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San Francisco Meetup Announcement!

San Francisco Meetup Announcement!

Fri, 13 Sep 2019 16:03

Special announcement: we're hosting a meetup in San Francisco! It's been too long and and we can't wait to see many of you. It will be Wednesday, September 25 2019, exact time and location TBD but likely starting at 6pm. You can register at

The event is free, but space will be limited so please only register if you know you can make it.

Hope to see many of you there!

-Ben and David

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Hello acquired listeners. Hey acquired listeners. We are coming to you today with Red alert hot off the presses Announcement that we are doing a San Francisco meetup. This is gonna be bigger than the we work IPO Less covered, but there may be more enthusiastic people at this meetup more buyers about the we work IPO Not that we're charging for tickets, but no and What we're really communicating here is we thought we were already going to do the we work IPO episode right now But you know we all sit and eagerly anxiously await to To dive into that episode in the meantime. We'd love to get together with you guys So Wednesday September 25th. That's very soon. It's about a week and a half from when we are releasing this announcement We'll be getting together in San Francisco at about 6 p.m. Time not final location unknown and we will we'll be updating You guys with a location you can go to slash meetup That's slash meetup to register and if you if you register there then we will we will email you once the location and Exact time is nailed down, but I assure you it will be within city limits Yeah, the only thing we ask listeners even though we're still working on venue It is probably going to be limited capacity So please only register if you actually can come and if you do register and then it turns out you can't come Please release the tickets so that somebody else can make it But we are super looking forward to seeing many of you all it's been too long We thought about a charge in five bucks like we did last time to sort of make it so that if you sign up Then you feel a little bit more inclined to come But then we thought you know what this is what we have sponsors for and thank you to the wonderful folks at Silicon Valley Bank and This one's on us guys So We hope to see you very soon and for those of you that we can't see this time or don't live in San Francisco We will be coming at you in other cities Hopefully later this year or next year Look at David making promises. Yeah, we we we would absolutely love to and we certainly hope to all right We will see you soon folks