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Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting. New episodes every Thursday.

my spiritual journey

my spiritual journey

Thu, 01 Jul 2021 10:00

This week Emma is talking through her journey of religion and spirituality. While often it’s something that isn’t addressed, it can have a major impact on how we shape our lives. She chats through growing up being exposed to different religions, her beliefs and what has shaped them, how religion and spirituality impacts all of us, where her journey has taken her today, and everything in between. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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I just woke up 30 minutes ago and I'm ready to ******* party. You know how it is. I'm trying to think if I have any life updates recently, I just haven't had any. Like nothing interesting has happened. Yep, I don't have anything. I don't have any life updates. Let's just get straight into the episode. So in today's episode, we're going to be talking about religion and spirituality. Now I was a little bit nervous to make this episode because I feel like this topic is so controversial and. Kind of touchy. But I wanted to talk about my own spiritual journey, in a sense and. Just kind of talk about my opinion on religion as a whole and. How it's evolved overtime and. Just overall, have an open conversation about religion and spirituality. Because it's something that really interests me and. I don't know. I I just. I want to talk about it, so we're going to talk about it today. So I think for some context, I should give you my religious background. I grew up with no religion, so my parents did not practice any religion. When I was growing up, and so of course I didn't, which meant that, you know, I didn't go to church. I didn't have. Some sort of. Religious book to refer to. For moral dilemmas. I celebrated Catholic holidays. Because. That's just kind of the norm in America, you know what I mean? A lot of people celebrate the Catholic holidays like Christmas, Easter. Stuff like that. Even though, you know, they may not be a part of the Catholic Church. A lot of people celebrate them anyway, so I grew up celebrating those holidays, but not. Religiously as much? More just says. An excuse to spend time with my family and. Whatever. It was funny though, because even though I did not grow up religious. And even though my parents never. Introduced me to religion. I still had experiences with religion throughout my childhood, so. When I was. A toddler slash. Young Child, I went to a Jewish preschool. Which? Was actually really cool for me at the time because even though I was not Jewish. It was cool to be a part of. That community and to experience their traditions. And even though I was a very young child, I still remember a lot of the. Jewish holidays that we would celebrate and. All of the food and all of the. Kind of rituals that we would do and stuff like that. That was actually really cool for me and obviously I was really young, like I barely remember it, but I do remember it and I remember it being a great experience, but I didn't really understand the concept of religion and. So it was kind of. Pointless in a sense. Then I also went to a Catholic High School. Which is also interesting because again, I am not religious, so it was very interesting that. I went to two religious schools throughout my life as somebody who. Didn't necessarily believe in anyone religion, so that was. I think that's kind of interesting, but I think it kind of gave me a perspective about religion that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I don't think I would have understood religion at all whatsoever if I would not have gone to these religious schools, but going to Catholic school was. A less enjoyable experience. Then going to Jewish preschool. Because I was a little bit older and learning about religion became a part of my. School life whereas like? In preschool, you're not learning anything. You know what I mean? Or if you are, you don't ******* remember it because you're literally a toddler. So whatever. But. Being. Forest, in a sense, to learn about the Catholic Church for school was a little bit less enjoyable because number one, I had no prior experience, so it was like. Learning a full new thing, right? But then also I was learning about it even though I wasn't a part of it, which kind of. Felt wrong in a sense, but I wanted to go to this Catholic school because the education was really good and. That was that. I didn't go to this school for the religious element. That was just something that came with it. So I felt like I was kind of. Learning about the Catholic Church, even though I didn't really want to and it wasn't optional, and even though I made the decision to go to the school. It still felt forced, which kind of made me resent religion in a sense, as a high schooler. Also, I was a young teen, and that's a very rebellious stage of life, and so having teachers, you know, tell me. How I'm supposed to look at the world? Was. Kind of frustrating in a sense. I did find the history of the Catholic Church very interesting and I really enjoyed learning about that, but when it came to. You know, the more lifestyle learning when it came to like. Religion at this Catholic school. That was when I would get kind of frustrated because I was like, I don't know, like, this is not for me, like I whatever, but alas, you know, I pushed through. I didn't love the experience, but. I pushed through. You know what I mean? And I learned a lot about religion in general from going to that Catholic High School, because we did learn a lot about history. With religions and specifically the Catholic Church, but I remember we also learned about other religions as well, and. That was really interesting for me