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Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting. New episodes every Thursday.

los angeles

los angeles

Thu, 12 Mar 2020 09:00

The city of angels. Either you love it or you hate it. Sometimes, both. Emma opens up about the pros and cons of the city - from living there, to the people you meet, to all of the things going on. Is everyone really obsessed with their appearance? Does LA really live up to the hype? Plus, why it's important to bring a quality people into your inner circle, to not worry about judgement, and to have confidence and be unapologetically yourself. Also, why you may want to consider wearing sweatpants to really nice restaurants from now on! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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I'd like to kind of set the scene today. So I am wearing. Dirty sweatpants and a dirty sweatshirt that I wore yesterday and. I look like I got hit by a bus pretty much. I don't really know why. I'm just kind of like I'm not under the weather, like I'm not sick, but I just feel run down and so. I'm just trying to make life as easy as possible, so I'm just kind of just kind of wearing whatever I'm feeling, just kind of letting my skin breathe, like not wearing any makeup hairs in a little bun like we're just. Yeah. You know, it happens, all right, but we're just going to look past that. It's all about what's on the inside, right? I have a great heart. I have a mind that's ready to share my thoughts about things today. So let's not focus on what that what's on the outside. We're going to focus on what's on the inside. And today we're going to be talking about living in Los Angeles. I have a lot of opinions on this, a lot of stories, and I'd love to share. I know that there's something really interesting about LA, like when you don't live in LA, I think people just kind of want to know about it because it's so interesting. Like, you just want because it's like, everyone lives here. So many people live here, especially in the public eye as well. So, like, you know, most of the people you follow on social media live in LA. And that's how it was for me when I was living at home. And I always, you know, saw people living in LA. And I was like, I wonder what that's like. So I'm here to give you the inside scoop, tell you the truth and. Kind of get down to it. So I moved to LA at 17 by myself. I lived alone. I lived in Hollywood, right on Hollywood Blvd. Worst decision in my ******* life. So gross. I lived in an apartment that was like, it was cool. It was like this loft apartment. They could also be used as a workspace. That's kind of what it was built for, to be like a workspace, office home. But I used it as a home because I thought it was cool, but it was like really dark, like no sunlight really got in there because it was on the 1st floor and it was all cement and I got really depressed in there. So definitely wouldn't recommend moving here and getting an apartment that's dark. I think having light is really important. I learned that the hard way. I only lived there for like 8 months, but then the depression got so bad I had to leave. So, but it actually really helped. When I moved, there was more sunlight. My mental health improved a lot. So I would say that your environment that you live in really helps. I swear to God, that apartment, it was so dark in there that you could not tell what time of the day it was. So like you'd look at your phone and it would be one, and then you'd look again to be 8 and you're like, what? And you wouldn't even notice that it got dark. It was very, very depressing. So when I first moved to LA, I lived in a ****** apartment, but it was fine. We worked with it. I wanted to start more about, I mean, living conditions are one thing, but kind of wanted to talk about, you know, the social element when you first moved to LA. So I moved here and I had a few people that I kind of knew. You know what I mean? I wasn't like super close with anybody, but I had like a few groups of people that I kind of knew, and they kind of took me under their wing, which was super sweet because they didn't have to do that. And that was cool. But even though I had these kind of friend groups that I was in, it was still really lonely because I didn't really have like a best friend. So it was like I was kind of the outsider of all these groups. They were all very inclusive. They were very cool to me. Whatever, but. I didn't really like, it wasn't like I was texting these people about my feelings, you know what I mean? It's like we would all hang out and do ****. But then at the end of the day, like, I was going home by myself and I was alone again, and I think it was really hard for me to break the surface. In LA with these people, I think a lot of people in LA, they can be super dope, super sweet, whatever or not, which is also very common. But in my situation, it was like I had a lot of cool people around me, but I never got to break the surface with any of them. So none of the friendships were really very deep, if that makes sense. And I really crave that and need that. I'm somebody that like. I need human connection with new people. Old people like constantly because it keeps me. Mentally stimulated and it just makes me feel good. And I love being social, like I love talking to people and so if I don't have that deep connection with anybody, I get really depressed. So I think that was a huge reason why I was depressed when I first moved to LA was because I didn't feel like I had to go to person. I didn't feel like I had a best friend. Eventually I met my 2 best friends, Olivia and Amanda, and we just all the three of us just hit it off. We met randomly like it was like I met Olivia at an event. And then we became friends, and