phone, but they don't actually. And if you buy a purse like that without trying it out. You might be in, you might be in some in some deep **** later. You know when you can fit your car key in your wallet and there and that's it. You know, like that sucks. That's a hard day when you find that out. Because the truth is, is that what do we really need to put in our in our purses, above all our phone? Like that's one of the most important things that a person needs to hold. And so if it doesn't conveniently fit a phone. It better have a lot more to offer, it better be really artistic or something in cool looking. Otherwise, we have a pointless purse on our hands. Next pet peeve is when things are cash only. OK, I don't carry cash. I don't. I don't carry cash. And I also don't carry a debit card. I only carry a credit card so if I go somewhere and because I don't feel comfortable carrying around a debit card because. I don't want to lose it because then what if somebody steals your debit card and then they go and they, like, buy a refrigerator because they feel like that's usually what people do when they steal your credit card? Like, literally everyone who steals a credit card, their first stop is Home Depot and they buy a refrigerator. I swear to God it's happened to me, will not happen to me. But I've seen it happen to people in my life, like multiple times. And they're like, oh, we got a new refrigerator and we got a new stove. I'm so curious about why that is. There's probably a reason for that. Anyway. I don't like carrying a debit card because if somebody steals your money it it goes straight out of your bank account, whereas if somebody steals money from your credit card, it's a lot easier to get back. You can cancel that purchase. It doesn't immediately come out of your account, right? So. I don't carry a debit card and I don't carry cash because I just don't want to lose those things, whatever. Also, I rarely ever need cash. It's so not frequent that I need cash that I just don't carry it. So when something's cash only and they're like, well, there's an ATM here, I'm like, no, I don't have a debit card. Maybe this is my own problem. Yeah, I think this is kind of self-inflicted because I should honestly constantly be carrying a little bit of cash. I'm not gonna carry my debit card. I refuse because I will not get my debit card stolen. I probably should be carrying around cash. I get it like, it's kind of my responsibility to be a responsible shopper and to constantly be carrying around cash. But I just feel like we're beyond that. What I do love, though, is when I don't have cash and somebody's like, well, do you have PayPal? Like, we can do PayPal or we can do Venmo or we can do cash app. And I'm like, love you. I love you because you get it. You get that. Cash is so 2000 and late, baby. We're not living that life anymore. It is all. I mean, I'm on Apple Pay mode if like I Apple Pay for everything. They even have Apple Pay at the farmers market now. Like they have it everywhere. It's everywhere. I remember because I mean at the farmers market, it's like they can't. It's not, you know, it's not a real store. So it's a little bit more difficult to like pay by credit card. I remember when I used to go to the farmers market. It was more like cash only, and I knew that. So I'd bring cash because it was just inconvenient for them, you know, to like be bringing a credit card reader. You know, I get it. Like, it makes complete sense. That makes sense, that being cash only makes sense. But now, even at the farmers market, they have Apple Pay. OK. So when I go somewhere and it's cash only, I'm like, I don't even know what to do. I can't even. I don't know what to do. And the worst thing is, is when it's too late, like, let's say this happened to me at a nail salon. I got my nails done and at the end they were like, oh, it's cash only. And I was like. Wait, what? Like, they didn't mention that beforehand or anything and I was like, wait a minute. Hold on. I don't have cash. And they were like, do you have a debit card? And I was like, no, I only have my credit card. And I was like, do you take Venmo? And they were like, no. And I was like, OK, well, do you trust me to go to the bank right now and come back because I have no other option unless you can take my credit card in some way. They're like, yes. So I did go, I got cash. I came back. I'm really glad that they trusted me. I felt bad because I bet some ******* ******* would would have just. Taking that opportunity and and ran, but anyway, I don't know. Cash only. I I think cash only is fine as long as there's a warning. Like, give me a warning and maybe, maybe I won't be. Maybe it won't be a pet peeve. Like they like at the farmers market, when it used to be cash only, it was like they had a sign that said cash only before you'd even walk in. So you knew. Anyway, I don't know. Next pet peeve is people who drink martinis. The reason for this is. It's a pet peeve because I'm jealous. I love everything about martinis. I love how they look. I love olives. So I love the fact that martinis are. Paired with olives, I love the fact that a dirty martini is is like vodka or gin or whatever with a little bit of olive juice. I'm obsessed with the concept. They taste so bad to me I can't drink them. And I'm so jealous of people who can drink martinis. That's why it's my pet peeve, because I see someone drinking a martini and it looks so delicious. I'm like, wow, I love that I'm sipping my vodka soda. That looks disgusting because I squeezed like 7 limes into it and there's like lime pulp all throughout it and it just looks gross and then, you know? Whoever I'm having dinner with is like drinking this classic, classic, gorgeous martini. They're taking a little nibble out of the olive. It's like, God, could life get any finer? And then, and I'm just so jealous. But I can't drink them because I it's so alcoholic. Like, it's so. Alcoholic, I can't do it. I'm gonna try, though. I think I could do it if there was, like a lot of olive juice. I actually used to drink olive juice as a kid, and I loved it. Like I drink pickle juice, olive juice straight out of the jar. I didn't care. It was just yummy to me. So I think if I mixed it like one part, olive juice one part. Like vodka or gin. Maybe I could drink it. And be fine. But when you go to a bar and you get a martini, like, they're not doing it like that, you know, they're doing it very alcohol forward. Even if you're like, I want it extra dirty, make it extra dirty. A lot of times they're not putting enough olive juice in there. It's just not enough. And so I need I need to try to make it myself at home because I have like, gorgeous little martini glasses. That I've had for so long and never used because I'm just waiting for the day that I can like, drink a martini and not. Gag. Maybe it'll come with age, and maybe it'll never come. We'll see. Next, being on camera on zoom, I'm not doing it anymore. I hate being on camera on zoom. It's like my biggest pet peeve when it's like. Ohh. This is an on camera call. Uh, uh. I can't do it anymore. I don't want to look at myself. I also. I feel like nobody wants to be on camera, so we should just all collectively agree to just go off camera on zoom. We should just all agree. Right now that everybody's just not going to be on camera on zoom anymore. Also, when I'm on zoom, sometimes I like to do other things like sometimes I'm like cleaning the litter box on mute and I'm still listening. I'm present, but I don't want to be on camera because I want to be able to do other things. Or maybe I'm like laying in bed when I'm taking the zoom. I want that flexibility. Anyway. That's all I have for today. Those are my pet peeves right now. I I probably have more. If you guys enjoyed this for whatever reason and want me to do another one, I will start writing another pet peeve list and I'm on it. I just needed a second to complain. I just wanted to complain. You know what I mean? I just wanted an hour to just complain and have somebody listen to me, tweet me or Instagram DM me your pet peeves. Twitter is at AG podcast, Instagram is at anything goes. Let me know what your pet peeves are. I'm curious. Maybe we share some. Also, you can subscribe to anything goes anywhere you stream podcasts. You can rate and review anything goes where you stream podcasts. Thank you so much for listening. I love you. I appreciate you. If you want to check out Chamberlain Coffee, my coffee company. Right now there's a code AG15. To get a little discount if you want to pick up some coffee or matcha or anything of the sort. All right. That's all I got. Thank you guys for listening to me complain. I love you all so much and I can't wait to talk to you soon. Bye.