because. It taught me more about religion throughout history and how. Religion is more than just. A belief system, but it's. A way to build a community it is. A way to find comfort in moments of chaos, it is. Something to lean on. In a way. And as much as I kind of rejected. The ideas of the Catholic Church. In some ways. I also saw how valuable. The Catholic Church is to people, for some people, you know what I mean? Specifically the Catholic Church, because that was the high school. I went to a Catholic High School. So that's why I'm only talking about that right now. But. I also realized how within religion. There are some things that you can align with so strongly, and then some things that you can oppose so strongly, like. When I went to this Catholic school and I was learning about Catholicism, there were some. Morals. Within the Catholic Church that I truly aligned with, and I was like, wow, this is really true and this is really great. But then there were other parts where I was like, this I don't align with and this I don't necessarily believe in. And I realized that you can take what you want. You know what I mean? Going to this Catholic school made me realize that I may not agree with everything, but I can also take what I want. And. Integrate that into my own spirituality. And benefit from it. Even if I don't necessarily agree with the religion as a whole or not like agree with it just for my own personal beliefs, I just don't. Necessarily wanna believe certain things that that church believes, right? Very much. All personal for me. Not at all judging anybody else, not at all even disagreeing with anybody else. It's it's all a personal thing for me, you know what I'm saying? I don't think that anybody's right or wrong. It's more like, I don't want to believe that for me, that doesn't work for me. You know what I'm saying that doesn't? Make me feel good, so I don't want to believe that, right? Growing up, I never was actually interested in joining a religion because it felt really unnatural to me. I grew up with no religion around me, my parents. Never talked about religion or God or anything like that around me. And so it just felt very unnatural for me to. Say join a church or. Join a religion because. I felt like. I had matured to a point where. I don't think that I could. Alter my view on the world enough. To allow me to fully align with a religion, if that makes sense. My belief system. Had subconsciously already formed. Without a religion. To form it for me. And. So I kind of already had my own belief system. Kind of subconsciously, in a sense. And so joining. A church just didn't feel necessary to me throughout my childhood. Umm. I also had a phase where I was atheist. Actually, I did not believe in any God or any higher power. And that was when I was probably. In middle school, like end of middle school and like beginning of high school, I just didn't believe in any God, I just. Kind of thought of everything is just happening as it does in that there's no higher power and that everything is just the way that it is. And and that's the way I looked at life for a while. Umm. During those years and. The moral of the story is. I just never wanted to be a part of a religion. It just never felt right. The only reason why I would have wanted to join a religion during my younger years would be. Because. There were moments when I felt kind of left out, you know what I mean? Whether it was people going to. Church camps during the summer or. People talking about God or religion around me and me not necessarily being able to understand or connect to. That. People. Going to church with their families on Sundays and having a community at church, you know, at their church. And. All of that was kind of appealing to me. You know, the community element was kind of appealing. And just overall, being able to connect with other people about a religion, that was the only thing I felt kind of left out of because I was like, damn, I really am not. I feel like an outsider here because I don't even know if I believe in God. I don't think I even believe in God or any kind of God. And. So, like, **** I'm really on my own here, you know? That was the only tough part. So. I'm going to tell you what it was really like growing up with no religion. Growing up with no religion, I felt like my moral compass was based on. My parents opinions in my opinions and not a religion, obviously because I didn't have. A religious background, but my moral compass was strictly based on my parents opinions and my opinions. And that was it. So like. I know with religion there can be some rules, you know. Some religions are against caffeine. Some religions are against having sex before marriage. Some religions are against. Eating certain types of foods or. Whatever it may be right, I didn't have any of those kinds of restrictions. In my life. That sucks. That sucks. That that just went off. That really ****** me the **** ***. I'm being honest. I'm like I've already been awake for 1/2 hour. We don't need to wake me up again anyway. I would say that it was kind of Nice. That. I didn't grow up with certain restrictions. Due to a religion. Umm. You know, I felt like. My parents were so open minded about. Me just experimenting in life in all different ways and there were kind of no restrictions besides obvious things that are right and wrong, you know? I felt this freeness to be able to try and experience whatever I wanted without. You know, a fear of. Going to hell or something like that. Or my parents, you know. Deeming that I was going to go to hell, I don't know, it was just it was nice that I had this sort of freedom and a lot of people, you know, wonder. About people who don't have. A religion like me. How do you stay in line? You know, how do you behave? Properly, if you don't have the threat of going to hell, or the