then she was best friends with Amanda from acting class. They did acting class together. And then we all three became best friends because one time, randomly, Olivia was like, come to Colorado with me and visit my friend Amanda, and I was like, OK, kind of down. And then after that point, we were just best friends and we just all connected, like, we've known each other forever. So I'm so ******* grateful for them because I would be so lonely without them. And I think a huge thing in LA is that it's really easy to have a lot of friends on the surface, but it's really hard to find. A good solid group of people that have your back and that you can connect with and truly trust. And I think finding that is makes LA so much more enjoyable. I think I hated LA so much. Before I found good friends, and then once I found them, it was like 20 times better. And it still has its hardships, but that really helps, which kind of leads me to my next point, which is kind of this superficial energy in LA, and it's kind of terrifying. It causes me a lot of anxiety. But in LA there's a lot of social events. You know what I mean? You meet a lot of people. You see a lot of people like rent because LA is like, because so many people live here and so many people visit here. Like you end up meeting. Everyone's like, I've met everyone. I swear to God. I swear to God. I feel like I know the whole ******* world all of a sudden because you just walk around and you're like, Oh my God, I follow that girl on Instagram or I used to follow that girl on Instagram. Oh my God, I've like, heard her music or like so because it's such an area where everybody comes together so you end up meeting so many people and it can be a little bit frightening because. A lot of people don't care about you at all. They just care about how you can benefit them, what information they can get from you about somebody else. What **** they can figure out about you to hold against you like it's crazy, like everybody's it's this weird, like it's terrifying and a lot of people kind of have that dark energy to them and it scares the **** out of me. On the other hand, a lot of people are kind of in the same boat as me and my friends, where we just all want to have a good time, treat each other with respect, respect each other's privacy, enjoy each other's company as humans have. Like just ignore the social media and. You know, not post with each other, just be friends. In real life, a lot of us want that. And I think that's really, I mean, that's great that that exists, but there's also the on the other end of the spectrum. So it's just you have to be really careful when you're here because you have to make sure that you're not, you know, getting wrapped up in the wrong crowd. But I think you kind of get used to that and you can figure out like, OK, I know when somebody's trying to use me and I know when somebody's, I know that behavior. I'm really good at recognizing it now. And I'll still be, you know, friends with somebody. I'll be friends with anybody. I don't judge, but I'll just be careful. You know, so you just have to be really careful about who you get close with, which I think is sad because for me, I love to just be friends with everybody and open up to everybody and let them open up to me. But in LA that's not always the most responsible thing to do and you have to kind of take it slower than I think. You do anywhere else, so. It's, it's a double edged sword. I've met some amazing people here and so I don't want to say that like everybody in LA sucks because there is, you know, there is a little bit of that. Nastiness, but it's not everything. That's not all that there is. So. I'm glad. I'm glad that there's at least kind of a balance. I think a lot of people don't. A lot of people in LA don't hang out. Without social media involved, but I'm a huge believer in like having friends that maybe even do social media and do you know the whole thing? But like, no one knows we're friends. And weirdly, that's something that is reassuring, I think, for all parties, because you know that nobody's using each other, right? It's like we're all just here, we enjoy each other's company, and we're not judging each other based off of our social media. And. We're just here to have fun and enjoy each other's company and I think that's really important. Another thing that I think is interesting about living in LA is like kind of touching on the part about how you just meet everybody. It's kind of weird because. I've, like, been a huge fan. I think, like, it's so crazy when you meet people that you're a fan of, you know? And it's so weird when they end up just being a normal ******* person, you know? Because like in LA, I think you kind of get desensitized to the whole idea of like. You know somebody being an idol of yours, right? Because I know I've met a few like musicians that I just was obsessed with, and I still am because they're dope as ****. But I think when you meet these people, it weirdly takes. The dream away in a way like because you see that they're real human beings. And. They're just like everybody else. There's no reason, like, you know, but we put these people sometimes on a on a pedestal, but in reality they are completely normal human beings. And I'm not saying that's a negative thing to find out, but it is kind of weird because I think once you start meeting all these people, it starts to kind of. Make. The dream go away and I'll explain that because when you're younger, you're like, Oh my God, I would love to be like this person or I'd love to be like that person because they're so famous and, you know, they're probably so rich or whatever. And like, they're so talented and all this and you like, kind of envy their life, right? Because you want to be them in a weird way. But I think that once