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Podapalooza Announcement: Intel

Podapalooza Announcement: Intel

Wed, 15 Apr 2020 04:30

Missing Acquired? We are too. But the world's not done adapting just yet, and neither are we. So get ready for (in the immortal words of Sammy Hagar) the best of both worlds: an Acquired + Adapting crossover lollapalooza... at Podapalooza 2020! We'll be covering the mother of all adaptations, Intel's abandonment of the memory business in favor of microprocessors in the mid-1980's.

What is Podapalooza? It's a charity podcast festival that our friends over at Glow are putting on next weekend, April 25-26, and we're really excited to be part of it. Dozens of the best podcasters on the internet (e.g., Patrick at Invest Like the Best, Levar Burton, Cory Doctorow, J.D. Vance, etc.) are creating exclusive content for the festival, with all proceeds going to COVID-19 relief. As Glow puts it, Podapalooza is the 2020 version of Live-Aid: podcast hosts instead of rockers, pajamas at home instead of big hair on stage, but still the same purpose of supporting relief for the most important cause of this moment. We think it's a really great idea -- we've already bought our tickets and hope you do too. You can sign up at:

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Hey acquired listeners, it is Ben and David here with a special announcement for you. David are you pumped? I am super pumped. Well listeners, our next episode is going to be a crossover acquired adapting episode. It's acquired in that it is a big tech company that we've wanted to cover for a long time and it's adapting in that it's telling their story of change in the face of dire crisis and coming out stronger on the other side. Which of course David, do you want to give away what the episode is going to be? The reason we chose this one, by the way, this also makes me think it's the best of both worlds. For some reason I'm thinking of, you know, that Van Halen song from, I was the 80s and 90s, best of both worlds. I don't. David, you and I very different taste of music by this. Okay, so we have the original OG adaptation. We couldn't think of anything better, especially for the reason we are doing this episode, which we will tell you in one second. We're doing Intel, the original adaptation pivot you might call, although, you know, we like the word adapting and I think Andy Grove would agree with that from the memory business in which they were founded and operated for the first 10, 15 years or so of their life to what we all know them as the microprocessor company. Yeah, well, don't give too much more away because it's like a whole crux of the episode, man. Yeah. It's going to give people excited. Yeah. Well, the reason we are announcing this is because this episode is going to be released as part of the lineup for something called Pada Paloza, which we're really, really excited to tell you about. The awesome team at Glow came up with this and as folks know, we worked very closely with them. It is a virtual podcast festival to raise money for COVID-19 relief. It's effectively like the live aid of our time, but at home in sweatpants instead of, you know, Van Halen, I don't know, Van Halen was there, but you get, you get us and many of the great podcasters instead. You have podcasters and we're going to be in sweatpants. Yeah, we're sure that you all are too. The charity that we're working with or that that Pada Paloza is working with is called Give Directly and you'll hear a little bit from them after this. I think it's a really cool organization and I'm excited for you to hear from Katie from Give Directly about the organization. The festival is happening on April 25th and 26th, but you can get your tickets now. Podcasters far cooler than us are participating, including Lavar Burton for all you TNGs and TNGs. I was going to argue, but he's cooler than us. For sure, for sure. Dan Primack, who has been on the show, Patrick O'Shanasey from Invest Like The Best, the Good People at Wondry. If anybody listens to 20,000 Hertz, that's been, I think my carve out at least once, Dallas Taylor, the host of that is going to be participating. So, all really cool podcasters coming together for a great cause. A few people have asked, we announced this on Twitter already. This Intel episode may eventually be in the main feed, but we'll certainly start as a podapollusa exclusive. So you should definitely check it out. See if it's for you. You can donate whatever you feel is right for a ticket. I think the suggested donation is $25, but whatever you want to do at or You can see the full line up there. You can also click the link in the show notes and decide if you want to tune in. I think I'm obviously excited to do it, but I'm even more excited to hear from all the other podcasts. I think it's going to be a cool opportunity to discover new great other shows. Totally. Excited for you guys to hear about Give It Directly, too. This is, it's super cool what they're doing. They're getting cashed. People who need it right now and I was really glad the glow folks came up with this idea and all the proceeds are going directly to Give Directly and getting passed on directly to people who need it. So, yep. Great to be part of it. Well, David, great segue. Listeners, we are going to to leave you here with Katie from Give Directly to tell you what it is all about and we hope you'll join and tune in. Hey, I'm Katie from Give Directly, the nonprofit partner of podapollusa. Over the last decade, Give Directly has delivered over $150 million globally. In light of COVID-19, we launched a cash relief program in the United States, giving $1,000 to families who have been hardest hit by the economic impacts of this virus. So far, we've delivered funds to over 1,500 people. They spent it on rent, food, diapers, and even cable bills so their kids can learn remotely. That's a great thing about giving cash. It allows families to prioritize and spend on what they need most. And that's where the money we raise from podapollusa is going. So thank you to this podcast for supporting the effort. To everyone listening, check out this festival. Head to or for short. That's Thanks and hope to see you there.