threat of bad karma, or the threat of whatever it may be like, how do you behave? And. You know, luckily for me, I have a really strong conscience. Naturally, I've always had a really, really strong conscience to a fault. If I do somebody wrong in some way or if I? Talk badly about somebody you know in a way that's just nasty and not constructive. If I. Stole something if I. Did anything wrong, right? I didn't need. The. Thought of going to hell. To get me to stop doing bad ****. My conscience was my own living hell because. If I would do something wrong, I would just. Ruminate about it. In torture myself about it, and make myself feel guilty and terrible and small and awful. And that was enough of a punishment. I would punish myself naturally, like that's just was my natural response to doing something wrong. And so I. Never had a problem with behaving properly or behaving morally correct. Because. My conscience took care of that. That's not to say that I didn't **** ** and I didn't make mistakes here and there. I definitely did. But. My conscience would punish me for them and force me to apologize and make things right again. And that would be the end of it. OK, so I've told you guys about circle before, right? Spelled CIRKUL. 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I couldn't go to school, I couldn't get out of bed like the whole 9 yards. I was having like these super aggressive and loud depressive. Episodes where I was like freaking out and **** like that. The whole 9 yards, OK? That happened at around 15. And I would say after that depressive episode ended. When I was around 16, that might have been when my kind of spiritual journey started. Because I was always really confused about what my opinion was on a God, right? I definitely didn't know what I was supposed to believe, and so my stance was always simply that I just didn't know. With a slight. Hint of atheism. Is that a word? Atheism? I don't know, like. The the the topic of God is so complicated and had always been so complicated that. I would always just say that I didn't know or that I just didn't believe. Like that was it. And I never judged anybody who did believe in God, and I didn't think that they were necessarily wrong. But because I didn't know and because I hadn't experienced. A God in any way. I just deemed it. Not real in my own mind. That didn't mean. That there was no possibility of it. That didn't mean that anybody believed in it was wrong. It was just for me. In my universe, God didn't exist. Simple as that. But as somebody who struggled with my mental health. Not having a God or an obvious deeper meaning during moments of pain was so ******* difficult for me. That's why I think that my depressive episode at age 15. Made me. Want to search for a deeper meaning? And for something kind of like a God almost because I was in the, you know, in the. Trenches of depression and I had nothing to live for, right? Because. I didn't know what my purpose was. I didn't have a religion to tell me what my purpose was. I didn't have anything to pray to. I was just ******* in the deep depths of my depression with. Nothing to help me get out of it. You know what I mean. I had no. Religion to help me get through it, and I think that's. Something I didn't realize. Before dealing with that severe of depression, was that religion? Whether it's real, whether it's not, whether it's kind of real and kind of not. Having a strong belief system, having a strong community, having something to believe in helps you get out of those tough moments because it gives you something to grab onto. And that's powerful. Whether or not it's real. Who cares if it's real? And I started to realize that. And so I remember. After I got through my depressive episode, I kind of started to. Kind of prey, in a way, and I wasn't like praying to anything in particular or. You know, even praying in a way that was a ritual, I would just kind of. Close my eyes sometimes and just sit there and pray. And I didn't know what I was praying to, but. I just started doing it naturally after my depressive episode ended. Like, it was just weirdly like a natural response. And. Over time. As I continued to kind of do this. It started to become more of a manifestation tactic. You know, instead of praying, I would say to a God, I was kind of manifesting to the universe, and that's when my belief of the universe kind of blossomed. That became my higher power, rather than a God, necessarily, or a group of gods or anything of that sort. I started to believe in the universe as a whole. And. It was something I kind of just came up with on my own overtime, like it just started. It just made sense to me. It made sense to me that the universe itself is. The highest power to me for my own personal belief system again. This is only for me, I'm not like there's no right answer so. I'm not ******** on any other belief system at all. This is just me, OK? And I have to like, nail that into everybody's head because this is completely like. Nonjudgmental, OK. For me, what made the most sense? Was believing in the universe as as a whole. Now what that means to me is kind of vague actually. But. I think of the universe as. Almost like a force like God. But it doesn't have a face it doesn't have. Any kind of features that we as humans could understand? It's a force in a sense, and that's what I started to believe in. And it was interesting because I think a big reason why I started to believe in the universe was because. I started to. See? Through patterns throughout my life. How? Everything happens for a reason, you know, every terrible struggle that I had ever dealt with. Had built me into who I was. Every. Decision that I had made. Every. Move that I've ever made, you know. Had led me to where I was. And there was something magical about that. I'll give you an example. When I was in