you start meeting them, you realize that they got their own **** dude. And it is not fun. And. Now that I've kind of learned all this, like, I wouldn't want to be anybody else. I wouldn't want to live any other life. And like, I don't envy anybody. Everybody's on their own journey and it's like. It ruins the dream of like that fantasy of what that life would be like because you start to see into it a little bit, but at the same time it makes you appreciate your own life. And I think that that's really cool and it's really actually made me appreciate my own life and not compare myself to anybody else's career. And people who are just absolutely killing it. Like, it makes me just so excited for them, but also understand that they have their own struggles. And I. I don't know if that makes sense, but. But that's something that I think LA has done. Is it kind of dissents? It makes you less fazed by that whole thing because you just realize that they're normal as people and they're cool and it's whatever, or even sometimes they're they're mean. But like, that's worse. But that has never actually really happened to me. Like, I've had pretty good luck. Like any time I've met somebody who I've been like a huge fan of this, they've always been really cool. So pretty good luck. 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So let one 800 contacts get you the contact lenses you need. Order online at one 800 contacts. Com next thing I want to talk about. I promise I'll get to some positive stuff about LA, but I just kind of love talking **** about it because it's kind of fun for me because like venting. One time before I moved to LA, everybody was always like. La is a high school and I was like. That's such a like, common thing that people say, right? Like, Ellie is just like high school, and I always was like, no, it's not like, shut up. Well, it is. So I'd love to kind of dig into that a little bit. It's literally the same thing. There's clicks, there's popular kids, there's parties that some kids don't get into, AKA me. Like, you know people, you have to be the cool kid, right? And I feel like. I mean, somebody might tell me I'm like, wrong, but I feel like I'm kind of a nerd in LA. Like in the LA High School, I'm kind of a nerd. A little bit maybe. I feel like that, which is fine with me because. You know, nerds are actually double swag, but it's like the whole, like, stereotype. There's like the popular kids, and then there's like, you know, the rumors and there's like, who's dating who? And then there's like the, you know, all the drama of high school. But in LA, and I think it's because a lot of the kids in LA didn't finish high school or didn't go to college. And so they're kind of still in that mindset. So it's crazy and like everybody knows each other and it is kind of ****** because I did in fact leave high school for a reason. And that's because I don't thrive in that environment. I thrive in a very light hearted environment. OK? Ideally for me, I just like, I'll hang out with anybody, I'll be friends with anybody. I just like to have a good time, have a good conversation, participate in activities that are. Uplifting and not damaging, you know, it's kind of my vibe. So like it is kind of like LA being a high school and me enjoying that type of more chill, relaxed kind of life can be hard because it kind of can make me isolate myself because. But I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to be social and just have an open mind. But again, I am also like. You know, I just tend to enjoy like more. Real experiences and I think. But I also think it's good to experiment, kind of like have fun and meet new people and do ****. So I don't know, maybe participating in the LA High School, I do it at a minimum, but. It's like, it's what it is. It's the, it's the culture here, so you just kind of have to participate and make the best out of it. And it can be fun. Last negative element of LA and then we're going to get the good **** because I've really, really made a sound like **** right now. So sorry, Los Angeles, if you're listening, but anybody lives in LA would say the same thing. We're all on the same page, most of us. So, like, I don't think it's a shock. The last thing that I think has been really tough for me in LA is. Everybody's obsession with their appearance. I've noticed that in its *******. It's affected me, so I can't. Say that I'm the outlier here. That's like, it has not made me want to get lip injections because it ******* has like, I'm not going to lie to you, OK? It's kind of like a different. It's a different standard. There's a different standard of beauty here. I think a lot of people in LA are very beautiful. It's like something you'll notice. It's like. And a lot of people, you know, there's a lot of models, there's a lot of. Just beautiful people in general, which is. Great, some of them. Have enhanced their bodies in some way, which is totally fine. I'm not judging at all. But there's like that. There's that's very common here. So whereas where I grew up, that was just like not a thing, you know? Like everybody was just kind of who they were in a sense, and it was like there was no. Also, I feel like people didn't really care about appearance as much where I grew up. I feel like it was just kind of. So much more chill and not focused on that, whereas here there's a lot. Of attention on that how you look. You know how much you weigh. That's not ignored here, whereas it is other places, a lot more. I mean, it exists everywhere, but I think in LA it's like times 50, you know? And it's affected me a lot because I'm somebody who. Has always gotta just been. Comfortable with who I am and. I'm aware that I'm not some sort of *******. I'm not necessarily like a model of some sort, OK? Like nobody, no modeling agency would