elementary school. My parents were divorced and my dad lived in one town and my mom lived in another town. About 20 minutes away from each other and I. Was at the end of elementary school and I was about to go to middle school and I was planning on going to middle school with all of my friends from elementary school. So that I could just stay, you know, in that community and whatever. And. That was like my initial plan, right? Was to just. Go to the middle school that's close to my elementary school and that be that. But. One time I was on summer vacation. It was the summer before. I think I went to middle school, actually. And I was. In Maine on vacation with my family. And I had a dream. That I transferred to the middle school that was in my mom's town. Which seems random, right? But it was such a vivid dream and I felt like in the dream that something was telling me that I needed. To go to that middle school, the middle school, that was closer to my mom's home, which was just so ******* random, right? But. I told my mom and I was like, I need to transfer to, we need to transfer me to the school. I need to go to the school. And. So. I did. I ended up going to that middle school instead. Which meant I had to make all new friends and do the whole thing. You know what I mean? Because I was in a new community or whatever. But the reason why? This all connects. Is that? I went to this middle school. Which then made me go to the high school that I went to because. A lot of people from this middle school ended up going to. The high school that I went to and it was just the one that I ended up choosing and whatever. Me going to that high school made me so ******* depressed that. I started my YouTube channel. And I don't think I would have started my YouTube channel. If I wouldn't have gone to that all girls school and been ******* depressed out of my mind. If I would have went to the middle school in my dad's town. I would have ended up going to middle school. In going to high school and I I don't think I would have been as depressed. I think going to an all girls Catholic school really took it out of me in a way that. A public school wouldn't have. I don't know. It's hard to know, but I just. There was something about that high school experience that made me so. Depressed and so eager to, like, break free. That. I weirdly connect that dream I had about transferring to a different middle school to the fact that I started my YouTube channel, because even though that's kind of a ******* stretch, I really don't think I would have started it. If I wouldn't have gone to that high school and been as depressed as I was. And it was all a chain reaction, right? Now, that might seem kind of far out, but it doesn't ******* matter. Because. It's chain reactions like that that make me believe that the universe. Is real. Why did I have? That dream about transferring schools. So randomly. You know. In retrospect, I feel like that was a sign from the universe. I really do. And. It changed the trajectory of my whole life, that one dream. In a weird way, I look at that dream as like the universe telling me. What to do? And. That's kind of how I live my life now. I feel like I get signs from the universe, in a way. And whether or not they're actually real, I don't know, right? But. I can give you more examples of ways that I feel like the universe speaks to me, even if it's just a ******* coincidence. Who knows, but. It's my own spirituality. It's what makes sense to me so. Bear with me here. For example. One time I was trying to book a flight somewhere. And. It wasn't working like the website. Kept crashing, kept crashing, kept crashing, kept crashing. And I was like, what the ****? Like I'm trying to book a flight. Like, I need to be able to book this flight right now. It wasn't working and so I ended up literally just giving up and not booking the trip that I was going to go on as a whole. I was like, well, I can't book this trip because the website keeps crashing, so I'm just going to like, not book it and I didn't end up booking it. And. I was like, you know, I'll go on this trip another time. A few weeks later, when? I was supposed to be on the trip, but I was still in LA. I ended up having the best weekend I've ever had in LA. One of the best weekends I've ever had in LA. I remember I did so many fun things. I went and got food at a bunch of different fun places with my friends. You know, I think there was like. A fun party or social event that weekend. I remember I met new friends that weekend, which like never happens. It was like this incredible weekend right there, and I never have weekends like that in LA. That, to me was a sign from the universe, you know. The universe. Didn't let me book that flight. Because. The universe wanted me to experience this fun weekend in Los Angeles. That's the way so I'm I'm explaining all of this and I'm giving you all these scenario scenarios and I'm giving you all these scenarios to help give you a gauge as to what my. Spirituality kind of became right. And what has become where I kind of believe in the universe as a whole? Rather than some sort of God or something like that, and. I like to put things out into the universe in a sense when it comes to like, manifesting things or. Whatever I I like to put them out into the universe and hope that they come back to me, in a sense, and that's kind of the way that I look at it and that really just formed within me. Overtime, naturally. After. Looking at patterns in my own life. Seeing how things happen for a reason. Seeing how? Misfortunes or unfortunate events or mishaps can lead to amazing things and. Also, how putting out your intentions and manifesting things in a sense. Can help things come true, you know? Just by putting out that positive energy into the universe. It helps. Get you closer to whatever you want your dreams to be. You know what I mean? In taking a minute to close your eyes and pray or manifest to the universe. Not only helps you. Gather yourself, but again, it helps you put things out into the universe. And all of that kind of form naturally overtime, like I don't really know how it formed, it just kind of formed within my own brain. And I became a spiritual person. But on my own. Grounds, you know, with my own rule book. Because. It was something that I had created on my own, in a sense. And I mean, you know, believing in the universe is not something I came up with. You know, there's other religions and stuff that look at. The universe like that, right? Well, the world like that, I don't know the. Existence like that. They look at existence like that, but. I wasn't necessarily. Taking that from a religion, I was just kind of like forming it as I went along and just kind of. Letting it weirdly build subconsciously I guess. But what I've also done is. I've researched a lot of religions and a lot of their belief systems and a lot of their. Core morals and I kind of decided to take what I wanted from different religions and. Help that reinforce my own moral compass, you know? I already have morals, you know what I'm saying? That came from my parents and came from my own life experience. My morals being very personal to me like. And being kind of specific, you know what I mean? Like to me, but. I also have taken things from religion that. I maybe wouldn't have thought of otherwise. You know, like. I have read some. Different excerpts from religious scriptures and stuff about things like forgiveness and about things like. Doing things for others that. I maybe wouldn't have thought about as heavily if I would not have read. Those excerpts from those. Religious books, right? Like? I may not identify fully with said religion, but. It's safe to say that every religion has at least one good thing to say. You could look at any religion and they probably have some good advice. And so that's kind of what I've done, is taken what I like from each religion and made it my own, in addition to my overall belief in the universe as a force. You know what I mean? 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It also carries on to your next life, I'm pretty sure. So it's kind of complicated, but I I mainly look at it in a sense of cause and effect. I really connected with the idea of karma because it really aligned with the way that I view the universe in a sense where. Everything happens for a reason, but also what you put out into the universe comes back to you. You know so if you're a ******* *******. That's going to bite you in the *** later. And what's crazy about it is that I feel like I've witnessed Karma in real life. Whether it be with myself or with others, for example. I've had people who have wronged me, you know, like have been an ******* to me. I've done things to me that have really hurt me. And in the moment, I felt like there was no justice. I'm like, this person ****** me over and they're just doing great in their life. Their life seems so easy. You know, they have a bunch of friends, or they have a bunch of money, they have a rich family or they, you know, are really pretty and like everybody has a crush on them or whatever it may be like. Somebody would treat me badly. And I would just feel like, God, there's no justice, you know what I mean? Like, they're just floating through life so comfortably and yet they get to be an ******* with no punishment. Like, how is that fair? But then over time. What's been really interesting is that I've seen how Karma. Comes around later. Like, for example, I had friends in my life that were really toxic to me. They, you know, were super not understanding of my mental health struggles. Really? Judgmental of the way that I lived my life. Super non empathetic. Really just kind of evil, right? In non nurturing and just not good people and made me feel like **** about myself. And in the moment, I felt like it was so unfair because I was like, why did they get to be ******** and get to live a perfect life? How is that fair? And. Eventually, you know, I stopped being friends with them and I got over it and I forgot about them and didn't care anymore. And then I remember I I checked in on them. On social media later. And. I heard about them and about how they were doing later. And you know. They had no friends anymore. And. A lot of things went really badly for them. And I felt terrible, right? Because I was like, **** that's like, you know, I was like. I don't want anybody to suffer. You know what I'm saying? I do not. I do not ever want anybody to suffer. Ever. I don't. But it was interesting to see how. It seemed that Karma had. No mercy with these people like them being ******** for years and years and getting away with it. It didn't work forever. It came back to bite him, and I've noticed patterns like that throughout my life and that's why I've kind of started to believe in Karma and I've even noticed it with me like. You know, I remember. Even recently, I was. Fighting with my mom and not like, in a crazy bad way, but like, you know, as mothers and daughters do, we were, we were arguing and. You know, we were kind of both hitting each other with these low blows, you know what I mean? Like, we were both being kind of an ******* to each other. We're all good now, of course, but, you know, we were fighting like, whatever, OK, what do you do? OK, and. Like later that day. I kept having these unfortunate things happen to me, like I went in the fridge to go get food out of the fridge and everything that I wanted to eat was moldy and you know? I was looking for something in my closet in like. The Cats had chewed it up. It it almost felt like me being an ******* to my mom immediately made everything else go wrong. It was like I got. A little slice of