say yes to me, but that's OK. But it it does suck though, because. That should be like something. I should be OK with that, right? And I am now. But like, when I first moved here, I was like, my self-esteem was so low. I was like, no guys ever gonna talk to me. Like, I'm so ugly, like, I don't belong here, and like, how can I make myself more attractive to fit in? Almost. And that totally took a toll on me. It's made me struggle with, you know, different types of, like, mental ****. But I've managed to come out of it and I think I'm in a really good place right now. I think the thing you have to remember is like at the end of the day. Personality and who you are wins every ******* time and when you carry yourself with confidence and with like. Warm opening arms. People are drawn to you regardless. It doesn't matter if you're like. Like the hottest girl in the room or the hottest guy in the room. You know, if you're not a good person, that doesn't matter. So it's like, I think even in LA, although there's a lot of beautiful people and it can really make, it's hard not to compare yourself. At the end of the day, if you're at a party or if you're at an event and you have a good energy to you and you're a good person, people are going to be drawn to you regardless. And that's what I've learned just by becoming comfortable with myself and who I am and just being like I am who I am, I'm not going to change anything about how I look because I don't want to. That's a personal decision. I'm just going to stay who I am. And if people like me, they like me. And if they don't, they don't. And if people think I'm ******* ugly, OK? Like? Congrats, like whatever cause. That's OK. Like, it's it doesn't. I don't need to be like some sort of perfect ethereal being like I. I think that. Being messed up, and that's fine, so I'm just, I keep it at that. But God, it took me so long to get there, though. It really did. And it was kind of like. I don't know. I think social media doesn't help either, because it's like you're living in LA where everybody's so beautiful and ****. But then also on social media, you look at your Instagram comments and everyone's like. There's pictures. Acne. She's ugly. You know why she like, she's never again. Nobody's ever gonna date her. Like, whatever. People are saying that ****. So then you're reading it while you're also thinking it, and then it's like just double whammy and next thing you know, you're completely spiraling. But. You just work through it and then it's over. I do wish that LA didn't like the environment, was less focused on that. I think everybody would have a lot more fun. Including me, but. It's all right. You know what? Because I think it actually made me a lot stronger. And weirdly, I came out the other end of it, like, even more confident and like. I actually appreciated myself and who I was and my individuality. That's even a word. I appreciated. How I was unique because? That's not something that most people appreciate here always, and it made me appreciate that I'm kind of. My own person in that I just am true to myself and I think that's really cool. So it was tough, but then I came out the other side and it was great. So now that we talked about the negative **** we're going to talk about the good **** about a #1 great food #2. Really great for meeting people. You meet so many cool people here again, I mean, I know I said you meet some sauce people, but you also meet some really dope people. A lot of people here are motivated. They have passions, really inspiring to be around. You know, a lot of people like have their own grind that they're doing and it's really cool to be around. And I think it's really inspiring. As long as they're not edick about it like some people are, they're like, I'm working on this and you're not doing ****. Like, they'll say stuff like that, but that's as long as you're dealing with, you're good. Close to the beach. Traffic isn't that bad. It's like, fine, you just manage it so, like, people can shut up about that. There's it's never boring. I feel like it is boring, but it's like, never boring. Like, if you really wanted to, there's always something going on that's fun. Go to a diner. Like every ******* store that you'd ever wanted to shop at is in LA, you know, big airport. Fly out wherever you want. LA's good. I mean, it's not terrible, but. You definitely have some crazy experiences here, too. Like, I think the **** that happens to you when you're in LA is like. I remember when I used to visit LA when I was younger. Like once or twice every time I'd visit. It would always be such a crazy experience, like I'd be like. With my friends at 5:00 AM and we'd be like at a diner. And like, then we'd ******* like, climb a mountain like they would like crazy **** just happens here. Because I don't know what it is, but the energy here like, you just it it's like fun. Like it inspires you to like just adventure in a weird way because you're just like, we're in a way, let's live it up, you know what I mean? And then it inspires you to do cool shot shape that makes school memories. I don't know if that makes sense, but. I've definitely made a lot of really amazing memories here. I made some good friends and. I'm probably not going to move anytime soon because I'm moving soon to another place in LA, so we'll be now stuck in LA for another few years and that's cool with me. I will accept it and I will be here for the journey, but especially there's really great food. What does it really take to make it in New York City when you're young? The come up is a new freeform docu reality series on Hulu. It follows 6 ambitious creative 20 somethings in NYC as they break the status quo and take up all the space. It's a real look into how this next generation of icons are breathing life back into the