karma. That's what it felt like. And now I don't know if this ****** real. How? I have no ******* idea, but. Looking at life in a way of karma, right? Like looking at life. And believing in Karma has worked for me because it helps me. Remain the bigger person. Because I know that anything that I put out into the universe will come back to me if I put out bad energy. If I am a bad person, that **** will come to bite me in the ***. And whether or not that's true because of karma or just because. It's a coincidence. There is no harm in believing in Karma for me, and so I do believe in it. And as I said earlier, I gladly take any advice that aligns with me from any religion. It could be Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, whatever it may be like. I'm very open minded if something if I. Here's something from a religion that. I. Deemed to be true and I connect with. I will not reject it just because it's. From a religion like I will take whatever advice, whatever. Way to look at things, whatever perspective. I will take anything from any religion as long as it feels right to me. And it. Helps me be a better person. When it comes to what happens after you die, which I know is a big topic within religion. I. Have. Decided to look at death in a way where I don't know. I do not know. Instead of coming up with some sort of definitive answer of what happens after death. I've decided to just accept the fact that I don't know. But to. Also, reassure myself that it will be OK regardless. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what it's going to be like. I don't know. I don't know. I it's as simple as I don't know. And that's kind of the conclusion I've come to, you know, is that not knowing is OK and. That's kind of an overarching theme with my whole religious belief in general. Yes, I believe in karma. Yes, I believe in the power of the universe and stuff like that. And yes, that's my spiritual kind of. Belief system in a sense, but I also am aware that I don't know anything for sure. I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea, and that's OK. I don't know if Karma's real. I don't know if my belief in the universe is real. And to be honest, I don't care because it makes me a better person. It gives me comfort in moments of discomfort and. It gives me something to believe in, and so whether or not it's real doesn't matter to me, because it's real to me and I think that that's something that we overlook is the fact that. We kind of decide what's real and what's not within our own imagination. And if you believe in something hard enough. It becomes powerful enough that it is real. You know. And so. Even though we as humans have no idea if there's something larger than ourselves. It's not harmful to have our own speculations and our own belief systems. Because. If we believe in them hard enough. They kind of become real regardless. Of the bigger picture. Now, my overall opinion on religion specifically and people who are religious. My opinion is that I have no opinion and that it's none of my ******* business. I do not. Care about other people's religions I don't care about. What people decide to believe in because. As a human being on this planet, we all have the freedom and prerogative. Not necessarily freedom in some places, which is ****** ** but. We should all have the freedom, I should say, to believe in whatever we want to believe in. As long as it's not harming others because then there's a problem there. But. To believe what we believe in, have the freedom to do that, have the freedom to share it. And. That be that like I I just don't think that. It's anybody else's business. How somebody views religion or spirituality in general, like I've always just felt like that is so personal to everybody that. It's not anybody else's place to judge a religion, you know, I may not agree with some stuff, but it's absolutely not my place to be like. You shouldn't believe in that. That's just, not. Fair. It's just simply not fair, and it's simply not my place. Similarly to how. I would hope that other people. Wouldn't look at me and say you need to you need to be a part of a church because you know. You're going to have no structure in your life without it. You know what I'm saying? I think that it's in everybody's best interest to focus on themselves, focus on their own religion and their own religious journey and not. Pay attention to what everybody else is doing. When it comes to religion, it's so personal that it's just a waste of ******* time. To try to force somebody else to believe in what you believe in or to. Dislike somebody because? I don't know, it's just, it's like we all just need to love one another regardless of things like that and. We all need to be nonjudgmental and empathetic and understanding that we're not all going to have the same opinions always. And that's OK as long as the person that. As long as OK, this is all within you know reasonable terms here because. Like if if there's like a religious belief, you know, or something within a religion that's genuinely harmful to people. That's not included in this. Like, I totally understand how that is difficult. That's a little bit more difficult, a little bit more complicated. I'm talking about, you know, the more. Innocent. Religious beliefs. For example, how many gods a religion believes in one or 10 or. You know whether or not. Jesus died on the cross or whether or not Jesus existed and stuff like that, like that's harmless because that's not harming it. That isn't causing. Emotional violence or physical violence or anything like that, like that's not. Causing any kind of hatred in the world, you know? That's just like an opinion, so and it's not harming anybody. So that's more what I'm referring to here. Obviously there's some like I'm not talking about. Things that are beyond that. OK, so for context, but anyway. The moral of the story is there's no right or wrong religion, there's no right or wrong way to be spiritual. And as I've grown up, I've realized that it's ignorant to act like you have it all figured out. It's ignorant to act like your way is the best way, because at the end of the day, none of us ******* know the real truth about. What happens after you die if there is a higher power? Etc. None of us know. For sure. O what's best is. To love and accept everybody for what they believe in to. Learn and grow through maybe disagreements when it comes to religion and spirituality. And. To focus on whatever makes you feel good and safe. And whatever makes you the best person you can possibly be. What does it really take to make it in New York City when you're young? 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It's time to hustle free forms the come up new episodes Wednesdays on Hulu. All right, now I'm going to go on the Twitter at AG podcast. And answer some questions about religion that you guys asked me. Somebody said what do you do when somebody forces their religion on you and makes you feel uncomfortable? I I definitely experienced this a little bit in high school because obviously I went to a Catholic High School, so I definitely had a little bit of that where people would. You know. Kind of try to force me, in a sense, to lean into the Catholic religion a little more, but. What I've always done is I've always just kind of. Taking it with a grain of salt, right? When somebody is trying to. Tell you how to be religious or how to be spiritual. It's because they have your best interests at heart. Most of the time, they just want you to experience. What they're experiencing and if they're having a great experience with religion, they want everybody to feel the same way. What they may not understand is that that's just not how it works, you know what I mean? It's so individual that it's just simply not how it works. And so. I. Always just kind of in a sense humor people that are trying to say convert me to their religion or. Whatever it may be. And I just say, you know, wow, that's really, you know, I thank you for sharing that with me and I'm gonna definitely consider it, you know? But. I don't know right now, like I'm on my own journey and we'll see where I end up. But thank you for sharing this with me and you know, I will consider it. And then what you do from there is up to you at the end of the day. Like. In moments like that when somebody's trying to force you. To believe in what they believe in, or to look at life in the way that they look at life. The best that you can do is just say thank you for sharing that perspective. I appreciate it, you know? I don't know. I can't say that I'm going to. Well, actually, that's all you have to say. That's all you really have to say is, wow, that's really interesting. Thank you for sharing that perspective with me. Like, that's it. And then if they're like, Oh well, do you believe that now too? You can say, I don't know yet, you know. I need to digest like whatever and then like. You can go from there. You know it's like you. You just have to be in situations that are uncomfortable like that. You just have to be patient and just be as unbiased and neutral as possible. Somebody said. What are your views on how people try to impose their religion on others? Slash. Just the general idea of trying to preach preach views. You know, I made an episode kind of about this, about this kind of topic. I think it was called how to mind your own business or something like that. But so go listen to that if you'd like. But. To briefly sum it up, I just. Feel like as long as somebody else's views or opinions are not harming people actively. I don't feel the need to. Interject or to try to change people's opinions, because what I've found is that. It's OK. To have different views to other people, it is OK. It's OK to view things differently. And it's impossible to expect all humans to look at life the same way, believe in the same things, and agree on everything. It's just ******* impossible. And so the more that you can learn to understand that. Differing opinions actually make for more interesting conversation. And make for. A better and more interesting life. The more that you can realize that. The less that you want to impose your opinions on others, you know what I mean. Like. There's peace in just being content with your own belief system and your own morals and just focusing on that. There's so much calmness that comes with that. It's very stressful and upsetting to try to force somebody to believe in what you believe in, and it never ends well. It rarely ends well, you know what I mean? Obviously sharing your belief system and sharing your views on things. Is not a bad thing. That's a good thing. But trying to push it onto other people is just not going to get you anywhere. You can share things and you can share your views the way you view things. But it's pushing it onto others that's harmful. So I think it's about finding a balance between sharing what you believe in and sharing things that you're passionate about and sharing your view on life without forcing anybody else to agree with you. Because if somebody wants to agree with you, they'll come to that conclusion on your own. You don't need to preach it and shove it down their throats. If anything, that's actually going to make them reject it. Because when people feel forced to do something, most of the time makes them not want to do it. So you're better off just sharing your opinion. And. Hoping that they take something from it and maybe. They all. Pick it up on their own, you know? You can plant seeds in people, but you cannot. Grow the plant. They are responsible for growing the plant. I don't know if that makes sense, but. Somebody said, what do you think about