downtown scene, all while pursuing their dreams, which is a long way of saying they're killing it. The show follows Sophia, a breakthrough photographer who shot her first spread for nylon at just 13 and has been shooting major campaigns ever since. Fernando Modeling's next international star, Tawfiq, the youngest fashion designer to show at New York Fashion Week, Claude, a New York native and aspiring actress. Ben arising, entertainer from Texas and a newbie to New York City, and Ebon, a trans rights activist and fixture of New York underground nightlife. This is now or never. With big goals and even bigger ceilings to break through, they'll need to bust their ***** to chase their dreams. It's time to hustle free forms the come up new episodes Wednesdays on Hulu. Now I'm going to go to the Twitter before we do voicemails. We'll do that second, but I'm want to start with the Twitter questions because I have so many. Somebody asked me, what are the best vegan food places? My favorite vegan restaurant of all time is crossroads on Melrose. It's a little bit fancy and expensive. So I usually order it to my house, just keep it simple but. It's so good. Before I tell you about the rest of my favorite vegan restaurants, I have this funny story about. Actually, the one time I did eat inside of Crossroads, my friends and I were starving and. We all were wearing sweatpants, but we wanted Crossroads, OK? Because it's the best. It's our favorite. We love it. And so we went in, we made a reservation and we went and we're all wearing sweats. Mind you, this is a nice restaurant, like probably 5 star. If that's like how the rating is for food, I don't know. Really nice restaurant. OK. We all roll up in sweats. I swear to God, we walk in. Everybody's turning their heads at us. Like, what the hell? These disgusting pieces of ****. They were judging us so hard, so LA of them. But anyway. They sat us like immediately in the back of the restaurant, in in a corner, OK? Because they didn't want anybody to see us, because it makes them look bad, I guess. And. They literally served our food so quickly. They were like, we literally sat down there, what do you guys want? And we were like, whoa, OK, we want the side. Meatball pizza, *****. And then they're like, OK, got it. They like, run out. They like, we're running to bring our food to us. They did not want us in there. They brought us a check immediately. Best service I've ever had. I hate waiting around in a restaurant, new hack, dressed like **** in fancy restaurants. They'll get you in and out of there. They do not want you in there. And it was amazing. They were so rude, too. They were so rude. I mean, I love the restaurant. I'm going to eat there again. Maybe it's disrespectful of us to be dressing comfortably in their restaurant because it's nice. Maybe we were the ignorant ones, I don't know. But I also think that as long as you pay for your meal and you're respectful. Maybe, maybe be kinda nice at a restaurant. I mean, like, or if we, if we weren't following dress code, maybe be like, hey guys, this is not dress code. Like, leave. Like, at least do that. Don't let us in and then be rude. I don't know. And whatever, it doesn't matter. I'm still going to be there every week because it's ******* great. So, like, in that says a lot because I have a ******* ego. So if somebody disrespects me and then I come back to your restaurant because the food's that good, you got your **** going on. So thank you, Crossroads trailer. Spicy meatball. Pizza. There's a place called fresh. On sunset Blvd. Place called. Gracias, Madres great vegan Mexican food Takaya actually, I don't know, Takaya. It's kind of been messing with my heart recently. It's also vegan Mexican food, but I'm not really that into it. Next question, do you ever consider moving back to San Francisco? No, I love going back there and visiting my family, but I will never move there. I don't know, it's just. I really like visiting it. I think I appreciate it a lot more, and I think living there was really depressing for me and I think I almost have too many bad memories there. Like just a lot of depressive episodes happened in those. It just, it has this dark energy and I kind of like to leave it there every time I go back. I enjoy it, but I do get really sad and so I can't really imagine living there. It has this, like, weird feeling in my stomach when I'm there. And I like like it and I love seeing my family, but. I feel like LA gives me this feeling of a fresh start that. San Francisco just feels like. My dark past that makes sense. Like. I just kind of want to leave that there. So sorry to make that dark, but. Anyway, next question about LA is it good for work? Yes. That's why I live here. I don't think I would live here if I mean I again, I don't like to like consider what I do work. I just think it's kind of like. Because that's not why I started it. Like I started it because I love it. But let's just say that it it helps me, you know, I have an amazing team and they're all based in LA and. You know, it's nice to, like, be able to work with them and they're close by and. I mean my team is like. I wouldn't want to be far away from them because I like to like be in their presence and also you know, it's nice because you can meet all of the other people that live in LA and. Everybody kind of relates, so it's kind of cool. What were your expectations before you moved here and how did they change expectations? I don't really think I had any. I really didn't. I had no idea what to expect, to be honest. And it's kind of. I think it's a lot more boring than I may be excited. Like, it can get a lot more boring than I expected. I thought it was gonna be, like, the craziest **** ever. Like, no, no, not a dull moment. But it's actually really easy to get lonely in LA, because