crystals? I actually don't know much about crystals at all, so I have no idea. I know a lot of people are really into crystals and their healing benefits and stuff like that. That's not a part of my own, you know? Spiritual. Structure but. I think stones are very beautiful and I like having them around my house, and I don't know what they do, but I know my mom's really into crystals and stuff like that. And maybe at some point I will read up on them and read into the. I don't know. I mean, I'd be very curious to learn more about crystals, but I don't know anything right now so I have no idea. But. That's something I definitely want to do research on. Somebody said would you force religion onto your children and do you think it's right to do that? Well, I think that as a parent, you know, it's up to you how you decide to raise your child. I don't think it's wrong to force a religion upon a child because you know. You are their parent and so you can kind of. Shape their moral compass and their spiritual compass and their religious compass. As much as you want until they're 18, you know what I mean. And as long as you're doing it with love and grace in your heart, you know, I don't think that that's a bad thing. Like, as long as your intentions as a parent are good with. Introducing religion to your kid, I don't think that there's anything wrong with that, and I think that. It's fine, but for me personally, I do not think that I will. Umm, I mean because I again, I'm not religious and. You know, who knows if I I I don't think. I mean, I kind of don't think I'm gonna. I mean, who knows? But I it would depend on also like my spouse, you know, my like husband, like, you know, it's like when you have a child, it's like not just you who makes the decisions. It's a agreement between. You and whoever you marry, but I have a feeling that. Let's put it this way. If I were to marry somebody who was really religious and they really, really wanted to. You know. Raise the kids in a way that was religious. I would. Try to find a compromise with them and be like listen. You know. There are certain elements of this religion that I want to teach the kids, but there are some that I do not. And so can we compromise and kind of. You know. Handle this a little differently. You know what I mean. If I were to marry somebody who also is not really. Strictly religious, then obviously, like, definitely not. But I definitely am not opposed to like, you know, introducing my view of Karma. And the universe to my child, you know, like, I don't think that's a bad thing, but I'm also not going to force anything on them. Like they can believe whatever they want. And as long as they're being a good person and not harming other people, like, I'm, I'm, I'm going to be a happy parent, you know what I mean? Somebody said what's your perception between religion versus spirituality? Here's the way I differentiate religion and spirituality I look at. Religion as something that is pre-existing, right? It's pre-existing. All of the rules, all of the morals, all of the beliefs are all fully formed already, and they have been formed for sometimes thousands of years. So you as an individual are. Walking into something when you're joining a religion that is pre-existing, so you are. Joining this religion and you're to take. All of these preexisting beliefs to be your own. And it's a little bit less. Of maybe individual. Thought right, like it's not something that you came up with, it's something that pre existed and you are joining it. Whereas with spirituality, I think spirituality is more of something that you create yourself in a way. And it's more malleable to. You know. What maybe you want to pull from different religions or what you have decided to believe in that might be completely unique to you? Like it's something that's more individualized and I think that. They both have their strengths. You know what I'm saying? Because coming up with your own individual spirituality can be, like, super random and confusing. You're like, I don't know what the **** to do here. Like, I don't know how to, like, create my own kind of weird religion in my own head. Like, I don't know how the **** to do that. Whereas, like with a church, you know there's a solid set of beliefs that you can go to whenever you're confused. And. It's already there right in front of you, whereas when you're spiritual. Finding guidance might be a little bit more complicated because you are. Creating almost your own rules and moral compass and spiritual guide. You know what I'm saying? That's why it's more complicated. So. But I think that they're both great in their own way. Anyway, y'all, that was a really fun episode. I thought it was so interesting. I like talking about these types of things, so I really enjoyed recording this episode. And again, if if. We maybe don't see eye to eye on certain things or whatever it may be. I encourage you to. You know, having to open heart and mind about. Me maybe having a different opinion to you and. Not be judgmental. You know, I encourage you to try that if you maybe are somebody who's like. Kind of rigid about your beliefs. I encourage you to be open minded with me right now. And on that note, thank you guys for listening. I really, really enjoyed this episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. Follow anything goes on Twitter at AG podcast. Follow anything goes on any of the platforms that you stream podcasts. Spotify, Apple podcasts, you know the drill. And last but not least, if you'd like to leave anything goes or review, I really appreciate it. I always read them. I literally read them every time before I record a podcast and it makes me feel so warm inside. So please feel free to do that and I love you guys. Thank you for listening. Have an amazing rest of your week and we will talk soon. Love you. Bye.