everybody's kind of doing their own thing, and it's easy to get forgotten, in a sense, and so I expected that. I also didn't expect to get as sad as I did when I first moved here, but again, it's it's like the LA. Sadness seeps in and happens to everybody. If so many celebrities that live there constantly talk about our talks to give a place, it is along with the people. Why do they decide not to move at the end of the day? I think it's because it's just so convenient. For actors especially, we're like musicians or even now like Youtubers and kids who do social media and that's. Their source of income, I think it's like. It's just so convenient to live here because this is where everything is. And so. You end up being in LA so much anyway for this lifestyle that I think it's hard not to live here, to be honest, and it is kind of ******. I think it's easy to complain about, but then at the same time, all of us that complain about it wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I always say I want to move, but deep down I would not want to move. Deep down I really wouldn't, and deep down I have this weird love for it. But Ella has never really felt like home for me. I've never really felt like I live here. I've always felt like I'm kind of like visiting. I think a lot of people feel like that's hard to make LA feel, like, homey. Because it's really, it is, as I said earlier, it's kind of superficial and it's all, it's one big party and it's one big high school and it does not feel like home. And so I'm trying to like, figure out how I can do that for myself, whether that's moving into a different space, I think living in an apartment. Kind of. Makes you feel. Like, you're just living in a box and like, it's like disposable. It's like, not no personality in the place you're living. And I like my apartment now, but I'm getting the **** out of there. I think. Also, the area of LA Live in is not homey at all, if there's like some areas that are a lot more homey. But I live kind of in the middle of everything so which I love but. It's hard to feel like you're at home when you live 10 minutes away from. The rustle and bustle of it all, moving on to people in LA actually go to the beach. Honestly, not that many people do, but I like to because I love the beach. But took me a while to kind of figure out what beaches I like this summer. I went a lot. Can't wait for next summer's going to *******. Swim Malibu and. It's gonna be great. I can't wait. The water's kind of cold, but I love it. It makes me feel nostalgic from the Bay Area because Northern California has the coldest oceans, like ever, and I used to swim in it with no wetsuit because I'm a ****** like that. Is the traffic bad? Yeah, but get over it. Like, OK, don't not move somewhere because of the ******* traffic. Like, I get it, like it's annoying and you but you get used to it. I mean, for me, I where I grew up because I was near San Francisco, so, like, I dealt with traffic in that way. So I'm kind of used to traffic as it is. Because, like, there was a whole rush hour at 5 like it was. It was a mess, right? There are some states where, like, that just doesn't happen, and I can see how that could be kind of shocking and upsetting, but at the same time, if you want to live in LA, you just have to time it out. OK? I drive around at like 10:00 AM and then like 1:00 AM and that's it. Because any other time is ******. And if I have a meeting, I'll like leave early and maybe get coffee somewhere so I'm in the area. Like, you just plan around it and it really, you get used to it. And if you want to move somewhere, make your decision based off of something that's not traffic. Because like, imagine moving to New York and having to take a subway. That's equally as bad in my opinion, although I do love New York and I would love to live there one day. Maybe. Probably not. Do you think living in LA changes people? Yes, because I think that. There's a few ways that we can go about it, because you know what? Let's actually kind of dig into her because a lot of people said that LA changed me totally. It did 1000% *****. It did change me. I think that I've aged 10 years in two years because I've just had like, so many different weird experiences and so much has happened to me. But I'm not going to lie to you. I'm so much happier now. And I and I know so much more about life because I moved here and it forced me into being an adult. I had to take care of myself. I lived by myself. I had to fend for myself. I had to deal with, you know, I had to lay down at night every night by myself, in deal with my own demons. And that taught me so much and so I am not the same person I was when I moved here. I am so much more independent, a lot happier. I have a lot more experience in life under my belt that is that has helped me grow even more. Like, it's like I've grown so much and I feel like I'm a better person now. I feel like I'm a less judgmental person. I feel like I am so much more open minded about meeting new people and like. Experiencing different things. I feel like I used to be so judgmental and stuck in my ways like I was like, no, I'm, you know, I'm this way. Like, I don't wanna change. I just was like very. Stuck. I thought that I had this like I had a one track mind about how I wanted my life to go and I wasn't open minded at all. I just was like, I'm never going to like, oh I I can't hang out with people in LA because it's bad for me or like whatever. But then I realized like, no. ******* experience it. Like experience life and I think I was scared to experience life. Before I moved to LA and then I think it kind of helped me, brought me out of my shell, and it's made me more confident. I can talk to people, I can talk to anyone now. I used to be so nervous to talk to people and be put in a room with people I didn't know, and now I feel like because I've been put in that situation so many times, my social skills have improved. I can like. I don't get as anxious, you know what I mean? It's helped me with a lot of my anxiety when it comes to. I mean, actually, it's made my anxiety worse in a lot of ways too. But when it comes to like, meeting new people, I. Can just. It's like a great skill to have. I think I just had a lot of practice from living here, so it did change me, but I also have seen it change people in a negative way. It is really too bad and I always truly pray for their sake. That they have a wake up call one day and they realize that their **** does stink. Wait, their **** don't sink, their ship doesn't whatever. I hope that one day they wake up and they realize that they're not in ethereal being. They're just like everybody else. They don't have any ******* power because of. The fact that they, you know, have the amount of followers that they have, like I. Really pray for the people that have been affected negatively, that they can come out of it and be a better person on the other side of it. I I genuinely do because I don't think that. People mean to turn evil, in a sense, or, you know, kind of. Become shady. I really don't think people mean to do that. I think it happens, and I think that they don't even realize it. And I give them the benefit of the doubt because I would want that if I made a mistake like that and I let it get to my head. I would want a chance to. Come back in a sense and because I think. I think it is possible, so I am praying for those people. And I wish I could help them, but they probably wouldn't listen to me. Clothes are one of the many ways that we express ourselves and we're constantly switching up our wardrobes. To reflect our interests and styles. But one thing that is a little bit more difficult to switch up is our glasses. Until now, because now with pair eyewear. You can have a different frame every day, OK? With pair eyewear, you start with a chic pair of glasses, right? That look great just by themselves, but they have a special secret. Which is that they have at little. Magnet inside so you can snap on. A cool frame on top of your existing glasses. I got the crystal clear Reese base frame which is just a really chic pair of all clear glasses. The frame is clear obviously the lenses are clear and I got a tortoise frame and a Plaid frame so I can now it. Basically I have 3 pairs of reading glasses now. There are so many options, iconic base shapes and then all sort of frames to go on top retro classic neon sparkle. You'll definitely find your vibe I also love. Buying from a brand that really, really cares and pair provides glasses to a child in need for every pair that you buy. Get glasses as ever, changing as you are with pear. Go to pair for 15% off your first purchase. That's 15% off at PAIR Hi Emma, my name is Madison and the question I have about Los Angeles is do you feel like it's very like people judge you there a lot, like based on just like appearance, or do you feel like like because it's Los Angeles that you could wear? Whatever you want without being judged, that's an amazing question. I love it because you actually make such a good point. There's definitely, I kind of touched on this earlier, but there's definitely judgment about how you look. And I think for me, because I'm somebody who. I'm very natural. I tend to play very naturally. I don't wear a lot of makeup. I'm also not like. I'm not like necessarily exactly the LA standard of beauty, OK? I'm not like the stereotype and I do kind of, I think, like, actually, appearance wise, I do get judged occasionally, especially when I'm like not wearing makeup, and I'm kind of like wearing a ****** outfit like I do definitely get judged. I think when I put effort into how I look and like I dress up, nobody's judging me. I think it's mainly like. When I'm stripped down a little bit, that's when the judgment comes in. It's like people kind of be like and you're just kind of like, I just don't care anymore. That's the thing. Because I know that, like, that's not what matters, and that anybody who's judging me imagine that. Anybody who's judging me for being comfortable without marrying makeup and wearing ******* comfortable clothes in public, anyone who's judging me is a ***** ** ****. You have no idea what I went through that day. I could be ******* exhausted and I just want to wear my sweatpants. And you're judging me wearing your ******* like, whatever. Lame. That's so lame. I never judge people based on what they're wearing. I mean, sometimes people fashion choices make me judge a little bit, but I will never outwardly judge. I'm kidding. I actually don't even judge people if people have weird outfits, now that I think about it. Like, I just don't give a ****. It just doesn't affect me. Like what somebody else is wearing, what somebody else is doing, it just doesn't affect me. It's none of my ******* business. End of story. Like if somebody wants to wear sweatpants, if somebody ******* wants to walk around naked. I don't care. As long as they're not getting in my way naked, then it's fine. I'm I'm so open minded. I just don't care. But I do think it's cool in LA people do appreciate uniqueness as well when, especially when it comes to fashion, I think people like to like. I don't ever feel weird showing up to something wearing a like unique or different outfit, because I know that everybody's kind of on that wave too. Like everybody likes to spice it up. A lot of people are really into fashion. So it's cool because you can. You're never. It's not like when you show up to school and you're wearing a cool outfit and you're going to get judged in LA, I feel like. Usually people aren't judging. Usually people are kind of like trying to figure out what's next, like we're all just looking at each other for for the next, the next trend, so. Yes and no. Moving on. Running what are like some new, like hobbies that you took on, like when you moved to LA? OK, see, I wish that I had more answers to this than I do, because I think. I don't actually have very many hobbies, to be honest. I mean, I do, but like mainly my hobbies. Consist of. I definitely, I definitely have kind of regained my passion for exercise. As I've lived here. Because I grew up kind of doing sports and then. Once they moved here. Like everybody works out here and I ended up. Like really loving it. Like I love doing workout classes. I do soul cycle and berries. Barries I've been doing recently. It's like running and then. Workout running, workout like workout meaning like weights and ****. I actually really like that soul cycles might go to just because I like how it's cardio, but like low impact on my joints. So I also have kind of gotten into, I know I had like a rock climbing phase that was really fun to probably get back into that I really enjoyed it, although I think it gave my friend ringworm and me ringworm for that matter. So maybe not the cleanest. I love going to the beach, but that's not really a hobby. I think, like, weirdly, YouTube and social media and all that, it's kind of a hobby for me too. In a way, it's a hobby and it's not. Because it's something I enjoy doing, actually. Shopping. Like thrifting and **** if you consider that a hobby. I love shopping. I love style. I even like styling my friends when they let me and like just anything with clothes. Is like indefinite hobby that I've become obsessed with. Like anything like whether it's like helping my friends, like styling them when they are, helping them pick out outfits and **** when they're like going to an event or something or. Doing that for myself. Social media, you get it. But I mean, I probably need more hobbies. Let me know what I could do to make myself more interesting. Next question. Hi, Emma. I hope Fashion Week was fun and when you moved to LA, I was just wondering if all of these horse attractions or sites is your favorite and if you're like go to when you show your friends around. Love it. Yeah, Paris was actually kind of exhausting, but it was very fun. But I'm wrecked. This is a story for another day, but. I always get so stressed out when my friends come to LA. Like so stressed. Because I'm like, I don't really know what people think is cool. Because I normally just go out to eat. And go to the beach, but then when it's winter, like, I love taking people to the beach. But when it's winter? It's harder. So I tend to take people to Melrose because there's a lot of cool shops on Melrose and people love clothes. Everybody loves clothes, whether you love clothes or not, you love clothes when you're on Melrose because it's really fun. There's so many unique stuff and so much cool stuff. And like, also there's like a bunch of murals and it's kind of cute. Also, there's the ******* infamous pink wall, which I think is so ******* funny because for some reason the tourists love the Paul Smith pink Wall. They love taking pictures in front of it. I love taking new people there and being like, look at everybody taking selfies in front of this. How amazing is this? When did this happen? Who determined that this was the thing? It's like kind of funny to me, but I also like kind of get because one time I took a photo in front of me as a joke at first. But then I was like, why is the lighting so good? Like, I think something about the reflection, like the lighting on the pink wall is like fire. So take people around Melrose, Laguna and Malibu are great to take people just because it's beautiful and whatever. I mean, even during the winter you could do it. You just can't swim. Unless you surf, then wear a wetsuit and enjoy it. OK, there are some good hikes here, but personally I do not like hiking. So I'm going to let you guys enjoy that you can hike the Hollywood sign. A lot of people really enjoy that. You can take cool photos at the top. I just think hiking and like, dude, just let me like run on a treadmill and then go to bed like. Also, should I not be going to? I just thought about. I was thinking about because I said treadmill and I'm going to SoulCycle after this, but now I'm kind of scared because. I don't wanna get coronavirus and. I feel like a workout class is kind of like a. It's kind of a great place for that to. Why do I need to be worried about that? I'm still godo. Whatever. **** it. OK guys. I'm kind of I think I need to wrap this up. I need to go. Take a nap or something to be honest with you all. I'm going through this phase of my life right now. It's called my friends and I call it an Amazon. Where I'm just pushing myself to the limit, but it's like kind of fun, like I'm meeting a bunch of new friends. I've just been like being very adventurous, right? And like staying up late with my friends, getting food, driving around, talking about my feelings, laughing, crying, like. I've been doing a lot more because I used to just lay in my bed every night and watch tick tock. But now I'm actually like on this Amazon, as we call it, where I'm actually, like, going outside of my house and, like, living like a human being. So normally people, normal people, would call that a living. I call it an Amazon. Don't ask me how that name came up, but it's kind of exhausting me, to be honest, because I've just been like. Being a team so weird it kind of hate it. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy your day. Come visit LA and let me know if you agree with me. In my opinions, try out my restaurants that I recommend in. Don't go to crossroads in sweats, though, unless you want that fast service. Maybe consider it. By all.